Glee Spoiler Alert: Cast Teases Which Couples Are Heating Up (and Cooling Off) in the New Year

Triangles will be formed and chemistry will heat up this winter on Glee — and we’re not talking about story arcs involving geometry or science. (As if the students of William McKinley High School actually attend classes in the first place!) TVLine’s intrepid reporters caught up with the cast of Fox’s high-school musical at Sunday’s Television Critics Association bash to get the scoop on what’s in store for several of the show’s power couples:

Sebastian and Blaine | While Grant Gustin’s troublemaking Warbler appeared to have his eye on Kurt’s preppy boyfriend in the first half of Season 3, the colder weather will put a chill on their sexually charged interplay. “It’s actually going less in a flirtatious direction [between Blaine and Sebastian], and more of [Sebastian] just being a d***,” says Gustin. “I’m not necessarily trying to split up [Kurt and Blaine].” In other words, don’t be in a rush to put a for-sale sign on Klaine’s chic holiday chalet.

‘There Will Not Be a Glee Spin-off,’ Says Fox Boss — So What About Rachel and the Other Seniors?

Artie and a Mystery Lady | “Artie gets some lovin’ in the first episode back,” says Kevin McHale. “He goes after one lady — a current cast member, she’s not a series regular. That narrows it way down. Way down.” While McHale neither confirms nor denies his character will hook up with tone-deaf but increasingly amusing Sugar Motta (Vanessa Lengies), he did admit that Artie’s romantic stock is on the rise in general in 2012, thanks in part to the attention of Cheerios co-captain Becky. “She wants her some Artie,” teases McHale.

Will and Emma | News of Will proposing to Emma in next Tuesday’s episode has been widely reported, but what prompts him to get down on bended knee? “I’m trying to not give away things, but Emma basically lets Will know that she’s ready to move forward,” says Jayma Mays. That said, don’t bet your entire bank account that Miss Pillsbury will be interviewing wedding planners before the school year is out. “There could be many reasons” that Emma might turn down Will, says Mays, adding that the title of the episode, “Yes/No,” is an apt one. “We wanted it to be a bit ambiguous because they do touch on some issues they have been pondering for each other. They’re being very mature.”

Sam and Mercedes | “Right now there’s a love triangle going on,” says Chord Overstreet of his character returning to McKinley to find Mercedes paired with towering football star Shane. “I don’t know where it’s going, but I’m having fun.”

Mike and Tina | “Mike and Tina did have a little fight [during the fall],” says Harry Shum, Jr., acknowledging Mike’s fury at Tina confronting his father, “but now it’s good.” Looks like in this case, the end — Mr. Chang getting on board with Mike’s dancing dreams — justified the means.

Kurt and Blaine | Look for Kurt to sing “Ben” to Blaine in Glee‘s upcoming Michael Jackson tribute episode. “I have no idea [why it was chosen], but I know it was voted the worst song in history by some group,” says Chris Colfer. “[The song] was about a rat, but we’re singing it about Kurt’s boyfriend. I’m not sure what the connection is!” Alas, though, the chorus doesn’t find a lyric change from “Ben” to “Blaine.” “That would have been clever, though,” reasons Colfer.

Kurt and Karofsky | Colfer says he’s betting that Max Adler’s homophobic-bully-turned-gay-bar-enthusiast will return before the season is over. “I love that character,” Colfer says. “I love that he’s kind of like a good guy now.”

Brittany and Santana | While some fans have expressed dismay that Brittany and Santana have yet to seal their romance with a kiss, costar Jane Lynch says she thinks the lack of girl-girl action makes sense. “I don’t think Brittany’s in it. I don’t think Brittany’s in love with Santana,” Lynch theorizes. “I think Santana needs a girlfriend. Brittany loves her, but Brittany’s not her girlfriend.”

Sue and…Somebody? | “There’s something big coming for Sue that I can’t tease, but let’s just say for a peri-menopausal woman, it’s pretty exciting,” says Lynch. (Reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich, Michael Ausiello and Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Vivian says:

    Where’s puck and quinn? I really want to know what’s going on between them… my favorite couple is finchel though, which i hope and believe aren’t breaking up anytime soon! <3

  2. J.C says:

    No more finchel?! :D
    a girl can dream..

  3. Kyrstin says:

    NOOOO I wanted Santana and Brittney to stay together!!!!! :'( Santana is my favorite character! Omg this freaking sucks.

  4. Haley says:

    Am I the only one who wants Quinn and Finn back together? If he were to actually get over Rachel and focus on her, since she’s supposedly all mature now I think they could really make it work. I found them adorable and I’ve always wanted them to get back together.

    • andre says:

      I don’t think this will happen, two reason mainly it have been plainly state since funeral that Finn is in love with Rachel, the whole tether speech, was about how his feelings for Rachel are much more stronger than his feelings for Quinn, and the second reason is Quinn herself, is the rumors are true and she is singing I can’t never say goodbye yo her three ex boyfriends as closure, in the last part of season 2 we are gonna see an independent Quinn,

  5. jai says:

    lol. I love how everyone likes all the couples but brittana. I do agree when people say that brittany isn’t in love with Santana the way santana loves her. But let’s get real here, most people who watch glee don’t like them because they are lesbians and mostly straight women watch glee and they only like gay men not lesbians and are also uncomfortable around lesbians.

    But anywho I love Quinn and she needs to find someone who won’t help her in the crazy process that she is going through lol but at the same time I like her independent. And Mike and tina are the #1 couple!

    • Patricia says:

      Actually the lesbians and straight girls that I know and watch the show don’t like Brittana but want another love interest(girl) for Santana so IDK.

  6. Georgina boult says:

    I <3 brittany and sentana!!! Wish they wud get together!! Or bring sum1 really HOT in for sentana!! <3 brittana!!!

  7. Kate says:

    Finchel are completely overrated. And Kurtofky is freaky and sort of wrong but would be awesome to see. Brittana should hurry up and become an item.

  8. Meadow says:

    finchel is stupid!!! i love kliane tho :)

  9. Alysonx3 says:

    I can not wait until time to start again Glee! Miss glee!

  10. Rachael says:

    I love finchel!!! and Brittany and Santana are ment to be together!! Brittany does love Santana, she said if they both were single she would be with her and they are both single now so they NEED to be together!!! It might take a little while for them to be comfortable being a couple in public but Santana is out and they love eachother!

  11. LadyB says:

    I’m not sure I agree with Jane Lynch. Brittany has not only expressed her love for Santana, but she has consistently wanted her to be more open about their relationship. Brittany wanted to sing a duet with Santana, hold her hand “proudly” in the hallway, and ask her to prom on the radio. Why go through all of that if Brittany wasn’t interested in Santana as a girlfriend? Just my opinion…

  12. Jodie says:

    There seems to be an awful lot of hate towards Brittana being a couple. Personally, I love them together. They remind me of myself when I was their age. So many young girls can relate to them and their storyline. The writers should tighten up that relationship with some real expressions of commitment from Brittany. Then perhaps we’ll get to see them in the same way we see Klaine or Finchel. If there was no Brittana love this show wouldn’t be the same for me and to be honest I’d probably lose interest.

  13. Hannah says:

    i personally think tht brit wanted santana a long time ago and santana was mean about it and brit is just over it

  14. Rob says:

    What about Rory???? Want Damian back – and with more to do!

  15. Brandi says:

    Finchel fans go to eonline for scoop on them. There’s a lot of articles about their future.

  16. barb says:

    Glee is losing fans. Why? Writers promised more central character development. They have just added more characters. Possibly due to spin-off plan (now defunct). How about KARSMY (KAROFSKY /SEBASTIAN) . It would settle the KLAINE threatening separation issue. Remember Gerber baby?? Well she did make an interesting comment about next year. Bieste needs and wants a man. Coach and Coach catfight – AWESOME!!!! No claws – just fantastic trade of biting barbs. Here ‘s to Season 4.

  17. Ashley says:

    Whatever. I’m over it.

  18. Angryfinchelfan says:

    Please don’t hate on Finchel! We get loads of hate as is. There’s a difference between expressing ur opinion & bashing.

  19. J. says:

    They just need to get rid of the new writers! I honestly think they are messing the show up. I mean, so many people have been unhappy with the show this season, which is when they got all the new writers. They made it into a drama instead of a comedy! Everyone, including me, loved it’s last 2 seasons when it was just Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk writing. Hopefully, they will realize that there are so many people disliking the new things in this season – especially all the drama – and those 2 will start writing more episodes.

  20. Brandi says:

    I would just like to state that Glee, though relatable, is fiction. If you like it, watch it; if you don’t, don’t.

    • dancer says:

      So right! And everyone needs to stop hating on Heather Morris! She is so awesome! At acting and an absolutely amazing dancer. It is just her character’s personality and mind that makes her the way she is on the show. It’s not that she’s a bad actress, it’s just Brittany. She is simply playing her character. And I mean, have you ever even seen Brittany get really serious about anything?
      And do you have any of you have memory of season 2 when Brittany was trying to get Santana to embrace her awesomeness? Prom Queen? Songbird? Born This Way? Come on people.

  21. Dale says:

    Totally missed out Quinn & I! ;)

  22. Stephanie says:

    I have to disagree. I do think that Brittany and Santana should stay together. I think Brittany is in love with Santana, but the fact that she barely has any lines now just makes it look like she isn’t into the relationship like Santana is. Brittany is the one who wanted to talk about feelings back in season 2 in the first place. If it wasn’t for her bringing those feelings out, Santana probably would have still been “straight” right now. She even said she would come out first on “Fondue for Two” and ask Santana out to prom. They just need more screen time together.

  23. Michelle says:

    omg I can’t. If glee is doing ANYTHING right it’s Brittana. it’s the only good gay rep we have since klaine is just awful and dry. at least Brittana leaves room for emotional connection. klaine is just boring. Kurt deserves better.

  24. a former gleek says:

    THIS TOTALLY SUCKKKKKSSS I hate every word I read. I’m hoping this a lie so we can have lower expectations this season and it turns to better episodes. I mean I thought season 2 didn’t match up to season 1 expectations, but I totally hated season 3 so far I can bare to watch this train wreck, while Ryan Murphy has been busy with American horrors, he missed up Glee a cult favorite. This is unforgivable he could have at least worked on this last season and then cancel the show. Instead of hiring new writer he could of taken time to read his fans ideas and plans and took note to it.

  25. meaghan says:

    I totally agree with christosa, greatest love of all time look to the classics like scarlett and rett. (Sp?) Out of all the couples I honestly think will ad emma are my favorite. They have been fighting their feelings for to long and its great to finally see them together and making bigger steps.

    I agree as well, santana needs a girlfriend and britany needs to figure out what she wants.

    I can’t stand Kurt, however I want him with the ex football player.

    I would LOVE to see a triangle with blane and rachel! It was so epic!!!

  26. bri says:

    Who is Puck finally gonna end up with? He deserves a stable girlfriend but of course he is gonna end up cheating on them in the near future but i think he should get one just to shake things up

  27. Laurie says:

    Even though im a huge brittana fan, even I have to agree about the lack of chemistry between the characters. Now don’t get me wrong as friends I love these two but as lovers it’s unrealistic
    They should bring in an actual love interest for Santana as she deserves someone who will love her back.
    Either it’s bad writing on glees part for the lack of Brittany air time or a cleve plot to show her reluctance to commit to Santana…I highly doubt the latter.

    Regardless please for the sake of all us gay girls who went through this experience treat Santana to a realistic relationship

  28. Michelle says:

    What about Puck and Quinn?? Only couple I really care about. Well them and Finchel, but we all know Finn and Rachel will be fine.

  29. Macie says:


  30. Jamie says:

    Omg how can anyone not like brittana?!! They are the reason I watch glee anymore. Pfft.

  31. M says:

    Brittany and Santana are in love. I can see it, clearly. The writers just haven’t been handling the whole “Santana is a lesbian” storyline or her relationship with Brittany very well. We haven’t been able to see those important pivotal moments, such as her coming out to her parents or her and Brittany really discuss their relationship, play out on screen. I don’t want to hear about them kissing or going on dates, etc. I want to witness it for myself. Thats why their relationship isn’t believable. As far as Brittany goes, I don’t think the writers really have a clue how to really write for her character. They’re so inconsistent. One day Brittany is a fairly smart with a decent vocabulary, the next shes this innocent, dim-witted girl who believes in leprechauns. The dialogue given to her is always supposed to be comedic relief, rarely serious. This relationship still has so much potential, because they have two very capable actors. I hope they turn things around, because Naya Rivera and Heather Morris has undeniable chemistry, whether it be on or off-screen. It would be a shame to let that go to waste.

  32. Me says:

    NOOOOOOO!! Brittana! I loved them :) They were so cute! :( I hope they at least maybe kiss before the end of the season because Santana really loves her and even if Brittany doesn’t love her back, Santana still deserves at least one little kiss….

  33. Nic says:

    Jane Lynch….I never thought the day would come but SSHHHHUUUUUNNNNNNNNNN

    Im sick of Klaine, Finchel, and I thought it was funny that the only drama Chang-Chang got was solved in the same ep… I think they had Mercedes going in the right direction..cause seriously I think the Glee club is like a festering ball of incestuous relationships…this family has crossed lines way too much and they need to branch out to the hundreds of other students that go there…And really…give Brit some depth please…I have watched B&S’s relationship blossom for 2 seasons eagerly and have been disappointed in season 3…for full time cast members, they sure get stiffed the meaningful dialogue.

  34. Lucy Loo Who says:

    Sue and Biest are going to be rivals for a man. I HOPE BIEST WINS!

  35. Furtmeister says:

    Yeah, like Frank N Furter and Brad Majors.

  36. Dejah says:

    This is really the best show EVER!!!!!

  37. Nisha says:

    I am Santana in every single way and I love her to peices. I love Brittany in every single way too. And I love when they have their scenes together (and their scenes individually), but it does seem like Brittany is just tyring to make Santana happy. And if/when Santana finds out Britt doesnt love her as a girlfriend just best friend she’ll be crushed and start to be more vicious than she has in the pass (I should know). Anyways Brittana is amazing Love Naya & Heather.

  38. Meliisa says:

    I just want me some puck and Quinn!

  39. Stephanie says:

    I have to disagree. I do think that Brittany and Santana should stay together. I think Brittany is in love with Santana, but the fact that she barely has any lines now just makes it look like she isn’t into the relationship like Santana is. Brittany is the one who wanted to talk about feelings back in season 2 in the first place. If it wasn’t for her bringing those feelings out, Santana probably would have still been “straight” right now. She even said she would come out first on “Fondue for Two” and ask Santana out to prom. They just need more screen time together.

  40. moe says:

    Brittany is going to break Santana’s heart when all is said and done. She doesn’t feel the same way about her, and never has. The love Brittany feels is genuine friendship and the “messing around” if anything they might have done was strictly innocent. Santana needs to realize who and what Brittany is to her, her best friend, not lover, and move on from it….find herself a girlfriend that will make her truly happy inside and out and give her all the things that she wants Brittany to give her—–but Brittany simply can’t…and alas….won’t.

  41. Rachel(NOT BERRY) says:

    I totally agree. It’s Brittany who wanted Santana to be open about the relationship the whole time… the Lebanese shirt, invited her on Fondue for Two to ask her to prom, and she was under the assumption that the scene at Breadsticks was a date even before Santana asked. Until Santana came out, she was the driving force behind the whole relationship. Jane Lynch, I know you know a lot about lesbians from being one, but do you even watch the TV show you star in? I’m a Brittana fan to the end, no matter what you say. Proudly so.

  42. Rachel(NOT BERRY) says:

    Sorry, reply thing didn’t work. I mean I disagree with Jane Lynch and with the person above me.

  43. Renee R. says:

    Honestly, this season has just been a serious let down when it comes to the depth of each character. In the past two seasons I laughed, cried and raged along with each character in their ups and downs. This season, I just don’t feel anything. There is so much focus on the “oh my god, we’re seniors!” that the people are completely over looked. The most emotion and feeling I have seen so far was the episode that Santana came out to her abuela.

  44. lucy says:

    Glee is a TV show. Everyone should really just calm down and take it easy. There are always going to be storylines and characters you like more than others, but that’s just the way it is. Glee is supposed to be about, “opening yourself up to joy”, not hating on everything. Stop the hate ya’ll.

  45. Jessie says:

    Really all you people not all people but most people think Rachel and Finn are the best characters ever. WRONG!!!!!!!!! Rachel is so

  46. SP says:

    Santana and Brittany are the cutest couple ever in the world and if they break up I am going to freak out.

  47. Robert says:

    Pairing Sebastian and Dave together would be just another case of ‘pairing up the spares’ which is really dumb. They shouldn’t be paired together just because they’re the only gay guys on the show who are unattached. I’d rather see Sebastian grow as a character and a possible love triangle between Kurt, Dave, and Blaine…

  48. Clare says:

    Make Rory (Damien Mcginty) permanent. He is wonderful and has a big following. Brittany would be perfect for him.

  49. SP says:

    Ok so, I am just going to assume that this whole Santana and Brittany breaking up thing is not actually happening, but if it does, talk about a tragic character. Seriously, Santana cannot catch a break. Let’s review. Last season, Brittany turns her down after she confesses her love to her. Then this season she gets outed on public television to the entire world. Then her grandmother kicks her out of her house and says she never wants to see her again. Now she finally gets one good thing to happen to her, she is finally with Brittany, and they are going to take that away from her too? No way. They cannot be THAT mean.

  50. bryanna says:

    hey does any1 no when glee statts up again in australia and what about finn and rachel!!!