Glee Spoiler Alert: Cast Teases Which Couples Are Heating Up (and Cooling Off) in the New Year

Triangles will be formed and chemistry will heat up this winter on Glee — and we’re not talking about story arcs involving geometry or science. (As if the students of William McKinley High School actually attend classes in the first place!) TVLine’s intrepid reporters caught up with the cast of Fox’s high-school musical at Sunday’s Television Critics Association bash to get the scoop on what’s in store for several of the show’s power couples:

Sebastian and Blaine | While Grant Gustin’s troublemaking Warbler appeared to have his eye on Kurt’s preppy boyfriend in the first half of Season 3, the colder weather will put a chill on their sexually charged interplay. “It’s actually going less in a flirtatious direction [between Blaine and Sebastian], and more of [Sebastian] just being a d***,” says Gustin. “I’m not necessarily trying to split up [Kurt and Blaine].” In other words, don’t be in a rush to put a for-sale sign on Klaine’s chic holiday chalet.

‘There Will Not Be a Glee Spin-off,’ Says Fox Boss — So What About Rachel and the Other Seniors?

Artie and a Mystery Lady | “Artie gets some lovin’ in the first episode back,” says Kevin McHale. “He goes after one lady — a current cast member, she’s not a series regular. That narrows it way down. Way down.” While McHale neither confirms nor denies his character will hook up with tone-deaf but increasingly amusing Sugar Motta (Vanessa Lengies), he did admit that Artie’s romantic stock is on the rise in general in 2012, thanks in part to the attention of Cheerios co-captain Becky. “She wants her some Artie,” teases McHale.

Will and Emma | News of Will proposing to Emma in next Tuesday’s episode has been widely reported, but what prompts him to get down on bended knee? “I’m trying to not give away things, but Emma basically lets Will know that she’s ready to move forward,” says Jayma Mays. That said, don’t bet your entire bank account that Miss Pillsbury will be interviewing wedding planners before the school year is out. “There could be many reasons” that Emma might turn down Will, says Mays, adding that the title of the episode, “Yes/No,” is an apt one. “We wanted it to be a bit ambiguous because they do touch on some issues they have been pondering for each other. They’re being very mature.”

Sam and Mercedes | “Right now there’s a love triangle going on,” says Chord Overstreet of his character returning to McKinley to find Mercedes paired with towering football star Shane. “I don’t know where it’s going, but I’m having fun.”

Mike and Tina | “Mike and Tina did have a little fight [during the fall],” says Harry Shum, Jr., acknowledging Mike’s fury at Tina confronting his father, “but now it’s good.” Looks like in this case, the end — Mr. Chang getting on board with Mike’s dancing dreams — justified the means.

Kurt and Blaine | Look for Kurt to sing “Ben” to Blaine in Glee‘s upcoming Michael Jackson tribute episode. “I have no idea [why it was chosen], but I know it was voted the worst song in history by some group,” says Chris Colfer. “[The song] was about a rat, but we’re singing it about Kurt’s boyfriend. I’m not sure what the connection is!” Alas, though, the chorus doesn’t find a lyric change from “Ben” to “Blaine.” “That would have been clever, though,” reasons Colfer.

Kurt and Karofsky | Colfer says he’s betting that Max Adler’s homophobic-bully-turned-gay-bar-enthusiast will return before the season is over. “I love that character,” Colfer says. “I love that he’s kind of like a good guy now.”

Brittany and Santana | While some fans have expressed dismay that Brittany and Santana have yet to seal their romance with a kiss, costar Jane Lynch says she thinks the lack of girl-girl action makes sense. “I don’t think Brittany’s in it. I don’t think Brittany’s in love with Santana,” Lynch theorizes. “I think Santana needs a girlfriend. Brittany loves her, but Brittany’s not her girlfriend.”

Sue and…Somebody? | “There’s something big coming for Sue that I can’t tease, but let’s just say for a peri-menopausal woman, it’s pretty exciting,” says Lynch. (Reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich, Michael Ausiello and Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Steph says:

    Just wanted to drop some love for Dave in here! The character is very well written and incredibly well acted by the talented Max Adler, and should really get more credit. I hope Chris is right and we get to see more Dave again soon :)

  2. gaby says:

    I support Brittana all the way, Jane lynch should do the same!..cant believe this is happening, why you all are hating Brittana??

    • Jake says:

      it isn’t about hating them at all – it is about how Santana deserves someone that CAN love her in the way she wants and deserves. I think honestly that Brad and Ryan has no intention of making Santana gay – but loved the playfulness of the duo with the little comments from season one – then they listened to online fandom – which is a NO NO cause it does not represent the general audience and decided to go with a full blown storyline that the General Audience does not like at all. Santana is great – but I like the bitchy side.

      • Bella says:

        They decided not to joke around with a serious issue that they created. It was the smart way to go. We can’t say that Brittany doesn’t love Santana because the writers refuse to show Brittany’s side of the relationship. But let’s not forget the many times Brittany expressed her love for Santana last season.

      • Gabyyyyy says:

        Don’t say that general audience doesn’t like brittana like gf…..because is not true! everytime there’s a episode focus on santana/Brittana storyline the ratings raise up like “MASH OFF” or “I KISSED A GIRL” (in i kissed a girl there was no brittana because they cut 2 brittana scenes because there was no time)¬¬¬

  3. Megan says:

    I for one would be very happy to see more Dave Karofsky. Max Adler is a superb actor and all of the scenes with Chris and Max are so emotionally charged that you cannot help but be entranced. I am siding with Chris and betting on Dave’s return.

  4. Kyle says:

    Maybe now that Sebastian is cooling off on Blaine he’ll set his sights on Kurt. That would be beyond hilarious to watch. I think trying to pass Grant off as a junior would be ridiculous so Sebastian can become the lulzy character you love/hate in the season 4 plotline with the graduates. Also, hopeful for some Sugar/Artie. Has Quinn not had her major downward spiral I’d be hoping for some Quinn/Artie, but single is definitely what she needs to be right now. I’m side-eyeing you for your insistence on pushing kurtofsky though.

  5. Joanna says:

    Oh no, ship wars.
    See, I only care about brittana and love them. (Probably because I love HeMo and Naya). RIB+ just needs to fix their storyline. Now its just like back to season 1 when they don’t get lines -.-

    And I swear RIB+ are only writing stories for finchel and klaine. Like .. I don’t even like finchel and RIB+ basically already messed up klaine’s storyline by putting blaine as a junior this year.

  6. Lauren Rose says:

    In my opinion, please no more Dave. We don’t need to see that train wreck of a storyline return and I’d much rather Glee use their tiny allotted screentime that they give to queer characters actually given to characters I care about. (i.e. The ones that are legitimate main characters on the show.) And, yes, I know that there are plenty of other people out there who do like Dave and think he’s great. Awesome. I don’t care. (And, actually, there are plenty of other people who don’t care as well. “Dave is great and needs to come back” isn’t the only opinion multiple people agree with.) I’m expressing my opinion, just like all of you expressed yours.

  7. Len says:

    TVline, we get it, you want to bone Max Adler. You can stop bringing him up now.

  8. ishipeverybody says:

    let’s not forget that brittany has recognized their dinner as a date, and that since they’re both single they can mingle. going on a date with someone yes she might be trying to figure out her feelings but it means she’s giving it a chance.:) so is she just really supportive friend there? I don’t think so. because if that’s just how she would claim it really is. then it means she lead santana on and is a bad person.:)

  9. Craig says:

    Many people around the WORLD identified with Dave’s character the way that he struggles with his sexuality. He inspired people to accept themselves and/or come to terms with their sexuality. That is amazing.

    There is a huge amount of fans who want Dave Karofsky back. Yes he was a jerk at times in season two but so were all the other characters on the show. It disturbs me of the double standard that many fans have against Dave and not their favorite character.

    Dave and Kurt sound taboo, but that is why I hope they do get together. The two of them have a past and it’s complicated and that leads to a great story. Plus Max Adler and Chris Colfer are amazing actors that together make memorable television moments.

    • Eddy says:

      This is Glee.

      Keep reading Kurtofsky fanfiction. Lord knows that stuff is better written than the actual show.

    • Naomi says:

      You’re right. It is taboo. What kind of message does it send to kids to date your bully? So you’re saying it’s okay to have a relationship with a backstory of harassment and abuse? That’s terrible.

      • Emily says:

        Puck bullied Rachel. He dated her. People love him. Jesse egged Rachel and then he dated her. People love him too. The only reason people are so opposed to Kurtofsky is because they want Klaine to stay together. Kurtofsky’s bully turned to romance story has been done on Glee and on a bunch of other shows before. Why the double standard?

        • Monkeyrat says:

          ^ Basically.

          I don’t even ship Kurtosfky but I wouldn’t mind to see something like that happening. Besides I miss Max (who can actually ACT) and Santofsky awkward friendship lol. The bearding thing was awful but it led to some really funny and touching moments and I’d love to see how these two would interact now Santana is out and Dave is starting to accept himself enough to go to gay bars at least :)

    • Stephanie says:

      lol! Dave…he is useless just like that irish character. We have soooooo many ex bullies turn good that is tiring now (Finn, Puck, Santana-sort of-, Quinn) and tbh I don’t know anyone who wants Karoftsky back irl, only here in the internet and pretty much just some Kurt/Dave shippers so I rrly think you are being bias here.

      • Karina says:

        Dave bullied one of Glee’s main characters (Kurt) and was another main character’s beard (Santana). He was involved in one of the main storylines of Season 2. His story is the most relatable to gay people today. Ryan Murphy himself said that a lot of gay men have come to talk to him about Dave’s story. Dave is hardly comparable to Rory who just sits in the background and looks pretty.

      • Sebastian says:

        “I don’t know anybody who wants Karofsky back irl” Probably because you’re most likely a young white heterosexual female who’s never talked to an actual gay person in your life. Also, if you’re going to make a comment please learn how to spell. ‘Karoftsky’? It really isn’t that hard to spell Karofsky.

        • voon says:

          omg so many delicious pwns. i cant even take it. thank you for your epic comment <3

        • Stephanie says:

          lmao why do ppl keep making assumptions?. a) I’m not white. b) I’ve talked to plenty gay/bisexual/pansexual ppl and I’m actually friends with them and c) why is he being gay important in this? I just see him like a repetitive character, no matter his sexuality, who really have nothing to add to the show (if you want the bully that struggles with their sexuality sl well you have Santana, lbr)

          also I don’t care about Karofsky that’s why I misspelled his name, I guess. sorry.

  10. Elise says:

    It made me so happy to read Chris’comment about Dave Karofsky. I adore the character and would love to see him return to the show. I think it’s important to show that people can change and grow. They’ve done that a bit with Puck and it would be great to see they doing it with the closeted jock as well. Also, Dave fans sometimes get so much hate for that that it’s nice to see someone from the cast agreeing with us.

    On another note, nothing on Beiste? Come on, now, she deserves someone nice!

  11. Palaemon says:

    Wow. A three-dimensional character and people can’t deal with it. The story of redemption has to start with pain and suffering – in this case it’s on both parties. If Dave shows growth and maturity, and we, or Kurt, ignores that, it says more about us than Dave.

  12. Adam says:

    Interested in everything but the possible Karofsky return (the only good thing about that storyline is that it ended imo) and the bucket of ice water that just got thrown on Brittana fans. But why no Finchel news? Surely they should be included when talking about Glee’s “power couples?” Also, lol at the song choice because yes, Ben is an odd choice, but I’m betting it’s going to be a ridiculously sweet scene.

  13. Melanie says:

    These spoilers were released in a pretty deliberate way. Given that, it’s interesting that Chris (the guy who played the bully’s victim) anticipated Dave’s return, and Jane (the only out, gay woman in the cast) expressed reservations about Brittana. Seems to me the spoilers might’ve been intended to brace the fandom for future developments (or to float trial balloons for Kurtofsky and Brittana break-up). Only time will tell. Mostly, I’m just elated that Dave will likely be back soonishly. I’d love to see him gradually come out on his own terms. Mostly, though, I’m looking forward to seeing him shake things up. He’s got such a history with everyone (especially Kurt, Santana and Finn). And scenes with him and Kurt are always unpredictable! Sure, antagonism with Seb is bringing Kurt’s fierceness back, but it’d be nice if someone (*cough*Dave*cough*) surprised Kurt in good ways and brought some of his happy back.

  14. Micheal says:

    I have absolutely no interest in seeing Sebastian again. Not because I ship Kurt/Blaine(I don’t) but because the character is so bland and pointless and because the actor is mediocre(in this role at least).

    Even the possibility of a triangle doesn’t make this character interesting.

  15. Naomi says:

    Ausiello’s bias is so obvious, it’s ridiculous

  16. NoOnesBusiness says:

    For the people saying that the Brittana fans are gonna freak out, OF COURSE WE ARE. Like what the hell. Multiple people have already stated that its the writers fault, and its true. They totally messed up their relationship by being serious, and then not having any lines for Brittany and making it seem like she doesn’t care. And no, Santana doesn’t need a different girlfriend. She needs Brittany. If she gets a different girlfriend, so many people will stop watching the show. I’m pretty disappointed in Jane because now they are probably going to listen to her, considering she’s on the show. I’m hoping for the best with Brittana because Naya and Heather are OUTSTANDING actors. And the show is amazing, but they are one of the only reasons I watch it now. They can’t just drag something out, and shove it back somewhere else like it never existed. Brittany is definitely in love with Santana. Have you heard what Naya and Heather say about their characters? GOOD DAY.

    • Catherine says:

      “(…)Heather are OUTSTANDING actors”

      lol nope…she is a bad actress-I cant take u srsly just cos of that-. Her character was quite funny back in the day but now she is plain stupid and used for comedy release here and there. I really think that Brittany must sort some of her issues to be able to be in a healthy relationship, the way she is being writing rn is as someone that SHOULDNT be with other ppl.

  17. DQ says:

    Need some Rory news!!! … or ships.

    • Stephanie says:

      NOOOOOOO!!!!….well I don’t even know why I care anymore this show is so bad, the cast is another story tho. So many talented ppl and that Damian guy just aint.

  18. Stephen says:

    Dave Karofsky needs to come back soon! Glee just isn’t the same without him for me. He was my favorite thing about season 2 and I miss him. I personally can’t stand Klaine, so the faster they break up the better.

  19. Lisa says:

    This chatter about online v. offline confuses me. Either way it’s support. The Brittana story is genuine, but made lacking by the ignorance and cowardice of the new writers. I’m not a homosexual, I have no affiliation to it other than I see its importance and question the detractors. Glee has messed up, it has been up to Naya and Heather to portray a genuine, mature relationship behind the scenes. Trust me, the support is there, it’s just not as loud and monosyballic as other favoured pairings. In terms of societal impact, this matters so much and deserves better than on-set actresses – sorry Jane but its true – trying to rock the boat. I expected better from her to be honest.

  20. gleek says:

    I love Brittana and they were so cute in season 2. In one point Jane Lynch don’t speak the truth because Brit sad that she is in love with Santana (S2E22)but now in season 3 the writers let them act like friends with benefits oder buddies. No Storyline for Brittana.Maybe I have misunderstood something but I thought Santana has her coming out because she loves Brittany. If the writers doesn’t make the story better I think that will be the last season I watch.

  21. Christina says:

    I find it kind of shocking that the fans of “Brittana” are so serious and adamant about that relationship. Brittany is a caricature and has the maturity of a five year old. The fact that she wanted to be with Kurt to have a “perfect record” really calls her maturity into question. I mean we are talking about the person that thinks that dolphins are just gay sharks. And we are supposed to believe she could be in a committed, mature relationship? So let’s say Santana and Brittany are dating…what do they talk about? What do they have in common besides sleeping around with the entire male population of the high school? What do they do on their dates? I just find the idea of Brittany being in a relationship as outlandish and unbelievable. It was the same way when she was with Artie. Anybody with half a brain can have very little in common with Brittany. The only person I could ever see her having a relationship with is Troy from Community, but considering Dan Harmon’s opinion of the show I’m sure that will never happen.

    • Adriana says:

      I agree!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember I watched an interview and Heather Morris was saying she thought Brittany still had feelings for Artie. Another reason to think she’s not in love with Santana. To me, if she’s supposed be in love with Santana, I can’t see it….she’s not making it believable.

  22. Kathy lee says:

    YES!!!! Dave Karofsky! <3 (dances) Even if it's not Kurtofsky endgame, I at least hope they have a love triangle. That would please me so.

  23. tiff says:

    sue’s pregnant. JUMPING. THE. SHARK.

    • yep says:

      Sue can’t be pregnant. In season 1 she told Will she didn’t have a uterus. Even though she’s 29. Must’ve been a fib on her part. I don’t have a clue how she’ll get a baby.

  24. Amy says:

    Aww, bless Chris Colfer for the Karofsky mention and I really, really, REALLY hope he’s right about Dave being back before the season’s over… the sooner (and the more often) the better! There’s so much dramatic gold there, imo. Kurt and Dave’s storyline has been, by far, my favorite storyline of the show. :)

  25. Mal says:

    Ewww… Please don’t tell me the writers aren’t already resorting to romantic plots for the basis of the rest of the season. Season 2 had enough romantic switch-a-roos to fake entire story arcs.

    • Monkeyrat says:

      Yeah… but you’re talking about the same new writers who tried to give lessons in the most arrogant fashion to a committed and hawk-eyed fandom when they clearly (and embarrassingly) were in the wrong, with the whole Glee Twittersphere as a witness. So if I were you I wouldn’t expect anything smart coming from them.

  26. Anna says:

    Kurt and Karofsky (Dave)… please…
    I’m waiting for them since season 2 and it would be the only reason I come back to Glee (I quit watching it at 3×05, because I don’t like this season at all). :(

  27. Jackie says:

    Was Jane lynch drunk? Only explanation to this

  28. Bella says:

    Well, Brittany would look like her girlfriend if they didn’t cut their interactions to show us how good Finn is to Santana.

  29. Arthur says:

    Sorry, no. Karofsky is such a stereotypical character, and I’ve never been impressed by Max Adler’s acting.

    • Girl who replies to moronic comments says:

      That’s because you are a moron. I bet you think that Darren (the worst actor) is the most talented because you are an idiot.

      • Catherine says:

        I think that Naya Rivera, Lea Michele and Jane Lynch are the most talented people on Glee, I hate Blaine and I don’t like Dave…does that count?

  30. Chris says:

    No more freaking love triangles! Can’t the Glee writers come up with anything more creative?

  31. Bad Breaker says:

    “Ben”? Seriously? With all the great MJ songs to choose from, they give Chris “Ben”? What a horrible choice.

  32. diego says:

    I think that “kurtofsky” should be developed, or at the least,concluded.

  33. Veronica says:

    I’m so happy to hear that Dave might be back.
    Hope It’ll be for more then just one or two scenes…

    Oh, and could you please stop the hate people? From what I have read here many of you attack Dave fans because you think we want to break up Klaine and see Karommel. I can understand when you go “NO for Karofsky back!” when you see people attacking Klaine pairing, that’s what ship wars are about. But most of Dave fans didn’t write anything about Karommel/Kurtofsky. We want Dave to come back and have more storyline, see him come out and be happy for who he is, and maybe hear Max Adler sing a song or two… Just because we want Dave back doesn’t mean all of us ship him with Kurt.

  34. Wieda says:

    I actually love Dave and want him back in this show….he and Kurt can be friends first….before having a relationship. And in my opinion, Blaine and Kurt are so boring together…..don’t like the Sebastian guy….and yes…Brittana seem off. About Dave was a jerk and doesn’t belong to this show, so does everybody in this show. if you guys don’t believe…just go back to season one and two….

  35. Sarah says:

    YESSSS! Love me some Kurt and Karofsky! Bring it on, Glee!

  36. Giorgia says:

    I adore Klaine but i do want karofsky to come back!His character was interesting and Max is such a great actor…
    I don’t know how i feel about Kurtofsky…i just want my Bear Club back ;)

  37. J says:

    i need more Quick & Finchel

  38. Jane says:

    I believe Jane is preparing the brittana fans for whats to come.I bet that Heather Morris has something to do with this (if she doesn’t feel comfortable playing bi or lesbian , I don’t think they can make her)

  39. Zoey says:

    scoops pretty please!!

  40. Carol Uck says:

    I want Puck and Quinn!

  41. LadyB says:

    I must have missed the “charged interplay” between Blaine and Sebastian too. Those two have no chemistry at all. Maybe if they give Sebastian an actual storyline, he won’t be such a cartoonish nemesis for Kurt.

    As far as the Sam-Mercedes-Shane story goes, can it be a true love triangle when we haven’t seen Mercedes’ boyfriend since the beginning of the season? I’m really not invested either way, but that seems like pretty mediocre story telling.

    I think Brittana is a cute pairing, and I hope the writers give them a chance to explore their relationship. I got the impression that they were dating but not yet an official couple. They seem to have a real friendship, genuine chemistry, and mutual appreciation for each other. What’s not to like?

  42. I Heart Dave says:

    I love Dave…come on we all want Dave/Kurt and Blaine/Sebastian double dates with Sebastian being snarky towards Kurt and Dave being sweet and overprotective.

  43. Lupe says:

    Wat about finn and racheal?<3 finn

  44. Taylor says:

    What about Rory Flannagian? (Damian Mcginty) as much as I want to see him in my arms instead- he really needs to be featured more.

  45. leeah says:

    hahahhaha i so agree. u people are idiots if this is the most art you experience in your sorry lives.

  46. Grape slushie says:

    ^ Winning

  47. Jade says:

    Klaine is totally endgame. <3

  48. Emiliee says:

    I want to know about Quinn!! :)

  49. Johanna says:

    If there´s no more Brittana, there´s no more Glee for me…
    My heart will forever be broken if they break up.

  50. carly says:

    I totally agree Rory needs his moment in the spotlight!