Gossip Girl Boss on Chuck's 'Struggle,' Serena's 'Anxiety,' Blair's 'Denial' Over Dan and More!

Get out your cell phones for a very important blast: Gossip Girl is back this Monday (The CW, 8/7c), and there’s much ado on the Upper East Side. TVLine chatted with executive producer Josh Safran about what’s in store as the show heads into a “lighter” spring.

Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick Discusses Chuck’s ‘Obsession’ With Blair and His Likely ‘Tragic’ Fate

TVLINE | Blair and Chuck reunited in the fall finale, but Blair is getting married to Louis in the 100th episode. What’s changed?
I wouldn’t say necessarily that Blair is getting married to Louis in the 100th episode, but there definitely is an event scheduled. What happens at that event is TBD. You’re going to find out [Monday] what has happened. There’s a significant time jump between Episodes 10 and 11. A lot of the episode is told in flashback as to what really happened. You’ll definitely learn why they’ve gone from professing their future plans to each other in the back of the limo to Blair walking down the aisle with Louis. … All I can say is more so than ever, [Monday’s] episode very much takes place from Chuck and Blair’s point of view.

TVLINE | Chuck’s had a lot of growth this season. Is that something that’s going to stick or might he go back to his bad ways?
The decision to continue to grow and not regress becomes more of a struggle for Chuck in upcoming episodes.

Gossip Girl Exclusive: Look Who’s Returning!

TVLINE | The season started off light and fun with the gang in L.A., and it’s gotten darker as it’s gone on. Is that going to continue?
It will definitely lighten up again, but it was a conscious choice to take it darker. Going from the summeryness of L.A. to the winteryness of New York was very much a conscious choice on our part. As we move back towards spring again, the show will get lighter as well. That is not to say though that there won’t be some shocking darkness around the corner.

TVLINE | What’s going on with Serena and Blair’s friendship, particularly in the 100th episode?
They are very, very much best friends, totally by each other’s sides. That episode is very much about their friendship, and Serena being Blair’s maid of honor. It’s got some of my favorite Serena and Blair moments of the season, if not ever. There’s a really, really cute scene with the two of them on the morning of the wedding, which I think is really going to make fans happy.

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TVLINE | The musical dream sequence from Episode 100 leaked. What’s going on with Serena that she has this sort of dream?
In years past, she’s jumped into relationships. As she’s gotten older and wiser, she thought she’s not necessarily jumping into them and then realizes afterward that she still has. This year, there’s very much a conscious choice on her part to be like, “You know what? I’m going to work on myself, and I’m not going to have a relationship.” And she has not had one all year. Because of that, because Serena so often and early on was always paired with somebody and shared her life with somebody… To actually have a life on her own, some anxiety and neurosis might slip in. She’s dealing with those and growing from them. If anything, the dream sequence maybe shows where she’s at a little bit.

TVLINE | There have been hints that she’s not over Dan. Is that a relationship that’s going to be highlighted in the second half of the season?
I wouldn’t say it’s going to be highlighted, but I definitely do think Episode 10 started Serena on a path to look at her past, especially as it concerns her relationships and what they’ve actually meant to her. That takes her into some surprising directions. Maybe there is a little bit, for her, of revisiting the past.

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TVLINE | Everyone seems to know Dan is hung up on Blair, except for Blair. Will she ever be clued in?
The question of whether or not she’s in denial and knows it or whether she truly doesn’t see it will be answered in upcoming episodes.

TVLINE | Could she ever see him in a romantic way?
I will leave that to Blair to answer. I don’t want to answer for her. One thing I will say though about the previous question is that when you said everyone seems to know it but Blair, I think some other people might be in denial about it as well.

TVLINE | Anyone in particular?
I wonder if Serena is fully aware.

TVLINE | Where is the Ivy story headed? And will, “Who’s the real Charlie?” be more of a focus?
The Ivy story is still continuing. She’s definitely between a rock and a hard place. It’s always tough when you have wanted people to believe your lie for so long that when you finally want out of it, they don’t believe you. It’s definitely a tricky place for her to be in. The story takes some surprising turns. As for the real Charlie, as of now, we do know that she is out there. Whether or not we’re going to meet her in the future, I can’t say.

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  1. Neda says:

    Blair and Dan make cute friends, but I hope the show stops trying to turn it into more than that. It’s just too weird to imagine them as a romance, especially when she obviously loves Chuck. And it would be nice to have one pairing left on this show that doesn’t hook up. They might actually stay friends that way!

  2. Emily says:

    For me it’s just that I feel it’s time to wrap up the story lines, and I’d like to see Chuck and Blair get some happiness together before the last 5 minutes of the series. I don’t want to have to watch them in other relationships for the last season.

    Not to mention that DB have been taking over SB and DS scenes, both of which I really enjoy.

  3. Huh? says:

    People are yelling about the season of Dan and Blair being boring when it’s all been about Chuck/Blair/Louis. HUH?

    • Allie says:

      I think it’s been both- very Dan/Blair heavy at the beginning of the season, when Chuck and Blair barely interacted until episode 6, then more of them for the last 4 episodes. And too much Louis all the way through, haha.

      One thing I think we can all agree is that the Season of Louis has been boring.

      • Huh? says:

        Okay, although it was only the first three episodes that were Dan/Blair heavy. But the thing is the article says the next episode is about Chuck and Blair and we know the 100th will be as well yet folks are still complaining about the Dan and Blair. lol. It’s kind of funny.

        • Allie says:

          According to journalists who’ve seen the next episode, it has tons of Dan/Blair scenes too, and so will the 100th. They have (unfortunately, IMO) become the new Blair/Serena of GG. If Serena were in love with Blair anyway, haha. I just wish they could showcase certain friendships without sacrificing others to make it happen.

          • Huh? says:

            Really? I thought the 100th was all about Chuck/Blair/Louis. That’s what I guessed from the stills and synopsis. And Safran says there’ll be Serena/Blair in the 100th. I suppose we’ll have to watch first. The writers are terrible all around so I won’t bother with a list of wishes!

    • Stephanie says:

      No it’s been the season of Dan/Dair. Even Dair fans said it has been. No sense in backtracking just because it’s failing.

      • Huh? says:

        Just because you say it doesn’t make it so. How can it be the season 0f Dan and Blair when it’s all about Chuck and Blair’s love with Louis being their obstacle? What has happened with Dan and Blair? Nothing but it’s all good.

        • Lanette says:

          You guys have been saying Blair is in denial over her “lurve” for Dan all season long. LOL. So convenient how you change stories when people are complaining the show has been boring. This season has been all about Dan’s presh feelings for Blair and Dair are the new Blerena. Don’t get me wrong. I used to enjoy them as frenemies alot. But Dan’s feelings and so much attention on them have ruined them. They had something good and pushed it too far. They did the same with Dorota. I’m already rolling my eyes thinking about the tons of scenes Dan and Blair will be getting soon but I’m happy Dan’s widdle feelings will finally be dealt with. Good lord this story has sucked.

          • Emma says:

            If Dan & Blair don’t mean anything, why do you care? If Chair is the dream couple you don’t have anything to be afraid of. BTW You don’t need to reply to every single thing about DAIR. Just saying.

      • Beth says:

        How has it been the season of Dair when they didn’t even interact in half of the episodes?

  4. Lanette says:

    Happy that Serena is finally acknowledged as valuable character. Looking forward to a little Serena and Blair interaction. Hate that Chuck is regressing but I hope he wins the struggle and comes back stronger than ever. Cannot wait for the boring Dan and Blair nonsense to wrap up. They were cute as frenemies but Dan’s feelings and too much focus have ruined them and dragged the show down. Hate that no articles give Nate the time of day. Chace isn’t a great actor but I’d rather watch Nate than the Donut any day of the week.

  5. Emma says:

    So the queen of denial will finally admit her feelings. I can’t wait for DAIR scenes. I was so bored with the last episodes..Ah, and I really want Ivy & Chuck together. Pretty please??

    • Allie says:

      I think you misread the article, the denial is about whether Blair knows Dan loves her (I think she does, personally, and just isn’t dealing with it because she doesn’t feel the same way). And Chuck and Ivy, never gonna happen. They haven’t filmed a single scene together. You can wish Blair and Chuck would stop loving each other all you want, but that won’t make it happen…

      • Lanette says:

        I keep wondering why Dan and Blair fans keep holding on to hope when the writing shows over and over again that Chuck and Blair are IT for each other and will never stop loving one another. The next episode they contrive some external obstacle to keep them apart. Blair hasn’t fallen out of love with Chuck. (At least two Dair shipping journalists including Vlada have directly asked that question and answer is: Nothing has changed for Blair. External obstacles have gotten in the way.) So if Blair gets together with Dan this season (I’m not convinced she really will) he’ll be third choice for her. I’m just glad it’s coming to an end. This story has dragged out way too long. The sooner they wrap this up the sooner they can start bringing Chuck and Blair back for good. Maybe this time they’ll actually get some airtime as a couple instead of getting stuck in the background like in early S3.

        • Emma says:

          If Dan & Blair don’t mean anything, why do you care? If Chair is the dream couple you don’t have anything to be afraid of. BTW You don’t need to reply to every single thing about DAIR. Just saying.

          • francesca says:

            For me it’s because I don’t like Dan. I want to watch Blair scenes and Dan ruins them for me. I’m tired of him and his muppet hair. It was easier to fast forward him when he was with Vanessa.

          • lena says:

            For me it’s very simple: Because I’m tired of the obstacles, that’s why. Why do all of Chuck and Blair’s alternative relationships get all the good stuff like dating, holding hands, going to the movies, engagement, wedding, pregnancy, etc while we get tons of angst one hurried reunion and “I’ll always love you, you are the one I love most” moments per season? I would like to see something good for Chuck and Blair before the end of the series and having to sit through a Dan and Blair romance after already sitting through the indecent proposal, Chuck and Jenny, Eva, the war, Raina, an interminably long and boring Dan and Blair friendship arc, Chuck’s 19th nervous breakdown culminating with him smashing glass over Blair’s head, the world’s longest most boring wedding preparations to the most boring guest star love interest in TV history makes me want to pull my hair out. Forgive me I’m annoyed by it. Plus I love Blair and have never liked Dan. Even if I can’t have Chuck and Blair I’d like to be able to watch Blair scenes and he just grates on me. At least if she was with Nate I’d enjoy a little eye candy while Chuck and Blair are apart.

    • Stephanie says:

      I think DB fans are kinda funny. They misread things and then try to push Chuck on everyone else. Guys, Chuck’s story is all about Blair, Ed Westwick already said that.

  6. Stephanie says:

    All I have to say is Chuck and Blair are this show. If they have scenes and continue to be the story I’ll watch. If not, I’ll just ditch it like everyone else has. And Serena already knows Dan has feelings for Blair. They already wrote that.

  7. Emily says:

    Exactly! DB have been usurping SB as the friendship of the show, which is what I resent. I don’t see them as competition for Chuck/Blair, because no one is going to love CB as much as they love each other. But it really sucks to see Blair confiding all her Louis/Chuck/baby troubles in Dan instead of in her best friend, Serena. THAT’S what I need to change.

  8. Nikki H. says:

    It would be nice to see Blair with someone different for a change. I like Louis but obviously we know it’s not going to work out with him and as much as I liked her with Chuck it’s time for someone new. As for Serena…I’ve always thought that her best relationship was with Carter Baizen. His character added so much to the show and I know he hasn’t been killed off but it could make things spicy if he returned. They had a connection that hasn’t been replicated and even Blair herself stated that Serena was different with him than anyone else.

    • Lanette says:

      I am never opposed to more Carter Baizen. :) I enjoy him with so many characters: Blair, Serena, Chuck, Nate, etc. Hell I used to think he’d be interesting with Jenny too. Bring him back please!

  9. K. says:

    I honestly don’t thinks she knows. It seems like Blair is in complete denial about Dan. But if actions speak louder than words, there’s a reason Blair is always in Brooklyn…she just doesn’t realize it yet. I hope that she has an epiphany soon and that this great build up between Dan and Blair pays off this season.

    • Julia says:

      If actions speak louder than words than there is a reason she always picks Chuck too (S1 finale, S2 finale, S3 finale, S4 finale, 5.10)and can’t let him move on with his life (Eva and 5.07.) I think Blair cares for Dan and doesn’t want to deal with the fact he has feelings for her because that would ruin their friendship like it ruined Dan and Vanessa’s friendship.. But in deep denial over some grand love for him? It doesn’t make sense when you look at the whole show or read what the showrunners and actors have said.

  10. sarah says:

    Can’t the Dan and serena relationship start again that’s like the best one out of all of them on the show :)

  11. Julia says:

    I’m glad Chuck is still all about Blair (per the other interview) and I’m OK with him struggling to be good. It wouldn’t be realistic if he just magically got better. I also love that nothing has changed for Blair as far as her feelings for Chuck. He’s still the one she loves and wants to spend her life with. So if they do Dan and Blair it won’t be because she really wants Dan over Chuck. It’ll just be a roadblock on the way back to Chuck and Blair. Thank god they are dealing with Dan’s feelings soon. I’m just so tired of the ridiculous obstacles for CB. Can’t they be happy for longer than 5 minutes? They love and want to be together. It’s that simple. I know this is how all great epic TV couples are written but I hope we don’t have to wait for the series finale to see them happy with each other.

    Oh and how hard is it to tell us about Nate?

  12. sora says:

    I hope all this building for the Dair relationship isfor them to be a couple! Their friendship is so great even if in season 5 Dan has been the only one helping Blair ..I wish she realizes it ! They would makean amazing couple intellectually and physically. For once we would have an interesting and stable relationship and i think you can do really cute scenes with themand also some arguments might be fun because their dialogues are always so funny :)

  13. holly says:

    I just want a resolution to the Dan/Blair thing. Not because I ship Chuck/Blair (I don’t!) but because I just want to know whether or not I will still be watching the same thing I have been watching the past four seasons–CB’s will they or won’t they story, Chuck’s “redemption story”, Serena wanting Dan again, Dan pining for another girl again and said girl taking him for granted (from what I have seen so far).

    Do DAIR or don’t Safran. But resolve it. If it’s just friendship stick with it and try to convince the other half of your viewers that CHAIR is not the tragic, melodramatic ship that four seasons made it out to be.

  14. Annie says:

    Wow. I am probably one of the few people who would be happy if Blair went either way (Chuck or Dan).

  15. Manu says:

    How can Serena NOT be fully aware after 510??? I see drama for sake of drama coming…

    I just hope it all lands in Dairland, cause I’m tired of everything else.

  16. donna says:

    love the focus on Serena. I love her and Blake is gorgeous. Looking forward to Serena&Blair BFFs scenes. Missed them so much!!! ı’m so happy to heard that 100th is about S&B!!! And I love that Chuck is not giving up on Blair. I am looking forward to 5×11 to see what happened in 5×10 from C&B’s point of views. I ADORE Chuck&Blair. They are not always tragic, but its a fact that Ed and Leighton are so talented to deliver every kind of scene, especially angst so writers love to write tragic SLs for them I guess. But please I beg, we love fun, passionate, light Chuck&Blair too.So we definitely need that although as may I say I love every part of them ;))))

    I think Blair is not in denial about her feelings abour Dan. It could be hinted somehow and zilch, nada yet :))) Which is the normal thing. Not everybody turn 180 degreed from I hate you to I love you. Which proves how flakey Dan is. She sees him as a friend and nothing more . Which is pretty great. And Dan should learn how to stay friends with girls (he couldn’t stay friends with Vanaessa, and Serena too for a long time after he fell out, thats a problem of him IMO)

    I really wanna see real Charlie. And I also wonder about Nate’s SL, which is not brought up I see, is it a secret? I hope there a re captivating things in Nate’s SL side too. I love NJBC, will they be sharing scenes, only NJBC? I love Chuck&Nate bromance I hope it takes more place too…Also honestly I loved Chuck&Dan scenes, more fun and interesting than Dan&Blair friendship. Dan pining after Blair is a tiresome and boredom. They have lost their banter, I used to like.

    And I also love Rufus&Lily, I hope their SL gets more interesting too, with Charlie SL maybe I can be invested more (regarding this season)

  17. donna says:

    BTW I forgot to write that I’m totally looking forward to the scene where Dan and Serena walk on the aisle together <3 I hope they have another chance to be together (sink or swim aww) But I totally missed S1 and S2 Dan&Serena so much!! Even tho I don't like Dan's doucheness right now, I think he is his best self with Serena.

  18. laurel says:

    I just want some payoff for Chuck and Blair after all the angst. It would be one thing if we’d actually seen them as a happy couple but they were in the background in early S3 and the writers were sowing the seeds of their destruction the whole time. It would also be different if the show had Chuck and Blair fall out of love with each other and moved them on with other people like they did Dan and Serena. But they’ve kept their love story alive the whole time and made it clear they love each other most of all. At the same time they’ve given them unbeleivably dark obstacles. To those that think we’re just deluded and the show is telling us to stop shipping Chair because they are such an unhealthy dynamic, explain to me why they bothered to write 5.10? Why are they keeping them in love with one another and giving them an external obstacles this time if the idea was to get us to stop rooting for them? Why have them always pick each other first and foremost? Why bother to give Chuck any growth this season? Wouldn’t it make more sense to let him be a fun loving bad boy again? Even though he’ll be struggling soon he’ll be all about Blair and completely in love with her. That doesn’t sound like they want us to stop rooting for Chair.

    I understand why Dair fans feel entitled to some payoff but Chair fans are entitled to it even more given how we’ve been led on with all consuming love declarations and given how much angst, misery and drama we’ve had to deal with. Having Chuck and Blair reunite in the last 5 minutes of the series would be a travesty. Not even giving Chair fans that much (something the author of this story has actively supported and spun her interview with Ed Westwick as if to say we are likely to get) would be the biggest rip off in television history. No that isn’t hyperbole. If that was the intention they should have given Chair happiness at some point during the series and then broke them up for good and allowed them to move on. They’ve done neither.

    I think if they wanted to explore Dan and Blair romantically they should have done it last season. All they’ve done by dragging this story out is get the Dan and Blair shippers hopes up for more and make other people resent them.
    Speaking of resentment, I think other people hate Dan and Blair because they think they have taken Serena and Blair’s spot as the core friendship. Other people hate them because they find Dan annoying and boring and putting him in Blair’s orbit makes him harder to ignore.

    • Tyra's Weave says:

      You wrote a book! LOL! But I agree with every word. I’ll add that I’m happy for more Serena and Blair. They are the show’s core relationship and the way they have been pushed aside really sucks. First they made Dan look like he cares more for Serena than Blair does in 4.10 and this season they’ve made it look like Dan cares more for Blair than Serena does. I hate how they have treated Serena and Blair. Can’t Dan just go hang out with Vanessa? He’s getting in between all my favorite relationships. LOL Just kidding Dan fan. Sorta

    • Erin says:

      Err. Long comment but good one. :) They should have stuck with The Philadelphia Story idea. Making Dan have serious feelings for Blair is the true jump the shark moment for Gossip Girl.

  19. Joy says:

    I used to really enjoy Dan and Blair scenes but since he started making puppy dog eyes at her it just changed the whole dynamic and it makes me cringe watching Dan be like that. I’m sure Blair knows how he feels and is ignoring it because it is not what she needs or wants. I will be happy when it is all out in the open and they can get back to the way I used to like this pairing and I can see the end of all these guys loving Blair, it has not been interesting to watch. What was Serena doing in 5×10 if not recognising that Dan loves Blair? That comment from JS is so they can make more drama when the big feelings are revealed and the annual Serena and Blair fight/misunderstanding. Where’s Nate? What is Lily doing? Why do I still watch this show? Oh that’s right because of Chuck and Blair.

    • Ashley says:

      It makes me cringe watching Dan acting the way he does around Blair. This is not the Dan we’ve known for 4 seasons. It’s become unbearable and so out of character. I like their frienship but once they took the step into him “loving” Blair it went so wrong on his side.

  20. V says:

    Just give me Dair like S4.

  21. francesca says:

    I may be the only one but I’m hoping Blair doesn’t chose any of the guys this season. I’d like her to pick herself and the end the season with her bestie Serena.

  22. Ana Muller says:

    To me Blair doesn’t seem in denial at all about Dan, she just seems uninterested, and they should keep her that way. But as GG writers tend to give in to the audience’s pressure, they probably will keep dragging on the Dan/Blair “romantic” story line for as long as they can milk it.

  23. Ss says:

    They need 2 wrap up the story of whos gonna end up with who. Serena and dan on and off. Blair and chuck; she wants 2 be with him but louis is there. their ratings are going down cuz ppl are getting less inerested and grow more tired of all of the relationship drama. I dont have any idea why they put dan and blair together; they are just weird together, if they made them a couple i would never watch GG Personaly i luv dan and serena, chuck and blair these couples are end game. I know they are going for a 6th season but i think tht the last half of that season should be about them teaming up and tracking down GG if they go more then 6 seasons then i duno whats gonna happen, im not the writers :)

  24. Sabby says:

    I personaly dont like dan/blair together. I think that if they keep on milking it ppl will get tired of it and they will just stop watching. Plus if they make dan and blair a couple the ratings will drop by alot cuz there are so manny chuck/blair and dan/serena shippers

    • Marie says:

      Agree. Making Dan/Blair a couple would be the fastest way to make the ratings tank even lower than they are. This is not Chair fans being biased either, it’s simple to see if you think about it. Dair ruins the two big couples of Chair and Derena, so all those fans will be pissed off. It’s not some vendetta against Dair either, it’s just that they simply make no sense as a couple and it woul be excruciating to have to watch such a forced relationship. I hope they don’t go there.

  25. gemma says:

    I stopped watching when serena and nate broke up not sure when that was but when I saw some Dair scene on youtube I was intrigued and got back into their scenes alone. Sad to think it was just a tease. on another gg topic I don’t understand the chuck attraction his constant whispering would annoy me, we get it you’re trying to do a sexy voice but could you speak up love.

  26. T says:

    They are prob goin to drag out the Blair love square as much as possible until they find out whether there will be a season 6 or not. With s6 they’ll have time to explore a bit of dair, if not then they’ll prob rush to put chair back together soon.

  27. KPH says:

    Thanks for the interview! I love Dair and can’t wait to see more. We’ve hardly seen any this season so far and it’s time they got a chance.

  28. anna says:

    i am sorry but dan and blair are barely believable as friends so as lovers? god blair became an annoying character with all her men and her pathetic fairytale with louis and her boring friendship with dan.I kinda hate her since season 4 she is such a whore

    • Jenny says:

      I honestly hate to say this because im deeply addicted to the show and have never really had a hatred for any of the characters except minors times (jenny,vanessa and now dan) But it was annoying seeing them as friends but it then got kind of bearable but now that he wont stop with the ” i love you ” look on his face its back to GTFO .
      I honestly find it really annoying what there doing to blair.. Like come on, your like a freaking bee pollinating flowers.. just going from flower to flower.. In this case its guys. They have actually made her character dislikable this season. She needs to stop and make a decision she cant be like serena and just have a guy on the side her character has never been like that which is prob why she has a story line .. lol. But seriously we need the old blair back who knew who and what she wanted.. WHICH WAS ALWAYS CHUCK.

  29. annslee. says:

    I’m really not sure if anyone agrees, but the only reason i still watch the show is chair. The two of them are obviously meant to be, the writers just continue to steer them off track. Dair? Ew. I truly hope this story verges off to serena and dan. I loved them together. In the 100th episode, i’d absolutely
    Love a big wedding scene, where BOTH dan and chuck attempt to stop the wedding. But honestly, who knows at this point.

    • Marie says:

      Agree so much. Derena needs to start again and I think that’s where this is all leading to. Chair seriously need to stop the B.S. and get together already. They can put obstacles between them when they are officially together just as easily as when they’re not. Couples have ups and downs too. So I don’t think they can even use added drama as an excuse.

  30. Calista says:

    I think the writers really need to wrap up these storylines. I would prefer they let Dan move on and start rebuilding Chair. If they are seriously considering making Blair end up with Dan they should have enough respect for the Chair fans that have supported this show to let us know they are over for good. They should also let poor Chuck move on and give him a happy ending. If they go this route I will feel completely ripped off by the writers though and promise to never watch anything by them again. That’s an appalling way to treat loyal fans.

  31. Jenny says:

    This episode was so depressing and most of the time had me thinking WTH is this.. ed&leigh knocked it out of the park as usual but as many people have said before when are they gonna wrap up this “dair” story line.. and again as someone posted “chuck will never love anyone as much as blair and blair will never love anyone as much as she does for chuck” why would anyone wanna play second for either of them? Its really true.. And i have posted this before. If you think about it why do ” dair fans ” want dan to be with blair … She cheated on louie with chuck what the hell makes you think she wouldnt do it to dan in a heartbeat? Louie had the whole fairytale going for him and she still did it, what does dan have to bring to the table .. Honesty? Friendship, loyalty? The prince had those all going for him at one time too before the jealousy that is c&b came into view.
    Honestly im one of the biggest chair fans but if i were a “dan/dair” fan i would rather have dan want to be with a broom before wanting to be with blair..

  32. Anonymous says:

    Not even Ivy knows the truth.