Ratings: The Bachelor Droops, Castle Rises - Plus Downton Abbey's Premiere Numbers

In its second week, and facing less original competition (i.e. no new CBS comedies), The Bachelor dropped 8 percent from its season opener, delivering 7.2 million total viewers and a 2.2 demo rating.

In fact — and not to pile on poor Ben — CBS repeats out-rated The Bach in both hours, and Fear Factor matched the ABC dating series in the 9 o’clock hour.

A few other notes, before we dive into the ABC day here at the Television Critics Association press tour:

* NBC’s Who’s Still Standing? (6.2 mil/1.6) was up 11 and 7 percent, while Fear Factor (5.47 mil/2.2) dipped 8 percent to hit a season low.

* Castle, with 9.75 million total viewers and a 2.3 rating, was up 21 and 15 percent from its last fresh episode/season low. (How cute was that Lanie/Esposito “reunion” at the church?)

* Rewinding back to Sunday, as promised here are the Downton Abbey Season 2 premiere numbers: The acclaimed PBS series drew 4.2 million viewers. Abbey‘s return doubled the average PBS primetime rating and exceeded the show’s Season 1 average by 18 percent.

What were you watching Monday night?

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  1. valezza says:

    I expected more from Castle. Especially when given the fact that it aired without H50 competition. Do you think the show will survive with such ratings?

    • shan says:

      Castle fans will make it survive! It’s just getting back. Plus so much to look forward to. For this last ep, I was hoping to see Ryan and Jenny walk down the aisle, but i still loved the Castle and Beckett foreshadowing as they eased on down the aisle. xD *sighs* How i’ve missed Castle. :)

    • lindsey says:

      The show will definately survive. Its fan basis is huge and with plenty of die hard fans. The show gets better every season!

    • Alex says:

      I’m actually not surprised with the ratings for Castle… I mean, c’mon, whose bright idea was it at ABC to have the show come back the day of the BCS National Championship? Even I couldn’t watch the entire show because I kept switching channels. I think the show will rise again next week.

  2. Lisa says:

    Us Fillion fans need our weekly Castle. I had Castle withdrawal last Monday. However, I was able to squeeze in some Firefly over the weekend.

  3. JB says:

    One can only hope that The Bachelor continues to bleed viewers and we won’t be subjected to this crappy show much longer.

  4. Kaiulani says:

    Anyone else disapointed that we didn’t actually get to see the wedding last night on Castle? I kept waiting for them to wrap up the case of the week so we could get to the church. Totally bummed.

  5. JJ says:

    Expect The Bachelor to continue to drop as the lackluster Ben will prove to ABC that they need to check the pulse of their viewers before they just automatically put the runner-up in the next edition.

    This is a young VERY average looking nice guy who lives in wine country. Zzzzzz. Why exactly is he interesting to viewers? Sorry ABC but if you’re going to pick a random face to put on tv at least pick an above average looking one who’s interesting or at least lives some place a person would move/could make a living.

    Fear Factor. Well at least NBC didn’t have to bankroll a costly production. They should just make it summer viewing.

  6. Beckstle says:

    Being that no one was watching tv shows last night, Castle pulling a 9.75 was damn good – actually it most watched TV show of the night. Maybe now ABC will switch some of their advertising dollars from the Bachelor – which they’ve been pushing like crazy – to Castle, which is lucky if it gets a promo.

  7. John says:

    Castle’s numbers?

    Well, to paraphrase: “Are we ready for some football?”

    Yes, more wedding would have been nice: cute couple.

  8. Sue says:

    Castle actually did pretty good considering it’s pathetic lead in and BCS game…Castle increased in total viewers and the rating from the Bachelor..Just wait, the ratings will gradually keep increasing with each new episdoe..The same thing happened last season..

  9. Tom Bentley says:

    I too wanted to see a wedding. After all the build up to the wedding through the first half of the season, I frankly wanted more. Other than that I feel Castle is by far one of the top 5 shows of all time. Stana Katic was the perfect choice for Kate and Nathan Fillion well, a no-brainer.

  10. Leigh says:

    Downton Abbey! Downton Abbey! Yay!!

  11. JonesofMars says:

    So happy for season 2 of Downton Abbey, I can tell this seasons going be amazing! Can’t wait for next Sunday.

  12. lame says:

    If you happen to go to the ABC boards[not advised]you’ll notice plenty of viewer unhappy with the pace of the relationship. In a way I can understand where there coming form.
    For instance, if you were to pick out any three episodes from season three and randomly play them with season two, it wouldn’t work. The evolution of the C/B relationship had grown and you would feel it immediately. Where as if were to do the same with season three and four with the exception of eps. 4.1,4.5 & 4.7,they would flow together seamlessly. Not much has evolved or developed this season, so far.

  13. Ben says:

    Living in a country (NZ) where we get American programming after months of waiting, it’s kind of odd to see roles reversed. Season 2 of Downton Abbey does feel more fragmented than season 1, but trust me it’s worth the watch, and Dame Maggie Smith is as marvellous as ever. That rating ought to keep going up, it’s simply one of the best things on tv.

  14. chris says:

    Why does no one mention that Nathan Fillion seems to have swallowed
    the entire cast of Hawaii 5-0? If that was Poppy Montgomery or Julianna Margulies or Rachel Bilson, etc… they would be joked about and probably put on forced diets. Just sayin’… As far as the show itself, I’ve watched it a few times and it’s nothing special. It reminds me of BONES and I could live without both. Long live Alex O and the gang!

    • Ashley says:

      Actually, people have mentioned it but the fact that you take such glee in pointing it out (and in such a crude way) negates whatever point you were trying to make. And what exactly was your point, anyway? That you’re anti-sexism but pro-body issues? Because, obviously, you think it’s totally fine to mock anyone who isn’t 100% buff and toned, so long as you don’t keep the hatred to one specific gender.

  15. Dave says:

    Castle is an entertaining and fun show but unless they change there MO very quickly I don’t see them lasting much longer. Some have claimed to worry about the Moonlighting curse which I think is bull and just an excuse they are using. For the entire run of the show they have always built up the Castle and Becket relationship only to at the end of the season do something to break it up so as to start again at the start of the new season, thus the MO and supposed Moonlighting curse of fear to bring them together will end the show.

    I say they have fallen not into the Moonlighting curse but into the Bones curse which is drag it out and tease it here and there a little bit harder when the ratings drop to prop it up . It gones on and fans loose interest and then you get what you have now on Bones. There are other ways they could have handled her pregnancy but they needed the ” PROP” because of there ratings.

    Castle has fallen into this same curse and what will they have to do or come up with in order to cancel the curse before it is too late and the show gets canceled? Hopefully it is not too late but from indications it may be.

    • Dave says:

      Moonlighting had other issues and problems with there show that caused it to be canceled and it was not due to the fact of the main characters hooking up.

  16. Amy says:

    Downton Abbey was so good I just wanted to keep it going and going.