Glee Exclusive: Rachel's Gay Dads Revealed!

As far as parental cliffhangers go, it’s second only to the identity of the Mother on a certain CBS sitcom: Glee has finally cast Rachel’s gay dads, and TVLine can reveal which musically-inclined actors landed the plum parts.

A show insider confirms to TVLine exclusively that onetime Law & Order: Criminal Intent detective Jeff Goldblum and Broadway veteran Brian Stokes Mitchell have been tapped to play Hiram and LeRoy Berry, the adoptive parents of Lea Michele’s character.

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The duo will first appear in the show’s Valentine’s Day episode — which as luck would have it will actually air on Feb. 14, and is titled “Heart.” And yes, they will sing.

Although Goldblum is best known for his movie and TV work, he’s also an accomplished jazz pianist who made his Broadway debut back in 1971 in the Tony-winning musical Two Gentleman in Verona.

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Mitchell, meanwhile, is something of a Great White Way legend, having appeared in dozens of high-profile productions including Jelly’s Last Jam, Ragtime, Man of La Macha and Kiss Me Kate (for which he won a 2000 Tony Award for Best Actor.) His TV credits include playing Kelsey Grammer’s onscreen nemesis on Frasier and a love interest for Vanessa Williams’ Wilhelmina on Ugly Betty.


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  1. Rya says:

    He is black just lightskinned lol

  2. Espy says:

    Wasn’t Brian Stokes Mitchell in Ragtime with little Lea Michele?

  3. Katw says:

    I am embarrassed that people don’t know that Brian Stokes Mitchell is black. And he is one of the greatest Broadway stars of the last 20 years. Amazing. Mind blown that he’s doing Glee. Should be phenomenal.

    • Winter says:

      Consider this — Not everyone is familiar with Broadway shows. Not everyone has even been to New York City.

      Even in the internet age, you have to make an effort to familiarize yourself with people who aren’t in broadcast media.

      For a lot of people, saying someone is a star on Broadway is like saying they’re a star in Major League Soccer. If that’s your thing, you know them. If it isn’t, you don’t.

  4. emmitwest says:

    Wait… wasn’t one one her dads supposed to be Jewish?

  5. Charles says:

    BRIAN MITCHELL IS BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. talor.madison says:

    Before I read another comment talking about that fact that one of Rachel’s dad’s is supposed to be black, let me say this. Brian Stokes IS black. Let me repeat. He is indeed black. There is a such thing as a light black person. I’m just as light as he is and I’m black. Sheesh. You would no one has ever seen a light black person before.

  7. ggny says:

    Jeff Goldblum casting is AMAZING…But the other should have been Taye Diggs

  8. Richard says:

    Good call! I forgot about her playing Tateh’s daughter.

  9. Scott says:

    It would have been nice if they cast two out actors!

  10. Anne Marie says:

    According to the IMDB: Brian Stokes Mitchell’s ethnic background is German, Scottish, African, and Native American.

    More importantly, he is incredibly talented and hot.

    Taye Diggs as Rachel’s father would have been an amusing inside joke since in real life he is married to Idina Menzel who plays Rachel’s biological mother.

    For those who have an issue with the ages of the actors, it makes sense that men of their generation would have been older by the time they decided to have a child. I have friends who are a gay couple and just had their first child at age 49.

  11. Jill says:

    Not to Gleek out but Rachel is not adopted! As was clearly stated in the first episode both Dads provided sperm for inseminating the surrogate mother. They just never did a DNA test to see who the biological father is.

  12. 777 says:

    Is this means we will see idina again??

  13. MelindaB says:

    And I’m dating myself by revealing that I remember Brian Mitchell as Jackpot from “Trapper John, M.D.”

    Darn it, I gave up “Glee” 4 episodes ago, and they might pull me back in for this one.

  14. Dan says:

    I LOVE these actors and Brian’s voice is amazing so I like the choices. But wouldn’t it have been easier to use the actors from the picture in the pilot? For the sake of continuity…

    I’m so excited for their scenes though. Glee’s writers are great with comedy…I crack up at all of Sue’s lines!

  15. nicole says:


  16. corey says:

    They seem kind of old for Rachel’s dads

  17. Amelia says:

    Good grief the ignorance on this post is appalling. I suppose if you aren’t Amber Riley or Wesley Snipe’s skin color then you aren’t black. Newsflash: black people come in a variety of skin tones and *hold onto your hats folks* SOME of those skin tones are light enough to “pass” for Caucasian. It happened quite a lot during segregation and the Jim Crow era. Lena Horne was often passed off as a white actress in her earlier film roles. Fredi Washington was often turned down for parts b/c she wasn’t “dark” enough for “negro” roles and was a black woman so it wasn’t “proper” for her to play white roles (this was in the 30’s and 40’s). Sheesh people, it’s 2012…are we really still THIS ignorant? FYI…Brian Stokes Mitchell is the son of a Tuskegee airman. Do you even know who they were? YES the man is of mixed race but part of that “mix” IS African-American. SMH @ all the ignorance in here.

    Anyway…this sounds amazing. Brian Stokes Mitchell is a Tony award winning actor…he’s a Broadway vet with amazing range and who also has television experience (he was on Trapper John back in the day and The Fresh Prince back in the day) and Jeff Goldblum is the simply the man. This should be good…hopefully they will give them better material than they gave Idina.

    • Ann says:

      I’m not saying Brian Stokes Mithchell isn’t black but that in keeping up with the running joke in which Rachel states she doesn’t know which one is her biological father (after which viewers see a photo of a dark skinned black male and a lighter skin male), they should have cast at least one dad to be a dark-skinned African-American. BSM isn’t only like 1/4 black. The joke isn’t funning anymore now that both dads are light skinned and we really can’t tell whose sperm inseminated her surrogate.

  18. Ann says:

    I love Brian Stokes Mitchell, but he is a bad choice for Rachel’s dad. In the pilot, they showed photos of Rachel’s dads inside her locker. One was a dark-skinned African American (like Taye Diggs) and a Caucasian man (Any white Jewish guy would have been good). Jeff Goldblum is okay. But neither of these actors were even on my radar to play Rachel’s dad. The writers needed to keep the continuity of Rachel’s running joke in which she states she didn’t know which one was her biological father. I’m disappointed with this casting.

    • AndyLuvr says:

      Those two guys in that stock photo in the pilot would never have been cast as Rachel’s fathers. They simply were not attractive enough. It’s the truth.

      • Chris says:

        The two men in the pilot were not actors. Ryan Murphy said in an interview that is the reason why they have been so reluctant to bring her dads on the show. Everyone already saw those pictures and made such a big deal about it, and they would never be able to get those guys back because they weren’t actors.

  19. Ellen says:

    It’s Two Gentlemen OF Verona. Rachel would know!

  20. Ebony says:

    The comments asking “Isn’t one of Rachel’s dads suppose to be black?” is cracking me the hell up. Anyway, while I was hoping John Barrowman would be cast as one of Rachel’s dads, I do LOVE Jeff Goldblum and I can totally get behind this casting choice. And I am interested to see what Brian Stokes Mitchell brings to the role. And while I get the joke from the pilot, sometimes changes are made to a show between the pilot being shot and aired and when the show is actually picked up for full seasons. It can be as drastic as changes to lead actors or something as simple as tweaking characters’ personalities, costumes, housing, etc. So on this front, I’m not going to take “Glee” to task. I would rather they cast actors who are going to do the roles justice rather than be limited by something like skin color.

  21. Acissej says:

    Perfection. Stokes is a Broadway god. Goldblum is fantastic. This is inspired. Everyone relax, your precious Glee will be fine.

  22. AndyLuvr says:

    “Glee” better choose a great song for Brian Stokes Mitchell to sing: he’s a phenomenal performer so I dig his casting big time. Plus, it’s a reunion of sorts for Lea Michele and Mitchell as both appeared in the original company of “Ragtime.”

    Jury’s still out on Jeff Goldblum though.

  23. justagleek says:

    I know that Lea Michele really, really wanted this to happen, but I wish they would have let this go. For two seasons these pivotal characters weren’t deemed important enough to matter and now feels like some more gimmicky, knee-jerk casting that will ultimately fall flat.

    • Kiln says:

      Lea had given up on this by the end of season 2. She has even mentioned a few times how she didn’t think it was going to happen. So it is Ryan not Lea doing this. Now Brian Stokes Mitchell has Lea written all over it.

  24. Whittles says:

    The writers have forgotten that her dads were not supposed to be musically inclined in any way or able to sew costumes – remember the Lady Gaga animal costume debacle that Shelby resucued Rachel from? So why have such bang up talent for dads?

  25. Lexie says:

    Jeff Goldblum is an absolutely epic choice. I admit, they didn’t really stick to the original gag but this could be awesome XD

  26. a**wipes says:

    You “gleeks” are being real a-holes right now. Not everyone in the freaking world knows who BSM is. Can there be light skin black people? Yes, but if you’re like me (who is part black) but don’t know who the guy is, he doesn’t scream BLACK GUY automatically like the picture in S1, so chill with the insults. Jeez.

  27. Dads says:

    The gentlemen on the photo in season one could not be cast for one simple reason. They were not actors. NOT ACTORS. At least according to the creators of this show. JG is amazing and just pure awesome. BSM is the greatest and he and lea already have background.

  28. John says:

    Why do people get hung up on the little details?It is a TV show and the writers have artistic licence to change anything they see fit to make a story work. Some people should just chill out, sit back and enjoy what is being presented to you. Just because Rachel’s charcter said something does not mean they have to stick with it.
    I think it is a great call on the casting of her dad’s looking forward to these episodes airing.

  29. Daina says:

    Hahahaha, too true.

  30. Scorpo says:

    BORING!! Jeff Goldblum sucks and that is the whitest black man I have ever seen.

  31. Sg.Grant says:

    Wait. Isn’t Michael Jackson supposed to be black?

  32. Somebody says:

    I’m good with Goldblum (Love him!) but Leroy is supposed to have darker skin.

  33. Buzz Baldrin says:

    Dads should’ve been Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon.

  34. Tjj50 says:

    Oh for heavens sake people, let the photo from the 1st season GO! Shows are ALWAYS changing people from how they look when we 1st glimpse them. So what?! The photo may have been a joke, but they’ve decided to play the joke for real and the question of which one is actually rachel’s biological father is more valid. Jeff and Brian are pretty perfect. They’ll do great, and actually get me to watch Glee again.

  35. jay says:

    Jeff Goldblum being Rachels dad makes everything clearer.

  36. Samantha F says:

    ACTUAL quotes by Brian Stokes Mitchell (per IMDB):
    “They didn’t know what to do with me. ‘He looks black but kinda white, maybe Hispanic.’ And they don’t want somebody to think of that when they’ve got their thirty seconds and $6 million on the line. They’re going for very specific markets. In a sense, that is a form of racism, and it is still practiced.”


    “My family’s very, very mixed. I am, I guess, a kind of melting pot person.”

  37. MARIE says:

    It’s logical for Jeff, since like Kurt said what is this Trex eating the jew girl lol ! If there is a Trex there is Jeff.

  38. Noodley says:

    I think Jeff Goldblum is the perfect amount of quirky for this. And any of you concerned about Brian Stokes Mitchell, go listen to him sing “The Impossible Dream.” Just do it.

  39. J says:

    i can’t wait any longer!! booyeah

  40. Jena says:

    This is becoming confusing!

  41. Triz says:

    Is “Two Gentlemen In Verona” a sequel to the better known “Two Gentlemen OF Verona”?

  42. PFitzDC says:

    LOVE it! Think that’s the perfect pair–and can’t wait to hear Brian Stokes Mitchell sing….

  43. Marco says:

    Hiram & LeRoy? Were their names given before on Glee? I thought those names were fanon…

  44. Ellen says:

    It should have been Hugh Jackman and Brian Stokes Mitchell

  45. PhillyInDC says:

    Jeff Goldblum is black?

  46. Mattie says:

    LOVE Jeff Goldblum – and I can hear him soothing little Rachel over her latest ‘it’s all about me’ trauma. And please let Finn have something positive in his life besides Rachel — he deserves happiness. I think his stepdad’s new congressional position should let him give Finn an Annapolis or West Point college slot. (Hey, it happens.) He could get out of town, prove himself, and look stunning in a cadet uniform.

  47. Tay says:

    You talentless singing maniacs! You brought reduced two good actors to nothing! Dang you! Dang you all to heck!

  48. Tiffany says:

    Why you white-washing tv, Ryan? HUH? HUH?! I know, he actually is a black man, but realistically, this is akin to 5-O casting Koreans as Hawaiians. You’re reneging on the PRINCIPLE.

  49. Liv says:

    other than one of them not being black, neither of them look at all like the photobooth picture of her dads from the pilot. so…how is this gonna work out? im anxious to see how glee’s gonna explain this one.

  50. Kris says:

    Continuity: you’re doing it wrong.