Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Criminal Minds, NCIS, Fringe, Bones, Castle, Revenge and More

Where is Reid’s mind at? How will Walternate react to meeting “his” son? What do Castle, Bones and Revenge all have in common? What is Schmidt’s special bedroom skill? Read on for those scoops, plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Criminal Minds | At long last, I may have an answer to one of this CBS drama’s most puzzling mysteries: What happened with Reid’s conspicuous Season 6 headaches? The answer: Blame Sue Sylvester! “The hope,” series boss Erica Messer tells me, “was that we were going to be able to explore those headaches a bit last year with Jane Lynch (as Reid’s mother), and get her take on it. But because of Jane’s schedule, we just were never able to.” While Messer cops to setting up a story that wasn’t (yet) be paid off, she notes, “It’s still a part of the character, and that it’s a sort of psychosomatic issue he has speaks volumes.” Turning to what is ahead for Reid, Messer cites this season’s 11th episode, where Matthew Gray Gubler’s alter ego reflects on whether he’s fulfilling his potential. “[Being so smart] at 14 you’re really, really special, because not everybody could do what you do. But at 30, it doesn’t feel like you’re as special as you once were.”

Fringe Bosses Say this Season’s Finale Can Work As Series Finale

Fringe | The winter premiere, airing this Friday, finds Peter angling to go “over there” and beseech Walternate for help in getting “home.” Just how awkward is this meeting between father and son? “It’s not even that easy,” Joshua Jackson notes with a chuckle. “It’s, ‘Hi, I’m Peter Bishop and you’re my alternate, alternate real father who doesn’t know that I survived, but I did, in a universe you’ve never been in.'” (The actual dialogue, thankfully, is a bit more streamlined.) Regardless, is the evil-ish genius surprised to meet his son? And will he be at all helpful? “To a certain degree he’s the same Walternate we used to know — he’s got his fingers in all the pies — so I don’t think he’s ever surprised by anything,” Jackson answers. “But as you will see, his motivations in this timeline are completely different than they were as we used to know him. It looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, but it’s not a duck in this case.”

NCIS Team Teases ‘What If?’ Episode No. 200

NCIS | Not that y’all need reassuring, but… well, let’s face it — you want reassuring. So yes, C-I-Ray is out of the picture given the events of the show’s latest outing. “Ziva is very angry at him,” notes show boss Gary Glasberg, “and she planted that big fist right across his jaw, which I hope people enjoyed.” Down the road for Ms. David, Glasberg says he plans to introduce “Ziva’s muse — her [Mike] Franks — someone who is going to guide her a bit in figuring out what she wants in life.”

Bones Winter Finale Scoop: The Most Diabolical Baddie Is Unleashed! A Love Nest Is Revealed!

Daddy Issues Galore! | Bones and Castle have more in common than just crime-solving and angsty romances. They also have fathers that are about to come into play. Bones exec producer Stephen Nathan tells me that after the show resumes its season in the spring, Ryan O’Neal will return as Brennan’s dad, Max. Might he, as some speculated, solve the parents-to-be’s child care sitch? “He could help out…,” Nathan hinted. Meanwhile on Castle, series creator Andrew W. Marlowe confirms there still is a plan to shed light on Rick’s father “sometime in February.” Over on ABC’s Revenge, William Devane is due to show up as family patriarch Edward Grayson, and suffice it to say, that father-son dynamic isn’t hearts and flowers. As Henry Czerny (Conrad) puts it, “For a character to show up on Revenge and not have a complex, slightly discomforting relationship with people would be impossible.” What brings about Edward’s visit? “There is only one real answer to that question: You’ll have to watch the show,” Czerny says. “It’s so secretive, I’d have to kill you first and then tell you.”

Revenge Recap: The Return of the Red Marker and The Classic Takedown

Raising Hope | Speaking with Lucas Neff at Fox’s TCA soiree, I recalled my appreciation for the flashback episode that established that Sabrina once crushed hard on goth little Jimmy, yet both now are oblivious to that fact. Might they ever come upon the truth? “When we come back [starting Jan. 17], there’s going to be some big events in the Jimmy/Sabrina storyline,” Neff answered. “I don’t want to give away too much, but some earth-shaking things happen.”

New Girl Exclusive: Dermot Mulroney Joins the Cast as ‘Big’ Love Interest For Jess

New Girl | Also at the Fox party, one hot topic was whether the spectacularly douchey Schmidt might ever be able to “seal the deal” with Jess’ gorgeous bestie. Though such a hook-up might seem a ways off, a surfaced secret will arouse Cece’s… curiosity. “Cece finds out that Schmidt has a hidden talent that kind of gets her thinking,” Hannah Simone told me as she half-blushed, half-laughed. Wait, is he impressively adept at… that? “You have to watch to find out,” Simone hedged, “but when I read that script I was like, ‘Are you for serious? Really?!’ It really stops Cece in her tracks.”

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  1. HoldOn2Smallville says:

    I thought Ziva already had her muse as in Gibbs *shrugs*

    • Tia says:

      Well, someone had to teach her the skills that caught Gibbs’ attention in the first place. She was a BAMF before she met him too…

      • Svenja says:

        I think GG is referring to the friend she visited in the season premiere. A woman who was someone “very dear” to her.
        So excited here

    • Saint Alicia says:

      Same here; that’s kind of a strange development. Also, wasn’t Franks more of a mentor than a “muse” to Gibbs? Semantics…? :\

      As for Criminal Minds, when is Beth going to turn out to be an unsub?
      Just don’t trust her -___-

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Rest assured, I asked Messer about the somewhat-stalkery Beth possibly becoming an Unsub. It’s part of our big 150th episode Q&A coming later this month ;)

        • Saint Alicia says:

          Oh, yay! Thanks so much :)

        • Emmalee says:

          Wow, Matt, why are you feeding into the bizarre paranoia about Beth, which, let’s face it, is almost entirely coming from disgruntled Hotch/Prentiss shippers unhappy about the fact that he’s potentially getting a love interest who isn’t Emily (seriously, the only people in the fandom carrying on about Beth being an unsub/stalker are H/P fans)? Beth kept seeing a man she thought was attractive around and, when finally presented with a chance to talk to him, took it. It doesn’t make her a stalker, FFS. After all the heartbreak Hotch has seen, it boggles my mind that people are so quick to begrudge the character possibly getting a chance at happiness. Nobody ever rabbits on about Kevin (Garcia’s SO) or Will (JJ’s) being potentially being unsubs.

          • Dixie says:

            I don’t want Beth to be an unsub. That would give her too much screen time. I just want her to disappear. She is an incredibly boring character played by an actress who has zero chemistry with Thomas Gibson. If the writers insist upon a love interest for Hotch and a mommy for Jack, let’s bring in an actress that sparks with TG. The Hotchner boys deserve the best.

      • CM says:

        How very boring, not creative, to have Beth be an unsub. Hope CM will not go there and just have her and Hotch be happy. How about Hotch being happy in a stable relationship instead of the ‘my girlfriend is a serial killer’ story? Leave the bad storyline where it beling; in (bad) fanfiction!

        • CM says:

          sorry about the typo that was belong and not beling!

        • Emmalee says:

          Not only is it boring and uncreative, it would reflect incredibly poorly on Hotch, as one of the lead profilers of the BAU, that he couldn’t suss out that the woman he was dating was off-kilter enough to be a killer. He’s one of the few characters on the show whose characterization has, for the most part, been consistently well-handled across the seasons. It’d be a tremendous disservice to the character to drop that kind of ‘twist’ into his storyline, especially so late in the game and after he finally seems to have pulled himself back together after the tragic loss of Haley.

    • Steph says:

      Maybe it’s Ziva’s aunt. We heard about her in season 5 but haven’t heard anything since. Unless they decided to make someone else up. Although I would like it to be a female friend of Ziva’s. The woman needs some women friends. They also need to do more Abby/Ziva scenes but I digress.

    • Torque says:

      No, TONY’S muse is Gibbs… it’s been made clear time and time again that Tony reminds people (both Ducky AND Franks) of what Gibbs was like when he was younger, and that Gibbs hand-picked him and is grooming him to take over because he’s the “best agent he’s ever worked with.”

      The recent tendency to make Gibbs EVERYONE’S daddy figure is actually rather annoying.

      • Sam says:

        I agree with this. They may have made Gibbs the father figure to the whole team but Gibbs’ relationship with Tony is up a level to a mentor/protege bond that follows in the footsteps of Franks/Gibbs. Which makes it very interesting to watch the next generation. Different dynamic-same bond. I may not have always like the things that happened when Franks was on the scene but I absolutely loved the undying bond between Gibbs/Mike.
        I think this is a really good thing to introduce some female guidance in Ziva’s life.

  2. Birdie says:

    And Erica Messer proves once again why she was absolutely the wrong person to helm Criminal Minds. So they have the problem of not being able to get Jane Lynch but they couldn’t find some other way to address Reid’s headaches? It was too hard for them to write something about an ongoing storyline so they resort to terrible ones like Hotch and Bland Beth that come out of the blue. The only reason this season is better than Season 6 is because Paget Brewster is back, but quality of stories is just as bad. Too much focus on the UNSUB, hello, sometimes I don’t want to be told in the first 2 minutes who the killer is, and not enough use of your regular cast, 2 of whom, Paget & AJ Cook, people demanded were back.

    • Kim says:

      Agreed. I was excited to have Erica take over, but it’s been a huge disappointment. There hasn’t been episodes yet that have made me go, “WOW! That was amazing!” I’ve actually been tempted to change the channel a few times so far, and that has never happened to me before.

      There’s still the rest of the season, but I’m not too happy so far. I pray that next week’s episode will be a good one.

  3. FanFromDayOne says:

    re: Ziva, does that mean Mike Franks in his current state? Like she’ll have a ghost-like conscience? Could we be meeting Tali?

    • lil says:

      i think ziva’s franks is the one referred to during the first episode in season 9. the woman who lives in central america which ziva is planning to visit soon… at least, that is what she told tony.

      • Svenja says:

        I think so, too.
        There was a spoiler a few months back that Ziva’s old friend would show up at some point during the season. I think that’s her. So excited for it. Ziva doesn’t interact with women much. This is gonna be unique

    • Audrey says:

      Tali was Ziva’s sister. And it has been mentioned at least a couple of times that she died. So really doubt it could be Tali!

  4. Catherine says:

    That is true, but she did have a life before NCIS. I’m actually really looking forward to more of anything that is Ziva-centric.

  5. maria says:

    I wonder if Ziva’s muse has to do with what she mentioned a while ago…putting in for her time off to go to Central America to meet up with someone she knows (a woman) and asking for her advice on something. Can’t remember which episode she mentioned it in…may have been the season premiere? Anyway, looking forward to it.

    Thanks Tvline for any and all NCIS scoop!!! Much appreciated.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Bingo — that’s exactly who it is. You’re good!

    • Nubie says:

      Hi Maria –

      Like Mr. M said, you are indeed correct :). We were first informed of this matronly mentor-type during NOTB (I can only chuckle remembering how Tony simply HAD to put in his “$0.02” on who this person might be).

      Personally, I am glad to see that Ziva has a mentor and/or matriarch type of person she can turn to. It is waaaay overdue on the show. She is too often surrounded by men, and is in need of a wise woman’s advice to help guide her, in the place of her deceased mother. This woman NEEDS a mother right now; she is in a very critcal place in her personal life at the moment. In S5 we were introduced to Ziva’s “Aunt Nettie in Tel-Aviv” during a phonecall, which Tony of course rudely interrupted – resulting in Ziva threatening to basically put him in a cement overcoat (lol…funny scene!). Btw I have always wondered about Ziva’s surviving family in Israel, and why we never get to hear more about her relatives.

      I look foward to meeting Ziva’s female confidante, but meanwhile it would be nice if the writers would allow Abs & Ziva to share more “girltime” onscreen!!!!

  6. Svenja says:

    Oh god, Ziva’s female friend who was mentioned in the season premiere is it, isn’t it?
    So excited for it?
    Been waiting for Ziva to get a female bestie for ages!!!
    LOVE IT!!!

  7. Lulu says:

    Brennan’s dad as the nanny, LOVE IT!!!!!!

  8. Deena says:

    yes, please, Ziva needs someone who will show her the way to Tony!

  9. Vanessa says:

    The casting people of Castle should listen to Nathan Fillion and cast Robert S. Woods as his dad!

  10. Delta says:

    Even if they couldn’t get Jane Lynch back on Criminal Minds they could have still told us what was wrong with Reid’s mother. Reid took a three months sabbatical during the summer because his mother had issues, and we were never even told what it was about….it’s disappointing but it’s sadly not unexpected that they wouldn’t even grace us with some kind of answer. How usual.

    On another topic, why mention Reid being so smart at 14 ? Or did they forget that Reid graduated high school at 12 ? In the first season, during ‘somebody is watching’, someone who went to high school with Reid told Gideon , ” he [Reid] was the only 12 year old in our graduating class”. And there have been other references about that on the show.
    Did they forget about that too (like they forgot about CalTech) ??? Unless the reference about him being so smart at 14 is about something else but I’m doubtful.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      I think with a the new writers they’ve “forgotten” a lot of stuff…
      like how Hotch is a divorcee NOT a widower.

      • Jennifer says:

        I’m wondering if the show’s going to ever remember that Aaron has a brother.

      • ncisfan4evr says:

        Hotch is BOTH a divorcee and a widower, as his ex was murdered.

        • Saint Alicia says:

          Uh, no, and you’ve contradicted yourself right in your comment: “his ex was murdered.” Exactly, his EX; the definition of a widower is a man whose SPOUSE (current, not former/one-time/ex spouse) has died. Haley was no longer his wife at the time of her death, so the label does not apply. In fact, she served Hotch divorce papers and he signed them back in season 3; it’s quite a stretch to try to call him a widower in season 7.

      • sandee says:

        I thought Hotch and his wife divorced a year or two before she was murdered. Could be wrong but I thought they were.

    • Michael says:

      What do you they forgot about CalTech Reid never went to CalTech it was Garice who went there

      • Delta says:

        No, it was stated that Reid went to Caltech.
        In ‘Memoriam’, when Reid held his godson, he told Henry that he could get him into Caltech with ‘one phone call’.
        And on the articles his father collected (in the same episode) it was stated that Reid got his three PhDs at CalTech.
        It was also mentioned in those articles that he chose CalTech over MIT.
        Then in ‘Painless’ (7×04) B. Frazier (the writer of that episode) had Reid saying that he went to MIT.
        Breen Frazier apologized for the mistake after that but now we have to assume that Reid went to CalTech then to MIT.

        I don’t mind the fact that Reid attended both CalTech and MIT, but I would like them to remember that he graduated high school at 12 and not 14…why do I have the impression they forgot about it ?

        • Michael says:

          According to his profile he never went to Caltech so I don’t know why people say he did and I went back and watch Season 1 throw 3 and no where does it say he went there

          • Delta says:

            I told you the episode where it’s stated that Reid went to Caltech : “Memoriam” season 4, episode 8 (maybe you didn’t see it if you are only up to season three).

            Reid’s father collected articles about his son, if you read these articles you’ll see that it’s stated that Reid went to Caltech to get his three PhDs. These articles also discuss the fact that Reid chose Caltech over MIT and Standford.

            Plus at the end of the same episode (“Memoriam”, season 4 episode 8…) Reid jokingly says to his godson, Henry, that he can get him into Caltech with ‘one phone call’.
            So, it’s canon that Reid went to Caltech.

            I also said that the writer of “Painless” (season 7 episode 4) apologized for the mistake with MIT (he did so during a chat where he talked about the episode, it’s on the Criminal Minds set report blog).

            We still have to assume that Reid also went to MIT now, probably after CalTech.

            Here is a link :

            Near the end of the page the articles collected by Reid’s father are quoted (during the episode we only see them very briefly on Garcia’s computer so it’s easier to read them here). The ones where Reid attending caltech are mentioned are : “One Down, Two to Go” and “BAU’s Newest Member
            By Paul Milworth”.

            And like I said, Reid said to Henry that he could get him into CalTech with one phone call (and that Yale was his ‘safety school’).

            So, this is all the proof you need to acknowledge that Reid went to CalTech.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Ooo, lots of goodies! :)
    Definitely looking forward to the Reid-centric episode; I feel like my favorite genius has been a bit neglected lately. Having his mom show up again will be interesting for sure.
    Also looking forward to meeting Ziva’s mentor. Something tells me she’s quite a character, and no doubt she’ll have some great stories of Ziva when she was younger. :)
    Looking forward to the Bones and Castle “daddy situations” as well, especially finding out about Castle’s dad.

  12. kytivafan says:

    I am so looking forward to this. Anything to do with Ziva and I am there.

    yay! thanks Tvline for giving me something (else) to look forward to. Lots of exciting stuff happening on NCIS this season.

  13. Brendan says:

    WOOHOO! Castle beat NCIS to the Peoples Choice Award for BEST TV Drama! Obviously those votes have better taste that the voters on this site.

    • ncisfan4evr says:

      Congrats to Castle. It’s fun when your fav show wins, isn’t it? As for me, I’ll continue to watch my fav show every week, which also happens to be the #1 scripted show on TV. Win/Win .

    • Sarah says:

      I think NCIS fans put all their voting efforts into the wrong campaign. ;)

    • Jenn says:

      Gotta remember – usually the number one show on TV is the one with the lowest common denominator. Ratings have never equaled quality. NCIS didn’t get that popular until Shane Brennan turned into a soap opera with guns and a dominatrix (although DB didn’t help much with that season 4).

  14. Shrikha says:

    Bones and Castle only have things in common because Castle is a total rip-off.And a bad one at that.Given the quality of tv these days,it’s hardly surprising people actually watch the show.But how the hell have they not filed a lawsuit yet??I thought plagiarism was illegal.David B was the only one who had the guts to say it outright.And that Fillon guy has been trying to follow in his footsteps since Buffy.It’s almost funny.If he was even half as gorgeous,it’d be OK.

    • Dan says:

      Shrikha: ROFL, your funny! Fungirl hating much?

      First of all, you have clearly not seen much of Castle to say something so stupid… Second, you can just as easily say that Bones is a rip-off of every other will they-won’t they show since the beginning of tv.

      I used to be a Bones fan up until season 4, after that the writers just got lazy and the reasons for Booth and Brennan to stay apart less and less believable. So the show became uninteresting to me.

      Castle however still manages to hold my interest simply because they have much better writers. The cases are actually cases to solve not just a lazy excuse to waste time or shock with gore. Also, so far Castle have handled the Castle/Beckett friendship/relationship with much more respect than Bones writers ever did. To me Castle just doesn’t insult my intelligence the way Bones past season 4 does.

      Of course this can all change soon, I am a bit anxious of what will happen on Castle when some secrets are revealed later this season. But so far I have no reason not to trust the show-runners.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Dan, if you’re ever down Atlanta way, I’d like to buy you and this comment a drink. MTE, and in a far better way than I could ever have expressed. Kudos.

    • l says:

      And you think Bones is not a rip-off? well think again darling.

      Bones and Castle (and some other series, hell, some other hundred series EVERYWHERE that exist BEFORE and AFTER Bones) follow a common format in crime drama, hence the similarity. Castle is not, and it will never be, a rip-off. May be you should revise your knowledge about plagiarism before talking non-sense honey.

      And why do you say such a rude thing about Mr. Fillion? He chooses to be an actor because he loves being an actor, and he chooses a role to play because he loves that role. And if their choices are sometimes similar, it is also a common thing, can’t you understand that?
      Also, everyone is charming in his/ her own way. Both Mr. Boreanaz and Mr. Fillion are wonderful actors, inside and out. Saying rude things like that about other people is the worst thing you can do IMO!

      • sandee says:

        Castle isn’t a rip off. You knew from the beginning that Rick was smitten with Kate. He did model the lead character in his books after her.

    • Jeff says:

      As a watcher of both shows, Bones is nothing like Castle, other than the “outsider” working with law enforcement aspect, but even there, Bones is more like different branches of investigating working together, Castle is much more “unofficial”.
      Plus, while I still watch Bones, the show’s writer blew it as far as getting the characters together romantically. They waited too long and many viewers lost interest in that aspect of the show, including myself.
      Castle’s writers (so far) seem to be pacing the romantic aspect correctly.
      As for the actors themselves in real life, Fillion seems like a genuinely nice guy, Boreanaz seems like a self indulgent douche.

  15. Zoya says:

    I’m excited to hear about this piece of news on Ziva. Looking forward to seeing her interact with her mentor for the 1st time. NCIS is on a roll this season and I’m really enjoying it. :-)
    Can’t wait to see the 200th episode….very excited about it.

    As for the person gloating about Castle beating NCIS at the PCA, hey, we may not have won an award but we are consistently #1 every week. We had our highest ratings of the season Tues. night, 21.03 million viewers.

  16. Kimmy says:

    First of all, Matt, not ALL of y’all actually care what happened between Ziva and Ray, aside from the fact that it was a cheap and simplistic way to write that character out and the storyline deserved a better ending.

    Second… can we get some TONY spoiler that has nothing to do with Ziva OR Tiva… for once.

    • Michael says:

      Aman it sad How We cant get anything about Tony without Ziva being in it

    • Svenja says:

      We got plenty of Tony spoilers who actually have nothing to do with Ziva or Tiva. Tony has a lot of women-related issues and people immediately start discussing Ziva/Tiva in the context of spoilers which do not even mention anything about Tiva.

  17. Ok enough of this when are Tony and Ziva going to reveal their love for each other or that night in Paris ijs

  18. ncisfan4evr says:

    Thank you for the NCIS spoiler. Keep them coming. Hopefully we will get another Tony scoop soon.

  19. vickils says:

    Wishing Ziva would move to central America with her muse. Not a fan of current Ziva. And tiring quickly of Daddy Gibbs. Wish the current writers would watch episodes like Chained and Twilight. Too much soap currently.

  20. toughcookie says:

    one more night until Fringe

  21. nas says:

    Happy about Ziva getting a visitor but wish it was more of a friend her own age than a mentor. Do any of these people have friends? It seems all we ever see are love interests, family or “mentors.” I would love to see a single girl Ziva with friends, maybe playing the field. Hate how they ended the Ray thing, it was a slap in the face to the Ziva character to end it like that. So dumb.

  22. AngelMoonGirl says:

    ASJDKFLFLSAL Thank you for all this scoop!

    I can’t wait to see Ziva’s mentor of sorts on NCIS. She’s my favorite :) I hope that this person helps guide her toward Tony! Them getting together is way past overdue!

    I love Ryan O’Neal as Max on Bones. I really want him to be Baby Bones’ babysitter, though I wonder what Booth will have to say about that, LOL!

    FRINGE! I’m SO happy to see it back and PLEASEGODPLEASE let this not be the last season!

    Details on Castle’s dad? Ooooh. But, I thought Martha didn’t know who he was?

  23. Mandy says:

    I like that they have left off on Reid’s headaches for a bit. It builds more back story into the character and lets you know they are living lives beyond the weekly case. Sort of like how Reid is a recovering drug addict. I think they need to delve into it more before the season ends, but it is interesting to just touch on it every once in a while, maybe with a potential significant other?

  24. Marni says:

    The Castle powers that be need to listen to Nathan Fillion and cast Robert S Woods as his father. #OLTL

  25. Jeff says:

    Sounds like you’re hinting Walternate isn’t a bad guy (or such a bad guy) in this parallel universe. Tonight’s EP looks very promising.

  26. trish says:

    Please,please please dont let fringe go. Love the show and if they would put it on different night it woulld get better ratings.

  27. jess says:

    This just might be my interpretation of it, but couldn’t “Ziva’s muse” just be a play on words for the actor who play’s Franks (Muse Watson). Well, that’s not realy what I intended to talk about. Anyways, I feel that NCIS must be doing something right if they have reached 200 episode, and I’ll say I’ve been a fan of it all, but I still do have a problem. I think we should see more McGee centric episodes. Now, my opinon might be a bt bias considering I’m a huge fan of the Elf Lord, but I just feel that someone who has been part of a show as long as he has should have a bigger part, and the same goes for Palmer. Both men are incredibly great at playing their character’s (I.E. ‘About Face’ and ‘Caged’) but it seems as of late that hey have been falling into the background. I do enjoy seeing Palmer discussing his upcoming wedding, but he is usually only seen for a few moments in each scene. Anyways, I’m talking too much and should just end my comment on a good note; Congrats to the cast and crew at NCIS for making it this far! :)