2012 Forecast: 10 Fearless Predictions For Glee, Gossip Girl, Fringe, GH, Grey's and More!

As 2011 shuffles from the present to the past, we here at TVLine are dusting off our crystal ball to focus on the future. What will be 2012’s biggest small-screen stories? The following slide show contains 10 of our fearless predictions — some of which may seem too good to be true, and others we really hope we’re wrong about.

TVLine Shares Its 2012 Wish List for Grey’s, FNL, Fringe, Vampire Diaries, Community and More

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  1. Two things:
    1) How would Breaking Bad winning Best Drama series at the Emmys be a BAD thing?
    2) Fringe will be renewed, but for a 13 episode final season.

  2. kel says:

    house needs ratings, good reviews to finance a house and bring LISA means rating = $$$$. bienevenido is

  3. Alois says:

    Hummelberry are the absolute worst.

  4. Ana Muller says:

    so you’re predicting Blake Lively will pull a Katherine Heighl? Whatever… she won’t be missed.

  5. Kris says:

    I’d love a spinoff in NY that focused on Kurt, Rachel, and Finn. I basically watch for Kurt anyways, so I’d probably just move over to the spinoff. Having Santana there too would be awesome, and maybe some of the others. They’d get more focus as compared to now, and there’d be a wider range of storyline possibilities. I’m not holding my breath for the spinoff though, because given the way the ratings are lately, it would probably lead to Glee’s cancellation if they sent away their most popular characters. But at the same time, I really want it to happen, because otherwise, next season is going to be a mess. Glee already has too many characters, so is it really going to have the graduated kids just hanging around town, popping up occasionally, while the show continues to focus on the glee club and its existing members: Artie, Tina, Blaine, Sam, etc. and new people? Because that sounds like it’ll be awful.

  6. sandy says:

    i really hope the House: The Doctor Is Still In thing is true i love cuddy

  7. sandy says:

    huddy ftw

  8. Melanie says:

    It would be awesome to have another season of House. I don’t think that ending this season would give them the appropriate time to tell the rest of the story. Also, whether you love or hate Cuddy, she is a BIG part of House and his story. I think it would be great to get her and Jennifer Morrison back to finish the story completely. We need the family back together :)

  9. JAmandaFan says:

    NO to canceling GH!! The Chew’s ratings are so low that they haven’t ever met AMC’s low ratings. ABC needs to save one soap for when these reality shows destroy their daytime viewership. (And Laura wont comeback because YR wont let her…)

  10. Marie says:

    YUCK! If Ryan Seacrest will take over Matt Lauer on the Today show, that will be the time I will stop watching that show. YUCK again!

  11. Travis S says:

    I think finn have be included in spinoff or wont work but dont think there be a spinoff ratings plumented too much and ryan murphy would then have 4 shows with his new pilot for nbc. Plus there will be a new broadway show on nbc called smash n febuary

  12. Mindy says:

    How is there any downside to Breaking Bad winning an Emmy for Best Drama Series? That is ridiculous.

  13. socalgal says:

    Tried to watch Glee once. Couldn’t get through 10 minutes of it. Can’t hold a candle to FAME. As for House, the show sags without Cuddy, but they never should have put her and House together. I thought Forman becoming headmaster would give him better scripts but it didn’t. Lisa needs to take back the reins and be what she started out being–the boss. Her episode 5:00-9:00 was one of the best. General Hospital will go the way of the rest for the best or not. Writing has been poor. I don’t watch any of the others.

  14. Paul Burrows says:

    Changing subject I think that Fringe will pull off a miricle and manage a 5th season which will wrap things up nicely.

  15. Mary says:

    As much as I would love to see House get another season. I would rather see it end rather than bring back Cuddy. LE betrayed all the people she worked with IMO. Esp when S8 had been planed with her still there.

  16. Flo says:

    Several of the media critics have said losing LE on the show is a loss and I agree with them.

    I enjoyed Cuddy and miss the dynamic between her and House. Bring her back and I will start watching again.

  17. Jane says:

    Glee is pretty much guaranteed a 4th season and I think its clear that it will continue to be at the school, with a whole new generation of Glee kids.

    My favorite characters are the adults so I am happy that Glee will keep the 3 main ones, Wemma and Sue.

    Along with Blaine, Tina, Sam, Artie, Sugar, Rory, Samuel, etc that is a very strong S4 cast. :)

    Glee will get a 4th season and that will be when it ends most likely.

  18. Danny says:

    Here is my prediction: The world ends and people stop talking about TV shows that suck like Glee and Gossip Whore.

  19. Karo says:

    A big Yes for a season9 of House :) and big No for Cuddy coming back. I had enough awful to watch Huddy-drama on this show. The show creators & TvLine should move on from the idea and leave her where is now, far away from House. It is true a lot of media mourning about the loss of Cuddy, i disagree & would say the show is missing an talented over 40 actress as a new love interest or an interesting foil to House.
    I wish LE only the best for her further career but i don`t want her back and don`t miss the character of Cuddy on the show at all.

  20. shizzy says:

    I like Glee but is it wrong of me to want Glee to be over after the season 3 finale? I mean, the show had a strong first season, an okay second season and is having a moderately weak third season. All of its major story lines are already over, just give them the Nationals trophy, and let all the cast members free. Glee feels contrived nowadays and it would just be better to clean up the show nicely rather than hope for something better, even though it might move towards a disaster at season 4.

  21. Saracen Riggins says:

    YEAH! My very favorite prediction is the Felicity redux :) :) I wonder if you guys have an basis for this prediction or if it is more of a wishful thinking statement? I miss Ben…

    And on the note of Mad Men vs. Breaking Bad… I watch neither. I just wanted to take the opportunity to voice that I sure wish the Emmy’s would have separate categories for network AND cable. Cable shows almost always win and that just isn’t fair when a lot of people don’t get channels like HBO, Showtime, etc. unless they pay extra for it. I know a lot of them are on channels that aren’t pay (AMC, Fx, etc.). But I still feel it is unfair that the network shows almost always get overlooked.

    Whew, okay I feel a little better ;)

  22. jessica says:

    NO, NO, NO, NO….NO to Seacrest taking over for Lauer. NBC has a handful of more suitable then Seacrest replacements. Some of them are really good. And NO to the glee spin off. Murphy screwed up Glee he needs to keep his focus on one thing, too many items on his plat and shows start to suffer.

  23. Jeeei says:

    Cuddy was my favorite House character and i really love Lisa Edelstein but i will never watch that show again. Not even with Lisa returning. Enough is enough.

    • Kath G says:

      When did the show House, get to be about Cuddy? She is and was a secondary character. The show is about one person, all the other characters are expendable. Some people are pathetic, when they come on line spewing their hatered about a show, they really no nothing about. They only care about one character, and one story line. The House/Cuddy relationship was part of that story line, it finished ENDED! It’s part of a story, to some you would think it was real life! An actress DECIDED to walk away. It was her decision and her’s alone. Why after all these months are people still harkering about it!! It’s sad really, that people can not let go of what is a fictional TV show about fictional characters. The story around this show, is about a man who is a brilliant screwed up doctor. His life is complicated, and people, from his parents, to his lovers have hurt him, in many ways. That is what House is all about. Not Cuddy, so please get off the subject of a charcter who is gone, and to me, good riddance.

      • Jeeei says:

        The subject here is CUDDY moron. And if some people like me don´t want to watch because she is gone, who are you to come and lecture us? If you like House so much go on your knees and lick his a** if you want but don´t pretend others to worship him. House can be the main character and we can agree that without him the show is over but not everybody watch for him or care about him. So STFU. And tbh it looks like not a lot of people give a damn about your amazing genius anymore.

      • Sun says:

        There you go screaming at everyone again. It’s clear you don’t understand the point of this article everyone is replying to but the article is about Cuddy returning to the show. Nothing was said about Cuddy being the star of the show, only that she was needed to finish the show. We all know you don’t agree but try and respond to the main idea of the article and stop screaming the same off topic ideas. People might just think about what you say instead of tuning you out.

  24. Vicky says:

    So when did Glee become more about our favorite characters and less about the overall message of the show? I think fans have gotten too caught up in their ‘ships and forgotten that Glee has always been about the underdogs and how they can shine too and still make something of themselves. Not to use a cliche quote, but it’s not the “Rachel Berry show” or the “Kurt Hummel show” or even the “Finn Hudson or Blaine Anderson show”. It’s Glee, a show about a group of misfit kids that band together dispute their differences and hardships and form an amazing show choir and prove that they can reach all their dreams if they believe in themselves.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love me some Finchel and Klaine. My hours of fanfiction will attest to that. But even if they didn’t do a spin-off so I could still watch these awesome characters I’ve grown to love, I’d still watch Glee because it’s not about the characters, it’s about the message. And the music is awesome lol. I love watching Mercedes and Artie and Tina and Santana as they depict some aspect of someone’s life and show a lonely kid out there in the world that they are special and unique and shouldn’t be ashamed of who they are and let themselves shine out and be who they were meant to. Becuase that’s Glee.

    That being said, I would watch both the original show and any spin-offs they decide to make until they decide to finally end what has been one of the most inspirational shows I’ve watched to date.

  25. Corinne says:

    There is something wrong with Fox. Fringe is a detailed and well-thought-out show with an intricate plot, complex characters, and no way to give it a proper conclusion in half a season, tops. It has a fairly large international following, as well as the potential for marathons of a weekend or something. It needs a fifth season, and if we know it’s the last, and the writers know it’s the last, everyone can make it count.

    Glee, on the other hand, lacks basic plot continuity, has writing that varies wildly in quality from week to week, and characters that are downright unrealistic as high school students. It gets painful to watch sometimes, with some scenes just being the cause for cringing. Why, then, would we need two hours of that crap per week when we’re fighting for Fringe to get one? It shouldn’t be all about money, but when you walk into a CD shop and see that it’s been taken over by Glee CDs, you know that it clearly is.

    • monmax says:

      Can’t agree with you more. Fringe is one of few intelligently written shows. If cancellation is considered, I don’t know wether the writers have time enough to wrap things up in te rest of the season. So (like a good show deserves) a half season 5 would be nice (like Eureka e.g.)

  26. Fabian says:

    At first when I saw that picture of the “Felicity” cast, I was thinking that they were going to reboot the show with the same actors (stupid thought, i know) and I was like, “Fu*k yeah! I’m watchin’ that!” But I do hope that Keri Russell gets a good show.

  27. juan says:


  28. HHH says:


  29. NEK38583 says:

    I am hoping you are wrong about GH. I am hope that is does make it into the new year and the soap deaths stop. It saddens me to watch all of these soaps die. I hope the network realize how vuleable these soaps really are and starts trying to save them.

  30. Natasha says:

    lol wow at some of the Glee fans. Kurt and Rachel are some of my favorite characters and I would love it if a spin off happened, with Finn and later on Blaine. Just because someone didn’t mention Finn in their wishlist, though, isn’t the end of the world. I happen to know that a ton would watch a spin off that featured most of the original cast, including Santana and Puck and Quinn. We became fans because of the original cast. This is more about the original cast, for me, than about ships. Because I would love the other characters to be part of the spin off and watch both shows…but at the same time people need to CALM down. I can get why people might not like characters ect. But you don’t need to insult the fans in order to state your point. This is a TV show. There’s no reason to get nasty here. Glee is one of my favorite shows, yes, and Kurt’s one of my favorite characters ever, yes, but I’m not going to name call someone just because they don’t like that character or show. People have different tastes. What bugs me is acting as if someone else’s opinion is totally dumb, if it’s different from yours. Many people want a spin off, many people don’t. Saying you do or don’t doesn’t make you a better person than the other one. Just remember to chill, relax, and enjoy the show and stop fighting. After all Glee’s supposed to be about having fun, not arguing over ships and actors and characters. It’s supposed to make you happy. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Don’t ridicule others for wanting a spin off or still watching the show, though

  31. Jackie says:

    I love the Fecility Redux idea. They all deserve great shows to be a part of. I would love to see them on my TV.

  32. Zoe says:

    I really hope fringe goes for at least one more season, or even just a half a season, but where it stnds right now, I have no idea how they would bring it to a close.

  33. Carol says:

    Please, yes to bringing back Lisa Edelstein to House. This season has been such a dismal drag without her. When Cuddy left, she took all the smarts, all the sass, all the sexy, and all the drama. The return of Cuddy would definitely rev up the buzz and interest in this fading show.

    Bring back LE now.

  34. kirads09 says:

    Fringe deserves better.
    Glee and House do not.

  35. simonew says:

    Right, Kurt’s story line ruined season 2. That’s why the show and Chris Colfer, the actor who plays Kurt, both won Golden Globe awards and Emmy nominations for that season. Mm-hmm. Whatever.
    Chris and Lea are the most talented of the Glee cast. While I’d love to watch them every week in a spin-off, I think they can both do and deserve better than that. The Glee writing team is an absolute hot mess right now.

  36. simonew says:


  37. nicole says:

    if lisa returns to house, would be great!!!
    i’ve seen the season 8’s episodes and for me definitely is not the same without her !!! i really hope she comes back i would be so happy!!!!

  38. Tay says:


    Who are you? Nothing! loI
    Waste your time talking about the Diva not, love, she does not know you exist …. Cotton candy for you, your Hameron.

  39. Jill says:

    House is soooo much better this season with Cuddy gone and the boring melodrama ended. But still not nearly as good as it was the first seasons. Time to wrap it up.

  40. Grace says:

    Would LOVE another season of HOUSE!!!
    Don’t really want Cuddy back though. Maybe SELA WARD??????

  41. Charlene says:

    Cuddy’s return to “House” would be ratings gold and a dynamite way to bring the show to a satisfying end this season. Cuddy was an essential part of the intriguing dynamic that fueled the show’s success in the early seasons. She matters to the show and to House’s personal growth. I want Cuddy back to make the show whole again.