General Hospital Exclusive: Emma Samms Returns As Part of [Spoiler] Storyline

And the 1980s hits keep on coming!

On the heels of TVLine breaking the news that Tristan Rogers is returning to General Hospital this February as Robin’s father, Robert Scorpio, we now can also report that Emma Samms is on her way back to the ABC soap, to reprise her role of Holly Sutton Scorpio.

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Yet while Rogers and Finola Hughes are both returning to GH as part of Kimberly McCullough’s (Robin) exit storyline, Samms will resurface in late February for the purpose of helping Luke and the Spencer clan — including her own son Ethan — deal with the always-scheming, always-present Helena Cassadine.

Of course, on Wednesday of this week it was also announced that four One Life to Live stars would be crossing their Llanview alter egos to GH‘s Port Charles. So there’s a lot of cast-shakin’ going in!

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Samms created the role Holly in 1982 (cue skinny-dipping flashback!), and last appeared on GH in June 2009. Her other TV credits include, of course, Dynasty and its spin-off, The Colbys.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Personally I’m thrilled that (a) GH is worthy of TVLine coverage (b) they seem to be bringing back old favorites, even if their main purpose is to usher off some of the new(er) favorites… Bringing back Robert and Anna for Robin is EXTREMELY fitting, and I’m hoping that means they’re doing it right. We know Ethan is on his way out, so giving him Holly could work as well. Add this to the OLTL characters that they’re bringing over, and I’d say GH is really fighting for their daytime spot. I hope it’s enough!

    • RHeart says:

      Very excited that Emma Samms is returning- hope that Ethan will stick around! With regards to the OLTL cross-over: personally I think that if it is a temporary move to gain new audience and boost ratings, having some of the OLTL actors join GH is good. However if they plan to completely merge the 2 soaps, longtime GH fans who have watched it for 30-40+ years will not embrace the merge. My feeling is that since they left fans with a cliffhanger, they are using GH as a way of completing that storyline for OLTL fans. My hope is that Cartini doesn’t lose sight of what GH is at its core. I think that by bringing back vets Tristan Rogers, Finola Hughes and Emma Samms, fans will get the balance they’ve been looking for. I hear more vets could return and there is a huge umbrella storyline that will launch after Robin’s exit, involving many Port Chuck residents. Right now, I think Cartini are using the OLTL actors to reset the show, finish the story for fans of OLTL and bring in new viewership that is sorely needed. In the end, I can’t see them keeping the OLTL actors in lieu of our favorites nor do GH fans want the actors we love to be let go or leave as a result of the merge. My vote is that I agree with resetting GH, letting the cliffhanger play out for OLTL fans, but ultiimately hope the core of GH doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. GENERAL HOSPITAL NEEDS TO REMAIN GENERAL HOSPITAL!!!! -Chrissy :)

      • sheri says:

        I agree with you that GH fans will not be happy with loosing their favs but I don’t agree with taking OLTL off and putting the characters on GH. I personally would like to see Anthony Zacarra taken off as he is not the type of person needed on there and I don’t like the fact of taking Robin off after she’s had a family and everyone loves her. I say put the old ones back in but get rid of Mr. Zacara and keep Robin on there!

      • Evelyn J BECK says:

        Please, I do not like the new merge with the “ONE LIFE TO LIVE” people. Hope they are not going to shove the GH characters that I love off the series. All the the OLTL people do is shout and threaten each other. the story line is very boring as are the characters. I HOPE THAT CARLY IS NOT GOING TO GET INVOLVED WITH TODD AS HIS CHARACTER IS QUITE OBNOXIOUS. I like Mcbaine except that he acts that he knows more than any one in PC. I like to see more action with Ana and Luke working together. PS Please tell me these new characters are not going to stick around except for McBaine. Evelyn B

    • Dennis says:

      I might start watching general hospital again it use to be one of my favorite soaps. I remember one seen especially when Scotty wife or maybe girlfriend died in his arms. I cried, I think she had cancer I’m not quite sure it was a long time ago

    • pam says:

      i love they are bringing some old GH favorites back. i really love they are adding some of the OLTL favorites also!!!!! i watched both shows for 25-30 yrs. putting the best from both shows together is a great idea. i hope it will help keep GH on the air. i really miss OLTL and love GH too.

  2. Gerald says:

    It’s Fallon #2!

  3. Gerald says:

    Let’s just hope she’s not abducted by aliens….

    • Evan says:

      No Emma Samms got returned via the aliens. Fallon #1 was the one getting abducted by them.

      • Gerald says:

        No, Emma Samms was Fallon #2 and she appeared in the second half of season five of Dynasty. By the sixth season Jeff and Fallon move to California for the spinoff The Colbys, which ended its second season by having her abducted by aliens. When The Colbys was cancelled, the two characters returned in season eight of Dynasty.

      • Dennis says:

        I do remember that alien thing on general hospital What actually happened?

  4. Snapy says:

    Glad that Robert, Anna and Holly are returning, if only to appease the GH fans whining about the four OLTL characters coming on board.

    • sandee says:

      As a GH and OLTL fan I am thrilled about the Mannings and John McBain coming to PC. Hopefully Liam and Natalie will follow only because John took forever to find out Liam was his. As for Mellissa Archer ruining GH there are half a dozzen other characters/actors that have ruined GH

  5. Trista says:

    Has there been any word yet of Melissa Archer joining Michael Easton on General Hospital. I might actually start to watch GH again if they both are hired.

    • Snapy says:

      Natalie ruined OLTL. I wouldn’t want her ruining GH too.

    • Pittsburgh763 says:

      I recently heard rumor that Archer was in talks with Days Of Our Lives becuase they trying to find someone to play Madison’s sister who have a connection to Billie and Lucas.

    • Lisa says:

      me too. i miss one life to live. i got excited when they brought on Star, Todd, Blair, and John came on the show and I was hoping for Natalie. I will watch General Hospital if the characters stay. They bring excitment to the show. The show is kinda boring. I hope they are smart and bring Natalie on because her and John should be together. I, along with others, sure will be pist off if those characters are not kept together. As for OLTL’s characters ruining the show, hardly, it’s giving it life and giving OLTL fans a chance to be happy again. Robin is not dead anyway.

  6. HollyFan says:

    Super glad Emma is returning to GH. Hopefully she’s more like the Holly of old (80s) and she will reveal Ethan is a Scorpio.

    • Karen W.. says:

      that idea is unthinkable, I like it better knowing he is Luke’s son.
      you can see they are very much alike, so it is only fitting. Robert is a stick in the mud. Luke every once in awhile leaves his children, but he always comes back. Robert let his brother raise Robin and didn’t even acknowledge his son Lucas Jones at Tony’s funeral. In closing I am a big fan of Nathan Parson’s and I hope he won’t leave. You can always bring his wife Maya back to him, but if he stays I’m not a fan of pairing Ethan and Kristina. I Hope Kirsten Storms gets better soon, no one plays Maxie better than her.

      • mwoodar says:

        he he did that to save anna and robert life. he would do anything for those two even dye for him.he went to pison to keep them tfor killing anna went she didn’t know who she was.thank you

      • ruth pris says:

        Lucas is not Robert’s son. What are you talking about, and how long have you been watching GH?

  7. renee says:

    I want melissa to join gh. Want to see more of my fav couple Natalie and John, wish Tea could join as well. Looking forward to Emma. I use to like Holly and Robert.

  8. Karen Craig says:

    I will tune in to GH again if Melissa Archer joins Micheal Easton. I haven’t watched GH in years

  9. JAmandaFan says:

    Love her! So excited to see her back on the show! Now can we please bring back Lucy Coe and the nurses ball?

  10. Kate says:

    Nothing has interested me on GH in the past year other than Ethan/Kristina and Alexis then they got rid of Kristina and wasted a Wyndermere story by making it about the Spencers again.

    So I’m glad Tristan Rodger and Finola Hughes are coming back (ah, the good old days when Luke had a redeeming quality) even if about Robin’s exit story.

    I hope when Emma Samms returns it’s to reveal that Ethan is really Robert’s son and not Luke’s. The whole Spencer clan at this point are pretty pathetic.

  11. whatifster says:

    There are so many good characters they could bring back. How about Felicia with a Frisco recast?

  12. Danielle says:

    I really dont mind that they are bring over other character from OLTL as long as it doesnt effect our Lante pairing. Then I would have problems with them coming. The actors are whom are coming are great. Lante together forever!!!

  13. Steph says:

    the greats are coming back! finally.

  14. Rocco's Mom says:

    I will continue to watch and support GH regardless whether I agree with this or that storyline. I’m excited about Holly coming back. Old-school is always awesome in SoapLand. That said, GH has been doing its level best to tee off the fans lately. My favorite pairing on GH was Ethan and Kristina. They were charming and magical, and had the potential to unfurl slowly, like a real love story. They have REAL ties to the people we’ve loved for years. Then they fired Lexie Ainsworth (x2 Emmy nominee – stupid, stupid, STUPID) with the premise of making Krissy more “age-appropriate” but now Ethan is leaving too? Way to flush a goldmine, GH. My own belief is that ABC intends to wind up utterly soapless regardless, but no need to hurry it along :-/ Bring back Krissy, keep Ethan, and trim off some of the less-integral characters (the girl in white – REALLY?). Come on GH, give yourself a sporting chance.

  15. Deidre says:

    I loved sweet adorable Holly in 1982 when she was in the Oil Scam story line when she first met Luke! She was simply adorable with her cute curly hair & her soft sensual body. She’s got a beautiful face/eyes & is a knock out! I wonder how long she will be back for! Funny thing, I liked some of the Luke/Holly scenes back then, when he rescued her from jail & when he passionately kissed her! The good ole days I miss with Holly, when I first saw her!! She was certainly angelic & cute back then for sure & I loved her confidence/backbone! I wonder how many curls she had in her hair back then, aww!

  16. Blanca says:

    RC has already said that he is a long time fan of General Hospital. He was watching General Hospital long before he was watching One Life to Live…and he does not want to turn GH into OLTL. I, for one, am excited about having the Mannings in GH — whether it’s for a few episodes, or permanently. :) I’m excited about Cartini coming in and making General Hospital the great show it used to be. And especially excited to see Holly, Robert, and Anna on my screen once again! :)

  17. Rosemary says:

    On 1/20/12 thanks for those great minutes with Michael & Jacques!!! Also please keep Robin here as long as possible. Even if it is to bring everyone thru what happens to Hiv victims to the end. Wish Robin well in her future but will miss her, and her relationship with Patrick. Could u make somethings and some peoples lives believable? And please bring Jacques back as Michael’s guardian angel more often?

  18. Jan says:

    I like that Holly, Robert and Anna are coming back but please don’t kill off Robyn – leave her an opening if her directing career doesn’t work out. Hopefully GH doesn’t get as bad as One Life was … geez. I’ve been a fan of GH since I was in high school … and when it first came on with Steve Hardy and the old crew!

  19. Mrs. says:

    There are some things that should never change and noone should be able to change and one is soaps. It is part of our American history and even world history,(found out that gh is on in Spain too) to have the soaps. General Hospital has been passed down from generation after generation as an all time favorite part of my families life. Noone should have the power to cancel General Hospital. Hearing Robin is leaving is a crime. She has been part of the show since she was little. Adding other soap stars to General Hospital feels like ABC is trying to make due with the economy by ending soaps and bringing them all on to one, that being GH. That way ABC gets the ratings at less of a cost for them. As for the fans of GH, will this become a loss for us? Will GH become lost in filling the network execs. clever ideas to save money? Let whom ever know that Gh is very important to us and that they really need to leave this wonderful , historical, show just as it is. Save money another way. As long as General Hospital is on ABC, ABC will do just fine. It is the best show and even big time actors begged to be on it. There are other ways to cut costs other then fiddle with GH. The best financial move for ABC is to continue to keep General Hospital just as it is. Having other soap stars visit should be ok, however, keeping them on and changing the feel of GH is not a good idea. Some things should never change. We love General Hospital very much.

  20. priscilla says:

    So happy Emma and Tristan are returning. Hope we find out that Ethan is really Robert’s son, and he is not killed off. Having him Luke’s son makes no sense whatsoever. What were the writers thinking? They destroyed three pteces of history with this mess. The love story of Luke and Laura; themagical love story of Holly and Robert; and the strong brotherhood of Luke and Robert…so pathetic!

  21. Tabatha says:

    Are they pulling GH off of ABC to put on Ricki Lake?

  22. Julie says:

    Been a fan of GH for over 40 yrs. going back ot Steve Hardy, Jessie and Audrey. Please don’t kill off Robin, loosing Jason was heartbreaking enough……Why can’t the storyline include one happy endng?

  23. glenn says:

    Emma samms hope to see you back on tv very soon best with your soaps