Y&R to Host Reunion for AMC's Angie and Jesse

All My Children may no longer be headed to the web, but a little piece of Pine Valley will soon live on in Genoa City.

Darnell Williams has booked a role on CBS’ The Young and the Restless, the current home of his longtime AMC leading lady, Debbi Morgan.

Details surrounding Williams’ role are being kept under wraps, Soap Opera Digest reports, so for now all soap fans can do is hope Y&R does the right thing and pairs up AMC‘s former Jesse and Angie Hubbard instantly — Morgan’s Harmony is single at the moment.

Soaps Dish: Two One Life to Live Hunks Heading to General Hospital?

Y&R‘s casting coup marks the fourth series on which Williams and Morgan have co-starred. They also played opposite each other on ABC’s Loving and its spin-off The City.

How excited are you to see “Angie and Jesse” together again?

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  1. George says:

    I know AMC fans are happy about all the actors coming over to Y&R from that show (I believe this new Chelsea character who’s involved w/Billy is also from AMC), but Y&R is too bloated & MAB can hardly write for the cast she already has (which is already very talented)!

  2. Carrie says:

    I love Debbi and Darnell. But C’mon Y&R! Quit stunt casting and start WRITING good material for the actors that are already on board.

  3. Hugh says:

    Who gives a flying flip at this point. Like the above poster said stuck to writing solid stories and forget the stunts.
    That has been the prob with daytime for the last 15-20 years. More focused on stunts than writing. That’s why they are going the way of the western.

    • Amber says:

      Actually, westerns are having a glorious comeback on TV thanks to shows like Deadwood, Justified, and Hell on Wheels. Most cop shows on TV seems to be written in the same format of westerns as well.

  4. Joline says:

    Still sad All My Children is over. Hope they do a one or two hour special to tie up the loose ends and give fans a proper finale.

  5. Tess says:

    Well, while I’m happy Darnell Williams has job and all, as an AMC fan, having him and Debbi Morgan reunite on Y&R isn’t going to get me to tune in to that show. They’re not playing Angie and Jesse there so who’s to say their new characters will connect in the same way? I still remember when AMC brought Beth Ehlers over to be a romantic interest for Ricky Paul Goldin’s Jake because they were paired up on Guiding Light and the thought was their on-screen chemistry would carry over, but on AMC they had no chemistry at all and the pairing was quickly scrapped.

    I still miss AMC too…but there will never be a “proper” ending there unless ABC is kind enough to air (or release on dvd) the alternate ending that had been taped and edited prior to the near save by Prospect Park. I doubt they’ll pull that out of the vault for us fans though; clearly they didn’t care about us before so they’re not going to start now.

    • elnsct says:

      A DVD is a great idea. Fans of AMC would gladly buy/rent a DVD with more episodes. Hopefully, someone will see your suggestion and realize that the market for AMC is still out there.

  6. I’t time to bring Drucilla back,she,s well overdue.If Victoria Rowell don’t want to comeback back bring on Joyful DrI’t. time to bring Drucilla back,sh

    e,s well overdue.If Victoria Rowell don’t want to comeback back bring on Joyful Drake. She is the

  7. Kara says:

    Just what YR needs…another newbie. Ugh.. Colin, Genevieve, Angelina, Chelsea (and plenty more). How about Maria use the cast she already has? and give Billy and Victoria their OWN baby, stop with the baby angst. It’s overkill. So annoying. Especially since ‘Villy’ is the only reason I started watching and continue watching this show. Damn Amelia Heinle and Billy Miller for having so much chemistry!!!!

  8. Tina says:

    Stop bringing in the AMC peeps! Chelsea is a FAIL already. Don’t need more.

  9. boo boo bear says:

    I am an avid fan of Y&R for many years & I don’t really care for the “Harmony” character so anything to do with her is wasted time imo. I don’t wish either of them anything bad but she can go, so there’s no need for him. I agree, too many plot lines and too little meat to those.

  10. elnsct says:

    I am happy to hear that Darnell Williams will join Y&R. Williams is a great actor. I can only hope that he and Debbi Morgan will have a great storyline.

  11. barbara kovacevic says:

    i have been watching y&r for over thirty years and for the most part have really enjoyed the show. however your story lines are not interesting anymore and you keep bringing back people that are suppossedly dead, in other caracters. also,your storey lines are too long and keep repeating.

  12. Arctic Barbq says:

    I don’t like the Chelsea character or the actress. I am also sick of the twists with Billy and Victoria. Why can’t they have some marital stability the way Michael and Lauren have had. Enough with the ups and downs. It’s enough to make me stop watching.

  13. Angels says:

    I’m glad to see them together maybe her and his character are husband and wife everyone sometimes has something to hide she could be a runaway wife on young and restless with kids..who knows how juicy this could get just stay tune…Hm?

  14. vivian says:

    I agree that Billy & Victoria should have their own baby. Do not like Chelsea. I did not like the actress when she was on AMC & do not like her at Y&R.

  15. theresa says:

    Why now they are stopping soap net I’m very upset about all my children. What is going on firtws it was going to be on the internet. Why promise us this bwy get evryone hopew up that is not right I dnt buy it I loved all my children then gh. After that forget it. I aand evryone else wqtch soap net just in cqase we are notb home come on we ay for the cable bill kmy boyfreind gotten it for mei don’t even want nothing no more. On this cable net work that is aq very eqn thing what they al diid for us. Ihave jothing else to say how do we get it back

  16. Misty says:

    I’m glad these people are coming over to Y & R! Yeah!!

    Most soaps story lines are goofy, but I don’t care. I have grown up with many of these faces and am happy to welcome them over.

  17. Viv says:

    I am so excited to hear that Debbie and Darnell will be together again on another Soap Opera. They are two very talented people, I hope they get great storylines and lots of air time!!!!

  18. Gail says:

    I understand some of the comments from longtime Y & R fans not wanting to open the door to actors from another soap. I was an All My Children Fan for years and there are millions of others just like me, looking for a new soap community. I started watching Y & R after AMC went off and it took me about a month to get interested in what was going on. If you truly love Y & R, then welcome the new cast members and the new fans to the show, because if you close the doors you may find yourself like all of us AMC and OLTL fans…. without a show. The more the merrier.

  19. Barbara says:

    I really miss All My Children and One Life to Live. I know ABC made a big mistake letting them go. I never even watch that channel anymore. So glad that Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams are on the Young and the Restless. They are one of my favorite daytime couples. I love them and their acting. I hope they get to be a couple again. But if not I’m happy just seeing their beautiful faces on my television again

  20. Linda says:

    Was so excited to see Darnell and Debbie on the screen together again. I hope that they make them a couple on y&R….if they don’t..they are losing a very great couple with fantastick chemistry. And I hope they get LOTS of airtime…not this 5 second stuff.

    • Devin says:

      So of you people beed to sto whinning. I have watched Y&R for decades, and I watched AMC for about 4 years before it got canceled. I think Y&R is very smart and very fortunate to have landed the three AMC actors. They are all excellent at what they do and as long as the Y&R writers can provide quality storylines for them, they will be a big assets.

  21. Kevin Powell says:

    Even though I didn’t watch AMC on a regular basis, I am familiar with “Angie and Jesse”. As a result, I was SO excited to see Darnell appear on Y&R. I hope Harmony and Sarge (sp?) do become a couple. Debbie Morgan is the best “Harmony” Y&R could have chosen. 2 thumbs up to Y&R for putting them back together again!

  22. barbara james says:

    I wish Phyllis’ son would cut his hair. Is he filming something else and that is the reason for the long, long hair?

  23. barbara james says:

    Glad to see Darnell!! Hope he hooks up w/harmony