Glee Scoop: Cory Monteith on the Surprise 'Finchel' [Spoiler], Plus: What's Next for the Duo!

[Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Tuesday’s game-changing episode of Glee, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

By now, most “Finchel” fans have probably dropped dead from the overload of gleeky goodness found in the final moments of Glee‘s “Yes/No.” But if any of you are still alive and kickin’, TVLine has some fresh Finn and Rachel scoop straight from star Cory Monteith.

Here, the actor weighs in on what he thought of his character’s jaw-dropping marriage proposal and reveals what’s in store for McKinley High’s musically-inclined couple. (As always, you can also relive tonight’s installment in much more detail thanks to Michael Slezak’s weekly recap, found here.)

TVLINE | What a twist! Were you and Lea Michele aware that a proposal was on the way before you got the script?
We had our suspicions, but we weren’t really sure until we read the script. Lea and I phoned each other screaming because it was such a big deal, and we immediately knew how big of a deal it would be to the fans. We were floored and very excited.

TVLINE | It was hard to tell if Rachel was happy or horrified with Finn’s proposal. Any hints as to what we can expect to see next week? Maybe a big, fat yes?
[Laughs] I can tell you it does pick up where it left off tonight, and in true Glee form, Rachel provides an answer to this proposal in the form of a song.

Re-watch Finn’s proposal, then read on for more from Cory Monteith:

TVLINE | This was a big episode for Finn, one with more dramatic moments that we’re used to seeing from your happy-go-lucky character. Did you relish this opportunity as an actor?
I loved it. I’m so happy that Ryan [Murphy] wrote me this stuff, because it’s been a long time coming with Finn, dealing with the dad stuff and his relationship coming to a head with Rachel. I was thrilled! It doesn’t feel forced, it’s just a very organic place in the series for this to happen. Plus, Eric Stoltz is such a brilliant director, and I’m really happy he was directing this particular episode.

TVLINE | Did you find Finn’s desire to enlist in the Army at all sudden?
It was pretty true to form as far as Finn’s indecisiveness and not knowing where he wants to take his life. It was kind of cool that at the same time he was considering enlisting, he found out these very heavy truths about his father, and I hope that is carried forward. There’s still a lot more to explore as far as that is concerned for him. It’s the beginning of Finn unraveling that stuff in his past, and I don’t think it’s the end.

TVLINE | Do you know for certain that there there plans to delve deeper into the history of Finn’s father?
I really just hope that we spend some more time with that.

TVLINE | Talk a little about the emotional scenes tonight between Finn and his mother. There’s a lot of chemistry there.
She’s such a great actor, and to have the fortune of acting opposite someone like that in a scene with that kind of gravity is great. I always feel like it’s really happening when I’m in the scene with Romy [Rosemont]. I really do, so I’m glad it’s with her.

TVLINE | You and your fellow cast mates were Tweeting up a storm while shooting the synchronized swim number. Was it as fun — and grueling! — as it looked?
It was! It was all day, in and out of the pool, and they couldn’t shut the doors because of some humidity issue, so it was freezing cold. At one point I just elected to stay in the pool. I was the only one in there, and they just set up around me, pushing around lights on dollies and stuff — I was just treading water. [Laughs] But I have seen the final product and I think it was really well edited. It was very technically difficult to shoot that scene, especially the synchronized swimming stuff, but it turned out great.

TVLINE | Any parting words for those Finchel fans still floored by tonight’s turn of events?
Hmmm… All will be revealed, but I don’t think it’s as simple as “yes” or “no.”

What did you think of Finn’s proposal to Rachel? Are you excited to see what happens next? Hit the comments!

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  1. Jay says:

    I love FInn and Rachel – they are the best part of the show!!!

  2. Haliy says:


  3. yella says:


  4. Sasha says:

    Finn and rachel are so beautiful – I loved it!

  5. Terri says:

    Lol I hate Finchel.
    (I don’t care if i’m going to get bashed for this, you guys like it, I don’t, personal opinions k cool.)

  6. marilou says:

    Thank you! Cory really is our Finchel king and he really did an amazing job in this episode! WOW! Also, I’m still freaking out about the proposal (It was so perfect!!! They love each other so much!) but as long as Finchel stay together than I don’t really care if the answer is yes or no. I know that they’re gonna get married someday anyway! Finchel Forever! I also have to say that the chemestry between Cory and Lea was through the roof in these Finchel scenes! Can’t wait to see the next episode!

  7. Megan C says:

    AMAZING!! I don’t think I have ever been so amped on an empisode well worth the couples weeks wait. I agree with Cory about the enlisting aspect of tonight’s episode. He has always been such an incredibly loyal character and his love for his over overwhelming and beautiful. Great episode. My fave yet without a doubt!

  8. sam says:

    i’m sorry but if anyone thinks this proposal and saying yes is a good idea at all i’m just…shaking my head at you. and that’s putting it…nicely.

  9. GAGGING says:

    I don’t really ship anybody and I’m not a Finchel hater, but this episode gave me a headache and I was gagging with that proposal scene. Maybe after this I WILL become a Finchel hater. Argh!

  10. Nicole says:

    The Finn and Rachel scenes were amazing. Cory and Lea are amazing actors with amazing chemistry who just bring it in every scene they’re a part of. I can’t wait to rewatch this one. Over and over and over….

  11. Lorraine says:

    I loved the scenes between Finn and Rachel/Cory and Lea tonight. They are superb actors that work so well with each other. If they’re centered on, you know it’s going to be a great episode. I’m not sure how I feel about the proposal but I really do like them both together and hope that they are in this relationship for the long haul.

  12. Katie says:

    Even Cory talks about Finn’s indecisiveness, yet he proposes to Rachel?

  13. STW says:

    I loved it SOOOO much! The Finchel story is fantastic and epic and flawless in every way. AND the Finn story was incredibly told and portrayed — there aren’t enough words to express how happy I am to be seeing this tale told, and to have the chance to experience new ranges of acting from Cory Monteith, and, as we can be sure, from Lea Michele. Huge compliments to the writers, to Eric Stoltz, to the producers, and all the actors. This is both vintage Glee and Glee going to a whole new level! And the comedy — the comedy was SO GREAT!!!!! I spend the hour alternating between laughing, crying, and either bopping to or being moved by the music. THANK YOU for giving us this stellar hour of television!

  14. Jelly says:

    I am not a big shipper of anyone on this show, but I’m OK with the Rachel/Finn relationship. That being said, I will be very disappointed if they get married. They are in high school, and it sends a terrible message to a large contingent of their fans.

  15. Ray says:

    Loved every Finchel scene in is episode!! Lea and Cory are great actores and have great chemistry which they proveded once again tonight! :)
    Can’t wait to see what happens!!

  16. Billie says:

    I do like Finn and Rachel together, I am just against the idea of getting engaged while still in highschool. You can want to spend the rest of your lives together without taking that step. It is my hope that Rachel tells him that she loves him and wants to be with him, but that she isn’t ready to be engaged.

  17. Tanya says:

    Their characters are supposed to be 17, maybe 18 years old – and we’re supposed to think them getting engaged, before graduating high school or getting their futures in order, we’re supposed to think this is a good thing???? Seriously?????

  18. Angel says:

    OMG :) this episode was so good Lea and Cory were amazing in the ep. Love Finchel can’t wait til she gives a yes/no to finn proposal can’t wait til the micheal ep. :)

  19. dan says:

    There is a reason why #RachelSayNo was trending worldwide on twitter, finchel fans may be the most vocal but a lot of viewers are really put off by the finchel coupling and the Finn character in general, the writers may want to realize thhat soon.

    • Norma says:

      1. Online is a very small percentage of the viewing audience
      2. A lot of people are put off by Rachel too. She makes everything about her and is a completely selfish person. Maybe the writers should realize that soon.

    • Dina says:

      The writers may want to realize that Rachel continues to make every problem in Finn’s life about her and that’s not acceptable. She’s a selfish spoiled girl and the fans who keep making excuses for her because she’s ambitious are pathetic. If she had the ability to think about someone other than herself for two seconds, maybe she’d finally get a clue that she’s horribly selfish before all her friends get tired of her drama.

    • Mel says:

      Yes and that reason is way too many tween girls who think they have to right to act like Rachel, demanding expensive presents, ignoring their boyfriends’ problems, showing no respect, and getting away with being spoiled brats then whine and cry when their boyfriends can’t afford their overly expensive demands or won’t put up with their selfishness.

    • Sadie says:

      Finchel and Finchel4life also trended so what’s your point again?

    • davina says:

      America is a great place, speech is free, and you can certainly admit that you’re not a Finchel fan. I’m sure the writers know that not all Glee fans are Finchel fans. They’ve been loud enough. But still they know that there are A LOT of Finchel fans out there too. The writers also know that Cory Monteith and Lea Michele are two of the best actors in this cast (with Chris ofc) and thus, they give them the biggest storylines.

    • jen says:

      Heck, Finn and Rachel have been the focus of this show since Episode One of Season One. And if a lot of viewers are “put off” by that pairing as you’re stating, I don’t think this show would have been this kind of a world-wide hit.

  20. kim says:

    Cory acting was on top form tonight on Yes/No, he is such a great actor and I am so happy the writers finally give him great material to
    perform. Finn’s proposal to Rachel was perfect for a teenager who is nervous and lost but his love for Rachel was undeniable! I hope Rachel will say Yes but also propose for a long engagement so the SL for finchel can continue into season 4. Cory and Lea’s chemistry are perfect for finchel!

  21. Steph says:

    Cory’s acting was amazing! He did a great job.

    As for the characters both rach and Finn have a lot of growing up to do. Rach is selfish. And Finns being selfish if rach is the only goidelic thing that keeps him hanging on that can mean he could be holding her back.

    Plus the message it sends to younger viewers. I live in an effed

  22. Steph says:

    (cont sent too early) I

    I lived in an effed up town the way it is. Encouraging kids that it’s ‘normal’ to be engaged right out of HS is just ridic. How about putting a little bit more values back into it? Like doing things for oneself and no one else? Maybe it’s me just being jaded living in such a trashy area seeing twelve yr olds w/’baby daddies’. I’d just love for Glee the land of opportunity to encourage the good youth that is put there somewhere that there is life that exist w:/out needing a man or woman that you can rely on yourself and live for yourself.

  23. amy says:

    if she doesn’t say yes im going to cry!!! well…. im going to cry if she says yes so either way its going to end in tears! ;) but she better say yes!!!!!!!!!!

  24. norogang says:

    omg ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh amazing episode finchel were amazing finchel 4 eva, cory & lea 4 eva amazing work they would be a perfect couple

  25. anna says:

    This show is so f***** up. Now we’re supposed to think that it’s a good thing that an ambitious young woman would give up her dreams to marry her loser high school boyfriend? What kind of message is this sending to its young audience?? It’s 2012, not 1952.

    • omg watch the damn episodes says:

      Except that the ambitious womand HAS NOT MARRIED that boyfriend and that boyfriend is THE FIRST PERSON who will tell her not to give up her dreams. Finn has been the staunchest supporter of Rachel talent amd her biggest fan. If you don’t remember, watch the previous 55 episodes again. When has Finn ever told Rachel to give up her dreams? When has Finn ever prevented from Rachel from going to NY? Finn hates being stuck in Lima as much as Rachel.

    • ellie says:

      Why can’t you have BOTH a bright career AND be happy in love with the boy of your dreams? You said it. This is 2012. Lots of women have achieved both. But you know something, you have to work for it. And I’m sure Glee will show us Finn and Rachel working towards it.

    • Lily says:

      Woah, I’m getting married to my high school boyfriend who, at one point, was a lot like Finn. He taught me to relax (I was a toned down Rachel) and how to prioritize, I inspired him to become the academic he now is. And I’m getting my PhD at an Ivy, so stop generalizing. It’s quite obvious Rachel is the sort of person who would never give up her dreams, and it seems like she’s learned that doesn’t mean sacrificing someone who truly loves and supports her.

      • Jelly says:

        From your post it also sounds like you waited until several years down the road to actually marry your high school boyfriend.

  26. PolymnieBennett says:

    Glee is famous to not always be really realistic and sometimes exaggerated. It’s the fun part of the show. Most of the characters are realistic and relatable when they’re deeply written like Finn Hudson as a lost teenager. When all his life falls apart, only his girlfriend stands up supporting him. So I can understand the “reason” of the proposal in the storyline (at least in his mind).
    Of course they are too young. But Rachel and Finn are very symbolic in the show, from their worlds apart, they became friends and more. They’re growing up, becoming better thanks to each other and while learning how to stay true to themselves like the whole glee club does. (I don’t understand why Finn & Rachel being engaged should anchor Rachel to Lima. She could always make her dreams come true with him supporting her. What he’s constantly done)
    The fact is Glee still makes me smile. And its actors like mister Cory Monteith still amazes me #Underrated

    • Kiley Mckenna says:

      Cory is such a good actor. And I agree about him being underrated. He may not be getting the awards, but he really embodies Finn well. Sometimes I can’t believe he’s nearly 30 yrs old. He makes his character so believable.

  27. Kat says:

    How old are all of you cheering on the engagement of two high schoolers who have never gotten a relationship right? This would be Glee waving goodbye as it jumps the shark. Synchronized, of course.

    • Lisa B says:

      I’m an old married lady in her 30’s who’s cheering for the story of two foolhardy, flawed but lovely teenagers who, despite all their mistakes and disappointments, realize that their love for each other is the one sure thing in their lives. I think that’s a story worth being told, don’t you?

    • mike says:

      How many high schoolers have ever gotten a relationship right? Are you faulting Glee for being TOO realistic? LOL

  28. Emily says:

    OMG I LOVE FINCHEL!!!!!!!! That episode was amazing and I don’t think I can wait two weeks for the next episode!<3. I hope rachel and finn stay together forever!!!<3

  29. Kiki says:

    What a great storyline – because, yes, all high schoolers should get married. Ryan is off his rocker.

  30. Liana in San Diego says:

    Please, dear God, let Rachel say no! Not that I don’t think they are an adorable couple… they are only 18, she has great future plans, which while temporarily derailed (NYADA) will get back on track. Finn has no goals whatsoever and assumes that his life has meaning because of someone else, instead of any inner strength of his own. Mistake to have them get married…. waaaaaayyyy too young!

  31. akary says:

    I’m pretty sure Glee is a TV show, and NOT a Reality Show. What hell if Rachel go to married and have one hundred of child ? its a TV Show, the character and the story isnt real,

    if the writers want to make this, they do what they whant to do. most show of the drama do to keep the audience

    • Norma says:

      Yay someone with sense. Yes, Glee is a show where most of the main characters are high schoolers. And just like most TV shows with high schoolers, they’re all “soulmates” with someone they went to high school with. Even the shows that follow the kids after high school, the couples are either still together or get back together. It may be unrealistic in the real world, but in TV world it’s pretty freaking common.

  32. Doris says:

    My high school sweetheart and I married, had three wonderful daughters together, and are still happily married after 50 years. When we went to our 50th high school reunion, there were a number of couples from the class who married & were still together, including our best friends, whom we double-dated with.

  33. Kat says:

    The scenes with Finn and Rachel were the best part of the show! I love these two and I hope Rachel says YES!

    Also, “Without You” was the best song of the season!!!

  34. myeh says:

    Is it wrong to hope Rachel says something resembling a ‘no’? I hate Finchel, but that isn’t why I’m hoping she says no. Glee is supposedly realistic, and I see series 3 being waaaaay better than the previous series. Look, Rachel just have dreams that are too big for Finn to handle, and in the end, I see it as being a resentful marriage where Rachel manages her Broadwa dream but Finn just can’t handle it – his wife being the breadwinner? No. Finn’s pratical, old-school. I just don’t see it happening. My opinion, don’t friggin’ yell at me for it.

    • Mel says:

      Your entire theory is based on Rachel actually achieving those dreams, which is, sad to say, highly unlikely. There’s a ton of girls exactly like her in New York waiting for their big break, girls who spend years trying to make it and taking every little job in the background in one scene just to be one stage. Rachel isn’t one of those girls. She wants to be the star or nothing. And Finn is still young and can find a dream of his own and a job that he loves. If they did get married, the most likely senario for them would be Finn earning the money and Rachel spending all her time trying to make it but always passed over.

    • ana muller says:

      Glee is supposedly realistic? They break into song at any given moment, and the actors that play teenagers are practically all over 25 years old. I’m sorry, I like and watch the show but the last thing Glee is, is realistic. Concerning the Rachel saying yes or no matter, I like Finchel and that’s exactly why I think they should wait, if they get married prematurely could be the beginning of the end for them, they both should figure out their futures as individuals before taking on that kind of commitment. I loved that he proposed right now, it was a great scene and seemed very natural… “organic” as Cory said, but the options are clearly not get married or break up here, I hope that Rachel is smart enough to see that.

  35. Ipd says:

    I loved the episode because of the Finchel scenes. Without You was amazing and the proposal was really sweet and wonderful. Rachel is a smart girl and from the look on her face and the teaser for the next episode, if she says yes, it may be a long engagement.

  36. Kate says:

    I am a MASSIVE Rachel fan, love the character, even if she doesn’t make it to NYC i still see her getting out of Lima and succeeding somehow! That being said Rachel cannot cannot cannot say yes to her impulsive indecisive high school boyfriend, the same guy who has broken up with her twice in the last year, that is not someone you want to think about marrying, especially before you have achieved your dreams. Rachel has done a lot in the last year that is completely out of the character we had introduced to us in season 1, if she says yes to Finn then her character has well and truly been assassinated!

    • Mel says:

      Someone you shouldn’t considering marrying is the girl who cheated on you because she wanted to make you miserable, constantly puts herself before you when you need help, has hit you, and is just an all around spoiled brat. If she says yes, she’ll make him miserable with her constant demands of her first, his problems don’t matter. Her character’s been selfish from day one and has been nothing but selfish. It’s not character assissination when her character is a selfish brat. Oh wait, I forgot. Rachel fans ignore everything bad she does so they can pretend Finn is horrible and everything is his fault. Rachel needs to learn that there’s two people in a relationship and they both matter equally. Until then, she doesn’t deserve anyone.

    • me11 says:

      They’re both completely ridiculous of course:

      – he’s an indecisive schmuck (not a total schmuck, but yeah, a bit of one) who’s panicked about what he sees as a lack of real prospects after graduation, and he’s clutching onto the one thing that he feels is still good in his life. And who knows when the writers will decide to have him just switch his attentions to someone else again (Quinn maybe)?

      – she’s a self-indulged princess who uses her relationship with Finn to make up for the fact that her personality made her immensely unpopular for the first 15 years of her life. Oh, and she has a habit of turning to other guys (most notably Puck) when her boyfriend du jour hurts her feelings or can’t live up to her unrealistic expectations of him.

      I get that Glee at its core is a bit of a parody, and that’s also what makes the show so fun. But the most important messages in the show are about following your dreams and overcoming adversity. Rachel’s dreams, at least, were a lot bigger than marrying her high school boyfriend.

      It sounds like they’re pandering to the teenage fan girls. Maybe they should stop getting storylines from poorly written fanfiction ;)

  37. me11 says:


    Sometimes I wonder why I watch this show. It’s like a really addictive drug I guess! Once you start…

  38. Clara says:

    If you don’t like Lea, why do you people watch Glee? Go watch another show. If you don’t like Finchel, why do you watch Glee? There are so many other shows on tv. We love Leah, Cory but most of all Glee. Finchel For Ever

  39. helena morris says:

    tonights episode of glee was great cliffhanger was awesome i think has been a great moment for finchel:) i reckon she will say yes but don’t think they will get married reckon just be promise ring maybe?? suck have to wait 2 weeks to find out what happens – but don’t think they will break up cause cory is back for fourth season that be a waste and there relationship this season has been very strong i see them lasting as they make a great couple support each other really well:) finchel all the way xx

  40. Julie says:

    Cory Monteith was incredibly great in all of his scenes — whether portraying his character’s hope that he’s figured out a future with meaning, heartbreak and betrayal at having the truth of his childhood being taken away form him, despair that his future is shut and closed, realization of what Rachel means to him, or a blend of love and nerves when proposing, he knocked it out of the park with amazing verisimilitude, depth, and range.

    I can’t wait to see the performances he delivers in upcoming episodes as Finn’s stories play out.