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Question: You promised me, Ausiello! Explode my Dair-loving heart, sir. —Elle
Ausiello: OK, just keep the EKG paddles handy! Dan is about to reveal his true feelings for Blair on Gossip Girlbut not in a way that actually lets her know that he has done so! Here’s how the whole thing goes down: Blair’s still on the fence about whether to take the plunge with Louis when she stumbles upon the incredibly heartfelt vows he penned for their wedding… vows which, in hopes of wowing his bride-to-be, he had (drumroll please… ) Dan ghostwrite. So although Dan finally fesses up, Blair doesn’t realize he has! Then again, this being Gossip Girl, his — and Louis’ — secret is bound to come out at some point, wouldn’t you think?

Question: How about we start the year right with some Castle spoilers? Got anything on the show’s upcoming “noir” episode? —Ivy
Ausiello: I can confirm that the episode features a kiss. I can’t, however, confirm the circumstances surrounding said smooch. Not yet, anyway.

Grey’s Anatomy First Look Video: Mer Plays in Traffic and Teddy Thanks [Spoiler]?!

Question: Any chance your latest Blind Item pertains to CSI‘s Nick Stokes? –Jack
Ausiello: Nah.

Question: I’ve got Revenge on the brain! Anything good coming up? —Carol
Ausiello: The Takedown of the Week is returning with a vengeance! Exec producer Mike Kelley reveals that the Jan. 11 episode will find Emily zeroing in on a fresh target. “We decided to do a pretty elaborate takedown… and we found a really strong way to introduce a villain we quite like,” teases the showrunner, referring to the pretentious journalist character played by Desperate Housewives‘ Roger Bart. “Emily ends up using what she knows of Amanda from juvie to help her in her quest to destroy [him]. This takedown just so happens to open up a whole new vein of intrigue and surprise and possibility that will have a great impact on Emily’s quest. It paints villains in a softer light and makes people you like seem a little darker.”

Question: I want some Vampire Diaries scoop! –Philip
Ausiello: Things get very heated between Damon, Stefan and Elena when the series returns on Thursday. Look for all three to have dramatic confrontations with each other — and one of the showdowns even ends with a slap. Elsewhere, keep a close eye on Alaric’s new love interest, Dr. Fell (played by Paul Wesley’s real-life wife/Tree Hill alum Torrey DeVitto). Something tells us this is one character that’s going to be a lot more important than first thought.

Question: Please tell me there’s some Caroline and Stefan scenes coming up on Vampire Diaries! I really miss their friendship! —Amy
Ausiello: Sadly, there’s nothing in this Thursday’s episode. Stefan’s a bit preoccupied with hiding coffins from Klaus. But I have to imagine he’ll find some time in his hectic schedule to wish Caroline a happy birthday next week.

Hot Fringe Video: “Not Everything Is As It Seems”

Question: Scoop on Vampire Diaries’ Bonnie, please! Any details about the reunion with her mother? —Alta
Ausiello: It’s not going to be “all Hallmark cards and cookies,” warns executive producer Julie Plec. “There’s a lot of tension there. There’s [also a] surprising explanation about why [her] mother felt like she needed to walk away and never come back to Mystic Falls.” Plec adds that Bonnie’s backstory will “play an interesting role in solving a present-day mythology puzzle.”

Question: Joseph Morgan recently mentioned that he’d like to see Klaus have a love interest on Vampire Diaries. Is this happening anytime soon? —Amy
Ausiello: Morgan is getting his wish! While Plec wouldn’t tell us if the lucky (or maybe not so lucky?) lady is someone we’ve met before, she did confirm “someone will catch Klaus’ eye very soon.” Hit the comments with your best guesses!

Question: What’s going on with Game of Thrones? Any big surprises coming in Season 2? —Melinda
Ausiello: There is what I would call a doozy of a surprise in the premiere, but the less said about that the better.

Question: I’ve been weeping ever since news broke that Ringer‘s return has been pushed back an additional three weeks. Perhaps a little scoop to dry my tears? —Jamie
Ausiello: I take back all of the mean things I said about Ringer‘s presumably hackneyed girl-who-cried-rape plot between Juliet and Jason Dohring’s snooze-inducing Mr. Carpenter. I now know where it’s going and it’s actually pretty inspired (if a wee bit contrived).

Question: I have been anxiously awaiting word on which of my new favorite shows are going to make it and which will be axed! When is your Renewal Scorecard going to debut? —Lindsey
Ausiello: It went live this morning, Linds. Someone was supposed to send you a memo. Apologies.

Revenge Hot Shots: Gay Kiss Twist!

Question: Any idea how Glee is going to explain Blaine’s absence while Darren Criss is away on Broadway? Is he going to miss any episodes or are they trying to shoot around his schedule? —Sam
Ausiello: Believe it or not he’ll only be sitting out one episode, so it’s unlikely any explanation will be needed. Speaking of which, look what I snapped on my way to work this morning!

Question: Anything on the second half of Glee‘s season? — Jodi
Ausiello: Based on the fact that the show is casting a bunch of middle-aged night school students, something tells me one of the kids is about to start matriculating after hours.

Question: I am dying for Downton Abbey spoilers to get me through this last week! I’ll take anything you can give me! —Lisa
Ausiello: I’ve screened almost all of the near-perfect second season (premiering Sunday on PBS) and I can tell you that a major couple will tie the knot, two recurring (yet pivotal) characters will be laid to rest, and a Downton staffer will be arrested for murder — and that’s all just in the penultimate episode!

Question: Regarding your latest Blind Item, can you rule out Derek from Grey’s Anatomy? —Sofia
Ausiello: Sure can!

Question: Any scoop on White Collar?! —Meg
Ausiello: Neal and Peter’s trust issues won’t be the only thing standing in the way of their partnership when the show returns on Jan. 17. Neal will get some news that could mean big changes for their working relationship — and soon!

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Question: It would make my new year if you could wrangle some spoilers for Grimm! I’d really like to know if we will meet any other Grimms this season or get any more backstory on Nick’s family. —Kiki
Ausiello: Yes, we’ll be learning a lot more about Nick’s family — about his parents as well as some new details about Aunt Marie’s (Kate Burton) past. As for meeting any future Grimms like Nick, my source would only offer a noncommittal “maybe.”

Question: Suburgatory‘s George is hot. Will he and Dallas ever get together? —Sabrina
Ausiello: Things are light on the George and Dallas front in this week’s episode, not that there isn’t romance brewing in the ‘burbs. After Tessa gets her driver’s license, Dalia hires her to drive her to a date with an old crush (Prom’s Thomas McDonell), but the hottie is more interested in Tessa the chauffeur. Game on!

Question: Any new scoops on The Good Wife? —Abz
Ausiello: Expect the very unexpected during Will’s grand jury trial for judicial bribery, the fallout from which will dramatically alter the status quo for the remainder of the season. Oh, and if you think you hate Monica Raymund’s Dana now, just you wait.

Question: Hey, guess what?  I totally saw you in an old episode of Veronica Mars. I can’t believe that I didn’t notice it before. I was wondering if you have any scoop on Kristen Bell’s new show House of Lies, I saw the premiere and it looks promising. —Jack
Ausiello: Around the midseason mark, Bell’s Jeannie will start dipping her pen in company ink in a big way.

Question: Everyone on The Big Bang Theory has had some romance, except Raj! Any chance he’ll be getting a love interest? —Sarah
Ausiello: Well, kinda. In an upcoming episode, a knockout named Siri starts whispering sweet nothings in his ear. Trouble is, we — and Raj — will only see Siri in a fantasy sequence: She’s the voice of his iPhone!

Glee First Look: [Spoiler] Pops the Question!

Question: I just watched Spartacus’ new trailer and I have to ask: Is someone pregnant? —Mariana
Ausiello: No comment.

Question: Got any Blue Bloods scoop? —Beth
Ausiello: The show will be channeling some past CBS procedurals when Danny and Jackie investigate a murder in which the daughter of the victim says that God told her that her stepfather is the killer.

Question: There has been a major shortage of Fringe scoop recently. Give me anything you have! —Emma
Ausiello: The show is getting ready to introduce one of its Biggest Bads yet. The “terrifying” character — who it’s worth noting will be covered in prosthetics — is doing unfathomable things to “serve his own bent logic.” The role is currently being cast.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Happy Holidays! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman and Meg Masters)

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  1. Tracy Lynn says:

    LMAO at the GG spoiler. So basically Dan helps Louis win back Blair’s heart. Too funny

    • UGH says:

      Dan is so pathetic and getting more pathetic with each passing episode. He’s spineless. This is why I hate the silly Dan/Blair “romance” so much. I think the way Gossip Girl draws their story lines out to last SO long is what is making the show terrible. All of the CWs good shows keep a quick pace and all the terrible ones are slow like molasses. Gossip Girl falls into the second category. It was good once and now it’s just terrible and yet still hashing out the exact same story as the first season. Blair loves Chuck but is acting like she loves someone else, Serena is a hot mess who is making a pass at anything that moves, Dan is pathetic and mooning after a girl. Nate is still just existing in the background. Rufus is still pretending like he’s a teenager and Lily is still somehow both the worst and best parent on the UES. It’s been five years, let’s move it on.

      • Nina says:

        “Blair loves Chuck but is acting like she loves someone else, Serena is a hot mess who is making a pass at anything that moves, Dan is pathetic and mooning after a girl. Nate is still just existing in the background. Rufus is still pretending like he’s a teenager and Lily is still somehow both the worst and best parent on the UES. It’s been five years, let’s move it on.”


      • diane says:


      • lol says:

        No. Blair and Chuck are so repetitive and annoying. At least Dan respects Blair and her decision to marry Louis even though he loves her. We all know Chuck is going to try to ruin her wedding, something Dan has the decency not to do.

        • Daniela says:

          Couldn’t agree more!

        • lmao says:

          WTF? Okay, Chuck has respect Blair’s wishes to marry Louis. IT WAS HER WHO KEPT GOING BACK TO HIM. Dan is no saint get your facts straight before you start acting all high and mighty.

        • Michelle says:

          JA! Joke’s on you because it was DAN who ruined Blair’s wedding by sending that video to Gossip Girl tat everyone saw at the wedding, of her professing her love to Chuck. You should really watch GG more, you’re getting the characters all wrong. Its called “foreshadowing”, learn to look for it.

      • ... says:

        Dair is probably the best thing to ever happen on this show, it’s literally the only reason i watch it. Dair is going to happen whether you like it or not. Why do you thing the wedding episode is called “G.G”… it was named after the movie “Gigi”. Which was about a platonic relationship that turned into something more… “DAN AND BLAIR”. If you think they’re pathetic, ok, you’re entitled to your own opinion, but most of us think that Dan and Blair are possibly the most entertaining and most intellectual couple to have ever been on the show. I know they’re are a lot of Chair fans but you’ll eventally see that chuck and blair do not belong with eachother. I Love chuck but i think he should be wiith someone else and actually be happy for once.

      • C says:

        could not have said it better myself!!

  2. sammy says:

    If this night school thing for Glee is more Puck screen time, I’m going to hurl. He had enough with that horrible Shelby story.

    • Tubbs says:

      Actually thinking that Brittany will start going to night school to graduate on time and that’s where she meets Ricky Martain Hot Spanish Teacher. At least I hope this happens. Yeah, no more Puck.

    • Captain says:

      I actually really liked the Puck/Shelby storyline. People seem to not like him paired with anyone unless they’re young and pretty (Quinn/Rachel) but I thought they had good chemistry and their storyline made sense given the fact he’s the father of her child. I didn’t want them to end up together or anything but they were interesting for the short time they were given.

      • james says:

        I hated that story mainly because of the whole teacher/student romance thing. Played out storyline that’s predicable and boring.

      • ErixN says:

        I agree Captain.

      • Kendal says:

        I wasn’t a fan of the storyline per say because I didn’t like the teacher/student element of it, but I did actually enjoy more screen time for Puck and seeing Shelby back albeit for the wrong reasons storyline wise.

        I’m sad that Shelby & Beth are gone so I’m hoping to see them again in the future.

        • Katie says:

          I think I more so hated the whole “he’s the father of her adopted baby and dated her daughter” part of the romance. The age didn’t bother me as much because Mark looks older. I enjoy them separately but not together.

  3. Ben says:

    Downton Abbey series 2 – near perfect? Seriously? It takes everything that was great about series 1 and destroys it, a terrible series. If it gets any Emmys this year I lose faith in them. Such a shame because Series 1 was amazing.

    • K. says:

      Have to agree with you. Series 2 pales in comparison to a flawless first series. At least the Christmas special wasn’t too shabby. Crossing my fingers for a fantastic Series 3. :)

    • cuius says:

      Have to agree – rushed through history – at this rate series 3 will be set in the future. Christmas (sorry, Winter Festival) special was an improvement.

    • Lisa London says:

      As a latecomer to the Downton family, I recently watched both seasons in a row, Christmas special included. I’m not quite sure why you found season two lacking. I enjoyed it just as much as the first season – although I have forever lost respect for Lord Grantham after… well, I’ll keep this spoiler free but you know what I mean.

      • Autumn says:

        I loved season 2 as well. There were a few ‘slight’ things I would have changed but other than that…I honestly don’t know where the hate is coming from. I believe most people will love it!

      • Liz says:

        People just like to complain about shows and say that the quality is down. Seriously, just look at any popular show and there are legions of fans that only watch it so they can complain about how terrible it is now. The thing is, the quality hasn’t changed people are just looking for things to piss and moan about.

    • Sasha says:

      I totally agree. I was a huge fan of series 1, but series 2 just paled in comparison. I did like the Christmas special though, and think it redeemed at least some of series 2.

    • Bear75 says:

      I’m with you! Loved Season 1 but Season 2 was just sooo far fetched in places – I don’t want to give anything away to our US buddies but I found myself shouting “Seriously?!” at the TV on more than one occassion! Way too much ‘smell the fart’ acting going on for my liking too :-) x

  4. Melissa Miller says:

    So Dan lets Blair know about his feelings like Brian Krakow did? Although Louis is no Jordan Catalano.

  5. Ashley says:

    I like how the newest Gossip Girl spoiler just further confirms that Dan is a loser and should just jot his feelings down in his diary in hopes that Blair will read it one day. Such an idiotic character I swear.

    • Jill says:

      I do keep asking myself after each episode, Can Dan get more pathetic?, and this just keeps proving to me that he can. First, Louis needs to ask someone else to pen his vows, and then Dan instead of telling Blair to her face how he feels, writes it in wedding vows for someone else? Seriously! Eeek!

    • Have you no heart? Dan loves Blair. He wants her to be happy. Which means he sacrifices his own feelings to help her. He is more of a man than Louis and Chuck combined. How is he a “loser” or an “idiot?” His love doesn’t have anything to do with lust or power. It’s pure and simple. Seriously, please tell me you were joking, or I may lose all faith in human compassion.

      • chacha says:

        Have you no heart? Have you no balls?

        • EE says:

          Hahaha…ok, that was funny BUT you know what’s not? The Dair love. It’s happening, come to accept it and viewing may be a little easier handle. We’ve all endured Chair, now it’s time for some Dair. Now let’s all stop acting like we’re clever and just enjoy the show together.

      • Aura Lee says:

        Dan is pathetic. I really think people need to admit it. As much as I hate to admit it, Dan is an ok guy. He would be nice to Blair, treat her well, and probably make her happy if that is what she wants. He is pathetic because he’s not even willing to try. How long did Dan moon over Serena? A LONG TIME. If Serena hadn’t made the first move Derena would have never happened. He wasn’t willing to get his book published, if Blahnessa hadn’t done it for him, it would have never happened. He isn’t willing to tell Blair, who he has been in love with for a significant amount of time at this point, that he has feelings for her. He is pathetic and getting more pathetic. I’m not saying he needs to go in an interrupt the wedding but he needs to at least be brave enough to say something. He is a loser because his love may be pure and simple but until he is willing to speak up about it, he’s just a pathetic kid who is chasing after something unattainable.

        • Nina says:

          Agreed. I’m a all for Chair and have been since season 1 but always really liked Dan. Always thought he was nice and funny. “Two girls, four boobs, one Dan Humphrey.” LMAO Always wanted a good Dair and a good Duck friendship.
          But this Dair romantic aspect of the series is annoying me. It’s not because it’s not about Chuck and Blair (we always had Nate, Jenny, Vanessa, Marcus, Carter, Eva, Raina, Louis and company to get between them), it’s because it’s freaking Dan!
          It reminds me of the fact that Gossip Girl characters of the opposite sex can’t have platonic friendships, unless one of them is gay.
          It reminds me of the fact that the Gossip Girl writers can’t think of new storylines instead of hooking up the main cast:

          Blair X Chuck
          Blair X Nate
          Blair X Dan
          Serena X Dan
          Serena X Nate
          Jenny X Nate
          Jenny X Chuck
          Vanessa X Nate
          Vanessa X Dan
          Vanessa X Chuck

          100th episode celebration? Orgy time!

          And those other countless Main Character X Guest Star for 3 episodes (ok, bye now guest star, nice to meet you!)

          If this gets to season 8, we’ll see Blair X Serena lesbian affair and Chuck X Blair X Whore Guest Star of the Day random threesome. Yikes!
          What about Blair and Serena’s friendship? What about Nate and Chuck’s friendship? I’d like to see more of Dan with Chuck too, please! What about the great NJBC?
          Gossip Girl is all about Blair’s love life now. If she gets together with Dan two or three episodes after saying “You’re all I ever wanted. I love you. I love every part of you. You’re the one I never want to leave.” to Chuck and being engaged to a third man, sorry but she’s a major fickle and Dan (who’s not a total saint) deserves better. Too bad, because Blair is my favorite character.
          I like how season 5 Chuck is turning out, I like his character growth. I don’t want to watch Blair growing down for the sake of the ratings and the drama.

      • LoveBug says:

        Don’t be silly…Chair fans are only happy when Chuck is tryin to rape someone and selling Blair to his uncle for a useless piece of property. They would never wont someone who loves her so much he would do anything to give her what she wants. Someone who is an intellectual equal and would love for her to succeed. Someone who would never flaunt a polish princess or rich daughter of a business rival in her face giving them all the things that Blair wished for – and throwing it all in her face. Chair fans clearly hate Blair and want her to be nothing but property. So bravo Chair fans! I hope Blair gets her rapist.

        • Ana Muller says:

          “Chair fans are only happy when Chuck is tryin to rape someone” do you realize how stupid that sounds? Why would anyone watch a show hoping for rape?

    • Roland says:

      Dan is as pathethic as Serena is gullible. They are on a par there in levels of Pathethicness vs levels of gullibility

  6. Hunter says:

    OMG Dan is Blair’s real prince! I knew it! Love them together!

  7. meg says:

    MY HEART AUSIELLO! you were right, it totally exploded. OMG wow. I hope we get to hear those vows….

    Dair <3

  8. Roger says:

    i think the Castle thing is pretty obvious… its super smart of the writers to put an episode in Castle’s imagination. means they’ll kiss, but it won’t be real, just a fantasy. its a way of having them be together without them actually being together. Clever, and as a shipper, i’ll take it!

    • Virginia says:

      i hope you’re right :) its a classic dramedy move ;))) at least that would be a great material for fanvids xD fingers crossed!

    • Tami says:

      Actually, I would love for the kiss to be real because – Castle is so deep in his imagination that as Beckett tries to get his attention, reality and imagination merge for a moment and he grabs Beckett and nails one on her for real…I can dream…

    • darla says:

      Clever? Really? Bones pulled this crap years ago. Same sh*t, different episode. Castle has been awful this season.

      • CastleBuffySVU says:

        I’m sorry Darla, but have we been watching the same Castle? I hate to say it, due to my love of the show, but Bones is the one that has had a horrible season thus far. Huge fan of both shows, but Castle is absolutely the better one.

        • Christina says:

          Really? Have we been watching the same Bones? The premiere was amazing, as was episode 4. Really liked ep 3 as well, and seems like 7×06 will be a good one, too.

        • Hmm says:

          I really liked the first 3 seasons of Bones. Then it just kind of became like watching the same episode over and over with slight details changed. I guess the first 3 seasons were like that too but they were more interesting, the characters were richer, now they all just feel like they are staying exactly the same. It feels like Bones is treading water.

      • CastleNCISFirefly says:

        What? Come on “Darla”
        Not because you don’t know how to distinguish between good and bad shows, we have to take your bitter opinion about the most wonderful show ever, and yes… I’m talking about Castle.
        I don’t agree either with your comment about Bones, which is also a great show, but Castle is way better, and the excellent way it manages the Castle/Beckett, I’m sorry, but you don’t see it anywhere else.
        So, find yourself a life and stop insulting two great shows

  9. Jane says:

    Awww.. Although I know Dair is not the end-game, Dair/ Dan’s affections/actions for Blaire is just the sweetest things/heartbreaking. EKG paddles & oxygen mask ready!

  10. Andrew says:

    Game of Thrones spoilers?? Uh, read the books?

  11. Breakfastinwonerland says:

    Klause with a love interest , this could interesting !

  12. Angelica says:

    DAIR! This is just awesome! Can’t wait for it to unfold. And Louis better get served for using Dan’s “vows”, my god.

  13. LOL says:

    Oh great another dair spoiler. That is the dumbest thing I have heard. Dan isn’t even man enough to tell Blair to her face that he supposedly “loves” her? At least Chuck has the balls to go after what he wants. Dair fans, don’t even bother replying with something stupid.

    • A says:

      Chuck couldn’t tell Blair he loved her for almost two season!
      How blind are you people??
      Dair will be endgame :)

      • Whatever says:

        Nahhh, but nice try though.

        To grapefruit or whatever: Chuck has sacrificed for Blair multiple times AND this season has put Blair’s happiness before his own. Blair even asked why he chose then to NOT be selfish. First you dair fans want Dan to tell Blair about his one-sided feeling, now you twist his waiting to once again support your cause. Get over the fact that Blair loves Chuck, and Chuck loves Blair.

        • Yes I wanted him to confess. But that was when I thought Blair had finally gotten over Chuck. They made last year’s Chair farewell a really big deal, and throughout the first half of this season Blair kept reminding herself and those around her that she was over Chuck. It was only in this past episode when she and the audience realized that she wanted to be with Chuck that Dan and (I believe) most Dair fans realized it would be better in the long run for him to sacrifice his feelings and help Blair be happy. WE KNOW THAT BLAIR LOVES CHUCK. But that doesn’t belittles Dan’s love for Blair in any way. The only reason our position is “twisting” is because the storyline is unfolding and characters are changing. That is what happens when you watch a tv show. Your opinions of characters continue to grow and form.

          • Allie says:

            You really only figured out in the last episode that Blair wasn’t over Chuck? It’s been pretty obvious for like… four episodes at least.

          • Ana Muller says:

            When a girl keeps telling herself and others that she is over a guy is because she is clearly NOT over that guy… have you no girlfriends?

      • NotsoDarling says:

        LOL.. Team Dair <3 <3

    • It’s called putting others before yourself. Dan know that Blair doesn’t feel the same way so he doesn’t want to dump all over her happiness. Blair has just been in a car accident with the love of her life, she has publicly humiliated herself by cheating on her fiancee, and has just lost her baby, and you think that now is a good time for Dan to confess his feelings? Be a little socially sensitive.

  14. Amanda says:

    Crap. Out of all of the shows I watch there was ONE spoiler. And it’s one I already knew. I hate when that happens.

  15. K. says:


  16. Abby says:

    Say, when’s Dave Karofsky coming back to Glee? We’ve been waiting so long for some news, please Michael?

  17. Marie says:

    Wow, I don’t know whether to laugh or groan at the GG spoiler. I can’t believe Dan is helping her get back with Louis like an episode after he helped reunite her with Chuck. I can’t believe Blair is even on the fence about marrying a guy she’s almost left like four times now. And I don’t get why I should even care what she does if she’s this confused about it.

    Wake me up when there are some interesting spoilers about Chuck, I guess.

  18. Catherine says:

    YAY DAIR! Awwwww Dan! Please just figure it out soon, Blair, so that you guys can get together already!! Thanks for the scoop!

  19. LMAO says:

    Wow Dan, you truly out-gayed yourself. lololol

  20. Captain says:

    That didn’t make my heart explode but I will be happy if what I think goes down in the 100th epsiode, does: Blair finds out Dan wrote the vows and dumps Louis for him.

  21. LOL says:

    Here come the crazy dair fans that reply to EVERY anti-dair or pro-chair comment.

  22. Laura says:

    This blind item is actually killing me

  23. fudgemental says:


    haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate

  24. Andrew says:

    Thanks so much for the Fringe scoop!

  25. roxie says:

    wow. Ausiello, you just ruin the tiny excitement I had for Gossip Girl. There is no way in hell I’m gonna watch the second half of the season now.

  26. Liz says:

    Word. Clearly they’re trying to show Dan as the right man for Blair and it’s working.

  27. Jono says:

    Dan and Blair, the best thing Gossip Girl has done in the past three years, I don’t care whether they’re endgame or not, they make a once great show great again.

  28. sarah says:

    Okay so if Klaus will hook up with someone we know lets look at the ladies, Elena (no), Bonnie (maybe but I say no), Caroline (would be interesting twist, but no)….who does that leave?!?!?!?

  29. Dessy says:

    Fringe: prosthetics? That sounds very intriguing. Fringe never disappoints!

    Also, Klaus getting a love interest? I hope it’s someone as crazy and twisted as him, that’ll be So much fun. He’s easily my favourite character (after Caroline of course)

  30. Hojana says:

    Comments just further confirming Chair’s have got no heart…

    • sigh says:

      No. Comments further proving dairs didn’t watch this season or chose to turn a blind-eye to everything that’s happened this season.

  31. Mairsa says:

    Look up the term “Boy Bye” and you will probably find a pic of Prince Louis. Why does he even want to marry Blair if he can’t find the words in his heart to write his own vows.

  32. Em says:

    This is actually the most interesting thing I’ve heard coming up on GG for a while. The potential fallout will be brilliant. I think I’ll actually tune in for this one.
    Such a Dan thing for him to do. Lovely. I want Louis to piss off though, how pathetic can you get? Dan and Chuck run rings around him.

  33. Mae says:

    Dan is a writer. I don’t think it’s THAT amazing for him to do some beautiful vows. He has a lot of experience in that area. Serena, Miss Carr, Vanessa, Olivia, Serena again…. He is the Doctor Love of GG lol. Wake me up when Chuck & Blair will interact again.

    • aram says:

      Well that will be very soon considering the ‘Love doesn’t just disappear’ heartbroken Chuck says to Blair in the CW choice awards’ promo.

  34. Jules says:

    Fringe: “covered in prosthetics”?

  35. Alex says:

    It’s so ridiculous saying spoilers about Downton when you can just learn everything on youtube or anywhere else.We don’t need you Ausiello.

  36. Jon says:

    Can’t wait to see if Stefan bi*ch slaps Damon or Damon bi*ch slaps Stefan!

  37. amorse says:

    Dair is my drag! Thank you Ausiello! I love you, I love Gossip Girl, I love Dair! So excited!

  38. Adam Newman says:

    I concur!

  39. Mari says:

    OMGOMGOMG I hope it’s a Caskett kiss <3

  40. Michelle says:

    I think that Elena is going to slap Stefan (there were spoilers of a heartbreaking SE scene or something).
    Also I think that the lucky lady will be….NINA DOBREV.
    Because homegirl gets to kiss everyone on this show! Hehe :)

  41. chirine says:

    Yeah, last season Chuck let Blair go so she could be happy and live the life she always wanted to live. I don’t see how much that’s different from Dan bringing Chuck to Blair.

    • Pick says:

      Maybe it’s because Dan NEVER had Blair to begin with? Or the fact that Blair will never be over Chuck? Or that Dan’s “feelings” thus-far are one-sided? Take your pick.

    • Ari says:

      For me it’s that Dan hasn’t spoken up about it. He just keeps delving deeper and deeper into pathetic stalkerhood and acts like it’s all because he wants Blair to be happy. JUST SAY SOMETHING and stop being so darn unlikable.

  42. Renee says:

    Awww. A Grimm spoiler!

  43. Fatima says:

    Dear Dan why must your heart be so beautiful that it breaks my heart like this. I wait for the day when Blair finds out.

    • Mariks says:

      I agree! I can’t wait to see the emotions that dawn on Blair’s face when she realizes that Dan was the one who wrote, what I expect to be, the beautiful vows.

      • Hayley says:

        I’m so happy they are pursuing this love story. It’s even better because the build up has been so (arduously) long and they are going to keep it going this way until the season’s end I think. I do hope we find out by episodes end that Blair finally know Dan’s true feelings and this helps her finally admit her repressed feelings for him ever since their first kiss. The potential for Dair is huge. What a great drawcard for Gossip Girl leading into the end, season 6, of the show.

  44. Amy says:

    If anyone is curious about Downton Abbey spoilers don’t waste your time here. Just go to tumblr and tag it. The whole second series has already aired in the UK and you’ll get more details there than you will here.

  45. fen says:

    Downton Abbey spoilers? Are you guys for real? No dispect Ausiello, but it’s called itv.com or wiki. Series 2 (it is a UK show so i’ll call them series not seasons) has already aired in the UK. However, the Xmas special, well here’s a spoiler….

    nah… it’s great tho. Left me with a big smile at the end.

    • JJ says:

      I really don’t want to know ahead of time.

    • Lisa London says:

      Big smile in the end, indeed! Though I suspect it won’t last long…
      @ JJ: why come on a spoilers website if you “don’t want to know ahead of time”? Some people’s logic just baffles me.

    • AlisonC says:

      And two couples get married not just one. Plus there are two other proposals in the series.

      Totally a big smile at the end.

  46. Ella says:

    THE DAIR SPOILER. I so hope the episode ends with Blair discovering that Dan wrote the vows, and then ditching the wedding to find Dan at the airport. I would die and go to heaven. THANKS AUSIELLO!

    • Liz says:

      I actually think Dan is part of the wedding part so not sure how that would work. God it needs to be the 100th episode already. I think Chair & Dair fans can agree that Louise needs to go & then the rest ca get sorted out. Whatever way it goes.

  47. Lulu says:

    For those insulting Dan, I get that you don’t like the idea of Dair but let’s face it if it was the other way around Chuck writing the vows you would be saying things like, “Oh he loves her so much”, so just be a little objective and don’t insult just because your ship is not going where you want it to be.

    • Allie says:

      Umm, no. I would find it completely ridiculous if Chuck wrote vows for some other man to read to Blair, or if he went with her to a wedding dress fitting. Besides being totally out of character, he loves her way too much to ever be able to do that, and she loves him too much to ever put him through it.

    • Wrong again says:

      No. I would laugh my a** off if Chuck EVER did something as dumb as write vows for another man, to tell the woman he loves…he loves her. It’s not in Chuck’s character. So you can stop lumping all Chair fans together now. And about Dan helping Blair pick out her dress..?! WTF is up with that? Did Blair change her mind and make Dan her maid of honor? The writers are ridiculous.

      • Lulu says:

        I don’t actually think Louis is going to ask Dan write the vows, personally I wouldn’t buy that, more like he will write her a letter Louis will find it and use is as his own and about the whole wedding picking then again Blair wouldn’t ask Dan to help her choose her dress that’s probably something else but it might end in a you look very beautiful scene which of course you Chair fans won’t be able to appreaciate.

  48. Audrey says:

    I’m more willing to bet that it’s Esplanie kiss, not Caskett. Besides, if Castle and Beckett do kiss in this noir episode, it doesn’t mean anything other than to emphasize Castle’s imagination.

    • M. says:

      I bet you’re right!

      It can’t be a Caskett-kiss!

      “Just” an imaginary kiss would be far too disappointing… No way the writers would take this road… *fingerscrossed*”

      • CastleBuffySVU says:

        Either couple would please me. I completely trust the writers on Castle, I’m sure that whatever happens, we’ll love it.

  49. Emily says:

    I am not looking forward to Gossip Girl’s 100th episode at all. I wish someone would just tell me something about what Chuck/Serena/Nate/Ivy are doing. I don’t care about the only story GG is promoting right now.

    I know it’s already been half a season, but I am NOT ready for Alaric to have another love interest yet. Not at all. Can’t wait to find out who catches Klaus’ eye, though! THAT will be awesome! <3

    You have more info on Ringer's maybe-rape that you're not sharing?! WHY?!?!

    • Pash says:

      What happened to Alaric being a pseudo-parent to Elena and Jeremy? I miss Alaric! I feel like we’ve barely seen him! I want Alaric to take a page out of the Wesley Wyndham Price playbook and just totally embrace his badassness. I feel like there is not nearly enough badass action in this season of TVD.

  50. chirine says:

    What I really don’t understand is that for the short moment Chair were together in that car they were insanely happy and looked like the felt nothing but relief, bliss and love knowing they could be together and now it seems like Blair is going to either marry prince a-hole or get her nasty on with Dan.

    Come on, the person she vowed her love to moments before their car collided (almost ofcourse Chuck can’t die, oh how I hope ALMOST) died. If she is really that selfish to just turn her back on him it would be one of the most un-Blair like things she has done..

    • It really is confusing. I don’t know what would make Blair change her mind after something like that. Hopefully it will be better explained next episode. I’m glad Chuck isn’t dead though.

    • Ari says:

      I so totally 100% agree. I feel like they are on some kind of mission to assassinate Blair’s character. She made a choice, she knew it was the right choice, then the love of her life almost dies and suddenly she is smiling and marrying Prince Boring and cheating with DAN HUMPHREY? REALLY? I feel like unless there has been a major time gap her wavering in any way from Chuck at this point will just make me lose any respect I had left for her.

      • Nina says:

        Agreed 1oo% and Blair is my favorite character. This whole situation makes her look really, really bad. If this was Chuck Bass, people would be jumping on him for being a jerk. They are ruining Blair for the sake of drama, ratings and “new” storylines.