One Tree Hill Boss Talks Season 9 Duos: 'Naley,' 'Brulian' and... 'Deller'? (Dan and Chris Keller!)

One Tree Hill‘s final season kicks off this Wednesday at 8/7c, and while you may think you already know every little thing there is to know about the CW sudser’s last hurrah, Mark Schwahn is here to set you straight.

The OTH creator shares here, in his own words, the goods on what Season 9 has in store for the small town’s beloved twosomes — romantic or otherwise.

HALEY & NATHAN | “I don’t think it would be Nathan and Haley if they didn’t have obstacles ahead of them. That being said, we get to see the strength of that couple and the reasons they are so destined to be together. We’re in Season 9 and we know the fans care deeply about them, so we wouldn’t have done a last season in which they weren’t the focal point.”

BROOKE & JULIAN | “I was really compelled by the fact that Brooke has wanted that family dynamic for so long — which is why in Episode 1, it’s funny to see how sleepless and miserable she and Julian have become. But at the same time, her life is not without its struggles, but the place she’s at currently is really good. Obstacles will present themselves, some of them family-related and some of them professional, and then there’s the matter of [Brooke’s Season 6 attacker] Xavier’s parole, which is also on the horizon. But for them, first and foremost, it’s that they have have a family now, and their responsibility towards that will dictate some of their choices.”

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HALEY & CHRIS KELLER | “Chris Keller (played by Tyler Hilton) carries a torch for Haley, there’s no doubt about it. They’re both older now, but they’re still the same people they always were — and Chris is still a wonderful scoundrel. He’ll still be in Haley’s life a lot this season, and he’ll still be a bit of a predator. But Haley is more mature now and has a family that she loves very much, so their relationship is framed so differently than when they were together before. I feel that when Chris Keller is onscreen, there’s just a different dynamic to the show in really fun, playful ways because villains can make choices that the heroes can’t. But sometimes the antagonists can be the heroes and people will see a little bit of that this year — and not just from Chris.”

CHRIS KELLER & DAN | “Villains understand villains. I can’t even tell if Dan likes Chris Keller at all, but he does know that in a pinch there’s someone who will understand the language he’s speaking, and maybe even understand his motives. Those two have had interesting relationships with the Scott family over the years, so they’re kind of birds of a feather, and without saying too much, this is why they can exist in each other’s worlds. They can be thick as thieves.”

DAN & JAMIE | “Jamie is growing up and becoming aware of the pedigree of the Scott family name and what that means. He’s becoming aware of who his father was and who his grandfather was. I love seeing ‘Grandpa Dan’ in a classic sense, though. He’s been a villain and has made bad choices, but never in regards to his grandson. He’s always putting Jamie first and teaching him grace, nobility and honor.”

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MOUTH & MILLIE | “When one person in a relationship is making choices that the other doesn’t approve of, it really tests things — sometimes comedically, sometimes through frustration — and that’s their journey this year. Millie’s not going to shed many tears, but that doesn’t mean she won’t have a point of view and be involved in Mouth’s struggles. [Editor’s Note: Schwahn revealed at last week’s “Evening with One Tree Hill” event that Mouth will gain a significant amount of weight in Season 9, putting a strain on his relationship.]

CLAY & QUINN | “In the premiere we have a huge, angry argument between these two, so we know there are dark clouds ahead. Clay is just over being sick. He’s been poked and prodded, he’s been shot and had to do some rehab, and before that he was depressed over losing [his wife] Sara. He’s found his way through a lot of that, but [things like that] can effect your personal relationships. Clay’s going to make some mistakes, selfishly, and he’s going to have to pay for those.”

CHASE & ALEX | “Human beings just want what they want sometimes, even if they know they’re making mistakes, and I like that energy on the show. And that is what sort of infiltrates Chase and Alex’s relationship this season.”

Which couple’s journey are you most excited to see in One Tree Hill‘s final season?

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  1. nath says:

    everything is naley and nothing hurts. i hope he meant it when he say they are so destined to be together. i love you mark, thanks soooooooooooooooo much for oth, you changed my life.

  2. Lyn says:

    Good old Mark, trying desperately to fool Nathan/Haley fans into thinking they are going to have a lot of focus and screentime together, when anyone that knows spoilers knows they only have a handful of scenes together all season. True, their 5 minutes of screentime together will probably be the best of the season, but I feel for the unspoiled fans who actually believe this man’s B.S.

  3. Jamie says:

    While I’m excited for this and OTH does deserve these final episodes—Mark should learn for his next show not to introduce characters if he plans to have people vanish without explanation.

    This show seems to introduce a lot of things but never give resolution to stories.

  4. cipria says:

    great!!!can’t wait!!but we’ll have some news about characters like sam?! She had an important role in Brooke’s life!!!

  5. M3rc Nate says:

    Well…idk how i feel. First off i will start by saying i watched from the pilot on tv till…about a season into the whole “4 years later” jump. Then i stopped. Recently in the past few months i caught up on Netflix instant and loved it. However i get how if i had waited week to week for each episode, i see how i could have been disappointed.

    The teaser doesnt look very appealing to me, and some talk by the creator has me questioning if i will like how this last chapter will end. I dont have a dislike for the other couples besides Nathan and Haley like other people seem too. I just hope the big drama was shown in the trailer…that those are rare big moments, not like 8 of the 13 episodes just full of daytime TV drama.
    I would like the show to end with Mouth finally happy, though if he died to save someones life or something that would be emotionally a good thing, i want Naley to be alive and happy, Brooke and Julian to be married and happy with their kids, idk what i want for Lucas and Peyton, wish we could have seen them with their kid one time.
    Basically ending it with major deaths or breakups or w/e would be lame. I get that life in real life doesnt end in roses and sunshine..but 9+ years of watching this show…and major characters dieing in the last short cancelled season? lame.

  6. Christine says:

    What kind of criminal justice system does the town of Tree Hill have? Dan was let out for murdering Keith after only about 5 years, and now the guy who attacked Brooke, AND killed Q is going to be coming up for probation? Why do murderers seem to always be getting out of Jail in this town?

  7. lacymichelle says:

    so, after watching the season premier.. the first thirty min was soo good..then it went down hill. I love the show..and I was kinda sad.

  8. Carrie says:

    I like this! When I saw the beginning at a morgue I thought they’d kill Nathan. As long as that doesn’t happen. and Brooke and Julian are ok. I’m happy and excited about the show!

  9. Jessibel says:

    I stopped watching this show regularly after the 4 year jump season, and have watched it sporadically since then. I have no clue who Clay and Quinn and Alex are. Guess I’ll have to go read Wikipedia!I wanted to read this because I have always and forever wanted a happy ending for Brooke, so I really truly hope she gets one!

  10. Mike B says:

    That beginning last night was wild.

  11. Nikki says:

    I am super confused with the first 5 minutes of the episode… I REALLY hope there is a happy ending with this show. I have been a loyal watcher from day one and have loved every minute! I would LOVE for Lucas and Payton to come back (even if it is just for the last episode). All I want to see is a happy ending to this show and not a lame send off. This show is fantastic and I’d hate to see it go out with a dud (like Gilmore Girls did). I want to cry happy tears with this ending!

  12. amber says:

    Ok I don’t think the show should b cancelled they keep canceling all the good shows peyton an lucas needs 2 come back they need 2continue it 4 @ least another 10 or 11 seasons

  13. Sarah Judkins says:

    Chad Michael Murray IS coming back as Lucas for an episode and that’s exciting :) Also, they aren’t killing Nathan off. He’ll be in the series finale. So, I’m kinda thinking that Dan may be the one to die. But who knows.

  14. Patti says:

    Where can I see season 9 now. I just finished 8on netflix