Glee Preview: 15 Highlights From Next Week’s Swoon-Worthy 'Yes/No' Episode

Valentine’s Day is still a weeks away, but Glee’s already got a honey of a gift wrapped up and waiting for you — next week’s ultraromantic episode! How sweet is the hour, which focuses not just on Will’s proposal to Emma but on (almost) all of the show’s couples? Since one of us has seen it, let me count the ways…

1. This nagging mystery is solved in first five minutes, and not in the way that I thought it would be. (And for once, I’m glad I was wrong!)

2. Sam and Mercedes recount their months-long fling with a rousing rendition of “Summer Lovin’.”

3. Michael Chiklis gets a shout-out from Sue. Ditto David Boreanaz. (The latter fares better than the former, but both are equally hilarious.)

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4. One couple elopes, and you’ll never guess which one. (Although, hey, you’re welcome to try. Hit the comments below… )

5. Not only do we get to see Emma in a wedding gown, we get to see Sue and Bieste as her bridesmaids. One of their dresses is really pretty. The other two? Erm…

6.  We called it! A new triangle (sorta) takes shape between Becky, Artie and Sugar! In other Becky news, she has a scene with the kinder, gentler Sue that is probably my favorite ever.

7. Finn gets some rather traumatic news about his [SPOILER] that will have serious implications on his future.

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8. Sue checks the chip on her shoulder long enough to play guidance counselor to Artie. And — shocker — the role suits her.

9. NeNe Leaks’ cameo as Sam’s synchronized swimming coach isn’t the worst thing ever. In fact, she’s pretty funny. Upon meeting Sam for the first time, she sasses, “I’ve never seen lips like that on a while child.”

10. Artie gives Will some advice on proposing to Emma, then schools his teacher with a seamless-sounding mash-up of “Moves Like Jagger” with “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.”

11. Will chooses [spoiler] as his best man.

12. Santana, Rachel, Mercedes and Tina sing “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” and flash back to meeting their respective sweethearts, Brittany, Finn, Sam and Mike. (Britanna fans, prepare to hit the rewind button a lot.)

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13. When Will asks Emma’s parents for permission to marry her, it goes about as well as it might have if he’d asked Sue if he could become a Cheerio. Later, he and Emma have an especially moving moment. (Jayma Mays nails it!)

14. The episode climaxes with an amazeballs synchronized swimming number, with the whole gang performing Rihanna’s “We Found Love” in McKinley’s swimming pool as part of Will’s surprise proposal. It must’ve taken forever to shoot this thing, and you know what? It was worth it. It is ridiculously over the top. Unbelievably cheesy. Crazy romantic. And you’re gonna love every second of it. (I sure did.)

15. And just when you think the episode is over, there’s an outta nowhere twist that will have [SPOILER] ‘shippers calling an emergency meeting!

Got more Qs about “Yes/No”? Email ’em to me via and I’ll tackle them in next week’s AA!

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  1. Eda says:

    NAYA RIVERA ALL THE WAY………. XD I love Naya!!!!! The sexiest member of the glee club!!! and very attractive I love love you Naya!!

  2. RL says:

    Always Forever

  3. puckleberry says:

    i liked season three so far because of the amount of screen time for puck, now that he hasnt got any it is boring me. Finchel needs to break up so puckleberry can get back together!!!!!

  4. Jerri M says:

    The twist – neither of the klaines sing on of their horrible songs and the show is saved!
    Or both of them are killed and screentime hog Blaine is finally out out of this once great show.

  5. Luke says:

    damnit i want another Quick scene

    (any1 who doesnt know, Quick=Puck+Quinn)

  6. Gleefan says:

    How did u see the show before it aired what site cuz i wont get my for like 2 weeks!!!

  7. Silke says:

    Please, Brittana HAS to stay together because it’s kinda my life = yes I’m a lebanese loser and I’m proud LOL

  8. Emily says:

    I feel like there is going to be an unexpected couple getting together at the end like artie and quinn or something like that or finn will go to nyc with rachel whatever one i am fine with

  9. tg says:

    ….I don’t understand the whole ‘finchel’ relationship and why everyone is obsessed with it. I just don’t get it.

    Blaine and Kurt own my heart <3 :)

  10. Giuliette says:

    OK. Here is MY thinking. Rachel and Finn are so cliche, so overrated, so….well, unoriginal. In every damn T.V. show there is a couple like theirs. I adore Klaine. I really do. And I also adore Tina and Mike. I think that their story lines are both cute.

    But then you have FINCHEL.

    But really, tear me apart all you like. I, beyond anything (in gLee), ADORE Rachel and Jesse. Jesse treated her like the star that he knew she was. He respected her attitude and her talent without putting her down. He even said to Ms. Corcoran that he really likes her and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. Yes, I did see the episode where he crushed the egg on her head. I’m not saying he is an angel. But she did hurt him first. Run, Joey, Run DID break his heart. That was what he told Rachel. He said that “everyone says i’m the big heart breaker. but the truth is, you broke mine first.”

    But then he came back.

    Jesse was never unfaithful. He didn’t really pressure her in to sleeping with him. He told her that he would wait until she was ready. She deserved “epic romance”.

    When Quinn was going out with Sam, she and Finn spent the night together doing god knows what. Finn didn’t feel one bit of remorse. Then they got mono, blah blah blah. But the second that Rachel only *made out with* Puck, he flipped. She told him because she felt bad about it. She wanted him to know that she would never do it again. She was just hurt and angry that he lied to her. But he threw her under the bus and dumped her.

    When Jesse came back, he did everything to get her back. He had no ulterior motives. He came to the competition in New York because as Schue most delicately put it, he couldn’t stay away from her.

    I truly hope that that [SPOILER] on number 15 is St. Berry.

    I’m only stating my opinions. Really, there is no need to tear me apart. I know that I am probably going to be disappointed by this next episode, but…..I’m sure that I’ll still watch the show.

  11. rachhh says:

    Um actually, its been confirmed that finn finds out his motber and father never actually got married and left when his mother was pregnant, making finn propose. Its left on a cliffhanger then the end seen we find out they elope. Sorry for the spoiler lol ;P

  12. bailey says:

    i want for rory to have a love interest on the show and have more of dialogue!!

  13. h says:

    Blaine is too perfect… Klaine was cute in the beginning, but now it makes me want to gag… I love Kurt, but Blaine needs to have some flaws!!! So far, his only flaw is that he kissed Rachel in BiotA…

  14. h says:

    and Rachel has always been a stuck up cow!!!


    I wanna see brittana in here. My heart is just pounding at the sight of brittana. God I love them together. They’re so cute! Wayyy better than finchel

  16. brianna says:

    The end scene is an EPIC Finchel scene. I think it’s Finn proposing to Rachel…

  17. M'chele says:

    CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!

    Everything written here turns me on in a big way.


  18. Sarah says:

    Its betsie and cooterbi live in Ohio just saw it

  19. Chelsey says:

    Really? That Brittana moment did NOT require a single rewind. Brittany’s smile was cute, totally, but… Come on.

  20. Lindsey says:

    Where can I get that bathing suit!?

  21. Manda says:

    I agree. I love seeing Kurt happy he deserves it.. now if we can just get Punk a good girl that will change him and he will stay with i’d be happy… if they need an actress i will so volunteer. I need me some Mark lovin :P

  22. keren says:

    OMG! Jayma mays! someone put her name on am EMMY ballot for g-d sake…

  23. josue azael says:

    hallo glee
    my name is josue am I your fen

  24. Tahlia says:

    …You know, the actors of Glee, the producers, the crew members, I reckon they’d all be ashamed of the fandom. You’ve all turned on each other, and I’m not saying I haven’t, but taking digs at a person because of a ship? How… pathetic is that? Look, I’m super glad about We Found Love, because it’s me. (: I’m not all too excited about the proposal, it’s Finchel. ‘Course, it’s a Finn move. Meh. BaiBye now.

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