Exclusive: Kim Kardashian Makes a Play For ABC's Last Man Standing

Kim Kardashian is keeping company with a new Man.

The ubiquitous, newly single celebutante has booked a guest stint on ABC’s Last Man Standing, sources confirm to TVLine exclusively.

Naturally, Kardashian will be playing herself.

According to a Last Man insider, the plot finds Mandy — a.k.a. the reality-obsessed middle daughter of Tim Allen’s Mike — losing her you-know-what when she runs into her idol.

The episode, which is slated to air in February, marks Kardashian’s second sitcom appearance, having previously also played herself (in a daydream of Marshall’s) on How I Met Your Mother. She also has guest-starred on CSI: NY.

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  1. Dan says:

    Two horrible things I can avoid at once. Perfect.

  2. TalkFast says:

    Thank God! I saw the headline and worried for a minute that she was the mother on HIMYM!

  3. Eric says:

    Wasn’t she on HIMYM? She acted like the airhead she is in real life.

  4. Linda says:

    Well that’ll be one episode I won’t watch.

    • Marilyn Littrell says:

      Thank God I saw this post as well. I WILL NOT BE WATCHING OR RECORDING THIS ONE FOR SURE. CAN’T STAND THIS FAKE. She is like her mom they only care about money and pretend to care about others. Money hungry witch…Tim Allen thought you had better taste and sense ABC you will loose viewers if you put these sluts on any of your ABC shows.

  5. dane samuel says:

    It’s not Kim Kardashian’s sitcom debut, she has Guest stared in Season 4 of How I Met Your Mother… Minor but still! Also I wonder how much she is paid for “appearing” on these shows since she demands such high appearance fees..

  6. Mike says:

    Ha! Got it right on the first guess.

  7. Rock Golf says:

    EXCLUSIVE: I will be heading away from ever watching Last Man Standing.

  8. Dessy says:

    Oh, God.

  9. Captain says:

    I feel like this is a desperate PR stunt on both ends.

  10. Lisa says:


  11. lalala says:

    so sick of the kardashians. They got 2 go away. Whats peoples facination w them??

    • Matthew Jahnke says:

      People need to understand that they are basically just like everyone else, but they’ve got a hell of a lot more money, face time, and publicity than the average “joe”.

      Leave it alone, and let them live their lives!

  12. Chmarin says:

    It’s so ironic that fans of the show are saying “Dear God Whyyy?”, when Last Man Standing is to the world of television exactly what Kim Kardashian is to the world of pop culture.

  13. Dizzle says:

    My thoughts exactly. Thank GOD she’s not stinking up Happy Endings.

  14. Buck says:

    She also did a 3 sec guest spot on “The Office”. I dislike her but it was funny.

  15. Renee says:

    I’m so glad its not a show I watch.

  16. Josh says:

    I also remember being on an episode of Brothers, it was actually the first time I had ever heard of her.

  17. Guy says:

    Well i will be boycotting this episode. Kim Karcrashian is a loser and a money grabber. ABC you are pathetic for even putting her on your show. Stupid idea. The quicker these Karcrashians are put to rest on the TV the better. They need to all just go away.



  19. Daniel says:

    I was just saying the other day that ABC was going to put her on one of their shows. I was wrong in thinking it would have been one of their horrible dating shows that are still on the air.

  20. Kim says:

    I actually really like “Last Man Standing” so this is a bummer because I hate Kim Kardashian (which is hard to say because my name is Kim, don’t want to say hate myself.).

  21. JB says:

    Well, that’s an episode of LMS that I will NOT watch!! I am so sick of these Kardashian idiots that it’s not even funny.

  22. theoldman says:

    TO bad abc is going to use this slut as I had just started to like LMS but I do not and will not watch any thing kardashian so NO LMS or NO more abc if they are that stupid to use her then I am DONE with abc

  23. Karen Lacey says:

    Done with the entire Family.
    If anyone works in the Guest Service field and has not yet run across these spoiled, rude, ill-mannered people run for the hills. What entitles them to be so self centered. They care not for anyone unless a camera is rolling and it’s show time. I wish the public would get wise and ignored this obnoxious group of idiots. I work on the West Coast and network with people in the industry on the East Coast and nobody who has had the “pleasure” of working with them has anything kind to say.

  24. Tc says:

    She has no where else to go. Her Q Rating (entertainment likeability) is lower than Kanye West’s. She can hang with her sister in Dallas for a bit, but Khloe & Lamar are better off without her. Their Kardashian Kollection for Sears is a bust and Sears bet on the wrong horse and is now closing many stores. She is still welcome in Vegas but has no act and is forced to wait on momentous holidays and her birthday to make money at bars. If her role in Tyler Perry’s movie is well received, she can pursue movies. For now, TV is her friend.

  25. Jay B. says:

    We will make sure in our house that this show will be turned OFF. Sorry that a TV Sitcom with a great star has to lower thier standards to the crap pit!

  26. caley says:

    Will she wear a lot of makeup and smile? I love it when she does that.

  27. James Schwartz says:

    I am amazed they found a show to put her on that I wanted to see even less than I want to see Kim which is not at all

  28. john juan says:

    I have a great idea. Why doesnt the whole family launch a new show. Yeah!! They can call it ” Bashin the Kardashians” The show can be taped in front of a live audience. Each family member can take turns reading blogs about why they are so annoying. Each person in the audience will be equipped with a barf bag. For each wrong answer the studio audience can stimulate their gag reflex and let it fly in the bag. At the end of the show, the person to stimulate the most vomit will get a special prize. You guessed it. A tasty bath of bile over their head. Maybe that would be one of their shows worth watching.

  29. Kim if u read this…..f everybody….im watching u and courtney now and kris humphries
    …….hes is a hugh dickface……rude as hell…..and stupid as a box of rocks..what were u thinking marrying him?….anyway im jenn yancey and a fan of u and ur sisters….best of luck

  30. Jenn says:

    I used to like this show. Now I defiantly won’t be watching it anymore. I even un-liked it on facebook..

  31. engelbert says:

    Oh, Jennifer Yancey darling!!! Perhaps you need a refill on your psych meds, because you are definitely out of touch. I have a news flash for you. That whole wedding thing was staged to create a media frenzy, and the Kartrashians are laughing to the bank over people like you buying their crap. Her and her family dont care about you. All they care about is their bank account. Sorry!!!!!!

  32. MissP says:

    True dt engel.i lyk khloe nd lamor thou.

  33. harold thomas says:

    Nope, not gonna do it, wouldnt be prudent! I skip this episode and any episode of any show where a Kardasian appears. Ill record the show and send emails to advertisers to show my displeasure in their supporting this travesty. Yep, My opinion and just like rear ends, we all have one and they nearly all stink.

  34. Mahala says:

    I love this show. Tim Allen is always good. As for Kim Kardashian, I WILL watch it, because I am NOT jealous of her, nor do I feel that she is a bad individual. She is her OWN person, and is just another person trying to be seen as *Just another woman/human being* trying to be like all of us. Sure, RICH is there, but, hey, why are all of you PUNISHING her for being beautiful/RICH? I sure hate to be like ALL of you *Haters* when it comes to JUDGMENT DAY. I am looking for ward to this appearance, and HOPE that she has a GREAT time doing it. Good Luck Kim.

  35. sylvia says:

    I don’t get it? There seems to be no rhyme or reason for all of the hoopla. It all boils down to an attractive, untalented family. Big deal.

  36. K.L. says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous, the public has had enough of Kim Kardashian and for her to now intrude on jobs for “REAL ACTORS” “REAL CELEBRITIES” How can any show cast this no talent, scam artist, professional liar and porn star to be on their show over a deserving actor who has trained for years and gone through the ropes to be qualified to be the person on that show. What a disgrace to Professional Actors, no wonder Actors are sounding off on this no-talent bimbo, she’s stealing from them now too! RIDICULOUS!! And I happen to like this show but, I think I’ve changed my mind about watching it anymore!!!! Makes me sick!!!

  37. JOHN BIONDI says:

    I like this show but I will NOT be watching this episode or anything else that she is in. Please GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!