'There Will Not Be a Glee Spin-off,' Says Fox Boss -- So What About Rachel and the Other Seniors?

“No spin-off. Characters graduating. Cool season next year.”

That is how Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly sums up the future for Glee, which will not be shuttling several characters off to a New York-based spin-off, an idea that had been bandied about.

Fox Boss Offers Renewal Updates on House, Fringe, Terra Nova and More!

“Here’s whats going on with Glee,” Reilly told the press at the Television Critics Association winter tour on Sunday. “We are graduating the characters that are [due] to graduate, and what’s come out of it is [series boss] Ryan [Murphy] and the guys have come up with a really cool idea.

“There will not be a Glee spinoff,” Reilly continued, “but those characters will graduate and it’s led to a very interesting idea that I think is going to really give us something cool to dig into next season.”

Reilly offered no further details other than to say that the retention plan for the graduating characters will be laid out this spring, toward the end of the current season. Curiously, although Reilly confirmed that Lea Michele would definitely be back next fall, he later hedged when asked about co-star Chris Colfer.

“What I said before is creatively, we’d want everybody back,” he clarified. “I’ve got to look at the contractual situation for all of those. And we will.” When reminded that the original Glee cast initially signed long-term contracts, Reilly said, “Yeah, I don’t want to, again, get into details. I’m just trying to whet your appetite. But I think it’s going to be a good thing for the show. … It’s cool. It’s different.”

What do you think, Gleeks? Were you looking forward to the Rachel and Kurt-centric NYC off-shoot?

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  1. chuck says:

    Rachel is going to get pregnant ……….there I said it.

  2. Colleen says:

    Rachel, Finn, and Kurt should just go to University of Michigan. They have a really good Musical Theatre program (cough cough Darren Criss went to). And it’s only a few hours from Lima, OH.

  3. Cindy says:

    I want all my Gleeks back–meaning Quinn, Puck, Mercedes along with the obvious “big” ones. Glee is not Glee with ALL of them.

  4. TeamBrittana_ says:

    The NEED to keep Naya and Heather on the show.
    I need my Brittana!

  5. Evyn says:

    As long as Chris stays on the show I´ll watch. They are still young as long as they still want to stay on glee they can do so. They´ll have promesing careers anyway it doesn´t matter how long they stay on Glee. I wasn´t planing to watch season 4 but as long as Chris stays I will, I hope Naya and Cory stay to.

  6. hahano says:

    just end this abomination of a show already. it hasn’t been good since the middle of season 1.

  7. Kay says:

    Fire the new writers before making other plans. They’re way worse than Ryan & co.

  8. Olbaid says:

    ratings are already dipping WITH all the cast this season, so what’s the difference? when you have to rely on your pretty faces to keep the audience coming back and not your writing or interesting stories, you know there’s something wrong here.

  9. Mr postmaster says:

    this show follows the same route as ‘heroes’, where it’s already a sinking ship and everybody knows it, but they keep giving the ‘it’s all good’ attitude outwards and putting on their biggest poker faces while talking about how ‘brilliant’ it is. season 4, regardless of who’s in it, will be the last season of glee. the pretty faces and the audience’s love for the cast can only carry you so far.

    • Zack B says:

      Yes, just like Heroes. Minus the fatal heart attack low ratings. And the circular plots (not that Glee is Shakespeare, but there have not been whole episodes of multiple characters tell other multiple characters that “you just don’t understand!”). And the wasted cool concept (Heroes biggest sin was in underusing the concept in favor of a family soap opera that did not work). And the fact that it was on NBC – singularly the worst network on television in my opinion (the only NBC show I watch is the Nightly News).

      Or perhaps Glee is nothing like Heroes at all.

      • Mr postmaster says:

        Heroes’ third season’s rating were actually better than glee’s third season so far. the ‘heart attack’ low rating only came in it’s fourth season when people finally realized that… well, it’s never gonna get good again (which will happen in Glee, because the writers can’t seem to come up with a decent storyline to save their lives). And Glee is nothing BUT ruining a good concept and circular plots (just how many times did we have the Rachel vs Mercedes Diva-off, or ‘Kurt’s not manly enough’ plot?). They’re on exactly the same track. Don’t know what you’re on about.

  10. Marlie says:

    When it comes down to it the actors do have a say here too. Clearly they still have love for what the do on Glee otherwise they wouldn’t sign for another season. All I know is I will still watch.

    • Kat says:

      Sorry Marlie but you are incorrect! The cast has a contract that gives Glee the option to keep them longer and RM clearly plans to use it to ruin Lea Michele’s career!

  11. ginger says:

    My favorite thing about the show is Kurt and Blaine’s relationship. i just want them to have a happy ending, and then I’d be willing to watch the show with fresh new blood. I want Chris and Darren to both be on the show together then leave and move on. They are both so talented. Separating Kurt and Blaine is the main deal breaker for me.

    • Sloane says:

      I’m with you on that one. We need gay guys.

    • Brendan says:

      Well Ryan Murphy has stated before that if he feels a couple is too happy and boring, he will break them up just for the storyline. I hope that it does not happen but he’s done it before with many of them so I doubt that Klaine will be exempt from Ryan’s whims…

  12. peggy Bannon says:

    I recently read a rumor that someone from Glee was being wooed for a recurring role in a popular sitcom. They said that the actor in question was an award winner. I thought they meant Jane Lynch but could they have been talking about Monteith or Colfer? Would Glee be crazy enough to let them go?

    • Gleeotch says:

      Since when did Cory win anything? (Not a troll genuinely interested because I wouldn’t give him any awards for anything)

  13. alyssa says:

    If you follow lea on twitter she says that she is excited to be on season 4, so she obviously doesn’t care that much about not being able to “move on and do bigger and better things”

  14. alyssa says:

    Also, I thought Finn, Kurt, Rachel, Quinn and Mike were the only ones graduating?

  15. Joseph says:

    Are you crazy?! She IS a young Barbra, Idina, and she was a very successful broadway star before glee! She is the most talented person on this show! Im sorry but every nags on lea she is amazing! I love all the characters on the show except the weakest singer who happens to be Cory!

    • LOL says:

      and yet Cory’s solo is the highest selling solo in season 3……and if he’s weak singer he’s definatly definatly not the weakest, ..perhaps to you, but damn popular if you ask me.I actually prefer him to most of the male voices on Glee.

      I’d be shocked if Cory wasn’t rturning, only one of 3 cast members to have a milloin twitter followers, the mass crowds that showed up at both his apperances halfway across the globe? if Cory isn’t on Glee next year I’d bet it’s because he doesn’t want to be on.

  16. Leo says:

    Glee is Rachel Berry. Without her, it ain’t Glee. If they’re graduating her might as well cancel the show. Because NO ONE can lead Glee like her.

  17. Sloane says:

    I think if they would do a spin off it’d be something like them entering college. But seriously, as soon as Kurt leaves Blaine’s going to be in Dalton again and the New Directions will have lost their best male lead. Unless Blaine leaves with Kurt and goes to a high school in NYC which would be pretty sweet. But seriously they are losing their best actors and singers. And we all know Brittney won’t pass so let’s give that idea up already.

  18. Juan says:

    I feel very sad to say this, but if Leah Michelle is staying, I’m no longer watching the show; after watching since episode one.

    There is far too much of her in the show already and I was looking forward to them moving on without her.

    This is terribly upsetting news.
    I will continue to follow Chris Colfer’s work as he hopefully goes above and beyond to build a much better career than this.

  19. cuius says:

    Surely the producers are to blame. With a school based show there is the opportunity each year to introduce a new generation and build them up. Instead they’ve opted to concentrate on a limited number, and it was inevitable that that unless you created an artificial situation to retain them, they would alll have to disappear. Most of the characters are now looking decidly grad school+ rather than high school.

  20. Zack B says:

    About one year from now…

    “Seriously, our dipping numbers were anticipated. We’ve got a really cool idea having to do with all of these excess characters that we don’t want to let go.”

    They would never green light a show with the most popular characters from Glee that isn’t Glee itself. That is called eating ones own young. Instead we will get a convoluted plot where they all get stuck back in Lima as substitute teachers or something crummy like it.

    The folks making this show have forgotten the first line of the series: Glee is about unrestrained happiness. Except when it isn’t. Which is most of the time these days.

  21. Brendan says:

    Well if American Horror Story told us anything it’s that Ryan Murphy does not really care what happens to his characters. He killed most of them of and even the ones that survived will just go away next season. I don’t get why he cares so much about graduating people and keeping Glee logical (since students for more than four years would not make sense) when they burst out into song all the time. On AHS he made up the rules as he went along but on Glee he decides that things have to be logical. Why? Well it’s pretty obvious that certain people want off the show or he wants them gone because if Ryan really wanted the whole cast to stick around he would find a way to make it happen.

  22. Fabricio says:

    This is my idea. The magical university will appear when everybody signs. The original cast will do a musical in the university (just like Darren Criss did with his friends) and they put on Youtube and they become famous.

    Mr Schue will be a the dancing or singing coach for the new new directions and the original new directions.

    Or maybe everybody fails in their plans and return like losers to Lima Ohio, Rachel gets pregnant with Finn’s baby, Kurt begins Community Theater, Santana will became popular with Britney in Fondue for two in Lima TV.

    But how about the new young cast including the winner(s) from the Glee project 2012, or other cast members. Sadly we have to say goodbye to some of the original cast, my predictions Dianna Agron, Amber Riley, Harry Shum Jr. and maybe Mark Salling.

    New Directions 2012 will be Sam, Blaine (if he doesn’t return to Dalton), Tina, Artie, Rory, Samuel Larsen’s character (i hope he only does the 7 episode arc and run away), Sugar and new young members

  23. Desperate Housewives says:

    They’ll pull a Desperate Housewives/OTH and skip forward in time. Really cool idea cuz it’s been done before…

    • Julie says:

      This makes so much sense, especially since this would mean less new characters, and the fact that pretty much all of the actors they have now are in their 20s

  24. Maxine says:

    I actually think it’d be a really cool idea if they had Rachel either take over the glee club for the year or run it with Will. It’d would be SO “glee” of glee to have her give her spot at NYADA to Kurt or something (far more absurd things have passed as legitimate on the show) and Rachel would become 1000x more fascinating as a character.

    She’s just sort of a bubble of pure talent and optimism now and to have to put her dreams on hold so abruptly, and deal with the “those who can’t do…” disappointment in herself that Will went through in season 1 would be an opportunity for some great TV.

    • SarahJ says:

      I think this idea is brilliant! It would definitely add some more depth to Rachel’s character, and possibly make me hate her less. (I’m sorry. I tried to like her, but she’s just so selfish!)

  25. Julie says:

    Can’t really say that I watch the show anymore but I will admit that I’m glad that they aren’t going the spin-off way. Yet. There’s still a chance that they might do one eventually, depending on how the ratings will be next year most likely.
    I’m guessing that the graduates will most likely guest star and such, but whatever I guess this is just how high school shows are supposed to be and the fact that the creator/writers/etc cannot cope with the idea of seniors leaving will probably end the show next season.
    Good luck anyways, but my fandom love has shipped far far away already.

  26. ashley says:

    ohh heres a ideal let rachel and kurt go to new york and because the fans dont want to lose them have like little scenes of blaine vid chatting with kurt and things like that maybe have a character say something a long the lines of ‘to bad rach and kurt are gone I wonder what they are doing?’ then have a fast cut to them in NY bring them home for hollidays this can be done without ruining the show however because of there need to focus 100% on rachel (storm offs, yelling, solos, EVERYTHING) i cant see glee living without her and a lot of people watch the show just for kurt I no I do sorry guys but i think glee is breathing its final breaths

  27. Queen Rachel says:

    Rachel is the best in Glee (love her and her voice ^_^) !!!
    but I want spin off-Glee with Rachel and Kurt in NYC (they should have own show) :D

  28. Géraldine says:

    Disappointed because it was an occasion to offer to some main characters, the opportunity to really grow up with the issues like the ambition, love, etc… but well, in the same time, if some writers do the same job than what was already done for the S3 began, maybe to keep Rachel, Kurt, Santana and maybe Finn, etc… is safer.
    Plus let’s be honest, Lea/Chris/Naya/Corey out the original show, had no chance even if Brittany/Heather Morris, Blaine/Darren Criss or Sam/Chord Overstreet stayed! .

    Now, I’m curious to know what will be Rachel’s role in S4 as seeing as she is supposed to be graduated and to be on the long and crual road of success like Kurt besides. As for Santana, maybe will she stay in Lima, the time that Brittany be graduated too (Ok, I’m dreaming too much!)..

    As for Puck, Quinn or Mercedes, I dodn’t see them staying…

  29. Kat says:

    Poor Lea! I don’t know why they want to keep her when they are treating her so badly and completely under-utilizing her! She doesn’t even get paid for her songs on iTunes!

    The show won’t be the same without Rachel and Finn or Kurt with Blaine. Let Lea out of her contract – she is destined for better things!!!!

  30. DUH says:

    of course it’s going to be “cool” and “different.” no one’s ever heard a network prez be like “man, we are so f*cked next season. you’d be better off skipping it.”

    that said, they can easily expand the scope of geography next season to include any NYC plots. the show isn’t really about the physical glee club anyway. it’s been about the characters. yeah, they talk about winning sectionals, regionals, and nationals, but oftentimes they’re more of plot conveniences rather than plot drivers. besides, using the glee club’s “theme of the week” to form an episode around is becoming a tired contrivance and doesn’t always work.

  31. J says:

    Well, I still love the show. And I will continue to watch as I assume everybody who complains about it also will.

  32. Sophie says:

    Being that Rachel/Lea, Quinn/Dianna, and Santana/Naya are my absolute favorites, I am extremely disappointed at the prospect of them graduating but returning. Those three women, along with Heather, Chris, and Cory (and really, all the rest of them) deserve the chance to jump into the lifeboats before they drown. All of these kids – Jenna and Harry and Amber and Kevin – are so talented, and it physically pains me to see them being reeled back into a show that isn’t healthy for them anymore.

    Also, on a more selfish and personal note, I was quite looking forward to being done with this sexist, lesbian-phobic drivel. But if my Faberrittana girls aren’t released, I don’t think I’ll have the willpower to set myself free.

  33. Natasha says:

    YAY!!!! KURT IS STAYING IN GLEE!!!!!!! Omg I’m actually so happy, I was getting upset thinking of him leaving glee. This is just great news!!!

  34. Tara says:

    Hmmm…maybe have Finn enlist in the military??

  35. I love Chris Colfer says:

    This fox exec sounds like a homophobic jerk. Why else would he avoid answering about the most talented cast members position on the show?

  36. Lauren says:

    I hope we get to see Rachel and the others in NYC! I hope the next season follows all of them after high school and no one is left behind!

  37. Nicole says:

    Ily Chris Colfer! He deserves to be on the show forget finchel I don’t like there characters. Kurt obviously need to be remembered! <3

  38. Ana says:

    Glee will move on like gossip girl did! I love it !!

  39. A says:

    Maybe if they wanted to get the ratings back up they would start doing current music again. And focus on the original characters not the new crap they have been giving us

  40. WARRZONE says:


    I think Fox should do a spinoff now that Kurt has been accepted to NYADA. Buffy and Angel worked great together. Have one show cover McKinley High (Glee), and have one show cover NYADA (call it whatever). That way we can have an episode from each show every week, instead of what they are doing now with half and half in one episode, or nothing from NYADA in an episode and nothing from McKinley High in another episode. I think a spinoff would be cool, and it would be much better for the shows.

  41. Stephanie says:

    I never forgave them for that half-assed season 4 split, where I waited for 42 min to see 2 lines by Kurt and or 3 by Rachel…and we lost the other vets entirely. And those 42 min were watching pallid copies of fantastic characters – the new characters. The new cast are talented, but the characters are pathetic reminders of what we’ve lost..except for Unique. Kitty eventually was quite palatable, as well. So the ratings dropped further (dropping in s3 as Kurt and some others got pushed into the background or became accessories) and viewers who had loved the veterans left. s4 was worse, though we eventually got some decent screen time and got to use some of the fantastic story and character development potential in NYC. During s4 and 5, I only enjoyed the NYC side of Glee, with Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and later, Naya Rivera. Now, in s5, Kurt regained his previously misplaced strength and was shown to be the stronger & more mature of the two, but it’s a case of “too little, too late.” Way too many viewers have dropped, many being bitter Kurt fans. I’m not looking forward to whatever we’ll get for the remaining half a season that will be s6. It’s a shame that what was an amazing series lost its focus and now the star changes her dreams faster than a Pony Express rider…What kind of message is that for youngsters? Run over whomever you like – no consequences. Fail but harass people into listening to you and you get into your dream college (that you discard a year later, having gotten what you want out of it). So much more…. The best thing that’s come out of Glee has been Kurt Hummel as a character and Chris Colfer as a performer. The Glee cast are all fantastically talented and I’ll watching them eagerly as they mature. But the show….the vision was blinded, somewhere along the line. Such a shame.