Once Upon a Time's Jennifer Morrison Talks Hansel and Gretel, Graham's Suspicious Death

This Sunday on Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8/7c), Hansel and Gretel are in for a not-at-all-sweet treat when they are lured into the home of the blind witch (played by Buffy alum Emma Caulfield) — while their Storybrooke counterparts, homeless waifs Josef and Ava, shed light on Emma’s own difficult childhood.

“This is actually one of my favorite episodes,” Jennifer Morrison says of bounty hunter-by-trade Emma’s mission to track down the Maine moppets’ birth dad, before they are put into the foster care system.

“Since you can’t flash back to my life in fairytale land, because it never happened, they’re using Hansel and Gretel as they did Cinderella [in “The Price of Gold”] to reveal some of Emma’s backstory,” the actress explains. “So what Emma goes through to try and help these children ends up becoming very personal for her, as her own life [as a foster kid] is in a sense revealed.”

Once Upon a Time Hot Shots: Hansel and Gretel
Visit Emma Caulfield’s Creepy Blind Witch

And while many a Buffyverse fan will be tuning in to see Caulfield camp it up as the blind witch, this time around, at least, we won’t meet her in Maine. “But everyone who is in fairytale land definitely has a Storybrooke counterpart,” Morrison notes. “Whether or not we see them immediately doesn’t mean they don’t exist.”

Speaking of MIA Storybrooke peeps, we asked Morrison if Emma might start to catch onto the fact that dearly departed Sheriff Graham — with whom the blonde beauty was striking a spark at the time of his very abrupt death — didn’t die of entirely natural causes.

“Probably not anytime soon,” she ventured. “But maybe eventually….”

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  1. Winnie says:

    Woke up early, can’t get out of bed yet,
    Checkin’ iPad for tvline news…
    Lookin’ at Sunday schedule best bet:
    Once Upon a Time and MacCutcheon booze…

    (this is why I should just not type words…)

    Aside from the other reasons I’m a fan of Once Upon A Time, I’m especially looking forward to this episode because 1) Emma Caulfield, 2) interested in their take on Hansel and Gretel, and 3) the styling for the characters and set design is intriguing in the promos.

  2. Joan says:

    Did Jennifer Morrison and Amaury Nolasco break up?
    Was her weird twitter RT about giving up finding her Prince Charming and rather searching for Prince Honest, Prince Trustworthy or Prince Faithful supposed to confirm their break up? Does anyone know more about that?

  3. Jimmy :) says:

    Yes, I too think they broke up. They haven’t been seen together for months and he even unfollowed her on twitter! He also tweeted a lot of pics of himself hugging random chicks lately. I don’t think a guy with a girlfriend does that :P
    I saw a video in which Jennifer left a PCA party together with another guy. Maybe she already has replaced Nolasco with a new boyfriend???

  4. NiNi says:

    If she tweeted that she is now searching for a Prince Honest, Prince Trustworthy or Prince Faithful then they probably did not have a friendly break up :/

  5. NiNi says:

    Who was he then? You seem to know everything about it ;)

  6. Sara says:

    Excited for this episode!

  7. Pia says:

    Jennifers` privacy is none of our buisness.
    I´m looking forward to this episode and curious what kind of artifact the Evilqueen wants from the blind witch: Is it connected to the big curse?

  8. ska says:

    I love Emma Caulfield, and the actress playing Gretel was
    fantastic as young Olivia on Fringe. Really
    looking forward to this one.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      You know, I meant to but forgot to include this quote of Jennifer’s in the story: “The little girl that plays Gretel is just extraordinary.”

    • Moryssa says:

      Ah, that’s who she was! I hadn’t gone to look her up yet, but I knew the little girl was familiar. Emma Caulfield was great, in the little that we saw her, which was definitely not enough!

  9. TJJ says:

    Who are you? Her privacy police? If other people think her private life is interesting its also non of your business. That’s the price of fame! People here obviously think her private life is more interesting than her show. LOL!

  10. Toto says:

    I’m still confused by the casting of Emma Caulfield as the blind witch. In a previous episode the blind witch was an ugly hag when she gave the evil queen a lock of her hair.

    • Ashleah says:

      Since these stories are all flashbacks, we don’t know how much time has passed since we’ve seen them. The blind witch may be a really old flash back, and assuming that something happens to her with Hansel & Gretel, she my start to age rapidly or something. Or just age normally when she once stayed young and beautiful with magic. Maybe the Evil Queen steals something that keeps her young and beautiful.

    • Sara says:

      Maybe that was a different blind witch in that first flashback? I would be surprised if the blind witch helped the evil queen out after she stole something important from her. But I guess we will find out!

  11. juan says:

    toda felicidad para la mujer mas bella de tv Jennifer Morrison!!!

  12. Drew says:

    Obviously, Emma Caulfield’s Storybrooke counterpart would be the local bakery owner who is nice and pleasant… or so she would seem.

  13. See says:

    It’s not exactly private when she makes it public. Tweets and posting pictures is her way of making her private life public. Even so, it’s not the topic of this article.

  14. Addie says:

    So excited! I’m looking forward to this episode moreso than I was last week’s. Probably because after this, it’s more Snow/Charming and then Belle :D

    I like that they’re using Storybrooke storylines to tell us more about Emma. She already has a huge tie (even though no one believes it yet) to the town and those other storylines just enhance it

  15. Pet says:

    She is annoying. Glad she is not part of HIMYM anymore.

    • Linda says:

      Okayyy..but it is not annoying to hate on an actress who is not a part of your fav. show anymore,I think so, Just Saying!!

  16. pedro says:

    no me gustaba nada el novio que tenia ella se merece otro mucho mas guapo

  17. linda says:

    Love to hear something new about Emmas Backstory. Do we get some clues about henrys father or if rumplegold screwed with emmas past life from the outside anyhow..so many questions? Love beside Jennifer, Emma Caulfield too.

  18. Kristoffer says:

    I read last week that Emma Caulfield was going to be the blind witch but I guess my short term memory kicked in because I didn’t even recognize it was her. In the story they ask if she could eventually show up in Storybrooke (since she wasn’t on tonight) and the answer was “Whether or not we see them immediately doesn’t mean they don’t exist”. That can’t be the case if they are/were dead/killed in the fairy tale side right?

  19. Julie says:

    You know at one point in the episode where the Evil Queen says “Brung him in” I thought we were going to see the hunstman! haha my hopes were lifted so quickly!
    I wonder if the show is taking a break since they had only done 9 episodes at first and all… anyone know anything about this? *looks at Matt*
    Oh! And (spoiler here) I really wish that Emma’s blanket would have done the trick to Mary Margaret!!!

  20. Michele says:

    and guys… no one talks about Nicholas Lea anymore? =/
    Cause this was an amazing episode, at least when it comes to special guest stars… Emma Caulfield(Anya <3) and mr Lea(Krycek from The X Files!!!)