NCIS: LA and Hawaii Five-0 Cross Over for Two-Night, 'High Octane' May Sweeps Event

NCIS: Los Angeles‘ G. Callen and Sam Hanna (played by Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J) will say “aloha” to Hawaii Five-0 — and then Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams (Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan) will return the favor — as part of a two-night crossover event for the CBS dramas, slated for May sweeps.

To kick things off, Five-0 showrunner Peter Lenkov says, “Chris and LL are going to come to Hawaii” — where it is revealed that Sam and McGarrett already know each other, having both been Navy SEALs. “There’s a bit of a history there,” Lenkov hints.

NCIS Team Teases ‘What If?’ Episode No. 200: ‘It’s About a Pivotal Moment That Gibbs Faces’

When the NCIS agents get wrapped up in what Lenkov calls a “really cool, big stakes” Five-0 case involving a biological weapon, “It ends up taking us to Los Angeles,” with Night 2 of the event unspooling on the Tuesday procedural.

“McGarrett and Danny end up in Los Angeles on our turf, on our terms,” NCIS: LA boss Shane Brennan tells TVLine, touting a “high octane” climax. But lest fans of one show or the either worry about missing half the action, Brennan notes, “You don’t have to watch both to love what’s going to happen.”

Given that NCIS: LA‘s Daniela Ruah crossed her Kensi Blye over to Five-0 earlier this TV season, Lenkov says, “It just seemed like a natural to continue the relationship.”

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  1. TJ. Church says:

    They need to investigate the theft of my time for that waste of Kensi on “Five-O”!

    • Ryan says:

      Yeah, we definitely needed to see her in a bikini at least.

      • TJ. Church says:

        Not what I meant at ALL!! They promised a big appearance (like a cross-over), & she was there for less than “blink & you miss it”. I tuned-in halfway through, & they mentioned her boarding a plane away already.

    • Steve Smith says:

      This has just been shown in the UK, strange article considering McGarrett wasn’t in it. As a fan of 5-0 I have to say that the Hawaii part of the show was great, but the NCIS half was weak, it certainly hasn’t made me want to watch NCIS, even though O’Donnell and LL were good in the Hawaii half

  2. Isabelle says:

    I cant wait, I’ll watch NCISLA for Steve McGarrett for sure.

  3. Kira says:

    I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate cross-overs.

    • LuLu says:

      Second that. These are both fictional worlds. Crossing over makes the fiction and all the little fictional assumptions in each obvious and unreal. Kills the magic.

      That said, no magic lately for H50. Way too violent. Members of the team act like thugs. No more cute stuff with Dan-O, his ex-wife and daughter . . . probably going to stop watching anyway. Definitely want to skip the cross over. Love Terry.

      • Fido says:

        I love love love crossovers and don’t know why tv-stations don’t set more of their dramas within the same tv-universem so allowing characters and possibly unconnected storylines to popup/carry over into each others series.

  4. shaun says:

    5-0 makes zero sense!!How can cops go to LA for terrorism case?!Both shows need better writers,Deeks and Kenzi have had little romantic interaction(Even though it was headed there awhile ago).It’s turning into JAG!!!

    • Jasmin Soranio says:

      It makes zero sense because you’re obviously not paying attention. They’re not cops. They’re a task force. Everything is dumb if you’re brain is turned off.

    • Jasmin Soranio says:

      It makes zero sense because you’re obviously not paying attention. They’re not cops, they’re a task force. Everything is dumb if your brain is turned off.

      • mefink24 says:

        So true jasmin seriously either way if a.federal agency invites.a localized group than have.jurasdiction so it is realistic but than again you want to get technical the.term NCIS is not.realistic cause in.reality its.called.NIS

    • mefink24 says:

      Duh NCIS Started as a spinoff of JAG Gibbs Tony & Abby were introduced in JAG finale so for Ncis or Ncis LA to have a JAGlike feel is only natural since it is spunoff.from JAG 2nd u serious.u only found.dekes & blyes flirty sense of humor best.piece of show not 2 academy award winning actors.LL cool j & O’Donnel as partners & the boss Hetty being played by a Hollywood Legend wow u really are.pretty poor tastes in what makes.entertainment good (must be.a rich white guy lol)

  5. Justin says:

    Given that I really like both shows and crossovers (when they work!), I’m definitely looking forward to this! Woo-hoo!!!

    • CJ says:

      I doubt this will affect the ratings of either show much, but the two shows are relatively similar. I wonder if Hawaii Five-0 might do better if they moved it to to Tuesday night. It seems like it would fit better there than on Monday.

  6. Vas says:

    Cbs is desperate to get some viewers in the hideous H50.
    Keep NCSI LA away from that crappy Hawaii 50 remake!!!
    NCSI LA is a great show with great actors. Hawaii had to ad Terry to the cats because the acting was a big 0.
    I hate it. I won’t watch NCSI LA that night!

    • Belinda says:

      you’re one to talk. it’s NCIS not NCSI! once can be a typo, but three times?? geee

      • Diane says:

        H50 is doing fine in their 10pm spot. The acting is great. I love both these shows and am looking forward to the crossover. I’m sure all will be shaking in their boots to here you won’t be watching.

        • Marla says:

          I’m really looking forward to the crossover..I love both shows and think that they would make a really good team if they worked together!

  7. Kristen says:

    Wasn’t it already revealed, in the ep of H50 that “featured” Kensi, that Sam and McGarrett knew eachother?

    Maybe while there’s some history recapping going on, they could bond over the fact that they’re both former Navy SEALs with father/father’s car issues….just sayin’.

    Clearly, I’m uncertain how I feel about this whole crossover issue. they rarely work out well…

  8. Michael says:

    Crossover are some of the bet written part of tv show I mean just look at law and order

  9. Renee says:

    All of y’all are missing the point. In the pic above check out all the eye candy. Just saying…

  10. Rain says:

    Happy to hear you don’t have to watch both, I gave up on H50 last season, don’t want to be forced to watch it again just to understand that week’s NCIS:LA. Of course had they said Deeks was going to Hawaii and I’d get to see him in board shorts that might have been another story completely! :)

    • Sue says:

      God Bless u don’t need to watch the H50 episode to watch NCSI LA next day. I prefer to starve for a month than to watch H50 and the wooden O’Loughlin for a whole episode. I may even no watch NCSI LA the next day, I dont think I can take the H50 guys next to my cool LA guys. What a way to ruin my favorite show. Thanks CBS.

  11. Sue says:

    H5O better do something for better ratings and crossing over with one of CBS’s top shows may work for one night at least..

  12. KMG says:

    I like both shows, and think this could be fun if done right. Unfortunately, CBS has a bad track record with cross-overs being VERY badly done (See the CSI/Without a Trace crossover, or the awful three-CSI crossover with Ray visiting the other 2 cities). A couple of months ago, there was much hype over Kensi visiting H50, which turned out to be a 30-second clip with her sitting at a picnic table to read lips in a video (really? there’s no cop in all of Hawaii that can read lips??). So color me hopeful, bit skeptical.

    • PsiHawk says:

      KMG… It’s not saying there were no other cops on the island who can read lips. The issue at the time was McGarret didn’t trust anyone else, as this was a very sensitive video. So he wanted someone he knew he could trust… So that’s when Joe brought up bringing in Kensei…

  13. Doug-H says:

    There’s some history with Hawaii based CBS shows and cross-overs… Magnum had a couple of them ( Murder She Wrote and Simon and Simon).. The other shows are jealous and want that Island trip!!!

  14. Jamey says:

    Love love love NCIS:LA. H50 does seem to be not as strong this year but I watch. I agree that Kensi’s trip to Hawaii last time was a bit lame, especially in light o “additional trips” to find infer on her father. I was hoping, am hoping they incorporate that into this cross-over.

    I also agree with the eye-candy comment! lol

  15. Jamie says:

    They should really put Hawaii Five-0 on Tuesday’s next season.
    They air together in the UK and do really well.
    They could find something else for Monday’s easily.

    • Uk viewer says:

      No sure why u say H50 is doing well in the UK. Even Terra Nova gets more viewers than H50. And H50 drops big from the strong lead in.

      • Renee says:

        I miss Terra Nova. And Ashley Zukerman (Lucas) had really grown on me by the end of the season. WHEN renewed and returns they need to have figured out how to get Lucas more involved w/the colony–just a little less murderously.

  16. kevin says:

    Really didn’t know that crossover ep didn’t happen back in late October but I’m relieved CBS got the good news though and it will happen when both shows crosses over during May sweeps. Daniela Ruah did great on a previous episode of H5O and I really want to see her character in one of those hot bikini ’cause she’s so beautiful in my wildest dreams.

  17. sarah says:

    I do not understand why they do crossovers, for those of us who watch 1 of the shows but not the other now have to watch both..NOT HAPPY
    I watch H50 but no NCISLA

  18. Michael says:

    Next year they should do NCIS NICS LA AND HAWAILL 5 0

  19. Sun says:

    As much as I love NCSI LA, I won’t be watching the crossover episode.
    Five o sucks! The show sucks! The acting sucks!
    It is obvious CBS needs to help Five0 for the May sweeps numbers , but bring back Terry O’Quinn again or hire another actor. . But leave NCSI LA alone, it is a great show that doesn’t deserve a crossover with a show as bad as fiveo.
    I don’t understand why NCSI LA has to pay the price again and help that fiveo remake to get some decent numbers on May sweeps.. Send the Big bang theory people to five0.

  20. Tim says:

    NCIS LA is a real hit for CBS. Instead awful H50 is making way worse than CSI Miami in the same spot.
    I understand CBS trying whatever to help h50 because the show desperate needs viewers, but as a fan of NCIS LA I am not happy. H50 is crap, we don’t need a crossover.

  21. Astrid says:

    Love NCIS LA.
    Hate Hawaii oo.
    I won’t watch the crossover.

  22. Lola says:

    Lost interest in BabyNCIS last year, in spite of the fabulous Deeks, but I’ll watch the crossover. Maybe that’ll bring me back. I love 5-0, even more so this year, so LLCoolJ in Hawaii ought to be fun.

  23. The Roomate says:

    Really? A fellow fan of NCISLA would complain about giving some ratings help to another show? We are a direct spin off of, and occasional cross over with, the MotherShip, and with a very cozy time slot tucked in right after Mama. From which we lose viewers. Five O has been, all season, the highest rated show on any network in the 10 pm hour. Both shows have strengths and weaknesses, and neither has the might of NCIS, but this crossover might be pretty cool. I like all 4 of the actors. So I’m in.

  24. cyn says:

    WHAAAT?? O’Loughlin is super talented& oh so yummy!! I love both shows&will watch both for sure!!

  25. Diane says:

    Do those of you who say H50 is doing badly in the ratings understand them? A 10pm show does not get the people that an 8pm and 9pm show would get. People have to work in the morning. H50 is doing fine.

    I am looking forward to seeing the crossover. I love all the characters on both shows.

  26. Another UK Viewer says:

    Considering that we are wayyy behind with both shows in the U.K and that I have to watch both online I am especially pissed that in May in the U.S it will be shown but we will have to wait until September. But like I said I will watch both online and I will say this… The casting for both shows is great, a few tweaks maybe with the extras but that’s about it. I myself am looking forward to the moment these two crossover and silly things like ratings sure isn’t going to stop me. Stop bitchin’. But much love,

  27. Alex Agostini says:

    Those crossovers don’t work out as expected. Still remember the “Magnum P.I.” and “Murder, She Wrote” crossover. Now that was a waste of a couple of hours. I’ll watch the ‘H5-0’ and that’s it.

  28. Case says:

    I am happy i don’t have to watch ncisla, i tried it a few times and was so bored, did not find the characters interesting at all not like danno and steve from hawaii five o who are awesome!! But i will watch ncisla the night the h50 boys are on!!

  29. ivy says:

    Really love the idea–can’t wait.

  30. April says:

    OMG. Chris O’Donnell and Alex o’Loughlin together? OMG AWESOME!

    Love Callen and Steve! My favorite characters in the shows NCIS:LA and H5-0.

  31. Olivia says:

    I absolutely love the idea of a Hawaii Five-0/NCIS/LA crossover. Hawaii Five-O is my favorite show on TV and I really really like NCIS/LA. I think the two shows will be awesome. By the way, Alex O’Loughlin is one of the best actors I have ever seen.

  32. Lillyg says:

    We already know Steve and Sam know each other since when Kensi dropped by 5-0, Steve asked how Sam was doing…

    • Lillyg says:

      Though I’m looking forward to these episodes, hoping it’ll be more interesting than the last time Kensi dropped by to say two lines…

  33. Lisa says:

    I cant wait! Iam so excited!I love both shows..about time!woot woot! next they should make a Hawaii Five-0/csi:miami crossover! for people who don’t like Hawaii five-0,then why are you on here? if u don’t like it then don’t watch it..! Hawaii Five-0 is awesome!


    Wouldn’t Kensi and Steve be sooo cute together? Despite the whole Hawaii-LA thing. And it would be awesome to see Deeks jealous for once! “It just seemed natural to continue the relationship.” Peter Lenkov? And Daniela Ruah said that it was still a boy-meet-girl situation, but that Kensi found Steve cute and maybe . . . Just maybe . . . She was dressing up for him when she went to Hawaii (which, by the way, I felt VERY cheated in. Kensi was on Hawaii 5-0 for, like, 2 minutes and 30 seconds! That’s not a crossover! And all of the hype that it got. . . ) I really hope that they get together! And that Lori leaves!

  35. Bailey says:

    It’s NCIS not NCSI genius :P But either way I agree, though not as strongly as you seem to

  36. Bailey says:

    I didn’t even notice that! I’ll have to reward that episode

  37. Linda says:

    I like both shows. Any opportunity to see the lovely and talented
    Alex O’Loughlin two days in a row, is pure joy. Yay !!! Look forward to Steve and Sam’s scenes together.

  38. James Shade says:

    Observation time: The first crossover established Sam and Steve knowing one another – albeit in a very throwaway fashion.

  39. Janet says:

    Alex O’Loughlin is amazing and any show that has him in it is definitely worth watching!

  40. Russ Harper says:

    Has anyone given thought to a possible visit to the whereabouts of a privet investigator on another island by the name of Magnum. Wouldnt that be cool. Tom Sellek was on our ship the USS ENGLAND in 78 or 79 as Magnum was wearing our ballcap. I had just got off the ship before that

  41. mefink24 says:

    Am I only.person sick of.people.whining over dekes.&.blye.(kenzi) not really what having LL Cool J alone bad.@$$ mutha.of without O’Donnel & a.hollywood legend as.hetty some.u people don’t get entertainment is not supposed to have.sense of imagination art thats.why its called.arts.&.entertainment seriously people stop bytching & moaning.and.just.enjoy.the.shows without nitpicking at unrealisticness on tv

  42. Kensi says:

    Hay, don’t go bashing my two favorite shows!!!!! Not cool people!!!

    Anyway……. This reminds me of a ep. of House that was on a few months ago. With the whole small pox thing. But it’s cool. I wish Steve was there.

    I don’t think this Callen/Comesque(?) thing is going to end. This is like the 3rd or 4th episode with him on the show.