Ratings: CSI: NY Leads CBS' Friday Gainers, Chuck Rises, CW Shows Tick Up

People were very much in the mood for some fresh Friday TV fare, as all returning shows enjoyed gains ranging from minor to major.

Leading the pack for CBS’ winter premieres was CSI: NY, which with 10.53 million total viewers and a 1.8 demo rating enjoyed gains of 7 and 29 percent. Lead-in A Gifted Man was welcomed back by 8.52 mil and a 1.5 rating (up 6 and 15 percent), while Blue Bloods (11.2 mil/1.8) capped the Eye’s evening with a 13 percent bump in the demo.

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Over on The CW, Nikita (1.55 mil/0.6) and Supernatural (1.8 mil/0.8) were down a few eyeballs from their fall finales but each gained a tenth in the demo.

Even plucky Chuck (3.38 mil/1.0) was up 9 and 25 percent. [Side note: I said my “goodbyes” to Yvonne Strahovski last night at NBC’s TCA soiree — as well as got some curious teases about the series finale which I will share at some point.]

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While Blue Bloods, as is typical, topped Friday in total viewers, preliminary numbers indicate that Fox’s coverage of the Cotton Bowl (7.8 million viewers/2.2 rating) drew the night’s best demos.

What did you watch live or live-ish this Friday?

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  1. Tiggy says:

    YAY for CSI NY!

  2. Neo says:

    Friday is really a bad day for chuck, i think, this show is better than others, but viewers don’t follow, this show need more episodes, more seasons and more viewers.

    • carolinagirl says:

      Chuck never got the viewers it should have even when it was on Monday night. This has always been a quality show and as much as I am enjoying this final season, I am also saddened that it will soon be gone from my tv lineup. The entire cast has been superb and the guests, especially Linda Hamilton!, have all been fantastic. I know there will be tears as I watch the last episode but I am also looking forward to it with much anticipation as I am hoping they go out with a bang!

      • TJ. Church says:

        I think they moved it to Fridays to be sure it would get bad ratings & NBC wouldn’t order more episodes.

        • Gusar says:

          That’s very common thinking, but it’s completely backwards. The move to Friday was because the ratings were *already* bad on Monday. It was either Friday or cancellation. And it’s Friday because with these 13 eps, the show will now have enough episodes for stripped syndication.

          Really people, this “networks are out to “get” certain shows” mentality is completely silly. Cancellation decisions (or decisions to move a show to Friday) are all about cold hard numbers. Chuck is an awesome show. But it never had the numbers. That’s all there is to it.

          That said, awesome ep last night:
          Chuck: “What can Carmichael Industries offer that other security firms can’t?”
          Sarah: “Discount electronics?” <– LOL!

          • Pepper says:

            Numbers shouldn’t count. TV is art, numbers are facts. And popularity doesn’t mean quality.

            Look at NCIS. Highly popular, yet very boring. Everyone knows what the episode is going to look like.

            – dead body
            – credits
            – joking around at HQ
            – Gibbs walks in at a funny moment
            – grab your gear
            – Ducky says something unimportant
            – Palmer says something unimportant
            – Abby’s high on caffeine
            – Tony makes a movie reference
            – Ziva gets an expression wrong
            – we think we got the killer
            – something doesn’t add up
            – going into a dark place with guns
            – we got the real killer

            I just simply cannot believe that Chuck is cancelled while a dime a dozen p.o.s shows are still on the air.

          • ultimate troll says:

            Gusar – the numbers were relative to NBC and that’s all that matters, mediocre not bad…the move to Friday was not to doom it but to make room for a show that wasn’t on its confirmed last season.

            Pepper, the numbers have to count to the company. It’s just lame how nowadays it seems there’s a whole subculture of internet peeps who like to look at the ratings and proclaim which shows merit existence. Chuck was obviously kept longer than it’s ratings justified because of well received marketing tie-ins and a very dedicated fanbase. Plus NBC never had much to replace it with.

    • sash fan says:

      BYE CHUCK! We’ll miss you. I just bought seasons 1-3 on DVD.

  3. matt says:

    I think Blue Bloods got a 1.8…not a 1.7. And those a pretty good numbers for AGM.

  4. kat says:

    I would really, really, really love for Nikita to get back up to at least a .7, but since I was dreading a demo plunge post hiatus, the fact that it’s up slightly from where it ended is enough to keep from depressing me. For now.

  5. Chmarin says:

    Hm, makes you wonder if A Gifted Man might have a chance after all.

  6. Ashley says:

    I hope the ratings for “A Gifted Man” continue to rise. It may not be an edgy or television-changing show but it is an uplifting drama and it’s nice to watch something that’s not trying to shock viewers, make them uncomfortable, or gross them out. Besides, it stars Patrick Wilson – the only way to improve on that would be to have Wilson sing!

  7. Conor says:

    When will you release these Chuck teases? I’m dying to know SOMETHING about the final episodes. Baby? Death? What’s going on???

  8. K says:

    I’m happy for CSI: NY too! I’m glad they were able to bring their numbers up.

  9. Sawyer says:

    My family watched ‘Chuck’ and LOVED it!!! We’ll be so sad when it’s finished but will rewatch all the seasons on DVD…forever more…

  10. Catie says:

    I hate that NBC moved Chuck and couldn’t even get them to 100 episodes for syndication. I mean, how many shows are lining up for the 8pm time slot on Fridays?!

    • Gusar says:

      100 isn’t the magic number for stripped syndication anymore, 88 is (four full seasons). Chuck will have 91 eps. That’s the only reason we’re having a fifth season in the first place. WB lowered the licensing fee NBC has to pay, just so that Chuck can reach stripped syndication.

  11. JP says:

    So thrilled for CSI:NY! Hopefully this will help when it comes to renewal time.

  12. TimWnTX says:

    I’m so glad that Chuck lasted this long. At the end of almost every season, there was a ‘will they or won’t they” bring it back. Hello Subway. I know it’s ending but I am still not ready to say goodbye. Jealous you got to tell Yvonne ‘good bye.” But at least as a fan, you did that for many of us. Thanks.

  13. m says:

    so Nikita going up in the demo is good right?

  14. Aiden says:

    Reading tweets last night about the TCAs and saw many of the press saying goodbye to the CHUCK gang. So bittersweet to hear about that.
    Still, such an amazing 5 years the little-show-that-could had. I’m thankful it wasn’t just abruptly pulled off the schedule but instead was allowed to wrap up their great run.

  15. Nancy says:

    I watched A GIFTED MAN, CSI:N.Y. and BLUE BLOODS and LOVED them all!
    I SO HOPE A GIFTED MAN & CSI:N.Y. get renewed. I think BLUE BLOODS is safe. GREAT line-up on Friday night. It’s the only time I watch CBS.

  16. sarah says:

    So happy about CSI NY! It is the only CSI trio I have watched for a few years! I hope this gets it renewed, however we just get 18 episodes this season so a few more Fridays then a break then it is back to finish of the season. I love Blue Bloods I hope it stays around for a long time. I look forward to my Friday night shows it is a nice way to end the work week

  17. tvaddict says:

    I so hope this mean an 8th season of Supernatural. I used to like Fringe more, but in the time slot war of Supernatural vs Fringe vs Grimm, Supernatural is the best show

  18. Leslie says:

    Please keep A Gifted Man. They have great stories that get you can involved in and the acting is terrific. I look forward to it every Friday.
    It’s not silly girls or strange couples or death and violence. I don’t mind d & v on TV so much but it’s nice to have a break from all of that and just watch something for the good stories and acting. And if we could just have Patrick Wilson sing – that would be the cherry on the top!

    Please don’t let a good drama be cancelled. We need drama shows that aren’t “Reality”. So tired of that!