Is NCIS Treating or Toying With 'Tiva' Fans? Has McSteamy Not Moved On? And More Questions!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, here are some queries we are going to throw at you, from shows including NCIS, Parenthood, Happy Endings, Grey’s Anatomy and The Vampire Diaries!

1 | Do talent bookers (such as for Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve) realize that for all they know, beneath the masks and costumes, they didn’t actually get Lady Gaga? Meanwhile, was Megan Hilty belting out “Let Me Be Your Star” on NBC’s NYE special the best commercial for Smash ever?

2 | Hey ABC, ever think about turning Dick Clark’s mike off after he finishes the countdown? The sound of him macking away on his wife while the camera panned Times Square almost made us lose our champagne.

3 | Chuck‘s Sarah sure could crash a dinner party back in the day, huh?

4 | Is ABC Family’s promo guy determined to make The Lying Game sound like The Lion King? Or do we just need a hearing check?

5 | Are Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game sharing ‘A’ now? Did ABC Family get a one-for-two deal on anonymous harassers?

6 | Since 2 Broke Girls is based on the premise that Max makes a world-class cupcake, was anyone else frankly disappointed to learn she uses a boxed mix, and doesn’t even know how to bake from scratch? To that end, why did they make a fuss of Caroline learning to measure and bake a few weeks ago?

7 | Who else is skeptical about Lily’s dad waltzing back into her life on How I Met Your Mother? We sense a pregnancy board game ahead…

8 | Sandy Rivers is hilarious on How I Met Your Mother, and we were big fans of Buffy/Angel‘s fumbling Wesley (before he turned dark), so why doesn’t Alexis Denisof have his own sitcom yet?

9 | How pleasantly surprised were “Tiva” fans by this week’s NCIS featuring the return of E.J. Barrett (Sarah Jane Morris)? Who knew she was such a ‘shipper! (And yet how much are the same fans dreading next week’s C-I-Ray proposal…?)

10 | Anyone else spend the holiday break crushing hard on Income Property host Scott McGillivray?

11 | Monica Potter gets a lot of viewer love for her unheralded performance on Parenthood, but when will the truly unsung heroes of the show – Craig T. Nelson and Bonnie Bedelia – get their due?

12 | Was it really necessary to cram five people in one car, while only Haddie and Adam occupied another, for Parenthood‘s road trip?

13 | Was Unforgettable‘s Bad Guy of the Week the world’s dumbest criminal or what? The fact that he believed lithe Poppy Montgomery could push around a dolly loaded with 5,000 lbs. of cement….

14 | Where was Nolan’s bodyguard on Revenge when he needed him?! And did anyone else think that Daniel and Tyler were going to kiss this week?

15 | Penny and Dave on Happy Endings: Yay or nay?

16 | Is there a place online where we can watch Modern Family man Phil Dunphy’s complete game show appearance? If only for his hair? Speaking of the Family: Why can’t Cam and Mitchell be a bit nicer to each other?

17 | Did it strike any other Grey’s Anatomy viewer that Mark’s pretty, perky and talented new doctor girlfriend is basically Lexie II? Is that the message here, that he hasn’t really moved on?

18 | That was a terrific winter premiere, Vampire Diaries, but where was Caroline? We know every supporting character can’t be in every episode, but we can’t help missing the awesome blonde like crazy when she’s absent.

19 | Why are there so many weak links in the Project Runway: All-Stars cast? Isn’t the idea of such an edition to pick the best designers?

20 | Is anyone else watching Scouted on E!? Bueller?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. HoldOn2Smallville says:

    Ziva just say “NO!” to Ray…that’s all #Tiva #NCIS

    • @HoldOn2Smallville says:

      LOL! Agreed. I loved this week’s NCIS and was pleasantly surprised by some real progression to the year’s long Tiva dance and that EJ sort of acted as a catalyst for it. As for CI-Ray, I don’t hate him but I do hope Ziva realizes that Tony is the real guy for her, as it seems Tony did in the last episode about her. Or maybe they both knew all along but suppressed it? IDK. So many questions. Meanwhile, it’s been a quality season so far of the show and I’m looking forward to more episodes of a great show.

    • Jenna says:

      Agreed! We are going in such a great direction with Tiva. I dreaded SJM’s return but it turned out she isn’t such the “bad guy” that I originally thought she may have been. I am DEFINITELY NOT looking forward to Mr. Miami’s return. If Ziva doesn’t say no… that can’t even be a thought. SB would NOT do that to us Tiva fans!

      Tiva is in the right direction now keep it going. Nobody needs to ruin it! Come on Tiva!


      A Tivotee =]

      PS- Loved last night’s Grey’s Anatomy too! She is so Lexie II. They even look similar. It was a heartwrenching and emotional episode. Amazingly done. Superb. & Yay for baby Zola being back!

    • Nubie says:

      Also agreed.

      Like I posted elsewhere….I love me some Ziva and always will, but if she marries that Cracker Jack Box-bearing, Lost brother of Thin Man from Charlies’ Angels (who is he, HITLER-Ray??! Could he BE more ugly with that hairdo?!!)…..I will personally slap her all the way to Tel-Aviv. Tony can take it from there. :P

    • Everleigh says:

      My best guess will be that she will say yes, but won’t go through with it. Whether she stalls and hedges until he realizes it is because she is in love with Tony or he is not who he says he is (because CIRAY is sorta creeping me out) and sh*t goes down and Tony/Ziva have to kill him, they won’t end up married.

    • RachelW says:

      AMEN .. I think she will. She better or we riot.

  2. EC says:

    Nay to Penny and Dave!
    Don’t ruin the show, just nay!!

    • cher says:

      I second that! They look more thrown together than a possible relationship other than just good friends. yuck

    • DL says:

      Nay to Penny and Dave in a relationship, but I would give a “yay” to a drunken one-night stand. It would make for some hilarious tension for an episode or two, but they would be able to forget about it and have things go back to normal because that’s the kind of show it is.
      Or, pull the old “they think they slept together but actually didn’t” trick. That works too.

    • Kate says:

      Nay Nay Nay Nay Nay I always have seen them as more siblingish towards each other. I wana see Alex and Dave go back after the coupon cashing in episode!

    • Kat says:

      Ugh! I hate this so much. I feel like the women and men both have such strong bonds, this would NEVER happen. Especially with all the eps showing that Dave and Alex still have something.

  3. Cinders says:

    I was under the impression that Project Runway All Stars was a result of a vote that fans did on who they would like to see back on the show. I remember voting in such a poll on the Lifetime website.

    • Anna says:

      Beliveable when it comes to Austin and Mondo; but who voted for Spit-Girl?

      • maj says:

        I’m sure it was a combination of the poll and who they could get to actually come do it. Some designers have other things doing on..

        • Tess says:

          Not to mention…when doing an All Star edition of one of these shows, you need to bring in some of the lesser quality folks (much like any regular season) for the sake of having some people who are easy to pick off and also a possible “how in the heck are they still hanging on for so long when better people have been sent packing?” situation (like Jamie on Top Chef All Stars getting by for some weeks just making soups and others not even having to compete somehow). Also, they did have that one-off All Star edition on Bravo (or as I liked to call it, a way to remedy not giving Daniel V. the win in season 2)so maybe they wanted different people this time.

  4. =D says:

    The tiva thing is super annoying. On one hand I just totally want them to make it happen…but how awkward would the team be if they ever (or even momentarily) broke up…or if they had a spat at home and brought it to work…things like that.

  5. NoOceanInKansas says:

    #16, the Cam/Mitchell thing, has been bugging me too.
    #15, HELL NO. Jumping the shark.

    • the girl says:

      They are in the middle of their second season. They haven’t even been in the water long enough to see a shark, let alone have time to formulate and execute a plan to jump it.
      That phrase is way overused and especially in this instance. I’m not fond of the Penny/Dave thing either but calling it “jumping the shark” is too much.

      • Captain says:

        While I don’t think there’s a length of time a show has to run to “jump the shark” I don’t think Happy Endings has. If Dave/Alex got engaged again and she dumped him at the altar again, THEN it would have jumped the shark.

  6. Saint Alicia says:

    #9 sfm! What a curve ball, but totally welcome! Tiva has gotta happen–7 seasons is long enough :D
    As for Ray’s proposal, I have enough (hopefully not misplaced) faith that Ziva will say no. Though I’ll lose a lot of respect for the writers if she says yes. I mean, when did Ziva become so desperate she’d accept a proposal from some consolation prize suitor? This isn’t House…
    NCIS don’t disappoint!

    • Be Careful What You Wish For says:

      Yes, but aren’t you concerned that, if there is a TIVA, NCIS will go the way of House, a/k/a The Moonlighting Curse? Sex has proved to be a show-killer on countless occasions and the writers of NCIS all bathe in cliche-infused waters, so I don’t believe they will be able turn things back around if TIVA turns out to be a great big turkey. Its the same reason why they won’t hook Gibbs up with anyone on a permanent basis: people don’t want change and they don’t want anyone to upset the team dynamic. It takes them out of their comfort zone.

      • Saint Alicia says:

        No, I’m not concerned because the moonlighting curse doesn’t exist; it’s all about how it’s written. House/Cuddy was written to fail from the start which is why the whole thing was so miserable. I trust the NCIS writers wouldn’t shoot themselves in the foot by PLANNING to make Tiva suck from the get-go. Furthermore, the way Tony and Ziva’s relationship was developed has bucked trends from day one.
        In early season 3 when Ziva first joined, even before viewers had a chance to think about shipping, they had Tony and Ziva rolling around in bed under cover. Way to get the whole “sex” thing out of the way, except it was fake. Viewers have been waiting 7 years for something AUTHENTIC to happen, and the progress has been at a snail’s pace. It’s time they make the beast with two backs! ;)

        • Svenja says:

          I agree with you!
          House/Cuddy was a mess. But House messed up numerous times. They split up the original team and screwed it up. NCIS just had such a cliffhanger, but put the team back together because you don’t mess with a winning team. NCIS writers are much smarter than House writers.
          Besides, Tony and Ziva aren’t as dynsfunctional as House. House is just a nutcase. Don’t get me wrong, I love him the way he is, but he is incapable of being in a relationship with someone.
          NCIS writers built up this thing for many years and slowly developed it. Now it’s time to authenticly and maturely bring them together. No stunts, no big romantic, crappy drama. Just bring them together in the right way, don’t lose focus and everything will be great. NCIS would prove that moonlighting curse doesn’t exist. That was a different show!!
          Without a Trace got it right, Numbers got it right. Why shouldn’t NCIS writers be capable of getting it right?

          • Michael says:

            You know both of the show rating went down after they did the moonlighting and were cancel more were not shown as much afterwards

        • sally says:

          I think that the moonlighting curse is not the issue. It applys to a show were the sexual tension is the only major relationship, ncis has so many other major characters that having t/z together wouldn’t change much.

          • Svenja says:

            I agree. The relationships and dynamics between the other characters and between Tiva and other characters wouldn’t change. It would affect Gibbs/Tony Gibbs/Ziva for a little while, but I bet Gibbs would accept it after a while. He trusts them unconditionally. No matter what they might be doing in the bedroom.

      • Maria says:

        I look at the show Without a Trace as an example of how to get characters together without having it dominate or ruin the show. Danny (played by Enrique Murciano) and Elena, for example, and also Samantha and Jack, or Samantha and Martin. (Wow…Samantha got around, didn’t she?) Anyway, this show had several relationships, but it really always was about the missing persons cases they solved. Samantha and Martin, for example, dated and broke up, but they found a way to work together afterwards for four more seasons. So…it can be done.

      • Nina says:

        Well, I know what you mean with the Moonlighting curse (though they never really did get together in the show, it was just kinda messed up anyway), but it’s a fact that many fans of the show are also Tiva shippers and I do believe the writers are completely aware of that.
        If Ziva said yes and got married, it would mean the end of Tiva for good which would result in a much more rapid loss of fans than getting the two of them together.

        I think she will say no, but not because of Tony… rather because she’s afraid CIRay will never be there for her.
        And then the Tiva dance will just continue… though I’m not sure how much longer they will be able to keep this up now, because I really had the impression that something in Tony’s head has finally clicked and that he will try to get his chance with her.

    • Niobe says:

      “House” was such a great show, great character and had an awesome pair in House & Cuddy with some of the best chemistry I’ve seen to this day in a show. But I guess they didn’t see it that way. Was I disappointed that they took a potentially great show, character and pair and turned it into what they did? Yeah. But I stopped watching and don’t have to watch it so I guess it doesn’t matter what they do with it anymore. I am sad that such a great show seemed to lose sight of what the fans loved about their show tho and I don’t like to hate on it. What’s done is done. As for “NCIS” the showrunners on there seem to be more in sync with their viewers, they know what they like and deliver the goods and that is why it’s the most watched show on T.V. right now. I wish both shows good luck in the future. :)

      • Be Careful... says:

        Exactly. House WAS a great show until “Huddy.” Whether or not the writers planned for it to fail is irrelevant. Once you change a great show’s dynamic, you change the show and those things that made it great. House will never again be what it was. If TIVA is going to happen, it needs to wait until the end of the series. Otherwise, “Gibbs’ Rules” would never permit such a pairing; Gibbs had a cow when Tony hooked up with EJ, and she was on a different team. The show’s own canon dictates that either Tony or Ziva would have to go if the two were to hook up. Yeah, I’d like to see them end up together, but not at the expense of the show itself. Let TIVA wait until the very end.

        • Svenja says:

          Well, Gibbs’ rules do permit it because there is rule 51.
          I think waiting until the end would be a bad idea. It would be a little cowardly.
          House screwed up in many ways. The stories they delivered are what ruined the show. They handled Huddy wrong, the season finale was a mess, they broke up the first team surrounding house and never ever put it back together the way it was. They screwed around with good chemistry. Psych, Without a Trace and Numbers did it right.
          Besides, Tony and Ziva aren’t the leading characters. Gibbs is the leading person. You don’t change the show. Tiva already behaves like a bickering couple. It could also cause a great story with Gibbs and also enable the characters to find happiness.

        • @Be Careful... says:

          I respectfully disagree with most of your points here. I do agree that “House” was great and is no longer so but I disagree that the motive of the writers is irrelevant to what we finally saw on our screens or that getting a couple together means death to a show. It all depends on whose hands it’s in and how they handle it. I also can say that laying the blame on “Huddy” for ruining the show seems quite overly-simplistic to me. I was okay with the thought of “Huddy” and always thoroughly enjoyed that dynamic in the show. It was the way they executed it (I mean that as a double entente)that partly messed things up.

          The show has many issues this season, Huddy was a strength of theirs, so was Cuddy, so was unraveling more about House (he was an interesting and intriguing, multi-layered figure sort of like Don Draper on “Mad Men”), so was character development. Instead the show, which wasn’t entirely the the showrunners’ fault, btw, some of it was due to network cost cutting, lost Cuddy and therefore Huddy, decided to “go back to season one”, undid all the growth House had achieved and then it was declared that House would fail at happiness and they made him completely unlikeable with the car crash which they never adequately dealt with. This season is a one-dimensional, uninteresting shell of his former self. They aren’t very good at getting fans to like new characters, and that’s proven the case with the two newbies they have now, the old characters are stale and boring because they never go anywhere either-they always end up back where they started, and they also fell back to trying to rely on the medical mystery aspect, which has been a weak point for the series for some time now. So basically, because of network cost cutting and some unwise moves here and there, they’ve lost a great deal of what made the show great and absorbing in the first place and fell back on their weakest points this season which makes the show dull, plodding and stagnant. Some of the best dramas I’ve seen over the years in the history of TV have had one thing in common, they have rich characters and a rich story that is going somewhere and everyone wants to know where it’s going and what will happen next. “House” lost that in a big way this season. Too bad.

  7. Cindy says:

    9. We loved the episode so very much, thanks EJ, you little Tiva shipper. And we are so scared for the next episode. We HATE Ray even more than we ever hated EJ, he and his awful hair has to go, Ziva cannot say yes, otherwise it’s the end of Tiva and the end of the show for me.

    • Michael says:

      I hate Tiva its the reason Gibbs almost quit the show and now its the reason CBS might cancel it

      • laughing for days says:

        loling hard at you.

      • Be Careful What You Wish For says:

        CBS would CANCEL a show that consistently pulls in 20 million viewers? Huh?


      • Svenja says:

        And again some false facts…

      • Sarah says:

        I know Michael! Mark Harmon has been going on non freaking stop about how Tiva would be such a bad idea and ruin the whole show. I heard he said to the writers that he would leave the show if they make it happen. And I totally understand CBS if they cancel the show! Screw 20+ million viewers and an international fanbase. They’ve been threatning the writers to stop writing the Tiva scenes, and told Cote and Michael that they would be written off the show if they kept having so much cemistry. I also heard that they’re gonna change the opening song to The Gummy Bear Song and have the cast dance around in Teletubbie suits.

        When did you realize that I was being ironic the entire time?

      • Who Needs a Night @ the Improv? We've got Michael's posts says:

        Yeah…..that Gibbs is soooo terrified of his two best agents. CBS is disgusted with all the multi-millions of dollars its network is raking in because of these two hugely popular characters.

        Off with all of their Heads!!!

  8. Jo says:

    Been a loyal Tiva shipper since season 3, its ben a long tough road but i’m hopeful that TPTB will make Tiva a reality. Just need Ziva to say NOOOOOOOOOOOOO to CI-Ray!! Will be watching the next ep with my torch and pitchfork at the ready! :)

  9. Tee says:

    I thought the start of PR All-Stars was decent. At least, decent when judged by the very low bar the last few seasons has set. Bland hostess though.

    That 24 hour runway show preview though made me vomit a little in my mouth.

    • Anna says:

      Fitting that the three weakest links of PR All-Stars wound up as the bottom three.

      For those who didn’t see it; 24 hour catwalk combines Pr with Chopped.

  10. Svenja says:

    9. A “yes” would be nuts an turn this into a soap-ish storyline. Seriously, I don’t expect Ziva to jump into Tony’s arms right away, but Ziva accepting the proposal would be nuts because it would make the Tony/Ziva dynamic weird, Tony would be broken or pissed, Ray would come back at some point and screw up so that Ziva would break off the engagement and seek comfort in Tony’s arms? Ugh, no… please. That wouldn’t be NCIS at all. I hope she says “no”. I am sick of CI-Ray. He’s such a stupid character. Ziva and Ray barely know each other. The only had special moments, trips and dinners. He disappeared for about half a year, didn’t contact her in weeks over the holidays, is not part of Ziva’s everyday-life. A “yes” would be out of character for Ziva. Sorry, I do accept a lot, but this would be wrong on so many levels. Even the action to propose is nuts.
    And would the writers dare to upset a large group of the fanbase right before the 200th episode? I don’t think so. Have enough faith in the writers to believe that they wouldn’t launch such a stupid story.

  11. Sarah says:

    “Was Unforgettable‘s Bad Guy of the Week the world’s dumbest criminal or what? The fact that he believed lithe Poppy Montgomery could push around a dolly loaded with 5,000 lbs. of cement”
    >> Understandable. I mean, have you seen Poppy’s arms lately? It’s kinda impressive.

  12. Bridget says:

    #12… I thought that too at first but then realized that Jabar and Sidney would want to ride together.

    • DL says:

      Besides, it has to be assumed that car seating arrangements were worked out beforehand and originally Max and Kristina should have been in that car as well.

  13. Alisha N says:

    I do agree on the Grey’s Anatomy thing. Mark’s new Girl is and acts a lot like Lexi.

  14. jiillianlovesfood says:

    I’m pretty sure NCIS is just stringing Tiva fans along. They have been doing it every season. It seems to me like Tony has been thinking about it alot and he has made slight movements this entire new season. I even suspect Gibbs has picked up on that and how “flirty” Tiva have been this season. So it’s really all up to Ziva. But once again the writers have to screw with us and now there’s a whole “Will she or won’t she?” question being thrown at us about Ray proposing to her. Frankly I’m getting sick of it. I mean 7 seasons later and we still have hardly seen more than a meaninful kiss on the cheek between the two? Atleast Bones had SOME romantic sprinkles here and there throughout the series. NCIS should really take note from Psych because they were able to bring their two main characters together and made the show even better. If you happen to not like Shawn and Juliet together; the main focus of the show stays on Shawn and Gus.

  15. sherberr3 says:

    #14- I had the same thought about the bodyguard, and my hubby totally thought there was going to be some kissing going on.

    #6- I thought she said she buys the cake mixes for when she doesn’t feel up to making them from scratch, but maybe I heard wrong.

    • the girl says:

      That’s what I thought I heard her say also but then later she said she doesn’t ever make them from scratch. You would think Caroline would have noticed by now.

  16. Gloria says:

    LOL Number 14!!! My thoughts exactly!

  17. Elaine says:

    Scott McGillivray – absolutely total hunk – attractive as heck and seems like such a genuinely nice guy. Nice guys rule. Yum Yum.

  18. JJ says:

    Wow. How far out of the demo am I? All those shows and I only watch NCIS and Unforgettable. On NCIS, I’d be more interested in a McGee/Abby romance than a Tiva one. Actually, despite the age difference, I rather see Ziva with Gibbs. As for Unforgettable, her moving the load of cement wasn’t nearly as incongruous as her replacing the dry mix with styrofoam peanuts in the alloted time. Ridiculous stretch of imagination and contrivance.

    • cher says:

      McGee/Abby would be sweet since they’ve had a very interesting history and it’s been a while since either have had any major character development. Ziva with Gibbs romantically is all sorts of wrong IMO, she sees him as her surrogate father figure and that seems more special and endearing in my book. I’m still curious what they plan to do with Director Vance, it seems like he’ll be exiting soon.

    • Kate says:

      Im not sure of your age so i dont mean to insult but my mother is late 50’s, so out of the demo , and she said to me the other day that why was i (22 year old) excited about this tony and ziva romancing shed always thought Ziva like Gibbs in that way, in which I ewed her straight away explaining Gibbs is like a father! So if you are anywhere around my mothers age it could be a generational thing!

      • vollisar says:

        I am much closer to your mother’s age than yours, but a Gibbs/Ziva romance would be creepy. He treats her like his daughter, and she has said he is the closest thing to a father she has. Even Cote said “ewe” when ask about that happening.

        • Be Careful... says:

          The fact that ANYONE of ANY AGE would say “eeew” to a shag with Mark Harmon…? Its a world gone mad.

  19. Saracen Riggins says:

    Re: Happy Endings. I don’t mind the little hint at a possible something down the road, but I’d prefer they didn’t act upon that anytime soon. Kind of how New Girl has hinted at a Nick & Jess chemistry, but they’re putting it on the backburner for a while.

    Re: Vampire Diaries. Caroline is always the most noticable absence as far supporting cast goes. She’s EASILY my favorite character next to Damon. And Alaric. And Matt.

    • Corrine says:

      I agree with this as far as Happy Endings goes. I think them pursuing Alex & Dave again would just be cliche and boring.

      I’d like to see a slow, sweet development between Penny & Dave, because I think they’re both ready for a serious relationship.

      (I have to say, though, that I do NOT feel the same way about Jess & Nick on New Girl; I find that pairing to be a little lackluster)

  20. Mel says:

    Loved this week’s NCIS, and the Tiva moment was a wonderful surprise. Ej being a Tiva shipper was a total shock! And of course now we have to deal with the incredibly boring CI-Ray, and his proposal to Ziva. Bring on the angst! As long as they keep Tony and Ziva moving forward, and stop with the outside love interests,I think Tiva fans will be happy. We don’t want the “Tiva show”,just some moments here and there to show them actually being “together”. I love all aspects of NCIS.

    • Svenja says:

      Exactly THIS^^
      We don’t want “Tiva-Show”. We just want to show to stay what it is with Tony and Ziva being a couple in the background and occassionally sharing a little moment (case-related or not). No one asks for an NCIS-soap.
      I don’t get why people freak out. Tiva has been in the background for half of a season and now it resurfaces a little bit. So what? There will be a lot of episodes that won’t contain any Tiva at all. Spoilers indicate that there is good stuff coming up for all of the characters.

  21. nicole says:

    The Tiva story line is perfect the way it is – enough sexual tension between them but one of Gibbs’ rules still lurking in the background. Having Ziva say yes to CIRay throws a monkey wrench into the storyline. I dont want to see Tony and Ziva explore that side of their relationship – its better if they just keep it as is – anyone remember Moonlighting when Bruce Willis and Cybil Sheppard finally got together, it was the end of the show imo.

  22. Jenn says:

    Personally, I think the Tiva stuff is silly, and it made me stop watching the show (except in reruns). Largely because they completely ruined Ziva for me and any interest I had in her storylines in Season 6. I feel bad for Cote de Pablo, because she’s a talented actress playing a character that’s made out to be a strong female character, but when you look at the reality of it, she’s the standard male idea of strong women – anger management issues, violently aggressive to the point where reality would have had her in prison, untrustworthy (to the point where she will pull a gun on a co-worker and lie about harboring a murderer), Mary Sue qualities, and solely defined by her relationships with the men on the show (Tony, her father, Gibbs, and the various men that have meant to serve as jealousy-inducers for Tony). SB’s version of Ziva makes me miss Kate, who, while annoying sometimes, was far more realistic and independent.

    • CJ says:

      I have a feeling they’re killing her off anyway…so maybe soon it won’t be an issue. Caitlin was a much more likable and interesting character in my opinion.

      • serena says:

        I was also thinking they may kill off her character. I wonder if the blind item mentioning a major character from a popular show will be killed refers to Ziva.

  23. Greg says:

    LOL! The comment about the world’s dumbest criminal on Unforgettable made me laugh! I love Poppy Montgomery, but the show is terrible. I gave up after the second episode and don’t have any regrets.

  24. Kelley says:

    You know, seems like someone always throws out a Moonlighting reference when it comes to characters getting together on a show. It is a complete myth. Moonlighting was squashed for a number of reasons, the LEAST of which had to do with the characters hooking up. It is possible to develop a relationship on a show and still keep it interesting. Farscape did it, Chuck did it, the aforementioned Psych did it, and there are others. It is not the kiss of death that a lot of people make it out to be. But it takes talented and interested writers to pull it off. I have complete faith that the NCIS team can make Tiva happen without hurting the show. And I’m not necessarily even a Tiva fan. I just want some forward progress for the characters. The same old, same old is what gets stale.

    • Carrie says:

      ITA about the Moonlighting curse being overblown. The Moonlighting curse happens because of bad writing more than anything else. I know a lot of people were peeved off about Bones but I’ve enjoyed that fine with Booth and Brennan together and Grey’s Anatomy also has had the leads together (albeit with some rocky terrain) for a while now. I would be so happy if everyone just retired the use of the words “Moonlighting Curse.”

  25. Jenna says:

    TIVA all the way! I don’t think this Moonlighting curse would happen for TIVA because they could get away with at least a season of it being a secret! Remember Gibbs’ rule, “never date a co-worker” neither of them would want to incur the wrath of Gibbs but it would be pretty funny watching them sneak around for awhile!

    • Svenja says:

      Right. And then there is also Gibbs’ rule 51 “sometimes you’re wrong”. That has to have a purpose.
      You can do Tiva slowly, maturely and not push them into the foreground.
      As I said, I want Tiva, but it has to be done right. An engagement to Ray would turn the Tiva story into a soap-ish, silly storyline. I don’t want that. I want a slow and gradual build-up. Maybe some drama here and there. I doubt it would affect the show. There is stuff coming up for Gibbs’ character, possibily for McGee, for Jimmy and the thing with Abby’s brother is still unresolved, too.
      NCIS will never turn into “Tiva-show”. Tiva is part of the show, but just one of many parts. The drama an engagement with Ray would create would be useless and irritating. So yes to Tiva, no to Ray and yes to stories and drama surrounding the other characers

      • ^^ says:

        Rule 51 applies to lawyers with incredibly annoying voices that make you want to drive an ice pick into your ear.

        • Svenja says:

          LOL you mean Allison Hart?
          That was just the moment he came up with it because she was willing to help him. It is a general rule. The situation with Allison just triggered Gibbs to come up with it

  26. Pennagirl says:

    RE: Project Runaway…like the previous non-All Stars season have picked the best designers?? Gretchen, Anya and Irina? Mondo wasn’t picked over Gretchen. Anya was picked before the seasons first competition and couldn’t sew and did the same outfit over and over and Irina was the best choice out of that awful season but not the BEST.

    • DL says:

      For all people said that Anya couldn’t sew, she was a great designer, and the show is a design competition. Furthermore, some of the dresses she did at the end (like the amazing black dress) where she stepped out of her comfort zone were quite far away from “the same outfit over and over.” I would say Anya deserved her win, although I would have been perfectly happy to see Viktor win as well.

  27. John says:

    15? NAY

    I am SO completely off the “shipper” thing with anyone let alone a brand new show. It screws up the “core” dynamics more than anything and yes, I did like E.J. for Tony. There’s a shelf life and then you’re dating your sister.

    • Be Careful What You Wish For says:

      Thank you, John. As a woman, I hadn’t really considered that, but, of course, you are absolutely correct.

  28. CJ says:

    1) Monica Potter is AMAZING and deserves more recognition for her performances. This week though, Craig T. Nelson was SO convincing that I felt the urge to smack him across the face while he was making everyone feel guilty.

    2) I <3 Scott McGillvray! He is adorable.

    3) I am really glad I am not the only one totally confused about the cupcake thing on 2 Broke Girls. The whole episode I was like, "but……….????"

  29. Michael says:

    I just can’t believe what NCIS is doing It like they don’t care about their fans anymore

  30. Mandy says:

    #6 EXACTLY

  31. em says:

    I didn’t want the game show bit with Phil to end! I would settle for more flashbacks though.
    And Caroline on TVD needs to be a main character pronto. She’s been my favorite character since she turned. I mean, she’s a vampire and she’s involved with a hybrid. Can’t they at least get her more involved somehow?

  32. Dee says:

    Scott is a total hottie.

    Love his show.

    That Tiva nonsense needs to go away, I hate it and hate what the show will become if they do start whatever.

    • JJ says:

      ITA. I think a match between Abby and McGee would roll along just fine and not screw up the show, but Tiva is a bad idea.

  33. cary 00 says:


  34. sarah says:

    I loved the Vampire Diaries premiere and I did miss Caroline but there was also no Matt
    I agree that Mark’s girlfriend is a red headed Lexie
    In regards to Parenthood, not matter what car Crosby would have been in it would have been crowded as he had Jabbar with him, so 4 in Adam’s car would have been tight too and I bet that Jabbar wanted to ride with Sydney.

  35. Jeannette says:

    RE: TIVA

    If there is an attraction between Tony and Ziva that they both acknowledge, and I say “If” because I think it’s often more the fans reading into things than the actual characters’ behavior, you have to consider that both place a high value on their jobs on the team

    And they know how Gibbs feels about office dating! If they were to get together, Gibbs WOULD know and then one or both would have to leave the team. And Gibbs and the team come first with both Tony and definitely Ziva (and have you not noticed that GIbbs really treats Ziva like a daughter and Ziva views him as a stand-in father?)

    In real life, adults think twice and more and clearly when putting a close working team in jeopardy due to their feelings.

    As for fans hating on the series for dragging Ziva out, consider that maybe it’s the fans problem since they are the ones who focus on Ziva and not necessarily the show. Co-workers often flirt. It doesn’t mean they’re gonna be a couple.

    I came late to being an NCIS fan (I did watch the seasons I missed to catch up.) and I continue to watch for one reason: The characters and their interactions with each other. All the procedural stuff and the military stuff and plots? Meh. It’s all just background to watch the team interacting with each other.

    Work would be so much better in real life if there were folks like Gibbs and his team with their committment and professionalism. The romances? Who really cares? It’s a TV show!

    • Renee says:

      I agree! NCIS is all about the team for me. When I want romance I watch a romance or a soap.

    • Svenja says:

      I think you’re right and wrong. I would totally agree with you if Tony and Ziva were in a place as in S3. They already had a connection, but it was just flirty and easy then.
      The thing is that several moments were very distinct over the past few years. Tony and Ziva developed feelings for each other, but their issues plus the fact that they’s on the same team caused them to deny and fight it. But there is an emotional connection. EJ said it “she cares” and he definitely cares too since he risked his life just to take vengence for her “death” in Truth or Consequences.
      Yes, Gibbs is against office dating. There is a rule, but there is also rule 51, which makes it possible. Officer interactions wouldn’t change at all with these two being together. They would still be flirting bickering and their behaviour towards the other characters wouldn’t change, too. In fact, it would be interesting to watch Gibbs handling such a situation. You know, Tony, Ziva and McGee are his “children”. He wouldn’t just fire one of them. Gibbs’ behaviour last season was due to the fact that he didn’t trust EJ. Gibbs highly depends on his team.
      Of course people do not tune in just for romances. But the love all of the team members share goes beyond professionalism. They would give their lifes for each other. They are a family, not just some random team working on something. So, I don’t think one of them would have to leave the team. Gibbs needs his little Gibblets. I think Tony and Ziva need each other in their lifes. They will never get married and have a family with some random person. I know it and I want these two to find happiness. NCIS just needs to figure out a way how to treat the situation well and keep dynamics intact. I bet they can do it, but weird “Ray proposes and probably Tony moping” storylines aren’t the right way. Drama is fine, but don’t turn it into a soapish weird story. I don’t get why people do not have faith in the writers. The know what they’re doing there. Of that I am sure and I happen to believe this show can handle it.

      • Be Careful What You WIsh For says:

        I think you’re wrong. I think that Gibbs wouldn’t hesitate to fire either Tony or Ziva (probably the latter because it is still a man’s world, after all) if they were to get together. If people are so stuck on the idea of letting nature take its course with respect to “unspoken feelings” between Tony and Ziva, they must also remember that Gibbs will react to the situation as it is in HIS nature to do, i.e. enforce Rule #12. To that end, TIVA would HAVE to result in the end of NCIS as we know it. Say what you will about the existence or non-existence of the “Moonlighting Curse;” however, for the story about these character’s lives to move forward in a believable fashion, if TIVA were to come to fruition, everything would have to change, it’s human nature. The question is: will viewers accept those changes or long for the old team dynamic? Your faith in the writers is admirable; however, you’ll forgive me if I reserve judgment at this time. I’m old and tend to view things through a more jaundiced eye.

        • Stacey says:

          Gibbs may not like it. I doubt he would fire either. Of course Tony would rank higher in terms of job security. But still, Gibbs has come a long way. He basically told Tony at Christmas not to be like him. And seems to think Tony made a mistake giving up Wendy to focus solely on the job. As long as the relationship doesn’t impact on their team. Gibbs may be fine… He has a history doing the same thing. Which is why he probably has the rule in the first place. But I think he knows tha

          • Stacey says:

            I got cut off LOL.

            I meant to say, I think Gibbs knows that Tony and Ziva wouldn’t let it interfere. And seven years of history is much different than seven weeks of history. Gibbs knows and trusts them. Unless either makes him have to fire them. But still, I think Gibbs would deal with. As long as they are professional and concentrate on the job!

          • Svenja says:

            Yes, I think he wouldn’t fire them, too. But he would tell them to stay professional around the office. Yes, he told Tony “don’t be like me”. “Get outta the basement”. Gibbs is so caught up in his principles because of what happened to him and his family and he knows it. He knows that Shannon’s death made him desperate and caused him to focus on work too much. I believe Gibbs could handle Tiva, but it would take time for him to get used to it.

          • ^^ says:

            Ah, the romantic haze… I miss those days.

  36. magali says:

    Yay to Dave and Penny in Happy Endings! Not a popular respnse on this board but i stand by it. Love those those characters so bring on the flirting. Love this show

  37. 87% says:

    To start I love Sarah Walker and Yvonne Strahovski, She beautiful and just plain Awesome and i am going to die at the end of Chuck. Next Shane Brennan needs to stop screwing with us with this whole Ziva and Tony thing, these characters have awesome chemistry that has been evident since season 3 and they should be together (If Booth and Brennan can do it they can). As for How i met your mother, There is news that as much as Lilly loves her dad, he is going to get annoying.

    • Svenja says:

      Lol about NCIS. Shane Brennan isn’t in charge anymore. Gary Glasberg is now the man on the top of the pyramid. But I agree with your statement.
      About HIMYM: Yes, Lilly’s dad is a little annoying, though the ending of this week’s episode had me in tears. I sense a pregnancy board game, too.

  38. Joycee says:

    Dude, that was an epic entrance by Sarah on ‘Chuck’ crashing the baddie party. Such a kick@ss scene and thanks for including it :)

  39. Carmichael says:

    1) A) I’m so tired of SheWhoTakesHerNameFromTheWorstEverQueenSong. B) Am I the only one that is betting that Justin Bieber had never heard of Carlos Santana before being booked. Bieber probably thought he was Naya Rivera’s character from Glee.

    3) She sure could, explain to me again how Ziva beat her?

    6) The way I look at it is this, this way they can have a storyline where she actually learns how to make cupcakes from scratch

    7) That could be interesting to see where they do end up taking it

    8)A very good question. Also some of us even liked him when he turned dark. I agree completely with him when he told the blue-haired freak to never take Fred’s form again, that was insulting. All that being said, bring on an Alexis Dennisof show.

    15) Gotta lean towards Nay, but as was shown when Max came out to his parents, Dave might actually be gay enough for her.

    16) The game show could be interesting. As for Cam/Mitchell, why can’t they have little quirks like that, I thought the whole idea of the show is that this is how people stereotypical are now.

    20) No. I want more Win Ben Stein’s money.

  40. Felicity says:

    Completely agree on Parenthood! In particular, Craig T. Nelson’s performance in the episode where Sarah’s deadbeat ex-husband comes back into her life was incredible. Just the perfect portrayal of that immediate bubbling up of old feelings and emotions.

  41. Michael says:

    I miss when NCIS was about the team solving crimes and how it use to be funny now its who will Ziva sleep with today and we all know once she and Tony hook up she going to cheat on him with a other man

  42. Lolie says:

    Happy Endings: NO to Dave and Penny. They don’t have the same chemistry that Nick and Jess have on New Girl, and they are not a good match for each other. I just don’t see it. Also, I’m tired of shows where the leads can only hook up with each other.

    Two Broke Girls: Very disappointed.

  43. Ed says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else see #’s in the comment and immediately scroll up to see who or what they are talking about??? LOL

  44. Aiden says:

    Literally laughing at #3. Seriously amazed and terrified of Sarah Walker during that scene.
    And Penny & Dave for Happy Endings? Gosh, I hope not!

  45. Stacey says:

    NCIS: My whole issue with the proposal is this seems like a desperate move of Ray’s. Well the episode is titled, “A Desperate Man”. He’s been gone for months; doesn’t call for seven weeks. Ziva can only communicate if not by phone but by email. She seems to be wanting to settle down (which by the way, Tony seems to want to do as well…maybe a subtle move that may bring them together this season). Anyway, I can’t see how he thinks the time is now for marriage. Ziva was getting fed up. Also they have the issue he had to go off on a secret mission that involved Tel Aviv. Also, where it seems Ray is proposing is the most inopportune and least romantic place to propose if you seriously want the girl to say YES.

    After this week’s blantant Tony and Ziva moment. Maybe next week will provide closure with Ray now that EJ is history or now a shipper of Tony and Ziva’s LOL.

    I don’t think they will have Ziva say YES. She may be torn. But they haven’t exactly sold them as a couple to root for… Also, they also have one engagement with Jimmy and Brenna. They seem to building to something happening with Tony and Ziva at the wedding. A dance or more. They don’t need the added complication of a wedding for Ziva and angst for them.

  46. Danielle H says:

    I couldn’t believe on 2BG that she used box mix either! I wanted to scream at the screen.
    Also, miss Caroline terribly. I can’t stand Bonnie, would rather have Caroline any day, but I get that they have to have Bonnie to have the witch element.

  47. GeoDiva says:

    #6: The whole cupcake thing on 2 Broke Girls totally bugs me too! How did she even start making them, if no one “taught” her to bake. Wouldn’t Caroline have seen the empty boxes before, especially when they had to make all those cupcakes for the gallery opening?
    #12: Loved Crosby stuck in the middle between Sidney and Jabbar in the back seat.

  48. Sophie says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by the Tony/Ziva moment at the end of “housekeeping”. I do worry about what is going to happen with Ray and also with Wendy. I’m afraid that this moment (as great as it was for Tiva fans) was just that, a moment, and that it won’t be addressed again this season. This back & forth dance is what will turn it into a soap opera & give us ALL ulcers. If they would just be a bit more subtle, keep the moments between them positive & friendly and keep out the outside love interests then we may all be able to enjoy the show. Pro-Tivas can view it as a blooming relationship and Anti-Tivas can view it as a strong partnership.

  49. Katie says:

    #16: I agree about Cam and Mitchell, it’s been bugging me for a while. Not including times when they’ve had separate plots, I feel like at least 50% of their storylines revolve around the two of them fighting for some reason. They usually make up by the end of the episode, but still, it seems like there is rarely an episode where they don’t fight. I know Claire & Phil and Gloria & Jay fight too, but it just seems like it happens with Cam & Mitchell much more often.

  50. Matt says:

    YAY to Penny/Dave! It provides lots of comic possibility!