Matt's Inside Line on Castle Bombshells, Secret Circle, True Blood, OLTL Finale, Revenge & More

Is a Castle secret about to spill? Will True Blood‘s Alcide step into a parent trap? What can One Life fans expect from the finale? Read on for those scoops, plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Castle | Throughout the intensity of “Kill Shot” and the flirty fun of “Cuffed,” one can’t be blamed for forgetting that there are still a pair of potent secrets being kept — that Rick purposely waved Beckett off the unsolved mystery of her mother’s murder, and Kate remembers Rick’s season finale “I love you.” Castle’s secret “will resurface” by season’s end, series boss Andrew W. Marlowe tells me. And at the worst possible time, might we assume? “Well, we wouldn’t be dramatists if it came at the best time,” he answers with a wink. “And I will tell you that it will have an impact on their relationship.” Want a scooch more angst, Caskett ‘shippers? Well here it is: “Beckett’s secret might resurface even earlier,” Marlowe teases.

Castle Exclusive: Drop Dead Diva’s Josh Stamberg Joins February Sweeps Arc

Revenge | As teased in this week’s Ask Ausiello, Emily Thorne will unleash a fresh batch of the R-word when Desperate Housewives alum Roger Bart surfaces as a journalist looking to pen a tell-all about the Hamptons’ elite – one mysterious blonde beauty included. The twist, per Emily VanCamp, is that while this scribe is in the dark about Daniel Grayson’s steady, “I know everything about him, and he doesn’t know that, so I get to play with fire.” EVC goes on to rave that “the episode is really fun because we go back to the old-school takedown – and Emily has been itchin’ for one!”

Revenge Boss Teases ‘Very Big’ and ‘Terrible’ Things Ahead! Plus: Someone’s Leaving!

Parks and Recreation | Dipping into the reader mailbag, Nane begs, “Please give me anything on Parks and Recreation!” Well, as Leslie scales back her office hours to hit the campaign trail, there’ll be a need to hire an extra hand at the P&R Department, and you can imagine the two very different styles of job interviews offered by Chris versus Ron. (For one, a candidate named Tammy is promptly dismissed.) Meanwhile, as Leslie presses the flesh in her bid for a city council seat, the rival candidate’s campaign manager (to be played by Kathryn Hahn) will prove quite formidable — if not downright crafty/wily, especially when it comes to targeting Pawnee’s electoral sweet spot: the “gray vote” (aka old folks).

Hot for Winter: Your January Premieres, Returns and Finales Calendar

The Good Wife | We at TVLine have been pretty vocal with our praise for this acclaimed CBS drama’s casting department – so you can understand our enthusiasm when we got wind of the full guest star list for Episode 15, which will air at the end of January. Because in addition to Glee alum Jonathan Groff, the very same episode will host encores from Parker Posey (as Eli’s ex-wife), Dennis O’Hare (blood donor-happy Judge Abernathy), Rita Wilson (attorney Viola Walsh), John Benjamin Hickey (social networking site boss Neil Gross) and Amy Sedaris (Eli’s rival, Stacie Hall). Where do the Emmy voters even start?

2012 Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Axed? What’s on the Bubble?

True Blood | Remember Alcide’s crazy ex, Debbie Pelt? Well she’s about to be crazy with family. The HBO drama is in the process of casting the not-so-dearly departed’s mom and dad, Barbara and Gordon, who will hit Bon Temps loaded with questions bout their “missing” little girl. Though both ‘rents are described as “kindly,” Gordon will be riled up and grow defensive soon enough when Alcide speaks ill of the dead. Er, of the “missing.”

It’s Official: Chris Meloni Joins True Blood as a Series Regular — Exclusive New Details!

One Life to Live | Will this ABC soap’s fans be left hanging come Friday, Jan. 13, as their All My Children counterparts were? Mayyyybe not. Though Florencia Lozano, when I visited the set in November, suggested that the “Who killed Victor?” storyline would serve up a cliffhanger in the series’ final episode, I am now hearing that’s not necessarily in the case. What is certain, a source tells me, is that there will be “a major development” in that murder mystery during the sudser’s final hour. Might Tomas be absolved of his fabricated guilt in the crime? Ted King told me to expect a final twist involving his abducted alter ego.

Secret Circle Boss Previews Cassie’s Dark Side, Ethan’s Awakening and Jake’s Return

The Secret Circle | Will Diana be up at ’em, romantically, now that she’s split from Adam? When the season resumes this Thursday, “She is struggling to deal with her breakup,” says EP Andrew Miller. “It’s easier said than done when you push someone away and say that you don’t want to see them anymore, so she’s got some emotional baggage to deal with.” Soon, though, someone could help the brunette beauty “unpack” said bags. “You can’t keep someone like Diana untangled for very long, so she will have some love in her life,” Miller hints. “It’s impossible not to.”

If there’s a show you’d like the Inside Line on, email mattmtvguy@gmail.com, and maybe it’ll get some love the next time around! (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Laura says:

    Ohh, great Castle scoop!! So exciting!! :) :)

  2. Karen says:

    twitter has exploded with this castle spoiler kill me now

  3. jazoey says:

    oh god. This Castle scoop just got me REALLY excited!!!

  4. cher says:

    Thanks Matt for the scoops! Love the Castle and Revenge scoop. Juicy!

  5. jokersjinx says:

    Can’t effin wait for revenge!

  6. Laura says:

    Finally , some jucy spoilers on Castle .thank yoou

  7. Danielle H says:

    Sigh… True Blood really has to stop adding more and more characters.. I sincerely hope they go back to Sookie this season, although I bet that doesn’t happen.

  8. Anon says:

    Thanks for the scoop on Secret Circle and Revenge! Really excited to see who Diana’s new love interest will be, if it doesn’t turn out to be Holden.

  9. Jolie says:

    Something tells me I’m gonna need anti-depressants by the end of the season of Castle. It’s tradition and this scoop just confirmed. And yet I always come up for more.

  10. TFD says:

    True Blood. Meh. They’ve messed that show up so much from the books. Gave up on it during the witch nonsense last season. I thought they messed with HP too much, but TB takes the biscuit. Such a shame, as most of the actors are well cast even though awfully written.

  11. Percysowner says:

    I’m hoping Tomas will turn out to be in cahoots with Irene and Victor Jr. to make Todd think he killed VJ. I say throw Baker in and Tomas has never been kidnapped. Then we can have the Todd and Blair reunion that I dream of.

    • Dan says:

      I just want Todd NOT to have killed Victor Lord Jr. PERIOD. I think it’s a crappy ending for the character if thats how it goes… and there can’t be any “real happiness” for Blair/Todd if its true. I would’ve MUCH preferred them outing the real killer as such other pre-existing character on the canvas (like how Lindsay, Rachel, went to prison for murders… or Powell was the serial rapist at the hospital).
      Man I’m going to miss this show! :(

    • ann says:

      This is the ending I would LOVE! Todd was right even if he didn’t know it and Tomas is really the killer. But doubt it will happen. But must say, simply having Tomas surface to say he’d been framed would be totally anticlimactic, lame, and not really a “major development” in the so-called mystery. The only major development I want to see, is proof that Todd is not a killer. After what they’ve put this character through over the years, the least they could do is leave viewers with the possibility that Todd and Blair could finally make it as the couple they so obviously are.

  12. Jon says:

    If I wanted more drama, I’ll just have to watch the news!!! Enough AWM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sara says:

    Beckett’s secret will come out, and then… just as something major (ie sex) is about to happen (maybe starting with a little smooch in Rick’s office), his secret will come out. How would that be for ‘worst possible timing’!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Sound good (meaning: worst possible) to me!

    • zaza says:

      I personally feel that Becket’s secret keeping is worse. Castle kept the stuff from her to SAVE HER LIFE, while she kept her knowledge secret just because she didn’t want to deal with it. So I’ll be really annoyed if she gives him a really hard time about it. I think, in this case, he should be the one who is more pissed off.

  14. fernando says:

    I love Revenge more and more each ep. i dont know how they do it but they just manage to make each ep. better and more intense then the last.

    I’m really tried of True Blood fans saying how the show is a mess because its nothing like the books, its been what 4 years since the show started, STFU damn its annoying, i never read the books but one thing I can tell you is that no show is like the book, I read all Pretty Little Liars books and its nothing like the show but I think the show is just awesome and you don’t see me complaining that its nothing like the books. I think Alan Ball is doing wonderful with True Blood.

  15. Vannesa says:

    WOO HOO…can’t wait to see Castle…although I have a feeling that Castle will find out Beckett’s secret…they date for a while before Beckett finds out Castle’s secret…then the cliffhanger will be Castle devastated that Beckett has turned her back on him and we’ll have to wait until next season to see the reaction.

    As for Revenge…LOVE THE SHOW. Showcasing the human capabilities and the darker juicy side of our behaviour. ;) Can’t wait. GO EMILY GO!!!

  16. RachaelA says:

    Ha yeah, this is true. Castle definitey has much more of a reason to be peeved than Beckett does!!

  17. Mari says:

    Castle is going to be the death of me.

  18. Saint Alicia says:

    Thanks for TGW news, great guests (Dennis O’Hare is my fav judge). Hopefully Sweeney and Celeste will show up at some point before the end of the season as well.

  19. Dave says:

    Castle is a great entertaining show and I do enjoy watching it every week but I have to honestly say I am tired of the will they won’t they. They spend the entire season going one step forward and two steps back toying with the idea, only to reach the end of the season and totally rip it apart. This has been the MO since the beginning. After four seasons of the same thing it has become somewhat predictable. The constant same old same old toying is becoming less entertaining . If they don’t change soon it may be too late.

    • DNW says:

      Castle is about to fall victim to the Bones Curse.

      • Patty says:

        Noooo it can´t happen, bones at least has a lot more going on, but castle it´s all about beckett and castle!

        • Jessica says:

          Well, I don’t agree with any of you, I think Castle is a great show, that every week gets you with the crime-drama combination. Don’t think it is in any way related to the “Bones Curse”
          Oh, and by the way, Bones doesn’t that much going on, just Brennan and Booth.

          • Lindsey says:

            The comparison to Bones is not even close. They are completely different shows of which I both watch. In my opinion Castle is so much better! cannot wait to see how this season unfolds.

  20. Joe says:

    Excellent news on revenge. As far as True Blood, yeah I wish they would stop adding characters, but for all we know these could just be minor characters. A lot of the characters they announced last season made only one or two appearances.

  21. Natalie says:

    Ted King the killer of all super couples of daytime TV. HATE!

    • dan says:

      Haven’t watched OLTL consistently for many years, but I decided to TiVo it for it’s last two weeks. All I kept hearing was how great it was with the best writing, acting, etc. Well, what a disappointment this week has been. Depressing. Terrible acting. Stupid storyline of every bad guy who was ever sent to prison suddenly escaping (on New Year’s Eve) and coming back to terrorize the residents of Llanview. All My Children’s last few weeks were upbeat and quirky with classic soap stories and some bizarre things thrown in (ie: all the crazy ladies “escaping” from Oak Haven after doing arts & crafts together; Angie getting her sight back; Brot getting engaged to Natalia; Cara being pregnant with David’s kid), even if the Sci-fy storyline of Dr. David bringing back characters from the dead was somewhat strange. But at least it wasn’t depressing and dark (except for JR’s trip into the bottle and crazy town). I hope that OLTL’s last week is better than this week has been, otherwise it will be going off the air on a terrible note.

      • deedee says:

        I dunno, I think OLTL is a hoot! Maybe the stunts are a little obviously fake, maybe some of the acting is a bit over the top, it is fun to watch! Can’t say that about most of the shows on TV these days. As for dark and depressing, that’s how I felt about the way AMC ended! Oh, I loved the final week, it was full of flashbacks and salutes to the past, heartwarming moments, the way I’d expect a long-running show to end. But I hated the last episode, with those lousy endings for Jack, Erica and JR. Like you, I’m hoping OLTL’s last week will be like AMC’s – except for the cliffhanger!

        • Lady C says:

          I am hoping that this is a publicity prank, a wake up call much like when they changed the Coke formula and the coke lovers got together in protest to bring back the original. Well I can tell you one thing, I love both AMC and OLTL a lot better than I like Coke! I will not be watching and Chew or fitness crap. What makes them think it appeals to the same genre? I will watch GH especially since I can get a dose of OLTL with it. May be its just wishful thinking but I cannot believe the love affair between ABC soaps and me are over. I know I got into a habit of sometimes neglecting you and catching up weeks at a time but, if you come back, I promise to give you the attention you deserve… just don’t leave!

  22. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the TGW and Revenge scoop, Matt. Speaking of Revenge, did I somehow miss the ratings post for Wednesday? I’m curious to see how Revenge did upon its return.

  23. Amber says:

    Oh my gosh, is next week really the OLTL finale? Sigh….I am not prepared, I didn’t realize it was coming up so fast.

  24. TimWnTX says:

    Thanks Matt for the One Life to Live scoop. I too don’t want Todd to be Victor’s killer. I’d love to see ‘Victor’ at the end and reuniting with Tea, but that’s not happening any more than ABC looking at OLTL’s ratings and saying, ‘maybe we should keep it.” Not gonna happen.

  25. sandee says:

    The demise of OLTL is still sad. Ironically Nathan Fillion was on OLTL and played Joey Buchanan, to this day he’s appreciative of his time there.

  26. lame says:

    The evolution of the Castle,Beckett relationship over the first two seasons was steady and organic. Season three the maturity grew but the evolution slowed. Now in this season everything has stalled,it’s as if season three never ended,like the writers forgot how to develop the lead characters. The writers seem like they’re bumping around in the dark,trying to find their way.

  27. Excellent blog post. I certainly appreciate this site. Keep writing