Glee Preview: 15 Highlights From Next Week’s Swoon-Worthy 'Yes/No' Episode

Valentine’s Day is still a weeks away, but Glee’s already got a honey of a gift wrapped up and waiting for you — next week’s ultraromantic episode! How sweet is the hour, which focuses not just on Will’s proposal to Emma but on (almost) all of the show’s couples? Since one of us has seen it, let me count the ways…

1. This nagging mystery is solved in first five minutes, and not in the way that I thought it would be. (And for once, I’m glad I was wrong!)

2. Sam and Mercedes recount their months-long fling with a rousing rendition of “Summer Lovin’.”

3. Michael Chiklis gets a shout-out from Sue. Ditto David Boreanaz. (The latter fares better than the former, but both are equally hilarious.)

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4. One couple elopes, and you’ll never guess which one. (Although, hey, you’re welcome to try. Hit the comments below… )

5. Not only do we get to see Emma in a wedding gown, we get to see Sue and Bieste as her bridesmaids. One of their dresses is really pretty. The other two? Erm…

6.  We called it! A new triangle (sorta) takes shape between Becky, Artie and Sugar! In other Becky news, she has a scene with the kinder, gentler Sue that is probably my favorite ever.

7. Finn gets some rather traumatic news about his [SPOILER] that will have serious implications on his future.

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8. Sue checks the chip on her shoulder long enough to play guidance counselor to Artie. And — shocker — the role suits her.

9. NeNe Leaks’ cameo as Sam’s synchronized swimming coach isn’t the worst thing ever. In fact, she’s pretty funny. Upon meeting Sam for the first time, she sasses, “I’ve never seen lips like that on a while child.”

10. Artie gives Will some advice on proposing to Emma, then schools his teacher with a seamless-sounding mash-up of “Moves Like Jagger” with “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.”

11. Will chooses [spoiler] as his best man.

12. Santana, Rachel, Mercedes and Tina sing “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” and flash back to meeting their respective sweethearts, Brittany, Finn, Sam and Mike. (Britanna fans, prepare to hit the rewind button a lot.)

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13. When Will asks Emma’s parents for permission to marry her, it goes about as well as it might have if he’d asked Sue if he could become a Cheerio. Later, he and Emma have an especially moving moment. (Jayma Mays nails it!)

14. The episode climaxes with an amazeballs synchronized swimming number, with the whole gang performing Rihanna’s “We Found Love” in McKinley’s swimming pool as part of Will’s surprise proposal. It must’ve taken forever to shoot this thing, and you know what? It was worth it. It is ridiculously over the top. Unbelievably cheesy. Crazy romantic. And you’re gonna love every second of it. (I sure did.)

15. And just when you think the episode is over, there’s an outta nowhere twist that will have [SPOILER] ‘shippers calling an emergency meeting!

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  1. Erin says:

    Stop the fighting! Personally, I love every couple on Glee. But, this episode is for Wemma – stop whining about your favourite couple not getting enough spotlight. Congrats Will and Emma – we’ve been waiting long enough :D

  2. Cassi says:

    Finchel is my fav!!!!!!Omg I love Klaine tooo soooooo excited

  3. Cassi says:

    Duh forgot Will and Emma soo many people to remember!!!!!!!

  4. MMBris says:

    a) Will and Emma elope (Key here is her parents disapproval + the wedding gowns and bridesmaids/groomsmen)

    b)Rachel and Puck? Puck needs to have a storyline again, so help me Jeebus.

  5. Kate says:

    I swear to god if glee makes a mockery of synchronized swimming. I will stop watching it. I don’t need more people making fun of it.

  6. Kate says:

    I miss old glee when Finn and Will had a bond, i hope he is the best man.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I can’t wait for Wemma’s big moment! I bet the cliffhanger is going to be Finchel and the couple eloping will be Beiste and Cooter (Sue is already married to herself)

  8. Really? says:

    Because that poster is obviously homophobic *rolls eyes*

  9. Donnie J says:

    The couple that elopes is Pizes ( Puck & Lauren) according to her twitter she is coming back to the show in what has been called a pivotal episode

  10. Kelly says:

    I hope Brittana’s ship sinks. I am bored by them now. They were a good ship last season, but now that they’re together they just bore me. And I am tired of Santana’s character being depicted as needy for Brittany. Bring back straight up bitch Santana.

    • opie says:

      They’re boring because they have had nothing going on all season. If they bothered to actually give them a storyline then they’d at least have a shot at being more interesting.

  11. Stefunnyv says:

    The only couple that I hope didn’t elope is Finchel. Everyone else is a go. haha but I’m secretly hoping it’s Brittana.

  12. S says:

    I think Puck and Shelby elope!!!

  13. Anna Morgan says:

    puk and rachel’s mom

  14. julez says:

    Wu elopez dammit! :@

  15. Donna says:

    I think I remember reading somewhere that Sebastion and Blaine hook up. So maybe that’s it.
    P.S. I love Sam and Rory, they’re my two favorite characters. ;)

  16. Carolina says:

    What do you think about Puck and Quiin evolving??? Anyone with me??

  17. MK says:

    PLEASE be Kurtofsky, please be Kurtofsky…I’m never giving up hope :D

  18. Tracey says:

    I don’t think anyone wants to kiss your ass.Kick it maybe,who knows maybe you’ll get lucky.

  19. clairebear002 says:

    personally im hoping for a quory or sugory romance
    (if you cant tell i really LOVE damian)
    but i dont think its happpening…..unless that has to do with sam being his valentines sponsor too!! ohhh now my hopes are up!!

  20. Marissa says:

    I hope Puck and Quinn elope, they’re the best couple!

  21. Jeanne says:

    Has anyone thought that maybe Puck and Rachels mom could elope? That would be kool.

  22. Tilly says:


  23. Katie says:

    I agree… I think they were wonderful together. I’m really hoping they get back together someday! I LOVE both Sam and Quinn–good to know I’m not alone! :)

  24. Rthomas says:

    Ok Klaine and Britana– these relationships are complicated because and by high school and the fact that the characters are gay. I think they are progressing fine. Gay young people have more issues to face while trying to have a relationship– just the facts.It makes perfect sense to me. Sorry it isnt feeding your voyeurism. Yes we need more Klaine and Britana– gives gay kids some hope that one day it will all be accepted–or at least what to do and how to handle it while it isnt being accepted. Finchel is fine I am glad the relationship has matured– now stop ragging on the writers and just enjoy the show. Jeesh– they could never please everyone. Now, relax and get your Gleek on.

    • Amelie says:

      To say something is happening off screen is what glee does a lot.
      I don’t like it. It’s always telling us the plot instead of showing. And it’s hard to get emotionally invested as a result of that.

      & Isn’t all TV/media/literature voyeurism? Isn’t that the whole point?

  25. Kait says:

    I have my money on Finn and Rachel that elope, because it wasn’t to long ago that Finn was freaking out about not having a future, and he wants to get out of Lima… So marry Rachel and move to NY kills two birds with one stone.

  26. Finchel lover 4ever says:

    All of you who say you want finchel to break up are complete jerks. They defiantly have passion between them. Finchel is going to elope and Finns gonna go to NYC with Rachel and stand by her side trough thick and thin and finches will be together forever!!!!!!!!!!! I’d bet my life on it

  27. caitlyn says:

    i think its going to be finn telling rachel about him and the army. im not sure if it is him telling her that hes joining after graduation or that he is thinking/received a letter.

  28. anna says:

    mike and tina are going to get married and the shocker is its going to be a klaine relationship problem, writers said finachle and klaine only one will have a happy new year

  29. peacock xx says:

    I’m really exited for this xx

  30. Katherine says:

    Could PUCK be manning-up to ask SHELBY (Rachel’s biological Mom) to elope.. thus giving Baby Beth a “parental unit”? Just wondering.. seems there is some chemistry there.

  31. J says:

    this article make me so excited and can’t wait for Glee returns

  32. Eliazara Bob says:

    Eliazara Bob and Sandra Cortes

  33. Alyssa says:

    Iiiiiiiiiii lllloooovvvveeeeeee ggggglllleeeeeeee

  34. AJ says:

    the guy says you will never guess which couple elopes. I take this as when the said “a cast member dies” last year, and it ended up being the Warblers Bird. So think outside the box – not going to be Finchel or Klaine or Brittana or Changchang. I do think perhaps Bieste and Shooter (thats his name right). Or maybe its Puck and Shelby? Probably not but its a guess. Here is the one I think – SANDY AND TERRI!!! We haven’t seen or heard from either all season. It could be an instance where Sue talks to Terri about him getting married again and he finds out she eloped with Sandy. It seems totally Glee and would be great but not interefere with any storylines

  35. bridget says:

    I LOVE GLEE!!! :D

  36. Tina says:

    YeeeY a Brittana moment! *_* Can’t wait!

  37. Juliet says:

    If ‘Finchel’ ruins Wemma’s special ep by making it about them I will scream

  38. Pagen says:

    WAhhh I’m so excited!! Though indeed those are only teasers and some obvious statations… well, really looking foward to the Wemma Wedding!! *-*

  39. MissRose says:

    Everybody has chosen the obvious couples. It’ll be the ones that nobody realized were going out. It will shock you all.

  40. Mcdonalds says:

    Some of you may hate Klaine but klaine has helped so many people. Yeh darren criss isn’t really gay but the fictional couple have prevented people feeling like s*** and even committing suicide. The couple are really inspirational and are the most inspiring couple in the programme.

    • Rod says:

      sorry but Klaine can have the exact opposite effect too… many gay teens may feel depressed because there is no perfect-prince-charming for them which just increases their feel of loneliness (as actually happened with one of the last suicides who was a huge fan of Kurt)… talking as a gay man myself, I think a deep strong FRIENDSHIP can do more good than this superficial romance between two pretty twinkies which is mostly done to please teenage straight fangirls…
      What about the dropped PFLAG storyline? that was something TRULY meaningful for the gay community, which could have impacted the audience, encouraging young LGBT teens to bond together and get organized to fight against bullying and discrimination… I was really looking forward to it this season since it was first mentioned in the “Born This Way” episode…
      but then? they transferred Karofsky (a huge mistake imho, and I’m not talking about any silly “ship” thing, but because ALL members of the LGBT community are relevant, not only the pretty fabulous ones, and those deeply scared in the closet are in the same risk for self-harm that those “out in the open”, they all need support, caring and help) and they made Kurt pursue that ridiculous campaign for class presidency which was deemed to fail, not because he’s gay, but because he never really tried to bond with his classmates… in that sense Kurt could have got something good for his college application by creating McKinley’s PFLAG chapter (and helped thousands of teens through his example in the show).
      By the way, I miss the Kurt from S1 and pre-Klaine S2, he was really inspirational, confrontational, challenging, even politically incorrect… in a sense Klaine is comfortable for the conservative media, because is “soo cuuute”, making gays look like these “pretty cute things which aren’t to be taken too seriously and who will spend their adulthood living self-segregated in the gay-ghetto of the big cities, away from the normal people”.
      I really dislike that kind of “Rainbow ideology” because tries to turn being gay (which just means loving someone of your own genre) into this whole “pink” lifestyle which just adds more hazards to those thousands of gays trying so hard to find their own identity. Just my two cents.

      • oops says:

        lol. I think you might be reaching a bit, there.

      • Melanie says:

        Love your comments. I miss strong, defiant Kurt. He seems so cowed and tepid this season. Also hoping the writers bring Dave Karofsky back soon. As a romantic interest or no, watching him and Kurt, two very different gay men, struggle to understand each other is *interesting* … and useful. PFLAG would’ve been such a great vehicle for showing how gay diversity *and solidarity* can be harnessed to provide a safe space for gay youth AND battle homophobia.

  41. weatabix95 says:

    I reckon that there should be more emphasis on mike/tina and Sue and Beiste. Don’t get me wrong I love Darren Criss but I do think that at the momment there is too much emphasis on finchel and klaine and whilest Darren, Chris, Lea and Corey are all talented performers, their relationships within the show make me cringe. Blaine is meant to be a year younger and always seems older than Kurt and the more dominant one. I know Darren is four years older than Chris but Ryan Murphy needs to alter the direction and script to make Blaine a more realistic 16/17 year old.

  42. LadyB says:

    My guess is that Bieste and Cooter will elope, and Blaine and Kurt will have their relationship tested. I really like Tina/Mike and Rachel/ Finn, but I agree that it would be nice to keep the legally binding unions for the people 21 and up. As much as I like Blaine and Kurt, I think Sebastian may have crossed the line, and Kurt is fed up.

    I’m looking forward to seeing tender recollections by Santana/Brittany and Tina/Mike. I also think Will/Emma fans deserve a romantic episode. After three seasons of will they/ won’t they, it would be nice to see these two happy.

  43. angelkisses990 says:

    I think sebation needs to back off. I don’t like his smooth decieving ways. He’s cute, ill give him that, but Klaine is cuter and they are dedicated to one another. Sebation is being a jealous @$$hole and its not very flattering lol

  44. MM says:

    So here’s my opinion. As BIG and i do mean BIG of a Brittana shipper i am i know they arent the one who will be getting married( at least not in this episode) because they live in Ohio and im pretty sure they do not do same sex marriage BUT if they do than YES!!!!! Brittana will have some very cute moments, the stare the flashback, hey at least its something from all those episode when they didnt even speak. and i am so happy with that. I admit not a fan on how they are this season yes they are a couple now but the writers arent doing that well with this. Brad please write again. Brittana is your baby remember as for the twist it might be a Brittana breakup something that i am not ready for but than i remember that this is just a if it is a brittana breakup omg glee writers please be prepare of ALL the hate mail youll be getting. Not from me because although i support these girls (since season 1) i know the different between tv and reality. and i rather have them breakup now and get together later. You know its bound to happen get the heartbreak out the way now. But im pretty sure its a Klaine argument. they dont break up its just a huge argument that will make people believe that they will. follow me on twitter:Mbranca88

  45. Darby says:

    Haha and he smells like creigs list!!!!! :)

  46. Kristen says:

    #6- Artie, becky and sugar?
    Uh, if Artie and Sugar date that’d be weird, she’s really pretty but she’s kind of a….yeah. Artie’s a sweetheart!<3333


    And I bet the couple that elopes is like Beiste and Cooter, I don't think Rachel and Finn would since their relationship is like a roller coaster. Hopefully ChangChang, I LOVE THEM!:)

  47. Amy says:

    I Heard Michele say at the award show this week she was getting to stay on glee for the 4 Th season, so i don’t think they are going to New York .

  48. danie says:

    I think the couple to elope will be mike and tina

  49. Kinsey says:

    Apparently, three people pop the question in the new episode (read in I’m hoping that maybe it will tie into the whole couple flashback thing, and some Brittany. Maybe if Brittany and Santana met when they were little, Brittany told Santana that she’s going to marry her someday. Seems like something a young Brittany would do. I’ll keep my Brittana fingers crossed.

  50. Kinsey says:

    I meant to say Brittana in the second sentence.