Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on NCIS, Grey's, Glee, House, HIMYM, Five-0, Gossip Girl and More!

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Question: How is it that whenever I ask for NCIS: LA scoop, you give me zippo? Mister, you better be holding out on me because you have something especially awesome. —Amy
Ausiello: Is it too early to start teasing the season finale? No? Splendid. “Someone’s gonna die that we know well,” confirms exec producer Shane Brennan. “I’ve got the target, I’m just choosing which missile to fire. And there’s a character or two coming back to tie some things up.”

Question: It’s about time you gives us a scoop for NCIS: LA. —Gisela
Ausiello: There’s a big Kensi-centric double episode coming up titled “Blye, K.” that Brennan says “goes to the very heart of why she joined NCIS” and sets the stage for the big NCIS: LA/Hawaii Five-0 crossover during May sweeps. In possibly related news, the show is looking for an actress in her late 40s to play the estranged mother of one of the show’s female characters. Hmm…

Question: I would love some scoop on Addison from Private Practice. Got any? —Laura
Ausiello: Kate Walsh says “there’s some craziness” in the upcoming episode that finds Addison and Jake traveling to Palm Springs for a medical conference, adding, “Addison is a little out there. Shonda Rhimes wrote some fun stuff for us to do. She really wrote the hell out of that episode.”

Question: Do you have any scoop on Addison’s baby plans on Private Practice? —Laura
Ausiello: Don’t assume there will be a man in the picture when motherhood comes calling. Rhimes, herself a single mother, says the end game for Addison won’t necessarily involve “a husband and a typical nuclear family… That’s not the goal for that character.” While we’re on the subject of Private Practice‘s end game, Rhimes is optimistic the show will be back next season. And if not? “I would hope that if this is Private Practice‘s last season I would know that well in advance before we were cracking the final episodes so we could really give some closure to characters,” she says. “But I don’t know what the plans are for the show at this moment. It does well in the ratings and [ABC] seems happy about it, but we’ll see.”

Question: Any scoop on what’s coming for Private Practice‘s Charlotte and Cooper? Are we going to see Cooper’s son Mason factor more into their lives? —Allison
Ausiello: Yes, but not in a negative way. “I’ve been getting some tweets from [fans] who are like, ‘We hate Mason,’ which I think is odd to hate an 8-year-old, but whatever,” Rhimes shrugs. “I think it’s because they somehow believe that Charlotte and Cooper are going to break up or something, and that’s not what this story is about. It’s about watching Cooper find parts of himself that he didn’t know existed, and Charlotte finding parts of herself that she didn’t know existed. Watching Charlotte learn to become a mother and realize that this relationship [with Cooper] is exactly where she wants to be and there’s nothing better on the horizon… is a beautiful journey for her. I love where she’s grown to and where we’re going to continue to see her grow to. The Charlotte that we first knew would have walked away [from this child]. But the Charlotte that we know now is such a very different person it’s really beautiful.”

Question: I just watched Season 1 of Shameless in one day and am itching for some Season 2 spoilers!  Can you help me out? —Elizabeth
Ausiello: Sure can. Look for the family to put some “pressure” on Lip to flee the flock and “go to school and make something of himself,” Jeremy Allen White tells us. “I think the conflict there is Lip really wants to be one of the working class, one of the neighborhood. He loves it there. So there’s tension with Lip and the family.” Bonus tease: Mom Monica is coming back, which can only mean one thing: trouble!

Question: I’m a big fan and have been for a while. Also, I’ve been trying to figure out who could be the subject of your latest blind item… Any chance it could be Booth? There might be something Smurfy in it for you —Virginia
Ausiello: Really? You think Bones is going to kill off David Boreanaz? Really? Especially after Sue Sylvester’s shout-out? Try again, Virg.

Question: So I just caught up on four weeks’ worth of NCIS in one day (as well as working a nine-hour shift) and now I’m desperate for some spoilers! —Megan
Ausiello: The arrival of Tony’s ex-fiancée, Wendy (played by Entourage‘s Perrey Reeves), “comes out of left field for him,” previews NCIS EP Gary Glasberg, adding that the reunion takes place in the Feb. 14 episode written by co-executive producer Steve Binder. As for nitpicking that Wendy was long ago established to be a music teacher versus a journalist, Glasberg says, “Steve speaks to that in the script — she decided that she wanted more out of life, so she took on a journalism job. She wants to write for TVLine!” That would explain the letter I got yesterday from CBS asking for permission to mention TVLine in an episode! Amazing! If only it were true. Sigh…

Question: I just watched the pilot for Smash and I’m dying for some more. Any scoop you can part with? —Ellie
Ausiello: The second episode is just as good. I’ve seen many a promising pilot crash and burn in Episode 2, so it was an enormous relief that Smash maintained its quality week-to-week — save for one glaring plot contrivance involving Katharine McPhee standing up her onscreen boyfriend. Note to producers: There’s still time to reshoot that scene!

Question: I was just wondering if what you do is your job or if it’s a side job or even a hobbie. —Rachel
Ausiello: As it happens, Rachel, it is my job. And sometimes, when I’m leaning, it becomes a side job (though left or right side depends on the direction in which I lean). My hobby is actually correcting the spellings of words like “hobbie.”

Question: Any news on how long Kal Penn is sticking around on How I Met Your Mother? – Monica
Ausiello: I don’t think much longer. Exec producer Craig Thomas says an upcoming episode will find Robin realizing that “the waters don’t run as deep with Kevin as they do with Barney.” Or, for that matter, Ted, who come February will be forced to deal with his unresolved feelings for Robin. “Stuff happens that makes Ted and Robin question their living arrangements,” adds fellow EP Carter Bays. “When they broke up back in Season 2 they asked themselves the question, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’ Robin thought she’d be living [overseas]. And now it’s five years later and she is still in this apartment, exactly where she was when Ted asked that question. There’s an episode where they literally do the five-year reassessment off that one line in their breakup in Season 2.”

Question: Will we definitely learn in the HIMYM season finale who Barney is marrying? —Doug
Ausiello: Yes. And that’s not the only precious piece of intel we’ll uncover during the flash-forward. “There’s a huge thing we’re going to learn going back to the future wedding day,” teases Bays. “I don’t want to say what it is though.”

Question: You got anything on the Grey’s Anatomy alternate reality episode about Meredith and Derek? —Jessica
Ausiello: As if the photos from the can’t-miss hour left any doubt, the episode features “hilarious performances” from the cast, raves Shonda Rhimes. “They fully embody their characters in completely new ways. Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey all bright and shiny is one of my most favorite things to see because it’s painful but it’s also really funny.”

Question: Got any Grey’s Anatomy scoop on Callie and Arizona? —Tim
Ausiello: Rhimes says they will remain the show’s “stable couple,” adding, “We’re exploring Callie as a doctor, which has been really fun. To see her being a badass bone surgeon has been great. And Arizona is dealing with training Alex and what all that means.” Looking ahead to the show’s “really fun” Valentine’s-themed episode, Rhimes says Calzona “fight for some sexy alone time together.”

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Question: I was wondering if you had any scoops on Hawaii Five-0? —Samantha
Ausiello: Is it too early to start teasing the season finale? No? Splendid. The ongoing Shelburne mystery that seemingly concluded in this Monday’s episode will rear its ugly head again in May. “It’s not over yet,” reveals exec producer Peter Lenkov. “It’s going to wrap up at the end of [the season] and it’s a pretty significant turn in our show.”

Question: Please, any information about Ringer? I need it! —Mark
Ausiello: Bridget’s gonna spill the beans to Andrew, the only question is which beans will she be spilling. “Bridget has to come clean to Andrew on some really major secret that deals with identity,” says exec producer Pam Veasey.

Question: There will be a huge hole in my life after Chuck ends on January 27. Any last bit of final season spoilers out there? —Chuck
Ausiello: Zachary Levi breaks down the two-hour swan song thusly: “The first hour is super-intense drama and action and some tears are shed. And the second half also has some drama, but there’s a lot of comedy, too.”

Question? How long before Kalinda and Alicia are officially friends again on The Good Wife? —Ingmar
Ausiello: Oooh, good question! Let’s ask exec producer Robert King. “That [relationship] is the driving force of the season,” he says. “These are two people who probably have the biggest betrayal between them. Is it possible for them to come back from that? Other events will impact that. Because right now they’ve warmed up a bit. But they’re not there yet. But Alicia misses it, and Kalinda misses it, too.” And me three!

Exclusive: The Good Wife Casts Will’s Other Sister

Question: What can we expect from the epic 100th episode of The Big Bang Theory? —Tim
Ausiello: You can expect to have a very strong reaction to it. “If it’s not hated, it will be loved,” predicts exec producer Bill Prady. “There’s an odd thing that happens in it, but at the moment you realize the odd thing, you also realize you’re not [being] gypped. It has consequence. I think it’s neat.” Put another way, “This episode feels like we had a lot of fans coming over to our house for a party for the 100th episode, and we went and looked at some recipes and we tried something ambitious,” Prady explains metaphorically. “And now we’re watching you eat it and we hope you like it because we worked really hard on it and we really want you to.” I like parties with lots of food, so this episode sounds right up my alley.

Question: So if I’m to understand this week’s Gossip Girl correctly, the new man to come between Chuck and Blair is… God? —Aram
Ausiello: Yes, and exec producer Josh Safran is here with an explanation. “Religion has [always] been a part of Blair’s life,” he argues. “She went to confession as far back as Season 1. Even though she didn’t fully believe in it, she was there. We really did believe, especially in light of what has happened to Blair after the accident, that she feels even more strongly about this connection and this pull. It’s something that we’re not shying away from. It’s something that we will delve into in future episodes.” Safran concedes that the heavenly roadblock “is definitely a different thing in our show. But we believe in it, and we believe that this is where Blair is right now. Belief is a very personal thing, and it’s also very monumental. We’re not treating it lightly.”

Question: Serena is starting to feel like a guest star on Gossip Girl. What gives? —Emily
Ausiello: That’s pretty much the question I posed to Safran. “If you feel like Serena has been lighter this year, it’s honestly just where the story has taken us,” he tells me. “Last season was very much about Serena. That was the way we sort of looked at it. She had Juliet last year and that was the big driving story. This year we gave Blair the big driving story. And next season — if there is a next season — I would imagine the driving story, should it be the last season, will be the two of them and their friendship.”

Question: Is there any hope of Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy) returning to House for a couple of episodes? —Anaiis
Ausiello: Depends if this turns out to be the last season. If it does, “that is a conversation” that will probably happen, says exec producer Greg Yaitanes. “If it’s not the end, I don’t think it’ll happen [this season]. But that’s just my personal opinion. We would love to have her back.”

Question: Do we know yet how Finn will figure into Glee next season? —Robin
Ausiello: No, but Cory Monteith sure sounds pumped about it. “I’m really excited,” he tells TVLine. “I think that the idea they came up with, Ryan Murphy specifically, to incorporate the people who are graduating and still keep the paradigm of the McKinley High School active is great. It’s still very much the show that people know and love, but incorporates people who aren’t at the school anymore. I think it’s going to be very interesting to see how it all develops and I’m really excited about it.”

Hot Shots: Glee Pays Tribute to the King of Pop

Question: Having recently devoured all the episodes of Grimm since the winter semester ended, I am left wondering one thing: Has the engagement ring Nick purchased in the pilot been forgotten about? According to the story, he was proposing to Juliet that night, but I haven’t spied a ring on that finger. —Erin
Ausiello: “Nick did buy the ring, but his newfound Grimm abilities have interrupted his romantic plans — and his life in general,” responds EP David Greenwalt. “Nick and Juliette’s relationship will be tested this season as Nick continues to hide his new abilities — yet Juliette’s suspicions keep rising after she finds something of Nick’s…and also finds herself in danger.”

Question: Got anything on Suburgatory? —Claudia
Ausiello: Jeremy Sisto’s reunion with Clueless crush Alicia Silverstone gets off to a rough start. Word is their characters first date ends with a trip to the emergency room.

Question: I loved the Alcatraz premiere! Do you have any scoop? —Lily
Ausiello: An upcoming episode will focus on the “segregated block” of prisoners, says EP Jack Bender. “All of the black prisoners were not allowed to mingle, eat with [the rest of the inmates]. This was 1963, so we’re starting to deal with those issues.”

Exclusive: The Vampire Diaries Casts Smallville Alum in ‘Sexy, Devilish’ Role

Question: The official CW description for an upcoming episode of Vampire Diaries said Klaus holds a dinner party. Any intel on what goes down? —Julia
Ausiello: Sounds like there will be blood for dessert. “There’s always a little bit of violence involved in anything Klaus does — even if it starts as a sit down meal, it’s all going to end in violence,” reveals the host himself, Joseph Morgan. “There will be some things which aren’t strictly within dinner party etiquette. Also, it’s incredibly charged. Imagine having this powerful hybrid hosting a little dinner party. Who will be his guests? And what will the conversation be? And what will he serve for dinner? What will his table etiquette be? It’s a really interesting idea. We’ve seen so much of him in physical confrontation with people, it’s interesting to see a little bit more of his cultured side, his charm and his elegance there at the dinner table.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Meg Masters)

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  1. Kat says:

    If Gary Glasberg noticed people commenting or nitpicking on how Wendy went from music teacher to journalist, I am hoping he also noticed how people reacted to the news of her showing up. Whether people are pro or anti Tiva, plans are ready for her to be gone and she hasn’t shown her face yet. Anti Tivas are sick of romance or just Tony getting all the romance side stories. Pro Tivas are sick of one step forward and then something or someone making the progress take three steps back. I can’t stand the idea of her showing up and I hope they listen to their fans and get rid of her fast. oh and also, Tiva fan for life!!

    • Michael says:

      Anti Tivas are not sick of romance they are sick of Tony being treated like a asshole to make Ziva a God the Anti Tivas are sick of Ziva getting the upperhand of everything that has to do with Tony.

      What we WANT is for Tony to be with Wendy and his Son what we don’t want is Tony to be replace by Ziva like it feel like their doing

      What Tiva fan want is for the show to be renamed Tiva and just show Ziva Naked for a couple of hours because that all Tiva care about is Ziva they HATE NCIS

      • Gaara says:

        You and your comments r the only things full of hate, Michael

      • Jenni says:

        I am fine with any romance on the show so long as it takes a backseat to solving cases and showing the team together. The pros and antis drive me crazy because they only focus on two characters: Ziva and Tony. Enough already, Ziva gets enough focus as it is. And this season has been all about Tony’s growth as a person. There are other characters on the show that need more airtime besides Ziva and her endless troubles. Like McGee, Abby and Ducky. I really have no problem with Tiva but there are other people on this show besides Tony and Ziva.

      • Maria says:

        Tony and “his” son??? I think you mean Tony and HER son. Tony is not the boy’s father.

  2. Maria says:

    Reading Josh Safran’s comments about GG seriously makes me lose faith in the show (or wonder if maybe he’s writing a different one than I’m watching). Having Blair Waldorf, a character on a soapy teen drama about rich Manhattanites, suddenly find religion after showing zero legitimate interest in it over 5 and a half seasons is not a natural evolution of her character- it’s a one-way ticket to crazytown. And Blair’s character has already taken a beating this season, since she’s spent most of it being childish, whiny, and self-absorbed, and is apparently going to spend the rest of it torn between her “pact with God” and her feelings for three (?!) men who love her for some reason I no longer understand. What I am starting to understand is why Ed expressed so much frustration in recent interviews about Chuck being hung up on Blair… because as much as I adore them together, if she continues down her current path, I’ll be voting for him to cut bait as well.

    The answer to why Serena has become a glorified guest star was just total nonsense. There’s no reason why both Blair and Serena can’t have storylines at the same time- you know, like they did in S1, S2, S3 and most of S4. Which, unfortunately, was all before Safran took over as EP. Now it’s all Blair, all the time… it’s bad for Blair, and it’s bad for the show.

  3. Molly says:

    Safran and the God thing…wow, that is what’s called “blasphemy”.
    Does this man even know what religion is? I thought the pregnancy SL was bad but this just completely new level of crazy. If you can’t handle SLs, DON’T try to pretend you CAN. GG is a joke.

  4. Elisha says:

    I hope Safran and crew DON’T get another season. They’ve already ruined this show and now I don’t even want to watch anymore after last episode. Seriously, writers, God separating Chuck and Blair? What’s next, aliens? Stupid show.

  5. Willa says:

    Is that guy from Gossipgirl serious? Last night’s pact with God was horrendous. They really are running out of ways to keep Chuck and Blair apart and they use that? All they had to do was have Blair lie about Chuck not being the father and Bam! way more realistic than Blair suddenly copying a film plot.
    As for Serena, that guy is stupid. What worked in season 1 and 2 was the balance of these characters. As much as I love Blair, I’m sick to death of her storyline. I hate it this year, I’d actually love to see way more Serena at this point.

    • Jenn says:

      This is actually what I thought was going to happen to split up Chuck and Blair. That we were going to find out that Blair had lied about Louis being the father of the baby, that Chuck would be furious and say that he was done with her. Would’ve made so much more sense.

  6. Sunny says:

    Ever since season 3 I’ve been willing to put money on the fact that Gossip Girl writers are just on drugs. I’m glad this interview confirmed it. Bottom line, this group of writers has ruined a once entertaining show. They’ve stripped two important relationships, Serena and Blair and Chuck and Blair, into nothing but 2 minute scenes. The Chuck and Blair “can’t be together because of religion” was about as stupid and jumping the shark as I’ve seen.I mean I thought Dan and Blair were bad (which this could be the reason for it), this takes the cake. Congrats, writers, you have ruined this show.

  7. Gia says:

    Thanks for the “NCIS” scoopage, Mike. I’m a bit nervous about Wendy coming back b/c I don’t want her to ruin all the actual progress that Tiva has made this season. Also thanks for “The Good Wife” bit too. I hope they can reconcile. They were cool friends. Looking forward to the 100th episode of “Big Bang Theory” and as for the “House” scoop, Cuddy was awesome. Show’s not the same without her.

    • Svenja says:

      It won’t. Another spoiler site revealed some more info which somehow confirms that it won’t affect the progress Tiva has made. It looks like they have a certain plan for Tiva.

      Even if Tony gives it another shot with Wendy (I still don’t think so), I believe he and Ziva might get together around the season finale. Remember the scoop here about Ziva’s “muse” showing up? I think she will push Ziva to Tony

    • Michael says:

      Yeah how dare they try to save their show and not piss of their fan base anymore by making Tony the butt of the jokes again who care that Ziva abuse Tony and is trying to replace him

  8. Leigh says:

    The Gossip Girl writers are hacks. I’ve never seen a show get killed so quickly by a show runner in all my life than it has over the past year. Note to Safran, you are convincing no one with this “religion” plot. You literally copied the End of the Affair and none of it made any sense for these characters. You did it to stupidly set up an obstacle for Chuck and Blair. You aren’t “intellectual” nor are you “transcending” tv. All you are doing is stealing from the End of the Affair because you have NO imagination.
    With Serena. We don’t like you ignoring the other main of this show. If you haven’t noticed most hate Blair’s story line’s. Don’t worry though, next time you won’t have to explain your idiocy because no one will be watching.

  9. crocme says:

    Bring back Cuddy the boss and stop with huddy poorly written, they’re all better alone, their character are more interesting without romance as they were in the beginning of the show.

  10. Jo says:

    Michael, please assure us that Josh Safran is just playing the PR game. If he is so delusional that he can’t recognize what an abysmal disaster Gossip Girl has become, there’s no hope the show will ever recover.

  11. Ashton says:

    If Robin and Barney don’t end up together I’m gonna throw my television out of my window. (Probably not) but I’ll be very upset!

  12. lucy says:

    I’m not worried at all about Wendy’s return – as long as it’s only for one episode. Imo, Tony needs to clear his past before focusing on the future – aka Ziva =)

  13. Sally says:

    I never want to see Cuddy again, let alone revive the Huddy crap, final season or not. Can we move on now? Finally forget her, please! The show has finally started to be good again – not as great as the first seasons were, but good enough for me to want a season 9!

    • Kate says:

      hahahahah Sally, you are just rabid because they don´t even think about bringing hameron back.

      • @Kate says:

        Oh right ,Trolol Kate/Norea or however your name is, thanks for the reminder! Why not bring Cameron back? That would be awesome :)

      • edward says:

        ”hahahahah Sally, you are just rabid because they don´t even think about bringing hameron back.”

        she don’t want cuddy and huddy and you don’t want cameron and hameron, so you and her are like twins

  14. Gaara says:

    Yep,I’m sure Wendy will not be a big obstacle for Tiva. I’m VERY pleased with all the progress in this season and I don’t think TPTB would do anything to ruin it. Tiva is finally here and anyone can see it!

    • Michael says:

      LOL and its the reason TPTB got fire from the show

      • Gaara says:

        trolololol, Michael… get. over. it. :P

        • zoyarose says:

          Oh, which TPTB was fired?????? I haven’t heard anything. And didn’t Mark Harmon become one of the executive producers this year??? I’m enjoying the direction NCIS is taking. Can’t wait to see how things unfold when Wendy shows up. It’s gonna be good for TIVA eventually. :-)

      • Svenja says:

        You’re never getting tired of spreading lies, right Michael? I really don’t mind opposing opinions, but coming up with these false facts is just lame and getting old.

  15. Mike says:

    I’d love to see Cuddy back for the gran finale. Keep us updated Aus.

  16. Reya says:

    I would really love to see Cuddy back on House. I have really missed her this season and have really hated how they havent really talked about her leaving and where she went and what that has really meant to House. Its like they think that if they ignore the story enough it will just go away, well it hasn’t! Heaps of us miss Cuddy (and his Huddy for that matter) and would love to see her back on House!!!

    So please Greg Y and House TPTB pick up that phone, make that call to Lisa E and make it happen!!!!!!

  17. donna says:

    sorry but Safran is like a joke. Yeah religious theme was always there in GG (and not just for Blair) but they had their fun times that we could enjoy, right now its a tiresome. Chuck&Blair deserve happiness after all this crap already! And Serena becoming relevant and GG becoming “everbody loves Blair” didn’t really work for me!! Not a bit.Role swapping sucked!!!

    Especially Dan’s love for Blair feels so superficial and forced. I don’t buy a bit, like I didn’t buy Blair actually loving enough to get married this boring prince! They are ruining every special thing that makes GG. And they have made 100th episode about something noone ever cares! Well done!

    Serena and Juliet arc last season was super interesting, fun and compelling. all mains interacting! Blair was not this weak and confused about everything. Chuck was awesome he is still awesome! Second half after Juliet arc they have isolated Chuck and Serena with guests to make DB happen, its obvious and it sucked! I miss CB and NB friendships most of all? Where are they? Especially NB!!! What the hell happened to Nate and she has to confide in Dan (I mean if she needs a guy friend).I want my NJBC together!!! On the other hand, its really ripping my heart to see CB apart and hurt like this.

    They should kiss Ed and Leighton’s hands and feets for making this crap a little bearable to people with their amazing acting. Other than that other stories may get interesting but GG became frustrating! Stop ripping our hearts!!

  18. Roxie says:

    That’s hilarious. The only person who are enjoying Gossip Girl is their writers. LOL. They are so sure to have a season 6, that’s insane! I can’t wait for it inevitable cancelation. That’s a shame really, S1/2 were pretty great especially with characters as brilliant as Chuck and Blair. But heh, C’est la vie!

  19. Svenja says:

    Thank you TV-line for clearing the whole Wendy (NCIS) career thingy up.

  20. Danny says:

    Out of all the great shows on television, the Gossip Girl dorks have taken over the boards with words like “Dair” and “Chair”. Seriously, are you all 14? Get off the computer. Talk about something that matters. That show is garbage and always has been.

    • Christine says:

      Thank you!!! I have noticed that this is happening more frequently. The entire comments thread becomes filled with teenagers fighting over Dair/Chair. Aren’t there message boards designated for this kind of garbage?

  21. Nancy says:

    DEAR LORD, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING [H]OUSE BACK FOR ANOTHER SEASON. There is not enough time to finish the series now. And PLEASE GOD, NO MORE HUDDY!!! I’d like to see STACY come back near the end of the series a long long time from now. :)
    P.S. Greg Y. is not a writer. The writers screwed up season 7.

  22. Alexis says:

    Blair is religious? Are you kidding me? Blair was never religious but they needed to keep Chuck and Blair apart so they have come with the most idiotic storyline of ever on a tv show.
    I think Blair changed 180 degree from the character she once was. She was unique and iconic but now thanks to GGs Dan obsession she became as annoying and idiot as him.

  23. jc says:

    Glad to hear ep2 of #Smash is as good as the pilot, which I loved! That final number is unbelievable!! <3 LOL, what McPhee and her BF couldn't even make it through 2 episodes before cracks start to appear in their perfect relationship?!! SHOCKER! LOL

  24. Jane2 says:

    While I would love to see Cuddy back if they did it properly I doubt House TPTB are serious. Greg Yaitanes words remind me of David Shores attempts during the summer to imply the lack of a final ep for Cuddy in season 8 was because Lisa E refused to return. Then Ausiello interviewed Lisa and it turned out she hadn’t even been contacted by TPTB! This is no doubt more of the same. #prweaselwords

    • Caslon says:

      I love how all you have to do is mention Cuddy’s name and it generates buzz, which is EXACTLY what Ausiello and TPTB want. All you LE haters, take note.

      For the record, I loved Cuddy. I hope to see her around again on the show.

      • edward says:

        a few comments on the TV line does not change anything, TPTB/FOX/NBC wants real viewers so it’s clear they have failed in the last 4 or 5 years

  25. sari says:

    Wen is sons of anarchy coming back on TV dying to see the 3rd season on channel one

    • @sari says:

      SOA usually airs from September to December, and this year will be its 5th season. However, S1-3 are out on DVD, I think, and S4 should be coming out soon. Good luck.

  26. sari says:

    Is there any shop or online shop that I can buy full seasons of home and away and neighbors etc

    • @sari says:

      Usually if you just google the name of the show and add “DVD,” you’ll get options on where you can buy TV show DVDs (either in stores or on-line). You can also always check Amazon.

  27. Michael says:

    One more thing these show is call Naval Criminal Investigative Service Yet there has been no Naval people on the show for over 4 months and when was the last time they were on a ship I mean does these show even know what it’s about.

    I still can’t believe these show thinks being in a relationship with a woman who abuse you and put you down ever chance you get is Ok

  28. alesig says:

    Please tell me that no main character is dying on NCIS LA! Not Hetty! Or anyone on the team! Please…

  29. Gibbs_coffee says:

    I just found out that NCIS’ last two episode turned two of my noromo friends into Tony/Ziva supporters *_* Kudos to the writers, producers and actors for making it happen!

  30. mewofford says:

    1. Really not happy about Wendy reappearing but if that’s the road the writers and producers want to go, TIVA will just have to wait. Just hope NCIS doesn’t follow the road of its predecessor JAG and hurriedly (unsatisfying) bring them together in the final show of the final season. Have really liked the last couple of episodes, plus the majority of the other episodes this season.

    2. Can’t wait to see what The Big Bang Theory is cooking up! My favorite comedy in a long, long time.

  31. Diane says:

    The only way I’d want Lisa E back on House is if they fire all the writers and get some ppl in who know how to write STRONG female characters and who could actually give us MORE House/Cuddy/Wilson stories and less Taub the great baby maker, Foreman the most boring character on TV along with these two new horrible actresses. Don’t think that’s going to happen.

  32. spoilerchicka says:

    I miss Lisa Edelstein too because her character Cuddy was the only person who could go head to head with House and he love her and she love hm. The show has lost that spark, crackle of energy, excitement and possible danger when House would mess up and work around how to get out of trouble with Cuddy. Big deal if Foreman can send House back to the slammer. There’s no life to that angle. Plus Cuddy was some serious eye candy for men and women who enjoyed a good looking, brainy, curvy woman over 35 on the show. She was a glamqueen and the show is drab without her. Huddy was inevitable and it took them six seasons tofinally come to that “will they won’t they” story line. Everyone on the staff seemed to go for it, Laurie, Edelstein, everyone knew it was a jaw-dropper topic. Most of fans who weren’t backing the Cameron-angle (and nothing wrong with that) or the bromance angle, were thrilled. Many are disappointed with the way Huddy was handled especially the epically stupid car-though-the house finale. Lets hope they can salvage the show and get CUddy back in ORDER to get a season 9. The drama of that opportunity would have me tuning back in. RIght now Alcatraz is a hot new show to lead into House and help drag its ratings out of the gutter. Lets hope it works but some know better.

  33. Aa says:

    Can we please move on from the same questions over and over about Lisa Edelstein/Cuddy? It’s been eight months, get over it already. There are other characters on the show, you know.

    • Karen says:

      Yes there are other characters on the show but they aren’t fun to talk about. Cuddy generates the buzz and 8 months after, I still miss her.

      • @Karen says:

        Oh the problem is, Aussie doesn`t even try to post something else than speculative spoilers about Ms. Edelstein.

        He could turn every spoiler he gets into something spectacular and people would gush about that. It is allways the wording which sells the scoop, haha

    • See says:

      Aa, It seems people are still interested in LE/Cuddy. If you aren’t that’s just fine. Why bother to make negative comments. It looks like you are interested when you do.

      • Aa says:

        I’m interested in House, not LE/Cuddy, and I’d like to hear about characters that are actually still on the show, that’s all.

  34. Ma says:

    Penn and Leighton are two wonderful actors, they can pass the feelings of the characters in a very real. I love watching them together and I hope that Dan and Blair have a happy ending. I went to see Gossip Girl for them.

  35. Katrina says:

    Gossip girl was so much better in the first few seasons, now it’s just becoming weird. Blair should just get with chuck.

    • step says:

      It’s beyond weird- it’s terrible! God keeping Chuck and Blair apart? This doesn’t fit Gossipgirl at all and I’m pretty sure these writers are the worst I’ve seen on tv. This show has been bad,nay terrible for a year. I’ve tried to stick it out but this year has been so bad I just can’t. I love Chuck and Blair but now youtube is my friend for this mess.

  36. tz says:

    Seriously now, other sites already report on Billy Connolly guest starring on House and all you have is that LE is NOT coming back? You are officially the worst “insider” ever.

    • See says:

      Here’s the reality tz. Hardly anyone reports about House anymore. Even the critics rarely speak about the show. Another site reported about Connolly and Baker on House and about some other shows. There were 12 comments. Of those 12 comments, one was about Baker and one was about Connolly. No buzz. No interest.

      • tz says:

        That is the biggest lie ever. If “comments” were a measure of interest, then Gossip Girl would be the most viewed TV show on the world. Guess which TV show holds that place.

        And I’m sure anything is more news-worthy than LE not returning, something we’ve known since last year.

  37. lexieflavor says:

    Wow, does Safran sound defensive. Trying to justify this last plot is just funny. There is no justification needed-they copied a movie plot that was too contrived and ridiculous for this show and nobody liked it. I wish the writers would just fess up to viewers hating their plots , of course, the ratings are speaking for us I suppose.You just don’t take a Blair scene that was comical from season one and pretend it actually is Blair’s background now. This guy doesn’t even know her character anymore. And “God” coming in between Chuck and Blair? How stupid can you get? I’m serious?
    On the lack of Serena and Blair- there should be no excuse and Serena is a main. She’s not Nate (sorry Nate fan) she’s a main and part of what made people invested in the show. I’m just really appalled by that answer that I don’t know where to begin there

  38. c says:

    american tv = trash

  39. sarah says:

    I am guessing that Joe will die on H50
    I also bet that Bridget will reveal to Andrew that Juliet was assaulted by her teacher…

  40. Joanna says:

    OMG Safran, do you even watch Gossip Girl? Does he seriously expect us to believe that Blair’s crazy pact with God wasn’t their ridiculous excuse to keep Chuck and Blair apart and have their precious royal wedding? Either they think we aren’t that intelligent to see right through it or they’re insinuating WE don’t take religion seriously. Yep, because if we think this awful plot doesn’t make Blair religious but downright crazy for thinking her pact saved Chuck and if she goes back on it, God will send a cab to run Chuck over, then it must mean we have no faith. Watching Safran trying to talk himself out of this mess is even more offensive than the show itself.
    And FYI, Serena and Blair are both leads so it goes without saying that they should both have a decent story line, which at the moment none of the two does. And if Safran knew his own show, he would know that Blair wasn’t treated like a guest star last fall despite Serena having her own SL. This Everyone Loves Blair direction they’ve been taking doesn’t make anyone love Blair. I can’t believe that I wish for the Serena Show to come back. At least then we got Serena and Blair without having to wait for the next season. Btw, what gave Safran the impression that they’re getting a season 6 or that we may even want one?

  41. sTL. says:

    I think that Blair’s pact with god doesn’t make any sense to many viewersThis is one of the biggest hints that ChuckandBlair are meant to be and that right now the only thing that can keep them apart is only:GOD!!!;)But as good as this sounds I really want them to be eventually together b/c I’m tired of the obstacles the writers make them face all the time!As for the friendship between Blair and Serena what can I say?I hope the writers will end the lame sl with Dan/Blair and we’ll go back in the things as they were once!:/B/c let’s face it Dan-Blair can’t convince as friends,let alone as a couple!!!It’s the most stupid/unnatural sl ever….!

  42. Jay says:

    Robin and Ted address their feelings, finally! Thanks, HIMYM!

  43. ncis4evr says:

    Thanks for the NCIS scoop. I like all the characters,but it’s nice to get a Tony scoop that doesn’t mention Ziva. And I would love a Tony storyline that doesn’t include some Ziva cross-over. I like them being friends, but enough of the Ziva obsession from the show and the fan base. I’m interested in seeing what Wendy can tell us about Tony, not in any ridiculous jealousy angle, so I hope they don’t go there. And maybe the show could remember that there are two female characters, not just one, and give poor Abby a little love?

  44. guthanRS says:

    if it helps the tony/ziva progression, I have no problems at all with wendy’s return

  45. Maria says:

    I do hope LE returns to House as long as TPTB don’t keep ruining her character. I miss the old strong Cuddy. About those people who say Huddy ruined the show, I dare to correct them: it wasn’t Huddy itself that ruined the show, it was the horrible way Huddy (and other storylines too) was handled by the writers that ruined the show. They could have written excellent stuff now that they had a couple with an amazing potential in the series, but they forgot some of the most basical things about them: the banter and sexual tension, clinic duty, House’s leg pain (they only remembered it when it was too late)… instead they chose to write crappy storylines just like the hooker/massause, some stupid lie (Cuddy told him in the season premiere that she did NOT want him to change, and one of his mottos is “everybody lies”), a TOOTHBRUSH (he broke MRI machines, she didn’t say a thing…), the relapse (okay, I understand she was disappointed, but 1. it was a one time thing 2. she knew when she came to him in Help Me that he was a recoverING drug addict and 3. “I don’t want you to change. I know you are screwed up.”)… If Huddy had been written THE RIGHT WAY House could still be a great series. The center of the show is House, I know, but Cuddy AND Wilson are also indispensable. So these two MUST BE in the series finale.

  46. Deborha says:

    Love you for giving me some Lisa Edelstein news. I´d love to see Cuddy back for a few episode. I´m not digging this season too much. Still love the show and Hugh Laurie but i feel something is missing.

  47. Nan says:

    All about Gossip Girl and Grey’s, (well at least NCIS is in) but NO CASTLE, grrrhhh!

  48. Jonathan says:

    FINALLY!!!! Glee is doing a Michael Jackson tribute. It’s about damn time. Took long enough. Sheesh… Well better late then never.

  49. Mike says:

    Odd thing that happens on BBT 100: Leonard and Penny realize they aren’t meant to be with one another, and really move on, closing that particular storyline for good. That’s the kind of thing that would either be hated or loved, and we know Leonard and Penny is part of the ep.

  50. Tim says:

    I have 2 questions, first is House going off of the air? And second do you have anything on a spin off of Smallville?