Ratings: Chuck and Fringe Low But Steady, Nikita and Supernatural Drop

There was not-bad news and not-good news for genre-TV fare this Friday night.

NBC’s Chuck, which has just two weeks/three hours left in its five-year run, held steady with 3.24 million total viewers and a 0.9 rating, as did Fox’s Fringe, which matched its most recent tallies of 2.9 mil/1.1.

The CW, meanwhile, struggled. Nikita (1.46 mil/0.5) was down 7 and 17 percent, respectively, while a reportedly excellent installment of Supernatural (1.55 mil/0.6) nonetheless dropped 15 and 25 percent.

NBC’s Grimm (4.63 mil/1.4) also dipped, 7 percent, to hit a series-low demo rating.


* Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (6.2 mil/1.6) ended its series run with a 14-percent upswing.

* CBS’ drama lineup won every hour in total viewers, with Blue Bloods also besting its rivals in the demo. A Gifted Man opened the evening with 8.66 mil/1.3, down 13 percent in the demo. CSI: NY then drew 10.5 mil/1.7, on par with its last outing. Tom Selleck & Co. closed the night with 11.9 mil/1.8, adding a few eyeballs week-to-week.

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  1. Shaula says:

    So sad about Supernatural. It was an amazing episode. :(

    • Snapy says:

      Agreed. Jason Dohring was awesome.

    • Carrie Ann says:

      It was. I’m really surprised. It seemed like a lot of people were excited about that episode. “Nikita” was also exceptionally good. I’m really starting to worry about that show. It’s one of the smartest shows on The CW by far.

    • mary says:

      I am getting irritated with people saying that it should be canceled! It is such a great show! How about they cancel a dumb show like finding big foot or hard rock pawn where no one has any acting skills and there is no one pretty to look at. Dean is pretty to look at and Sam. This show needs to go on.

  2. mon says:

    noooo nikita!! last night’s episode was probably one of the best :( if this show gets cancelled i might die a little bit..i guess there’s nothing left to do…but sign the petition: http://twitition.com/54wx9

  3. DN says:

    Basic Cable’s top rated show got 3.5 million viewers. “Chuck”, with everyone knowing the show is ending, got 3.25 million viewers (so it will not gather new people to watch).

  4. Marc says:

    Very sad about the CW’s drops last night. Nikita was an amazing episode that started to pay off plot threads they’d been setting up all season long — in a twisty and interesting way no less! That show is so well written, it ticks me off that CW sent it to die a slow and painful death on Friday because it deserves much better. Maybe if it was a crapppy reality show it’d actually get some decent promotion (seriously, can someone honestly tell me that Remodelled won’t bomb and do it with a straight face?)

    As for Supernatural, I wasn’t really blown away by the episode. It had its good moments but felt too much like filler for me to get overly invested in it. Still, it didn’t deserve the kind of ratings drop it got. Maybe if the People’s Choice Awards people hadn’t been such dicks and given Supernatural some on-air recognition for winning best network drama, the show could’ve gotten a bump in the ratings instead! I understand though, a show like CSI needed the exposure — hey, wait a minute!

    I sure hope that DVR and web viewing treats Nikita well because I think they’re the only things that will save it from getting the axe.

  5. SianS says:

    Thats such a shame about Supernatural. This week’s episode was the best one so far this series. It was nice to see some of the old Dean sparkle back.

  6. Jem says:

    A perfect episode of Supernatural yesterday. Perfect for even the smallest details. xD
    That is a great pity!!!:(

  7. Patricia says:

    Sad about Nikita but this season has not been that good. I loved the first season I could not wait for the show to be on. It kinda lost its magic after Michael and Nikita got together. Now it’s just so sappy and dramatic. Nikita needs to kick more ads and Michael needs a haircut. Sean needs to stop crying about his mommy hopefully things will get better.

  8. Winchester says:

    Supernatural’s “Time After Time” took it back to the heights of Supernatural awesomeness!! So sad it didn’t get the deserved the ratings :/ Even Jason Dohring and X-Files guy couldn’t attract more viewers according to Nielson! I’m sure Nielson ratings are not the right way to judge a shows ratings. Its faulty to the maximum!!!

  9. deborah says:

    “Supernatural’s” ‘Time after Time’ was an amazing episode, filled with humor and overall very entertaining. I am actually shocked that the ratings fell. The show just won for Best TV Drama and Best Sci-Fi series at People’s Choice Awards! Where were all the fans who typed their fingers to the bone to help the show win these awards, last night?!

  10. tvaddict says:

    So upset about Supernatural. Please don’t let it be in jeopardy for season 8. Last night’s episode was so good!

  11. mara says:

    Fringe!! I’m disappointed it got a 1.1, but at least it stayed steady instead of dropping. Hopefully next week will be better.

  12. Jay says:

    It sucks to constantly have to check up on your show. Last night’s Fringe was great…had everything I love about the show.

    • Point says:

      That just may be the problem: last night was again the Walter/Walternate/Peter story, I am sick and tired of it.
      So how many times we have had that over the course of Fringe?
      Season 1, 2, second half season 3 mostly.

      And Olivia Dunham, once the strong independent hero, fighter for the greater good, has now officially been reduced, to the girl on Fringe and the victim, this timeline from Nina ( we may even get a few scenes about that every 6 episodes) and now she is the ultimate victim, violent death no matter what.

      With an active Olivia Dunham, actively dealing with her past and future they would have had compelling television, fresh and new and new options.
      Free tip for the showrunners: it is already to late , since this will be the last season of Fringe, but how about Mr. Jones turning out to be mr. X and Olivia’s real father?
      No? Right you only do Father-son relationships.
      Pity of your strong women.

  13. Eric says:

    I tuned in to Supernatural after a long time last night & was so surprised. This episode was in a word – AWESOME-NESS!! I’ll continue to watch it from next week. Too bad I’m not a Neilson viewer & couldn’t contribute. I’m sure there are many more like me who watched Supernatural last night.

  14. Erica says:

    How can two of the best shows on tv have such awful ratings!!! I can’t let go of Supernatural and Fringe!!

  15. Nikki H. says:

    Surprised about Supernatural. Last night’s show rocked! I bet the DVR ratings will bring it back up.

  16. TalkTalk says:

    Every senior citizen and high school dropout in America must watch CBS 24/7. That is the only way to explain why their sub-standard programming consistently wins.

    • Jules says:

      Um I am 33 and have a Masters in Psychology and Blue Bloods is my favorite show….but thanks for your insightful generalization!

    • GK says:

      Well, Person of Interest is one of the smartest shows on tv. And Mentalist is awesome too. I’m a 22 year-old mechanical engineer btw. Oh love, Supernatural and Fringe too. So, as Jules said, thanks for invalid your opinion.

      • Nina says:

        I love Person of Interest, also! It’s such an underrated show in my opinion. Most of the critics ignore it & the online fandom is small but dedicated (i voted so many times for the People’s Choice award!). This week’s episode “Super” was one of it’s best. I’m hoping for a season 2 pickup announcement from CBS soon.

    • Mike says:

      Or people just like it, don’t be bitter because your show isn’t watched.

  17. Nina says:

    I’m disappointed but not surprised by Grimm’s ratings. I was hoping for a season 2 but it looks like it will be cancelled before it can fully reach it’s potential.

    I don’t watch Supernatural anymore but I feel sorry for it’s fans. That was a big ratings drop. Didn’t it win people’s choice awards? Is CW still not showing ads for Supernatural? CW should be promoting the heck out of a show that wins them any awards.

    Fringe fans should be happy they even got a season 4 in my opinion. Those ratings are awful.

    Also, does it really bother anyone else that 3 genre shows all come on at the same time! I know a lot of people who like them all but not everyone has a dvr to watch them. I think all 3 shows really lose from this situation.

    • GK says:

      Totally agree with you Nina. They just divide the genre fans by the stupid timeslot. And when has The CW ever cared about the best written and acted show on their network? They aired a pansy congratulatory video.

    • spreidy856 says:

      I agree w/ you Nina, thursdays & fridays have gotten too crowded.
      Even w/ a DVR. It doesn’t allow established show to thrive & new shows struggle to get noticed(even w/ good scripts & stories).
      It’s ironic that SPN won 2 PCA awards this week-maybe fans are still mourning Bobby’s demise& it’s too soon to go into a fantasy/time travel story(?) These (thurs & fri) dramas like Fringe, Nikita, TVD etc. need to be spread out during the week or find new homes on cable perhaps(?)

    • Amy says:

      Yes, clustering 3 genre shows in the Friday death slot was an odd choice for the networks. However execs at Fox have already said they’re number crunching about keeping Fringe and it’s not looking great because of how expensive the show is. Grimm – don’t know with NBC, it’s a cheap show but the schedule jerk around seems like they don’t really care. Supernatural – seems that the CW wants to keep the show on air, based on contract negotiations.

  18. kate says:

    Fringe was great last night so glad it was finally back.

  19. Anya says:

    It’s a travesty that Fringe and Supernatural had such low ratings. I blame the 2-month long hiatus. Those ratings do not even reflect the quality of the episode. Fringe, quality-wise, is back with a vengeance. I really hope the ratings start to reflect that.

    • Tico says:

      You may want to look up the definition of travesty. Maybe you meant catastrophe or fiasco. Don’t use words you don’t understand, Vizzini.

  20. arefe says:

    you know many of the viewers of supernatural or others shows usually downloaded the show ,so imagine in Iran just 1 or 2 hours after the show aired in US we can downloaded with the high quality & also in many other countries,
    if the channels want to know how many viewers watch the show they have to make or build a online poll.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    I’m worried about Grimm. I can’t watch it live, so I hope there are many others, like me, who at least watch it on DVD playback. I wonder if Grimm could do better on a different night? I think it’s the best new show on NBC. It would be a shame for them not to try and nurture it. That network needs help ASAP.

  22. Muscles says:

    Nikita is one of the best produced network shows on television. It does not deserve these low ratings.

  23. Susy says:

    It’s sad to see how some of the better shows on tv have such low ratings. I happen to like Nikita, Supernatural and Fringe. All three are so well-written, it’s a shame there aren’t more viewers! I usually watch Fringe online or on demand- since Nikita and Supernatural are back-to-back. Fox should move Fringe to another day (not Thursday) and give this intriguingly creative show another chance!
    The same goes for CW and its placement of Nikita. Instead of another stupid reality show (Remodeled?), Nikita should move to another night and give it a chance! Supernatural will be fine- fans won’t abandon it.

    • Girish says:

      Don’t be so sure of Spnl. I’m starting to get extremely worried by the decline in ratings of this amazing show. If only PCA had aired it live on main show, this episode could have had ratings gold :/

  24. Amanda says:

    Thanks for saying Fringe held steady, that is a very positive way to look at last nights ratings. Other websites just give doom and gloom to us Fringe fans.

  25. Jo says:

    Grimm and Fringe were awesome last night. 2 great shows

  26. A says:

    It’s becoming increasingly sad to see how America is crumbling to neuron killing so called reality crap & bad crime tv. As if the news isn’t enough…crime is increasing get your fix there. So much violence it is anxiety inducing. Yet a smart, creative & quality show such as Fringe has a decreasing demographic. It’s in a really bad TV spot, however the contents and integrity of this show should be enough to have a great shelf life. I am so sad for the future generations whose future seems bleak & ignorance riddled. I don’t even watch TV, but when I do I dont want to my brain to die by seeing a bunch of sexually promiscuous, drunken loud middle school drop outs or no talent celebrities, or crime scene drama where police actions is disturbingly glorified, not to mention unreal. What about a bunch of ppl who can’t sing embarrassing themselves while a group of auto tuned no talent celebrities make some others jump through hoops. Meanwhile ppl are getting fed a bunch of crap on how they are the ones actually choosing their next idol. Plsssss come on! Let’s wake up. We once upon a time used 10% of or brains….present time –well maybe 5% it’s a real shame!

  27. p.k. ashf says:

    If you take Supernal off I will never watch CW again.

    • mary says:

      Well said. I dont get why the ratings are low if so many people watch it? I feel like if people dont follow the show somewhat from beginning they might think its weird but it is amazing! I watch reruns all the time. it never gets old.

  28. Mike says:

    ratings specialist Marc Berman had this to say:
    The CW has bigger problems than Friday. It is time for 90210 and Gossip Girl to go.

    I agree with him. The CW should stick with this line up next season. They cant get shows that can do better. you just have to look at the ratings for all the other shows except TVD of course

    All the CW need to do is just promote Nikita and SPN more. That is all but they cant do better then these

    Look at the ratings this night ALL shows was almost down. It was also friday the 13th many had horror movie nights especially the demo viewers.

  29. kevin says:

    So sad to see EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION gone after nine unforgettable seasons. I’ll always be remembered with the catchphrase: MOVE THAT BUS! :)

  30. darmody says:

    If Nikita gets cancelled i will boycut all the other CW shows i watch i mean it and i own a nielsen box.
    CW this is the best show you will ever get.The critics agree. Don’t turn your backs on this fantastic show

  31. Renee says:

    I hope Grimm gets renewed. I dropped quite a few shows this year and picked up Grimm, Person Of Interest and Terra Nova. I would like all three renewed please.

  32. xM says:

    Sad for Nikita, I certainly agree that last night episode was very interesting. However, I concur with Michael’s hair issue :D

  33. KEL says:

    It’s sad to hear about NIKITA. Nikita did so well last year cause it was on a Thursday now they moved he show on fridays which suck cause Friday no one watches tv. Thy should move NIKITA back to Thursday instead. Bolts is a good show. It’s a shame that the ratings dropped. CW better renew it for a season 3.

  34. dee says:

    Those ratings for “Gifted Man” make me sad. Terrific pedigree among the producers, absolutely fantastic cast, and the show is really starting to hit its stride–and unlike everything else on the network, IT’S NOT A POLICE PROCEDURAL! I hope CBS gives it a break (and a better time slot), and helps it find its audience.

  35. Jem says:

    I read in some places that fans of one or another actor does not watch the episodes in which is more centered on one or that actor. This to me is called stupidity because boycotting the show that you love is stupidity and great. I was impressed when I read some comments on this. :( I hope that these “fans” think really in what they are doing. This may take the show to cancellation and I’m guessing that fans of the show didn’t want this. Right! I watch everyone, all episodes, analyze and criticize this as a good fan, but I don’t never will do something like this.
    I’m not wanting and I won’t argue with anyone, I do not like this. Just think that a stupidity. :D
    #Supernatural is awesome!!!

  36. Jude says:

    Ouch Supernatural! Isn’t that the same demo rating it had this time last year for a REPEAT? It seems that without Smallville as a lead-in SPN’s numbers will continue to be be super embarrassing on Friday nights.

  37. Cheryl says:

    Supernaturals Season 7 has been the best since season 3 with the show finally getting back to being the story of Sam and Dean again. Last nights episode was great!

  38. Justin says:

    Fringe, Nikita, Grimm and Chuck were awesome last night.

  39. Margo says:

    CW’s publicity team is such a fail! Nikita’s episode on Friday was it’s best…they’ve pretty much stopped promoting all their shows…which is why shows slotted on Friday barely get their viewers. They need to do better! Nikita is a great show but Im starting to think it’s not going to get another season which is unfortunate because its the network’s fault not the show’s.

  40. Pam says:

    Chuck is barely watchable this season, imo. There were one or two good eps (the hacker one was really good). I stopped watching in season 4 but started watching again because its last season. I have to keep reminding myself that I only have a few more hours of this to watch. :|

    Regarding Fringe, I think most fans went into season 4 expecting it to be its last. If we do get a season 5 (hey, we got a season 4 against odds), then it will be an unexpected gift and I think we could all be assured that will be its last season.

  41. Julie says:

    Supernatural will most likely have an official “final season” a la Smallville; I doubt CW would just cut the show like that since it’s one of the most popular show the network has (even though the ratings are low it’s via the internet and DVR that the show is mostly watched).
    But I must admit that I wasn’t too fond of Friday’s episode. It had its moments, but I’m tired to see the good old characters (Cas, Bobby) getting replaced by characters who should reccur that often (I love Sheriff Mills but seriously her stay has been over done). This show isn’t about family any more (Dean and Sam barely hunt together) and the Leviathan story will most likely be finished with one random scene (remember when the Mother of All was apparently the most baddest of baddies in the universe and was killed within a couple episodes?)
    They should do us a huge favor and end the show with a wonderful ending before it’s really too late.

  42. John says:

    Nikita is great. The writing isn’t predicable, its got it all… they need to put it in a better time slot.

  43. sarah says:

    So happy for CSI NY and Blue Bloods. Maybe they will bring CSI NY back next season AND it will get a full 22 episodes not 18 like this year