Glee Scoop: Chris Colfer Talks of 'Fun' Season 4 Plan, Kurt's 'Replacement' and MIA Blaine

While others are touting Glee‘s plan to not spin off the graduating characters (but instead keep them around via some top-secret storytelling device) as “revolutionary,” Chris Colfer prefers a different adjective.

“My word is fun,” the actor shared on the Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday night. “I really think it’s a great idea and I’m looking forward to it. It’s never been done before.”

Glee Spoiler Alert: Cast Teases Which Couples Are Heating Up (and Cooling Off)

Regardless of how Kurt remains in the Glee picture, the fact is he will be graduating from McKinley High — and that is where Colfer suspects bad boy Sebastian (recurring player Grant Gustin) comes in, as a rumored Season 4 regular.

“Maybe he’ll take Kurt’s place?” Colfer ventured. “[People] are going to hate me for saying that, but it’s just logic.”

Glee‘s Michael Jackson Tribute: Who’s the Villain, Who’s Dueting, and Who’s Warming the Bench?

Right now, Colfer is working without his leading man, Darren Criss, who is busy succeeding Daniel Radcliffe in Broadway’s How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Where does that leave “Klaine,” especially with the most romantic of holidays on the horizon?

Glee Scoop/Spoilers From the Golden Globes!

“You’ll find out how [Blaine] leaves for a little bit and then comes back, but it’s nothing too bad or serious,” Colfer hinted. As for how long Klaine fans will have to do without, Colfer said that Criss will be around through the Michael Jackson tribute episode but miss the Ricky Martin visit and the Valentine’s Day episode. That said, he promised there is “fun stuff going on for the rest of us.” (With reporting by Meg Masters)

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  1. Russ says:

    Glee stop trapping Chris and Lea! Set them free.

    • Travis says:

      Y.E.S. Lea needs to go back to Broadway and Chris needs to start starring in a better show. I’m grateful to Mr. Murphy for discovering them (or, Chris, at least), but he’s done nothing but smother them since!

      • Jesse says:

        THIS!!! Seriously, Lea and Chris need to do something else because once this show is canceled, they’re not gonna have many options if they still want to act AND sing. Unless there’s another musical show that they somehow get involved with…

        • Cam says:

          Lea Michelle is doing movies between seasons of glee (New year’s eve, Dorothy of Oz). as for Chris, he’s doing some writing, And not bad at all apparently, he signed up for 2 screenplays (struck by lighting and The little leftover witch)… so they’re clearly doing a lot of stuff, just because you don’t see them in every freakin’ screen doesn’t mean that they’re not working.

      • Sophie says:

        This has got to be one of the greatest comments I’ve ever seen here. Clear, polite, reasonable AND SO ACCURATE.

      • Brian says:

        Are you kidding me? What do you mean “smother” them? The show should not be titled “Glee”! A more apt title would be “The Rachel, Kurt, and Finn Show” Too many good opportunities to expand other glee characters have gone by because the show spends so much time focused on those three! And getting rid of Sam, to replace him with a love interest for Kurt (who is now apparantly not going to be on the show for a bit) almost pushed me to the point of no longer watching. I love the show, I really do, but give the other characters the chance to shine! The Britney/Brittany episode is one of my favorites, because it took a lot of the focus from rachel, finn and kurt, and put it on another key character. And Britney is not the only one who has been overlooked in the past. i just wish the writers of “Glee” would share the starring roles, because it is the true definition of an ensemble cast.

        • Brian says:

          I apologize. I thought I knew what I was talking about, but I was wrong. And after going through and rading some of the comments on here, I felt the need to officially say “I’m sorry for opening my mouth without knowing the full story.” I thought you meant that the characters of Lea, and Chris were being smothered, not the actors themselves. I don’t know about the personal lives of the performers of the show. Whether or not they have had or have been denied the opporotunity to do work outside of “Glee”. Not really all that interested. I just know that I like the show a lot, I have since it’s beginning. There ae some weak storylines in the show, but it is just that…a show. As with all TV shows I like, there are good moments along with the bad. I digress. Again, I am sorry for my hasty comment on what you had to say about the “smothered” actors. I meant no disrespect. i hope you can forgive me.

          • Mike says:

            It’s cool Brian… Frankly, your apology (while not necessary) speaks volumes about you. You must be a fantastic person. Refreshing!

    • dianna says:

      you wouldn’t even know about the existence of chris colfer if it wasn’t for Glee. so stop saying that glee is trapping them. glee actually made them famous. i’m not even a fan of glee. glee fans are ridiculous.

      • Sam says:


        It’s not like being on Glee is stifling their career anyway. Tell that to Chris who just shot a movie, has a book coming out, and is doing that TV show thing. And Lea who was just in that New Years movie.

      • yep says:

        Totally agree. Some fans go half cocked ready to point fingers and blame the show for impeding some of the casts chances at a future. Poppy cock. Chris would still be in Clovis New Mexico if it weren’t for Glee discovering him. Yeah, he knows where he is going and where he’s been with his opportunities. He chose to stay with this new concept for season 4. He seems pleased and ready for the next chapter. Lea wants to stay with Glee and is estatic about it. So I think the actors know what’s best for them professionally and personally. So I don’t think you or I should take any liberty to guess what’s best for them. I know I’m not their agent or financial advisor. Are you?

      • Cris says:

        and yet, here you are posting…just sayin…

    • Glee Fan says:

      Just enjoy the show ! What more is there to sa.

    • DarrenCrissLvr says:

      glee does NOT smother them! they’re 2 of the main characters! if they werent on screen as much people would be complaining then too! chris and lea have been doing other things throughot the course of glee such as lea in 2 movies; chris writing screenplays and starring in them also. im glad they’re stayin around and like any other actor if they didnt want to stay they can tell ryan that.
      #1gleek – can ya tell? lol

    • lauren says:

      i agree on blaine and sebastians kiss because why we need to know what was his intentions of throwing a slushy at blaine the biggest question is will he say why if blaine confornts him about why he threw the slushie.

  2. Gleenough says:

    Oh, I see the cast is still harboring some delusion that people care about Sebastian and/or Grant Gustin. They really don’t.

    • Eliah says:

      I see you’re still harboring some delusion that your opinion extends to the entire audience. It doesn’t.

      • Gleenough says:

        Actually, it does, judging by the complete disinterest in him after his first two heavily promoted appearances. No one bit then, and no one is biting now. But go cry more about it, one of Grant’s five fans.

        • GG says:

          You sound like a very bitter klaine fan.

          • Eliah says:

            I was thinking the same thing

          • Gleenough says:

            Hahahaha, no. That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Thanks for the laugh “GG.” Maybe pick a different pseudonym next time, too?

          • Carmichael says:

            How come whenever anyone expresses an opinion that goes against something else, they’re always labeled a Klaine fan? If I remember right I got called a Klaine fan for saying I didn’t want Sam around or something. Just because there are a lot of us unimpressed with this Sebastian character, doesn’t mean we’re Klaine fans. Newsflash, I’m an Emma fan, I’ve liked Jayma Mays since Heroes and a few other things she was in, when I saw she was in the pilot I was hooked.

          • Sam says:

            the hell does Emma have to do with this

      • mike says:

        thank you

      • yep says:

        I’m not sold on Blaine for Kurt in the least. I realize there are gobs of fans of this couple. I love Kurt’s spunk and sarcasm but he has been silent this season just pining over Blaine and being self concsonscience and insecure since they’ve been a couple. Blaine is a really good singer and seems to try and make Kurt feel secure but doesn’t seem to keep Kurt feeling good where their relationship is heading. Sebatian is the catalyst for drama between Klaine. To me Sebatian was interesting but not as areal threat to Kurt. Sebatian is like Blaine was s2 and energized bee in a bonnet.

    • Mark says:

      Totally agree! Hate the character. He’s not fun, he’s not all that good looking, and his scenes are just blah to watch. A good villain is a character you love to hate, not one in which you just hate. Wilhemina Slater on Ugly Betty, Ben Linus on Lost, and Sylar on Heroes come to mind. Interesting, fun characters that serve as foils to the good ones. Sebastian has not proven to be like that at all.

      • Lilly says:

        That’s your opinion but I and many others disagree with you. Feel free to think whatever you want to think about the character. It is all subjective.

        Here come the haters for saying something positive I bet.

      • Brad says:

        I agree regarding the whole Sebastian thing. I love Klaine, but was looking forward to someone really trying to nudge in and cause trouble between them. It sure isn’t happening with Sebastian.

        I’ll be very disappointed if he shows up as a regular at McKinley in season 4. There is nothing likeable about this guy whatsoever. He’s not the least bit fun to watch as a villian. The last thing Glee needs is a guy who is not so good looking and screaches when he tries to sing.

  3. Katie says:

    Are we going to learn about anything else? Like if Quinn has to take night classes or gets into college?

  4. Lynne S. says:

    Makes no sense – Darren will be back in a week with plenty of time to film scenes for the Valentine’s episode. I sure hope Chris is WRONG!!! Fox! Are you listening? After last year, we need some Klaine this Valentine’s Day!

    • Marco says:

      No, we really don’t.

    • Alice says:

      I don’t need it…

    • Stephanie says:

      What the hellllll???!?!?!?!?!?!?! Okay, so I had to sit through countless episodes of “Will They Or Won’t They”, practically biting my nails, waiting for something to happen. Finally, they’re together, and Blaine Isn’t even going to be there for this most romantic of holidays?!?!?!
      The entire legion of Klaine fans is collectively weeping. And I’m still bitter about them cutting that scene from the Christmas episode.
      They better make it up to us in a big way.

      • Sam says:

        Get over it you spoiled brat.

        • sky says:

          LOL The ones ranting are the pre teens who are enamored by them. These fans have demonstrated the lack of tolerance respect for others and let the show tell its story without ranting and disspelling nonsense that no one but their ship fans want to hear. This fandom not in its entirety but vast majority cannot and will not use some of the lessons that Glee has demonstrated since the pilot. Tolerance and respect are 2 top messages for all to learn and use in our daily lives. It is just tiring to read all the stuff these people post here.

          • MI says:

            I don’t care who you root for. Fans of whatever couple are allowed to be excited, to be disappointed, to express their outrage when something happens to their favorite couple. And generalizing and being judgmental is far more intolerable than a group of fans discussing their opinions about their favorite “ship.”

      • Lovelysilksworth says:

        I’m a Klaine fan. I’m most definitely not weeping. Speak for yourself, please.

    • Christy says:

      Yess!! Whens Darren’s done on B-way, he best get his ass back to LA so Blaine can spoil Kurt rotten!

      • CJ says:

        I agree about Darren getting his ass back to LA so he is at least in one scene, but I dissagree about him spoiling kurt rotten. If its true that Blaine takes a slushy in the face for kurt than it should be kurt doing something special for Blaine, since it would have meant that Blaine got slushed in front of EVERYONE unlike all the other slushy facials.

  5. Barb says:

    Give us some Klaine in the Valentine’s Day episode, since the writers seem so bent on breaking them up soon so Darren Criss and Grant Gustin can suck all of the chemistry out of the room when they’re characters get together, as they act like two blocks of wood without a spark in sight.

    • Leah says:

      Oh yes I can see how the writers are bent on breaking up klaine which is why Grant himself said that Sebastian is not longer pursuing Blaine, that makes sense thank you for helping me see the truth!

      • Barb says:

        You’re an idiot. Also you don’t know how shows work, apparently. Sebastian will stop pursuing Blaine just so Blaine can see that he’s not actually a bad guy and then they can fall in love and carry on their season 4 romance. Vomit.

        • Leah says:

          lol not like I care anyway in fact I’m rooting for Klaine to break up so have fun with your tears b y e

          • Barb says:

            I care because Darren Criss and Grant Gustin both suck as actors. Two sucky people together is too much. At least when they’re paired with other people they have the benefit of a stronger actor/actress carrying them through the scene.

          • Leah says:

            Mmhmm and Chris is at the disadvantage of having Blarren Blanderson dragging him down. The way I see it, break them up and pair Chris with someone who can actually keep up with him.

          • CJ says:

            If you’ve seen AVPM then you’ll know that Darren is actually a good actor, its just that the glee writers didn’t give him anything to work with so all he has is what goes on in Kurts life. If the writting was better and they gave is character some background than he would have more to work with therefore making his performance more watchable.

        • Marco says:

          They can’t have less chemistry than Klaine. It’s a mathematical impossibility.

    • Just another Klainer says:

      If Seblaine happen I will cry and refuse to watch the show.

    • Emily says:

      Don’t know what you’re on about Barb, Darren’s acting has improved a great deal since first started on Glee and I believe he’s on par with Chris these days. Maybe it’s just subjective though.

      • Ryan says:

        “on par with Chris these days” LOL. Delusional Darren stans make me laugh. Darren’s acting is mediocre at best.

      • maddaus says:

        I’m not even going to say Chris is the best actor evar!11, but if Darren had one smidge of the subtle and emotive acting Chris puts forth it would be a miracle. Grant as well, for the that matter. I’m sad Chris is put in scenes with both these dead weight actors.

      • S says:

        I totally agree.

  6. khm says:

    oooh we get two blaine-less episodes. there is a god.

  7. Okay says:

    …”his leading man” …

  8. Chris says:

    No Kurt & Blaine for Valentine’s day? After the mess that was last season’s Valentine’s day? This just sucks. Darren will be back in time to shoot a few scenes for that episode. I smell bulls&*t.

    • Harry says:

      I know it must be so hard to be a klainer right??? you guys are v mistreated imho!!!!

    • Mike says:

      By the time Darren’s back, production will have finished on that episode and everyone will have moved on to the next. Darren chose to take the opportunity on Broadway and the show was nice enough to allow him(even though they’ve stopped other cast members from doing side projects during filming). Wanting them to hold up production and put the cast even more behind just so Darren can get a few scenes in is being selfish.

  9. mel says:

    So sick of Darren Criss. He can miss the rest of the Glee episodes.

  10. Candice says:

    I am very excited to see Grant come back for another season. Don’t really mind that Darren won’t be around for two episodes. He doesn’t do anything for me anyway.

    • Jenn says:

      Preach, Candice. Darren Criss is a cute guy and great singer, but his appearance was about when the show jumped shark. Glad Kurt got a love interest, can’t stand the way they went about it.

    • Jenn says:

      Preach, Candice. Darren Criss is a cute guy and great singer, but his appearance was about when the show jumped shark. Glad Kurt got a love interest, can’t stand the way they went about it.

  11. Stefanie says:

    Grant Gustin wishes he could be Colfer’s replacement. Please. If the show has a split narrative next season, I can tell you now I’ll only be watching the episodes with Naya, Chris, Lea, and Cory. I have no interest in watching Sebastian on my screen, and Glee is foolish to think he could replace any of those four.

  12. Jess says:

    Thank you Grilled Cheesus!! I’m gonna enjoy the heck outta not having to watch Klaine be the center of attention for once!!! Thaaaaank Yooooooouuuu!

  13. Blech says:

    Oh, I see Grant Gustin is taking after Darren Criss in learning how to use the casting couch to his advantage. That’s the only way two talentless hacks like them could get promoted so fast. At least DC had a hit song under his belt. What the heck does Grant Gustin have? Well, he must be good at something, but it’s not acting, that’s for sure.

    • linda says:

      Yes, you’re so right

    • James says:

      Ouch ouch, poor poor hater. I guess you still haven’t moved on from that same old, same old. Heh, I love reading all the Kurtosfky/Kum/Kurtsies flipping out on these articles. You keep on frothing at the mouth and Darren just keeps on getting more and more successful. Nothing is sweeter than the smell of your impotent hate.

      • annette says:

        AMEN! All these self-titled “critics” are just bitter that Darren is going to be (actually, already is) the most successful cast member on or off the show. I love it and can’t wait for more!

        Accusing these hard-working actors doesn’t insult them – it just makes themselves look ugly and petty.

        • Paul says:

          Darren Criss is NOT the most successful cast member off of the show. Far from it. Control your delusions and go back to watching YouTube videos. P.S. This is why the rest of the Glee fandom hates Darren and his fans.

          • annette says:

            Success isn’t moronic Gleeks yelling at other people on fansites. Success is getting jobs off the show. Jobs that other people actually see. No BS movies like “New Years Eve” or
            “I am Number Four” that flop.

          • Paul says:

            …they all have gotten jobs off of the show. And many of them were successful BEFORE Glee. The problem is that they don’t get special treatment like Darren does, who got to negotiate his contract later, to go skip off whenever they want to do other projects. You’re an absolute idiot. They have turned down more roles than Darren Criss will ever be offered once his 15 minutes of fame are up, and they are drying up quickly.

            Lea Michele has another movie coming out. Cory is working on developing his own projects. Chris wrote, starred in, and produced a movie that’s coming out this year. He also wrote a book being released this year and is working on ANOTHER book and script. Amber and Naya are working on albums, and so is Chord and Kevin. Dianna also has made other films and is bound to do more.

            But, yes, special snowflake Darren is the only one doing anything. More people will see these things than see his stunt-casted stint on Broadway that is getting him mediocre reviews, by the way, not to mention criticism in the Broadway community for his immature antics. He’ll never be invited back again.

          • annette says:

            Really? They were successful before Glee? Where/when did that happen? Other than Lea, I don’t see any long list of credits on imdb for any of them. If Darren is able to negotiate time for other projects, why shouldn’t he? What SPECIFIC things did the cast have to turn down because they would not be allowed time off? I don’t want to hear rumors or your opinion. WHERE ARE THE FACTS?!

            Chord tried to get out of Glee and could only get one sitcom job. That’s why he’ll take any scraps that RM throws his way. What movie does Lea have coming out like you say?

            I’ve given you ample time to make your list. “Working on an album” doesn’t count – anyone can do that. Is anyone going to release it? Will anyone buy it? Does anyone buy the songs they release from Glee?

            Go ahead an insult me again – it seems to be your only method of debate. Your mother must be so proud.

          • Paul says:

            You’re unhinged, annette. So Lea, Jane, Matt, Mike O’Malley, Dot and others weren’t doing anything before Glee? Oh, okay. News to them and everyone else who has seen them in other projects.

            No one is saying Darren shouldn’t negotiate time if he can. The point is the other cast members CAN’T. So you cannot crow about his projects without understanding that the other members are locked in and can’t give the time commitment to other projects.

            And, oh, what are these many projects that Darren is doing, by the way? Because he’s doing nothing more – and sometimes less – than everyone else. Three weeks on Broadway, and the fourth or fifth billed cast member on Imogene is supposed to be so much better than everyone else? Because it’s really not. It’s actually very little compared to your harping, making it go on like he has hundreds of things he’s working on.

            Ooops – don’t say he’s “working” on an album, since apparently that’s something so trivial to be doing for the other cast members.

            The other cast members have mentioned in their interviews having to turn down roles, including ones on Broadway, FYI, because of their time commitment on Glee. I’m not going to hunt them down for a ranting idiot like you. And Lea is working on something called Dorothy of Oz. Do your own research, you lazy nutcase.

            “WHERE ARE THE FACTS????!” Take your medication today, please.

            And, please, don’t talk about whether people are buying their songs on Glee, not when so many of Darren’s songs have flopped fantastically this year.

          • James says:

            Actually the rest of the fandom doesn’t hate Darren and his fans. A very small part who can’t handle the guy’s success for various reasons froth at the mouth and then when you add the GA, it’s such a tiny percent that it is not even a fly on an elephant’s back. And no, he isn’t the most successful member on the show. Jane Lynch is. From the kids, it’s Lea, Chris and Darren though even Lea is a bit debatable as Spring Awakening was good but she herself was a point of contention for many while her latest movie flopped. That leaves Chris and Darren with their outside work and they are currently the most successful “kids” outside of Glee. Now haters can talk about the casting couch for Darren all they like but that is why I find it funny. The guy is getting bigger and bigger, is successful and good on him. Also great for Chris and all others. But you won’t be seeing me talking dirt about others who are PEOPLE even if I don’t like their characters on the show. The casting couch? LMFAO oh haters, at least find something new.

          • James says:

            Oh yes, Paul, I forgot, none of Darren’s solos flopped this year. In fact, his solos are among the highest solos if not the highest ones actually. SOLOS! Duets and group songs did get higher than his solos. Facts matter man, you look silly otherwise.

          • Paul says:

            Nah, James. Go look at the Billboard rankings for the year, as they were compiled with all of the Glee songs together to show how everyone has done. Darren’s songs have barely made a dent. His highest ranking one is not even one of his MANY solos. It’s a duet with Chris Colfer.

          • James says:

            And by year I mean this *season,* when he didn’t have the Bubs arrangements to fall back on. His songs have underperformed on the charts, and that’s not even debatable.

          • James says:

            @Paul – you go and see which solos went above his in season 3. Come back with that info. He only had 3 solos by the way, one of which is a Broadway song and was never going to do amazing as those songs, unfortunately, just don’t. He sang as much as Mercedes overall, and both Santana and Rachel sang more than him. Yes, I counted. Also there is nothing wrong with his highest ranking song being Perfect, much like there’s nothing wrong with Chris Colfer’s highest ranking song being Perfect. It is a duet of a popular song and well done to both of them. Darren sells well, has lots of fans, is getting outside projects that are working out for him and yes, he is one of the three most successful kids on Glee. You can deny it all you want.

          • Paul says:

            LOL, James, just stop. Barely anyone else had any solos to compare to his. Rachel has had ONE solo this season, River, hardly something popular. Santana has had ZERO. They’ve both sung on duets and group songs. The only people who have sung three solos are Blaine, RORY, and Puck. Everyone else has been lucky enough to get one. So, yeah, let’s compare non-existence songs to his existing ones shoved down our throat.

            Billboard rankings and chart positions:

            11. Rumour Has It / Someone Like You
            12. We Are Young
            51. Survivor / I Will Survive
            53. Fix You
            57. Perfect
            59. Girls Just Want to Have Fun

            All songs that have done better than his first solo, It’s not Unusual, at 65.

            Then it goes:

            66. I Kissed a Girl
            68. Uptown Girl
            69. You and I / You and I
            72. Last Friday Night
            75. Somewhere
            76. Man In the Mirror
            80. I Can’t Go for That / You Make My Dreams
            83. You Can’t Stop the Beat
            86. Hit Me With Your Best Shot / One Way or Another
            86. I’m the Only One
            88. ABC
            89. Constant Craving
            91. Run the World (Girls)
            92. Red Solo Cup
            92. Do They Know It’s Christmas?

            More than HALF of the songs he has had prominently featured parts on didn’t chart. He’s flopped all over the place. They’ve shoved THREE duets with Lea Michele and him on us, and they all flopped, including the song the Christmas episode was named after! Most of the songs from the last competition episode charted, but curiously Control, which FEATURED HIM THE MOST, didn’t. Why? Because people aren’t interested. I shudder to think what he’s going to sound like on the Michael Jackson songs.

            Sorry that the truth hurts. He hasn’t sold well at all this season, and the charts don’t lie.

          • April says:

            Why the hate? Doesn’t this show preach tolerance?

          • Pagie says:

            This is all crap. Another thing, I LOVE Extraordinary Merry Christmas the only thing is I’m not going to by it on itunes, not at their price I’d rather buy it once the CD comes out or get it of youtube. In fact Darren’s songs are the only ones I bother with (along with the Warblers), unless its on the CD even then I skip half of them. Darren and Lea are the reasons why I watch glee, and listen it its songs.

        • Sam says:

          Lol if you actually think Darren is more successful than Chris or Lea etc. Darren is just basking in overexposure, his fifteen minutes will run out soon enough. Chris, Lea, and Naya are all examples of people who have a long successful career ahead of them. One that doesn’t rely of screaming preteen fangirls, but actual talent.

          • annette says:

            Where is your evidence for any of those assertions? What other work have ANY of them gotten? Be specific. I’ll wait.

          • Sam says:

            You’re a moron. I am not going to sit here and name all of the stuff Chris Colfer has accomplished all on his own without the help of stunt casting or retarded fan girls. If you had half a brain you would already be aware.

          • annette says:

            I said I was waiting. Make your list. Be specific. But don’t forget to include all of the jobs that Naya and Lea are getting too.

            Calling me a moron doesn’t make your argument better. Just makes you sound like one.

            Again…waiting for all of the movies and TV shows that will feature Naya and Lea this year. Educate me.

          • Sam says:

            Read Paul’s response, because he actually played along with you and your idiocy. Goodbye.

        • gregory says:

          Annette, please shut up. You’re making all Darren stans look worse than they already do.

        • Kevin says:

          Darren is an okay actor. What keeps him from being a good actor is his inability to have romantic chemistry with Kurt. Chris Colfer does a fine job at making us believe that Kurt is in love with Blaine. But Darren hasn’t made me believe that Blaine is in love with Kurt. With where the characters are at, I feel that if Kurt got killed by a train, Blaine would react with just as much sadness as he did when the bird at Dalton died. Darren just does a horrible job at acting emotionally invested in Kurt. If Darren could muster even half of Chris’s acting ability when it came to love, I would be fine. But since he can’t. Which is why Darren remains an “okay” actor. A good actor would be able to act emotionally interested in his love interest. Especially when Klaine’s been given as much screentime as they have.

          • Lily says:

            Agree with you about Klaine except for 1 bedroom scene… When Blaine was dancing around Kurt in his bedroom and he really showed how he cared about how Kurt feels and how he feels about Kurt… I think it is my favorite Klaine scene and I am not even a Klaine fan.

  14. Mariah says:

    I’m really excited for more Sebastian! He is funny and the scenes he’s in are always very interesting to me. I like him.

  15. amanda says:

    I like grant a lot actually, come at me haters

    • KC says:

      I love Grant because he comes off as being a total sweetie in the things I’ve seen. But I hate Sebastian because he’s a slimy douche bag. It’s sad how few see the difference between actor and character. Grant is pretty much the opposite of Sebastian from what I can tell.

  16. derekIno says:

    Aww you butthurt Klainers are so cute <3

    • Gleenough says:

      Nah. Some of us just don’t want another character added to their already prominent storyline to give them even more focus. Especially someone who can’t act or sing.

      • Tirza says:

        Precisely this. Glee already has tons of characters who get ignored or who only get their turn once or twice a season. More storylines for generically pretty white characters played by charisma-free actors? No, thanks.

  17. Catherine says:

    no blaine for two eps? what is this my birthday present or smth?….so happy RN.

  18. Erica says:

    Wow these pages are filled with haters. I really don’t care what you people think anyway. I like Grant and I like Sebastian. I don’t think he is a bad actor. Calm down. And then theres people who say he can’t sing when you’ve never actually heard him unless you bothered to look him up on youtube, which I can almost guarantee you haven’t. I’m sorry you can’t accept that some people have different opinions. I don’t understand why you have to be so rude about it.

  19. Jean says:

    If Blaine is going to be gone for two episodes (thank you, Lord), can Kurt still have a happy Valentine’s Day and kiss Sebastian instead? Because I’d much rather watch those two get together.

  20. kathy says:

    Wow, some of the responses here are just cracking my up!
    Some people seem to think that the actors develop the characters, they don’t – that’s the writers, directors, creators of the show.
    And, hello, reality check — it’s a TV show. Sometimes it’s great, crappy and OK. One thing you can say about Glee is that it isn’t consistent.
    I still watch the show, enjoy the ride.
    If you don’t like a scene, an episode or whatever; change the channel, fast forward, whatever; no one is being held at gun point to watch this show or any (at least I’m pretty certain that no one is being held at gun point).

  21. Heather says:

    haha Chris hates Klaine so much he’s not even trying to hide it anymore.

  22. douglashawk says:

    Why is everyone hating on Darren? He’s an exceptional performer. He has a very good tone quality, he can dance, and he can act! He’s one of the few legitimate triple threats on the show.

    • Ian says:

      Oh god, Blarren stans.

      He has some talent I will admit but “triple threat”? Only in the most mediocre sense of the word. He is just OK on all three fronts. His singing is alright but nothing special at all, half the cast of Glee can sing better than him. His acting is good only on stage, but in front of a camera he overacts and is just plain bad. His dancing is okay; he’s better than Cory for sure but he’s no Harry or Heather.

      People hate on him because this orgy of mediocrity is consistently getting the most screen time and songs all due to his psychotic fans and not at all due to his actual talent.

    • Claude says:

      He can’t act or dance. He can barely sing. He is nowhere near being a “triple threat.”

      • KC says:

        I’ll admit Darren is a “meh” dancer most of the time (though he did a fantastic job on the complicated moves for How To Succeed), but he can definetly act. Ever seen A Very Potter Musical? He was great in that. The problem with Blaine is that the writers aren’t consistent and apparently give Darren very, very little direction. There’s an interview where he said he’s asked questions about the character and got directed to different people being told “ask them”. So he’s doing his best with next to nothing. As far as singing, he’s the strongest male on the show. Go watch a few live clips and tell me he can’t sing. It’s not his fault Glee autotune out most of the rich tones he has.

        • Claude says:

          I’ve seen A Very Potter Musical, before he was even cast in Glee, and he was the worst thing in it. The girl playing Draco was the best, followed by the guy playing Voldemort. Darren wasn’t even in the top five.

          And Darren is not some special snowflake on the show, with everyone else getting some great tips and direction and him getting nothing. Everyone else makes it work under the same conditions, and yet he can’t. He is very obviously the weak link in most scenes he’s in.

          And he is nowhere near being the best male singer on the show. Stop assuming that people haven’t seen his live stuff just because we don’t drink the Kool-Aid like you. I’ve seen YouTube clips, and I’ve seen him on the Glee live tour. He didn’t impress me. He’s also very obviously straining in a lot of songs.

        • jdahm says:

          LOL, you’re seriously and honestly using AVPM as an example of good acting. Wow, way to ruin any following point you try to make after that. First off, AVPM is stage acting which is completely the wrong style you ever want to use in television. Second, it’s bad stage acting. That show is amateur at best and only a few people show any sign of talent. Darren not being one of them. His line delivery is atrocious and his physical acting is even worse. I cringe every time Darren has to do something as simple and clutching Kurt’s hand during a scene. The fact that ‘he has nothing to work with’ is no excuse (and a completely false statement, they attempted to give him a few meaty scenes at times but he bombs those terrible). But anyway, as an actor you make something if there is nothing. Chris does this all the time. Also since you brought up his singing voice, that is extremely thin and not expressive at all. He has a very generic and weak pop voice which is especially apparent now that he doesn’t have the Bubs backing him up to make him sound better. Best male voice? GO listen to Matt or Kevin sing sometime. Even Chris is a better singer, and I’m not always that impressed with his stuff.

    • Marco says:

      I think it’s because Blaine’s overexposed. There is way too much of him, and ironically, no substance to the character AT ALL. He’s either singing or being a Marty Stu, another thing that irritates people. And because Darren plays Blaine, he gets most of the blame by not-fans of his/Blaine. To be fair, RIB should take ALL the blame for Blaine being so… well, Bland.

      • Sam says:

        I disagree, Blarren is definitely partially to blame for Blaine’s blandness. He doesn’t make any of his scenes exciting even with the crappy material he’s given. This is a skill Chris has mastered. Even when the dialogue is poorly written, Chris still makes it work. Darren never has and never will.

      • Ana says:

        I wouldn’t give RIB all the blame, but I’ll willing to give Darren the benefit of the doubt that if his character wasn’t a Mary Sue/Marty Stu (the only one on the show) he’d be more likable on-screen. I mean, the fact that Blaine has no real character flaw sets him apart from the rest of the cast and what Glee is all about. Emma has her OCD, Rachel has her ego/ruthless side, Finn’s a “dumb jock”… despite it being a large cast, each is flawed to the extent of being entertaining, if not always believable.

        • LIly says:

          Blaine no character flaw ? He is clueless, does stupid things when he is drunk. To make him even more flawed, I think that “Blaine” will get a physical flaw in the Michael Jackson episode.

    • livy says:

      He can sing a little and dance a little, but seriously, he’s a terrible actor.

    • Kittie says:

      Darren is a Jack of all trades but a master of nothing. He would be fine as a singer/songwriter touring small clubs or as an allrounder in community theater. But a Broadwaystar or an accomplished member of a cast that shoots one of todays biggest TV-shows and does stadium-tours he is not. The amount of exposure he gets in the media (as well as the praise his character Blaine gets on the show) are clearly out of proportion if you consider his abilities from a non-fan point of view. That‘s why people get annoyed at him.

  23. Daina says:

    I’ve been hoping for some Kurt time without Blaine. Chris is so great, but I’ve never understood or agreed with Blaine’s popularity. He is so dull. His most distinguishable character trait is, like, “bowties”.

    • Stefanie says:

      I would love for Kurt to interact with some other characters besides Rachel and Blaine. I mean, I love Rachel and Kurt together, but let’s see Kurt have some other friends or story lines separate from these two.

      • Marco says:

        I have an easy solution: bring Karofsky back. Like it or not, his storyline was the best thing about last season, AND he has chemistry with both Blaine and Kurt. The storylines for all three could benefit immensely from that, and he wouldn’t have to date either for that. There’s a little thing called ‘building a friendship’ that some Gleeks don’t get…

        • Ian says:

          I agree, although Dave barely interacted with Blaine. For a triangle situation though, there’s ALWAYS been that heavy tension and foreshadowing before and after the kiss waiting in the wings ready to happen: Dave and Kurt start a tentative friendship that redeems Dave and turns to romance, while Kurt and Blaine sort of destruct as a couple for reasons including a differing opinion on Dave’s past, but they still end up as friends after it all. The type match and chemistry has always been perfect with Kurtofsky, and Klaine is just redundant fluff.

          But of course, Sebastian had to be introduced, not really because it was so controversial to bring back Dave for Kurt, but so Blaine remained the focus and “desirable” one. It wasn’t fair to Chris or his character after all Kurt has been through romantically.

  24. Sarah says:

    I’m assuming RIB+ are telling the cast to push Grant the same way they give them buzz words (Revolutionary! Back to Basics!) to drop in interviews, but my god. Grant better crap jewels and be the best thing about the MJ episode because right now the consistent praise of an actor who has so far been overwhelmingly mediocre is starting to grate. And if Grant absolutely has to get his undeserved promotion, I’d much rather see him graduate into the assumed NYC split narrative next year. Grant and Darren together are a blackhole of suck, at least he’s mildly entertaining when working with Chris.

    • Sarafina says:

      I’m sorry but when has anyone been praising him except for Darren? Chris wasn’t praising him, he was being realistic. He didn’t compliment Grant in any way.

    • iWoman says:

      Exactly. It’s pretty obvious that the Glee show runners have told the media and cast to push this guy. Why, I don’t know, but they should have at least waited until AFTER his so-called “big episode” so it wouldn’t be so startlingly obvious. He’s done nothing so far to deserve a promotion – and certainly not one over some of the other people in the cast.

  25. dan says:

    Wow, the haters on this board are all wrong about Sebastian. He’s wonderful — when and only when he is in scenes with Kurt, providing someone despicable for him to trade insults with. I thought Kurt was hilarious in that one scene. Other than that, Sebastian is dull.

    • CookieGirL says:

      I think some of the fans are afraid Grant Gustin might overshadowed the other cast like what happened last year on Darren. GG is a broadway baby so talent is never a questioned. So sad some GLEE fans never indulge the great line of the song Defying Gavity “Ev’ryone deserves the chance to fly!”

      • trinity says:

        OMG THIS! I’m not the only one who thinks that Grant’talent scares some fans! That’s why he brings so much hate!

      • Wynn says:

        I’ve yet to see any of this talent, so nope. And lots of people on Broadway aren’t talented. Case in point: Darren Criss.

        • Miranda says:

          You realize you just disqualified your entire argument by admitting that you’ve never taken two minutes out of your life to look him up on the internet and research his talent, right?

          Also, Darren Criss’s situation is completely different from Grant’s. Darren only got on Broadway because of his legion of screaming fangirls in an act of stunt casting to sell theater tickets. Mission accomplished there. You can’t even argue anything similar with Grant, who nobody knew existed until three months ago. Grant got on Broadway because of raw talent.

          • Wynn says:

            Can you not read? I’ve yet to see any talent because he hasn’t demonstrated any, not because I haven’t seen anything else he’s done. I mean, I’ve seen his work and haven’t been impressed.

          • Miranda says:

            The same vague response all Grant haters give when they try to justify why they claim he has no talent when they’re too lazy to actually see if that’s true or not. You can say that you personally do not care for his voice, but denying that he has any talent is flat out ridiculous.

  26. Lizzy says:

    I love Grant. He is a sweetheart and very talented. I had a feeling that Darren wasn’t going to be in the V day episode but I’m not that upset. Klainers will be having a meltdown though I’m sure. And by the looks of the comments on this page I see they already are. Haha!

  27. Nana says:

    Wow, Glee fans are sure full of hate against one another. Let me just sit here with my popcorn.

  28. Jab says:

    This never before device will be IMHO.. the graduation of the current cast.. then in a flashback they go back to season one when they all came together and tell the untold stories

  29. Kris says:

    I want Sebastian inside me.

  30. SoWhat says:

    Poor guy oh so talented, very much adorned and critcally acclaimed but still gets jealous over the popularity of one hobbit guy who did nothing but trown into the cash machine of GLEE, somebody must remind him who he was three years ago. I didn’t like Darren either but he also worked hard same as them. I also hate GLEE when they put aside Tina storylines she is talented as much as Lea and better than Dianna.

    • Back Away Slowly says:

      This comment belongs on a projection screen…

    • lilac says:

      wait a minute…who’s the poor guy that’s jealous of the hobbit guy?

      • Sophie says:

        I think he’s trying to say Chris is, which is hilarious for so many reasons, including how Chris doesn’t even talk about Darren in this interview, except to say that he’ll be gone and the cast will be involved in other things. Which are facts. Is the cast supposed to sit down and cry somewhere because someone is missing? I mean, come on.

  31. skylight says:

    the comments here are hilarious!!!

  32. trinity says:

    I like Grant and Sebastian so much. He is talented and his character has potential. I’m glad if he stays in season 4.
    Haters gonna hate.

  33. Lara97 says:

    I wish they would have Kurt and Sebastian get together , it’s the only scene I found Grant interesting in and they have more chemistry than Kurt and Blaine have in my opinion

    • Sam says:

      Lol two dead fish have more chemistry than Kurt and Blarren. But I do agree about Kurt and Sebastian, they do have quite a bit of chemistry, and I also see a bit with Blarren and Sebastian contrary to popular opinion.

  34. Anna says:

    Blaine isn’t going to be in the V-Day episode? Huh. I wonder how that will effect Kurt. He better do something special when he comes back. Mixed feelings about the “no spin-off” I was kinda looking forward to the idea

  35. Ria says:

    I can’t stand season 3 Blaine, he should have stayed at Dalton.

    But he’s still completely sexy.

  36. Dave says:

    Am I the only one who hopes a satellite will fall on Kurt?

  37. Rose says:

    Am I the only one who loves the show and every sing actor? they are so talented, everyone of them. And I’m sorry for all of you haters who are only jealous of them because you can’t act/sing/have a nice life without bashing people. Buhu, butthurt much?
    pf. I love glee and yes, maybe I don’t love every character but I still don’t hate on them. So.. shush. Because Grant is the sweetest, Darren is amazing, Chris is fabulous, Lea is breathtaking, Dianna is perfect, Naya is awesome, Cory is lovely, Jenna is gorgeous, Heather is fantastic, Harry is flawless, Kevin is marvellous, and every other cast member is AWESOME.

    • raquel says:


    • Dawn says:

      Thank you! All this bull with people posting all this hate is a bit much no? The cast would be so upset if they heard all of you being so petty and disrespectful. If you love the show, support the WHOLE cast (including Darren). If all you want to do is bitch, then stop watching the show. END OF STORY!!

  38. Erin says:

    I like Blaine. I think he’s talented and a good actor. I don’t see what all this fuss is about.

  39. lalalalalala says:

    i actually don’t mind sebastian as a character, it’s grant gustin that i dont think as an actor is built for television. he should stick to the stage. his face and line delivery on my screen all next season is going to do nothing but piss me off, especially when one of the only characters rib haven’t destroyed over the last season is gone.

  40. estrdycfuvgibho says:

    blaine is one of the only things i’m still sticking around with glee for, actually. the amount of hate darren gets is disgusting if i’m honest. But that being said, i’m getting bored of kurt now, the writers need to give him a storyline that doesn’t involve his dreams getting crapped all over because my god, that is getting so old now.
    as for sebastian, i couldn’t care less about him or grant gustin. I don’t even know how he got cast.

  41. no1curr says:

    Wow, the hate on Darren here is just horrific. Darren worked damn hard to get on Glee, the only people who should be taking crap from fans about how horrible his character is are the writers, Darren has nothing to do with it.
    And the whole ‘let’s all push Grant Gustin to make him the new Darren!!!1!!’ thing, producers, is just poor. I don’t see Grant doing weeks of nothing but press and performances and flying halfway across the country to play shows for his fans -THAT’s publicity, not Ryan Murphy sitting behind a big desk telling all the cast members to tweet about how great he is.
    b o r i n g

  42. morty says:

    funny he has yet to show one ounce of this talent. his acting could not be more pathetic, boring monotone voice reading off cue cards. who cares about his dancing or singing after that.

  43. Kris says:

    About Grant becoming a regular next season – totally saw it coming, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. We probably won’t be able to make a fair judgement on his singing until after that upcoming episode with the warblers (though uptown girl was awful), but his acting? It’s mediocre at best. They probably will try to make Sebastian Kurt’s replacement in glee club (haha, no) and have him date Blaine once Klaine inevitably break up, and it will be one of the most painfully acted and stilted relationships on T.V. without Chris there to carry their scenes. At least if they’d gone the Kurt/Sebastian route, it would be mildly entertaining when they take shots at each other. Anyways, if they don’t give Kurt a new guy, hopefully he can at least be happily single, and then I can just focus on the graduated seniors if they’re really doing a “show-within-a-show” kind of thing.

    Also, “leading man?” ….don’t even know what to say about that.

  44. judy says:

    Any1 who takes the Glee storylines serious is missing big picture. Glee is always hilarious & FUN. The music, dancing, singing, acting & comedy is worth the silly plot lines. Every actor on that show is incredibly talented, bar none & 2 really enjoy Glee, embrace the ridicuculousness of the storylines. Silly plot lines they sometimes have r more than worth the price of the sheer fun that show is 2 watch. I am no where close 2 the demographic group that Glee appeals to (I’m 51 yrs old), but that means I’ve been around a lot longer than u young people so I can say that is 1 incredibly talented cast (especially Blaine). In very 1st episode, they say ‘Glee, by its very definition, is joy’ & that is so true. So to all nay sayers? Quit whining & enjoy the (often) ridiculousness of the show. Every episode has made me jump up & sing & dance along w/cast. At my age, not an easy thing 2 get me 2 want 2 do. Just enjoy it

  45. Heather says:

    Grant is not a good actor? what are you smoking? Sebastian is the complete polar opposite of Grant. When you see Grant, all you think about is HIM. Not Sebastian. You see him being a sweetheart and a genuinely good person. When he’s on screen, all you see is the conniving bad guy who you are at this point in time SUPPOSED to hate. In other words, he’s ACTING. And he’s doing a damned good job of it. If you think he sounds monotone or flat, that’s because that’s exactly what his character is supposed to be. He’s not supposed to be flamboyant or dramatic or anything. He’s very clearly intentionally played to be a cool, relaxed villain who does not give a f*ck. Maybe when he’s given more dramatic material you can judge his acting harshly, but for right now? He’s doing it perfectly.

    • Sam says:

      I agree with this 100%. I don’t know how much better of an indicator there is for good acting than when you can hardly tell the character is the same human as the actor. As opposed to, say, Blarren, who infamously earned said nickname because you nearly can’t tell the difference between character and actor due to his insane mediocrity on screen. If it wasn’t for the hideous bowties and gelmet, I would honestly have no clue which was which.

    • Huh? says:

      LOLOLOL an actor never wants to be called “flat.” Thanks for showing that even the fans of the PERSON can’t defend his acting. Sebastian could be an interesting character if the actor had an iota of charisma, but he doesn’t. He’s not the villain you love to hate. It’s just someone who you wish would get off the screen.

    • morty says:

      Oh, so the cue card reading line delivery and lack of any on screen charisma and chemistry with other actors is intentional? Give this man an Oscar!

      Seriously, anyone can attempt to play someone different. It doesn’t mean they are actually good or believable at it.

  46. Ben says:

    I seriously hope the writers don’t go down the road of Sebastian and Blaine. They have no chemistry at all IMO. I like both characters but if they try making Sebastian all nice and make them a couple i’ll probably end up disliking them both, as I hate couples who have absolutely no chemistry.
    I also wish Darren showed more commitment to Glee. He hasn’t even been a regular for a whole season and he’s already missed loads of filming for 2 different projects. He seems to have just used Glee for the fame and doesn’t really care about Blaine. He doesn’t work to make Blaine a better character or give him any of his own personality. Look at Chris and Vanessa. Even with little material they give Kurt and Sugar little quirks and habits you can see in the background which helps improve their characters. Darren has been in the show for over a year and he hasn’t give Blaine any extra personality.

    • Mark says:

      Darren is starving for fame. He is nice and a good person but he is genuinely a fame whore. Most people think the casting couch accusations are horrendous, but I think they are actually more likely than you would think. You have no idea how far some people are willing to go to get famous. And none of his fans know him personally so they have no say in this. I’ve seen people who claim to know him personally and they’ve all said that he’s nice but dying to get famous, and they wouldn’t put the casting couch thing past him. I agree about Blaine’s personality being bland. The most exciting thing about him is that he magically transforms into a completely different personality every episode, so I have to keep reminding myself who the hell this character is. The writers don’t even know. Darren isn’t even trying. That much is clear.

      • Nina says:

        Yeah Darren is the biggest fame whore of the whole cast. He shows up at practically every event whether he needs to be there or not.
        If he put some of the time he spends fame whoring into developing his character and improving his acting he wouldn’t get as much hate.
        That’s partially why i’m not a fan. He’s mediocre in all aspects yet probably gets the most attention out of the cast. His fans act like he’s the best thing ever and it’s so annoying. His broadway debut was panned by most proper Broadway reviews (ie people who actually know about broadway and not just random celebrity magazines.) Talented actors like Chris, Cory, Lea and Naya are all 10 times more talented than him but they don’t get half the praise, especially Naya, she rarely gets praise and she is actually a triple threat.

        • Jewel says:

          Chris and Lea have been nominated for and have won awards. I don’t think they’re concerned about the praise Darren gets, because he’ll never have his name written on anything other than a Teen Choice award.

      • hedy says:

        WOW. get some help…your bitterness over a TV show is not healthy.

  47. Spencer says:

    Any episode without Blaine or God-aweful Darren Criss is a good one!!! I hate the character, and the actor.

    Now, bring on the haters!!!

  48. Take a walk says:

    Wow the vitriol just proves how little you think of yourselves. Instead of breaking people down, take a walk outside, find inner peace for your life. This is only a show.

  49. Charpa says:

    I totally agree. Sad thing is, I love Darren (mainly because he is awesome as a Starkid) but Blaine is really one of the most boring characters on TV and no matter how hard I try I can’t like him. Give him a damn PERSONALITY!

  50. Gina says:

    I understand the Darren hate because we actually know enough about him to form opinions on his performances, but the Grant hate is generally unwarranted, especially if the only time you’ve ever seen him performing is the five minutes he was on Glee.