Ratings: Rob Has Grande Premiere, Finder Gets Lost in Shuffle as Person of Interest Hits Highs

Deuce Bigelow was looking big and high as CBS’ Rob this Thursday night premiered to 13.48 million total viewers and a 4.1 demo rating, representing CBS’ best numbers in the 8:30 slot since May 2010.

The news was less good for Thursday’s other series launch: Fox’s The Finder opened to 5.9 million total viewers and a 1.7 rating, down some 30 percent from what Bones most recently pulled in the 9 o’clock slot (albeit with an X Factor lead-in), and placing fourth in the demo (behind NBC comedies). The Finder found itself up against CBS’ most-watched and highest-rated Person of Interest episode to date.

Next week, the Bones offshoot will benefit from an American Idol lead-in.

2012 Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Axed? What’s on the Bubble?

Going hour-by-hour:

8 pm | The Big Bang Theory dominated as the night’s most-watched and highest-rated program, surging double digits to 16 million total viewers and a 5.2 rating. In a special time slot, the Bones winter finale drew 8.63 mil and a 2.4, up a few eyeballs from its previous outing. ABC’s Wipeout (7.1 mil/2.2) dropped 15 and 20 percent.

The 30 Rock season premiere (4.57 million/1.8 rating) was up 27 and 20 percent from Community‘s most recent performance, yet marked the show’s series low for an opener; Parks and Rec led out of that with 4.1 mil/1.9, up a few percentage points. The Vampire Diaries (2.8 mil/1.2) was down 15 and 20 percent from last week’s winter premiere.

9 pm | Person of Interest (14.7 mil/3.2) led the hour in total audience and rose 14 percent to hit series highs on both counts, while Grey’s Anatomy (10.6 mil/3.8, down 16 percent) had the better demo rating. On NBC, The Office (5.87 mil/2.9) was flat, and Up All Night (4.3 mil/2.0) saw a 5-percent bump in the demo versus its last Wednesday airing. The Secret Circle held steady with 2.1 mil/0.8.

10 pm | The Mentalist dominated with 13.4 million total viewers and a 2.7 demo rating, flat versus its previous outing. Private Practice (6.7 mil/2.4) dropped 11 percent, while NBC’s The Firm (4.24 mil/1.0) plunged nearly 30 percent from its Sunday sneak preview.

What were you watching on this busy, busy Thursday?

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  1. Justin says:

    Rob does well in the ratings, and everyone with half a brain weeps.

    • Lary says:

      Epic comment! LOL And totally true.

      • Carmichael says:

        Agree with both of you. I have no clue who’s idea it was to give Rob Schneider his own sitcom, but whoever it is needs get some lessons in good TV

        • Toto says:

          Maybe someone figured if no talent David Spade can have a show [albeit aided by Patrick Warburton] then so can Rob if we throw in Cheech Marin. I’d be happier if they gave a show to Cheech and brought in Tommy Chong.

  2. Sasha says:

    He only does well because he had a good lead in. TBBT

    • Sg.Grant says:

      This. Too bad CBS doesn’t own Community. It would kill behind BBT.

      • Joseph says:

        Anything from NBC would kill on CBS, and that’s because NBC isn’t attracting viewers to their prime time lineups as they used to. The problem isn’t the shows, its the channel.

        P.S. I’m not attacking you or anything, I’m just adding my two cents to what you’ve already said.

        • absherlock says:

          Whitney and Are You There, Chelsea? would stink on any channel.

          • Joe says:

            everything on cbs stinks but a billion brain dead fools watch it all.

          • Carm says:

            @ I watch shows on CBS, ABC, NBC and lots of other stations since I have so many. Apparently you need TV to teach you something. I use TV for entertainment purposes only. Thinking that everyone else needs to feel the exact same way as you do about TV or they are brain dead fools says something about you.

      • Katie Hart says:

        That would be perfect – would love to have Community on after BBT!

  3. Jules says:

    I watch,but was bored for both show…50/50 possibilities for give them a second chance..or I might just watch a movie instead…
    As for 30’rock, never like it…but love Alec Baldwin,but think his wasting is time in that show…and even him cannot save that show to drown(awfull ratings) & been cancelled for good…sorry Tina fey,but I think y need to rtn to SNL

    • Um... says:

      Yeah, Alec Baldwin must totally regret his two Emmys, 5 SAG awards, and 2 golden globes from being on the show. If anything, this show saved his career.

      Even if the show is cancelled, it had 6 seasons. That’s better than most shows. There’s no need to apologize to Tina Fey. I doubt she has any regrets for leaving SNL for 30 Rock.

  4. kevin says:

    Blame CBS and ROB. Both got some explaining to do.

  5. Lu says:

    Bones had an incredible episode. Can not wait for the show to return.

  6. Jrs says:

    Pathetic! CBS’ crap continues to get the eyeballs while NBC stuggles. So sad.

    • Linda says:

      Agreed! People would rather watch crap than quality. 30 Rock and Parks & Rec are two of the funniest shows on TV. And they’re smart. That’s why people don’t watch them. It just annoys me so much.

      • Peter Bishop III says:

        30 Rock is a bland show that has overstayed it’s welcome.. What’s this the 6th season now? Boring.

        Parks and Rec might just be the dumbest comedy on TV. This show gets to keep it’s time slot but the far better Community is benched indefinitely.

        As far as the Finder goes.. FOX doesn’t need another by the books show when they already have House and Bones. This cast isn’t drawing eyeballs to the screen. They should dump this crap to Fri and give Fringe back it’s Thurs 9pm slot.

        • shell says:

          Seriously? I like Community, but I think Parks and Rec is a superior show. I find that Community is great at times, but not all the time. For me, Parks and Rec is more consistently funny and has much better character development.

          • Amy says:

            I’m gonna have to disagree with you. Parks and Rec is slow-paced as compared to Community (I have nothing against Parks and Rec. I really love it).

          • Matt says:

            @Amy: Slow-paced?! Have you met April and Andy? They got married after like a day. I’m not really seeing how P&R is slow-paced at all.

          • ultimate troll says:

            Don’t fall into this trap people. Community and Parks & Rec are friends not enemies.

        • BonesFringeFan says:

          Exactly! The only reason Fringe does badly is because of their Friday night deathslot. The combo of Bones and Fringe on Thursday nights was perfect! And the ratings were higher! I love all things Bones but I hope Finder gets cancelled or moved and Fringe gets it’s rightful slot back.

        • lacey says:

          30 Rock was good in the beginning now it’s just boring. At this point they’re just recycling their storylines and it’s just not as funny. Parks and Rec I don’t see the appeal to. I watched one episode and that was more than enough. And while I may not be a P&R fan it’s way better than The Office and 30 Rock. I blame Community being benched on NBC who apparently wouldn’t know a good show if it bit them in the butt.

      • Joe says:

        Except they are comedies, which means garbage. Anybody intelligent knows that much.

      • Lisa says:

        I love 30 Rock and Parks & Rec. Unfortunately, they were up against Bones and The Vamp Diaries. I’m not giving up my Bones/Vamp time slot. Sorry NBC.

  7. Donna says:

    I’m not a huge fan of Person of Interest, but after being bored most of the fall trying to get into this show, I have to say last night’s episode was quite good. It seems that Person of Interest is starting to settle in to what it wants to grow up to be. Glad that a good episode was rewarded with good ratings. I hope the show doesn’t go back to being boring and clunky next week.

  8. dee says:

    Rob was horrible. I turned it off for good when he was feeling up the grandma in the dark. Give me a break.

    Person of Interest, on the other hand, was great. So fun to see Reese and Finch switch roles.

  9. Elle says:

    I seriously effing wish CBS would just disappear. Ugh.

  10. pv says:

    Great to see Person of Interest doing well. Its definitely a show that is just finding its legs and I’m glad it was given the chance to do so by the network. As it finds itself, the audience will find it too.

    The last 3 eps for that show have been its best.

    • Annie says:

      I agree! At first it seemed to scattered and was hard to follow. That’s changed and I’m so glad they are utilizing Taraji more, she is way to talented to be kept in the back ground. POI is lucky to have her.

    • Cen says:

      I am a big fan of the show and enjoyed last night’s episode as well, mainly because Carter finally got a chance to understand what the guys do. Glad to see POI getting some press time too. I think it won People’s Choice for best new show?

    • kirads09 says:

      I thought last night’s POI rocked! Glad it did well.

  11. Maryann says:

    I watched The Finder and really enjoyed it. I hope it benefits from it’s American Idol lead in, because I’d like to see it stick around.

  12. WLE says:

    Person of Interest is really hitting its stride and turning into a really good show for CBS. How can it not be at least “a sure bet” on the renewal scorecard?

  13. WhatsWrongPEEPS says:

    is it THAT hard for people to SWITCH the channel in the year 2012?

    watch BBT and then switch to P&R


  14. shaun says:

    TVD had a good episode yesterday,shame people aren’t watching.Private Practice should be cancelled,horrible numbers.Surprised Secret Circle held steady,especially with POI back and weak TVD numbers.I like Faye’s hair better after the break.

  15. ggny says:

    well no point in watching the finder now since it doesnt look like it gonna last…spinoffs just dont seem to work anymore

  16. ggny says:

    and also of course Rob is gonna do huge ratings it is on after TBBT…Im betting next week it over to 10 with a under 3 demo

  17. Tikkanen says:

    Glad that Person of Interest got a vote of confidence from viewers and CBS brass.

  18. Isabelle says:

    So happy for Person of Interest, my favorite new shows of the season, solid acting and storytelling all around, it never disappoints IMO. I can’t wait for next week when Reese and Carter really have a sit down.

  19. NCC says:

    I’m not surprised about Rob! The thing is that almost every latin people knows Eugenio Derbez (Uncle Hector) as the greatest comedian of Mexico (for example, he is in part responsible for the big hit the Shrek franchise had in Latin America, as Donkey) so everyone who knew his work watched Rob! And we are many of us… Now, do I like it? Well, that’s another topic…

    • rod says:

      Eugenio Derbez was awful in the pilot, he is the reason i couldnt watch the whole thing besides the horrible accent + the mexican stereotypes

      • NCC says:

        Really? I mean, yes, he overacted a little bit, but still I think he stole the scene. In fact, I believe that the worst cast actor in the show is, precisely, Rob Schneider: he has no chemistry and his jokes were lamely.

  20. Maggie says:

    sooo now NBC knows that there was nothing wrong with Community. Any show up against BBT is bound to have low ratings. I guess it’s America’s fault then. As much as I love 30 Rock, this ep wasn’t as good as I expected or may be it was the fact that it replaced my favorite show which really I miss.

  21. Winslow says:

    I have stuck with Person of Interest for the fall and like it a great deal but I have to say as earlier posters noted it has hit its stride but I have to say last night’s episode was whatever the opposite of “Jumping The Shark” is – Let’s hope that TVLine revamp Person of Interest chances to get renewed and put it as a sure thing soon.

  22. JJ says:

    I wonder why so few people watch Up All Night. I think it’s a great show and Maya Rudolph is a great actress. I hoped that the Office would help its ratings. I still think it will get second season.

    • Loni says:

      I agree! I find it as genuinely funny and ‘real’ as Modern Family and even more so sometimes. The New Years Eve episode was hilarious!

  23. sarah says:

    The office should END

  24. sarah says:

    Thursday is a full night for me! Glad POI is doing well, hope Greys stays steady
    I am sad that Vampire Diaries decreased…so Secret Circle is still holding on

  25. Joseph says:

    People are bashing Rob , but the show was a lot better then I had expected ,

    PLUS ..

    Since I am not Mexican or Latin , I was not aware of just how big Eugenio Derbez , is in the Spanish speaking community.

    I knew Cheech Marin but it seems that CBS did something right and they are bring to their Network a show that would have scored big on Uninvision ! Smart Smart move by CBS!

  26. em says:

    I’m not a fan of Bones, but I actually tried to watch The Finder. It really didn’t interest me enough to keep watching after ten minutes. I would normally say that it’s in trouble especially considering Bones’ fans didn’t even tune in, but maybe AI’s lead-in will help next week.

  27. Justin says:

    I thought the Finder was pretty good. I’ll give it another two weeks to see if I’ll stick with it. The Bones episode before it, though, was freaking epic! Loved it! I also loved last night’s episodes of Big Bang Theory, Parks and Rec, and the Office. Person of Interest definitely hit a new high last night, in terms of viewers and the show overall now that Carter has a much better understanding of what Reese and Finch do. Love this show!

  28. Joseph says:

    Some people made comments about if Community was on CBS it would kill after Big Bang Theory, and I have to agree. The problem for NBC isn’t getting people to watch the shows themselves because they have many shows that are of the same quality if not slightly better than shows on CBS, but the problem for them is getting people to start paying attention to their Prime time lineup again. If Rob would’ve premiered on NBC, it would not have gotten the same viewing figures. It sucks because I’m a die hard NBC supporter and I want them to get back to number one because there is no reason they shouldn’t, but what it really comes down to is having attractive schedule blocks, not placing certain shows with others, not being afraid to have some hit programming on a Sunday night because it still counts as Prime Time, getting out the word of mouth about some great shows, revving up their advertisement and being bold with it, and not being afraid of pushing the envelope a bit because many people who watch the hard hitting critically acclaimed stuff on HBO or USA, FX, etc, would do the same on NBC with the right direction. I can predict however, that next fall NBC will do much better and that the Voice will consistently best its ratings from last year while Idol will start being on the decline come 2013 if not this year.

  29. Joseph says:

    @ the other Joseph

    Dude , I think your wrong about how well Community would be doing on CBS , the show has some strengths and the audience that likes how it is shot and written is already watching.

    The fact is that Community, 30 Rock, and The Office are all good shows but meant for a much smaller demographic. Nothing wrong with that but NBC should really just move their Thurs shows and present them on Saturday instead.

    Think of NBC with a new Prime Time that dominates Saturday 8 – 12:30 AM !

  30. vane says:

    I have to idea how CBS is getting good rateings noone watches it the only good show they have is hIMYM and how can u say that about parks and recreation it has the best cast its so funny and thiers no other show like it on TV if u haven’t seen it PLEEEEEASE give it a chance am sure you’ll get hooked it amazlying casted and perfect writing!

  31. absherlock says:

    I didn’t like the Finder when they soft-premiered it on Bones, so I didn’t bother watching it last night. I wonder if this show will have less of an opportunity to prove itself due to it’s being a spin-off and a pre-launch. What should have been a built-in audience didn’t show.

  32. RyanD says:

    After how basically every terrible show on CBS does so incredibly well, but nobody ever really claims to watch them, I’m starting to believe the 25,000 Nielsen households are all employees of CBS.

    • Holly says:

      For years I have been seeking to find one real live person, whom I know in real life, not on the internet, that watches Two and a Half Men.

  33. GMom says:

    I don’t understand the hating on CBS!! Maybe because we’re talking apples and oranges. I watch shows like Criminal Minds, Hawaii-50, NCIS Los Angeles, Person of Interest, etc – drama and others are talking sitcoms – 30 Rock, Parks & Recreation, etc! Big difference! I watch the networks that run the shows I like to watch. Simple as that.

    • Jenni says:

      I am just not that into comedy shows and the non comedy shows NBC has just are boring to me. I also watch a lot of CBS shows (NCIS, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds) and Castle and Once Upon a Time on ABC. NBC just offers nothing I want to watch. I don’t get why some people are bashed for liking what they want to like. I am sure Community and 30 Rock are quality shows I just have no desire to watch them.

  34. Jan says:

    CBS does a phenomenal job appealing to the least intelligent people in America.

  35. Ed says:

    This is why ratings aren’t fair. The idiots in America all watch CBS, and everyone else is spread out amongst the other network and cable channels. If I was an advertiser, I wouldn’t want to reach the slack jawed dolt who watches Rob, CSI, NCIS, NSICC, NINCISSC, etc. There should be a QUALITATIVE ratings system.

  36. Amber says:

    While there are several shows I watch on Thursday nights, Parks and Rec continues to be my happy place since Community was benched. While it wasn’t exactly my favorite episode last night, I still preferred it to the premiere of 30 Rock. I used to really, really love 30 Rock, but last season’s episodes nearly lost me. I’m sorry to say this year isn’t off to a better start. And it doesn’t help that it took Community’s spot on the schedule, it just makes me despise the show even more.

  37. Brandy says:

    I hate people bashing networks,shows, or saying people that watch a cbs are stupid or whatever or that people who dont watch nbc comedies are stupid or whatever. I watch big bang theory,2 broke girls on cbs and I dont like my intelligence being questioned or bashed. People need to accept that people like different shows, people being different is what makes life interesting. I also dont like community,parks&rec fans who I dont know who dont me or dont know my tv tastes telling me watch or what I should watch/like,even shows I dont like or other people making me feel bad for the shows I watch. Why cant people talk tv without the hate &bashing

    • RyanD says:

      Yes, people need to accept that people like different shows.
      But it’s bloody irritating that *your* shows aren’t the ones that ever get cancelled. Lowest common denominator television is thriving, but anything else just isn’t given a chance. At least, according to the Nielsen ratings. The only alternative is to watch high concept cable shows instead, but at 12 episodes a year it can make a lot of viewing schedules rather barren. I’d love to talk tv without hate and bashing, but every show I love gets cancelled. Every show you love gets spin offs.

  38. Katie Hart says:

    I’d watch more NBC if they’d quit canceling the shows I like. Outsourced, The Cape, now Chuck, and Community put on hiatus. I thought Free Agents was hilarious and they barely advertized it, then pulled it after 3 episodes. If they don’t renew Community, the only shows I will have left to watch on the network will be The Office and Grimm.

    CBS is more of a mixed bag – they have some excellent shows, some so-so shows, and some awful shows that take advantage of CBS’s rating magic (I put Rob in the latter category, but will give it another episode to move into the so-so rage since I don’t have any competing shows).

  39. Grace says:

    I didn’t watch TV last night but if I had I would have watched THE BIG BANG THEORY.
    I also watch A GIFTED MAN & CSI:N.Y. on CBS. I think they are both very good shows.
    My very favorite show and one I never have missed in 8 seasons is
    [H]OUSE. I very much hope it is not canceled.
    Hmm….Can’t think of anything I watch on NBC.

  40. Joseph says:

    TBBT was great , I never used to watch this show but since they expanded the cast it has been fun as heck to watch.

    As for Rob , stop the bashing , it was funny as heck and due to all the promo it got by the Spanish speaking networks it helped TBBT reach even higher numbers then normal.

    For those that NBC shows , the tend to be created for a smaller demographic unlike some of the ABC & CBS shows, this results in lower ratings.

    So stop the bashing of other shows , because if NBC wants to grow an audience they would develop and invest in programs that have strong growth potential.

    My suggestion for NBC is switch the main comedy line up and move it to Saturday and use that night to build and audience and then slowly each year and go after another day of programming.

  41. Christina says:

    I think Fox pissed off a lot of people by airing Bones @ 8 this week, it seems that people didn’t know about the time change and tuned in at 9 instead. When they saw the Finder there instead of Bones, they got really angry. Not airing Bones in its normal timeslot was a huge mistake, and the ratings show it. The episode was amazing, though. The new big bad is creepier than Gormogon.

  42. Loni says:

    I hope The Firm picks up, I’ve really enjoyed it so far. It’s nice watching an action/adventure show with lots of back-story without all the far-fetched supernatural elements like so many have had recently: Terra Nova, The Event, V, Flash Forward, etc.