The CW Takes Aim at Green Arrow Series

The CW is getting back into the superhero business with a potential hour-long drama series based on the DC Comics property Green Arrow.

As first reported by our sister site, the network is finalizing a pilot order for the project, which would be written and exec produced by Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim (Eli Stone) and Andrew Kreisberg (The Vampire Diaries).

The tentative title is Arrow.

In addition to working together on Eli Stone, Berlanti and Guggenheim penned last summer’s big screen adaptation of The Green Lantern.

CW president Mark Pedowitz has made no secret of his desire to launch a new superhero series next season. Also in the mix is an adaptation of Deadman from Supernatural creator Eric Kripke.

Thoughts? Should the network’s casting search begin and end with Justin Hartley (a.k.a. Smallville‘s Green Arrow)? Hit the comments!

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  1. Maxwell says:

    Can we assume Justin Hartley will reprise his role and star in this series?

    • Lawrence says:

      Yes Keep Justin Hartley as the Green Arrrow, bring back Alaina Huffman as the Black Carnary, leave out Allison Mack (except cameo or guest start status) … If the powers that be, bring back Tom Welling as Clark Kent and the rest of the Legion in bits parts (e.g. cameos or guest status) … Making the series a spinoff of Smallville instead

      • laura says:

        i think this could really be a way to start with good ratings. smallville fans are likely to tune in automatically. allowing characters/actors from smallville to do cross overs might be a really nice way to do it…

        BUT then they may feel boxed into the storyline Smallville wrote for the green arrow/oliver Queen, and fans may get upset if they use justin hartley and then don’t follow the story from smallville.

        decision decisions.

        i personally dont care too much as long as HArtley is back in tight fitting clothing on my screen. plus the green arrow’s costume from Smallville pretty much nailed it.

        • bullseye says:

          well thats you, you are not high maintainance. They are a lot of hotheads, who will not take that lying down and will want exactly as things as they were in smallville, without even Hartley in it, and even worse with Hartley in it.

          • Sam says:

            deadline writes: The CW has ordered a pilot of a new drama series “Arrow,” which will be based on DC Comics’ Green Arrow. but with an entirely new concept of plot and characters.
            Green arrow there does not smell .. believe me.

      • Kalie says:

        Yes, they should absolutely keep Justin Hartley and bring back Black Canary and Speedy. Making this a “Smallville” spin-off would be the smartest thing to do. There’s always the chance that Tom Welling and Erica Durance could make guest appearances as well as the other members of the Justice League. That would be awesome.

        • Tarc says:

          I’m not sure that’s a good idea at all.

        • Vanessa says:

          I agree. I think most people are familiar with Justin Hartley as Green Arrow and would totally love the idea of having Tom and Erica appear on the show. Unless they are making Arrow like Smallville and making it more of an origin story of how Oliver becomes the Green Arrow.

      • Lily says:

        I agree, but it will probably be hard to get certain people back into the fold seeing as how most of them have moved on to new roles. I think it would be a great move on The CW’s part though. Friday nights just aren’t the same.

    • Zayne says:

      Justin Hartley was the one of the best things about the show in its last few seasons. I hope they realize how great he is and do the right thing.

      • ChrisGa says:

        Justin Hartley was indeed one of the best things about Smallville in the last few seasons; not only gorgeous but actually quite talented. I’d be disappointed if they greenlit this without him in the lead.

    • SuperMax says:

      The writer of this article is leaving out info, not sure what they are playing at. Selective journalism.

      The show is NOT a smallville spin off
      Justin Hartley is NOT being considered.
      The show is NOT connected to Smallville.

  2. Richard says:

    Sounds like its going to be reboot of Green Arrow. Fresh new start for the green man, awesome. Hoping to see his family and Canary kicking some ass. Now just hoping it reaches beyond the pilot stage, meaning it actually airs unlike how Wonderwoman failed before it even got onto TV.

  3. Tiva4Life says:

    Just keep Chloe Sullivan out and it’s a hit but, his soulmate is okay the Black Canary :)

    • Mikaylah says:

      No, no, no. The CW should keep their properties constant.

    • darklady65 says:

      NO NO NO NO Chloe time is over & Belongs in Smallville … this is not related to Smallville & that’s the way it should stay …. let them do their own story & Green Arrow deserves to have his origin story done right & hopefully Black Canary can finally be given justice to her character

  4. Candice says:

    This looks promising! They should use Justin Hartley to reprise his role as the character we fell in love with in Smallville :)

  5. Chris says:

    Is Justin Hartley going to reprise his role as The Green Arrow from “Smallville” for the series?

  6. Michelle says:

    I desperately want Justin Hartley back as GA. If they recast Black Canary, I could be ok with that even though I’m a Chlollie shipper!

  7. Mikaylah says:

    This would only be a good thing if it starred Justin Hartley, or began before he crashed on the island and ended before the events of Smallville. I will not stand for changes!

  8. Markus says:

    I doubt its going to be Justin Hartley. Keep in mind the demographic on the CW; I bet you anything they’re probably going to have a show starring a young 15 year old Oliver Queen – its going to be a world of its own (nothing to do with any other shows).

  9. Ryan says:

    The moment that Smallville was announced as ending, I said to friends that CW should work to spin off Hartley IMMEDIATELY. As in, right now, we’d be halfway through Green Arrow: Season 1.

    Just give Hartley the gig. Good ratings bump. Bring in people who liked Smallville. They need to do something to make the world forgot the fact he spilled his secret identity in season 10 though. big mistake. if they can get around that and give him the secret back, Hartley all the way

  10. ggny says:

    doesnt sound like Justin Hartley is gonna be apart of it which SUCKS big time

  11. Linda says:

    I’d watch if they got Justin Hartley but how would they fit in Chloe (which I would want) and their child that was shown on the finale of Smallville?

    • Markus says:

      Well I can’t answer this because I quit watching Smallville after S3 but I did tune into the Finale to see the tights, and just taking a guess here but I found it odd that Oliver wasn’t seen in the future flash, so his ending was definitely left open ended for whatever interpretation so its not that hard. But honestly I don’t think this particular venture is going to be a spin-off from Smallville, so it doesn’t really matter where Chloe or Justin’s Oliver fit it. I think it’d be cool to start off new with this show, Smallville had its run lets move on!

      • Elle says:

        He was married to Chloe and from what the finale speculated, the child was his.

        • Supermax says:

          You can kiss that BS good bye, its started in fanfiction it stays in fanfiction. No you are not going to ruin this one too with your bullying and harrasing writers so they can write some Chlollie fanfiction for you whilst ruing Green Arrow the character.

          Its not connected to smallville, its not a smallville spin off, its not JH’s GA, so lets move on

    • Drawn says:

      Yeah I would love to see that, but I feer Allison Mack wouldn’t want to reprise a roll she’s played for ten years. And it would ruin it for me if Justin was in it and not Mack.

  12. Steve says:

    Although I feel they could have picked a superhero that hasn’t been on the channel already, Greg Berlanti is on this?


  13. V says:

    Justin Hartley all the way!!! I won’t watch it if there is anyone else playing the Green Arrow.

  14. em says:

    Justin Hartley gets my vote, too. He was great on Smallville, but it would be kind of weird to see someone else in the role only a couple years later on the same network to be honest.

  15. Kevin says:

    The network would probably want to explore this as a new universe, and leave ‘Smallville’ out of it. There’d be so much baggage with a spin off, so its best they start fresh. I just hope they take the idea of Oliver Queen being much older into consideration.

  16. Logan says:

    Ausiello nice scoop man you on fire today… okay soo just talking with some buddies of mine about this and dude we need to see Yvonne Strahovski as Dinah Lance. Make it happen TV gods. Go Ausiello use your powers get this goddess of woman on this show STAT!!!

    • Jason Mead says:

      Hmm nice choice. Yvonne is smoking, she has the perfect physique to play a superheroine like Dinah along side a guy like Oliver, she’d be perfect fit. I need Oliver and Dinah to be tall and physically appealing so Yvonne is perfect. Time to start the petitions Chuck fandom!

  17. tarc says:

    I like Harley well enough, but he’s a little young and a little too slight for Green Arrow (and, well, he can’t grow a beard). I’d like a recast and a fresh start.

  18. Erin says:

    I definately can’t see anyone but Justin Hartley playing the Green Arrow, but I think Id like to see it in its own universe, no Smallville.

    • Dean says:

      I agree, although I wouldn’t mind it if they threw in a few nods and references to Smallville. Regarding the casting, I think it’s too hard to imagine anyone other than Justin Hartley as Green Arrow.

  19. Jason Mead says:

    How about Josh Holloway as Oliver Queen. I always thought he’d be pretty interesting.

    • Tarc says:

      I’d much rather see Green Arrow as a man, rather than a boy. It leaves open a lot more storyline – like having more rational relationships and sidekicks significantly young enough for there to be difference/conflict there. I like the idea of Holloway, but he may be a touch too old (and yes, I winced when I said that).

  20. Daniela says:

    If they bring in Justin Hartley as Green Arrow they do themselves a huge favor. And with Hartley in the role I sure would watch the new show!!!


  21. Ram510 says:

    I think Justin Hartley would be a good choice due to people already knowing him from Smallville. But lets be honest, they could cast somebody with better abilities and take the series down a different path so its not in Smallville’s shadow.

    It’s time The CW get serious so I hope they take Green Arrow to a more grown up and not another high school drama.

  22. Allie says:

    Yeah I think it would be unwise to cast anyone but Hartley at this point. The man IS Green Arrow. They’ve got a built in fan base at this point, and having Hartley means they could easily bring in Durance, Welling etc for guest episodes. Which I’m sure fans of Smallville would absolutely LOVE. (I know I would).

    Also, it would be a different enough feel from Smallville, because most likely it would take place in Star City, and the main cast (other than Hartley) would be all new. (Except of course Alaina Huffman as Dinah Lance/Black Canary). Methinks she would also have to be a necessity if they go with Hartley.

  23. Marc Remedios says:

    Josh Holloway?!? That’s an awesome idea!!!
    If not, Justin Oliver all the way!
    How about J.O in flashbacks?!?

  24. Nico says:

    Justin Hartley is a good choice, I’d rather see an actor with some skill who is comfortable with a character than some twenty something that appeals to a younger demo, have him grow a goatee and you have an Green arrow who’s in his in his late 20s early 30s so it’s believable that he’s managing Queen industries and he’s emotionally stable; I don’t need no Green Angst. add in a Speedy (Roy or Mia work)if you want the teen demo because they can give you the teen drama and angst that is often associated with CW shows.

    Having Justin be Green Arrow again is fine as long as he changes his appearance and costume so you aren’t stuck with a spin off but rather you have the ability to reference Smallville albeit not directly.

  25. Becca says:

    Dear CW TPTB,

    YOU BETTER CAST JUSTIN HARTLEY AS GREEN ARROW!!!!! You have a built-in fan base, a pretty freakin’ sweet costume and a great actor who owned Oliver and make him awesome!!! Don’t mess this up b/c you still owe me after the Smallville finale when TW did NOT wear the suit!!!! Thanks.

  26. Carrie Ann says:


    • Tarc says:

      let’s be honest here: smallville Green Arrow was menat to service the alternate universe they created to support Superman, and not to be a stand alone hero/series). If they chose to go with Hartley, I’d still hope (for the series sake) that they’d start an new AU with it’s own mythology. Hartley was a decent Arrow in Smallville, but can he play a more adult Arrow? And I certainly hope they don’t use the other (minor) Smallville actors(which were well cast aside from Michael Shanks, who was pretty brilliant as Hawkman).

      • Anne says:

        Of course he can play a more adult Green Arrow. He’s 34 years old, and I think he showed a lot of maturity as the twenty-something Oliver Queen on “Smallville”. Plus, he oozes charisma and the fact that he’s also very attractive should not be lost on The CW. I doubt they are looking for a more adult Arrow, anyway. The CW likes them young and pretty.

        • tarc says:

          I mean ‘adult acting’. And Hartley might be able to do that – it’s not like I don’t like the actor. Coming from Smallville, though, he comes with baggage the new show might not want. Oh, and to correct my last comment, I hope they DO NOT use any of the minor charcters from Smallville (Flash, etc,). Other than Shanks, the casting was not impressive at all. Ads I noted, I think the writers would be giving themesleves a whole lot of heartache and headache of the didn’t start fresh with the plot/mythology.

  27. shann says:

    love love love this but it needs justin and for that matter ollie needs chole and i would love this to be post smallville or at least between the time jump in the finale

  28. AT says:

    Over at Deadline I believe they said this is completely separate from Smallville. Meaning, Justin Hartley is not going to be in it. They want it to be a new interpretation which I think is a good idea. I loved Justin Hartley as the Green Arrow, but I think they rounded out his story with Chloe nicely anyway.

  29. Kay says:

    IT HAS TO BE JUSTIN HARTLEY! I’d understand if the show was being developed for another network, but we have a Green Arrow on theCW and it’s Justin Hartley…and that’s the way it should stay!!!

  30. Ruth says:

    The idea of doing this without Justin Hartley is madness! He would be amazing – not interested if they give it to anyone else.

  31. Emme says:

    If they put this on The CW and not cast Justin Hartley, it is going to be really strange. They’ll be too many people turning in hoping to see a *Smallville/Metropolis* feel to it and be disappointed. If they really want to do a ‘hero’ show, it should be one that wasn’t a major character on Smallville.

  32. Mena says:

    I’d love to see Justin Hartley in the role. He was awesomely charismatic as Green Arrow and really brought new life to the character. The new show wouldn’t necessarily need to be a Smallville spinoff but could build and evolve from where Oliver left off in the Smallville finale.

    If Justin Hartley isn’t cast as Green Arrow, then I think it’s odd that the CW is doing a Green Arrow spinoff rather than choosing some other character from DC’s arsenal of superheroes.

  33. dee123 says:

    Oh god! I never thought i’d see arguments on how annoying/not annoying Chloe Sullivan is EVER AGAIN. Thanks CW.

  34. Dan says:

    Deadman by Kripke would be awesome. I wasn’t overly excited by the writers efforts on Green Lantern. They took a great concept and made it pedestrian.

    • murley says:

      i agree. this idea has me a little more excited than the green arrow although i wouldn’t be against both shows making it to air :)

  35. Rachel says:

    I love Hartley but if they start with the origins and everything, they might wanna go younger. Hartley is older now. Definitely find a great guy that looks like Hartley and even have Hartley included somehow. But I can see if they want a fresh face as long as he’s younger. If age doesn’t matter, than OF COURSE WE NEED TO KEEP HIM. He was GREAT!

  36. Max says:

    Just bring back Justin Hartley and Alaina Huffman and we’ll all be happy =D

  37. Kathy says:

    If CW is developing The Green Arrow, it should have none other than
    Justin Hartley as Olvier/Green Arrow. I love him as the role and will not watch it if he is not pick for the role!

  38. Sasha says:

    On the EW Site they confirmed that the CW isn’t looking at Justin being Oliver/green arrow.

    And so with that…I will not watch it.

  39. YES says:

    The only way I would watch this is if Justin Harley was cast to play him. I have been a fan of his ever since he was on Passions. That is the only way I would watch this series

  40. Jenny says:

    Justin Hartley was perfect in Smallville. I could only see them recasting if they decided to go for a reboot/origin story. He might be a little old to be playing a teen.

  41. TJCrinc says:

    Justin Hartley was an excellent green arrow. I miss smallville :(

  42. Dwayne says:

    Justin Hartley all the way!! I hope they opt to just reboot the backstory a little in terms of eliminate ties to the Smallville mythology. I would prefer seeing a Green Arrow show with Oliver Queen as an adult…it’d be like Batman almost. I hope the CW is smart and doesn’t drop the ball on this!!

  43. Liz says:

    Justin or nothing. I also wish they would just ask the Smallville producers to set these things up. If Kelly and Brian had been in charge of Wonder Woman it probably would have been awesome enough for a pick up. I love Greg Berlanti, but Green Lantern was weak. He does much better on things like Eli Stone. Just saying.

  44. Alison says:

    Perhaps this new version will be a reboot and it could be about Oliver and Chloe’s kid, Ollie, Jr. (with occasional winks and references to Smallville and/or flashbacks along the way)?

  45. JAVIER says:


  46. Ooh, I like the Green Arrow, so this could be fun! I never watched Smallville, so I don’t necessarily care if they keep the actor that played him there or not. I would love to see Black Canary, and possibly Roy Harper at some point.

  47. swthompson says:

    Deadman is a very cool idea and would seem to fit in with the basic darkness of Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle and Supernatural.

  48. Brandy says:

    This sounds soo bad. Havent they learned thst superhero/people with special powers dont do well, wbs Brids of Prey lasted only 13 eps, Nbcs The Cape lasted even less, ABCs no ordinary family lasted one season, people say that Heros sucked after season 2 , ect ect. These are only a few that I could think of.

    • Brendan says:

      Smallville lasted for 10 seasons… yup that didn’t do well at all…

      • Brandy says:

        Yes, but sv was the exception, it was the only one of a dozen shows about superheroes people with special powers that atcually lasted in last 12 years.

    • murley says:

      you are neglecting to note that most of those shows were on the major networks. they would need much higher ratings to last on abc and nbc which is hard for any type of genre television. these shows would be on the cw where they wouldn’t need the kind of ratings the cape or no ordinary family would have needed to make it.

  49. Brendan says:

    If done it should be Justin Hartley cast as Green Arrow. But for this series he needs to grow the goatee!

  50. Drew says:

    It comes down to basic logic. Smallville was a high rated series on the CW, with a massive following which lasted a decade. On the show, Green Arrow was a major player.

    If the CW brings Hartley back, they will have that Smallville audience and a very solid foundation for the universe the show exists in.

    If they reboot the character, they alienate the Smallville audience, lose the foundation that was in place for ten years and it will be that much harder to make the show work for their audience.

    They have an audience. They have viewers just waiting to watch a show. They have one decision to make which is a no-brainer… and obviously, they’re going to blow it.

    If they want to reboot, don’t go with a Smallville character! Go with Nightwing or The Question or someone like that. Bringing in a new Ollie will win them nothing.

    • Jim says:

      A – Smallville’s ratings mostly sucked, except for like the first few seasons.

      B – That guy sucked, and made that show ten times worse. Go a different direction, and then maybe, I don’t know, have it be geared towards actual comic book fans, not 15 year old girls.

      • Drew says:

        That’s just not factually true. Smallville was one of the network’s biggest shows in terms of ratings. Currently, The Vampire Diaries is the network’s biggest hit, and Smallville was right up there with it. In fact, in Smallville’s eight season, it was pulling numbers that The Vampire Diaries hasn’t seen since its first season and for most of Smallville’s run, it was pulling in numbers that TVD just won’t ever get (yes, I’m taking the WB/CW transition into account)

        Bottom line is, Smallville was a winner for the network and they would be fools to ignore that fact.

        They can make Green Arrow a great show, geared toward comic book fans and all of that, while keeping it in the Smallville universe. No show will keep with comic book canon. There is simply too much of it.

        If they move forward with the show but reboot the character, it’s like rebooting a TV series that just ended last season. Green Arrow was a part of the show for five seasons. It’s absurd to reboot a major character like that so quickly.

        • Brad says:

          Hello! Supernatural had the second best ratings on The Cw until recently!!

          • Drew says:

            Umm… Hi? What’s your point? Smallville and Supernatural were well paired. Their ratings were similar, actually. Supernatural is a way better show, but I don’t see what that has to do with anything.

    • Rocco says:

      Your reasoning is whats absurd, this is no longer smallville. Too bad, this show is going to be what its going to be , take it or take the highway.

      The show will not be void of viewers, millions will watch just like they have watched every new show they have never before, your reasoning is FLAWED.