Vampire Diaries Preview: 'Payoff' for Damon and Elena, Love for Klaus, and Even More Originals!

Is there anything more torturous than waiting almost two months for a new episode The Vampire Diaries? If so, it’s gotta be waiting the last few hours until the show finally returns tonight (The CW, 8/7c). But, executive producer Julie Plec promises, “It will be well worth [your] while” if you tune in. “There’s a good little series moment.”

Here, TVLine gets her to dish on what’s ahead for Damon and Elena, a romance forKlaus, Tyler and Caroline’s relationship, the introduction of Alaric’s new leading lady and more!

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DAMON & ELENA: AT LAST! | After several very close moments this season, how much longer can the will-they-or-won’t-they pair go there without actually going there? “We’re not in the business of the eternal tease that never goes anywhere,” Plec hints. “That’s not how we like to tell our stories.” In fact, she promises that “ultimately, there will be a payoff” to the long-building sexual tension between Stefan’s ex and his bro. But, she adds, the long-awaited moment, particularly “what it is and when it happens, may be surprising to people.”

CUPID TARGETS… KLAUS?! | Does the big, bad hybrid have a soft, sentimental heart? As we previously teased, someone will catch Klaus’ eye very soon. “What he does in pursuit of that someone will be an interesting and enjoyable part of the next chapter,” previews Plec. But is being at the center of the vamp’s attention a good thing? After all, that could also mean you’re dinner. Plec laughs before assuring us the story is “an opportunity to see a side of Klaus that we haven’t gotten to see yet, which is him being attracted to somebody else. … It’s going to be lots of fun.”

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WAKE UP AND SMELL THE MANIPULATION | After some really “unfortunate” events, Tyler will “start to understand that the hold Klaus has over him is stronger than even he believed and that [the sire bond] comes at a very, very painful and ugly price,” says Plec. “He is going to have to do something about it if he has any hope of winning [Caroline] back.” And that’s a big “if.” Tyler’s defense of Caroline, to put it mildly, “doesn’t make Klaus very happy.”

THE ORIGINAL FAMILY | Romance isn’t the only thing on Klaus’ mind. He’ll be plenty busy trying to get his family back from Stefan, too. And not all of the vamps will be staying put in their caskets. “At least one of those daggered Originals is coming out of those coffins,”  teases Plec. “That will happen sooner than later.” Plec already revealed that Rebekah will wake up angry. Now we also know that Klaus will be reuniting with his brothers, Kol (Out of the Blue‘s Nathaniel Buzolic) and Finn (La Femme Muskateer‘s Caspar Zafer). Their reappearance will trigger a big reveal as to when and why they were daggered. Not to mention, “Klaus, who has been very much in control of everything for quite a long time, suddenly now has multiple siblings to deal with,” adds Plec. Good luck, buddy!

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PAGING DR. FELL | The new doc (played by Paul Wesley’s wife and One Tree Hill/Pretty Little Liars alum Torrey DeVitto) not only takes note of Alaric’s ability to survive the impossible, but she’s “definitely more than what she seems,” hints Plec. As such, she’ll turn up on the radar of… Damon! “Her interest in [Alaric] makes Damon concerned and suspicious about what she might be hiding,” says Plec. So, in the spirit of bromance, Damon does some digging to find out if Dr. Fell “is worthy of any kind of relationship with his buddy. He doesn’t necessarily like what he finds.”

Vampire Diaries fans, how pumped are you for new episodes? What are you excited for most?

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  1. EB says:

    No news on Katherine???? Is she the one who Klaus is attracted to?

  2. Ari says:

    Am I the only one who hates the way that TVD is using the word daggered? All I can think of everytime I hear it is Jean Ralphio from Parks and Rec telling Donna he was going to dagger her on the dancefloor in the episode where Tom wanted to buy shares in the Snakehole. I can neer take anyone seriously when they talk about daggering someone because all I see is Jean Ralphio.

    • Ari says:

      On the actual topic though, I’m really hoping that Klaus’ crush is Caroline! I think they would make a GREAT couple.

      • Lauren says:

        OMG I totally agree! I keep hoping that his love interest is Caroline. The story possibilities would be endless, (the dark side of Caroline, for one!) plus they are the two most awesome characters on the show, it makes sense to pair them up! The part where they say Klaus isn’t happy of Tyler’s defense of Caroline makes me hopeful. And Caroline and Klaus have never met, it would be interesting if she met him without knowing who he was.
        I really hope they don’t cop out and match him up with Torrey DeVitto or something. Please be Caroline!

        • Luz says:

          OMG I think so too! I want Caroline to be Klaus love interest. They never met and Caroline is the kind of girl I would see with Klaus.
          Besides this would put Caroline in the opposite possiton of her friends.

          Sorry if my english is bad :(

        • Emily says:

          Actually Klaus and Caroline have met. In the episode The Reckoning when Klaus give Tyler elena’s blood Caroline is there. So there’s no chance of them meeting and her not knowing who he is. I think that his face would be forever etched into her brain xD

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Delena action will probably happen when Damon rescues Elena from Stefan. Elena will hug Damon and then they look into each other’s eyes and then BAM! Delena fans go crazy!

  4. patricorn says:

    yes, kind of hoping klaus and caroline hook up, that would be AWESOME i mean the only two other choices are bonnie or katherine, and i don’t think either of them would work with klaus very well

  5. Amor says:

    Do not want Damon and Elena. Poor Stefan, sacrifices himself like he did just to have Elena angry, while the one who murdered her brother, forced her to drink his blood and etc., gets the love.

    • Lynnette says:

      Completely agree!

      • Amor says:

        I feel like the writers are underestimating the audience. I’m not forgetting about the things Damon did to Elena. I know it’s fantasy, but it’s still a stretch for her to forgive him so easily, let alone have a romantic relationship with him. It makes the character look dumb and poorly written.

        • Ava says:

          I disagree. Elena is living her life, constantly being threatened with death of a loved one or herself. I think that Damon has done a lot for Elena, especially now that Stefan is off the rails. Damon isn’t a saint but he’s had a lot of traumas in his life too. I’m not saying that justifies his past behavior but we can’t expect him, a creature for whom humanity is not the norm, to be a straight up great citizen. I think Elena sees that. She sees that he is trying to be a better man. She see he is trying, he is protecting her. He has struggled with his emotions for his entire vampire life. He’s flawed. How long is Elena supposed to stay mad at him? Look at what they’ve been through together!

          • I agree with you. Of course Damon has done bad things in the past. He’s a vampire, with all the vampire baggage that comes with it. We’ve seen Damon struggle against this throughout the course of the show, and right now we’re seeing Damon try to be a better person, and doing everything he can to protect Elena. It’s only natural she’d feel something for him at this point!

          • Jenna says:

            Damon killed Elena’s brother in front of her.

            Thankfully, he came back to life. If he’d stayed dead I’m sure they’d be telling a different story. Even if she “forgives” Damon, it’s still a stretch for me to watch her fall for him.

            Or if they go that route, they could at least present it as the twisted thing it really is. Maybe then I’d actually go for it?

            But falling for the guy who killed her brother in front of her? I know it’s a tv show, but still. I do also feel like the writers are underestimating the audience.

          • Jewels says:

            Damon is also the one who protected Elena at all costs. “In the end I’ll be the one to keep her alive.” He makes the difficult decisions because in his mind Elena’s safety trumps all else. Is it rational? Nope. Won’t debate that. On the subject of Jeremy – Damon has done more to save Jeremy’s life than anyone else. No he didn’t know Jeremy had on his ring. It was a turning point for BOTH Damon and Jeremy. The story is about second chances: Jeremy recognized the value of life, his role in this supernatural thing, and it gave him a real look at what being a vampire could be. In other words, even if you live for eternity your emotions are ALWAYS there. For Damon is made him realize just how reckless he was being and how badly he hurt Elena.

            People continue to put Stefan on a pedestal and assume that all of this is for Elena. I think just looking at “Ripper” Stefan should give anyone pause. He makes Damon’s killing sprees look like child’s play.

            Neither Salvatore is a saint. Both have their redeeming qualities. Stefan tried to kill Elena. Yep. He was compelled. He also never did anything FOR her…he did it for DAMON. :)

    • caro says:

      100% with you

    • Sandi says:

      Ditto! I much prefer Stephan to Damon for Elena.

    • Ella says:

      Stefan is a bore. Elena has mad chemistry with Damon and a lot more story possibilities.

  6. @amor says:

    What about the stuff that Stefan did to Elena? Lets not forget he is a vampire too and has done some awful things.

    • Amor says:

      Sorry, like I said it’s a fantasy show, but what Damon has done to her tops anything Stefan has done to Elena. For me, this is not about the two couples, it’s about the inconsistency behind Elena being so angry at Stefan right now, while she was barely angry at Damon for doing way worse, multiple times.

      • nonabgo says:

        It’s natural for Elena to be angrier at Stefan than at Damon, after all, Stefan is supposedly the love of her life and people you most love have the most ability to hurt you. Plus, she already knew about Damon’s dark side when she met him, she didn’t know about Stefan’s, so his actions are all the more shocking.

        • Lizzy says:

          Yes I completely agree here. It’s one thing for a ‘bad guy’ to start turning good and a completely different matter for the ‘good guy’ to go bad. As a hardcore Delena fan, I still struggle with some things that Damon has done. But we all know that Stefan played a HUGE part in Damon’s past life and that explains a lot why he acted the way that he did. Stefan mislead Elena a LOT in the beginning of their relationship- making Damon out to be worse than he was and making himself out to be better than he was. Damon had a LOT he needed to forgive Stefan for and it’s been great seeing Stefan and his brother start making amends. As for Damon and Elena, Damon has been doing SO much for Elena. Haven’t you noticed how he has even been doing his best to help Elena and Stefan’s relationship succeed? Of course he can’t help his feelings for her, but Damon has been nothing but selfless towards Elena and her relationship with Stefan. Risking his life to bring his brother back over and over again for Elena’s sake. Going to Elena, being honest and telling her that he will help her bring him back when he could have easily let it go. Damon has changed so much since Season 1.

          • nightmagic says:

            thank you for sticking up for Damon as everything you have said is true .Damon has done everything to try to be there for Elena and saved her countless times .Damon deserves to get a happy ending .

  7. Erin says:

    Um, hello? What about the awakening of the most important original, Elijah?

    • Jen says:

      My thoughts exactly! I was really happy that he was in the flashback to the beginning of the Originals (I’m still sweating ;3), but I really miss him in the present, they should get him out of the coffin again, too. :(

    • Word says:

      I am really bored with Klaus. He was never as awesome as Elijah. Klaus just kind of whines a lot. Elijah was a man of action!

    • nightmagic says:

      i hope that happens soon too !!!! i love Elijah .

  8. Ange says:

    I don’t understand this show, I mean usually they follow the books right? But this show completely does not follow what happens in the books at all except they kept the same names! Elena and Katherine are supposed to be dead when Klaus is around. And Elena and Damon never ever get together in the 5 books that are out, not sure about the newest but I doubt it. How could the Author actually agree on this? And before you all day if you don’t like it don’t watch it and don’t comment, I’m just so exasperated on how this show slaughtered the books and was wondering if those who actually read the books if they watch the show and feel the same way or actually like how the show is going?

    • Lauren says:

      I haven’t read the books, but I thought Damon and Elena ended up together in the last ones and then the publisher fired the author and hired someone to write it more Stefan/Elena biased. But as I said, I haven’t read them, so I could be wrong. But I don’t think that the author has any say on what happens on the tv series once the rights are signed over, unless she is signed on as a producer or something.
      I feel like television shows rarely follow an entire book series – Pretty Little Liars, True Blood, Gossip Girl – all of those series have taken aspects of the books but changed them. It would be quite boring if the series were an exact replica of the books, but I can understand as a book reader why you would be frustrated.

    • TVDFreak says:

      The series is not a direct adaption of the books. It takes the basic elements and reworks them into a new version of the story. It’s the same way with True Blood and Dexter. Wouldn’t be a very exciting tv show if all it did was retell a story the book fans already knew, would it?

    • kippy12345 says:

      Movies and tv shows are just based on the books that they are adapted from. It would be difficult to directly follow a book with no changes in terms of the pacing and length of a tv series. I have read TVD books and I can appreciate the great story they tell. However, I dont need to hear it again. The show is just an alternate story. It should be taken as a completely seperate series. If you liked the books you should be excited to see what the show writers come up with that is different than the book author when they have the same start point. Same characters but two totally different and awesome stories.

    • Katy says:

      I read the books, all of them, and I hated them! I found them to be boring, unexciting and that all the characters to be unrealistic, unlikeable and well, boring! I especially hated Elena, there was not a single attractive, endearing quality to that character. I then decided to watch the show, just out of curiosity (ok, just out of Ian lust to be perfectly honest) and i was so pleasantly surprised. I LOVE the show, it is one of my favourites and I love that it is nothing like the book. I am a reader, I read hundreds of books a year and whenever a film or tv show is made of a book i have read, the inaccuracies and inconsistencies and the bits added or ignored drive me crazy! The fact that this show does not follow the books at all, makes it very easy to watch. for me there are two seperate vampire diaries – the books, which are a snooze fest, and the show, which is fantastic. I have also read the Secret Circle and feel the opposite about that, while i loved that book, i hate the tv show. Oh, and one more thing – i read the original books ten years ago, begfore the current obession with vamps/werewolves/the supernatural kicked off, and then re-read them when i heard they were amking the tv show.

      • Sofie says:

        I totally agree! The books are truly awful, the stories in there just spiral to the extreme and the whole vampire mythology is lost somewhere in book three I think, it’s all about werefoxes or whatever. I really love the show, but hated the books. (the first one was alright and more like the show, but the rest – absolutely terrible)

    • Faith says:

      The books royally stink! The TV show, OTOH, is cool and fun.

    • Danny says:

      I like reading too but honestly the Vampire Diaries books are cheesy and would not make a good TV series. Just like the True Blood books are corny and had to be changed for HBO plus if the Dexter show followed the books, it would be about demons and voodoo. Sometimes TV writers are better than the book writers in this case. Get over it.

    • damonfreak says:

      gt n to d th buk..”shadow souls”
      its al dalena…
      js luv it…
      dy shd try to dpct it,if dy wana shw d chmstry in btwn damon n elena..
      n i lyk d character of elena alot mr in d buk,rthr dn in d sers..

    • Emma says:

      I have read the books and I’m OK with the story their telling. No TV show or Movie ever matches up to the books 100%. Either you like it the way their telling or not. Also, Damon and Elena may have never officially hooked up in the books. But there way plenty of times that he was kissing her and she was letting him. She even let him bite her a few times when they were in the other world to rescue Stefan. Maybe I just see it different because I am an Elena and Damon fan but she let him kiss her as the books go on. I love the story that’s told in the books and on TV. As for the last book it’s ok but it’s by a different author so when it doesn’t seem the same it’s not.

    • Nicki says:

      Damon and Elena get together towards the middle of The Hunters: Moonsong. Damon saves her life from a speeding car, Stefan catches them kissing and leaves Elena but not before cutting ties with Damon again.

  9. Reward says:

    More Katherine, please.
    We need her :D

  10. kita says:

    Please let the love interest for klaus be bonnie!

    • Sasha says:

      I second that! The tension between those two would be hot!

    • Manie says:

      I’m putting my vote on these two too. Julie Pec never said it was lovey-dovey and the way she talked about it, it looked like a one-side thing (Though I hope it will not be for long! KLONNIE) And before season 3 began, she said that Bonnie would find herself at the center of the Originals crap… SO… Let’s just hope that she meant Klaus falling for Bonnie! XD

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, Bonnie was my first thought as well, although it seemed toward the end of the midseason hiatus that they were pushing her towards Matt a little.

  11. I don’t necessarily want Damon and Elena to hook up or anything, since I don’t feel like they really have long-term potential. But I think at least a real kiss (not a pity kiss or a mistaken identity kiss) is in order sometime soon. And I also agree that we need to get Elijah back. I think he was far more interesting than Klaus, and I’d rather see him again than these new relatives. (Although I think they’ll be good, too.)

  12. nonabgo says:

    What about Elijah??

  13. Katie says:

    I LOVE Damon/Elena! I like Stefan/Elena, as well, but I have always thought they had a “love at first sight” and mutual intrigue in each other that will eventually taper off as they grow. Damon and Elena have a deeper connection, whether Elena would like to admit it or not. As for Stefan, I love him with Katherine, but most of all I have always wanted to see him with Caroline!

  14. sarah says:

    Elena and Damon will hook up because Elena will feel she has lost Stefan for ever BUT eventually when it comes out that Stefan did all he did since Klaus returned last season was to protect and save Damon from death…then they will feel super bad and Elena will get back together with Stefan and they will try to keep it a secret but it will come out one day and Stefan will be super hurt and break up with Elena thus sending her back to Damon…I am one of the people on Team Stelana so I want them together in the long run

  15. Jenna says:

    I’m glad to see so many fans of Stefan and Elena out there. I was worried I was the only one. They just seem to have such a natural chemistry together. And everything Stefan is doing it is to protect the ones he loves.

  16. Nisha says:

    Have you ever seen the promo for tonights episode. The things that Stefan does is right up there with everything Damon has done. Only difference is Damon was trying to protect here when he fed her his blood, can’t say the same about Stefan.

  17. celtRP says:

    Kol + Finn = Colin + Finn.

    How very Gilmore Girls…

  18. Rayne says:

    Damon and Elena…….finally!
    After 2 years of the Stefan/Elena snooze fest, there will
    be some HOT action. Actually, I would like to more interaction
    between Stefan/Caroline, or Stefan/Rebekah, or Stefan/Bonnie,
    in other words anyone but Elena….been there, done that.
    As for a romantic interest for Klaus, I am guessing there is
    someone in one of those coffins that KLaus was in love with
    1000 years ago. Maybe he had a wife, or a sister-in-law was
    the object of his affection. If he is interested in someone
    in present day Mystic Falls, I doubt it will be any of Elena’s
    circle of friends. Maybe it will be Dr. Mary Fell. Considering
    she will be a love interest for Alaric, it would be fitting
    for Klaus to be attracted to her. After all Klaus
    killed & sacrificed Alaric’s girlfriend (Aunt Jenna) in season
    2. Poor Alaric! He cannot catch a break.

  19. Paige says:

    What are you guts talking about???? I LOVE Caroline and Tyler together!!!! I also think Stefan and Elena should try to keep their love going. I like Damon and all, but I would rather see Elena with Stefan, they have more history together.

  20. july says:

    So cute Damon concerned about Alaric! And we wait so loong for Delena! I want more Klaus!

  21. Scott says:

    I am getting so bored with this show…I have been loyal since day one, but to many things are happening. It reminds me of the direction that they took another show, it started out really good got better in the next few seasons than went quickly downhill, I hope this doesn’t happen to TVD.

  22. Nianforever says:

    I am so excited for delena and klaus love interest should be the original petrova gal :)

  23. Jennie says:

    Never did like Tyler and Caroline. She could do so much better than him! He’s a punk-arse macho man. Lame.

  24. lisa says:

    Wow, I really wanna know who Klaus’s love interest is!! I don’t think it can be Bonnie because she already getting another love inerest which is Jamie. It can’t be Caroline because that’d be way too awkward. Elena? Seriously, I’m hoping it’s NOT Elena because I really can’t stand Elena, she’s already with the Salvatores. So that leaves Katherine ad the Original Petrova.

  25. Samantha says:

    I’m soooo excited for Klaus’s love interest and of course meeting the rest of the original family and seeing their past!!!

  26. Kelly says:

    This is the best show ever itook out work for tonight

  27. nightmagic says:

    klaus gets a love interest ? why ? and has a sentimental heart !!!

  28. nightmagic says:

    cant wait for Delena!!!!!

  29. Chanel says:

    I want stelena back eventually.plzzzz put them baq!! Elena can figure out how she feels about damon as long as she ends up baq in stefan’s arms.. And stefan can can be a badass. He can be a badass tat is still good, just kill the bad vampires that come to town.

  30. Alyssa 4 you says:

    I just want Klaroline to happen. I don’t care about much else. I DO NOT want another Petrova on the show Katherine and Elena are enough. We don’t need triplets on the show. I’m really just getting real tired of all the guys falling in love with girls who all have the same face. It’s getting creepy.

    As for Bonnie, she HATES vampires. Plus she’s getting a new bf in Jamie so…good for her. I hope he treats her right.

    Klaus, he just need to go and woo the pants off of Caroline, with his sexy English accent. He hasn’t really done anything to her for her to have a deep seeded hatred toward him (the sacrifice thing was Katherine’s idea remember that). Yes he sired Tyler, but Tyler is actually grateful that he did. Sooo yeah, give me Klaroline. It’s about time Caroline started dating real men. Enough with these high school boys.

  31. Alina says:

    I think that Elena has an excellent choice when it comes to rebound guys…


    The kiss that happened between Elena & Damon in ‘The New Deal’, was a total betrayal to Stefan. Stefan has saved Damon’s live a countless amount of times, and how does Damon repay him? By taking the first chance he gets and kisses Elena.
    Damon has done so many bad things and she forgives him. Just like that.
    Elena feels betrayed because Stefan ruined there plan? Stefan should feel betrayed because the woman he loves started getting all smitten for his brother as soon as he left.

    Stefan has every right to be pushing Elena away. He didn’t technically do anything wrong. He loves his brother and he saved his life when he was bitten by a werewolf. Elena seems to be only looking at the bad things he’s done, but doesn’t seem to remember everything Damon has done.

    I use to be a huge Damon fan when the show began, but he as the show progressed the character turned into a disappointment.

    And I absolutely love Klaus! Nuff said :)

  32. Michael says:

    Julie’s use of “someone” keeps making me think a guy catches Klaus’ eye for some reason. Maybe I’m overanalyzing it.

  33. Marles says:

    I absolutely agree! Adore Stefen!

  34. LittleMomma says:

    In my opinion, this show is ultimately about Damon and Elena. Don’t get me wrong, I love Stefen to pieces and am happy to see him and Elena loving each other…but, initially, Stefen’s reason for coming back and or staying in Mystic Falls was to “get to know” the girl that “looks exactly like Katherine” (whom he once adored). They met, he got to know her, learned that she is the total opposite of Katherine, fell in love with her because of this, etc. Damon on the other hand, fell in love with her in spite of the fact that she looks like Katherine. Damon loves Elena with every fiber of his being. Yes, he came back to town and caused Havic but he was a different person at that time. Elena has watched Damon evolve from an unstable, reckless, unreliable ticking time bomb into the complete opposite. Damon would quickly lay down his life for Elena without hesitation. Yes, Stefen loves her as well. And she loves them both, but, the chemistry that her and Damon have is truly undeniable and at the end of the day, I would much rather see her with Damon than Stefan (sorry Stef). There is nothing that Damon wouldn’t do for her, he is always there for her to pick up the pieces. Damon in my opinion is the Epitome of a torn soul learning to heal and become whole. So many of us can relate to him in the sense of overcoming struggle. He is more human than Vampire.

  35. Eilis says:

    I seriously seriously cannot see Klaus/Bonnie. Bonnie is getting a love interest in the form of “Jamie” I think. I actually hope this romance DOES work out because it’s either that or she forgives Jeremy (I liked those two). I think Caroline is still cut out over Tyler. I hope Cyler (Tyler/Caroline) get together again because he actually cared. Matt broke up with Caroline once he heard of her being a vampire and stuff. That leaves Elena. I don’t know but I did see something between them these past few episodes. I don’t know, a spark? Well definitely something. It would be interesting as he needs her blood for hybrids so it would make for interesting viewing. I’m also excited for Dr Fell who joined the show. It will be good for Alaric :) So I’m wondering who Klaus’ love interest will be? I don’t think it will be Bonnie or Caroline, because they remain completely loyal to Elena no matter what.

    • Bea says:

      I wonder how Paul (Stefan) and his wife ( Dr Fell) manage to act so well and watch each other on the same set, romancing others on the show. I couldn’t do that! They make a very handsome couple! Plus I’d like to see a MUCH HOTTER kiss between Elena and Damon, especially if they are going to have Elena go back to Stefan eventually. Julie Plec had said that yes eventually Elena does become a vampire, but they want to put that off for as long as possible. I wonder if they are still going to do that now. I am glad that they got rid of Uncle John, but we need more plain people other than Matt, Sheriff Forbes, and Carol Lockwood on the show too, oh and Jeremy when he comes back.

  36. Jen says:

    I have to agree with a previous comment, I think klaus’ love interest will be someone from his past. I can’t really see any of our heroines having a change of heart where klaus is concerned. Elena’s got both Salvatores, Bonnie is way too judgmental to get past his general evilness, and Caroline, well, she just belongs with Tyler! Forwood is by far my favorite couple on tvd, perhaps in all of television. There’s too much between them to just leave it as it is and have Caroline run off to klaus. Not to mention it would be super hypocritical of Caroline to hook up with klaus when she broke up with Tyler over his allegiance to the very same hybrid. Forwood always!

  37. Megan says:

    I want klaus to like caroline. I’m over forwood. Never really cared for them. I would actually like to see Caroline in a more adult relationship. Something a bit more complex and complicated. Matt and Tyler are too perfect and way too cookie cutter for my taste. But klaus us jaded and worldly and not to mention beyond sexy. Caroline could learn a thing or two from Klaus, and come out becoming a more dynamic and complex character for it. I honestly think a relationship with Klaus can enrichen Caroline’s character. With Tyler and Matt I mean it was cute. But I just feel like Caroline would really grow and shone with Klaus. Which is what I want. I want Caroline to get a little jaded too, I mean seriously, she is a vampire! She should be written more like one and less like a school girl.

    Look at Jessica from true blood. She’s a baby vamp. And she is young but she is still badass! I just want that for Caroline.

  38. Li says:

    Really looking forward to finding out who Klaus’s love interest will be!! I love him, he has so much potential as a character. As for those of you who think that he is going to fall in love with Caroline or Bonnie, I have to say I think you’re going to be wrong. Caroline won’t work because of the whole Tyler issue. Plus I love Caroline and I love Klaus but I don’t think they have any chemistry at all. Plus Caroline doesn’t strike me as the forgive and forget type of girl. Bonnie is pretty much anti vampire, so the chances of that happening is pretty slim. Also as far as the original Petrova, I doubt it because if that was the case Elena would have had some effect on him similar to the way she had an effect on Damon and Stefan. I honestly think that they are going to introduce a new character for him. I hope it happens soon, I think he needs a hug after the last episode :3

  39. Renessa says:

    I just can’t choose between stelena and delena but I know delena is hotter

  40. Bea says:

    PS PLEASE stop with the long breaks, you’ll keep your viewers and get more if it’s a full TV season as it was in year 1! Please don’t get bumped.

  41. Jay says:

    I totally agree STELENA not DELENA!!!

  42. heather says:

    i totally agree delena is and always will be highly rated better because there more chemistry between them he willing to do anything for her he does deserve a happy ending because all his seen is pain no happiness katherine and stefan are better together same person anyway they connect more one bad one good = greatness
    caroline and klaus
    rebakah and matt

  43. vana says:

    i think that demon & elena make da cutest couple,with his sexy body n her cute face but stefan n elena they look like n old couple they fit enough 2 b in n history book.klaus is sexy his act sent is 2 dy 4 i adore him!!!!!!charoline n klaus match with his sexy charm n her wild look unbelievable im 100% on team DELENA