Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on NCIS, Grey's, Glee, House, HIMYM, Five-0, Gossip Girl and More!

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Question: How is it that whenever I ask for NCIS: LA scoop, you give me zippo? Mister, you better be holding out on me because you have something especially awesome. —Amy
Ausiello: Is it too early to start teasing the season finale? No? Splendid. “Someone’s gonna die that we know well,” confirms exec producer Shane Brennan. “I’ve got the target, I’m just choosing which missile to fire. And there’s a character or two coming back to tie some things up.”

Question: It’s about time you gives us a scoop for NCIS: LA. —Gisela
Ausiello: There’s a big Kensi-centric double episode coming up titled “Blye, K.” that Brennan says “goes to the very heart of why she joined NCIS” and sets the stage for the big NCIS: LA/Hawaii Five-0 crossover during May sweeps. In possibly related news, the show is looking for an actress in her late 40s to play the estranged mother of one of the show’s female characters. Hmm…

Question: I would love some scoop on Addison from Private Practice. Got any? —Laura
Ausiello: Kate Walsh says “there’s some craziness” in the upcoming episode that finds Addison and Jake traveling to Palm Springs for a medical conference, adding, “Addison is a little out there. Shonda Rhimes wrote some fun stuff for us to do. She really wrote the hell out of that episode.”

Question: Do you have any scoop on Addison’s baby plans on Private Practice? —Laura
Ausiello: Don’t assume there will be a man in the picture when motherhood comes calling. Rhimes, herself a single mother, says the end game for Addison won’t necessarily involve “a husband and a typical nuclear family… That’s not the goal for that character.” While we’re on the subject of Private Practice‘s end game, Rhimes is optimistic the show will be back next season. And if not? “I would hope that if this is Private Practice‘s last season I would know that well in advance before we were cracking the final episodes so we could really give some closure to characters,” she says. “But I don’t know what the plans are for the show at this moment. It does well in the ratings and [ABC] seems happy about it, but we’ll see.”

Question: Any scoop on what’s coming for Private Practice‘s Charlotte and Cooper? Are we going to see Cooper’s son Mason factor more into their lives? —Allison
Ausiello: Yes, but not in a negative way. “I’ve been getting some tweets from [fans] who are like, ‘We hate Mason,’ which I think is odd to hate an 8-year-old, but whatever,” Rhimes shrugs. “I think it’s because they somehow believe that Charlotte and Cooper are going to break up or something, and that’s not what this story is about. It’s about watching Cooper find parts of himself that he didn’t know existed, and Charlotte finding parts of herself that she didn’t know existed. Watching Charlotte learn to become a mother and realize that this relationship [with Cooper] is exactly where she wants to be and there’s nothing better on the horizon… is a beautiful journey for her. I love where she’s grown to and where we’re going to continue to see her grow to. The Charlotte that we first knew would have walked away [from this child]. But the Charlotte that we know now is such a very different person it’s really beautiful.”

Question: I just watched Season 1 of Shameless in one day and am itching for some Season 2 spoilers!  Can you help me out? —Elizabeth
Ausiello: Sure can. Look for the family to put some “pressure” on Lip to flee the flock and “go to school and make something of himself,” Jeremy Allen White tells us. “I think the conflict there is Lip really wants to be one of the working class, one of the neighborhood. He loves it there. So there’s tension with Lip and the family.” Bonus tease: Mom Monica is coming back, which can only mean one thing: trouble!

Question: I’m a big fan and have been for a while. Also, I’ve been trying to figure out who could be the subject of your latest blind item… Any chance it could be Booth? There might be something Smurfy in it for you —Virginia
Ausiello: Really? You think Bones is going to kill off David Boreanaz? Really? Especially after Sue Sylvester’s shout-out? Try again, Virg.

Question: So I just caught up on four weeks’ worth of NCIS in one day (as well as working a nine-hour shift) and now I’m desperate for some spoilers! —Megan
Ausiello: The arrival of Tony’s ex-fiancée, Wendy (played by Entourage‘s Perrey Reeves), “comes out of left field for him,” previews NCIS EP Gary Glasberg, adding that the reunion takes place in the Feb. 14 episode written by co-executive producer Steve Binder. As for nitpicking that Wendy was long ago established to be a music teacher versus a journalist, Glasberg says, “Steve speaks to that in the script — she decided that she wanted more out of life, so she took on a journalism job. She wants to write for TVLine!” That would explain the letter I got yesterday from CBS asking for permission to mention TVLine in an episode! Amazing! If only it were true. Sigh…

Question: I just watched the pilot for Smash and I’m dying for some more. Any scoop you can part with? —Ellie
Ausiello: The second episode is just as good. I’ve seen many a promising pilot crash and burn in Episode 2, so it was an enormous relief that Smash maintained its quality week-to-week — save for one glaring plot contrivance involving Katharine McPhee standing up her onscreen boyfriend. Note to producers: There’s still time to reshoot that scene!

Question: I was just wondering if what you do is your job or if it’s a side job or even a hobbie. —Rachel
Ausiello: As it happens, Rachel, it is my job. And sometimes, when I’m leaning, it becomes a side job (though left or right side depends on the direction in which I lean). My hobby is actually correcting the spellings of words like “hobbie.”

Question: Any news on how long Kal Penn is sticking around on How I Met Your Mother? – Monica
Ausiello: I don’t think much longer. Exec producer Craig Thomas says an upcoming episode will find Robin realizing that “the waters don’t run as deep with Kevin as they do with Barney.” Or, for that matter, Ted, who come February will be forced to deal with his unresolved feelings for Robin. “Stuff happens that makes Ted and Robin question their living arrangements,” adds fellow EP Carter Bays. “When they broke up back in Season 2 they asked themselves the question, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’ Robin thought she’d be living [overseas]. And now it’s five years later and she is still in this apartment, exactly where she was when Ted asked that question. There’s an episode where they literally do the five-year reassessment off that one line in their breakup in Season 2.”

Question: Will we definitely learn in the HIMYM season finale who Barney is marrying? —Doug
Ausiello: Yes. And that’s not the only precious piece of intel we’ll uncover during the flash-forward. “There’s a huge thing we’re going to learn going back to the future wedding day,” teases Bays. “I don’t want to say what it is though.”

Question: You got anything on the Grey’s Anatomy alternate reality episode about Meredith and Derek? —Jessica
Ausiello: As if the photos from the can’t-miss hour left any doubt, the episode features “hilarious performances” from the cast, raves Shonda Rhimes. “They fully embody their characters in completely new ways. Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey all bright and shiny is one of my most favorite things to see because it’s painful but it’s also really funny.”

Question: Got any Grey’s Anatomy scoop on Callie and Arizona? —Tim
Ausiello: Rhimes says they will remain the show’s “stable couple,” adding, “We’re exploring Callie as a doctor, which has been really fun. To see her being a badass bone surgeon has been great. And Arizona is dealing with training Alex and what all that means.” Looking ahead to the show’s “really fun” Valentine’s-themed episode, Rhimes says Calzona “fight for some sexy alone time together.”

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Question: I was wondering if you had any scoops on Hawaii Five-0? —Samantha
Ausiello: Is it too early to start teasing the season finale? No? Splendid. The ongoing Shelburne mystery that seemingly concluded in this Monday’s episode will rear its ugly head again in May. “It’s not over yet,” reveals exec producer Peter Lenkov. “It’s going to wrap up at the end of [the season] and it’s a pretty significant turn in our show.”

Question: Please, any information about Ringer? I need it! —Mark
Ausiello: Bridget’s gonna spill the beans to Andrew, the only question is which beans will she be spilling. “Bridget has to come clean to Andrew on some really major secret that deals with identity,” says exec producer Pam Veasey.

Question: There will be a huge hole in my life after Chuck ends on January 27. Any last bit of final season spoilers out there? —Chuck
Ausiello: Zachary Levi breaks down the two-hour swan song thusly: “The first hour is super-intense drama and action and some tears are shed. And the second half also has some drama, but there’s a lot of comedy, too.”

Question? How long before Kalinda and Alicia are officially friends again on The Good Wife? —Ingmar
Ausiello: Oooh, good question! Let’s ask exec producer Robert King. “That [relationship] is the driving force of the season,” he says. “These are two people who probably have the biggest betrayal between them. Is it possible for them to come back from that? Other events will impact that. Because right now they’ve warmed up a bit. But they’re not there yet. But Alicia misses it, and Kalinda misses it, too.” And me three!

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Question: What can we expect from the epic 100th episode of The Big Bang Theory? —Tim
Ausiello: You can expect to have a very strong reaction to it. “If it’s not hated, it will be loved,” predicts exec producer Bill Prady. “There’s an odd thing that happens in it, but at the moment you realize the odd thing, you also realize you’re not [being] gypped. It has consequence. I think it’s neat.” Put another way, “This episode feels like we had a lot of fans coming over to our house for a party for the 100th episode, and we went and looked at some recipes and we tried something ambitious,” Prady explains metaphorically. “And now we’re watching you eat it and we hope you like it because we worked really hard on it and we really want you to.” I like parties with lots of food, so this episode sounds right up my alley.

Question: So if I’m to understand this week’s Gossip Girl correctly, the new man to come between Chuck and Blair is… God? —Aram
Ausiello: Yes, and exec producer Josh Safran is here with an explanation. “Religion has [always] been a part of Blair’s life,” he argues. “She went to confession as far back as Season 1. Even though she didn’t fully believe in it, she was there. We really did believe, especially in light of what has happened to Blair after the accident, that she feels even more strongly about this connection and this pull. It’s something that we’re not shying away from. It’s something that we will delve into in future episodes.” Safran concedes that the heavenly roadblock “is definitely a different thing in our show. But we believe in it, and we believe that this is where Blair is right now. Belief is a very personal thing, and it’s also very monumental. We’re not treating it lightly.”

Question: Serena is starting to feel like a guest star on Gossip Girl. What gives? —Emily
Ausiello: That’s pretty much the question I posed to Safran. “If you feel like Serena has been lighter this year, it’s honestly just where the story has taken us,” he tells me. “Last season was very much about Serena. That was the way we sort of looked at it. She had Juliet last year and that was the big driving story. This year we gave Blair the big driving story. And next season — if there is a next season — I would imagine the driving story, should it be the last season, will be the two of them and their friendship.”

Question: Is there any hope of Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy) returning to House for a couple of episodes? —Anaiis
Ausiello: Depends if this turns out to be the last season. If it does, “that is a conversation” that will probably happen, says exec producer Greg Yaitanes. “If it’s not the end, I don’t think it’ll happen [this season]. But that’s just my personal opinion. We would love to have her back.”

Question: Do we know yet how Finn will figure into Glee next season? —Robin
Ausiello: No, but Cory Monteith sure sounds pumped about it. “I’m really excited,” he tells TVLine. “I think that the idea they came up with, Ryan Murphy specifically, to incorporate the people who are graduating and still keep the paradigm of the McKinley High School active is great. It’s still very much the show that people know and love, but incorporates people who aren’t at the school anymore. I think it’s going to be very interesting to see how it all develops and I’m really excited about it.”

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Question: Having recently devoured all the episodes of Grimm since the winter semester ended, I am left wondering one thing: Has the engagement ring Nick purchased in the pilot been forgotten about? According to the story, he was proposing to Juliet that night, but I haven’t spied a ring on that finger. —Erin
Ausiello: “Nick did buy the ring, but his newfound Grimm abilities have interrupted his romantic plans — and his life in general,” responds EP David Greenwalt. “Nick and Juliette’s relationship will be tested this season as Nick continues to hide his new abilities — yet Juliette’s suspicions keep rising after she finds something of Nick’s…and also finds herself in danger.”

Question: Got anything on Suburgatory? —Claudia
Ausiello: Jeremy Sisto’s reunion with Clueless crush Alicia Silverstone gets off to a rough start. Word is their characters first date ends with a trip to the emergency room.

Question: I loved the Alcatraz premiere! Do you have any scoop? —Lily
Ausiello: An upcoming episode will focus on the “segregated block” of prisoners, says EP Jack Bender. “All of the black prisoners were not allowed to mingle, eat with [the rest of the inmates]. This was 1963, so we’re starting to deal with those issues.”

Exclusive: The Vampire Diaries Casts Smallville Alum in ‘Sexy, Devilish’ Role

Question: The official CW description for an upcoming episode of Vampire Diaries said Klaus holds a dinner party. Any intel on what goes down? —Julia
Ausiello: Sounds like there will be blood for dessert. “There’s always a little bit of violence involved in anything Klaus does — even if it starts as a sit down meal, it’s all going to end in violence,” reveals the host himself, Joseph Morgan. “There will be some things which aren’t strictly within dinner party etiquette. Also, it’s incredibly charged. Imagine having this powerful hybrid hosting a little dinner party. Who will be his guests? And what will the conversation be? And what will he serve for dinner? What will his table etiquette be? It’s a really interesting idea. We’ve seen so much of him in physical confrontation with people, it’s interesting to see a little bit more of his cultured side, his charm and his elegance there at the dinner table.”

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Meg Masters)

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  1. Zoyarose says:

    For NCIS, that would be Tony’s ex-FIANCEE, Wendy….Tony has never married.

    Thank you for the spoiler.

  2. Bruna says:

    By God, when did Mikita (Michael and Nikita) will get back together in Nikita?? Somebody answer me!

  3. Ana Muller says:

    The Blair/God thing is just ridiculous.

    • d says:

      Seriously! This show. What a joke it became. Remember when gg used to be a guilty pleasure?

      • lorna says:

        s1 and s2 were great minus dan and the teacher. i quit watching in s3. dude i hate barney/robin on himym, i looove kevin tho.

    • Allie says:

      Agreed. Yeah, Blair went to confession in S1- but it was played off as a joke! This is also funny, but for all the wrong reasons…

    • em says:

      Completely agree. When I heard Blair’s explanation to Serena, I was literally scrunching up my eyebrows in confusion…And then I kind of laughed. I don’t think that was supposed to happen.

  4. amanda says:

    I really hope there isn’t a next season for gg. Safran is an awful executive producer. He has been ruining gg since s3, when he became an executive producer. He makes me miss Stephanie Savage so much. And come on, they didn’t have any more ways to keep Chuck and Blair apart, so that’s why they came up with Blair’s pact. No way it’s beliavable to me. Just because back in s1 (oh the good days) Blair went to church, it doesn’t make the SL not contrived. Is just another obstacle for Chuck and Blair. So tired and sick of it. I guess at this point I just don’t care anymore.

    • Ari says:

      Agreed. The whole god wants Blair and Chuck apart SL is so contrived. It’s like “One time Blair wore a cross so she’s very Christian!” even though she has celebrated more Jewish holidays than Christian ones. It’s so ridiculous. The old Blair would have never let anything stand between her and Chuck. I’m not a fan of the direction that GG has been heading in the last season and a half. I’m not sure if I am hoping this is the end or if they get another season to correct all of the awfulness that has happened in the last two years.

  5. Lena says:

    Thanks for the Hawaii Five-0 scoop! More please??? :) I’m glad ‘Shelburne’ isn’t over… It was very anticlimactic I felt bad for Steve!!!

  6. Melissa says:

    On NCIS, Wendy is Tony’s ex-fiance, not wife. They haven’t told us yet why they never got married.

  7. sandy says:

    I want Lisa E. back so bad. House used to be my fave show and she was the reason why

    • @sandy says:

      You are only a fan of an actress and not of the show itself, when Lisa E. was the only reason, why you have watched the show House M.D.! And you weren’t a real fan of the show House M.D. anyway, when it only was your favorite show as long as Lisa E. was in it.

      • Kate says:

        And who are you to ask her why she watched House MD? She watched bc she wanted. Because she owns a TV and because she can choose which shows she wants to watch. Her reasons for watching are none of your bussiness. If she watched for Lisa Edelstein, good for her. No one is asking you why you are still watching. Enjoy your show and leave others alone with their opinions.

        • Pete says:

          Yeah, I agree with Kate. And don’t you ever also try to question people about their opinions when they don’t make sense (like in the case of watching a show called ‘House’, about a doctor, because of Cuddy, an administrator – which would be like watching NCIS because of the autopsy and dr Mallard)

    • Saint Alicia says:

      I hear you, she was the only thing that kept me watching as the writing became so GD awful. But since she’s gone I haven’t had to torture myself with tuning in; looks like millions of other viewers have had the same reaction…

    • maia says:

      Lisa E was the reason House is no longer a hit show. Greg Yaitanes ruined it when he caved in to his “Huddy” crap

      • Bell says:

        Your vitriol is misplaced – the writing is the reason that House is no longer a hit show, blame the writers and producers, Lisa E as an actress had nothing to do with it. In fact I think she did a good job with the crap the writers served up to her to sell.

        Also regarding “Huddy” – ratings analysis shows that ratings (particulalry in the important 18-49 demographic) were holding steady during the “Huddy” period of Season 7 they only started their dramatic slide after House and Cuddy broke up and they decided to pitch House into a vortex of hookers, green card marriages, segways, monster trucks, self surgery and vicodin. Season 8 also has no “Huddy” and yet the viewers have not returned. Look for other things to blame than “huddy” for viewer decline as based on the ratings figures your allegations make no sense what so ever!

    • Bell says:

      Personally I would love to see Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) back on House. The show has certainly been missing the presence of its Dean of Medicine this season, Foreman just doesn’t cut it in the role and the necessary tension that used to exist between House and the Hospital administrator just isn’t there anymore. The moral compass that used to guide House and pull him back from the edge that used to exist in the form of Cuddy also doesn’t exist on the show anymore and House as a character and a show is poorer for it.

      GY’s comments regarding a possible return for Cuddy are disingenuous, evasive and smarmy – just what I have come to expect from him and from all the House exec producers this season. My faith in them as a unit that can bring us a succesful season 8 has been sorely tested this year and I am hanging onto this show by my fingernails at the moment hoping that it will improve.

      As I said, I would like to see her back. Do I think the House execs have even spoken to Lisa E to negotiate for this to happen? No, I don’t. I think they would say anything at the moment to generate PR and they know that Lisa E’s / Cuddys name always generates conversation on these sites.

      • Alisia says:

        totallu agry with Bell! Get back Lisa Edelstein for this brilliant(in the past) show.She is soul of “House” and House -is lost man without Cuddy!Give him another chanse!

        • Mel says:

          Ha she is the soul of House,Nonsense Lol,Yeah i have seen what a soul and heart she had after she wanted to change House into her private lap-dog and then he dumped him brutally at his weakest moment. I see sorry, she is in my opinion not charming, lovely at all. She is an incredible narcistic woman. This trait makes her probably good at her job but as a human being she failed, like House did. They had one of the most horrible relationship in TV history and i can`t understand how anyone wants these two still together. You can`t change the shows canon and houses car landed in Cuddys house. House and Cuddy are better without each other.It is done,game over, Let it go and move on Huddys.

          I agree with some posters that House needs another strong, female presence but please this time someone with a soul, a heart and common sense. I say NO to a Cuddy return, i don´t need her on the show anymore at all. Her characters overexposure in the last seasons at the expense of the other characters integrity did enough damage to the show. Come on Mike, give us some other real House-scoop?

        • Melanie says:

          Yeah, a lot of fans would love to see Lisa Edelstein back on House. Her character, Cuddy, was the soul of House. Without her, he’s lost.

      • ana says:

        i agree BELL I LOVE LISA E and Lisa Cuddy so much,I need her in the show

      • @Bell says:

        Moral compass? The show lost its moral compass as TPTB have gotten rid of Cameron. She was the heart and moral compass on the show!

        • jane says:

          I agree with you with this statement. Cuddy was never the moral compass of the show. In one episode per season where we have seen her practicing medicine she broke more rules and the aristocrathic oath than House in an entire season.

          It is kind of funny to read all the perception of Cuddy and i wonder if they ever were watching the show or only have read fanfiction. Cuddy was never the heart and soul or the moral compass of the show. She was a self-centered, narcistic and repressed control freak. She was probably good as a Dean od medicine but sucked big time in every personal relationship. She made neither every of Houses real issues like pain, addiction or depression about herself or she run away from them like the wind.She hardly ever dealt with them and i never had the feeling that she cared or was a good friend to Wilson. Sure she hired House and covered, his inappropriate actions but this didn`t came out of affection she did it only because he was a big asset/star for the hospital, she said it several times. It honors her as a boss but not as a lovely human being. She was not in love with House as the man he is, she was in love of the idea how he could be, a fantasy of the super genius lovely husband. She said that she doesn`t want to change him but we saw clearly that she treid with all methods to metamorphorse him into the man she imagined.Even house knew it from the beginning that this relationship won`t work out. Every single issue between H/Cu and for me painful to watch Push and pull-relationship collapsed in the final with Houses car in Cuddys House. I don´t say she deserved it house was equally wrong & deluded into thinking that this thing could work out but yeah it happened. People who are hurt do bad things and the deductive reasoning us that these two should never meet each other again. It is unrepairable over, people don`t change and i don`t know what cuddys return should add to this story. It could have been great at the beginning of the season to see how they handle the incident. At the moment not so much at all, they both moved on.

          In addition: IMO,House is the soul of the show, Wilson the heart and Cameron the moral compass ( someone who is truly missing, not as Houses love interest more as an important member of the team, who caused with her unique way & attitude some cool, challenging discussions ) and cuddy is like Sherlock Holmes Mrs. Hudson eventually, don`t know ;)

  8. Rach says:

    thanks for the NCIS, NCIS:LA, and H50 scoop!
    one nitpicky thing though…Tony never married Wendy..the engagement was broken off.

    also, thanks for the classic Tiva pic :)

  9. Belle says:

    Yay for the Five-0 scoop! Good to know Shelburne isn’t over. Joe got off too easy with that!

  10. Emily says:

    Sorry, Josh Safran, I’m not buying your BS. Don’t pretend Blair has had underpinnings of religion since season 1; you just wanted to copy EOTA. And don’t pretend Serena’s driving story line for about 6 episodes last season suddenly robs her of a story line this season. Blair has had a driving story every single season, and this is the first time she’s literally eaten the entire show.

    They are robbing SB of their integral friendship scenes just to push Blair’s contrived story lines this season. I don’t think I can watch this anymore. I’ll just youtube Chuck, Nate and Serena whenever she gets a scene.

  11. Amy says:

    Thank you Ausiello. Great scoop, but the question on Grey’s AU ep was about “Meredith and Derek.” I’m curious too. Will we be seeing them interact at all in this episode? I think that’s what was being asked. Maybe you could find out for us and let us know. Thanks =)

  12. Tati says:

    Yea I bet Greg Y. would love to have Edelstein back. He’s probably wishing by now that he had paid the extra money for her to return instead of suffering through this horrible season. I have stopped watching House only after 2 episodes of the most recent season. Terrible waste of Laurie’s talent. I sure hope it doesn’t get canceled before Edelstein has a chance to return.

    • luca says:

      LE is the reason why House is not coming back for another season…it was by far the best show until Greg Yaitanes caved in to the Huddy childish/pathetic crap.

      • crocme says:

        silly haters!
        You should hate the writers who wrote stupid romances in this show.
        They ruined everything with huddy, taub, sam and wilson.
        They’re responsible of this crap, House is a medical drama, they forgot that.

        • Moochoo says:

          As much as I love House and still am a loyal viewer, I do think the writers forgot it was a medical drama and not a “Mills and Boon” novel back in season 4. I am loving season 8 and I hope if LE does come back she comes back as the strong woman from seasons1-3.

  13. A says:

    Why Joshua Safran just don’t say that is just another stupid way to keep Chuck and Blair apart so he can go on with the contrived DB SL? ugh.Does he really think we are that dumb?

    • Jenn says:

      The only thing that isn’t contrived about this show is the Dair friendship. It has happened organically over many seasons. Meanwhile, the Chuck and Blair push and pull has been so contrived with every plot device known to man thrown at them. From Chuck trading Blair for a hotel, to her random fling with Jack Bass, to his sleeping with Jenny. To her pregnancy (which was so obviously a plot device that was never meant to have had a follow through), to a car crash, etc etc etc ad nauseum.

      • amanda says:

        EVERYTHING ABOUT DB IS CONTRIVED. First they have to throw Chuck and Serena under the bus so Dan and Blair can “bond”. Then Serena and Blair can’t have scenes anymore because now Dan is Blair’s best friend. They keep giving Chuck and Blair contrived obstacles so they can go on with the Dair SL. i’m sorry, but how is the dair relationship not contrived? They have to destroy everything to make it work. The show was so much better back in seasons 1 and 2. It started going downhill in s3, when the writers started pushing Dair with that awful NYU’s SL.

        • Jenn says:

          How exactly have they thrown Chuck under a bus? They’ve spent half this season “redeeming” him (although I don’t understand how any woman could forget a man using her to get his hotel back, but whatever. I get that it’s not real life), they’ve created some fun banter between Dan and Chuck, they’ve had Blair throwing herself at Chuck around every corner, again, HOW HAS HE BEEN THROWN UNDER A BUS? Serena has always been fickle, she has always wanted Dan back whenever she thought she couldn’t have him, ever since the beginning of Season 2. I loved Serena and Dan in season 1, but they have not been the same since. Ever since season 2 when she was immediately in love with that artsy guy who was Blair’s stepfather’s son (can’t even remember his name), even though she and Dan had just broken up. I don’t think Serena has been thrown under a bus, as I feel she’s still as flighty as she’s always been. I DO however feel that she deserves more airtime, but I don’t blame Dan for that, I blame GUEST stars like Charlie/Ivy, and Elizabeth Hurley, both who have driven story while Serena has supported. Dan is a main character, why shouldn’t he still be driving story?

      • Emily says:

        Completely disagree that this friendship happened organically, seeing as it required completely alienating and marginalizing Serena and now leaving her without a story line. But that is an argument for another day. The main point is Josh Safran can’t even stick to his guns over the course of several interviews, let alone over the course of a season. As far as I’m concerned, he’s the reason GG went from being our favorite guilty pleasure to being the lowest-rated show on network TV that everyone complains about.

        • Jenn says:

          But why should Serena be alienated and marginalized just because Dan and Blair became friends? Again that is not DAN’S fault, it’s the writers’ fault for not being able to come up with another story for her. She could’ve gotten back together with Nate, yet the last half of season 4, Nate was involved with that awful Raina (also a guest star who sucked up much of the show). I had high hopes when Serena said she was going to take down Gossip Girl, with Nate and Dan’s help, would’ve been a great fun story to come back from hiatus from, yet when the show returned, there was a time jump, and it has ALREADY HAPPENED. WTF? Again, the fault of the WRITERS who cannot craft a fun, entertaining story anymore

          • Allie says:

            Chill, no one’s blaming Dan. He’s not real. We’re blaming the writers for the complete hash they’ve made of these storylines- which includes shoving Serena aside so Dan can be Blair’s new BFF. There’s really no reason that had to happen- you can, in fact, be friends with more than one person at once. But not in GG land, I guess.

        • Mia says:

          I agree when they have to isolate Blair and Dan from everyone it most definitely isn’t organic and is very much contrived, forced and imo the moment the show started going down hill. Its not even about Chuck and Blair its how they have treated Blair and Serena they are apparently bff’s not that you would know considering that all the scenes that they should have a given to Dan. How they are destroying Serena and Blair to cater to Dan has me hating him and the Blair/Dan friendship, I didn’t mind in s4 but now I never want to see another scene with them in it ever again it just reminds me of what we aren’t getting with Serena/Blair and how this Blair is not the Blair that was awesome and stole everyone’s hearts.

          • Elisha says:

            Uhmmm… Dair fans you do get the contrived “God” is separating Chuck and Blair is soley for Dan and Blair to hang out, right? Yeah, that piece of junk is for Dair to happen. So please don’t tell me DB is not contrived.

          • jenna says:

            I kinda think this “God” is keeping Chuck and Blair apart is for another OOC DB plot, so ,yeah, DB have caused this and it’s why it’s happening. Stupid ass writing.

          • DB says:

            actually, the Dan/Blair “relationship” is the only one that has grown and developed over these five seasons. Everyone else goes from being best friends to sworn enemies within the span of 2 or 3 episodes. These two have been the only ones that slowly developed from enemies into indifference/tolerance and then into friends (season 4).

            I’m not quite sure what they are in this season, because yes it is becoming contrived that Dan has “taken over” Serena’s role in Blair’s life. I can accept that D/B are good friends, and I can accept that Dan really cares for/has a crush on her- but I can’t accept such scenes as the dress fitting and the church scenes. And yes, I am a Dair fan. I would just like to see more believable plotlines. For example, season 4 was very believable (both of them working at an internship). It’s been established from season 1 that those two characters are the ones that care about their future the most, and so that plotline worked. This season, however, does not.

      • opinions says:

        Your opinion. The dair “friendship” has completely taken over Blair and Serena. It’s ridiculous that your maid of honor and supposed “best friend” isn’t even at your wedding dress fitting. Dair is contrived, and has not happened over many seasons, which is my opinion. A person’s opinion isn’t a fact.

      • Ana Muller says:

        organic or not I don’t see anything wrong with Dan and Blair becoming friends, I do however see everything wrong with Dan’s “love” for Blair. Chuck and Blair NOT being together is contrived, since they have professed their love for each other in every single case scenario and there’s always some stupidly written obstacle to keep them apart (God being the most ridiculous of them all!) just make them a couple and the problem is solved. Although at this point I don’t even care anymore…

    • em says:

      Isn’t most of what goes on in the UES kind of contrived? It is a CW show after all. And while I agree Safran’s just writing in another obstacle for Chair, I don’t think Dair is any more contrived or inorganic than Chair. Most of the relationships from the show started fairly unrealistically imo.

  14. Jamie says:

    I take it Addie’s end game is single motherhood. I am happy with that. All I care about is an Addie baby.

  15. Chris says:

    Some meaty stuff for this AA installment. Now looking forward to HIMYM, Grey’s, TBBT, Alcatraz, and Smash.
    Also, thanks for the CHUCK scoop–finally! Will this be the last? That makes me so sad since the I first discovered this column scavenging for a Chuck scoop way back in season 2. I can’t believe the finale is next week already! Sounds like it’s going to be quite the series closer… Yvonne Strahovski and Zachary Levi’s teasers about it is not helping with the anxiety and anticipation.

  16. AngelMoonGirl says:

    akskdjdjk you big tease! I thought because Tony and Ziva were featured in the “scoop cover page picture”, you might have some yummy Tiva goodies, but noooope :p I want to know how Tony and Ziva react to Wendy’s appearance! She better not mess anything up between them, now that they’re making progress!

    • Saint Alicia says:

      I know! False advertising much? ;) But Ausiello can make up for it by finding out if Tony and Ziva slow dance at Jimmy’s wedding, or anything like that. :)
      And I’m not too worried about Wendy; she’s no Jeanne (or even EJ) if you know what I mean…

    • as says:

      She’s Tony’s ex-fiancee – he LOVED her at one time…It’s way more vital to see his reaction then to have a team mate react to her presence. Ziva needs to focus on her work & leave Tony & Wendy alone.

  17. Ashley says:

    Josh safran is such a freaking idiot. He’s taking Blair and her “beliefs” seriously but it looks like she’s getting wasted next ep? Okay. Obviously he just can’t admit that good ideas and writing left the show in S2. watching Gossip Girl is like watching an episode of Jersey Shore, they’re both a trainwreck. At least JS is intentionally funny as opposed to GG’s laugh out loud “storytelling.”

  18. Lindsey says:

    Ugh, enough Robin/Ted and Robin/Barney already! I know I’m in the minority, but she was awful with both of them, and I wish they’d stop revisiting them.

    • Kimberly says:

      I fully agree! Even though I loved Ted and Robin together, they had great chemistry, but it’s been over for so long there’s no real use in going back there. I’m not even going to mention the Robin/Barney SL which is ridiculous, I sincerely hope they’re not the ones marrying at the end of the season…

      • Christine says:

        I actually like Robin and Barney together, but I agree with you about Robin and Ted. Why bother revisiting them when we know that she’s not the mother?

  19. Miriam says:

    Greg Yaitanes can burn in hell he and David Shore just hate the fans and the show, its just horrible since season 7

  20. Dee says:

    Thanks for the HIMYM info! I can’t wait to see Barney’s bride.

    As for GG and the EP’s info, is he for real? Are we supposed to believe a show that Bing’ed medical information and has crapped on realism at every turn, will take religion seriously? It would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic. I guess we can count out the season of Serena/Blair because this show won’t get another season.

  21. Jenn says:

    Josh Safran is horrible, just horrible. GG has relied on one plot device after another for years now, because he and his team of “writers” don’t know how to write actual story. The ONLY storyline that I’ve felt has happened organically has been the Dair friendship. I’m no longer a Chair fan, though I enjoyed Chuck’s friendship with Dan this season, but even I feel bad for the Chair fans, who have also been jerked around repeatedly. And reading Safran’s interview on another site, where he blatantly said that he and the writers don’t know who Blair is going to choose, and even if she chooses someone at the end of the season, they can change it within an episode? REALLY? It’s perfectly obvious that these people don’t know how to write a proper storyline. They’re letting fan wars sway the direction of the show, and they’re so afraid of angering one side or another that I honestly don’t think they’re going to choose a side, so in that instance, NOBODY is happy. And this BS about not being able to let Serena drive story because Blair is driving story now? How do these people still have jobs if they cannot write more than one A story at a time? They’ve somehow managed to let Charlie/Ivy eat up the show for half the season yet they can’t think of anything interesting for Serena? Not to mention all the air time that the boring Prince Louis manages to get. Which also brings me back to Blair and her men. It is perfectly obvious that NOBODY cares about Louis. EVERYBODY cares about Dan and Chuck. So why have we wasted so many months on Blair and this royal wedding? It’s been nothing but a royal BORE. It’s no wonder the ratings for this show have become just awful.

    • Allie says:

      I’m a Chair fan, but I agree with most of this. We got SO MUCH Louis and Charlie/Ivy and Diana, so why is he pretending like there just wasn’t room for a Serena storyline? There was so much filler in the first half of the season, I could’ve watched the interesting parts of any given episode in about 8 minutes! And the way they’re dragging out Blair’s “harem of men” situation all season, just to try and not piss off any group of fans, is having the exact opposite effect. Now everyone’s unhappy, and any way they resolve the situation is going to leave some people unhappy, if they even manage to resolve it at all because “any decision could change in an episode”. WTF kind of plot development is that?

      • Jenn says:

        Exactly. And with that attitude, of being able to change things within an episode, why should any of us, Dair and Chair fans alike, feel that they’re going to get SOME kind of resolution and not be left hanging? And I also agree, the entire season has felt like one filler story after another, just to drag out the plots people actually WANT to see. As I stated in another post above, I was looking forward to seeing Nate, Serena and Dan work together to bring down Gossip Girl, which was a pretty major plot development before the hiatus. Yet the show returned, the timeline jumped forward, and the storyline had already happened, OFF SCREEN. Absolutely frustrating and ridiculous!

        • DB says:

          I love this very intelligent discussion between Dair and Chair fans. I am glad we can all agree that Safran has made it blatantly clear that the GG team of writers has absolutely no idea what they are doing. He is angering every fanbase with his comments about “making a decision but being able to quickly reverse it.” He seems too scared to alienate any type of shipper, so he strings them all along- giving DB scenes, then giving CB scenes. And the whole time, this royal mess of a wedding is going along in the background.

    • Diane says:


      EVERY single kind of fan of Gossip Girl has been slapped in the face for showing loyalty to this show and they still won’t stop insulting us with these storylines and worse, this REASONING.

  22. Joe J says:

    Of course there had to be a glee spoiler in this weeks AA, and also greys and Private Pratice. Where are the scoops on Person of Interest, Last Man Standing, Modern Family.

  23. Sarah says:

    Plus confiding in Dan when it should have been Serena. Didn’t like he S didn’t really try to talk any real sense into Blair and still keeping Chuck out of the loop just to show DB together which is the contrived storyline since the end of season 3 to force a relationship which would never happen expect in AU world. Tired of being Freaky Fridayef just give Dan less screentime not more

  24. MSC says:

    All I have to say about Gossip Girl is Josh Safran you are the biggest ass and troll of the Gossipgirl fandom. Last nights episode of Blair finding God and for that to keep Chuck and Blair apart was assanine. You can’t explain copying another movie and putting it in your show away. You can’t write anything worth a crap. And Serena isn’t supposed to be a guest star. Blair never has been but you’re making Blair this annoying character with her jumping from man to man and neglecting Serena entirely. That never happened with Blair. And, my God, I hope you don’t get another season because you have ruined everything good about Gossipgirl.

    • justendGGalready says:

      Blair was the only character that despite her bitchiness and spoiled ways has been able to remain likable throughout 4 seasons, that was completely ruined for me in season 5 due to the poor writing and lack of continuity… they just decided to give Blair a major personality transplant and she suddenly went from being a clever driven character, that always craved to be her own person to this opinion-less girl who is perfectly ok with being defined by the men in her life. I used to be a big fan of this show, I particularly loved the dynamic between Chuck and Blair, their scheming and their inability to be honest about their feelings even though they clearly loved each other (which was the only believable reason to keep them apart, after they got past that they should have been together for good). I’ve become so frustrated with this show I don’t think I’ll even bother to watch it anymore… like ever.

  25. ETC says:

    so does this mean that it’s a character on NCIS LA that is the answer to the blind item? maybe Hetty?

  26. Kimmie says:

    To me Blair is the best character on the show. Chuck and her together are epic. So I am thrilled that this season is more focused on Blair more than any other character. Leighton is the best actress, so I had no doubt that she couldn’t handle any storylines they threw in her way. She is amazing in every single scene she does. Can’t say the same about Blake. However, because this show has centered so much about S and B’s friendship that I do miss it as well. These two are the show’s core characters so I do hope that we get to see more of them interacting this season.

  27. Vero says:

    Really? Sorry, but don’t you have other news about House M.D., than this ongoing and annoying litany about LE and Cuddy? It’s not funny anymore! LE has left the show House and her fans behind. IMO, she couldn’t do the show a better favor than this. The show is better of without her and Cuddy. The series has already suffered enough from this childish Huddy-nonsense.
    By the way, the series is about House’s biography and NOT about Cuddy’s!
    There is a reason why the series is called House M.D.!

    • Ava L says:

      Nooooo. Please do not bring cuddy back. House is finally watchable again without her.

      House hasn’t been this good in a long long time. I hated when it turned into the huddy and cuddy show the past 2 or 3 seasons. It’s so much better now.

      I’d probably stop watching if they brought cuddy back.

      • mia says:

        I stopped watching when they started the “Huddy” thing…I still can’t get myself to watch House again after LE left. Maybe I should but then Greg Yaitanes, has floated this idea of bringing LE back so I don’t know if I’ll ever watcg House again.

      • shiremaid says:

        House only IMPROVED the day LE walked out, and we all know what is meant by “negotiations fell through”: She thought she was worth more than she actually was, and the TRUE House fans have proven that over and over again.


      • Alisia says:

        Yes House is so watchable,but its ratings are so DOWN! So “true” fans(Cuddy-Hudy haters) where are you? Turn on TV and watch S8 Huddy-free and SENSE-free too!
        BRING LISA BACK TO HOUSE!!!!!!!!

        • Kate says:

          Ahahahah yes House is soooooooo good without Lisa Edelstein that not even the mother of the producers are watching.

          • edward says:

            ”Ahahahah yes House is soooooooo good without Lisa Edelstein that not even the mother of the producers are watching.”

            do you know House have 20 millions viewers before huddy soap-opera and other stupid changes destroy ratings? 70% of the audience stopped the show when Huddy has appeared and you talk about ratings? your comment is simply stupid

    • Fiz says:

      I could not disagree more. I would love to see Cuddy back on the show! The show has not been as good without her. Don’t wait for a S9 GY use your common sense and bring her back now!!


      • Karen says:

        I would also love to have LE return to House. Cuddy was a great foil for House and HL and LE had great chemistry together. For me, the show suffers without this pivotal character.

    • shiremaid says:

      HERE! HERE! If Lisa Edelstein has sooooo many fans, then why has she NEVER been nominated for the People’s Choice Awards??? SHE chose to go so let her be gone for good!

      And by the way, the show does NOT need her back!

      • Kate says:

        She won the PCA for favorite drama actress last year, you moron.

        • @Kate says:

          Hm,yeah thanks to her fans who hadn`t enough faith in her so that they used voting bots, sorry, the LEfans didn`t made a secret out of it. Well,Congratulation to the manipulated win for your idol, you can be proud of yourself.!! *slap on your back

          • Wow says:

            Reading the comments from the Huddy/Cuddy haters makes me wonder why you were ever watching House in the first place. At least try to contribute intelligently rather than sounding like kids in a sandbox squabbling over who has more toys. Name calling negates your comments and makes you sound ridiculous. Whether you like it or not, ratings are at the lowest point in the shows history and Lisa Edelstein/ Cuddy/Huddy are missing from the show. Most professional critics and TV sites have noted her absence and have commented that she should be back on the show. The fact that a few fans are bitter and immature name callers does not negate the fact that her absence is a glaring mistake for the show. You don’t have to agree but at least try not to sound like little kids bickering and say something meaningful. No one takes your “crapfest” seriously. You just sound bitter.

  28. kel says:

    I think that house will be renovated is a shame

  29. Mia says:

    Josh Safran needs to GTFO of Gossip Girl. This whole storyline with Blair and her men and this ridiculous pact plot line is destroying the show and the character, last nights ep I found myself asking who is Leighton playing because it sure isn’t Blair Waldorf.
    Also, last year Serena had Juilet…you are really trying to get me to buy that bull sh*t?! Funny how when Serena had that Blair wasn’t relegated to a guest star like now is the case for Serena. At the very least have Serena be there for Blair not this contrived mess.

    This show just needs to get new writers and start wrapping up the show (cause God imagine how absurd it will get by then). Chuck and Blair deserve to be happy and together, it is so obvious that they love and want each other the most that anything else will just plain be ridiculous. Fingers crossed talented writers (because lets face it GG hasn’t got any of them) see the amazing work Ed and Leighton can pull from this crap with the amount of chemistry they have and hire them for their show.

    And in light of Blair being ~religious maybe I should make a pact of God in honour of her. How about if Chuck and Blair don’t end up together happy then I won’t watch another likely crapfest from Josh Safran and co.

  30. ? says:

    Serena can’t have a SL but Louis can? No wonder so many are not watching gg anymore.

  31. Fran says:

    OK sorry but Safran is not being respectful of religion. Blair has not found her spiritual side she is accessing her crazy side. If he thinks this story is not being treated lightly does he also believe that people die because no one loves theme enough to make a sacrifice to God? Does he think real Catholic Priests would condone or support Blair when she explains the pact with God because last episode he had one do that.

    Also does this mean basically everyone loves Blair lasts all season and that if we ever want to see a BS story there has to be a 6th season. I only speak for myself when I say not worth it. Earlier interviews with Safran confirm that he thinks females should only share screen time when fighting so knowing that season 6 would just be one long Blair/Serena fight makes me want it less.

    Someone needs to interview Savage and Schwartz about GG because Safran is perhaps the worst promoter of the show in the history of promotion.

  32. sarah says:

    Safran does not know how to separate Chuck and Blair anymore. Let them together!!. Blair’s conversation with the priest in season 1 was something funny. This is a joke!. Let Chuck and Blair be happy for once!.

  33. tejas says:

    If they’re going to insist on Tony having a romantic relationship, I’d love them to have him rediscover his love for Wendy and have them get together permanently. Even Gibbs noticed that he’s made two mistakes passing her up twice. Tony seems to know it, too. It sounds like she’s *his* Shannon. Put them together and let her be rarely occurring and keep the romance off screen after that.

  34. amanda says:

    I was reading the comments of the episode in gossip girl’s facebook, and sorry Safran, no one is buying your BS. Please, stop ruining gossip girl.

  35. Allie says:

    Thank you, Ausiello, for actually asking the GG questions we really wanted answers to! 1) God… seriously? and 2) where the hell is Serena?

    IMO, Josh’s answer on Serena is pretty much BS, because even when she had her Juliet-centered storyline last year, Blair still had a major storyline as well. It’s not like they have to choose one or the other- in fact, it’s better when the two of them actually talk to each other, instead of forgetting they’re even friends just so they can push a Dan/Blair friendship in every single episode.

    And the Blair being religious situation… I just have no words for that. EOTA may be a great movie (I have my doubts), but the plotline simply isn’t appropriate for GG or Blair’s character. If they were determined to throw another obstacle in front of Chuck and Blair that badly, they could’ve come up with one that actually made logical sense. Instead, Blair just looks ridiculous and unlikable and I don’t even know how they’re going to have Chuck and Blair surmount this obstacle, since, you know, it’s NOT REAL.

  36. petra says:

    I absolutely agree with the poster vero above. Your neverending LE chat is really annoying. After a superlong hiatus and highly dramatic episodes are coming soon thwe only thing you can talk about is Ms.Edelstein. Hasn`t she found a new job allready, didn`t she say that her phone didn`t stop ringing from these multiple joboffers after her exit announcement. I don`t want her back, seriously, i had in season7 enough Cuddy for my taste, Enough!
    What about Wilson? Is your BI about him or Foreman (Omar Epps doesn`t work recently ?
    A recent TVguide spoiler said that Houses Mum will return and the great Billy Connolly will guest starring, tell us something about that?
    But enough with the LE talk, i don`t hate her but you give good reasons. Fans care about Houses fate more and you will laugh There are Jesse Spencer fans and Wilson fans too!!

    • lea says:

      agree, Greg Yaitanes ruined it with “Huddy childish crap” Dare to Greg Yaitanes, while you’re at it why don’t you bring back Sela Ward and that lady(can’t remember her name he fancied while on rehab

  37. RoscoeDC says:

    I swear I saw that Cougar Town is coming back on February 14. I’m not gonna lie. I, along with countless others, predicted this once I saw how disgusted critics were with WORK IT. I am so freaking happy.

  38. Annonymous says:

    OMG, please don’t let Andrew break up with Bridget over whatever she’s going to come clean about: they are the BEST couple ever!

  39. seriously? says:

    Blair chose Chuck, Chuck chose Blair. Serena and Blair are supposed to be best friends; “like sisters”. Why can’t these idiot writers stick to their decisions? Is it THAT hard or are the THAT stupid? Just make this the last season, get everyone’s s**t together, and leave it at that.

  40. Huh says:

    Your posting name should be “redundant”.

  41. Rebecca Parker says:

    I wonder if the mention of Glee in the Blind Item question is a spoiler. Maybe they’re killing off Sue? And that’s what’s so revolutionary? The hint about “The Grinch” in the original clue could refer to her in last year’s Christmas episode.

  42. Elizabeth says:

    It’s funny. Every single interview that Josh Safran has done makes me wonder more and more how he ended up in charge. Blair making a pact with God is “organic” because of the comedy confession in season 1?

    Serena isn’t allowed to have a storyline because she had one LAST FALL? We have to wait for a less and less likely season 6 to have them share scenes again? This is why their ratings are in the toilet.

    It’s like watching the BCS championship in football. LSU had a stellar record, but the coach just…didn’t. Leadership fail all over the place for all my entertainment. *sigh*

    Or maybe he just sucks at promotion and it will all be lovely…But likely not. I saw last night’s episode after all.

  43. Chris says:

    Would you stop hurting Blair’s character. The pact with God is ridiculous, and so offensive to people that are actually religious. Stop effin’ around, give us Chuck and Blair, and please bring my bitch back!

    And Seriously? SERIOUSLY? You can’t write for a story for both of them in one season? Honestly, you guys are making it harder to have faith in you Gossip Girl

  44. S. says:

    People hate Mason because is not a character. He is just a dumb plot device to give something that should have been cut at the end of last season, when they where in happy ever after land, and had closure.

    The show needs to focus on the only storyline that gave it a consistent ratings rise in all it’s life, Addison’s baby, and stop wasting time on filler.

  45. D says:

    Bringing Cuddy back would have to be done just right for it to not suck. I personally don’t think she should forgive House, but at the same time, I don’t want to watch an episode where Cuddy comes back, craps all over House and how terrible he is, and then she leaves. That’s boring, and I saw enough of that within the House fandom all summer.
    Just saying if they HAVE to do it, do it right.

    • luca says:

      how about not bringing her back, that’s the best thing to do. House rating went downhill when they started the Huddy crap

      • crocme says:

        and who wrote this huddy crap?
        I agree it was bad but shame on writers, Cuddy’s character was ruined because of this dumb love story.

  46. Judith says:

    “We’re not treating it lightly.”~JS
    YOU MEAN LIKE YOU DID THE WHOLE MISCARRIAGE STORYLINE! Seriously Josh you don’t deserve your job as running GG. You can’t even write coherent plots anymore and I feel sorry for the talented actors (Ed and Leighton in particular) you have at your disposal, they are better than you and your writers and they deserve to be free of this god forsaken show!!! I hope you realise this when your viewer number drops below 1 million (you are already the lowest viewed scripted tv show on the WHOLE of tv).
    Not one person doesn’t recognise how contrived the last episode was to keep Chuck and Blair apart- you had to use GOD! There was literally nothing else but that to keep them apart. Why aren’t they together, oh yeah I remember- because you don’t have the TALENT to be able to write “happy couple storylines” (this is a frikkin quote)!

  47. @luca says:

    no Huddy this season and is the lowest rating of the series this season

    • luca says:

      @luca, get your own name….House’s rating started going downhill when they started the whole ‘Huddy” crap

    • mia says:

      House’s ratings suffered when they started that crapfest called HUDDY

      • crocme says:

        ok but why viewers don’t come back now if the season is the best of the show?

        • eWING says:

          It almost never happens. Once the bloom is off the rose…

        • kayla says:

          Because it’s too late. The viewers who stopped watching House because of Huddy (or some other reason, such as sidelining the original team) have most likely moved on to other shows. Once you stop watching a show for a couple of seasons, it’s probably unlikely that you’ll suddenly start watching it again. Unfortunately, the damage is done.

      • Kate says:

        No, it started in season 6 when boring and annoying Wilson was front and center. Hope he is the one getting killed off.

        • @Kate says:

          The ratings started dropped majorly in season five. Season five is when they really started to push the House/Cuddy romance and then they went from averging 17m viewers to 13.5m and it only got worse from then on.
          They alienated most of their viewers when they decided to turn the show into a soap opera with Huddy.

    • edward says:

      ”no Huddy this season and is the lowest rating of the series this season”
      after season 3-4, every season has fewer viewers compared to the previous, so your comment is wrong.
      house have big numbers (constantly growing) just on first 3 seasons, so before ”Huddy” House was a big success..

  48. @luca says:

    is no longer the Huddy. true fans will love the series now. where they are. the rating does not represent

    • leena says:

      how about next season when it gets cancelled because of the whole Huddy crapfest….”is no longer the Huddy”…I’m gald the stopped the whole Huddy madness

      • kayla says:

        I just hope that the next few episodes of House are good enough to save the show at the last minute (unless the decision to cancel the show has already been made but they are not telling the fans). I am really looking forward to “Nobody’s Fault” and the “Chase” episodes. I hope these episodes will create some buzz from the critics and maybe even garner some awards nominations (wishful thinking). Hugh Laurie, RSL and Jesse Spencer are talented enough to save the show if given good scripts.

  49. cm2 says:

    Can’t wait for DB to happen.

  50. flowreen says:

    I will only put up with the rest of this season of Gossip Girl if the last season has a Chuck & Blair wedding. & a happily ever after for chair. <3