Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Gossip Girl, Castle, Vampire Diaries, Fringe, Revenge and More!

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Question: You promised me, Ausiello! Explode my Dair-loving heart, sir. —Elle
Ausiello: OK, just keep the EKG paddles handy! Dan is about to reveal his true feelings for Blair on Gossip Girlbut not in a way that actually lets her know that he has done so! Here’s how the whole thing goes down: Blair’s still on the fence about whether to take the plunge with Louis when she stumbles upon the incredibly heartfelt vows he penned for their wedding… vows which, in hopes of wowing his bride-to-be, he had (drumroll please… ) Dan ghostwrite. So although Dan finally fesses up, Blair doesn’t realize he has! Then again, this being Gossip Girl, his — and Louis’ — secret is bound to come out at some point, wouldn’t you think?

Question: How about we start the year right with some Castle spoilers? Got anything on the show’s upcoming “noir” episode? —Ivy
Ausiello: I can confirm that the episode features a kiss. I can’t, however, confirm the circumstances surrounding said smooch. Not yet, anyway.

Grey’s Anatomy First Look Video: Mer Plays in Traffic and Teddy Thanks [Spoiler]?!

Question: Any chance your latest Blind Item pertains to CSI‘s Nick Stokes? –Jack
Ausiello: Nah.

Question: I’ve got Revenge on the brain! Anything good coming up? —Carol
Ausiello: The Takedown of the Week is returning with a vengeance! Exec producer Mike Kelley reveals that the Jan. 11 episode will find Emily zeroing in on a fresh target. “We decided to do a pretty elaborate takedown… and we found a really strong way to introduce a villain we quite like,” teases the showrunner, referring to the pretentious journalist character played by Desperate Housewives‘ Roger Bart. “Emily ends up using what she knows of Amanda from juvie to help her in her quest to destroy [him]. This takedown just so happens to open up a whole new vein of intrigue and surprise and possibility that will have a great impact on Emily’s quest. It paints villains in a softer light and makes people you like seem a little darker.”

Question: I want some Vampire Diaries scoop! –Philip
Ausiello: Things get very heated between Damon, Stefan and Elena when the series returns on Thursday. Look for all three to have dramatic confrontations with each other — and one of the showdowns even ends with a slap. Elsewhere, keep a close eye on Alaric’s new love interest, Dr. Fell (played by Paul Wesley’s real-life wife/Tree Hill alum Torrey DeVitto). Something tells us this is one character that’s going to be a lot more important than first thought.

Question: Please tell me there’s some Caroline and Stefan scenes coming up on Vampire Diaries! I really miss their friendship! —Amy
Ausiello: Sadly, there’s nothing in this Thursday’s episode. Stefan’s a bit preoccupied with hiding coffins from Klaus. But I have to imagine he’ll find some time in his hectic schedule to wish Caroline a happy birthday next week.

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Question: Scoop on Vampire Diaries’ Bonnie, please! Any details about the reunion with her mother? —Alta
Ausiello: It’s not going to be “all Hallmark cards and cookies,” warns executive producer Julie Plec. “There’s a lot of tension there. There’s [also a] surprising explanation about why [her] mother felt like she needed to walk away and never come back to Mystic Falls.” Plec adds that Bonnie’s backstory will “play an interesting role in solving a present-day mythology puzzle.”

Question: Joseph Morgan recently mentioned that he’d like to see Klaus have a love interest on Vampire Diaries. Is this happening anytime soon? —Amy
Ausiello: Morgan is getting his wish! While Plec wouldn’t tell us if the lucky (or maybe not so lucky?) lady is someone we’ve met before, she did confirm “someone will catch Klaus’ eye very soon.” Hit the comments with your best guesses!

Question: What’s going on with Game of Thrones? Any big surprises coming in Season 2? —Melinda
Ausiello: There is what I would call a doozy of a surprise in the premiere, but the less said about that the better.

Question: I’ve been weeping ever since news broke that Ringer‘s return has been pushed back an additional three weeks. Perhaps a little scoop to dry my tears? —Jamie
Ausiello: I take back all of the mean things I said about Ringer‘s presumably hackneyed girl-who-cried-rape plot between Juliet and Jason Dohring’s snooze-inducing Mr. Carpenter. I now know where it’s going and it’s actually pretty inspired (if a wee bit contrived).

Question: I have been anxiously awaiting word on which of my new favorite shows are going to make it and which will be axed! When is your Renewal Scorecard going to debut? —Lindsey
Ausiello: It went live this morning, Linds. Someone was supposed to send you a memo. Apologies.

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Question: Any idea how Glee is going to explain Blaine’s absence while Darren Criss is away on Broadway? Is he going to miss any episodes or are they trying to shoot around his schedule? —Sam
Ausiello: Believe it or not he’ll only be sitting out one episode, so it’s unlikely any explanation will be needed. Speaking of which, look what I snapped on my way to work this morning!

Question: Anything on the second half of Glee‘s season? — Jodi
Ausiello: Based on the fact that the show is casting a bunch of middle-aged night school students, something tells me one of the kids is about to start matriculating after hours.

Question: I am dying for Downton Abbey spoilers to get me through this last week! I’ll take anything you can give me! —Lisa
Ausiello: I’ve screened almost all of the near-perfect second season (premiering Sunday on PBS) and I can tell you that a major couple will tie the knot, two recurring (yet pivotal) characters will be laid to rest, and a Downton staffer will be arrested for murder — and that’s all just in the penultimate episode!

Question: Regarding your latest Blind Item, can you rule out Derek from Grey’s Anatomy? —Sofia
Ausiello: Sure can!

Question: Any scoop on White Collar?! —Meg
Ausiello: Neal and Peter’s trust issues won’t be the only thing standing in the way of their partnership when the show returns on Jan. 17. Neal will get some news that could mean big changes for their working relationship — and soon!

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Question: It would make my new year if you could wrangle some spoilers for Grimm! I’d really like to know if we will meet any other Grimms this season or get any more backstory on Nick’s family. —Kiki
Ausiello: Yes, we’ll be learning a lot more about Nick’s family — about his parents as well as some new details about Aunt Marie’s (Kate Burton) past. As for meeting any future Grimms like Nick, my source would only offer a noncommittal “maybe.”

Question: Suburgatory‘s George is hot. Will he and Dallas ever get together? —Sabrina
Ausiello: Things are light on the George and Dallas front in this week’s episode, not that there isn’t romance brewing in the ‘burbs. After Tessa gets her driver’s license, Dalia hires her to drive her to a date with an old crush (Prom’s Thomas McDonell), but the hottie is more interested in Tessa the chauffeur. Game on!

Question: Any new scoops on The Good Wife? —Abz
Ausiello: Expect the very unexpected during Will’s grand jury trial for judicial bribery, the fallout from which will dramatically alter the status quo for the remainder of the season. Oh, and if you think you hate Monica Raymund’s Dana now, just you wait.

Question: Hey, guess what?  I totally saw you in an old episode of Veronica Mars. I can’t believe that I didn’t notice it before. I was wondering if you have any scoop on Kristen Bell’s new show House of Lies, I saw the premiere and it looks promising. —Jack
Ausiello: Around the midseason mark, Bell’s Jeannie will start dipping her pen in company ink in a big way.

Question: Everyone on The Big Bang Theory has had some romance, except Raj! Any chance he’ll be getting a love interest? —Sarah
Ausiello: Well, kinda. In an upcoming episode, a knockout named Siri starts whispering sweet nothings in his ear. Trouble is, we — and Raj — will only see Siri in a fantasy sequence: She’s the voice of his iPhone!

Glee First Look: [Spoiler] Pops the Question!

Question: I just watched Spartacus’ new trailer and I have to ask: Is someone pregnant? —Mariana
Ausiello: No comment.

Question: Got any Blue Bloods scoop? —Beth
Ausiello: The show will be channeling some past CBS procedurals when Danny and Jackie investigate a murder in which the daughter of the victim says that God told her that her stepfather is the killer.

Question: There has been a major shortage of Fringe scoop recently. Give me anything you have! —Emma
Ausiello: The show is getting ready to introduce one of its Biggest Bads yet. The “terrifying” character — who it’s worth noting will be covered in prosthetics — is doing unfathomable things to “serve his own bent logic.” The role is currently being cast.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Happy Holidays! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Meg Masters)

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  1. Ely says:

    Dan’s Vows: Blair, from the moment we fake had sex in my failed attempt at a novel, there I knew, we were destined to be together.
    I hate Dan and Blair

  2. Ingrid says:

    thats the big spoiler Ghost writing wow GG has hit Rock bottom with Dan writing Louis vows and DB! Chuck could do better

  3. June says:

    Louis/Donut vows ” I honestly can’t imagine my life without Bliahh, is like life without waffles,donuts*blink once* i love you Bliahh*tears*

  4. Vivian says:

    Ausiello, you’re the king of Dair spoilers.

  5. Faloon says:


  6. Bella says:

    So basically no spoiler for GG,nice

  7. Tita says:

    dont want to make a long comment. Chair all the WAY!!!

  8. Serena says:

    Blair belonged with Chuck from the moment they first kissed and made love…their love isn’t that safety feeling that love give us….most of us..it’s an epic love, full of passion!

  9. GGFan says:

    Dear Gossip Girl writers, stop ruining Dan.

  10. Meg says:

    Blair: “You’re all I ever wanted. I love you.”

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t see how Dair can be possible after that confession. Blair made it clear that Chuck is the one she wants to be with for the rest of her life. If the writers go back on that and hook her up with Dan, I will personally be rather disgusted. I adore Dan, but to have Blair declare with such finality that she wants Chuck, only to leave him for Dan… that would just be ridiculous. Is there no gravity left in the words “I love you” anymore?

  11. anastasia says:

    Chair are made for each other, always have, always will. But if the writers want to make her date another guy, I’m in! s long as he is a guy who has charisma, nice hair and a style that matches Blair’s, who is not complaining nor being jugmental and who doesn’t have an annoying family… which basically means neither Louis nor Dan.
    Well ok, let’s just stick to Chuck ;)

  12. Nina says:

    “Dan’s Vows: Blair, from the moment we fake had sex in my failed attempt at a novel, there I knew, we were destined to be together.”


  13. Sara A says:

    Thanks Ausiello, that made by day! Dan and Blair and amazing together, this will be amazing can’t wait for Dair scenes!

  14. Tanya says:

    these new Gossip Girl spoilers suck

  15. Melanie says:

    Honestly, what do you guys think is going to happen if Blair finds out about Dan’s feelings for her? She’s made it clear she already has an idea of them in 5×04 and 5×05 and hasn’t cared the slightest bit. Just because someone has feelings for you, does no mean you reciprocate. The only thing I could see benefiting Dan is that he’ll finally have gotten it off his chest. But Blair is completely in love with Chuck, so Dan would only end up getting hurt. If Blair does explore something with Dan, it won’t be for the right reasons. It will be because she’s confused and emotionally all over the place. She’ll essentially be using him. And their relationship will end sooner rather than later with them realizing they’re better off as friends and her reuniting with Chuck once and for all.
    Say what you want about Serena, but at least her feelings for Dan are genuine. I do think she needs to work for it, and so will her. But I think Derena will reunite also. Chair and Derena will be the endgame on the show no matter what slight Dair detour occurs. Dair is only a stop along the way to the destination and Chair and Derena.

  16. Raina says:

    killing someone also…or just maybe the computer screen, seriously if they do BD i seriously will quit the show

  17. I would have been incredibly pleased to see something new on Supernatural. I am really not that great of a Vampire Diaries fan. I fine too many similarities between the two shows. That bothers me.

  18. Victoria says:

    Dan Humphrey is NOT pathetic, so please shut up. He’s not telling Blair because she is already going through so much (miscarriage, wedding, Chuck) and she doesn’t need to add to that stress. Ooh, i’m so sorry that Dan was cheesy enough to write Louis vows in a way to admit his love! What a loser! Do you want him to act like your “prince” and sell her for a hotel or almost punch her in the face?

    • JB says:

      “Dan Humphrey is NOT pathetic, so please shut up. He’s not telling Blair because she is already going through so much (miscarriage, wedding, Chuck) and she doesn’t need to add to that stress. Ooh, i’m so sorry that Dan was cheesy enough to write Louis vows in a way to admit his love! What a loser! Do you want him to act like your “prince” and sell her for a hotel or almost punch her in the face?”


  19. Kristen says:

    The awkward moment when the “huge” DB fanbase gets a spoiler for Gossip girl and twitter and the net are still dead.

  20. Sophie says:

    make sure you find someone really boring. I will have my Dan and Louis. WHERE IS MY CHUCK??

  21. Summer says:

    Louis u didnt write it? OMG i married u only bc of them! *runs away* Dan: O__o Blair Blair i wrote them! now u can marry me!!!
    I hate Dan

  22. Lady says:

    So. Dan brought Blair to Chuck then wrote Louis’ wedding vows? Can he just gtfo of Blair’s life?

  23. Pamela says:

    Blair’s cheated on Louis three times, stop making her look like a hoe and put her with the right man, Chuck. Stop trolling

  24. Katrina says:

    I love when DBers say Chair fans are ”butthurt” then it turns out they gloated over nothing . Remember 5.10? ”You are all I ever wanted”

    • BK says:

      Yeah. BUTTHURT! Like you are right now. It was only a few weeks ago you were crowing about an end game and now Blair is still marring Louis? And Dair is still hanging around? Its okay. Just write your death threats to the GG writers as you usually do. Cause we all know how well that works. ;)

  25. Colette says:

    The next Episode will hard,anyway we´ll get over it! While there’s life, there’s hope,there´s CHUCK and there´s great LOVE

  26. Amy says:

    Honestly..I think B will question L’s feelings when she finds out D wrote them…Ausiello hinted pretty well she finds out..
    I just feel like if you had true honest feelings for someone you wouldn’t need someone to write for you..you’d just know!

  27. Santana says:

    Seriously if Dan is the one who by using the vows make Blair take the decision to marry Louis(whatever happen in the end) i will kill him..

  28. Celine says:

    DB fans are getting trolled by both the GGWriters (5.10) and MichaelAusiello (hearts will explode and DB living together spoilers)

    • Nina says:

      Exactly. And we’re all forgetting an important detail: Serena

      Serena ———–> Dan ———–> Blair ———> <——— Chuck

      Serena loves Dan, who loves Blair, who'sin love with Chuck and loves her back. Derena was always an important couple. I wouln't be surprised if they were endgame and now with Serena saying Dan is the love of her life I'd say there's a strong possibility of them being endgame.

  29. Rory says:


  30. Sue says:

    My issue here would be Dan letting B go through with the wedding because he’s too much of a COWARD to admit his feelings. PARALLEL!

  31. Lexie says:

    I’m a Chair fan, and I’m not upset about this spoiler. Know why? Because Blair and Chuck are endgame. And no BlanD detour is going to change that. Chair and Derena <3

  32. Risa says:

    Question: Are all Chair fans assholes? Answer: Judging by these comments, looks like it.

  33. Penelope says:

    I am very sad that there doesn’t seem to be anything exciting for me for the 100th.. or before and beyond

  34. Lucy says:

    because the have to force the stupid DB relationship?

  35. Luisa says:

    I think I might have to break up with Gossip Girl for blame of Dan and Blair

  36. Tiana says:

    I hate Dan and Blair

  37. Aurora says:

    I want Chuck and Blair forever

  38. Teresa says:

    Gossip Girl is nothing without Chuck and Blair

  39. nook says:

    Ahaha oh boy, I miss the old days of following Gossip Girl. The dair fans always being excited about absolutely everything, and the chair fans just being angry at everything and everyone.
    Ah, good times.

    • Hannah says:

      I know right!
      Chair fans: What? You like someone other than CB? I will cut you!
      Dair fans: “lalalalalalalalala :D I’m going to walk off a cliff because all I see is DB! lalalala :D”

  40. B says:

    i LOVE CHAIR!Please God make them happy!Together!!

  41. Beatrice says:


  42. Harper says:

    Question: Are all of the Dair fans petty and immature who like to insult entire fanbases who dislike their preferred ship? Judging by the comments, it seems like it.

    • em says:

      Not all. There are a few Chair shippers out there who act the same way, so I think those few make their entire fanbases look bad. I actually think that most mature fans don’t even bother commenting because they know they’ll get assaulted with hateful comments or get into a huge argument over a TV show.

  43. Katie says:

    Can’t wait for all the upcoming Dan and Blair moments. Thank you for the big spoiler, Ausiello! :)

    • Em says:

      Yes, thank you! There are so many ways that this could go, and I can’t wait to see what happens. I hope Dan gets a little happiness soon (as much as PB kills with the sad panda eyes).

  44. Lauren says:

    God Bless Dair. They’re too cute for words Considering they’ve gone from being a crackship to this in less than a season is a testament to the fact that the writers do get it right sometimes. I’m actually pleasantly surprised they came up with something this creative.

    And PLEASE I need a Castle/Beckett kiss badly!

  45. Christine says:

    Could you please start making a separate post for Gossip Girl spoilers? Seriously, I used to love to come on here and read the scoops and then browse through the comments section to see what other people thought about things. Now the entire comment thread is overpowered by Chair/Dair garbage. It’s so ridiculous and infuriating. And it’s always the same stuff written by the same people, every single week. We get it already!

  46. Lily says:

    To all of those “fans” saying that they will not watch gossip girl anymore if Dan and Blair or “this and that” or “that and this” happen…….Adios!

    Seriously though. This is gossip girl. Every couple has had their chance on screen. Get over yourself and your holy opinion and let the writers do what they want. If you hate it then do the obvious thing: stop watching. This fandom could use less complainers, none of which will be missed.

  47. Anon says:

    You can already see Season 2 of “Downton Abbey” online and it is so sad. I’m so glad you love this season as much as I do, some critics overseas were not fans of the World War I theme. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Christmas special when it airs!!!

  48. Emma says:

    Dan is the man.. Blair will see it soon

  49. em says:

    Thanks so much for the good stuff this week! Excited for(but still wary of) the Dair on GG. I’m actually surprised the GG writers have shown this much restraint in a couple and are actually taking their time with them! Alas, I know that they are dragging this out only to stomp on my Dair love in the end.
    Looking forward to the love interest for Klaus. I do hope it’s someone we know, but I can’t think of anyone that Klaus might suddenly have his eye on (and return the romantic gesture).
    It’ll be interesting to see how George and Dallas handle the kiss, but I’m excited to see more Tessa and Dahlia/high school interaction.
    And I finally caught up with Downton Abbey and boy, is it ridiculously charming and addictive.

  50. maria says:

    I can’t really see klaus with anyone else other then one of nina dobrev’s character’s. he has a lot of chemistry with her and not really caroline and bonnie. first of all, he never even had a scene with caroline before and he only had like two small scenes with bonnie. So it would be kinda awkward if he hooked up with one of them.