Gossip Girl Hot Shots: Blair Goes Wedding Dress Shopping With [Spoiler]

Blair’s royal wedding is still on, and we’ve got the photographic evidence to prove it!

When Gossip Girl returns on Jan. 16, Blair will attempt to put the events of December’s fall finale behind her as she goes wedding dress shopping. Accompanying her as she meets with famed designer Vera Wang is not BFF Serena, but Mr. Daniel Humphrey. Perhaps he’s the one who talks her out of the little number she’s trying on in the image below and into the actual dress?

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Also of note in the following photo gallery: Chuck is alive and upright!

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  1. Tina says:

    Who cares about Dair? Chuck is alive and one day he is gonna marry Blair.

    • Sonny's Girl says:

      Um, I care about Dan and Blair as do many others. Also, did you believe for one second that Chuck was dead? Ed Westwick may be tired of playing Chuck, as he said in an interview, but he’s still under contract.

      • Bia says:

        I have a group of friends who just returned after watching Gossip Girl talking to them about joining Dan and Blair in season 4, so I’m sure the show got new fans because of this. Gossip Girl Dare to Dair.

  2. Svenja says:

    Dair… best friendship ever!!
    I would also love to see them going a step further for a period of time, but I also enjoy their sweet and innocent friendship.
    This is going to be great :)

  3. Mia says:

    If Dan talks her out of that dress not only does he have bad hair but bad fashion taste, unless he just wants Blair looking bad at her wedding.
    Who cares though Chuck’s alive! I just hope he fights for Blair so she can get out of the fairytale crap and they can be together forever.

  4. Lena says:

    Glad to know Chuck is alive… though he might not be ”well” since I can’t imagine him taking the news Blair will still marry the prince very ”wel”

    • Ari says:

      I, as a fan, am not taking that news well. I don’t understand what the point of having Blair and Chuck have this cathartic, love confessing, moment in the last episode was if it has changed nothing. This show has gotten so convoluted! I’m not saying Blair needs to be with Chuck or Blair needs to be with Dan or whatever but I feel like every time GG takes a step forward with a storyline they just step right back in the next episode and say “Just Kidding!” Make a decision and stick with it (at least for a few episodes)! Sheesh!

  5. Lauren says:

    Who cares about Dair? All the Dair fans. Don’t talk for them!

  6. Mia says:

    I see a Lily/Rufus parallel. :)

  7. jenkins says:

    I don’t care about DB and once you get rid of your hard on for them I’ll actually care about what you say.

  8. Donna says:

    Aww Blair is going wedding gown shopping with her gay BFF! So cute!

    • Petra says:

      LOL! Seriously I really did laugh out loud. That’s hilarious :D

    • DanHumphreyispathetic says:

      Dan is so pathetic. Every thing he does is more and more pathetic than the last. He is like the poster child for terrible (or no) decision making. He’s like a balloon that Blair is just dragging around with her so she has something to talk at. Grow a pair Humphrey and do something about your supposed love.

  9. Frannie says:

    Glad Chuck is alive.
    Leighton looks beautiful.
    Do I spy the Prince of Boredom?
    No matter who you are a fan of is there anyone out there enjoying the royal wedding storyline? To me if feels like a story just designed to delay them from having to resolve any other stories.

    Has there been a full synopsis for 5×11 yet?

  10. Donna says:

    Oh and Poor Chuck. :( He’s alive (yay) but he’ll be hurting watching Blair marry the Prince.

  11. Rachel says:

    I’m so excited, I really want them to get together :) Also I’m glad Chuck is ok, hasn’t he had enough near-death experiences?

    • Ellie says:

      Wow didn’t realize he has probably almost died more than everyone else. And it brings us back to GG being a little repetative. I agree they need to hussle on these to getting together. Blair and Chuck are just more annoying this season with thier constant whining. Even at the begining of last season I was going for them because the where being all sneaky and scheming. I like them like that but this season Blair is annoying & whining

  12. leigh says:

    Leighton is pretty, glad Chuck is alive, Blair looks miserable (must be the marrying thing and her company ;)

  13. Frannie says:

    Sort of sad Serena is not looking at wedding dresses with Blair. Hate the weird GG rule that you can only be friends with one person at any given time.

  14. sarah says:

    The only thing I’m happy about these pictures is to see that Chuck is alive, but he will suffer a lot to see that she continues with the damn wedding!. Poor Chuck!
    The friendship between Dan and Blair is too boring for me, so I do not care!. The only thing I care is Chair!.
    Louis has to go now!.

  15. Chris says:

    Awww Blair looks gorgeous!! I guess to beautiful to marry that ridiculous prince and that is why they change her look, I want her to look like that when she marries Chuck though! Who thank God is still alive!!! Oh bring me my Chair!!!

    And SB please, I miss my girls!

  16. mel says:

    Yay Dair! Can’t wait for the next spoiler about them tonight! Thanks so much Aus (and I appreciate your consistently good taste).

  17. donna says:

    awwwwwwwww Chuck looks so delicious and Blair looks absolutely gorgeous but they both look so unhappy. my babiesssssssss awwww… enough already!!! Chuck&Bliar should get married!!!!!!!!! enough with all these ridiculous (yes ı’m looking at you Louis!!! and pray and douchebags) obstacles!!!! They love and want each other and we want our CB back!!!!! love them <3

  18. Breakfastinwonerland says:

    Blair looks so gorgeous!!!! But so sad :( and Finally , her hair looks AMAZING!!!!! These pictures made me very happy well one in particular!!! CHUCK BASS look so good and healthy and alive ! Which is what has me so excited ! I’m less then excited about Louis still being there and Blair proceeding with the wedding!
    Thank you for the pictures

  19. Kate says:

    Do Chair fans care about anything else other than Chuck and Blair being together, because any storyline about either of the actual characters that doesnt involve the other one Chair fans have uproar about. This is one of the reason why I cant ship chair anymore some of the fans just annoy me with the constant Chair = Endgame, why does everyone care about that, some of the best TV couples in TV history did not have endgame, as long as the journey and relationship is amazing thats all that matters! I probably mainly watch for Blair so as long as her end game is a happy one thats all that matters!

    • Frannie says:

      I am a Chair fan and I am not in an uproar. If anything I am more disappointed about Serena not being there then anything.
      I think gossip girl has just created a show where Chair is the only really long term relationship with the Blair/Louis engagement and Dan/Blair friendship being potential issues.
      I don’t know why Chair fans should be singled out. Most people who post about Dan/Blair never speak of any of the other characters at all. Hell they usually don’t even acknowledge the importance of Blair/Serena unless its to say how finally Blair is getting something over Serena. At the same time I am not sure that is all DB fans.
      Every fan is different and looks at things differently and it is not really fair to say they are all alike.

      • Keeks says:

        I am a Dair fan. The only reason I never talk about Serena is because she’s not that great or complicated a character and she makes bad decisions. I never talk about Nathan because his only storyline seems to be hooking up with people. I do like chuck unlike some other Dair fans. I just prefer Dair. And I always stay positive and not bash chair.

    • Jenkins says:

      Well barely anyone can ship Db because their fans are pretty annoying screaming “abuse” every two seconds.. Chuck and Blair trended Worldwide, it’s what fans care about get the hell over it

    • Allie says:

      I think that’s an unfair generalization. If anything, I’ve noticed Dair fans have much more of a tendency to pretend the other characters don’t exist- presumably because they realize that’s the only way their couple can ever happen romantically. And personally, as much as I love Chair, I also care about Serena and Nate and (sometimes) Dan’s storylines. I actually wish we got pics, or spoilers, or ANYTHING about Serena’s storyline.

  20. Lexie says:

    Look at that, Blair is out shopping with her best GAY, Dan Humphrey.
    I’m sad Blair’s not shopping with Serena though. I find it hard to believe. I wish the writer’s wouldn’t lose the heart and integrity of the show just to push their plot devices.

  21. ds says:

    omg. This dress is gorgeous on Leighton!!! Loved how she looks..But I’d prefer Serena being there with her (maybe she totally being team Chuck here, I hope thats the reason why she is not there with Blair, no one wants her marrying boring prince!!!) Blake looks amazing as always and Ed gets hotter, swoon!!!! I wanna see a Chuck&Blair wedding desperately tho!!!! They are the reason why I still watch GG!! Blair, PLS PLS PLS run to Chuck!! Or Chuck can elope her <3

  22. Melanie says:

    I think it’s unfair to call out Chair fans on not caring about any of the storylines other than Chair. Look at Dair fans, I’m so tired of seeing “No Dair, no care”. That’s where you really want to look. I love Chair, I do. But I also love Derena, Chivy, the supporting cast… and most of all the Blair and Serena friendship. And that’s true for a lot of fans.

  23. Joanna says:

    Leighton looks gorgeous but why will she choose a less pretty dress than this one? Even she doesn’t want to look her best in the wedding of Doom. Maybe this is why Serena should be there to give a well-needed advice. What with being Blair’s best friend, maid of honour and ultimately … a girl.

    But yay, Chuck is alive and looking mighty fine. Any picture that has Chuck and Louis standing next to each other makes my life. As if Chuck doesn’t pwn the prince of boredom enough! But sad that Chuck seems like he’s hurting.. sigh.

  24. Alyssa says:

    Why are you exaggerating this Dan Blair thing this much? I just can’t see anything special on them more than other random couples on GG.. Chuck and Blair tops all couples even on TVland.. Dan Blair can be one of the ordinary couples we see everyday on every kind of movie show or whatever..I am just sick of GG giving importance to this ordinary couple.

  25. Layla says:

    Just looking at these pictures makes me mad. Blair is very unlikable this season. And I think her marrying Louis knowing that she loves Chuck, has cheated on Louis twice, and was about to leave him for Chuck, is just disgusting. She’s breaking the hearts of two mean Louis and Chuck. I’m not even going to touch the Dan thing because he’s doing it to himself, breaking Serena’s heart along the way. I never thought I’d feel any sympathy for Louis, a character I greatly dislike, but here I am actually feeling a bit sorry for him. You should never marry someone you don’t love. Blair has been marrying Louis for the wrong reasons from the start, but especially now. And that’s not fair to anyone, least of all her. She loves Chuck, she should be with Chuck. And let Louis be with someone who truly wants to be with him and only him.

  26. chestal says:

    Dair!!! yes!! omg this is perfect!! :D

  27. Angelica says:

    Dair <3

  28. Densi says:

    This makes me so happy. Love any scene that’s Dan and Blair.

  29. I’m sorry, but when did this show become all about CHUCK’S happiness? Does anyone care about , i don’t know, Blair or Dan? Dan, you know, the guy who sacrificed a hell of a lot more than Chuck ever did. The guy who has always been there for Blair??? I don’t hate Chuck, but DAMN he has made mistakes no one would be able to forgive in the real world. Are you seriously telling me that you Chuck fans, would encourage your sisters, daughters, or friends to go out with a guy like Chuck? The only possible legitimate argument that you could have is that GG is a stupid show and Chair is just a fantasy you like to believe in. In which case I would say go ahead and ship the crap out of Chair, but don’t be needlessly mean to characters who actually HAVE a moral center.

    • Frannie says:

      Well I ship Chair but in real life I would want to be far away from all these characters. People always bring up Chuck but would you accept being called Minion in real life? Would that be ok with you? Could you be friends with someone whose stated goal is to be Queen of wherever she is from a coffee shop to college? What about if one of yoru friends wrote a book about what a whore you were? Or your best friend was? Still someone you want around. Or what about the girl who is constantly in love and having big dramatics. Is she someone you want around?

      I think Nate is basically the only one you could even mildly consider wanting to be around in real life.

      I think Gossip Girl is trying to appeal to an older than 12 audience and that is why it is sort of accepted that these characters do not operate in a way that would be acceptable in real life. If you want real life characters who you can related to I can suggest early seasons of degrassi. They did a good job with that and I think that people who think that Chuck and Blair can never be together because in real life they would hate Chuck would probably enjoy the show.

      • I agree with your main points, but have to disagree when it comes to Dan. First of all, he was condemned and lost friends because of his book. That was a realistic reaction to what he did. Whether he was in the right or not is subjective. I think he was. He didn’t portray any of the characters too off base from who they were. Serena DID have an affair with two teachers, she DID almost get grazed by a taxi from being drunk, and she also slept with a married congressman and continually strung along her best friends. I dont like to use the term “whore”, but lets face it, Serena is extremely promiscuous. He shouldn’t have written about him and Blair having sex though IMO.

        The issue I have is that despite being a good person, Dan receives the consequences for his actions while characters like Chuck and Serena walk away Scott-free. If anything Dan is the one who deserves the most slack and the happy ending. He isn’t even my favorite character, but I have to recognize an injustice when I see one. This doesn’t have anything to do with your response, but Chuck deserves to be alone. And that is putting it lightly. I hope that he continues to build a family in Lily, but a guy like that shouldn’t be in a serious romantic relationship. He just doesn’t deserve it right now. Especially after running away WITH AN ENGAGED, PREGNANT WOMAN. He needs to practice self-control and find a better reason to live than an “epic romance” or “his father’s legacy.” He has lied, cheated, black-mailed his step-mother and his gf, abused women, attempted rape, had sex with a minor, committed numerous felonies, manipulated his friends and family, and just generally been an unpleasant person. He needs a year of sex-free, drama-free, therapy-laden reflection for his actions WAY WAY WAY More than he needs Blair.

    • Haley says:

      See I don’t see any difference between Blair being with Dan, a sweet, kind man who loves her but she doesn’t love back, to Blair being with Louis, a sweet, kind man who loves her but she doesn’t love back, and who also doesn’t make a career from slandering his friends in print.

  30. Kate says:

    So no mention of the fact that Blair is bump-less? She must lose the baby, didn’t see that one coming or anything.

  31. ggny says:

    all i know is that they need to hurry and end this dumbass royal wedding crap…the storyline is dumb and unbelievable and it made Blair a sucky character

  32. Allie says:

    Blair looks beautiful, shame she didn’t go with that dress/hair instead of the one in the 5×13 pics. She also looks miserable… and so does poor Chuck. I just don’t understand how they’ve gone from the Chair scene in 5×10 to her still going ahead with marrying Louis.

    And seriously, does Dan have anything to do on this show except follow her around?

  33. Jenn says:

    Woohoo! Love DAIR <3

  34. Yasmin says:

    Dair is the ultimate couple on gossip girl. From season 1 I thought these two brown haired beauties would make perfect babies. But once chair started, I fell in love. However with dair back on; move over chair, hello dair!! Their chemistry is amazing!!

  35. Kellie says:

    Woohoo, Chuck lives! Poor baby looks so sad though :( I can’t believe Blair is going to marry Louis.

  36. Penny says:

    I’m sorry, but what has Dan sacrificed? Absolutely nothing. Blair does not reciprocate Dan’s feelings whatsoever. She has made it clear she is in love with Chuck. Even DAN knows it. So he didn’t sacrifice anything. He just helped two of his friends (Chuck and Blair) meet up. Chuck was already going to Blair before Dan got involved. And CHUCK is the one who made all the sacrifices. He put Blair’s happiness before his time and time again. And it truly was a sacrifice, because he could have had Blair back if he acted on what made him happy. But he didn’t, because he loves her so much. Dan isn’t much more than the gay friend to Blair. Who she only goes to if she has no one else and needs something. She treats Dan pretty terribly, to be honest. And on the flipside, Dan is treating Serena like crap. This who storyline is just a mess.

    • Your right in that Blair has treated Dan badly, but you are just plain wrong when it comes to Chuck. I don’t even know if we are watching the same show. C’mon Penny, I am sure you are a smart individual, lets look at the facts.

      Chuck has made sacrifices. Like when he sacrificed Blair to his uncle. He literally entered the human flesh trade. He also sacrificed his relationship with Blair when he slept with Jenny Humphrey. He waited like two minutes after she didn’t show and couldn’t practice enough self-restraint to wait any longer before he had sex with a minor, which by the way, is a felony. I also liked the time he sacrificed his sexual desires when he waited for Blair to finally come back to him. Oh wait no, cause there was Eva, Raina, and several random women he hooked up with. Once right after Blair told him she couldn’t live with the person she’d become around him, he had sex with the first person he saw just to make Blair feel like crap. I know these actions are in the past, but, in reality, could you ever forgive someone who did that to your sister, daughter, or friend? And still want them to be together?

      His actions are not just defined by how he treated Blair, but his family and friends. He continually abused women and blackmailed his own step-mother. Sacrifice is about putting others before yourself. Even in this last episode, he ran away with an ENGAGED PREGNANT WOMAN. And he did it because that is what HE wanted, regardless if Blair wanted it too. Dan may not be royalty, but at least he is not a child.

      It isn’t about whether Blair loves Dan. Dan still does what is best for her. He sacrifices his time, energy, and his own feelings to protect someone that doesn’t see him as anything more than a tolerant friend. And I’m sorry but I don’t think Dan is treating Serena unfairly. She continuously chose other men over him. She abused his friendship and love. He has no reason to love her the way he did. If you were Dan’s friend would you seriously encourage him to get back together with someone who has treated him so poorly, and who is also his STEP-SISTER?

      How can you be so unfairly mean to Dan? Even if you just don’t like him, saying that he is no more than a “gay friend” and that he should return to an abusive relationship, is cruel.

      Your right though, Penny, about the story lines being messed up. They are.

  37. really now says:

    Seriously? Dan can’t sacrifice something he NEVER had. Chuck has sacrificed time and time again for Blair. You obviously haven’t watched GG this season or choose to turn a blind eye to all the good things Chuck has done for Blair this season. Typical fair fan.

  38. K. says:

    Geez. Penn Badgely for the love of God CUT YOUR HAIR.


  39. Sushi says:

    Aww Chuck he looks so sad! Blah blah blah. Boo you whore. He ALWAYS makes that face. Could you Chuck fans get off his nuts?

  40. Fatima says:

    I love dair. It doesn’t look like Dan came shopping with her, but who knows they make everything cute. I don’t understand why chair fans have to spread hate everywhere.

  41. Kurt says:

    Dair for endgame! Rufly parallels sure mean something! I can’t wait for this episode, take me DAIR :-)

  42. Petra says:

    I don’t understand… why is there still a wedding? And why are there people who think Dair is a good idea? Blair loves Chuck, he’s the love of her life, even Dan knows that. I was very excited about the last episode, finally they would be together… Then the crash. And all of a sudden the wedding is back on. I’m curious to see how the writers are gonna explain this. I want Chuck and Blair together, but if that doesn’t happen I’d rather have her be with anyone but Dan. He’s sooooooooooooooo boring, he’s the least interesting person on GG (even Rufus is more interesting…)

  43. Jake says:

    Seriously you Chair fans are freaking ridiculous and annoying. Why cant you just let Dair happens it will probably only be a friendship anyway. You have something against them being friends? Grow up!

    • nyrangers says:

      Most of them feel threatened. The truth is that a Chair ship sank long time ago and Dair is really well written, far better than Chair in S1 or S2. Dair is really natural and something you can easily relate to. It started with a beautiful friendship and there’s space for more, because it’s clear they are really happy together.

  44. JD says:

    can’t believe no one has mentioned yet that Blair is pretty clearly no longer pregnant. i feel like she was starting to show a bit before the show went on haitus, and if she still had a baby on board she’d be wearing something with an empire waist.

    this all points to the earlier theory based on the preview of Blair in a chapel – that she is promising god that if he saves chuck she’ll stay away from him and marry louis. clearly, this storyline isn’t over yet. i don’t really care who blair is with as long as the show is interesting – and the prince is terribly boring, so he’s not really helping.

  45. Penny says:

    @grapefruitonline While I respect your opinions and your knowledge on the show, I think you’re leaving out some important facts.
    First of all, I want to get one thing straight. I love Dan. And I like his friendship with Blair. That being said, yes I still describe the she treats him as her “token gay friend” because she does. It’s kind of sad actually. Do I like them together romantically? No. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like Dan.
    Secondly, I in no way condone Chucks past actions with the hotel or some of his other bad decisions. Nor do I condone Blair. But I do look at things in the present. And in the present, Blair has forgiven Chuck. And Chuck has been working all season on becoming a better person. He has made sacrifice after sacrifice for Blair’s happiness, recently. Remember him running after Louis at Dan’s book launching party? Or letting Blair believe he was the same old Chuck to keep her and Louis happy. And even in the most recent episode when she was putting it all out there for him he still didn’t make a selfish choice. Only when he realized that he was truly the one Blair wanted the one that would make her happy, did he give into his feelings. He would have continued to stay out of the way if Louis was the one she truly wanted.
    Now, let’s look at Dan. Prior to mid season 4, he and Blair treated each other badly too. Remember Blair’s 20th birthday? The video he leaked? Or how badly Blair treated Jenny, including banishing her? Or him messing with Blair’s mind when she was going to tell Chuck she loves him? Far from kosher either. But they’ve worked passed it. And become friends. And I think that’s wonderful. And Dan has been a good friend to Blair. But he hasn’t been selfless. Remember when Louis was out helping him and protecting Blair in the season premier? Dan led Blair to believe Louis had let her down. He let her think it. Knowing the truth all along. And was willing to let Blair run off with him for his own selfish reasons. Even in the last episode, as nice as what he did was, he only did it when he realized Blair was totally in love with Chuck and stood no chance. He would have happily ran off with an engaged, pregnant woman had she reciprocated his affections. But he realized she didn’t. So he did the right thing. And that’s great. But it’s not a sacrifice. It’s not a sacrifice when you have nothing to lose.
    As for the Serena thing, I have to disagree. He is treating her badly. He has been all season. I think it stems from some resentment he has for her, but it’s still uncalled for. And he has treated Serena just as badly, if not worse at times than she has treated him. Season 1, he initially judged her because of her past. After that, he basically cheated on her with Georgina. Season 2, after spending the whole summer hooking up with multiple women he went to the Hamptons to get her back. When he saw Serena kissing Nate at the white party, he was angry and decided Serena didn’t deserve another chance. It was only after two of the girls he hooked with threw drinks in his face in front of Serena that he was forced to acknowledge his hypocrisy and rekindled things with her. They broke up again because of the “two different worlds”. And immediately began dating new girl Amanda, and blamed her for Blair’s minions rude actions. Then, when they got back together again, he initially wasn’t able to handle their parents romance. Literally right after they broke up he went and had sex with Serena’s favorite teacher, who he had feelings for while he was still with Serena.
    Fast forward to season 3. We have Dan with Georgina, Olivia, and then Vanessa. Ending the season realizing he still has feelings for Serena while they were both in relationships with other people (Nate and Vanessa). Thus their relationships end, and Dan almost follows Serena to Paris until Georgina shows up claiming she’s had his baby.
    Now season 4, Serena arrives back from Paris with indication she has chosen Dan. However, he is back with Vanessa at this point. Dan continues to date Vanessa and meanwhile Serena starts a relationship with her professor. Dan realizes he still has feelings for Serena, breaks things off with Serena and she breaks things off with the Professor. At the same time Nate realizes he still has feelings for Serena and they tell her to make a choice. Serena makes her choice, but Juliet drugs her before she gets a chance to follow through on it. While Serena is in the Ostroff Center she tells Dan she chose him, that it was always him and always will be. They share a kiss. She decides she needs to seek justice for Ben who is in jail because of her mother, she asks Dan to come along, he declines. Serena dates Ben. Dan becomes friends with Blair. They share a kiss, Blair feels nothing, but Dan might. Serena and Ben break up. The prince comes back, Blair gets caught up in the fairytale. Dan starts dating Charlie SERENA’S cousin. And doesn’t believe Serena when she says somethings wrong. Blair gets engaged, sleeps with Chuck. Serena is single. Dan and Charlie break up.
    Season 5, Serena has dated no one. Serena realizes she is still in love with Dan. That he is the “love of her life”. Dan dates no one. But is in love with Blair. And along the way, is pretty insensitive to Serena’s feelings. Not even caring in the slightest that she may be a little hurt he has feelings for her VERY BEST friends.
    I guess my point is this, they have ALL made mistakes. Every character. And I disagree with a lot of your arguments. But we can certainly agree that the current storylines are very messed up.

    • Your right they have all made mistakes. But Dan doesn’t treat women like objects like Chuck. He wears his heart on his sleeve, which is not a good thing, but usually just ends up hurting himself. Dan has sacrificed much more for Serena than she has for him. She tried to ruin his confession to Blair by ratting them out to the prince in this last episode. Serena is a little crazy to be honest. Her choices in romantic partners is a WHOLE LOT stranger than Dan’s. And he has been there for her so many times it isn’t even funny. Like if I listed all the times he was there for her it would take up the entire webpage. Dan hasn’t date anyone since falling for Blair. You can’t say the same about Serena back in Season 4 when she wanted to give her and Dan’s relationship another shot. After making him late to his job interview numerous times, and stringing him along to blackmail her own mother, she still chose her former teacher/stalker/ felon over him. Dan dated Charlie as a rebound, which while not being necessarily a good thing, he stopped after the whole “call me Serena” incident. He still cares for Serena just not in a romantic way. Nor should he. Serena used to be one of my favorite characters, but she disregards the feelings of the people who care about her.

      And what makes the Dair friendship so endearing is that they did hate each other and did things that were cruel, but nothing that broke any laws or physically hurt the other. You can’t say the same for the Chair relationship.

      It has been fun, Penny. But we can agree to disagree.

  46. Captain says:

    God that dress is beautiful. Leighton may just be the prettiest TV bride I’ve ever seen.

  47. Looking natural in pictures is a great feat that one would definitely be proud of, so long as they comfortable with themselves and what they have. Yet how to look good in pictures will be an issue once a camera is focused on you. The awareness of the situation that you have will make you feel conscious about every single part of your body exposed to the lens.

  48. @drh_arga says:

    i love louis at my first sight !!!! you go with blair and louis . ale ale ale #pathetic

  49. L says:

    You know what I like about the GG girls? The fact that they aren’t stick thin. They are thin, yes, but you don’t see rib cages. They look healthy and beautiful.