People's Choice Awards 2012: Three Best and Worst Moments, Plus the Full List of Winners

Tuning in to the People’s Choice Awards requires an automatic suspension of shouting “Aw hell no!” After all, placing the power in the hands of “the people” — or rather, rewarding the movies and TV shows with the most mouth-foamingly rabid fan bases — can lead to awkward moments like Robert Pattinson walking to the podium to collect the trophy for Best Drama Movie (for the moderately received Water for Elephants) and wondering aloud, “I don’t know why they asked me to accept it.” (Um, because you’re hot, and you’re there, and the Twilight fans didn’t vote to see director Francis Lawrence.)

And that’s why it’s best to not take the festivities — hosted by a very game, funnier-than-her-cue-cards Kaley Cuoco — too, too seriously. Take Nathan Fillion’s totally awesome acceptance speech for Favorite TV Drama Actor, which referenced the big glass statuette in his hand: “Let this giant crystalized tear of victory be a symbol of your excellent taste!” Or Zachary Levi, who took his opportunity as a presenter to sport an indubitably jaunty blue-and-green plaid suit with white shirt and gold tie. Outstanding!

Below, check out my picks for the three best and three worst moments from the two-hour telecast, followed by a full list of the winners (including those not announced on air).

3) Neil Patrick Harris tries to hijack the show | Following a funny pre-taped Big Bang Theory lead-in (and an introduction as “the blonde bimbo from that sitcom”), Cuoco engaged in a delighful battle with awards-show/song-and-dance junkie Harris, tearing open his tuxedo to reveal a blue sequined top. “I’m in a 12-step program, but I’m only on step 5…6, 7, 8!” Harris pleaded, before Cuoco had the How I Met Your Mother star (and his backup dancers) escorted out by security.

2) Judd Apatow and Maya Rudolph accepting Best Comedy Movie for Bridesmaids | Apatow brutally skewered a ridiculous (and ridiculously long) product-placement segment that preceded his win by thanking CVS pharmacy in his speech, and then adding, “I just feel like going there right now. I don’t know why.” After that, he recited the lyrics to Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On,” before Rudolph took over, then led the movie’s cast to a rousing sing-along finish.

1) Cuoco visits the set of Parks and Recreation | I howled with laughter during a pre-taped bit featuring Cuoco unearthing the hidden talents of the cast of NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Aziz Ansari rocking the hell out of a suit. Adam Scott destroying a laptop computer with a hammer. Rob Lowe proving he can make any woman fall in love with him. And — most hideously hilarious — Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt attempting a sword-swallowing routine for the very first time. “He’s so relaxed,” Plaza cooed as she force-fed the blade into Pratt’s mouth. “Not after I tickle him, though.” Cue blood splatter, and cue the fits of laughter.

3) Sharon Osbourne presenting the Favorite Daytime TV Host Award | I’m not sure if she wrote her own lines or just read what was on the teleprompter, but Osbourne’s relentless complaning about not being nominated in the category for The Talk alongside Ellen DeGeneres, Rachael Ray, and Regis & Kelly was a clear embarrassment for co-presenter Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and for the home viewing audience.

2) Adam Sandler’s accepts the award for Favorite Comedy Actor | Sandler, using his patented idiot voice, gave an interminable speech thanking his teachers through the years. “Mrs. Really Old Lady With a Bad Wig Who Died Halfway Through Second Grade,” “shop teacher Mr. Nofingers,” and “art teacher Miss Never-wore-a-bra” were just a few of his punchlines that flopped harder than frozen turkies off a diving board. When you can’t get a laugh from the People’s Choice audience, it might be time to hang up your standup mic.

1) Aggressive product placement throughout the telecast | It was painful enough sitting through packages about Honey Bunches of Oats fueling the nomination announcement breakfast and Pantene sponsoring the “Statuettes,” a group of glamorously coiffed models who were hired to “present and protect the coveted People’s Choice trophies.” But a long, grotesque segment about backstage correspondent SuChin Pak getting a visit from the CVS Pharmacy Beauty Club was about as welcome as a thick clump of hair clogging your shower drain.

The Winners Are…
TELEVISION (televised)
Favorite Daytime TV Host: Ellen DeGeneres
Favorite TV Comedy Actress: Lea Michele, Glee
Favorite TV Drama Actress: Nina Dobrev, The Vampire Diaries
Favorite TV Comedy Actor: Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother
Favorite TV Drama Actor: Nathan Fillion, Castle
Favorite TV Crime Drama: Castle
Favorite Cable TV Drama: Pretty Little Liars
Favorite Celebreality Star: Kim Kardashian
Favorite Late-Night TV Host: Jimmy Fallon
Favorite Cable TV Comedy: Hot in Cleveland
Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show: Supernatural
Favorite New TV Drama: Person of Interest
Favorite New TV Comedy: 2 Broke Girls
Favorite Network TV Comedy: How I Met Your Mother

TELEVISION (non-televised)
Favorite TV Competition Show: American Idol
Favorite TV Guest Star: Katy Perry, How I Met Your Mother
Favorite Network TV Drama: Supernatural

MOVIES (televised)
Favorite Movie Actress: Emma Stone
Favorite Comedic Movie Actress: Emma Stone
Favorite Comedic Movie Actor: Adam Sandler
Favorite Movie Star Under 25: Chloe Grace Moretz
Favorite Drama Movie: Water for Elephants
Favorite Comedy Movie: Bridesmaids
Favorite Book Adaptation: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Favorite Movie Superhero: The Green Lantern
Favorite Movie Icon: Morgan Freeman

MOVIES (non-televised)
Favorite Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Favorite Action Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Favorite Action Movie Star: Hugh Jackman
Favorite Ensemble Movie Cast: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Favorite Animated Movie Voice: Johnny Depp, Rango

MUSIC (televised)
Favorite Pop Artist: Demi Lovato
Favorite Band: Maroon 5
Favorite Album: Lady Gaga’s Born This Way
Favorite R&B Artist: Rihanna

MUSIC (non-televised)
Favorite Male Artist: Bruno Mars
Favorite Female Artist: Katy Perry
Favorite Song of the Year: “E.T.,” Katy Perry featuring Kanye West
Favorite Hip-Hop Artist: Eminem
Favorite Country Artist: Taylor Swift
Favorite Music Video: Katy Perry, “Last Friday Night”
Favorite Tour Headliner: Katy Perry

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  1. em says:

    I don’t really expect too much in terms of PCA winners because you can predict the majority of them, but I used to find the shows entertaining. Not so this year. Besides the beginning BBT segment (which abruptly cut off halfway through for my station) and the Parks and Rec segment, most of it was pretty excruciating to get through. I will say that I loved that Nina Dobrev won because I think she deserves some kind of recognition (more so than the rest of the cast imo). It’s kind of nice to see her finally get some attention over the guys of TVD.

  2. Elma says:

    what about Drama Movie Actor/Actress?

  3. Linda says:

    David Boreanaz as Booth described as a forensic anthropologist??? After 7 plus years as FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth…Who writes this stuff? Horrible product placement promotions and leaving out categories “the people” voted for? Ugh, this show is off my list forever.

  4. Courtney says:

    Glad Supernatural won, it definately deserves it, my husband got me into it and I love how much the story has progressed overtime. They have extremely talented writers, and a great dynamic cast that works so well together.

  5. Irene says:

    When Supernatural won best Sci-Fi category in 2010, that also was not televised. I think that is just a category that is not shown “live” due to time restraints. I did not watch the People’s Choice awards last year so I do not know if Best TV show was on the air or not.

  6. Sara says:

    Jan 11 2012, a day which will go down in history when a Supernatural fan doesnt know to be elated or pissed.

    I was so happy to see that the little show that could FINALLY got the recognition it deserves, and then they tweeted that they didnt even get an invite to come to the show thats when I got pissed.

    Every freaking year Best Drama is aired UNTIL Supernatural won…wtf. I have never been so pissed about an awards show in my life. Im so sick of it being snubbed and pushed to the side when its a great show with a great cast/crew. I have already said this multiple times, but this Snub from PCA really woke the sleeping dragon that is the Supernatural fandom family

  7. Chelle says:

    I still think u need to point out another thing that is really wrong with the PCAs. How can a show, Supernatural, win two major awards and their stars told they could go but they aren’t being asked to present and their awards won’t be shown. But u can come basically as seat fillers. If they needed to limit the number of presenters from each network, why would Vamp Diaries present instead of Supernatural. Let’s all be honest this awards show isn’t for the peoples choice but it is for each networks & the PCAs marketing choice.

  8. ArielC says:

    A worst moment SHOULD have been the fact that Supernatural who has one of those “mouth-foamingly rabid fan basses” won two awards and yet was utterly snubbed. Don’t you people realize by now that these ‘crazy fan’s’ are what make a show? Who cares if you have 9 million viewers but no one cares about the show? Clearly, a devoted fan base wins over the numbers -we SN fans have proved that. The Supernatural team, and the “mouth foaming fans” did not deserved to be blighted like that.

  9. ThomasD says:

    Supernatural as treated like dirt. There is no way around that. It has a loyal fan base, a cast, and a crew which were spit on by People’s Choice Awards. What is the point of having it ‘peoples choice’ if you don’t air one of the biggest awards of the night because Supernatural won?

    If Supernatural was about gay high schoolers covering songs it would have been aired. It sickening that they snubbed Supernatural because it didn’t fit into the memo they are trying to shove down their views throats. Supernatural is about family, but they wouldn’t want to promote that message. Instead, they would rather have sleazy music videos with half naked girls, and show which flat out mock religion get rewarded. And people wonder what is wrong with this country.

    I know now thing, I won’t waste my time watching this network again.

  10. Joanne says:

    I am so happy this year! Two of my favorite show won an award! Supernatural actaully two! And then Hawaii Five-0, which is my second favorite! They all deserve it! I hope that thanks to the award Supernatural and Hawaii Five-0 get even more seasons! Love them!

  11. A. says:

    So Booth is a forensic anthropologist now?

  12. Cody says:

    I can’t believe that anyone who actually has good taste in movies and television actually watches this “award” show. I’ll give them props for HPatDHP2. But I really think there should be an age limit for voting for the PCA’s. Otherwise it’s really just a glorified Kid’s Choice Awards. Better yet, it’s just a mixture of the Kid’s Choice Awards and all the MTV awards shows. Thankfully ABC had all new episodes of their great comedies on and I got to be entertained rather than being tortured by this mockery.

  13. Babygate says:

    Some of the winners are just laughable. Obscure little shows that almost no one watches with obscured plots and questionable writing beat higher-profile, better written and and acted material? Only because its rabid fan base has an undisclosed and unlimited amount of time to spend Im the internet clicking on that button. This should not be called The People’s Choice. I mean, in what universe is Water for Elephants better than The Help? At least they got it right by choosing Emma Stone..

    • max says:

      I think that’s the point. The people choose who to vote for and how much they vote depends on how passionate the fans are. The “well-written” shows that you refer will end up winning Emmys and other critic awards but they obviously don’t have dedicated fans on their side.

  14. Ila says:

    Congratulations to Supernatural from Italy.

  15. Mabu says:

    I did not like the fact that a lot of winners in the award show were just snubbed to the side.
    I mean, what the heck?
    This was by far, the worst PCA has ever done. Whatever.

  16. Linda says:

    Parks & Rec for all the awards!!!

  17. Renee says:

    Person Of Interest won?!! WONDERFUL! I voted, but that usually means little to nothing.

    Anyone who watched…if it aired was Michael Emerson or Jim Caviezel there to receive or was it producers etc.?

  18. Barb says:

    Happy to hear POI won while Supernatural winning was okay (I do watch the show but it’s not as good as it used to be). Don’t watch any of the other shows mentioned.

  19. Suzie says:

    Does CBS only let their shows up on stage to accept awards and shows that aren’t on their network get brushed aside? ex. Castle and Supernatural

    • l says:

      this. They shove that little thing into Stana’s hand like “hey, it’s yours now, now go away”. That and the supernatural incident are among the most disrespectful thing you could do to them IMO

  20. Todd says:

    “Favorite Movie Superhero: The Green Lantern”

    That’s probably the only award that movie will win….

  21. Bill H says:

    Seeing the list of “winners” leads me to a very obvious conclusion… PEOPLE ARE RETARDED.

  22. Mandy says:

    Next time PCA should invite the winners for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy and
    Favorite Network TV Drama. >:/

  23. blingedup.susan says:

    I’m not terribly interested in award shows where the winner is determined by who has the most rabid fan base and/or fan base with enough time on their hands to do continual online voting.

    I guess I’m interested enough to click on here and read through the list of winners, but definitely not enough to spend time watching it. Sounds like I didn’t miss too much.

  24. sarah says:

    So happy Nina won! Wish Ian had won too
    Happy that Person of Interest, NPH, HIMYM (finally getting the love the deserve) all won
    IMO Vampire Diaries and Hawaii Five 0 should have won
    My fave moment of the night was Ian and Paul presenting and Paul calling Ian, Smolderholder and then Ian announcing the winner and then Ian telling the Bridesmaid’s cast that was there that they ROCK!!!

  25. kaitlyn says:

    i think one of the best moments was Nina Dobrev winning, when she wasnt even nominated in the first place…her fans wrote her in and then eventually got her to win, i think that counts as pretty awesome!!!

  26. gcem says:

    Never noticed what Zachary Levi was wearing…I was too fixated on his hair. What the hell WAS that?!

    • chuckfan says:

      this is the second time in the past year that he’s had this hairstyle. I don’t understand it. Why, Zachary, why???

  27. JOsh says:

    It’s crazy how CBS and CW shows ruled the awards year after year…it’s almost as if they’re owned by the same corp/ who also happens to air these awards…Hmmm…

  28. Maryann says:

    Adam Sandler’s punchlines flopped harder than frozen turkies off a diving board? Really? You need to turn on your spell check.

  29. Nadine says:

    4th worse moment, handing Stana Katic an award in her seat. Kaley Cuoco did a great job. Fillion, NPH, awesome!

  30. Danielle T. says:

    Did anyone think that Demi Lovato’s performance STUNK…She was off key through half the song!

  31. cc says:

    They wasted FAR too much time on pushing sponser products and stupid segments rather than show more of the people who got the awards. Specifically disappointed that the cast of Castle was brushed off and not allowed to accept their award on stage. Outrageous.

  32. Virginie says:

    The worst moment of the night? How about Supernatural being snubbed once again?
    I’m not pissed, I’m outraged. I’ve stayed up all night, just to see a glimpse of our ‘Supernatural’ boys (I live in Europe). And they didn’t even got an invite???
    I thought the show was PEOPLE’S CHOICE Awards, WE voted for ‘Supernatural’, WE decided it was the BEST DRAMA on tv, and WE should have been able to see them accept their well deserved awards. I’ve never commented on the fact that Supernatural is always being snubbed, but last night was too much. I feel cheated on, and I’m sure all the fans of the show and the cast and crew must feel that way as well. It is so disrespectful.
    I hope one day, Jensen, Jared, and everybody on that show will get the recognition they deserve.

  33. StephMarlo says:

    I’m actually disappointed with the fact that Harry Potter winning 4 awards was barely noted. Only one of their awards was shown on TV, and not even by a presenter, but by the PLL cast. I understand that the cast couldn’t make it, but I wish they would have gotten more recognition. Harry Potter is a legacy.

  34. Amber Sand says:

    I agree! Harry Potter is truly legendary. There is no other movie franchise around with so many fans, or so many connections. Each movie and book is pack with excitement and amazement. Truly spectacular.

  35. Dianne Hardy says:

    I , personally, don’t watch any of the shows that won.I am not a fan of any of them.I find that “Bones” is the best show on any of the networks and am amazed they didn’t get anything. Plus I went everywhere they said to go to vote and couldn’t vote. Is it rigged or what? There are alot of shows that are so much better than what was picked that I think they just picked what they wanted.Plus they can’t even get who “Booth” is on the show is horrid.I will NEVER watch again and hope others don’t either.

  36. Musica1 says:

    For all the Supernatural fans complaining about the show not getting any screen time, I’m sure if the lead actors had chosen to attend they would have been given screen time. Why would the producers give the show its time when the actors didn’t show up for the awards?

    • Dee says:

      From what I’ve read elsewhere, they were not even invited to attend.

      And if they were to have gone, they would not have made it on stage. They would have just been sitting in their chairs.

    • Brad says:

      They weren’t invited!! What the hell have you been reading in others comments!!

  37. Elizabeth says:

    Average voter age: 15

  38. Dee says:

    I think the massive, epic failure of this tv broadcast lies with the producers. Who the hell were they anyway?

    In the past, all the important winners cared enough to send a video of them accepting the award. It seems to me that some effort should have been made to get a message from Daniel, at the very least, from the Potter franchise. They won a whole bunch of awards.

    I’ll not even bring up the dissapointment of not having Supernatural recognized in some capacity. (I don’t think people were even paying attention when the Liars were mentioning the winners between scenes of lameness and comedy skits).

    Those producers and writers were lame. Who would’ve thunk that Jane Lynch could be not funny? That bit she did fell flat. If they hadn’t wasted time on all those prerecorded segments, they would have had time to give out more awards or show people actually accepting them.

  39. jules says:

    It’s clear from the list of winners that no one over the age of 22 votes for this show. and if we do, we haven’t figured out how nor have the time to beat the system and vote 1000 times for our favorite.

  40. Michelle says:

    I cannot believe that Chloe Moretz won over 4 Harry Potter stars… I still don’t know who that girl is, and I find it hard to believe that anyone voted for her.
    I don’t understand why Network TV Drama wasn’t announced at the show, Supernatural completely deserved the recognition. It’s sad that such a great show was ignored and tossed aside for long ads and unfunny jokes.
    And I was so disappointed over who won New TV Drama and New TV Comedy. It’s very clear that the PCA’s are rigged.

    • nakedheat2356 says:

      I agree with this.
      With four Harry Potter stars nominated and this little girl gets most votes – silly.
      2 broke girls and person of interest won – say that again? (WTH?)
      Supernatural and Castle not getting on that stage – outrageous.

  41. Ronnie says:

    Since the voting has gone online, it’s all been about tween voting, definitely not for quality. Sure a couple of the wins were no-brainers, but seriously, Water For Elephants gets Best Picture Drama because Robert Pattison was in it and there was no Twilight movie to vote for. And Katy Perry over Adele in everything? Teen voters are like robots. No wonder the ratings for shows like this and the MTV Movie Awards drop every year.

  42. fernando says:

    Revenge was snubbed by CBS they know damn well Revenge won best new drama but snice its not an CBS show they rigged it and made it POI. Every tv show website I go to I hear about Revenge but barely ever hear about POI.

    • Brad says:

      Everytime I see your comments, you only talk chick shows! You don’t have the necessary experience or taste to see what makes POI the best new show! So, don’t try to talk down POI!

  43. BonesFringeFan says:

    Does anyone have a link where I could watch the show online? Thanks! :)

  44. Christina says:

    It’s quite obvious that the teenagers with way too much free time on their hands are the only ones whose voices are heard. Yes, I’m talking about Nina Dobrev winning. The Vampire Diaries doesn’t have nearly the same audience all the other drama actress’ shows have, and yet she won. And no, it’s not because she’s the best, it’s because little girls spent days voting for her.

  45. Reana says:

    NCIS sooo should have won TV’s best crime drama

    • l says:

      honestly, why didn’t you vote? NCIS fanbase is one of the strongest out there IMO. You guys manage to beat Beckett from Castle within minutes! And don’t give me the ”rabid teen fans spend time clicking the button” crap, cos I won’t buy it.

  46. Cassandria says:

    NCIS got robbed again! We always get robbed of all the awards we deserve!

  47. Audrey says:

    My WTF moments:
    – Castle’s Best Crime Drama award just dropped onto Stana Katic’s laps.
    – Lack of recognition for Supernatural.
    – New Comedy should’ve gone to New Girl. *
    – New Drama should’ve gone to Once Upon a Time. *
    – Sandler’s acceptance speech (though I give him judo do actually sit down and put thoughts into it)

    * not because I like these shows, but those shows make more noises/buzzes.

  48. Doll says:

    Oh, and how the heck did that aweful “water for elephants” movie won?!? The book was fine, but the movie…not so much. And I hate how the major of tv categories are CBS shows.

  49. Nan says:

    No speech after Castle won! She just handed the award like saying ‘here it is do not get up’ Also Booth is still an FBI agent last time I checked

  50. Nikki says:

    Damn I just wish the Cast of Supernatural was there.
    They should of atleast add there thank you vid live for people to see.