2012 Forecast: 10 Fearless Predictions For Glee, Gossip Girl, Fringe, GH, Grey's and More!

As 2011 shuffles from the present to the past, we here at TVLine are dusting off our crystal ball to focus on the future. What will be 2012’s biggest small-screen stories? The following slide show contains 10 of our fearless predictions — some of which may seem too good to be true, and others we really hope we’re wrong about.

TVLine Shares Its 2012 Wish List for Grey’s, FNL, Fringe, Vampire Diaries, Community and More

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sam says:

    Forget Cuddy, the new House (old school House!) is so much better!

    • Bilouze says:


    • Bilouze says:

      they have the lowest ratings this season, yeah everyone is enjoying this amazing season.

      • @Bilouze says:

        They will go down further if she come back!! This is my fearless 2012 TV prediction and the House producers deserve. This woman & her stupid family brought last season the lowest ratings. Nobody liked Huddy or what House has become. LE doesn`t deserve to come back. After all what happened …Noooo!!

        • Bilouze says:

          this woman and her stupid family were written by stupid writers don’t you think? as for stupid huddy.
          You’re right, this actress deserves a better show.

        • @ @Bilouze says:

          I don’t want to get involved in a big argument or whatever, but I would correct you in saying that last season brought the lowest ratings. Actually, this season has brought the show’s lowest numbers, a lot of critical backlash and many fans have been growing bored from what I’ve been reading after each episode airs this season. If you love it without Cuddy and think this season is “brilliant without her” that’s okay, it’s your prerogative. I disagree but we all have our own opinions on the matter. But regardless of that the numbers are not great this season-people have been pretty disgruntled about the loss of her and what House did last season with the crash, they’re not resonating with the new characters and have been bored by the “return to season one” idea and the feeling is becoming more and more widespread because I keep seeing people voice these same complaints increasingly as the season has progressed. I’ve also been tracking the numbers and they are at or below season one levels right now. So again, while you may be enjoying it, perhaps others are not so much.

          • Jill says:

            The ratings started to go down as soon as they brought the new team on in season 4 and never went back up to even season 1 levels.

        • Bart says:

          “True House fan” prediction when Lisa left the show was that ratings would go up and up and up because millions of ppl would be back with Cuddy gone. Things is ratings have gone down and down and down and millions of ppl stopped watching because they don´t give a rat a** anymore.
          TPTB want her back and that speaks volumes.

          • Sun says:

            I loved hearing all the “true fans” and their predictions about the ratings going up with Cuddy gone and all the millions of viewers that would magically return and just look what has happened. But they all “Ship Shore” so whatever he does will be good with the “true fans” because he can do no wrong. But wait….He was still the show runner with Huddy too and they didn’t like that so maybe they only “Ship Shore” when they like the story.

        • Silly says:

          Except the ratings this season without her are even worse! It’s fine if you don’t like her but don’t use ratings as an argument because the ratings this season are close to, if not equal to a series low.

  2. Cocodays says:

    You should be careful with those, some people may take them at face value!
    That said, i hope you’re wrong about Fringe and since they are writing episode 16 at the moment, i sure hope the decision is made already.

  3. Kevin says:

    A spin off isn’t even needed. Drop the juniors and the seniors like Quinn and Mike, then just change the format from McKinley/choir room to New York. Nobody would watch the original with Blaine, Artie , Tina, adults anyways. The new Glee would then have Rachel, Kurt, Finn, Santana and new characters in New York.

    • Sucks4u says:

      Guess you don’t know that Matt, Jayma, and Jane are contracted till the end of S5, so the adults are here to stay. Sorry, you can go cry in the corner.

      Besides the writers have already stated the focus in the show will always be in that choir room and that school.

      • Nan says:

        The show/FOX can choose to terminate their contract at any time. If they want to change the format, they can let the adults go. They may have to pay them an opt-out fee, but the show can let them go before their contracts expires. So no, Matt, Jane and Jayma are not 100% sure to stay just because of their contracts. They can’t quit, but the studio can let them go.

        • Hannah1 says:

          The show is always going to take place in that high school in that choir room as stated multiple times by the writers. Wemma and Sue are here to stay till the end of the shows run, deal with it.

  4. nitemar says:

    Im sure Lisa Edelstein is heading back to House, being this the last season or not. Like it or not to few, it’s on the works.

  5. Liv says:

    I agree with the person up there who says if they bring Lisa back it shouldn’t just be for a handful of episodes. If they’re gonna do it, they need to do it right. And I think they should. She is too important to the story for that. If they did something like you guys propose, bringing her back in the finale would be big news, and could be cool if played right. A lot of us would tune in just from curiosity alone– Then having her back where she belongs in season nine would be great. This show used to be epic and un-missable for me. But I seriously was about to give up on the show and erase it permanently, because it’s all getting old. But IF they bring Cuddy back, then I would so be there-at least for all of the episodes she’s in. She was awesome, and she made House awesome when he was around her. I realize this is all speculation though. So I’m just gonna wait and keep an ear out. Hope it all works out for the fans and the show. Thanks, TVLine, for giving us a chance to voice our Cuddy love this week. So many of us fans miss her–so it’s nice to be able to come here and express what we’ve been feeling with the show this season. :)

  6. emy26 says:

    come on! fringe has to be renewed! olivia and peter haven’t had their happy ending yet! and there’s alt-livia and alt-lincoln too! and baby henry!

  7. Mancha says:

    Well I’m still optimistic about Fringe getting renewed. I’m not giving up yet… Keep watching and spreading the word Fringies! Watch live on Friday’s if you can! Everything helps!

  8. counter wish says:

    9th season of House, really?
    I think I’ll pass just like I’m passing on season 8. Not a good show anymore.

  9. CrystalBall says:

    Glee hasn’t even been picked up for a fourth season yet. and if the ratings will keep slipping like they have, all this talk about a spin off will just be grinding water. 2 years from now there will be no glee, no glee spin off, and most of the cast except maybe 1 or 2 of them will be back to being unknowns.

  10. F says:

    If this prediction of Season 9 of House is true then that is BRILLIANT news. But LE back no thanks!!! Season 8 without her is much better! If she comes back lets up its just a few episodes.
    Course she would agree to come back cause she has not exactly been rushed off her feet with work!

  11. sara says:

    YES more HOUSE and LE can come back again only if she promises to wear a disguise and leave quickly.

  12. DL says:

    Does the Grey’s prediction put the kibosh on Dempsey’s character being the one to get killed off in Ausiello’s most recent Blind Item? Seems that way.

  13. Chelsea says:

    I think they need to bring Lisa Edelstein back to House she is a phenomenal actress, or at least give her more episodes on the Good Wife. I agree that Gossip Girl needs to end and with a bang, its demise is long over due.

  14. Reven says:

    And all this is why Ryan Murphy learned his lesson and is going to get a whole new cast for American Horror Story. Lesson learned. Get rid of the actors before the public becomes too invested in them… saves cost and you keep the power about what happens next.

  15. Alexa says:

    Seriously? We need one more season of Fringe to wrap things up well! There’s just too much going on to end it this May without leaving way too much unresolved. I’m hoping for a fifth season renewal, with full awareness that it’s the last season. We need the family relationships between Peter, Olivia, and Walter back; we need more of the camaraderie between the alt-Fringe team; we need blue-verse Lincoln to be more developed. And most of all we as Fringe fans deserve a real ending after years of loyalty!

  16. Amy says:

    I think you are right about Patrick Demsey. I’ll still watch GA as long as Ellen Pompeo is on but his being in a limited number of episodes is just another hit for the Mer/Der fans. The writers struggle as it is to write a concise story for this two with some continuity and payoff for all their struggles. I can’t image how they could pull it off. I don’t want to see Meredith raising a child with her BFF. It would not surprise me if Oh left the show altogether.

    I am over Cuddy on House. I hope to see more of Lisa E. on the Good Wife.

  17. Debora says:

    IF this really happens, and since Blaine is a junior…could we see Karofsky’s baby steps taking him to NY and a possible relationship with Kurt? Please, TBTP, let it be so!!!

  18. Captain says:

    No one wants Luke/Laura back together. Luke is perfect with Tracy.

  19. Magali says:

    I don’t care Darren Criss, I’m so sick of him already! All I want is Chris Colfer!!! YEA!! CHRIS!!!

  20. Camila says:

    WOW,NOW I SAW FIREWORKS!!! HOUSE HAS A 9 SEASON WITH CUDDY? YEAH!!! NOW I´M WATCHING IT!!! But if it doesn´t happen,at list make a season 8 finale with her.The problem is that the anti Cuddy aren´t making so much audience.The other big problem is that,either they get Cuddy back and have all of the huddys (us) or they don´t and “have all medicine is all that matters here´´ fans.Either way,it´s not going to pass the 10 million viewers again…

  21. Yvonne says:

    Splitting the cast will ruin both shows. Glee has already lost all respect because the writers can’t write, so how do they expect a spin off to be successful? What they need to do is cancel Glee and make a New York spin off on HBO written by new people, with Rachel, Kurt, Finn , Santana and maybe Blaine in season 2 if it survives. A Hummelberry spin off won’t have enough fans to get a full season.

    • sm says:

      I like your idea. Glee writing staff as talented as they are have shown they aren’t as diverse with drama and comedy as I’d like. Fans are not as happy as once were. I’m addicted to Glee til it hurts sometimes. When I watch an episode and I begin to cringe I’ll reminisce about s1 how enchanting it was-got me hook line and sinker. I think about the hiatus prior to s2 anticipation and longing for s2 to start then when it did (WTF is this?)Jacob Israel EWW!! nasty. Fuinn 2.0 Coughh!! ick. Kurt epic drama the whole season. All are insecure. Will and Emma are psycho. Sue should be in professional wrestling. Characters and their shortcomings are accentuated til they are eccentric, raging beotches, coniving backstabbers, Gwynneth. The lack of continuity. Then there are the few highlighted moments. Santana vulnerable depth. The musical productions. Born this Way, Duets, Prom Queen excellent acting. Bieste is wonderful. S3 a promise of back to basics and some are. It is better but needs improvement. Now hope is still there for the rest of s3 to shine brightly. So I agree start over with a new premise and create new types and kinds of story arcs in a new setting minus Murphy and put it on HBO or Showtime so the show can venture into uncharted topics without censoring where the story can be told to its fullest.

  22. grace says:

    if the House MD Season 8, the rating is miserable and horrible media criticism and might get one more season?. if there is a season. compete in rating with CW

  23. matt says:

    when people like you post that you think shows like Fringe will be cancelled, you’re just validating the network’s fears and thoughts that it should be!!!!

    if you really love Fringe, you’d say… “despite it’s mediocre ratings, FOX realizes, for once, that they have a truly great show on their hands and renews it anyway!”

    ughh. just go ahead and sign it’s death certificate why don’t ya?

  24. Lora says:

    I’ll watch any show with Kurt, I dont care about any of the shippers, annoying as they come they’ve ruined Glee. I dont promote Klaine, send Blaine back to Dalton. And while they’re at it, the writers too.

    • yep says:

      I’m kinda right there with you. I don’t want to bash the writers but it isn’t as good as it once was. I too love Kurt and not Blaine and especially not together.

  25. Olivia says:

    I don’t really want another season of GG unless they’re actually going to have Chuck and Blair together for most of it. If it’s just going to be another year of coming up with increasingly-ridiculous ways to delay their reunion, no thanks.

  26. T says:

    Blake’s busy film career of making movies that bomb. Green Lantern anyone

  27. Kate says:

    Love the idea of a spin off but only if Rachel and Finn are both in it!

    Hate the idea of losing GH but if ABC cancels it then that will eliminate my need to waste time on any other ABC or Disney program or advertiser!

  28. Freija says:

    Whyyyyy doesn’t Murphy keep rachel and kurt on glee? If klaine remains then there is already a fine link to kurt and rachel in NY.. A spin off would not work, glee has to get back on track :/ And i agree with the other people that said that glee isn’t about the adults and the highschool concept anymore, it’s all about the young characters and their developments, why not treir developments outside WMH?

  29. Ruba says:

    i was hoping for a Community prediction because the currant status is driving me crazy what i fear “it will be renewed for a fourth and final season” and that will be sadly it, i pray to God I am wrong
    Glad about the felicity stars pilot pick up and i hope all will stick

  30. JD says:

    I really hope you guys are wrong in this :( Fringe is not over until Fox say it :) What a way to destroy a show :( Not cool TVLine, not cool :(

  31. Stella says:

    Cuddy back in the House?? Hell yes!! I’m really hoping this is true cause that’s the only thing that would me make go back to watching House!
    This season is super boring and the new actresses lack talent…I gave it a try and stopped watching…I’m sure with Cuddy back in the House everything will be much more interesting :)

  32. kbooga says:

    Thank you TV Line Team for putting a smile on my face after having a very bad day. My favorite part was the Felicity Redux! I would just love to see that!

  33. 6cbrilhante says:

    IF Lisa Edelstein returns to House, there are two requests I make: first, it MUST be as a regular character; and second, please House writers don’t ruin her character more than it was in S6-S7!!!

  34. Belle says:

    I hope Lisa Edelstein/Cuddy does return to House. The show just hasn’t been the same without her in my opinion. My only hope is that if this prediction came true and she did return that she would do so to a really decent storyline. Lisa Edelstein is a great actress and Cuddy is a great character they both deserved better than what was served up to them last season.

  35. Jenny says:

    I would love for the House prediction to be correct!

  36. A says:

    Kurt and Rachel (but especially Kurt) are the best characters on the show. Although I kind of wanted Chris and Lea to move on to better things, independent of Glee. Oh well.

  37. Behzad says:

    I am stunned at how unusually accurate each one of these predictions sound!

  38. Jack says:

    Bring back Cuddy MD and possibly the worst romance on television, ever? Please, no.

  39. Sam says:

    Damn, I was hoping and assuming House would be cancelled after this season, obviously fox are running very low on shows with even average ratings if they want to keep it around. I hope Lisa Edelstein finds a better gig than going back to House for even one episode.

    • Jess says:

      She’ll be in a lifetime movie, the dream of every actress, rated b actress of course

      • Mwahaha says:

        Oh yeah, it’s so much better to make it to the primetime network show and get outshone and outdone by literally every other actor. Total win!

        Jennifer Morrison’s two fans, posting here under different names, you are hilariously pathetic. And yes, JM is an A-rated actress. Obviously. Mwahahaha.

        • Karo says:

          What is exactly your problem? Nobody is talking about Jen here with the exception of you (under different names) and why do you think only her fans posting here. It is ridiculus!! Do you think only because H-fans don`t want Cuddy back are automatically Jennifer fans? If this is your logic than she has more fans than two for sure,Mwahaha.
          Jennifer is a beloved actress as is Lisa. Support your Idol but stop talking sh*t about Jen and her fans. YOu make a fool of yourself with your behaviour, Just saying!

        • @Mwahaha says:

          Bitter much, LE fangirl? JM has more fans of LE, have a look at her followers on twitter. Lisa is the one with a lifetime movie, Jen is the lead of a hit show.

          • Silly says:

            Not the lead but part of an ensemble. As for Jen, a few of her fans still rush to post something hateful on every article about Lisa. They are the ones who can’t let go of their hate. See them on Twitter. They are spewing the same hate 2 years later and Jen is on another show. It’s sad they are so bitter but there’s no need to keep up the hate for Lisa who had nothing to do with Jen leaving. Why not blame Hugh. He was an executive producer when Jen was written out and he said no to Hameron. Lisa had no power at all over who was fired or hired. Sometimes Lisa fans just have to point it out because their hate just gets old.

  40. Wes says:

    Besides money of coarse, I don’t see the problem with finishing this season of Glee (show a fast forward jump on the last episode, to show where everyone is) and simply cancel the show. I don’t think anyone from Glee will do anything after the show, all one hit wonders. I could be wrong maybe Dianna Agron will be nominated for an Oscar one day. . .LOL, yeah right. If I was to beat my money, it would be on Lea, but still, a movie here and a movie there. That’s it.

    Spinoff’s never work, only a few come to mind that did. Golden Girls, Facts of Life, but that was a long time ago. Some people don’t want Cory in the spinoff but he will always have a connection to Kurt (and I guess Rachel) because he is Kurt’s stepbrother. I honestly don’t think Glee will work without The Big 3 (Lea, Cory and Chris) becausw most of the characters can’t act and truthfully Glee wouldn’t have recieved all the accolades it did and recognition without Lea Michele. Oh, and if a spinoff happens (prob will because FOX is so gready) its highschool, people breakup. There is no need for Klaine.

  41. Dessy says:

    I predict: People will finally grow brains so that Fringe has 8 seasons, while Glee is CANCELLED.
    (Wishful thinking really)

    • Corinne says:

      Here’s hoping, anyway. Unfortunately, people don’t like smart TV anymore, so we’re subjected to drivel such as Glee and Jersey Shore when anything with a discernible overarching plot is left to die on Friday night.

  42. Jess says:

    Lisa Edelstein must be desperate for a job and of course she asked for help to her friend Ausiello, she needs buzz around her and he’s giving it to her. A lifetime movie, really? lol

    • to "Jess" says:

      Jess, posting endless hateful and dumb comments after every article on Lisa Edelstein won’t help you grow brains, lose weight, get a boyfriend or bring Cameron back. Time to seek therapy. Seriously.

  43. bittersweetjazz says:

    I would watch anything with Chris Colfer, anything. He is amazing. I sound like a crazy childish fan but I don’t care. I don’t like cheap sentiments and tear jerkers always make me laugh but when I watch Chris play I can really feel something, I can really be moved and I love that. I really empathize with his character. He is also one of thoses rare actors that makes you want to watch their scene over and over again and that says something since it’s Glee (ok mid season 2 and season 3 to be fare). some of them require a certain preparation, I don’t want to be a mess. finally, I can’t listen to his emotional songs casually though, otherwise I will feel haunted by all the emotions in it. When I listen to “as if we never said goodbye, I feel like my heart will explode. Well I love Chris Colfer as a human being and as an artist and I ‘ll keep watching everything he does.

    • bittersweetjazz says:

      I meant that it’s not easy to rewatch scenes of glee since mid season 2. Everybody knows why, no need to put oil on the fire. But, Chris scenes are always amazing, so…

      • bittersweetjazz says:

        God, I’m talking about the lack of consistency, and the script that started revolving on the song rather than the other way around. God, I’m done now.

  44. SusanM says:

    I hope House is given another season – I would really miss the character if the show ended after this season. I mourned the loss of Lisa E and the character of Cuddy. Over the years, my favorite House scenes usually included House, Wilson and Cuddy or 2 out of the 3. I was excited to watch how House and Cuddy managed a romantic relationship but was disappointed in how it was written, how it ended and of course in the crushing finale the writers decided was necessary to end any relationship between the characters.
    I can’t imagine (and I have tried) how Cuddy could have been part of House’s world this season. I often wonder if Lisa walked because she was only asked to contract for a limited number of episodes? Whatever her reasons were for leaving, I would love to have her back on House. Lisa and Hugh together are magic and I miss that dynamic. I’m enjoying season 8 but would enjoy it even more if I had a possible return of Cuddy to look forward to. I still don’t know how it could be written….will Cuddy be able to forgive him for what he did? If Lisa returns, I pray that the writers will be able to do her character justice because they haven’t been able to the last couple of years.

  45. Mo says:

    As much as I love Glee, a spin off or a 4th season is going to ruin it for me. I might just check out the 4th season if it happens, but I most likely won’t watch it. All the people who are left would make it a bore and the show would be really bad.
    If glee wants to save itself it should just end after this season, let all those who will graduate, graduate as much as i hate to say because I’ll have one less show to watch. But it should do what’s best for the show, not what the audience wants.

  46. Kate says:

    What busy film career does Blake Lively have??? I like her enough but she doesn’t have any roles lined up?

  47. Nathália Monteiro says:

    CORY?Where is he?

  48. Maca says:

    In love with Cuddy. Please bring her back.

  49. Vero says:

    If Lisa Edelstein really comes back to House M.D. for a few episodes, then it’s a sign that she hasn’t found work / a new show elsewhere and a pretty pathetic proof of her shortcomings.
    “The Good Wife” can’t hardly be described as her new show, because she only has had a guest appearance in it.
    Besides, LE has done nothing to deserve to come back to House. Because with the way she has handled her exit from the show, she has only done harm, instigated trouble and has let TPTB, her Fans and the Huddy- and Cuddy-Fans down. LE has had a chance to come back to the show House M.D.. She hasn’t used it with her refusal to sign the new contract, which other actors on the show have done.
    By the way, the show is about House and not about Cuddy. Hence the name “House M.D.”! Cuddy was only a side-character without character and I never want to see the Cuddy-floozy on the show again, because these Huddy-nonsense seasons 5-7 were already painful enough to watch. Cuddy’s time on the show is over! Only the Huddytards want Huddy back.

    • curious says:

      Why all Lisa Edestein’s haters are so universally dumb, illiterate and self-righteous? Must be a sign.

      • Vero says:

        Illiterate? The next time try to write a post in a foreign language on your own. Perhaps after that you will be labeled as illiterate, too.
        Self-righteous? Your beloved Cuddy and her Fans are good teachers, when it comes to self-righteous behavior. Because the most of them think that they are alone in the world and therefore said world revolves around them and that everyone is a Cuddy- and Huddy-Fan.
        Dumb? Wow, that is certainly a fitting description for you. Or why are you only capable to write two pathetic sentences and are not able to spell and write a name right?
        By the way, the name of the actress is Lisa Edelstein and not Lisa Edestein. It seems that you are the one, who suffers from dumbness and illiterateness.

  50. Justin says:

    My prediction for Glee is that there won’t be a spinoff, instead the show will either pick up and move to new york itself or it’ll split the time between McKinley and NYC. Agree about Fringe being cancelled. For once, Fox was generous with this show by even giving it a third season. Greysa Anatomy needs to end already and the whole Felicity is thing is a little out of left field. No?

    • Writers stated says:

      The writers have stated time and time again that the show will always take place in the school and it will always be about that Glee club.

      It isn’t moving to NYC.