Vampire Diaries Recap: The Kissing Time

[Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

In typical Vampire Diaries fashion, the CW series returned this Thursday with an action-packed episode. There were big reveals, shocking deaths and one very, very long-awaited kiss. Let’s take a look at the episode’s biggest surprises.

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MAKING OUT | Executive producer Julie Plec told us there would be romantic “payoff” for Damon and Elena, and she wasn’t kidding! In fact, it came much sooner than anyone probably expected. Damon decided that if he was going to feel guilty about something, it wasn’t going to be about thinking of and wanting Elena, but actually kissing her — and then he swooped in for a smooch! Unlike the Season 1 finale, this time it was really Elena that he was kissing, and it looked like she really liked it! Now, the question is: Will Elena really let Stefan go and move on to his bro? Between slapping Stefan and her confession to Damon that it’s over, it seems she’s finally coming to terms with the fact that it’s not up to her to fix Stefan.

KNOCKING THEM DOWN | Klaus continued to use Elena as a pawn to try to get his family’s coffins back from Stefan. He compelled Jeremy to walk out into the street and wait for a car to hit him. Thankfully, Alaric pushed him out of the way, but got pummeled and killed in the process. (Even though he was wearing his ring, the impact of the car still elicited a gasp from this recapper.) But Klaus’ threats, while dangerous, were all for nothing now that Stefan and Elena are on the outs. Still, Elena has to protect her loved ones, which brings us to…

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JEREMY CAN’T STOP FORGETTING | In another Season 1 echo, Elena decided that her little brother deserved to have a normal life and asked Damon to erase his memories. Damon compelled him to leave town and never think of Mystic Falls again, but we’re dubious that Jeremy will actually stay away. Now that the boy is in the know and involved in the mythology, it’s hard to imagine the show writing him off. Plus, can’t Elena keep at least one relative? (How chilling — and probably true — was Jeremy’s statement that none of them are going to make it out of Mystic Falls alive?)

THE DOCTOR REVEALED | Dr. Fell dropped a doozy not on Alaric but on fans of the Vampire Diaries book series, revealing her first name to be Meredith. We’re no book experts, but we know Meredith is an important character in the novels and one fans have been clamoring to see on the show, so this is an exciting and surprising turn of events. It also gives Alaric more of a meaty storyline as the pretty doc seems to be very interested in his healing abilities and, hopefully, him as well. However, Damon — SPOILER ALERT! – will not be Meredith’s biggest fan.

Vampire Diaries fans, what did you think of tonight’s return? Did the Damon and Elena kiss catch you by surprise? Are you excited Meredith’s finally made her way onto the show? And what are you hoping to see next?

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  1. LGW says:

    yay first comment omg such a good episode

  2. Nancy says:


    I’ve only been waiting for that for oh 3 years or so. IT’S ABOUT TIME.

  3. jessica b. says:

    I honestly thought they would make us wait longer, but I’m so damn happy they didn’t! That kiss was everything! I’m so excited to see what comes next.

  4. Clara says:

    Is it just me, or does anyone else notice the ridiculous amount of makeup they put on Damon? Other then that, enjoyed the episode despite the lack of Caroline. They best not be getting rid of Jeremy for long.

  5. Captain says:

    I’ve read the first book and it doesn’t seem like Dr. Fell has anything to do with Meredith from the books. That Meredith was Elena’s teenage best friend. I’d say it was more of an homage to the books than actually introducing her as a new character.

  6. Danielle says:

    Let me start off by saying I’m not a Delena fan but even I was saying kiss already to get it over with. I didn’t like however how it was done. I thought that Damon wouldn’t know what Stefan did for him so because he did know I say it was a douche move and at this point I can’t stand Elena and she doesn’t deserve to be with Stefan. I hate that Jeremy is going to be gone again when he just got back. Caroline was definitely missed. The only thing I really did like is that Tyler may be catching on that his logic makes no sense at all.

    • Manie says:

      The kiss was predictable and I actually didn’t enjoy it at all. Of all the reasons he could have chosen to kiss her “At least I’ll have something to feel guilty about” So I totally agree with you Danielle, that was a douche move.

      Except that, Jeremy being the one to leave was also obvious. In that episode I enjoyed Tyler, Bonnie, Klaus, Stefan scenes. Sad that Caroline wasn’t there, but it’s okay.

      • Pamela says:

        Hullo. A douche move?? It’s Damon. Do you watch the show?

        • Manie says:

          Yes I do, thank you very much! (people these days)

          My point was that he could have kissed her for a better reason! Like I don’t know because he loved her. That moment was ruined for me when he said that he needed a reason to feel guilty.

          • Liz says:

            He does love her. She knows that. This was just I feel guilty for loving her and because my brother saved me so if I’m going to feel guilty for something he knows already might as well enjoy something more. lol
            I agree its Damon all his moves are douchy. That kiss was good and mostly because Ian & Nina are dating

          • Holly says:

            Er… He does love her. That’s WHY he wanted to kiss her. He decided to kiss her AT THAT MOMENT because he was already feeling so guilty for loving her and wanting to kiss her, that he figured he might as well have the payoff if he had to live with the guilt.

    • Nidia says:

      Yeah, Elena doesn’t deserve Stefan at all. Sure the guy has been acting like a jerk all season and he doesn’t care if her brother dies but Elena is the one with the problem for kissing a guy that has been loyal, supportive and did I need to mention how handsome he is?

  7. daena says:

    damon not happy bout someone means he knows them. so… I don’t like the sound of that.

  8. Ari says:

    So how long is Jeremy going to be gone? I hope he is out there and finds a way to come back even more kickass than ever! My one complaint about TVD is that the humans are so dour. Jeremy and Alaric are always fighting the path that is in front of them. I want to see them embrace it! Alaric is lost after what happened last year. I want them to be strong too. Looking forward to the weeks ahead but not looking forward to a Jeremyless TVD.

    • Susan says:

      In season 1 Jeremy was the reason I stopped watching – his constant moping around was so irritating. He’s also the reason I started watching again in season 2 – his character matured a bit and lost the emo attitude. I was so hoping they’d build more scripts around the supporting cast by focusing more and more on their story lines and less on the boring threesome of Elena, Stephen and Damon. I really thought they’d develop Tyler, Matt, Caroline and Jeremy’s characters even more but with Jeremy gone for who knows how long and Matt only popping up for 60 seconds at a time, I’m losing interest fast.

      • Kate says:

        I gotta agree form the beginning of Season 2 i stopped watching for the show and mainly for the amazing supporting cast of Tyler, Caroline and Jeremy and sometimes Matt an dbonnie, i found these character SO MUCH more interesting than the main 3, now i kinda yawn every time Elena speaks, she just bores me endlessly, less Elena and Damon time (Stefan has actually become interesting this season) and more for the amazing supporting cast please!

  9. Snapy says:

    I am just so excited that they finally brought on Meredith!! Wasn’t expecting that!

  10. Ashley H. says:

    Tonight’s kiss was wonderful and I am very excited to see what happens next. I love Vampire Diaries! :)

  11. AT says:

    I enjoyed tonight’s episode! I’m especially happy with the introduction of Meredith. I didn’t see that one coming. In the books, Meredith is the one person Damon is kind of intimidated by because she’s so intelligent. So it makes sense that Damon won’t like her on the show. Well anyway, I think it’s the right time for Jeremy to leave for a while, it was time for a Damon/Elena kiss and I especially love that Meredith is FINALLY on the show.

  12. Justin says:

    Sigh. This show gets me every episode. Tonight was no different. Jeremy leaving. Damon and Elana FINALLY kissing! I felt like a teenage girl. I got all tingly inside. Best love story on TV.

  13. Liz says:

    I’m probably one of those of unpopular opinion but I didn’t enjoy the kiss at all. Yes I am a Stelena shipper, but really I felt like it wasn’t appropriate for him to kiss her then, especially with what he said. Ian is a god, as is Nina, I love them, and they did a great job though.

    I thought Stefan needed to be slapped though, because he’s being a major a-hole lol.

  14. Sierra says:

    I am definitely a Delena fan and have been waiting for this kiss for a long time coming now, but I have mixed feelings about it. I totally love that they finally kissed, but it didn’t feel electrifying the way I thought it would. I think its safe to say Elena did enjoy it and is for sure interested in Damon, but I think it would have been nice if she had maybe initiated the kiss, or maybe she isn’t ready to fully accept her feelings for him yet in light of Stefan and his drama? Either way, I’m 50/50 on it: happy it happened, wishing it had been better.

  15. Suz says:

    I don’t understand why they (the writers) would send Jeremy away. He is Elena’s only relative and important to the show. Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson has said that the show is about family, so I’m confused. Jeremy tonight was great, especially when he pulled a “Dean Winchester” and took care of the hybrid. I thought he brought some excitement to the show tonight. I miss the old Damon and Stefan. I keep watching hoping at least Damon will go back to the Damon of Season 1 and 2 but the writers are determines to have Stefan as the bad brother. I love whats going on with Tyler and I also missed Caroline tonight. I will keep watching, but not enjoying it as much as I have the past couple seasons.

  16. Caitlin says:

    I honestly wasn’t expecting the kiss. I though they would tease us and make us wait, but god am I happy that they didnt! I loved how Damon finally maned up and told Elena how he felt! It was so cute.

  17. Ruby says:

    Woohoo Damon/Elena! FINALLY! Kudos to Nina though, she has so much chemistry with BOTH of the brothers, it’s hard to decide which one to root for.

    Elena haters need to DIAF.

    Sad to see Jeremy go. Hope he comes back eventually, but there isn’t much to do with his character at this point anyway.

  18. Beth Ann says:

    Jeremy goes all kick ass and they’re sending him away?! I’m not pleased about that – he better only be away for a little while!

    • Kate says:

      I have a feeling that he had vervained himself before Damon talked to him, and he will go away (a bit like Connor in Angel)to enjoy his new life but come back all mighty strong and awesomely kick buttish and save everyone life! Thats what I’d do as writer, because otherwise sending him away with no knowledge means there is no reason for him to come back thus ending Jeremy’s story!

  19. Danielle says:

    Ugh. Really wish I hadn’t read the title of this article in my RSS feed before watching the episode. Thanks for spoiling what would have been a fantastic surprise.

  20. Deb says:

    We still do not know exactly what happened when Katherine woke
    Klaus’ father… remember him? Did I miss something?

  21. Danny says:

    LOL – yes! I noticed Damon’s makeup too! At any rate – what a great episode. I loved it!!

  22. I hope they’re not planning on writing Jeremy out for good! That does seem to be in the best interest of his character – going away for the foreseeable future – but it also just puts him further away from anyone who can help him if someone tracks him down. Hopefully it’s like Tyler leaving town in Season 2, and he’ll be back. Also, I thought the kiss was fine! Not every kiss is going to have a big lead-up. It’s interesting that everytime Damon thinks Stefan is gone for good, he realizes that he’s still got some good buried in there. By actually kissing her, at least Elena now knows (although how could she not have??) that he’s into her despite her ties to Stefan.

  23. Sharie says:

    SO EXCITED to see Meredith. I wonder if she’ll become a series regular because Meredith was really important to the books, and what her dynamic with Bonnie and Elena would be.

    Not a Delena fan, so agree with others on number 23456 of Damon’s douche moves. To be honest, these two do not make sense to me. I’m not sure I’d be attracted to a guy who killed my brother, tried to kill both my best friends (Bonnie and Caroline), tried to kill my boyfriend, killed some other people here and there, and made moves on me against my will earlier in the seasons. But to each his own. I would say this whole thing is detrimental to Elena’s character.

  24. lo says:

    well, I guess all the Delena fans are happy now. For me, the old Damon had more chemistry with Elena. I liked Stefan/Elena, although at times they were a boring couple. Now that the writers have almost role revesed Damon and Stefan, I really like the new Stefan, and Damon has become boring and predictable.

    So, the kiss we all knew was coming, it’s was time, but, for me, lost the impact for me now that I find Damon/Elena somewhat boring. Before you all write that I;m crazy, it’s just how I feel, and I know that’s not the popular opinion, but I’m happy for all the Delena shippers out there. Actually I liked a Damon/Elena and Stefan/Katherine pairings because,prior to taming the now predictable Damon, therw was a lot of chemisty between both pairings b/c of the character differences.

    I’d actually prefer that Elena not be with anyone rather than flip from brother to brother, but hey, then it wouldn’t be this show. I hope Jeremy comes back, he was finally getting a bit of a decent storyline, and Steven McQueen is great to look at too.

  25. ggny says:

    so they finally make Jeremy a badass and then they ship him off the show? makes no sense at all no get ride of Jeremy a good character when you got boring characters like Tyler and Matt still around i really hope he isnt gone for long but from the interview the creator did with EW it looks like he is gonna be

  26. Drew says:

    Elana kissed a murderer and a rapist. People are supposed to feel good about that? You could say that he hasn’t murdered in a little while (aww, how comforting) but the dude was raping Andie for about a year.

    I know we’re supposed to overlook these things, or make some sort of excuse for their behavior. But how can anyone sympathize with Daman or Stefan to that degree? A redemption plot is fine and good, just so long as we aren’t supposed to stop seeing the characters for what they are. Monsters. Not love interests.

  27. Rachel says:

    The sound that came out of my mouth when they kissed was not human.

  28. aimee says:

    I havent read the books. Who exactly is Merideth? Can someone give me an overview?

    • jaded says:

      Bonnie is actually who Meredith was in the books, only Meredith was a witch a la having Celtic druids in her bloodline.

    • lo says:

      in the books, Meredeth was a close high school friend of Elena’s and Bonnie’s. In the books, those characters are good friends. Caroline is more like a frenemy to Elena, and was not turned in the books.

      The tv show is based on the books, but do not follow the exact book story lines, rather use the books as a reference/essence when writing their weekly episodes, but creatively are different than the books. I think using the character name for the Dr is just a tip to the books, but the character on the show is not linked to the character in the book series. Does that help at all?

      • Katy says:

        Meredith is NOT a witch in the books – Bonnie is the witch in teh bookd, but she is a wuss and a wimp, not bad a$$ like the show’s bonnie, and she is a hyper redhead with scottish/druid ancestry. meredith is very smart, very marure and a bit of a wet blanket. however, her grandfather was killed by vampires and so her family has a history with vampires AND in the books meredith and alaric start a relationship, once she graduates high school (he IS a teacher after all) and, in the show, the fell’s are one of the founding families, and dont forget that jenna dated logan fell, who we must assume is a relative of dr fell and who turned out to be a vamp, we must assume that she will either know about vamps or come to know about them. there is great potential here.

  29. Alex says:

    Great episode but the love of God someone please cut Damon’s hair!!! Every time I look at the mullet forming I’m like this is not doing him justice. And as much as I prefer Damon with Elena, I miss ‘old’ Damon. He needs some of his original bad ass self back vs sappy emotional Damon. It’s what made him so sexy to begin with.

  30. Susy says:

    I loved last night’s episode! Finally, we DELENA fans got the kiss we’ve been waiting for three seasons- and it was worth the wait! I’m very happy!

  31. em says:

    First of all, I used to be a huge Delena fan before, but my love for them has greatly declined since season 1. That said, I thought the kiss, although not as epic as I thought it was going to be, was completely understandable. Some people in real life have a hard time with self control, so I don’t expect a vampire like Damon to have it either. If anything, I was actually surprised he controlled his urge for this long since season one when he thought it was Elena. Damon was always kind of a character who made snap decisions, so I think this move actually brought back that unpredictable side of him which I think has been definitely lacking in the past year.

  32. Danielle H says:

    Didn’t love this episode. Everyone was a bit too pouty for me, even in VD land, lol. Last few minutes redeemed it though. Couldn’t stop grinning during the kiss.
    The REAL shebang will be when Elena goes after Damon. It’ll be explosive.

  33. Melinda says:

    Thank goodness for my subscription to HULU Plus, because normally you can’t watch TVD until after the 8th day that it’s aired BUT with my subscription I’ve been watching the last few minutes of yesterday’s episode, over and over and over again. **Squeaks with delight**. Damn, Ian is hot and I LOVE his facial expressions! It’ll be interseting to see where they take the storyline from here.

  34. Susy says:

    @Danielle H, I too couldn’t stop grinning while Damon kissed Elena. I also had the impression that if Damon hadn’t stopped the kiss,Elena would have eventually responded to it.Did you get that feeling too? I agree with you- when Elena pursues Damon, THAT will be EPIC and EXPLOSIVE!