The Finder: 6 Things You Need to Know About the Bones Spinoff (Plus Exclusive Video)!

Tonight at 9/8c, The Finder will debut after Bones, the Fox hit off which it’s been spun. But, despite their shared DNA (see video below for more on that), the series are pretty different. For one thing, “the actors on Bones are way smarter than the actors on The Finder,” jokes Geoff Stults, who plays Walter, an Iraq war veteran with the ability to find whatever you’re looking for. “We are not as technical [and] considerably quirkier.

“It’s a little more,” he adds, “like a goofy Magnum, P.I.

Here are six more things you need to know about The Finder straight from the cast and executive producer Hart Hanson.

The Finder First Look: 5 Reasons You Should Watch This Video For the Bones Spinoff Now!

WALTER’S FINDER POWER LIES IN HIS HEAD | Walter’s unique ability to find anything is the result of a brain injury that he suffered during combat – or at least that’s what he thinks. “Whether it’s true or not, it doesn’t matter, because Walter believes it,” says Stults. “He will not seek help for it, because he doesn’t want to lose that gift.” No one else wants him to, either. “Everybody’s afraid that if Walter doesn’t find something, his computer’s going to malfunction, and he’s just going to die,” Stults explains. So, will his finder power ever fail him? “He’s pretty good,” the actor laughs, “because we need that next episode.”

WALTER AND ISABEL AREN’T BOOTH AND BRENNAN | The Bones pair have been playing the will-they-or-won’t-they game for six years, but The Finder‘s steamy couple, Walter and Deputy U.S. Marshall Isabel (Mercedes Masöhn), “don’t have that [dynamic],” notes Hanson. “They are boyfriend and girlfriend.” But the opposites-attract couple aren’t thinking of settling down and spending their future together – yet. “They both love each other, but aren’t quite sure if they want to admit it,” explains Stults. Not helping matters is the fact that Walter’s laidback style doesn’t really mesh with Isabel’s career aspirations. Which, in turn, leads to the fun of “what happens when a couple that is together and should stay together,” says Hanson, “realize that they actually do belong together.”

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LEO OWES WALTER HIS LIFE | Leo (Michael Clarke Duncan), who acts as Walter’s “legal counsel”/bodyguard/caretaker, feels indebted to his pal, so much so that that the big guy even rides around in Walter’s sidecar! But that funny image aside, this is one bond that runs deep. “Leo was about a 400-pound, out-of-shape lawyer who lost his family and was getting ready to commit murder,” explains Duncan. “Walter came into his life to help him get in shape, help him get over the loss of his wife and child and basically give him a new life.”

WILLA IS A MINOR, BUT SHE’S MAJOR TROUBLE | Maddie Hasson’s Willa brings heaps of drama to Walter’s bar with her gypsy criminal past. “She’s grown up without a solid parental influence,” explains Hasson. But that changes when she’s put under the supervision of Leo as part of her parole. “I see the goodness in her,” says Duncan, in character. “I’m trying to let her see you don’t have to act like that, you don’t have to steal, you don’t have to be conniving your whole life.” Hasson insists “there’s a lot more” to her character than her bad girl tendencies, adding, “She has a big purpose behind all of this.”

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ISABEL MEANS BUSINESS | “Every sleuth investigator that works outside law enforcement has to have a contact in the cops,” says Hanson. For Walter, that’s Isabel. “There is nothing about her that’s sort of quiet in the kitchen,” says her portrayer. “It’s fun to be able to [put] boots on and carry a gun and tell people how it is and have authority.” Plus, there’s another added bonus to the role: “I get to flirt with [Geoff]. He’s all sorts of beautiful. I find myself blushing a lot throughout the day.”

IKE HAS TAKEN A HIKE | If you watched Booth and Brennan travel to Florida on Bones last season, you might remember a feisty lady by the name of Ike (Saffron Burrows), who worked at Walter’s bar. Well, she’s gone. “For various reasons, the character of Ike went away from the series,” says Hanson. But there is a chance that, sometime after the first season, she could reappear. “I hope so,” he teases.

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  1. Peter says:

    This looks awful.

    • Holly says:

      Yeah, I agree. The spinoff episode was terrible. Even if this is 50% better now that it’s been revamped, it’s still not worth watching. Especially when I have other t.v. “commitments” on Thursdays.

      • darklady65 says:

        well sorry that it didn’t click for you but i disagree that it was terrible … i have other tv commitments on Thursday nights too but unlike you i’m glad to add this one to our tv viewing

    • TinCan says:

      Yuppers, that’s why there are hundreds of channels to watch. If you don’t think you will like it, watch something else. I liked the cross-over Bones show and will check this episode out — then decide if I’ll watch more…

      I think that’s the sane way to go.

    • Mark Maslowski says:

      I watched the show tonite and loved it. It is definately different from bones and it should be. Keep up the good work.

  2. Irish says:

    Personally I’ve been looking forward to this. I rather enjoyed the Finder/Bones ep. It wasn’t like Bones, no, but it wasn’t supposed to be. I really don’t understand all the hate for a show that hasn’t even started.

    • darklady65 says:

      ITA i don’t get all the hate that its getting either -_- …. anyways yup me too i have been looking forward to it =] … it has potential to being a great addition to Bones world so really excited for it =)

    • Holly says:

      I wasn’t crazy about it as a general proposition, but I think it was the lead actor sitting naked on someone else’s toilet for an entire scene that drove a lot of people from “meh” or “we’ll see” to “OMFG. WTF IS THIS!?!”

      • darklady65 says:

        are you serious just cause of that scene -_- please i didn’t get anything bad about it or WTH moment from it … the whole point was to show that his a unique character that obviously has all this quarks that to us may be flaws/weird or like you say WTH moments but for him it works … anyways i for one had no problem with their intro episode and i’m interested to see this new changes in tonight’s episode

        • Holly says:

          Er… you seem a bit overly-invested in this. I’m not going to watch it. It’s fine that you are. I am not personally offended that you say that you are going to watch it, so there’s no need for you to be up in arms that I say that I am not going to watch it. See how that works? And since someone said, “I don’t understand all the hate before it’s even started,” I responded with my perception of why people are negative about the show already — because it had already started w/ a spinoff episode and b/c I know some people who watched it thought that one part was over-the-top strange (as did I). That’s all.

          That’s how a comments section like this works. I say my opinion, you say yours, we discuss and then we move on.

          • Darklady65 says:

            Same here Holly and no I wasn’t up in arms like you ate assuming either …. That’s the problem now a day people just go and assume things …. Look whatever Holly great that you are not watching it and even better for me that I’m watching it and giving it a chance

          • darklady65 says:

            oh before anybody says anything it wasn’t ate its are & day is days =)

      • Lisa says:

        Exactly! I didn’t and don’t ever again want to see Geoff Stultz taking a crap.

      • Mike Kom says:

        Yup. It sure isn’t for stupid people……

    • Ari says:

      I liked it too! I have been looking forward to seeing where this show goes! I’m giving it 5 episodes to convince me to stick around! If this is a quirkier show than Bones then that is great, Bones has become very vanilla.

      • mike says:

        bones has not become vanilla, they are just dealing with brennans pregnancy and the fact that booth and brennan are now a couple. I think when they return in april it will be a lot quirkier, due to the fact that they will be raising a child.

        • darklady65 says:

          Agreed =) & not only that but also the new villain that’s being introduced in tonight’s ep should add a bit of a dark theme to their return in April =) … one thing is certain Bones is far from being vanilla or run its course like some seem to think =)

    • doe says:

      I enjoyed the bones episode and was looking forward to the show. But
      I think saffron burrows and Ike had a great chemistry with the other cast member. When I watch the new show, some of chemistry is gone without Ike and the show wasn’t as good a show.

  3. darklady65 says:

    here we go with the assumptions & hating -_- geez switch the channel if it doesn’t interest you & go find something that you do like to type about

  4. Rob says:

    I am looking forward to this. The backdoor pilot showed great potential. Two solid lead actors. And Hanson has provided consistent entertainment for 7 seasons with Bones.
    I will happily give the first season a chance.

  5. Eurydice says:

    I guess there’s only one thing I need to know – if the show now is any better than the pilot. I thought the pilot was boring and pretty much a mash-up of every USA network show (“Characters welcome”). I’ll give the first few episodes a try, but I don’t know how much patience I’ll have.

  6. Sg.Grant says:

    I’ll watch this show, but it will probably be simply because it should air 13 weeks of new episodes, while the other shows I watch on Thursday will be in massive repeat mode during most of March and April.

  7. Toto says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like a mash up of Alphas [special gifts], Burn Notice and The Glades. He even kinda resembles Matt Passmore. I wasn’t impressed with the preview on Bones, so I’ll probably skip it.

  8. Pat says:

    The preview wasn’t that great(My opinion only of course) so I’ll be skipping this show. I do love Bones though :)

  9. mer says:

    Soooooo stoked! Ever since I saw the Bones-finder episode last season I thought that it would make a great spin off. I’m excited to see how it turns out. I don’t know why everyone is so set on hating it. Watch it and then judge. Its going to have some different characters then the Bones episode so it could be better or worse. No way of knowing till we see it.

  10. Delta says:

    The finder seems to be a spin-off to bones like Maude was to All in the Family. A way to introduce new characters in same genre.

  11. Teresa T says:

    I can’t wait till tonight! I already have the series set to record, not that I won’t be behind the tv waiting and watching!
    No, the show isn’t like Bones, but that’s the point! It gives the cast a chance to go in tons of different directions and do a world of things because he “finds” anything. Like the Bones episode gave hints to, He found the Padre’s faith, he found the medal for Bones, he found the treasure and the girl… I think it’s gonna be AWESOME!

  12. Kathy says:

    I like Ike! She was the one who kept me interested in that episode. You know, the sane one who kept the flow steady between Walter and Leo. Don’t think I’ll watch it without her in the bar.

  13. Dana says:

    I love the finder. I really hope it does well.

  14. mirolex says:

    Don’t watch it if you didn’t like the beginning. It’s not supposed to be ‘like’ Bones just because it’s a spin-off. We liked the quirkiness of Stults’ character & how the characters all work together so well, even tho they are waaaay different personalities! Other commitments? Tape/dvr/tivo/online/OnDemand — any time you want to watch…

  15. Jean says:

    My initial impression was not a good one. For one thing, they call it a “spin off” when all they did was introduce the the new cast from an episode of Bones. Angela getting her own show would be a spin off. The Finder has no relation whatsoever with the Bones series. What really turned me off was that – after waiting all week to WATCH bones, I barely saw Brennan and Booth on the episode because it was just a vehicle for Finder. I was not there to watch Finder. I was there to watch Bones. As with any new show, its going to have to earn the right to get my time. Meanwhile, I’ll be changing channels after Bones.

  16. deb says:

    In defense of the bathroom scene, Walter’s trying to understand this guy. Be honest, where do you spend a lot of time with nothing to do but think? If you wanted to find out a lot about a person and could search one place in their home, where would it be? Wish he hadn’t been on the cellphone while occupied and thought the comment and flush were campy but thought the scene had its place in plot development.
    I’ll be watching; first, to see if the writing and production quality meets Bones standards and, secondly, in hopes that the quirky personalities remain true to the teaser characters.

  17. vaginaboob says:

    Serious on comments about things people will argue over anything do you not have anything better to do im guessing the majority of you are adults (although no evidence is shown above) so why can you not litterally just say whether you think its good or crap and leave it at the but ohhh no adults always have to have the last word. (clearly im a 15 year old teenager with a chip on her shoulder but thats not the point if i can pick up on this petty arguments then surely others must think you sound ridiculous) all im going to say is im a loyal bones fan and cant be bothered to set a series link.

  18. Charley says:

    Can’t wait to watch the series premiere tonight! This is gonna be a great show!

  19. Kechara says:

    Loved it! Have been excited and waiting for the start. Sad about Ike, though..

  20. Brittany says:

    Bones was not started with The Finder. I don’t like the idea of them being intertwined in any type of way. I have been a Bones, committed veiwer since day one. I grew with this particular cast, I love this cast, the story lines. Its like reading a series of books to me. Im sure no one wants to see the Twilight books combined with the series of Harry Potter. It just wouldn’t fit. That is why people have so much ‘hate’ towards this. I believe a show starts on its own, it ends on its own. Because wants Bones combines with any other, it is no longer Bones. Its something else.

  21. Brittany says:

    I came here to read about Bones. Not see people telling a child how to have proper English.

  22. valezza says:

    Walter and Isabel aren’t Booth and Brennan? Well, that could possibly destroy the show. For ‘will they wont they’ is the most inveigling part of any procedural drama where two characters of opposite sex are involved. Or I don’t know… otherwise it must involve some really extraordinary juicy cases and plot in general. (‘burn notice’ anyone?)
    I like it when there is some sort of a ‘journey’ our heroes must to embark on before ending up together in a bed.

  23. Shawna says:

    I am super excited for this series! Another great show to add to Thursday night

  24. Kuis says:

    I didn’t love the spinoff episode of “Bones” – the premise seemed too quirky and retrofitted to let Booth and Brennan be part of the story, and there was nor real chemistry between Saffron Burrows and the other actors. Perhaps the new actresses will bring something better to the program. I’ll probably watch an episode or two to see, but I don’t have high hopes, which is too bad, because I love Michael Clarke Duncan.

  25. Bethany says:

    Bring Ike back!!! I loved her quirky mangled words! She was one of the best things…

    • PAT says:

      I agree the show is not the same without Ike. A child and a U.S. Marshal changes the show. They should have just replaced Ike with a diffent actress not put a totally different spin on the show.

  26. Erika71 says:

    I am going to give it a try! I love Geoff and Michael!! I will definitely add this show to my playlist which is as 7 recorded shows on Thursdays…yes, it is not all “Bones”! I have other tv “commitments”, but everyone has a chance to “prove” themselves!

    My poooor U-Verse!

  27. Brittany says:


  28. Jen says:

    Aw, no Ike? I liked her. Well, I liked her accent. Haha. I think this has potential, I will watch it and see. I’m actually glad they are doing this show. What else will I do on Thursday nights without Bones to watch? :) I’m still going to miss watching Bones, though. :( Regardless of whether it’s awesome or not, The Finder is no Bones.

    Here’s to giving The Finder a chance! Bones is on a break for a good reason, anyway- Emily’s maternity leave!

  29. Savannah says:

    I am going to give it a try after all that’s why we have DVR’s so we can record all our Thursday commitments . If I don’t like it Delete .. Never judge a book ( or program ) by it’s cover . You can always watch the first ten minutes and delete .

  30. Nia says:

    OMG. Its a TV show. I love bones, and haven’t missed an episode but I am not all crazed about it. I happened to love the finder and found him very funny. But it is still just TV.

  31. Miko says:

    There’s no assumptions and undeserved hating in my opinion of this show – i tried to watch that episode where they destroyed Bones to advertise another show, and it was cliched, peurile, acted like they were all doing a home movie (“aren’t we so cute and funny”) and the article about reads like it was built by a committee.. Lets have a war vet who’s injury gives him a superpower! Lets have a romance thats quirky and disfunctional, yet everybody’s hoping! Lets have a sidekick thats a bit different! And a cute kid who’s hard to handle! Gimme a break, or better still a gun. And any tv article that ends in “he teased.” makes me want to puke, as well. The whole show is a tease. No substance just tease. We need this show like a spare @$$h0le.
    What really annoys me is for the same money (or less, by picking some brand new actors who weren’t phoning it in like this lot) we could have had something that attempted to be a good show. This one is just a waste.

  32. A. says:

    I think it’s going to be awesome. I mean…it’s Hart Hanson, it can’t be a bad show. It’s different, it’s a new idea and I like it. I’ll definitely be wathing this :)

  33. Jeff says:

    If it’s rerun in the summer when nothing else is on I’ll catch it, but otherwise, meh.

  34. Leah says:

    I hated the “I’ll risk it” line he said a million times in the backdoor pilot. If that continues, i won’t stick around.

  35. Tibbi says:

    I don’t like this show at all so far. I thought the same girl would be in the show that was in the bones episode.

  36. Connie says:

    Give it a chance or just mute it and look at Walter for the duration like I did!

  37. Dale says:

    I loved The Finder episode of Bones, so I was really looking forward to the series. I was a little disappointed in the first show, but will give it a chance to develop.

  38. Jessi says:

    I’m an avid fan of Bones, really enjoy the program. I thought the Finder episode of Bones was fun, and I was looking forward to the spin off. It’s nothing at all like Bones, but that’s okay, that wasn’t a requirement as far as I was concerned. I’m not looking for all TV programs I watch to be alike. I’m sorry that Ike wasn’t a part of this new series, but I enjoyed the first episode and will continue to watch. As far as all these comments and debate, wow. It’s entertainment. If you don’t care for it, flip that channel! Find something you do like.

  39. acousticalnoise says:

    I liked the crossover episode but I’m uncertain about the series. Aside from the lady cop, I do really like the chemistry of the cast. On Bones, its that chemistry that really makes the show and I hope this show creates that kind of character-driven interest.

  40. Bill George says:

    Long overdue comment but I didn’t think about it until I watched the rerun of the bones episode. When I first watched it, I thought it would make a great spin off. It does and the potential is huge. It really needs another chance with at least 6-12 more episodes. Start it off with a good one and it will grow. My opinion. I’d watch it, tape it and buy the DVDs. Great cast n story. Is the initial series on DVD or Netflix? Bill