Gossip Girl Recap: God Only Knows

[Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

Who would have thought that a Beach Boys song — and one-time Big Love theme — would be so apropos to Gossip Girl? But The CW soap’s return this Monday was surprisingly full of divine intervention and proclamations of love. Here’s a look back at the romantic — and mysterious — highlights.

Gossip Girl Boss on Chuck’s ‘Struggle,’ Serena’s ‘Anxiety,’ Blair’s ‘Denial’ Over Dan and More!

CHUCK AND BLAIR | Things changed quite a bit for the pair during the significant time jump since the fall finale’s car crash cliffhanger. Blair had — no surprise here — lost the baby. Chuck had a near brush with death, but seemed to have come out of the accident OK — except for the fact that Blair was now avoiding him and was refusing to tell him why. She finally confessed to Serena that she had prayed for Chuck’s life and promised to God that she’d marry Louis if he let Chuck live. Cue nurse telling Blair that Chuck was awake and asking for her. So now Blair believed that if anything were to ever happen to him — like a near-miss run-in with a car while innocently crossing the street — she would never be able to forgive herself. To protect Chuck, she would have to make the ultimate sacrifice and let him go even though she’ll always love him. Serena was the surprising voice of reason, telling her God wouldn’t want her to marry someone she didn’t love. “I don’t not love him,” she said of Louis. So to sum up: Blair and Chuck still love each other, but the wedding is still on, and The Big Guy is now Enemy No. 1 on every Chair ‘shipper’s list.

Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick Discusses Chuck’s ‘Obsession’ With Blair and His Likely ‘Tragic’ Fate

DAN AND BLAIR Chuck and Louis’ explanation for Blair’s bizarre behavior? She’s having an affair with Dan, which Louis planned to expose at the Spectator‘s New Year’s Eve bash. (Ugh, Louis.) Dan and Blair were sneaking around together — but only to go to church! Blair had confided in Dan about her moment with God before she even told Serena, and he was merely keeping her secret as asked. So while things were strictly platonic between Blair and Dan in this episode, perhaps Chuck and Louis are onto something about how much Dan has become a part of Blair’s life?

Gossip Girl Exclusive: Look Who’s Returning!

DAN AND SERENA | To cover for Blair, Serena lied and told Chuck and Louis that it was she and Dan who were having an affair. Appearances had to be kept up, so at the stroke of midnight, Serena and Dan sealed their fake relationship with a kiss. As they pulled apart, the blonde almost looked contemplative. It may be a new year, but old feelings appear to be coming back. On the professional front, Serena managed to silence Kristen Bell Gossip Girl, but the blogger wasn’t taking a vacation. She did her homework about Chuck and Blair’s compromised limo being meant for Nate, and led the boss behind her enemy’s blog to the truth. How long before Gossip Girl is working at the Spectator?

WILL THE REAL CHARLIE PLEASE STAND UP | While searching for Ivy, Lily’s P.I. actually tracked down the real Charlie, who’s a student right in New York! It seemed like real Charlie did not recognize her aunt Lily, who came by campus looking for her Charlie. If she wasn’t faking it and truly doesn’t know Lily, why all the secrecy? Was it all Carol’s doing? And where’s Ivy, who was completely MIA during the episode?

Gossip Girl fans, what do you think the other Rhodes girls are hiding? What do you make of Chuck and Blair’s new holy obstacle? Do you think Chuck’s quest to get Blair back will lead him to darkness? And what did you think of the fact that Blair went to Dan with her big secret?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ashley says:

    This show gets more and more ridiculous. I mean I could write so much better then this. They do their best to make all their characters look like idiots. When Serena is the voice of reason or the smart one, that’s an issue.

    • Captain says:

      COMPLETELY agree. I spent the entire hour going “are these people for real?” Gossip Girl did what it does best, disappoint. I wasn’t even that excited for the episode but it was just atrocious. Blair deciding her life on a pact with God? Chuck immediately assuming Dan/Blair are sleeping together because they were spotted together in the street? Louis going behind Blair’s back to out her? Is there something in the water on the UES or was there a nuclear explosion I’m unaware of that’s slowly killing all of their brain cells?

  2. d says:

    What an awful show. I will always love Chuck and Blair for seasons 1 and 2,but enough is enough, I guess I will finally move on from gg. Tired and sick of all the stupid obstacles. The writers can do Dair. I honestly don’t care anymore about this awful show.

  3. Dash says:

    I was disappointed in this return. The ridiculous obstacles that they are building between Chuck & Blair are so contrived at this point. Dan Humphrey is so pathetic it is unbearable. When Serena and Nate are the most interesting characters in an episode then you should know right away that the episode sucked. I think this is my last season of Gossip Girl. There is only so much ridiculousness I can take in a week and I’m already getting my fill of terrible uneven storylines from Glee.

    • Jill says:

      Oh, I gave on Glee over the summer. There was no way after that show’s downfall from its beginnings I was going to keep watching.

      Sadly, with Gossip Girl, it’s like a car wreck that I can’t take my eyes away from; I need help, especially when the biggest obstacle to Chuck and Blair isn’t God, it’s the writers.

      Seriously, the look on Blair’s face when people thought she was having an affair with Dan said it all. But the whole God thing, seriously writers?!?!

      And turning Blair’s frenemy into her confidante, instead of going to Serena from the get go?!?!? The writers really must hate the bond of friendship between girls. I’m glad at least Blair finally told Serena, and even then Serena was the voice of reason, and thinking of Blair’s feelings for Chuck. Dan is just silent in his support, desperately and pathetically hoping he makes Blair fall in love him him or something, which is highly laughable.

      Chuck definitely had the best line of the night in his reference to Serena as Dan’s sister … even Dan couldn’t deny it. Hilarious!!!!

  4. Gina says:

    I liked the time jump. Blair’s promise to God keeps Louis around as an obstacle for a little longer, which sets up for her and Chuck to get back together late in the season possibly. Or else early next year. Lots of good things in this episode!

  5. Another awful batch of bad writing. What are these writers thinking?! Dan and Blair are the only reason I watch, but I don’t want to be supporting a show that sucks so bad.

  6. Dramer says:

    I feel like the producers and writers planed out this season, and were like we should do a huge event like a wedding, and then hopefully Blair breaking up with Louis during, for the 100th episode, and then they wrote the first half of the season and were like, oops we have to write two more episodes, and did it very poorly. I wish they would have had the whole episode be the flash back stuff, the twists in this episode were very boring and stilted, and that preist was an idiot. And why was Blair at Dan’s appartment?

  7. Emily says:

    Hated this episode. HATED IT. The only saving graces were Serena and Blair actually sharing a scene (who knew?!), and Chuck and Blair’s last penthouse scene. I wish the show would go back to basics. S and B are both main characters and not everyone needs to freaking love Blair. Seriously.

  8. Ashley says:

    why do people write negative stuff as comments, if you don’t like the show don’t read stuff about it and comment! Anyways, it was another AMAZING episode! :) I am in love with this show and Blair and Chuck are my favorites, they belong together! Also, Dan and Serena!! <3

  9. Hojana says:

    Shred the chair already and right away back to will they won’t they…

    Someone needs to fire ALL the GG Writers and hire new fresh talent that actually knows how to write so they come up with something interesting to watch.

  10. An says:

    I love Dan and Blair. They are wonderful together. Gossip Girl has gained new life with them.

  11. Fran says:

    This episode was painful. They should never have started a baby storyline if they did not have guts to actually show the conclusion. The whole God as an obstacle was painful and offensive. Dan and Serena were almost cute. Serena was the voice of reason and it was amazing to see Blair and Serena share a scene yet also depressing that it is a huge treat when it happens.
    One positive is that Nate is killing it. Love him and his little Sherlock Nate thing.

  12. Captain says:

    I’m a die hard Dair shipper but enough is enough. The writers need to stop dangling the Dair carrot. Either put them together or end this two-season long pointless journey and squash Dan’s crush.

  13. Nikki H. says:

    This was the first time since I started watching that I truly disliked an episode. The only two things that were promising was Nate’s investigation about the car accident and us finding out who the real Charlotte Rhodes was. That’s it. :(

  14. colleen says:

    Seriously, God does not want chuck and blair together???!! I guess the writers are all out of ideas. Next time they should write something more realistic, like chuck and blair were abducted by aliens from the planet louis/monaco and replaced with robots who can’t feel anything.

  15. torontogirl98 says:

    I felt like the show had ripped out my heart/brain and stopped on them after watching the episode. Why did we have to go through all of that drama and get our hopes up, then slap us in the face the next chance they got. I honestly don’t see the point, and how long do we need to suffer this ridiculous prince for every second he is on screen I can’t help but gag.
    The only small redeeming quality this episode had was the Dan/Sereena sort-of reunion

  16. DB says:

    OMG. I cannot believe how awful this completely unnecessary episode was. This is the best idea the writers could think of to drag on that royal engagement we all know is ending? WTF were they thinking! So disappointed, considering how much I love this season so far.

    For her unseen performance, Kristen Bell’s snarky narration as Gossip Girl is soooo absolutely essential to this show. It doesn’t help by the fact that this episode was shockingly bad, but my god, without the narration to carry the show scene to scene, the show’s pacing was way off. What a painful drag of an episode. Please don’t ever do another episode without Gossip Girl every again!

  17. Potatochips says:

    What a ridiculous writing solution! Blame God? Writers you need to do so much better than that!

  18. Dee says:

    The quality of writing on this show is at an all time low. I can’t recognize these characters. When did Blair become a frightened, quivering mess? Where is the Diva I knew and loved? Why is Louis still around? Why are we casting the real Charlie? Hasn’t the fake one monopolized enough story this season? Chuck is the only character I can still love and he spends his time emoting off of a dog or cardboard actors. What a waste.

  19. Jessica says:

    Quite possibly the worst GG episode of all time. Idiotic, stupid, contrived, ridiculous, unbearable….I can’t think of enough pejoratives.

  20. Lisa says:

    What a blatant rip off of “The End of the Affair” Can Grahame Greene’s estate sue the writers? Other than Serena finding a brain, Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester were the only thing good about this episode. The writing was atrocious and almost everyone OOC. I’m shocked by how far this show has fallen. So Blair makes a pact to marry Louis if God saves Chuck’s life? WTF? That makes zero sense. Couldn’t you come up with a better secret than that? Why did you even bother to give Blair a pregnancy if she was going to brush off her baby’s death as nothing? It makes me sad to think how little the writers seem to care about the characters on this show compared to how much the fans do. Episodes like this one make me feel like an idiot for supporting this show for so long or investing so much energy into characters like Chuck, Blair, Nate and Serena and couples like Chuck & Blair and Nate & Serena. Clearly the writers don’t care. Why should I? When I think about how much time and effort the writers have spent trying to destroy their signature couple just so they can explore every single non-related pairing I feel sick.
    Like I said, if it wasn’t for Ed and Leighton this show would be a joke. Stop misusing them and their chemistry or let them and their fans go.

  21. ggny says:

    please get rid of Louis soon he is horrible…Dan vs. Chuck for Blair would be awesome without Louis around dragging the show down

  22. Michelle says:

    Let’s face it all we want is chuck and Blair why do they have to make it more and more complex? creating more problems doesn’t always create a great story line. I just want the basic gossip girl plots they had before, none of this!!!

  23. Carla says:

    I am the biggest GG fan, but this was just terrible. Blair making a magic promise to God? Are you for real? Just the fact that Blake Lively had to say a line like “That wasn’t an angel, Blair” shows how completely ridiculous the entire thing is. I was wondering if the writers could come up with a rational explanation for why B and C aren’t together after THAT fall finale. Now I know they couldn’t. Ghaa. On the plus side, I’m interested in the Charlie thing for the first time, and I totally called that limo switcheroo!

  24. Charlotte says:

    I really want Gossip Girl to be how it was, filled with stoylines that were preppy but serious and I want Dan and Serena to get together and work everything along with Chuck and Blair and for everyone to live their happily ever afters :) I love this show and all of it’s characters I just want them all to work it out.

  25. josephine says:

    Bad episode… but as I read the comment I saw something funny, for what seemed like the first time it was dair and chair fans all agreeing it was a bad episode, and that enough for enough, mind you for two different reasons, but really if it is both groups that hated that episode it really was a lot…

  26. Charlotte Hendry says:

    Gossip Girl fans, what do you think the other Rhodes girls are hiding?
    Well they must be hiding something, Serena commented last year that she had seen cousin Charlie when they were younger. So Charlie saw the Vanderwoodsons at one point. Lilly hasn’t changed that much that she wouldn’t be recognized even when not using her Rhodes maiden name.

    What do you make of Chuck and Blair’s new holy obstacle?

    Ludicrous, melodramatic and to be frank the whole Chuck Blair thing is like beating a dead, melodramatic horse at this point.

    Do you think Chuck’s quest to get Blair back will lead him to darkness?
    Sure and judging by some of the photo’s from the upcomming eps to skulking behind pillars like a vaudeville vilain. The unintentional comedy continues.

    And what did you think of the fact that Blair went to Dan with her big secret?

    Telling, it gives me some hope that at one point the writers will summon the courage to explore what is increasingly becoming the one redeeming feature of this show.

  27. Janet says:

    Everything about that episode was awful. The writers need to issue an apology to their few remaining fans. It’s time to end this show before it becomes an even bigger mess.

  28. N says:

    Come on Gossip Girl! CB needs to get married already!

  29. Crystal says:

    Terrible episode. The one redeeming feature of this show is the acting skills and chemistry of Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester. The way the writers have wasted the gift they’ve been given of these two actors is really shameful but c’est la vie. It’s Safran’s legacy as a showrunner and the reputation of these writers that will be damaged in the long run by their systematic destruction of the only thing that elevates this show above typical teen show genre – Westwick and Meester.

    The bad feelngs they have engendered with the dwindling fandom that’s left is well earned. Not just with people that want to see Chuck and Blair’s story continue but also with the Dan and Blair fans who’ve gotten their hopes up by this increasingly tedious storyline but must be delusional if they think Blair will ever fall out of love with Chuck at this point and pick Dan first. Not to mention with the fans of all the other characters that have been neglected because the writers seem more interested in recycling OC banter than writing for said characters.

  30. Lottie says:

    Badly written episode with contrived obstacles to Chuck and Blair’s happiness. While I appreciate that the writers have once again shown Chuck is Blair’s true love and soulmate such that any sort of Dan and Blair arc will obviously be a temporary bump in the road I don’t just watch this show as a shipper. I can’t give them a pass because they protected Chair again. The writing was too awful. I still cannot believe they wasted Blair’s entire pregnancy the way they did. Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester are magic and the only reason this episode was even a little watchable.

  31. kate says:

    Will people stop moaning because Chair weren’t not put back together! Honestly how many people here have just had a serious car accident and lost a baby then had to pray to god that someone they love will survive! Myself I think Blair herself is using God as an excuse not to get back together with Chuck because there is always some outside factor to tear them apart, they have never been allowed to be together. so instead of putting herself through more hurt she has decided its better to try to move on with a new life (unfortunately with Louis, but she cant admit it to herself so she’s using her pact with God as the excuse, as Serena said she cant not be with Chuck just because she maid a vow to marry Louis! Now Chair fans there were actually other storylines and character in this episode (SHOCK ITS NOT ALL ABOUT CHAIR) This Nate and GG story line is very exciting, and I cant believe we just met the real Charlie just like that! The only thing that was very badly written this episode was the exposition placed in all throughout to explain the gap of events, especially the first scene with Chuck and Louis, it wasnt even dialogue it was just exposition! AWFUL!

    • Erica says:

      This, exactly.

    • torotnogirl98 says:

      I am sorry but all of the comments are not just for Chair, most of the comments are referring to the fact that the writing and plot of this episode were garbage. I love Chair but I would even happy with Dair if it got the story somewhere interesting but everyone here is just remarking on how bad mondays ep was!

  32. megan says:

    This show is but a shell of itself. I didn’t like this episode and the fact that they literally copied a movie and it’s music and stuck it in as a plot on GG is baffling. I was miffed at why they would waste not showing Blair have a breakdown over her child and I was even more annoyed with the fact that the never-endi ng obstacles between Chuck and Blair continue. I think Ed and Leighton Meester are the only thing good about this rotting carcass of a show. It’s sad that I used to love this show and now the writers have killed so much I loved about it. I’ll watch again if Chuck and Blair get back together. Until then, it’s not worth a second of my time

  33. cuius says:

    Making The Bold and The Beautiful look good

  34. Melissa says:

    I’m sp upset after this episode. They are using God to keep Chuck and Blair apart. No priest would be okay with this kind of pact Blair has made. Good writers know how to write a couple together and still be interesting. So all the GG writers are telling me is that they aren’t good writers that can do this and that’s why they need all these obstacles.

    Also, it upset me how they hardly mentioned the miscarriage. The pregnancy was such a big cliffhanger last season, and then it’s just dropped in seconds.

    In season 2, when Josh Schwartz left, the show suffered and you could tell in the writing and storylines. Then when Stephanie Savage left last year, the show has become something I don’t recognize anymore. Josh Safran has truely ruined the show and Blair by turning her into the new Serena with every guy in town fawnng over her. I don’t recognize either anymore, and I hope he’s happy with himself.

    • Kate says:

      Priests arnt there to tell people whats right or wrong! They are there to guide people! He obv sees Blair as someone who is distressed and in need of guidance with an answer she can only answer, hes there for her to talk to someone!

  35. Svenja says:

    I think the episode was…well weird, but it was supposed to be weird without the Gossip Girl voiceover.

    I am a Dair shipper who used to ship Chair, but I agree on the “God is keeping them apart thing”. That was probably the most ridiculous explanation ever.
    I though they’d come up with something else and suddenly it was THAT? Weird, weird…. very weird…
    I could have lived with the explanation that the miscarriage was the reason why she decided to drop Chuck. She could have said “it was fate”, but the whole “I pray in the hospital and suddenly Chuck is alive ans safe” thingy was too much. Also the “you can have my baby, but not Chuck” thing was…well…weird.
    After the events a comforting hook-up with Dan for a period of time and they hooking up with Chuck again would have made more sense to me. A sort of identity search. But THIS was weird writing.

    The things that intrigue me are the Gossip-Girl/Nate/car stuff and the Charlie story. I wanna know what will happen there.

    I loved the Dair scenes, but still… I am a little bothered by the direction this took.

    • Chris says:

      I totally agree. I’ll keep watching for those storylines and just hope the whole Blair/chuck/Luis thing will get better

  36. Erica says:

    I enjoyed last nights episode. I was expecting better but I still found myself entertained. The Chuck/God/Blair thing had me in tears…from laughing. I loved the Dan/Blair scenes, there is just something so effortless about these two. Especially when set against the Chuck and Blair drama which they’ve done a thousand times over and every time it has less and less value. I love Chuck but come on man, Blair just lost a baby and you are scheming behind her back with Louis because she isn’t talking to you? Maybe give her some space,what she needs and show her that you care about more than just yourself.

  37. Sarah says:

    This show is a disaster and must end in this season!!. They are destroying everything!!. I only want Chuck and Blair together!!. They must end with Dan and Blair now!!, they are boring and ridiculous together!!. It’s amazing that in this episode Nate and Serena were the smart!!

  38. Sabi says:

    The whole God thing was just plain stupid!!! Completely stupid, they obviously couldn’t think of ANY OTHER reason to keep Chuck and Blair apart so they went for this…

    Why are Chuck and Blair stuck in this rut. Just get married and have babies already jeez!!

    The entire plot and writing was awful, the actors just about saved it.

  39. Brenda says:

    THIS IS WAS EXTREMELY RIDICULOUS…!! CHUCK & BLAIR <3 and Ed & Lei's acting saved this! And REALLY…they are destroying Blair's character's to this point…pact with God, Chuck not being a option bc of religous stuff… just to explore for a lit bit DAIR?? It's LAME!

  40. marice says:

    I miss when Serena and Blair were best friends, and when Chuck and Blair could be happy together for longer than an episode. What happened to you, GG?

  41. Chris says:

    Yeah, this was a bad episode. It would have made much more sense if Blair took it as fate because her baby died in the crash or she could have just been bitter and mad at Chuck because the baby died she couldn’t deal with being around him. She’d feel guilty about losing Louie’s baby because she was with another man, but still planned on marrying him out of obligation, but she still could have turned to Dan as a friend, realizing that Dan would always be there for her if she needs him. Then when Nate finds out that someone wrecked his car, Blair could be like “Oh, it wasn’t fate. My baby was practically murdered.” Then the gang could fight and scheme to bring down the person who sabotoged the car and it would bring them all together and Blair would realize how much she wanted to be with Chuck, yet still need some time so they could even reasonably keep them apart until the end of the next season when she finds herself again. Then Dan could actually be thrown into the triangle because while she still has mixed up emotions for Chuck, she still has a connection to Dan. Ultimately, she decides Chuck. Then Gossip Girl ends.

    I thought that was the predictable route and then the writers decide to go just plain stupid and useless. And do Catholic Priests basically give no advice? Because what he should have said was that if she had mixed up feelings, then she shouldn’t be promising to marry anyone! God would be more upset about breaking up a marriage than an engagement.

    And you do know things are bad when Serena is the voice of reason.

  42. Sandrine says:

    This is the crappiest reason I have ever seen on a tv show to keep a fan favorite couple apart. I am tired with GG.The silliest episode I have evr seen. Deal with God to save Chuck? Are they for real? İn which century are we living?
    And also what annoys me most on GG nowadays is Dan is making all the decisions for Blair like the girl have no dignity have no power have no personality have no opinion. God give us a rest and resolve this Dan Blair crap. Last night their scenes bored me to death. They have no sexual chemistry. They are like siblings and Dan is acting like Blair’s personal servant. Ugghh!!

  43. Future new yorker says:

    I was like really????? Because of god! I would’ve wrote it to where if Luis wasn’t married by 30 then he wouldn’t get his money and chuck was like comatose and needed medical treatment that Luis could provide but he would only give chuck the treatment if Blair married him. This show needs me to save it! Lol. I did like the ending though where Nate found out it was gossip girl he was talking to. Way cool. Oh and did I miss how Serena silenced her?

    • torontogirl98 says:

      Wow that is 1000% better than that awful mess we got in the last ep, you need to become a writer on GG! I am sure its not that hard look at what garbage they have come up with lately

      • Future New Yorker says:

        Thank you for your words of encouragement! I am writer who will be moving to New York as soon as I graduate! If GG still on the air I will defiantly be having a chat with the writers. it’s like they are afraid to bring in to much drama like it’ll be unrealistic! Hello that’s why people watch TV! lol

  44. Allie says:

    Ugh. The writers of this show should get down on their knees and thank God for Ed and Leighton, because they are literally the only saving grace in the midst of this ridiculousness. Of all the perfectly logical, realistic reasons they could’ve kept Chuck and Blair apart for awhile, they chose Blair making a pact with God? Ripping off a storyline that makes absolutely no sense in a GG context? I honestly don’t see why anybody would be happy with this outcome. Any romantic DB they force on us now will just be Blair settling because she thinks she can’t be with Chuck, and WTF is Chuck supposed to do to talk her out of this crazypants idea?

  45. Jen says:

    I think as Chair and Dair shippers we can all agree – pact with God as the latest obstacle to Chair getting together is just ridiculous. And honestly, shipping has nothing to do with it, it’s just bad.

  46. lulu says:

    They need to bring the crazy people back to stir it up a little. Why not bring back Juliet or Carter to stir up the stories a little.

    • Future New Yorker says:

      Right???? I loved last season… the whole Juliet storyline was amazing. They are bringing back psycho bitch Georgina… hopefully something big goes down!!!!!!!!

  47. Annie says:

    When you run out of obstacles to keep Blair and Chuck apart, it’s a hint to stop beating around the bush. Let them be together or break it off. Wow, last night made me remember how much I liked Serena and Dan together..

  48. Nuala says:

    Dear Blair, we can understand the anguish of the moment and understand (laughing) the dramatic vote that you did, but it is nothing unsolvable. A quick chat with a priest will clarify you that your vote is invalid for many reasons (religious reasons of course), please say to the authors … now dear writers, change strategy, because now the show is unwatchable and I repeat that it is better to close Gossip Girl with the fifth season. And we viewers will remain with good memories of the show.

  49. harum scarum says:

    this episode was so bad, i feel second-hand embarrassment for the writers.

    blair is not religious, therefore it makes no sense that she turned to God. also, if the nurse told her chuck was awake about half a second after blair made the deal with God, it must mean that he was already awake WHILE she was making the deal with God. did the writers think we weren’t smart enough to figure that one out?

    this movie should never have been incorporated into GG. they are just too different, and because of it the episode made no sense whatsoever.

    and the idea of a dair affair is ludicrous so i don’t get how chuck, louis and nate all thought it was happening.

    hoping for some good derena soon. and of course a CHAIR REUNION! the writers have obviously run out of plausible reasons to keep them apart.

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  51. Ruby says:

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