Pretty Little Liars Scoop: Illicit Love Exposed, An Old Flame Reignites and Risky Moves Against 'A'

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars are back, and frankly they’re more fed up than ever with A’s antics – especially seeing as how in the wake of the midseason finale, they’ve become persons of great interest in Alison’s death. When Season 2 resumes Monday at 8/7c, time will have passed since the gals’ arrest – and Emily has kinda been frozen out of the clique — so let’s check in on where things stand with relationships old and new, as well as the state of sussing out A’s identity.

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Will Aria’s Parents Learn About Her and Ezra? | In a word, yes – and her father, in particular, won’t endorse the forbidden romance one bit. “There’s a lot of friction between Aria and her parents because of this big bombshell that she drops,” Lucy Hale previews. And as for Aria’s little flirtation with Jason, “It’s over for now,” says the actress. “I think she will always be a little keen of him, but she is all eyes for Ezra.”

Will An Old Flame Offer Someone Comfort? | Boxed out from her band of buddies, Emily can at least look forward to rekindling things with Maya. “She comes back to Rosewood, and basically the girls get to renew the relationship but on different terms now, because Emily is a little bit of a different person,” says Shay Mitchell. “She has a lot more confidence.” Maya might not exactly be her same self, either. “She has also been away for a while, so she has had some experiences that Emily doesn’t know about,” Mitchell teases.

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Will Spencer Start to Suspect That She and Jason May Be Related? | “Spencer goes through a lot with Jason,” Troian Bellisario answers, “and at first it is more about finding out Jason’s very strange habits.” Even so, “She is very, very intrigued by him — and particularly suspicious of him. I think Spencer wants to expose him, but whenever she tries to expose somebody, she ends up exposing herself.”

What’s Going on With Hanna, Caleb and Lucas? | “Lucas and Hanna’s relationship is going to take a really weird turn,” forewarns Ashley Benson – not especially surprising given the new information gleaned about the guy from the Halloween special. “The fans are going to be very shocked at what happens with them.” As for the legit lovebirds, “Hanna and Caleb are as in love as ever, even though he goes back and forth to California a lot, which is kind of hard on them,” says the actress. “But Lucas and Hanna’s relationship is going to be very big in the second half [of the season].”

What’s New in Rosewood? (Or Should We Say ‘Who‘?) | Expect a few new faces to turn up, including a handsome fella named Holden, played by Mitchell’s real-life BFF, Shane Coffey (Secret Life of the American Teenager). “Holden, like Aria, was traveling abroad and he kind of comes back in Aria’s life and provides her with a very important service,” Mitchell teases.

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What Does the Official Synopsis Mean When It Says, ‘The Girls Take Matters Into their Own Hands and Try to Finally Put a Stop to A’s Antics’? | After all, that sounds like a tall order! “It means enough is enough,” Mitchell explains. “They are over it, so all of them are now making a very huge effort to put an end to everything that she is doing.” And while that sounds like more of the same ol’ same ol’, Mitchell notes, “The girls very on top of their game this time.”

So, Yet Again We Will Ask: Who Is ‘A’? | Bellisario is the first to admit that it can be “insanely frustrating” seeing the Liars jump on a lead only to get led to a red herring. As she puts it, “We will have whole episodes where we are like, ‘It’s totally Jenna, because of this and because of this!’ And then all of a sudden somebody will pop up and it’s like, ‘Wait a minute, that couldn’t have happened if it was Jenna,’ and so we go to that person — and then Jenna turns up and is creepy as all hell, so we’re back to, ‘No, it has to be Jenna!'” But as the girls acquire new info on how Alison herself was stalked by A (hinted at in the Halloween outing), “We get very close to finding out who she is,” says Bellisario. “We may or may not know by the end of Season 2, but there is a lot of risk-taking.”

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  1. Mare says:

    got a feeling that this whole story about the girls fighting is made up by the girls to lure “A” into a trap! Watched the first 11 minutes and it isn’t natural at all! Some faked up moves so I say it’s faked! :D

  2. Matt says:

    That pic makes them look like they’re from Misfits.

  3. sami says:

    starting to doubt the longevity of this series.. i dont think they can sustain the aura of the mystery for another season

    • BRETT says:

      Where have you been? A is revealed this season. And, just like the books, there will be another A after that. Look at how many “mysteries” they have going on right now… How can they not sustain that? Plus, the cast is huge.

  4. Saloni says:

    So they are all referring to A as a she :D Though I hope they dont copy the books when it comes to who A is

  5. Emily says:

    lol exactly xD

  6. fernando says:

    A is a she, both Mitchell and Torian said SHE. I cant wait for this season and to find out who A is.

    • BRETT says:

      Based on the interviews A has done with the press prior to this season, I agree. I don’t think it matters, though, as another A will come into the picture at some point.

    • Troula says:

      A is called a SHE because A stands for Alison, and ofcourse Alison is a SHE.

      • BRETT says:

        Oh man… you really think they will go EXACTLY with the books? How naive. Also, way to be a complete tool to people who may not know that.

        • Troula says:

          Ofcourse they won’t go by the books. They already have differences. I just said that it’s normal to call A a SHE, because a stands for Alison. And if you remember, on the episode were Noah got busted A send a text telling that A stands for Alison and not Amature.
          So, it’s normal and easy for everyone to call A a SHE, and not he/she, or even they. Cause we still have that option open, that A is a lot of people.

  7. Jarrod says:

    “They are over it, so all of them are now making a very huge effort to put an end to everything that she is doing” – A has been suspected of being a she, but now it’s confirmed by the actress. A also apparently has a partner. So I guess it could be Jenna and Garrett, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it’s someone we haven’t even seen on screen yet.


    So excited to FINALLY watch!!!

  9. PrincessBoss says:

    Can’t wait til 7 I been waitn for this for months now

  10. Bella says:

    This show is dragging on. So sick of waiting who A is. How much more far stretched can it get

  11. shannon carrillo says:

    What season is this? 3rd or 4th?

    • BRETT says:

      ABC Family, like other cable channels, splits their seasons into a summer and winter season. This is the winter premiere of the second season. Like the article says, season 2.5.

  12. "a" says:

    When are you going show “A” on pretty little Liars

    Love You

  13. Caylor says:

    The show was awesome.!

  14. lynn says:

    The books are pretty good and kinda long and the author keeps making new books so im sure it will be another season, and have you seen how many new characters are coming! This is gonna be good and long! Lol

  15. prettlittleliarsforever says:

    I have a feeling that “A” is going to be someone we never exspected at all. Just a hunch I have. I mean why would you not want suspense:)

  16. Lola says:

    Oh, how I wish they would put Aria with Jason!! I’ve never really got on board with her and Ezra from day one. When they gave her Noel as a possible love interest I was excited and then he turned out to be a creep and then Jason camp along and I love them!!!

  17. -A says:

    A= Melissa, sooooo obvious