Glee Scoop: Chris Colfer Talks of 'Fun' Season 4 Plan, Kurt's 'Replacement' and MIA Blaine

While others are touting Glee‘s plan to not spin off the graduating characters (but instead keep them around via some top-secret storytelling device) as “revolutionary,” Chris Colfer prefers a different adjective.

“My word is fun,” the actor shared on the Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday night. “I really think it’s a great idea and I’m looking forward to it. It’s never been done before.”

Glee Spoiler Alert: Cast Teases Which Couples Are Heating Up (and Cooling Off)

Regardless of how Kurt remains in the Glee picture, the fact is he will be graduating from McKinley High — and that is where Colfer suspects bad boy Sebastian (recurring player Grant Gustin) comes in, as a rumored Season 4 regular.

“Maybe he’ll take Kurt’s place?” Colfer ventured. “[People] are going to hate me for saying that, but it’s just logic.”

Glee‘s Michael Jackson Tribute: Who’s the Villain, Who’s Dueting, and Who’s Warming the Bench?

Right now, Colfer is working without his leading man, Darren Criss, who is busy succeeding Daniel Radcliffe in Broadway’s How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Where does that leave “Klaine,” especially with the most romantic of holidays on the horizon?

Glee Scoop/Spoilers From the Golden Globes!

“You’ll find out how [Blaine] leaves for a little bit and then comes back, but it’s nothing too bad or serious,” Colfer hinted. As for how long Klaine fans will have to do without, Colfer said that Criss will be around through the Michael Jackson tribute episode but miss the Ricky Martin visit and the Valentine’s Day episode. That said, he promised there is “fun stuff going on for the rest of us.” (With reporting by Meg Masters)

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  1. Lillian says:

    How did I even get to this page? I don’t even watch Glee. Ah well, reading through all of your comments is pretty hilarious. You all sound like a bunch of nine year olds. This is Fox, not Disney Channel. I’m sure this show airs past your bedtime anyway. I’ve heard talk that Glee fans are the worst kind of people, but now I can see just how accurate that is. Thanks for the laugh guys.

    • Luke says:

      Reading your comment I can say we are not the worse. And by the way you arrived to this page probably because you typed in Google:
      “Sexy gay guys in primetime TV show” and you landed here.
      Thanks “TV line” for keeping us updated.

    • Sara says:

      Okay, my real name isn’t Sara, but I don’t want to put my real name on this website. First of all, watch the series before you try to judge fans. I’m sure you have some kind of Godawful pointless crap that you fantasize about starring in, so put yourself in our situation. If I went and read a page about NCIS or something and read the fan comments, they would probably all sounds REALLY idiotic. Would I act like you and say “Wow, you losers should go have relations with a pool noodle!” ?? No! That’s disgusting! I would just accept that I don’t watch NCIS but there are lots of people who love the show very much and may be obsessed with it. Like us. We are Gleeks. So please, make like Michael Jackson and stop throwing stones to hide your hands. (You Gleeks will understand the reference!) Take your giant steaming pot of hate and negativity and your horrid attitude and do something with your life rather than hate on us. I’m not hating on you, I’m just stating the facts. And don’t tell me to get off my butt and do something with MY life, because I’m still in school and I have straight A’s and I am a cross country runner and a choir singer and clarinet and piano player as well as a ballet dancer, so I have enough on my plate to worry about what else to do in my free time other than vacation and catching up on earlier episodes that I haven’t watched of Glee. Thank you for your time, and you’re welcome for my time.

  2. Nicole says:

    If you watch Darren’s work before Glee he is the same. Amazing. Yes, I do ship Klaine but if it wasn’t for Blaine on the show Kurt wouldn’t be happy. So, if your a Kurt fan (like i have been since the beginning) you should be happy. And no matter which couples you ship you want them to be happy. Like Brittney and Santana, they are finally together officially and happier than ever. Finchel, from what is going to happen on the next episode (Yes/No) they are perfect. All the rest of the couples too! So, it doesn’t matter who is a Klaine fan or Brittana we just want them to be happy. I think they should show Blaine this episode because of what happened last year..

  3. mary says:


  4. FUNNY says:

    Darren Criss has all of you by the balls. Especially all of you who seem to hate him so much. One mention and you go crazy. How and why does he seem to control you so much?


    • Jane says:

      He doesn’t control me. I just find it fun to hate on him and his character. His fans’ reactions are priceless.

      • FUNNY says:

        So you just “hate on” (your words) an actor, his work and his fans for your own entertainment? Yuck.

        • Sam says:

          hahaha I know I do. It is fun. Your disgust is making it even more satisfying for me.

        • Jane says:

          When he sucks, sure. People who suck should be called out for it. He’s getting paid to do a job he sucks at, and he’s ruining the enjoyment I get out of Glee, so I need to find my enjoyment elsewhere.

          And his fans are terrible people, so I love it when they cry because someone dared to criticize him.

    • Luke says:

      You know comments on internet are anonymous and this allowed anybody to write his own frustrations. Darren/Blaine is one of the most cute and sexy guys on TV, the fact that Blaine is gay moves to bad comments all the homophobic idiots.

  5. Valentina says:

    I, for one, think that if the characters don’t end up fulfilling their dreams (like Rachel and Kurt going to NY) it will be like being cheated as a fan. I mean, three seasons of hearing that they can achieve their dreams if they try hard enough and then see them becoming “Lima losers”? All because Ryan Murphy is scared of the fans (I admit, the Glee fandom is really scary and too passionate, but still)? No thank you.

  6. Adam says:

    Ugh the only good that could come out of Blaine getting with Sebastian would be that I could skip both of their scenes at the same time.

    Lbr, both are too weak as actors to carry a scene or storyline on their own.

  7. Ryan Murphy Please don’t graduate Kurt

  8. Myles says:

    On there being two Blaineless episodes- wtf cares? That character is so flat he’s practically cardboard. The only thing him not being there changes is now there’ll be less useless Blaine solos to skip and less boring Blaine scenes to suffer through.

    About Grant, I seriously hope he’s not becoming a regular. I don’t care for him as an actor or for the character he plays. If he does though, good for him? Idk, it seems like congratulating him for becoming part of this show would be like congratulating someone for boarding the titanic.

    I just hope they don’t put Sebastian and Blaine together, thats too much blandness and bad acting to endure.

  9. Amanda says:

    I love how much character bashing and arguements are sparked on these articles… It’s a little ridiculous.

    • ItsMe says:

      Actually, You know what’s ridiculous? People who think they’re such good critics and criticize people who are clearly on a higher ground than they are.
      Honestly, I Don’t care about whatever happening for the next two episodes or the next season. And I’m not like one of those crazy Gleeks who rage on and on.
      I Just find it really annoying when people do that, and whats worse.. They start making such comments of how “FUN” this is for them. Sad Life. Just by them saying that makes me feel sorry for these people who probably never have been introduced to Actual Fun stuff when they were kids. And another thing I hate about these certain people is that they irritate and make a mockery of other fans here that are just expressing their feelings about the situation. Sure, You might backfire what I just wrote there and say that’s what you were doing but come on, seriously? Isn’t this a bit too Junior High-ish?
      End It.

  10. Fif says:

    Darren is FAR from the most successful on this show. Leas movie didn’t flop. It made over 130 million worldwide, and took in about 50 million more than it paid. I wouldn’t exactly call that a flop. Chris’movie is about to come out, and lea has another one coming out this year. Dianna is getting offers, and cory is doing his own thing. Darren is just eye candy. That is it. He isn’t even that great of a singer, and not that great of an actor either. He is average. All is little fangirls need to realize once his fifteen goes away, he will go back to cheap theater. I saw him in h2, and just no. It was the worst brotherhood of man I have ever heard.

    • Ali says:

      Everyone likes to mention how all the cast members make movies and albums and Darren only has 15 minutes of fame because of his short Broadway run and looks, but you people seem to forget that Darren also recently filmed a movie with Kristen Wiig and that he too is working on a full album. You are trying so hard to make him look so less than the rest of the cast when in fact he’s doing just as fine.

      and yes, of course Lea’s movie made a lot of money, because half Hollywood was in it

  11. Lily says:

    Love Darren Criss, Hate Blaine EXCEPT during one scene of the episode “First Time”: the Klaine chat in Blaine’s bedroom, where Kurt was sitting on the bed while Blaine was dancing to the song “Love is the drug”… That was serious, fun and romantic at the same time ! Great !! Looking forward to more such scenes…
    I think the reason Chris does not want to talk about Darren is that he may be afraid to talk about the spoiler in “Michael”… Chris is not good in keeping secrets…Remember the Paley Fest panel discussion incident last season ? And when Chris was asked whether he has already met the Glee project winner, he replied :”I haven’t met THEM” yet…

    • Stefanie says:

      Yes, he spilled that Kurt transferred before it was supposed to be out. I think he also basically has given away a plot point about NYADA, too.

      At some event last week he flat out said they told him not to give out hints about season 4 because he has a big mouth, so I assume it’s the same with other spoilers.

  12. Ben says:

    Has every nut job hater from ontd_glee shown up to post their for Darren here?

  13. Ally says:

    Holy…hell. I was reading through some of the comments on here and just…jeeze. Why all the hate, everyone? Don’t like a character or a ship? Don’t state your opinion as if it’s fact. Everyone needs to chill out and realize that Glee? Not the be-all, end-all of life, or even T. V.. It’s a silly, fun, entertaining show with a talented cast of primarily young, learning actors and actresses. Just…jeeze, everyone. Chill out and enjoy the show for what it is, k? K.

    That being said – I’m just excited to see what the rest of Season 3 brings.

    • ItsMe says:

      This is the BEST comment I have read so far.
      Straight forward and it doesn’t take on sides, Directly.
      I agree with you, I mean, Come on? Seriously? Aren’t you all a little to mature by now to actually do that? It’s like when you’re in Junior High and you make fun of Hannah Montana. Such Immature Boobs.

  14. Buddy says:

    I’m predicting now that next season’s Glee will alternate settings on a week-to-week basis with one week in Ohio, followed by the next in New York. It would be like an original series and spin-off version running concurrently. I also think it’s a smart idea that will ease production for both sets.

  15. pam says:

    Blaine and Grant should be together. One boring cheesy stiff deserves another…..

  16. Lola says:

    I stopped watching this show because of Darren Criss/Blaine. I’m thrilled to get to catch 2 episodes without him.

  17. Luke says:

    Valentine without Klaine is not Valentine, I hope they will
    find a way to show us some nice conversation and lot of kisses

  18. I says:



    I will honestly give up on anything over 1/2 of season 3 if he is permanently on.

  19. Awkward Turtle says:

    Some people on here are not very well informed. But that’s acceptable. Just an FYI, Lea Michele was actually a Broadway star pre-Glee. Don’t worry about her finding work. ;) Chris Colfer is just starting out, but there are definitely doors open for him as an ex-Glee star, and solid countertenor.

  20. Meredith says:

    He’s missing the Valentine’s Day episode? That’s really disappointing. >:L

  21. abbie says:

    I think that this cool. Also Chris and lea need to stay and be paras or something because i do not want to see them leave.

  22. k8wheelz says:

    I love klaine and im almost 20 id die if i met them

  23. SMiaVS says:

    LOL @the non-performers commenting on professional actor’s abilities. What hit shows are you morons starring in right now?

  24. Molly says:

    Wow there are some obsessive Darren Criss haters who post on this site. Every article about Glee ever, whether it relates to him or not, turns into a flamewar over Blaine.

  25. Sigh says:

    1) I love Klaine but am not upset about it because it’s a TV show. 2) Love Grant but can’t stand Sebastian. 3) Love Darren and think most of your hate funny but I can’t judge and won’t since it’s your opinion. He’s not everybody’s favorite and people don’t seem to the realize that. And most importantly, 4) You’re all idiots.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Fun stuff? Hmm…*cough* a very potter musical *cough*. Please??

  27. Demitria says:

    You guys are all truly pathetic. You keep on expressing your opinions about others as if they were facts. They are opinions for a reason, not every one has to agree with you! Just stop hating on Darren and the other cast members of Glee.

  28. Gabriella says:

    I am so happy Chris is staying on for season 4. I can not wait to see what season 4 has to offer. As for Klaine not getting to celebrate Valentines Day in the upcoming episode , it sucks hard balls man . I have been waiting for some wonderful Klaine Valentines celebrating since the Christmas special. :(

  29. zola says:

    This show is bringing out the worst of the fans.. For christs sakes, it’s only a TV show! It’s suppose to entertain. You expect too much. Why can’t everybody just wait and see what the next episode is… More fun than ranting.

  30. Victor says:

    I’m actually looking forward to Sebastion stirring up some trouble. You can’t have the good without the bad or else the show would become stale and boring. I don’t actually like Kurt at all lol..I think he’s boring

  31. Dominic says:

    Sorry Chris, but it has been done by other shows before.. Degrassi – The Next Generation did it for 3 separate seasons, keeping graduated characters on the show until new characters story lines could be worked out.

  32. Brian says:

    Totally agree!

    • Brian says:

      This comment was meant for zola. totally agree with you. It’s a show, meant to entertain. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s that simple.

  33. shut up says:

    Everyone can like whatever they want about the show. Just because you disagree doesn’t mean you have to start running your mouth about it. If I have to hear one more person complain over how they are a klainer or a Brittana I’m going to throw something.

  34. nichole says:

    Loved this!!! Of course if they were true lea & chris fans they would have known that, besides..glee wouldnt be the same without them :(

  35. angela says:

    All of you Blaine/Darren haters are absolutely ridiculous. In my opinion (which certainly isn’t the only opinion; everyone has their own opinion), Darren is an extremely talented human being and you guys are so pathetic that all you can write on this article is how much you hate him. He obviously had to be talented to make it on Glee and he obviously had to be talented to make it to Broadway. He majored in theater; he is talented no matter what you guys say. Even if I didn’t like him, I wouldn’t be saying these mean, evil, hurtful things that all of you are saying. Darren probably actually reads some of these things and you are just lowering his self-esteem for absolutely no reason. I have no clue if he is the most successful member of the cast of Glee since I don’t follow the other cast members careers, but he is definitely successful whether you like it or not. So all of you shove off because you make me sick.

    And you are probably thinking (if any of you took the time to read this) that I’m just some teen fangirl who’s opinion isn’t valid, and maybe I am. But my main point is that all of you are saying disgusting things that shouldn’t be said about ANYONE, whether they’re talented or not.

  36. A says:

    Darren is the Austin Mahone of Glee. Mediocre in every way but gets recognition because of stupid tween girls rather than his talent or lack thereof.

  37. Brian says:

    WOW! That’s all I can say. Just…..WOW!

  38. Dahlia says:

    WTH? NO KLAINE FOR VALENTINES’ DAY?!…. Suddenly I believe in miracles!! No Klaine = more than 100 Puckurt valentines fics… best valentines gift ever! Thank you RIB and Darren! *blows air kisses* Ah, I can hear the sweet call of my muse now, and my fingers are just itching to get started… might as well start writing now, why wait till Feb? *skips off* Also maybe if I keep wishing hard enough, that smirking meerkat known as Sebastian will get Blaine drunk/tipsy and because boy can’t handle his drink and is mildly attracted to said meerkat, he’ll cheat for sure… leaving Kurt free at last! Go Sebastian! Go! *waves pomp pomps*

    Btw why are Klainers (who only ship Klaine) so aggressive and defensive? In terms of friendliness, respectfulness and politeness Puckurties are just plain nicer… but that might be because most of us are probably either older than a majority of the Klainers or just ten times more mature lol

  39. Coffeewoman says:

    Finally – an articulate, thoughtful and respectful comment. Bravo!!!

  40. Tootz says:

    “Never been done before”
    Seriously the Glee folks need to stop acting like their ‘plan’ is so amazing.
    Either Rachel, Kurt and Finn’s dreams of NY are dashed and they stay behind in Ohio or they go to NY and the show inter-cuts between the students at McKinley and NY?! Hardly revolutionary!
    Every time they tout a new episode or concept like this as being so great and amazing and “the best EVER” it leads to disappointment, they’d be better off keeping schtum.

  41. jordy says:

    OMG!!!!! I’ve never seen a more perfect couple than Klaine! Chris is adorable and Darren is drop dead amazing!!!!! I’m a total Klainer and if you have a prob with that, then you can just shut up because I’m right!!!!!!

  42. aurora says:

    I really think everyone needs to settle down. People are getting waaay too worked up over a tv show.

  43. Debbie says:

    I’m 53, no teenybopper, and the reason I started watching Glee was because of Darren Criss. Since then, I’ve come to adore Chris Colfer and I keep watching because of those two talented fellows. I don’t really care if they stay together or not. Just as long as I can see one or both of them each week… It’s all good!

  44. Sara says:

    I totally agree daren is a waste and I got so mad when they brought him on and took Sam away I loved Sam I mean come on I almost stopped watching glee is a great show but they need to staighten out the characters a bit

  45. MissDallasCriss says:

    If Klaine breaks up, if Chris is not in a spin off or season 4, If Blaine and Sebastian get together, and if Blaine isn’t in season 3 more, then I will quit watching Glee (I seriously can’t believe I said that) Klainers keep Klaineing

  46. Kaylee says:

    I love gays of all shapes and sizes but I don’t know why, I don’t like Kurt’s character. I respect it and it puts a wonderful spice to the stew of Glee but I just I feel like his face and clothing are already so flamboyant that they didn’t need to make his speech and actions as flamboyant. I like that they have gays, bis, lesbians, and straights but I mean Kurt is just TOO gay. And he gets too much attention on the show. I really wish they would give Puck, Britney, Santana, Mercedes, Tina, Artie, and Mike more of a chance to shine. Who cares that some of the older characters are leaving. Its a good thing, it gives a reason to mold the staying characters more. Not add new characters to overpower the coolest characters.

    • Lily says:

      Strange but I like Kurt’s character… Maybe because I translate “too gay” into “too different” … and therefore can relate to him because I have been in situations in which I was too different from the “rest of the crowd”… I like it how he puts an annoying, superior air but inside he is still that insecure teenager.

  47. J says:

    i will miss klaine so much

  48. Ds says:

    Chord Overstreet left the show on his own devices, he wasnt pushed out in favor of Darren. If you dont know what your talking about, keep your mouth shut

  49. yordis says:

    no estoy de acuerdo a que saquen a kurt porque para mi el y blaine deverian quedar juntos y no separarlos también que la audiencia bajaría mucho por la salida de kurt . yo pienso que ellos devén quedar junto y que a kurt no lo saquen del programa

  50. Lily says:

    As a Kurt fan, I am fine with no Klaine for a while… Want to know more about Tina and Samuel Larsen’s character… Valentine episode, hurry up !
    Reading from the spoilers,things can get ugly for Blaine… Ugly as a rat ???? Is that why Kurt sings “Ben” to him ?