Gossip Girl Boss on Chuck's 'Struggle,' Serena's 'Anxiety,' Blair's 'Denial' Over Dan and More!

Get out your cell phones for a very important blast: Gossip Girl is back this Monday (The CW, 8/7c), and there’s much ado on the Upper East Side. TVLine chatted with executive producer Josh Safran about what’s in store as the show heads into a “lighter” spring.

Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick Discusses Chuck’s ‘Obsession’ With Blair and His Likely ‘Tragic’ Fate

TVLINE | Blair and Chuck reunited in the fall finale, but Blair is getting married to Louis in the 100th episode. What’s changed?
I wouldn’t say necessarily that Blair is getting married to Louis in the 100th episode, but there definitely is an event scheduled. What happens at that event is TBD. You’re going to find out [Monday] what has happened. There’s a significant time jump between Episodes 10 and 11. A lot of the episode is told in flashback as to what really happened. You’ll definitely learn why they’ve gone from professing their future plans to each other in the back of the limo to Blair walking down the aisle with Louis. … All I can say is more so than ever, [Monday’s] episode very much takes place from Chuck and Blair’s point of view.

TVLINE | Chuck’s had a lot of growth this season. Is that something that’s going to stick or might he go back to his bad ways?
The decision to continue to grow and not regress becomes more of a struggle for Chuck in upcoming episodes.

Gossip Girl Exclusive: Look Who’s Returning!

TVLINE | The season started off light and fun with the gang in L.A., and it’s gotten darker as it’s gone on. Is that going to continue?
It will definitely lighten up again, but it was a conscious choice to take it darker. Going from the summeryness of L.A. to the winteryness of New York was very much a conscious choice on our part. As we move back towards spring again, the show will get lighter as well. That is not to say though that there won’t be some shocking darkness around the corner.

TVLINE | What’s going on with Serena and Blair’s friendship, particularly in the 100th episode?
They are very, very much best friends, totally by each other’s sides. That episode is very much about their friendship, and Serena being Blair’s maid of honor. It’s got some of my favorite Serena and Blair moments of the season, if not ever. There’s a really, really cute scene with the two of them on the morning of the wedding, which I think is really going to make fans happy.

Gossip Girl Hot Shots: Blair Has Her Bachelorette Party — and a Run-In With Chuck

TVLINE | The musical dream sequence from Episode 100 leaked. What’s going on with Serena that she has this sort of dream?
In years past, she’s jumped into relationships. As she’s gotten older and wiser, she thought she’s not necessarily jumping into them and then realizes afterward that she still has. This year, there’s very much a conscious choice on her part to be like, “You know what? I’m going to work on myself, and I’m not going to have a relationship.” And she has not had one all year. Because of that, because Serena so often and early on was always paired with somebody and shared her life with somebody… To actually have a life on her own, some anxiety and neurosis might slip in. She’s dealing with those and growing from them. If anything, the dream sequence maybe shows where she’s at a little bit.

TVLINE | There have been hints that she’s not over Dan. Is that a relationship that’s going to be highlighted in the second half of the season?
I wouldn’t say it’s going to be highlighted, but I definitely do think Episode 10 started Serena on a path to look at her past, especially as it concerns her relationships and what they’ve actually meant to her. That takes her into some surprising directions. Maybe there is a little bit, for her, of revisiting the past.

Gossip Girl Hot Shots: Here Comes the Bride!

TVLINE | Everyone seems to know Dan is hung up on Blair, except for Blair. Will she ever be clued in?
The question of whether or not she’s in denial and knows it or whether she truly doesn’t see it will be answered in upcoming episodes.

TVLINE | Could she ever see him in a romantic way?
I will leave that to Blair to answer. I don’t want to answer for her. One thing I will say though about the previous question is that when you said everyone seems to know it but Blair, I think some other people might be in denial about it as well.

TVLINE | Anyone in particular?
I wonder if Serena is fully aware.

TVLINE | Where is the Ivy story headed? And will, “Who’s the real Charlie?” be more of a focus?
The Ivy story is still continuing. She’s definitely between a rock and a hard place. It’s always tough when you have wanted people to believe your lie for so long that when you finally want out of it, they don’t believe you. It’s definitely a tricky place for her to be in. The story takes some surprising turns. As for the real Charlie, as of now, we do know that she is out there. Whether or not we’re going to meet her in the future, I can’t say.

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  1. Leigh says:

    I just want Dair to be given a fair chance than the show can go back to unendless and boring drama of Chair.

    • BPA says:

      THIS so much. This is the one thing that had brought life back to the show.

      • Isabella says:

        Uh? Life to the show? The ratings are awful, the buzz is dying. Since the Dair arc started in season 4 the ratings just keep dropping. They need to wrap it up ALREADY. So tired of Dan’s “feelings” for Blair.

        • Um. says:

          The ratings *are* awful but buzz is not dying, it’s been gaining ever since the Dair arc started… AND the ratings have been on a free fall for years now.

        • Captain says:

          The ratings are awful because the show has been steadily going downhill since the end of Season 1. Season 3 was the worst season by far and that was the most Blair/Chuck centric season in the series. Season 4 was a creative rebirth for GG and that was only because of two things 1) Katie Cassidy 2) Dan/Blair. This season has been terrible and the only thing that’s made it watchable is Blair’s realtionship with Dan. I understand that Chuck and Blair are endgame and I’m fine with that but if the writers are going to continue to dangle the Dair carrot in front of viewers faces, they should atleast give them a fair shot. Put them together, see what happens and then let Chuck/Blair and Dan/Serena find their way back to each other.

          • Allie says:

            Come on, a large portion of the “buzz” DB has generated has just been Chair shippers throwing hissy fits about it. And maybe that’s what they were going for, but I doubt it.

            I keep hearing about this “fair shot” they should give Dan and Blair, but what would that even consist of? How many episodes can they devote to the two of them sitting on a sofa eating takeout? The purpose of this storyline was never to give them a happy rom-com ending, but to create drama with the other characters. Based on this interview, it sounds like it’s going to be mostly about Serena. And thank God, because she’s been in serious need of a storyline for awhile. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m getting tired of the Blair Show.

          • Isabella says:

            S3 Blair/Chuck centric? Yes, they were a couple, but they had like 2 or 3 SMALL scenes each episode and almost no SL together. I would say s3 was pretty much Dan’s centric and focused on NYU and when the writers started Dan/Blair. In 3×01 Blair schemed with Dan, not Chuck. 3X02 was pretty much Dair centric with the stupid NYU’S SL. Chuck and Blair as a couple were pretty much in the background. S2 was Chuck/Blair’s centric, and guess what? It had the best ratings and the show got a lot of buzz. The problems started when the writers decided to change Chuck and Blair dynamic so they couldnt work as a couple and they could start their Dair SL. Instead of writing Chuck and Blair as a powerful,scheming, sexy UES couple they put them in the background in the first half of s3 and just put them in the forefront later to break them up. And I’m sure they did it for Dan/Blair. And they kept destroying Chair and Chuck’s character in s4 while Dan and Blair were getting closer.

        • Beth says:

          This again?

          GG’s ratings have been falling since the middle of S2, even though GG has been and REMAINS Chair-centric to this day. The highest rated episode of the second half of last season was actually 4×19, an episode that was marketed as a funny Dair episode with a Dair kiss. The ratings plummeted for 4×20-4×22 even though Chair was all over those episodes. And the ratings haven’t been affected positively by Chair at all this season. GG’s ratings are terrible, full-stop, it has nothing to do with Dan/Blair or Chuck/Blair IMO. It’s just the CW’s problems with everyone watching their shows time-delayed or pirating them online.

    • Agreed says:

      I like Dan and Blair together and would like to see if it could work out between them…

    • kady says:

      Think it would be cute to have chuck and serena. Only one they havent done.

  2. Mia says:

    Glad to hear we will finally get some Serena and Blair scenes. Still not looking forward to the Louis wedding or any Dan thing, they bored me enough last season so I doubt that will change.
    I just want Chuck and Blair back, and finally happy together.

  3. chestal says:

    I can’t wait for Dair! I really don’t know if Blair is in denial or she isn’t aware… it’ll be interesting to know! :D

  4. sarah says:

    The only thing I’m glad we’re going to have enough of Chuck and Blair in episode 5×11. Dan and Blair do not interest me and I’m glad that Serena has a more interesting plot

  5. MSC says:

    Bland don’t interest me. I like that Chuck is going to be all about Blair. That’s all that matters to me.

  6. Mal says:

    Lol Does Safran even watch his own show? Serena is aware that Dan loves Blair, she flat out said it in the last episode.
    I’m sure that Chuck is going to “relapse”.

    • Captain says:

      That’s what I thought. If anything she seems to be the MOST aware of Dan’s feelings. She was seething with jealousy last season over it, she’s tried to keep Dan as far away from Blair as possible and she’s had full conversations wih Rufus about Dan’s feelings for Blair. I don’t think they can get away with pretending Serena’s in the dark about all of this.

  7. rosie says:

    blair will never love anyone as much as she loves chuck and chuck will never love anyone as much as he loves blair. Why would anyone want to stick around and play second to blair and chuck?

    • sarah says:

      So true and Blair is in no way in denial about her feelings for Dan plus he said the episode was all about Chuck and Blair.

      Even if Chuck has to relapse to get Blair back and over her pact with God I say go for it because they belong to together.

      But please let Dan end up alone after all this is over and let Serena see that Nate really is better for her.

      I hate DS just as much as I hate the DB storyline

  8. anon says:

    I don’t understand all this back and forth with Blair. The fact that after the last episode she is not with chuck is hard to believe. And why as a dair fan would you even want this after what she confessed to chuck? Doesnt seen fair to your ship. The writers will do it and make it non mean anything a ” blip” like nate/blair round 2 was. And then she will be back with Chuck. They should have just kept this last sl going instead of doing the omfg moments.

    • Tavia says:

      I so agree. I don’t understand how we got from the last episode to Blair getting married. I’m glad to hear that there was a time jump because that makes it slightly (very very slightly) more believable but still… Also I don’t think Blair would allow Dan in her wedding looking so unkempt. He looks like Frodo right after he threw the Ring into the fires of Mordor.

  9. Jenkins says:

    YAWN. I’d like to see more Chuck and Blair news…you know, what most of your tweets asked for…

  10. Fran says:

    So excited to hear Serena is a focus again. I am optimistic about BS sharing scenes. They have been ignored all first part so…I fear that he is only focused on them so Serena can be jealous of Dan loving Blair. I am looking forward to the whole Dan’s feelings thing wrapping up. Its slowly killing the show.
    Not looking forward to Blair marrying Louis. Such a stupid plot point.

    • Annie says:

      “I am looking forward to the whole Dan’s feelings thing wrapping up. Its slowly killing the show.” AMEN. Dan and his feelings is getting so annoying especially when it’s a repeated storyline every season. He’s been in love with three different girls throughout the whole show run and I can’t take his feelings seriously. Just wrap the storyline up already and go back to what makes the show interesting, Chuck and Blair.

      • Isabella says:

        Seriously! So tired and sick of the whole Dair’s contrived SL. I can’t take Dan’s feelings serious, and the more they push it, the less I care about gg. I just want them to end this Dair’s SL already. Also sick of Dan now being Blair’s best friend. I miss the days when Serena/Blair were the focus. Dair is killing my love for gg. Wrap it up already.

  11. Allie says:

    The Chuck/Blair stuff is obviously the most interesting plotline for me, but I am curious to see what they do with Serena this season. I actually think it’s great that she’s stayed single this long, and hopefully it’ll help her find her way and not be the same flighty girl she was in previous seasons.
    As I suspected, it sounds like Dan’s feelings for Blair are more about Serena than anything else. So the fallout from that could be interesting, I suppose. My guess is that she’s sort of in denial because she doesn’t feel the same way and doesn’t want to screw up their friendship. I’d also prefer to see them stay friends, so that’s fine by me.
    Wish you’d asked something about Nate’s storyline.

    • Ashley says:

      I agree. I’ve been saying it for a while now that Dan’s feelings for Blair were all because of Serena and what happene last season. He got burned by her pretty bad and latched onto Blair as a result. Once he figures that out, this storyline will hopefully be over. This Dan in love with Blair stuff is ruining the show. It’s out of character for Dan and the writing for this sl is cheesy and so unrealistic. I too like the Dan/Blair friendship. It’s only a romantic relationship that makes no sense and crosses over into weird and twilight zone material. I’m hoping Dan and Serena start moving towards getting back together.

  12. Joanna says:

    A “lighter” spring? I’ll believe that when I see it. I’m looking forward to more Serena in the second half and I’m glad that we’ll get some Serena and Blair moments. They were surely missed! I still hate the wedding and Dan being hung up on Blair is tiresome and boring. But here is an idea, she knows and doesn’t care. I mean he’s not that subtle but this story line needs to die already.
    I’m glad that we’ll get bpth Chuck and Blair’s POV in 5×11. Can’t wait for whatever Chair is in store for us!

  13. Tina says:

    I can’t wait for Chuck and Blair to get together at some point. They are the only reason I’m still watching! For the rest… I really don’t care. I don’t buy Dan’s “feelings” for Blair AT ALL.

  14. elisha says:

    Can we have more Blair and Chuck news, please? The rest of this is such a snore. Let’s get to what people care about ,Gossipgirl, Chuck and Blair.

  15. carrie says:

    Dan is such a joke to me. The guy loves everyone and who the eff cares, really? He’s the least popular characters and most only watch for Chuck and Blair. Tell me when they are having scenes…

  16. Anton says:

    Oh, can’t wait for more Dair. I love the buildup for this pair.

  17. Bonnie says:

    Can these writers just get rid of the obstacles and writer Blair and Chuck together? It’s getting tiring and the show sucks without them. As far as “lighter”, that’s what this dude said in the beginning of the season. I’ll just watch after the show ends thanks.

  18. queenB says:

    dan’s feelings for blair were so forced, that i have never liked the idea of them two together. He seems more like blair’s gay bestfriend to me. I still think dan and serena should end up together.

    • Ashley says:

      I agree with everything, except the gay part LOL. Dan and Serena and Chuck and Blair have always been the two core couples of GG with actual development. They actually make sense, unlike Dair.

  19. maria. says:

    I hope Chuck is not too sad about this. He breaks my heart with his story. I don’t want him to be like in season 4, he was so desperate and dark…but I kinda understand him, because of Blairs confession in the car…He knows that she loves him and don’t want to give up this time. Dan will always be the second choice, if he and Blair will be a couple.
    I can’t believe he wants to settle with something like that.

    • Aura Lee says:

      I would argue that Dan is even a third choice at this point. Unless Blair lost the baby in the accident, I don’t see her ditching the father of her child for Dan Humphrey. I could see her ditching Prince Blah for Chuck because she actually loves Chuck

  20. alex says:

    i love how they had to put dan in scenes with blair to make his character seem a bit more interesting. Seriously he is one of the most boring characters on tv. Even nate who hardly gets any screentime is more popular than dan.

    • Isabellaa says:

      And the thing is, it didn’t work. Dan is still a lot less popular than Nate. The writers forcing Dan and Dair on the audience just made people stop watching. I mean, look at the ratings. Since the dair arc started in 4×11 they just keep getting worse and worse. The writers destroying Chuck/Blair, and Chuck and Serena’s characters to pimp DB and Dan didn’t work. Instead of people jumping ships or starting to like Dan, they just stopped watching

    • Dude says:

      Nate’s more popular than Dan because the tween girls who watch this show are about as shallow as they come. Nate doesn’t have to do anything “he’s soooo pretty!”

  21. Yvonne says:

    Oh, this episode is totally going to make me cry. Poor Chair :(

  22. sunny says:

    Ugh, I don’t think I’ll be watching this show. Blair marrying Louis? Really? She should be marrying Chuck. Thanks, but no thanks, Gossip Girl.

  23. Mike says:

    There are so many apostrophes in this headline.

  24. Chris says:

    I’m looking forward to more Blair and Serena, the girls are the heart of the show and they both need more.

    I also love that 5×11 will be from both Chuck and Blair’s POV. I’d love for that to continue too! I love seeing both POV’s.

    I don’t buy Dan’s feelings for Blair either, I think he’s hung up on being inside and is hurt and resentful of Serena so I am all for more DS and sorting out their issues too. I think addressing that would be the epitome of growth.

    I hate Louis so much and this wedding business. I want Chuck and Blair back.

  25. crista says:

    Blah, blah, blah, tell me when we get back to the great and only story worth watching- Chuck and Blair. I will say, it’s nice to see Serena actually being talked about again.

  26. elizabeth says:

    Serena and Blair share scenes? Must mean that trouble is coming for them, since Safran said in another interview that he hasn’t bothered showing them being friends because they aren’t having issues.

    I really don’t care about Dan’s supposed love, so I look forward to them wrapping that up.

    Looks like they are going for the typical soap story of marrying the boring/bad/wrong dude first. I’ll cross my fingers that I’m wrong and they surprise me.

  27. BCris says:

    Wish there was more Chair news. This stuff ,except Chair, sounds boring.

  28. Chris says:

    Oh and one thing, Id look forward to the SB stuff even more if it had nothing to do with this atrocious wedding that NO ONE wants to see. Save Blair Serena!!

  29. sasha says:

    Chair fans, Shenny fans, Robin/Barney are the worst fans ever! The show is not about your couple or you dream couple! And I love Robin/Barney & Shenny friendship (not loveship because never going to happen) & Chair is disgusting, Blais is a mess, she has no personnality with him & Chuck hits woman, sells her “love” & has ugly & mean personnality, plus he wants her xhan she has someone but I blame her too & I’m not a Dair fan because Dan deserves better

    • lexie says:

      Actually this show is a couples show. I’m not sure what show you think you’re watching but throughout the series it’s been about Chuck and Blair. Oh,and Chuck his a window. A window is not Blair and Blair is annoying outside of Chuck and her scenes with Serena this year. That’s been clear as day when she has least interacted with Chuck this year. Sorry your season of Dan and Dair is so boring. Trust me, we are all bored too.

    • Fran says:

      I appreciate the idea that people who fight about a couple and so on are annoying but if you don’t care about Blair and her men why would you ever watch Gossip Girl. Under Safran they have stopped almost all friendship scenes and increased the guest star count to 4-10 an episode. Its only a shipper show. HIMYM and BBT have other things going for them but sorry if you are can’t deal with Chair and hate DB you might want to go ahead and find another show because unless Josh get’s fired plots are going to drag on forever and friendships will be abandoned.

  30. lexie says:

    Finally some Blair and Serena scenes!But I do think that means they will fight considering all these people do is write for them when fighting each other. Other than that bring on more Blair and Chuck! This show is awfully annoying and lacks entertainment without those two together. Oh, and get Db over with. They’re so forced!

  31. ML says:

    More than ready for Blair to find out about or acknowledge D’s feelings so we can move on from that storyline finally. What’s it been, a year already? Face it, Humphrey, she’s just not that into you.

  32. Alyssa says:

    Can this Dan Blair thing end please? I am very bored of this contrived pairing. I just can’t believe they can even be friends how can I believe they can be romantic? İts very obvious that its created to make some fans happy. Otherwise its just UNBELİEVABLE.
    Dan and Blair thing helped me on one thing that I lost all my respect to GG. İt was unique once but now it fell into the trap of ordinary things.

  33. Bella says:

    It heartens me to read an interview that finally acknowledges Serena’s importance as a character, as she’s been sadly neglected so far this season. I’m hopeful that this means the “Everybody Loves Blair” storyline will soon be coming to an end and some other characters will finally get the attention they deserve. I do hope she won’t spend the next 14 episodes pining after Dan, though, he’s been nothing but awful to her this season.

  34. willa says:

    Oh, quit being retarded Gossip Girl. It think it’s obvious Chuck loves Blair and Blair loves Chuck. Dan needs to go bark up another tree because the more he’s around Blair, the more annoying he gets. He’s just the make Serena now. Anyone who comes in contact with him he has to “lurve”. It’s old. Glad the producer finally acknowledged Serena! Thank you! Yes, she is supposed to be the other lead here.

  35. Roxie says:

    Thanks for the interview! That was interesting really. I can’t wait for the scene between Blair and Serena, they were too far away from each other this season! I’m so afraid for Chuck and blair though. They are going to break my heart again! Please let them be HAPPY TOGETHER! Happiness is entertaining to watch as well Mr Safran especially with such interesting characters like Chuck and Blair!

  36. Jasmine says:

    I really hope this “lighter spring” leads to some lighter, happier moments for Chuck and Blair. I’m just so tired of watching them both suffer, I miss how they were back in early season 2, early season 3 or even their f-buddy phase in season 4. Come to think of it, GG is really good at first half and always seems to bomb second halves. Hope this season is the exceptoin!

  37. megan says:

    It’s nice to see the Blair and Serena relationship come into play here but I still probably won’t watch. You see, I don’t watch a show that lies to me and keeps putting insane and just down right ridiculous obstacles in front of my favorite pairing. I think I’ll hold out a while and wait for positive Blair and Chuck news. I don’t think Blair loves Dan, I think he’s her friend (no matter how contrived it is) but any chance they go there and I’m out.

  38. Jono says:

    This all sounds really positive, I love Chuck growing up without the help of girl, love Dan and Blair and can’t wait to see more of their epicness, really like Ivy and her storyline and Serena being independent is also great to watch! Sounds good

  39. Claire says:

    I don’t understand why people are so set against a little Dan/Blair storyline. I love Chuck and Blair together, I do, and I was hooked from the limo scene, and I really hope that they get their happily ever after.
    But in the meantime, I wouldn’t mind seeing some Dan/Blair, I’d really enjoy it even. I’m not saying they should end up together and stay together.
    I don’t particularly care for Louis either, but he’s here for the moment, and I just want to watch and enjoy the story that TPTB have created for us!

    • Allie says:

      Can’t speak for everyone, I just don’t think it’s in-character for Blair (to date Dan or betray Serena like that), and I really don’t want her to be the, uh… village bicycle that all the guys on the show have taken a ride on. Plus it leaves the other characters with nothing to do except be hurt by it. What are Chuck and Serena supposed to do, console themselves by banging each other? (please god no).

      • Fran says:

        Blair as the village bicycle is the best comment ever! Love it. After years of slut shaming Serena she ends being the party favor of the group. WOW This story needs to die.

      • Ari says:

        I agree with you. I have always felt that with everyone else that Blair has dated, they really fit with her. She was with Nate for a long time, and then she started seeing Chuck, who she realized that she genuinely loves. When Chuck couldn’t meet her there though she tried to move on to someone else who could give her the princess dream she always wanted. Where does Dan fit? I really don’t understand the Dan/Blair shippers. I don’t even find them to be believable friends. Blair has always barely tolerated Dan and now suddenly I’m supposed to believe they are BFFs on their way to BF/GF? Doubtful.

      • Ashley says:

        EXACTLY Allie, EXACTLY.

        It’s just not in character for Blair, or frankly Dan, and it messes up the two major major couples and is a betrayal of both Chuck and Serena.

        I highly doubt they’re gonna go there anyways though. I have a feeling a final closing of the Dair door is coming.

  40. Cassie says:

    No news on Nate? :(

  41. Malcolm says:

    I only hope for more Dair interaction head towards romance. Loving their scenes together. Chuck seems quite mellow, maybe a bit too mellow. Needs to get some fun conversations with Dan and hopefully Serena find herself/purpose soon. She’s like a deer in the headlights and good to see Nate taking charge.

  42. lolly says:

    Who care’s dair????CHAIR forever!!!!!!

  43. Daniela says:

    I love Dan and Blair as friends, but a romance would truly be jumping the shark IMO. I don’t think they have that kind of chemistry, and I think it would ruin the great chemistry they already have. Plus it’s just so OOC for Blair. Anyway, I would love to see the show focus on friendships and maybe lay off the romance for a little bit. Maybe that way Chuck and Blair can both have great storylines on their own before they reunite for good.

  44. Nadia says:

    Bloop, bloop, bloop, Gossiggirl just keeps going with drawn out annoying stories. Look, I understand some like DB but it’s so damn boring. Like a Big B-O-R-I-N-G, just like Dan himself. Ever since last season this show has lacked when they are onscreen together. I hope they have Blair kill Dan’s weird obsession with her. It’s about time for them to.
    I also don’t feel “rewarded” by watching Blair marry Louis. We all know she does, especially when she loves Chuck. As a fan, I just have a hard time dedicating myself to a show that lies about “rewarding” fans and having “light, delicious” story lines.

  45. Will says:

    They’ve got to stop with this Charlie/Ivy storyline. It’s so contrived and repetitive, I’m over it. It amazes me how the writers insist on clinging to such a ridiculous storyline. Her plot should’ve ended a long time ago. The writers should have brought back Juliet instead of Charlie/Ivy.

  46. Sasha says:

    I know Chuck and Blair can’t be together yet because there’s too much of the show left, but do they really have to torture them so much in the meantime? I feel like their storylines have been so sad ever since early S3. I miss Chuck being snarky and fun :(

  47. Beth says:

    Thanks for another good interview, Vlada? Josh plays his cards closer to his vest than Ed but I thought him saying he doesn’t think Serena is fully aware was interesting. I know Serena knows that Dan loves Blair but maybe she thinks it’s not that deep?

    So excited for the 100th episode, thanks TV Line for the Dair scoop!

  48. Emily says:

    I’m glad there’s finally going to be more focus on Serena and SB. And I hope Chuck eventually beats his struggle and continues growing, because I need my Chuck and Blair wedding eventually, lol.

  49. Jenn says:

    I just want Dair to happen. PLEASE!! They are the only reason I watch this show.

  50. Beth says:

    The Serena and blair stuff sounds promising but it’s hardly anything to get super excited about since they’ve sacrificed Serena all so Dan can pretend to be Blair’s BFF since last season. They really need to drop the Dan and Blair stuff. It’s done no favor for this show and seems forced at best. I’m sick of them throwing these continuous road blocks with Blair and Chuck. I feel like they can’t write couples together and that’s why they do it. Read some Fan fiction, Writers of Gossipgirl, because even people who don’t write professionally can easily write these two as the powerful couple they could and should be.

    • Mattie says:

      That’s why I can’t get behind DB. They pretty much had to isolate them to make them “real” friends. I liked them as frenemies but this just went on too long and too far.I don’t see Blair having feelings for Dan and if she does then I’ll quit. Chuck and Blair are why this show has any buzz and why we tune in.

      • Beth says:

        This makes no sense. Dan and Blair didn’t even interact as friends at all in 5×05-5×09, that’s half of the aired episodes this season! If Serena and Blair’s friendship has suffered that’s because the writers weren’t doing a good job of writing it, not because Dan got those scenes. Serena was in LA for the first two episodes as well.

        • Fran says:

          I don’t want to be rude but you must realize why she was in L.A? It is because if she was in NY DB scenes in 5.01 and 5.02 would never have happened. They sacrificed SB for DB.

          • Beth says:

            What kind of sense does that make? Serena was in LA for only two episodes. Dan and Blair were on the outs for five. Serena and Blair have had plenty of time to interact.

            Dan is Blair’s friend too. They are going to have friendship scenes too. That doesn’t mean they are “sacrificing” SB, it means they want to build Dan/Blair as a romance based on a foundation of friendship.

          • Svenja says:

            I agree Beth. It is a pretty mature approach and I certainly hope it will be happening. But who knows?
            I doubt Dair will be endgame though, but I’d like to see these two work it out.