Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick Discusses Chuck's 'Obsession' With Blair and His Likely 'Tragic' Fate

When The CW’s Gossip Girl returns this Monday at 8/7c, Chuck and Blair’s happy reunion will be put on hold. So, what happened after the pair seemingly sealed their future together in the fall finale? Will it drive Chuck back to his old ways? And should he be worried about Blair’s new confidant, Dan? TVLine went to Ed Westwick for the answers to those questions and others!

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TVLINE | Obviously Chuck’s not dead. But is he carrying any sort of emotional or physical scars from what happened?
I think so. I don’t see how you can’t after anything as traumatic as that. Not just that – the amount the guy’s been through [over] the course of the show has just been devastating. You hear stories sometimes on TV shows and these people are giving accounts of their lives and all the travesties that they’ve encountered, troubles they’ve encountered. I think Chuck is one of those characters. If it was real life, he could write a book. There’s going to be some emotional and some physical wounds, I’m sure. The emotional are probably going to be a lot more [heavy] than the physical.

TVLINE | Is this a catalyst for him? He’s already had a lot of change this season, but could there be even more?
When [the show] picks up, he wants to be with Blair, and he’s pursuing Blair. That’s his obsession, his goal. It’s the only thing that’s keeping him [going]. I think he attaches himself to the idea of her so much, the idea of them so much, that it becomes unhealthy. So it’s going to be interesting.

TVLINE | In the mid-season finale, Blair and Chuck reunited, but we know that the 100th episode is the big wedding to Louis. What happened?
All will be revealed, but yeah, the wedding is going to take place. What happens [that day], I can’t say, but it’s going to be an amazing spectacle. Leighton [Meester] looks fantastic in the wedding dress.

TVLINE | Did something just change for her, but not for Chuck?
I don’t think things changed; I think some things got in the way for her.

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TVLINE | There’s a picture of Chuck and Georgina from the 100th episode. Is there some fun storyline with the two of you?
There is. There’s a fun storyline…. She’s doing what Georgina does best, and she’s effing stuff up for everybody.

TVLINE | Are you allowed to say whether Chuck’s invited to this wedding?
Oh, yes, I’m invited.

TVLINE | One of the interesting things that took me by surprise was Chuck and Dan’s friendship.
That was definitely surprising for me. It was a reluctant friendship. That’s been interesting to explore. It’s demonstrated the heart of Dan, at the base, what Dan is. He’s a good, honest guy who recognizes when someone’s just a trainwreck, which Chuck has always been. So it’s been good, and it’s been interesting to work with Penn [Badgley] because I’ve rarely worked with him for like four years, and me and Penn are great friends. So it’s been good working with him, as well.

TVLINE | Chuck seems pretty cool about Dan’s feelings for Blair. Do you think that’s an accurate description?
Yeah, I don’t think he sees him as a threat. But I think that’s very naïve, which is strange for Chuck because he’s been through so much. You would have thought he’d be a better judge of character, but unfortunately in this show, people don’t seem to learn much. [Laughs]

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TVLINE | Jack Bass is coming back. What does this mean for Chuck and his family drama?
I don’t know, because we haven’t got the scripts, but I love working with Desmond [Harrington]. He brings such a great edge. He’s perfect in that role. The stuff between Chuck and Jack is perfect because it’s like “the evil twin”. So again, it’s going to be something which I’m very excited to get started on. I’m looking forward to going off on a different angle. This Blair thing’s been so much, and it’s established – he wants her back.

TVLINE | It seems like Jack and Diana might be in cohoots, so I want to float a theory by you: Diana is related to Chuck in some way.
A lot of people are floating that theory, and it’s an understandable one — but who knows?

TVLINE | Is there a specific ending that you would like to see for Chuck?
I’ve racked my brain about it a million times. I have this vision of him and Blair getting together.  He’s on his way to marry her or meet her and, all of a sudden, he gets killed in a car crash or something like that. [Laughs]

TVLINE | That’s tragic.
Or we were brainstorming this one idea earlier that he has to go on the run, wanted by Interpol. He becomes like Jason Bourne.

TVLINE | Those are both very dark endings.
He’s a tragic character. I don’t see any light ending for him. If he has a light ending, it won’t fit. It should be a tragic ending. Not necessarily tragic that he dies, but just… something. I think what we like about him is watching him fall apart.

TVLINE | Do you think he’s tragic romantically, as well?
Oh, absolutely. I think that’s on the wall. The whole Blair thing is tragic in every way. When you want to be with someone [and] you know you should be with them but [there’s] always external factors, that’s tragic.

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  1. MSC says:

    When [the show] picks up, he wants to be with Blair, and he’s pursuing Blair. That’s his obsession, his goal. It’s the only thing that’s keeping him [going].”

    Chuck and Blair will be together. We ALL know it

  2. Jennifer says:

    Nice interview. Love Ed. :) I hope Chuck doesn’t get a tragic ending though. LOL.

  3. Chris says:

    Oh Ed, I love you so much. And I love when you joke at the fate of the characters. But either way, glad to know he’s pursuing Blair, and that she hasn’t changed, just things get in the way!! Can’t wait for my CHuck and Blair!!!

  4. Helena says:

    You want a tragic ending for Chuck? You and me both, Westwick, you and me both!

    • Ana Muller says:

      I would actually like to see a tragic ending for Dan… like an accident involving someone chasing him down the street with a pair of scissors or something.

      • sarah says:

        yeah he seriously needs a haircut.
        Chuck and Blair and meant to be together and eventually they will get their happy ending.

        Nothing against Dan but the less I see of him the better he was tolerable until he started crushing on Blair. I’m sure he is going to hurt both Chuck and Blair because of his obsession with her

        • Lindsey says:

          EXCEPT Dan isn’t the one obsessed with Blair. Chuck is the one obsessed with Blair. And from reading Ed Westwick’s interview it seems like that obsession and love Chuck has for Blair is about to blend together for some awful stuff. I mean, the guy did horrible things when he was with her, imagine where that obsession will lead him when he’s not with her.

      • Belinda says:

        LOL the being killed by scissors comment is absolutely hilarious!!

      • Carmella Soprano says:

        LMAO! This needs to happen!

      • vivian says:

        this is so good! death by refusal of haircut lol

  5. Jenny Lee Packham says:

    Ed is adorable. But I hope Chuck doesn’t get a tragic ending. I want him to end up happy with Blair and a family! Lovely interview. Enjoyed his comments about Penn, Dan and Leighton too.

    • Captain says:

      That’s so not Chuck though. Even if Chuck ended up with Blair, he’d never be the type to settle down and have a family and go for walks in the park with his kids. That’s not who he is and that’s not why people like Chuck obviously since that is completely who Dan is and everyone wants him hit by a car.

      • Cheryl says:

        You couldn’t be more wrong. That is exactly who Chuck is. It’s obvious he’s wanted a family since S2 when he was excited about the van der Bass family. Plus he was ready to love Blair’s baby as much as he loves her. Did you watch 5.10 by any chance? It doesn’t seem like it.
        And if Dan wants to have a family he can have it with Serena or Vanessa or Georgina or Olivia or the million other female characters that have fallen in love with him over the last several seasons. He doesn’t have to have one with Blair. He’s got plenty to pick from.

      • No says:

        That’s not who Dan is. That’s part of it but Dan likes to mope about, and skulk and wait for things to come to him. Dan is a man of word and Chuck is a man of action. If Chuck decides he wants Blair and a family with her, he’ll get it. If Dan decides he wants Blair and a family with her, he’ll mope around and talk about it but never actually do anything to make it happen.

  6. Joanna says:

    Oh Ed, so much love for you! I always love it when you come up with scenarios that are better suited for a Martin Scorsese movie lol.
    So happy that Chuck’s pursuing Blair and nothing has changed for them as feelings are concerned. And I agree that it’s tragic that external factors are keeping Chuck and Blair apart. That’s why Chuck and Blair will eventually get their happy ending!!

  7. Emily says:

    Well, maybe Chuck and Blair can get married, and Jack Bass can die. TRAGEDY! I love it, lol.

  8. Susan says:

    Aww Ed. We love ya. But I respectfully disagree with you about Chuck’s fate. He needs to get a happy ending after all the misery and drama. Particularly now that’s he’s grown and become a better person.

    • roxie says:

      Ed I love you but I would HATE that ending. After all the obstacles the writers put them through, Chuck and Blair deserve to be happy TOGETHER. The “journey” is not enjoyable at all so at least give us/them a happy conclusion, Jeez.

  9. Allie says:

    Great interview. I definitely don’t think he’ll have a tragic ending though- poor guy’s been through enough. Hopefully the external factors keeping him and Blair apart won’t last too much longer. In the meantime, I’m definitely looking forward to his storyline with Jack!

  10. Vanilla says:

    I hope Chuck and Blair get their happy ending! A tragic one wouldn’t be fair to fans!

    I love Ed!

  11. Christiana says:

    Ed Westwick “When [the show] picks up, he wants to be with Blair, and he’s pursuing Blair. That’s his obsession, his goal. It’s the only thing that’s keeping him [going]. I think he attaches himself to the idea of her so much, the idea of them so much, that it becomes unhealthy” HE DIDN’T SAID THAT CHAIR IS UNHEALTHY, HIS THINKING OF HIM BEING WITHOUT HER IS UNHEALTHY !!! READ WELL SOMETHING BEFORE YOU START TALKING

    • Captain says:

      Uh, I think you need to read that more carefully. He said that Chuck’s obsession with Blair is unhealthy. He’s saying that Chuck sees Blair as his saviour of sorts, that all of his problems will be solved if he gets her back and because of that, he’ll do anything to get her back which isn’t healthy. Frankly, Blair and Chuck have never been a healthy realtionship. You don’t play games, trade people for hotels or mentally/physcially abuse people in healthy relationships. I’m not saying I hate Chair but they are probably the most dysfunctional relationship ever and anyone who sees them as a fairytale love story is kidding themselves.

      • Cheryl says:

        Captain, you need to just stop. She’s more right than you are. Chuck has an unhealthy obsession with Blair because external factors are keeping them apart. Not because their love is unhealthy. Go read Ed’s other interviews. Also go back and watch 5.10 and lay off the Blair and Dan fan fiction. It will do you a world of good. You’ll be less angry and you’ll spend less time trolling all articles on TVLine that deal with Chuck and Blair.

        • sally says:

          “lay off the Blair and Dan fan fiction” You’re so right, it’s like they kissed once a million years ago, and Blair made it pretty clear she isn’t remotely interested in Dan. I just don’t get where all this “Dair is forever” crap comes from… really.

        • Jess says:

          You don’t have to be a dick just because someone sees it differently than you. She didn’t say anything about Dair and she was totally non-attacking in her comment, so relax. She just expressed an opinion that is totally valid. Re-watch the show, Chuck and Blair are objectively dysfunctional, but that’s part of what makes their story beautiful – the pain and reality of it, because they were both so flawed. That’s what made them great back in the first seasons when they were great.

          This is the problem with setting your sights on endgame and marriage and babies. You can’t let the characters tell the story and follow a path that makes sense and feels genuine. You’re trying to push it to a certain end. I try to go with the writers and trust them to tell the story instead of getting pissed every five minutes because they aren’t pandering to my ship. That last criticism btw goes to all hard core shippers, no one in particular.

          Anyway, I got on a tangent but that’s what I always liked about Chuck and Blair and if you see it differently that’s fine with me. There are other ships on the show I love and have loved as well, including Derena, Serenate, and Dair…they all have something unique about them and something that works about them.

      • sissi says:

        unhealthy or not there is one thing you don’t seem to get blair does NOT love dan or even like him

  12. Beth says:

    Great interview!

  13. LOL says:

    I see some people are already trying to do some damage control because he mentioned Chuck’s unhealthy obsession with Blair. LOL

    • LOL says:

      Typical Ban fan. Delusional as hell. No one needs to do damage control. The interview was excellent. But you guys really need to develop your reading comprehension skills and stop cherry picking articles.

    • Captain says:

      Because hardcore Chair shippers are blind to the truth, even when their hero spells it out for them. They put that relationship on a pedestal like it’s a Nicholas Sparks novel, to the point where even if Ed Westwick/Leighton Meester screamed to the world “Blair and Chuck don’t belong together, it’s a terrible, unhealthy relationship” fans would just say “Oh, they were kidding.”

      • Cheryl says:

        I’m not sure why you Blair and Dan fans feel the need to troll articles about Chuck and Blair and post nasty comments. You are truly the rudest most delusional fandom out here. The person above is right about you guys cherry picking comments and trying to fit them with their delusions. Yes Ed said that Chuck has an unhealthy obsesion with Blair at the moment but he’s also said they love each other, external factors are keeping them apart and it would be a tragecy if they didn’t end up together. When you read the full article – ALL articles – the picture isn’t as simmple as you paint it. So person who said Chuck’s unhealthy obession with Blair stems from the fact they aren’t together is more on point than you guys are. Please stop embarrasing yourselves and start reading.

        • Jess says:

          This is an article about Chuck’s character, not Chair.
          ANY GOSSIP GIRL ARTICLE will have obnoxious comments about “you Chair shippers” or “you Dair shippers” anymore, neither ship gets to take the moral higher ground on trolling articles.
          Dair fans are absolutely not more rude than Chair fans. Take for example the number of times the word “delusional” gets tossed around by Chair fans. Having a different opinion than you doesn’t make someone delusional. It’s a TV show for goodness sakes.
          I agree with you – I think both fandoms cherry pick the aspects of the article/show/episode that prop their ship. This is a perfect example. Ed made some great points about his character and that relationship that fall really well into the way each fandom sees the show, so instead of taking all of that and going with it, each group picks out the parts that work for them. Things like “you’re delusional” “you’re embarrassing yourselves” “you’re rude”…none of these things are productive to the conversation, they just tear people down and make Chair fans look like jerks.

      • Andy says:

        Right on, captain! :)

  14. LOL says:

    Awesome interview, by the way. Loved it!

  15. Anon says:

    I have read 2 different interviews and watched one on youtube all today. All of them were with Ed. This one seems to have the most negative tone. Whatever… the important thing is that Chuck loves Blair!! As we’ve learned from other interviews, Blair loves Chuck!! WhooHoo!!

    • Tatum says:

      TVLine pimp Blair and Dan. In fact the woman who wrote this article and interviewed Ed wants the show to change to a Blair and Dan endgame. Good to keep in mind when reading these things

      • Dude says:

        That is good to keep in my. “If I don’t like what I read in interviews, it’s the journalist’s fault.” You hold on to that.

      • Cheryl says:

        Yes, I heard Vlada wants a Blair and Dan endgame but I think the interview was fine. I don’t think it was bad. I see where Ed is coming from when says Chuck should get a tragic ending but I hope he’s wrong. I think he needs a happy ending more than any other character. He’s had so little of it and he’s grown and matured so much. He deserves happiness in the form of a family with Blair. Anything less would be very disastisfying for me as a viewer. Way too dark.

    • Kate says:

      If you think this is bad on the Chair fate you want to read the eonline interview, where they all ship Chair, he basically says he doesnt want Chair together he would have left Blair years ago and thinks Chuck is stupid and doesnt understand how no one learns their lessons!

  16. Mia says:

    Good to hear that things haven’t changed for Blair and that it’s just external factors and good to hear Chuck just wants Blair back.
    I disagree with Ed about the tragic end though. A large part of why I love Chuck is watching this tragic character evolve so that in the end he will get his happy ending and he would have well and truly earnt as would we the viewers.

  17. Anon says:

    I guess they didn’t like my comment with the link to Kristin’s interview. You should still go check it out!

  18. anon says:


  19. MeganNYC says:

    I totally agree Ed. Blair and Chuck don’t belong together and it’s tragic and unhealthy as you said. Chuck is fine on his own, so is Blair. They need to move on, it’s time. Noone is watching for the same drama over and over again.

    I’d definitely take an ending with every character alone. This show should do this, if they want to make a believable ending.

    • comprehension says:

      Ed never said Chuck and Blair don’t belong together. You dair fans are unbelievable, it’s truly laughable. And, NO ONE? I’m pretty sure people are still watching or Chuck and Blair, just because you aren’t doesn’t mean no one else is.

      • Jess says:

        Dair fan? This commenter said they didn’t want anyone to end up with each other. Enough with the personal attacks and belittling people’s opinions. You can disagree respectfully.

    • Carrrie says:

      Ed actually said in several interviews, yes the Eonline one where there is a video, he thinks they should be together.

      Looks like Bland fans are out and reeking of desperation. Gotta’a love that!

  20. guest says:

    I love how Ed is always so Pro-chair when he gives interviews! But the second the Pro-dair lady interviews him and posts it on the dair biased website, suddenly Ed thinks Chair is unhealthy. It’s amazing how that happened! Simply Amazing!

  21. Allie says:

    I agree that Kristin’s interview was better (as was tbrick’s, actually). It doesn’t sound like there was much of a rapport here.

    But yeah, even though Ed often talks about Chuck being a tragic character and all the absurd ways his story could end, this is still Gossip Girl, not Romeo and Juliet, and he’s the most popular character. No way is this show ending tragically for him, especially since that would also be a tragic ending for Blair.

  22. kimmie says:

    I love Ed Westwick but I really hope what he said about Chuck getting a tragic ending doesn’t come true. My ONLY reason for watching GG is to see Blair and Chuck get their forever ending. Chair deserves to be together. they are so endgame. so please let chair reunite.

  23. sarah says:

    Chuck and Blair’s storyline tragic right now but Chuck will get his happy ending with Blair at the end of the show

  24. Manu says:

    I’m so glad to read him saying good things about Dan and Penn, and how Dan actually is a threat for Chuck’s relationship with Blair.

    Also, couldn’t agree more about how those two shouldn’t end together, since he’s a tragic character and a happy ending wouldn’t suit him.

    I do hope they do something interesting with the Chuck, Dianna and Jack storyline, but I won’t be holding my breathe. Only good thing GG ever does is Dair.

    • Allie says:

      If you really think that’s what he’s saying, you should read some of his other interviews from today. He’s never said Chuck and Blair shouldn’t end together, he’s actually said the exact opposite. And he’s been dismissive, if not downright scornful, of Dair.

      • A says:

        Allie, you are literally making stuff up.

        • Allie says:

          His comments on Dair to E!: “they had to do something, it’s season five. There are moments when I’m like, ‘Really? Come on!’ Because if it’s me, if I hate someone, I rarely am going to 180 it and be like, ‘I love you!’ That doesn’t happen for me.”

          And on Chair: “So much has happened that if they can’t get it together then that’s the tragedy because they do love each other and there’s been so much external influence. It’s everything else going on around you when you know it should just be you two.”

          There’s stuff in Kristin’s interview too, but I don’t have time to list it all here. Suffice to say, the others are better.

          • Carrie says:

            @Allie Thank you! I love when Bland fans fail to read. I’ll post it again, so they can try to comprehend:

            His comments on Dair to E!: “they had to do something, it’s season five. There are moments when I’m like, ‘Really? Come on!’ Because if it’s me, if I hate someone, I rarely am going to 180 it and be like, ‘I love you!’ That doesn’t happen for me.”
            And on Chair: “So much has happened that if they can’t get it together then that’s the tragedy because they do love each other and there’s been so much external influence. It’s everything else going on around you when you know it should just be you two.”
            There’s stuff in Kristin’s interview too, but I don’t have time to list it all here. Suffice to say, the others are better.

          • Gia says:

            Ed making fun of Dair in that article cracked me up! Even he knows how OOC they are! hysterical!

            Unless you’ve been trapped under a rock since the series began then I forgive you for not understanding the show has pointed in the direction of Chair, even this season (that was supposed to be Dan/Dair season)it’s about Blair and Chuck’s love. It has been and will be until the series ends, so unless you have been under a rock trying to pretend it’s been anything but them is a waste of time.

  25. Kate says:

    I love Eds honesty, hes basically said the same thing on both this and the eonline interview, one dair shipper webiste and one chair shipper website! But i totally agree with him on Chucks destiny, Ive always though, even when Chair were the best CW couple for me , that Chuck could never just be happy he’d always need a tragic ending like on the season finale or in a Marissa on The OC way, I thought I was the only one who thought so, maybe its a British thing, we dont like the happy endings too much over our side of the pond! lol

    • Allie says:

      It may, in fact, be a cultural thing- Americans are all about their happy endings. Most of the people commenting that he should end tragically are just Dair shippers hoping he gets killed off so Dan might have a shot (and I can see where that would be their best chance, but I don’t think even with Chuck dead that Blair would go for Dan, sorry)

      • Kate says:

        See I’d like to able to say its because i now ship Dair as well but its not I was a very big Chair fan up until halfway through season 4 its just seemed to be the same things all over again. But for me since really the end of season 1 I’ve always though Chuck can never just get married have kids happy happy happy, he doesn’t know what it is, realistically by now in the real world Chuck would probably be in some far away place where no one could find him, behind bars or most probably dead, I think he is lucky to have lasted this long! lol

    • sally says:

      Do not bring up Marissa! I’m still not over that… And I didn’t even like Marissa that much, Chuck is my favorite character, if they kill him off I won’t ever watch anything with Josh Schwartz’s name again. lol I’ve noticed you brits have the tendency to like the tragic endings… the last british show I watched was season four of skins, poor freddie!

  26. Elisha says:

    Love Chuck and Blair and love Ed. I think it’s clear Chuck and Blair are mean to be and I guess Dair fans (including the reporter) are having a hard time dealing. The two Eonline articles spell it out pretty clearly where it’s all headed.

  27. Jenkins says:

    Chuck and Blair are meant to be

  28. Joanie says:

    Enjoyed the interview. What he said about Dan was sweet. But I have to say I hope he’s wrong about Chuck’s destiny. If Chuck doesn’t get a happy ending with Blair I’ll feel like I wasted my time watching Gossip Girl. :(

  29. donna says:

    Chuck deserves happiness at the end and with Blair. They are the ones that have suffered and struggled most (Jenny also had but unfortunately she has gone, they have wasted her :( ) In that regard I totally not agree with Ed. And as fans we don’t deserve a tragic-sad ending. We sit through everything and we deserve happiness and a light ending. Otherwise it won’t be worthed at all. #savechuckandblair

  30. Angela says:

    Thank you for the interview. I appreciate Ed’s candor but I have to disagree with about how Chuck’s story should end.
    Chuck cannot have a tragic ending for one simple reason: Blair.
    Blair could not bear it if anything happened to him (2.14). That has been established multiple times on the series.
    While some may not think Chuck deserves happiness due to all the bad things he’s done in the past (regardless of how much he has matured) or because he is an inherently tragic character we can all agree Blair deserves to be happy (Dan in 3.18, 5.10; Chuck in 2.22, 3.01, 5.9)

    Blair’s happiness is inextricably tied to Chuck’s well being. Whether people like it or not she loves him, will ALWAYS love him (4.22) and would be devastated if anything happenend to him. (I get the feeling this theme will get attention in the next episode ;)

    So sorry Ed. ;) Chuck must get a happy ending. My personal favorite would be for Chuck to move out of the hotels he lives in that represent his homelessness and into a real home with the family he builds with Blair. That’s the only way Blair can truly be happy. (Dan knows this too. :)

  31. Immerblume says:

    I’ve really enjoyed Chuck’s growth arc this season- the 5×06 apology scene is my favourite scene so far this season! I really hope there are good things for Chuck as a character in the future and that he can be reunited with the “love of his life” Blair.

  32. Keith says:

    Good interview. It was interesting to hear Ed’s thoughts on his own character as well as others (particularly Dan.) I’m another one that disagrees with Ed about how Chuck’s story should end. Chuck is the character that has had the saddest and darkest journey and yet has evolved the most. It would feel like a cheap shot to give him a tragic ending.

  33. Stella says:

    I only still watch Gossip Girl as it’s been a hard habit to break and I’ve never ever “shipped” any of the main characters with another main character. I’m baffled however as to why Chuck/Blair fans have read this article and started to get excited. If anything I’d be feeling quite underwhelmed after reading this. EW is pretty clearly staring that Chuck and Blair are probably not going to get the fairytale ending that so many are hoping for. He also reveals that Chuck is/has underestimated Dan’s feelings and devotion to Blair, so it sounds like the Dan/Blair thing isn’t going to be put to rest anytime soon. I really respect his standpoint on Chuck’s tragic destiny. It wouldn’t work all that effectively IMHO if the show ended with Chuck living “Happily Ever After”. I like that he said that he honestly thinks that Chuck’s obsession with Blair will be unhealthy. That sounds way more interesting to me as opposed to him obsessing over her/them and resulting in everything working out A-ok.

    • Karen says:

      It helps to read all of Ed’s interviews coming out of the TCAs. Chuck is obsessing over losing Blair and doing some shady things but he’s not compltely regressing. Ed still describes Chuck as the most mature of all the characters. Importantly, this is the first time he has lost her when he wasn’t at fault. If you recall his apology to Blair this season, one thing he apologized for is giving up on them when she never did. It is clear that this time he won’t be giving up. That’s actually a positive sign for Chuck and Blair.

      I agree that there will be drama between Chuck and Dan due to Dan’s feelings for Blair but I think the Serena factor will stop Dan and Blair from ever becoming a real couple. Moreover, given that the writers have contrived a scenario where Blair and Chuck still love each other but are being seperated by external obstacles, there’s no chance for Blair to pick Dan over Chuck. So the Dan and Blair story appears to be happening in a very different way than many expected. That is, many assumed Dan and Chuck would be competing for Blair. Instead they’ve essentially put Chuck and Blair on hold and protected their love story by giving them this huge external obstacle and keeping them in love. This gives the writers room to explore Dan and Blair while protecting Chair and giving Chuck a chance to prove himself by not giving up. Importantly, this Dan and Blair arc will be complicated by Serena’s feelings for Dan. Bottom line: The Chuck and Blair fans have many reasons for feelng optimistic after 5.10 and reading all of Ed’s interviews coming out of the TCAs.

      Respectfully I completely disagree that the show would not work if Chuck got a happily ever after. Assuming Chuck continues to grow and mature and become the man Blair has always wanted, the only acceptable ending would be a happily ever after. It looks like his growth and redemption will be rocky in the second half but the fact he isn’t giving up on them the way he has in the past is actually good. (This show loves the straddle the romantic vs unhealthy line with Chcuk and Blair so this totally fits.)

      • Karen says:

        I wanted to apologize for the long comment and clarify what I meant by “romantic vs unhealthy”:
        I’m referring to Chuck obsessing over losing Blair and doing everything to get her back. It’s romantic because he’s not giving up but it’s bordering on unhealthy because it’s obsessive. I bet part of Chuck’s progression in the second half is learning how to fight for Blair in a healthy way. I don’t think the show is saying he should give up given that they are seperated by an external obstacle not internal, they still love each other and giving up was framed as a negative Chuck trait in his apology.

  34. Kingsley says:

    So many different points of view! I like it. Firstly, thank you for the interview. Ed seems like a cool guy. Second, not sure how I feel about Chuck being so obsessed with Blair it’s unhealthy. I hope they are’t going to regress him too much. I’ve loved Chuck’s growth this season.

  35. Carla says:

    “I have this vision of him and Blair getting together. He’s on his way to marry her or meet her and, all of a sudden, he gets killed in a car crash or something like that.”
    Nooooo! OMG, I would be devastated if that happened. DEVASTATED! That would be so, so sad. I could see how it would be well-written, beautiful looking ending (just imagine Blair standing, waiting in a beautiful gown with Serena by her side, getting more desperate the longer she waits), but I just couldn’t take it :)

  36. Kara says:

    I so hope Chuck gets a happy ending. When you think about it almost all the characters on the show are tragic except Dan. All the UES characters deal with loss and pain. Dan is the only one that gets every single thing he wants (That’s one reason I’m hoping he doesn’t get Blair. It’s so boring to see Dan win all the time.) I would hate for every character to get a sad ending but Dan.

  37. francesca says:

    I enjoyed the interview. Thank you very much. But I hope Ed is wrong about Chuck’s fate. It will suck if Chuck doesn’t get a happy ending.

  38. annslee says:

    Everyone keeps saying that chuck cant be this, he cant be that. But, hasnt anyone noticed how unpredictable the show is? The whole tragic ending thing isnt insane, it actually makes the most sense. But all the people who watch the show for the romance would hate that. Or at least i would… So, why not let chuck be happy? Why not really let him change?