2012 Forecast: 10 Fearless Predictions For Glee, Gossip Girl, Fringe, GH, Grey's and More!

As 2011 shuffles from the present to the past, we here at TVLine are dusting off our crystal ball to focus on the future. What will be 2012’s biggest small-screen stories? The following slide show contains 10 of our fearless predictions — some of which may seem too good to be true, and others we really hope we’re wrong about.

TVLine Shares Its 2012 Wish List for Grey’s, FNL, Fringe, Vampire Diaries, Community and More

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  1. Tonya says:

    Not interested in a Glee spinoff unless Cory Monteith is there with Lea Michele and Chris Colfer.

    • Emily says:

      Not interested in a Glee spinoff if Cory Monteith is in it.

    • Hope says:

      Not interested in a Glee spinoff unless Darren Criss joins them in season 2 and is refferenced as Colfer’s boyfriend in the first season.

      • Thomas says:

        Because god forbid Kurt Hummel, the most undesirable gay in all of the land, have romantic options.

        • Molly Annice says:

          It would be sad and pitiful if Kurt can only date Blaine in his whole life. Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World broke up with each other, had other romantic interests, got back together repeatedly through out the series until they became engaged, married and moved to New York together. It would be healthy for them to date other people once in a while. If they are “meant” to be. It should be because they looked around and no one would ever compare to each other not because there was no one else and they just are settling with what they got.

      • A says:

        You and your kind are the reason Glee sucks this season, FYI.

      • sky says:

        Don’t care 2 sheets in the wind for Blaine glad he is a junior. Love Kurt though.

    • James says:

      No Darren Criss in it, not watching it. Simple equation.

      • Jack says:

        No Darren Criss in it, I AM watching. Simple equation.

        • James says:

          And that is why what I said below still stands. Split the fans and they’ll be killing the spin off for sure and have a great chance to hurt the mothership as well. Change the format to Glee the College Years like the old 90210, some of the cast will leave anyway but it’s a good thing as it is too bloated, and the principle players and most of the fans will stay. Win all around.
          You may not like Darren but he has a huge chunk of fans that’ll stick to original Glee and pass on the spin off and the spin off can’t afford that. I think it is in the interest of all Glee fans that TPTB think carefully about this one, it could kill both shows.

          • Syan says:

            Yeah, I don’t see the spin off working out. The fans will split. Glee’s best option would be to change the format of the original. In the beginning the show was about a high school choir, but since then the show has become about the characters (the kids).

          • gary says:

            sigh good point if only the fans of darren criss weren’t so annoying then maybe i could tolerate blaine…

          • Molly Annice says:

            Why can’t a person watch both shows? I could definitely see the network doing a Episode of Glee first then the Kurt and Rachel show next or they could both both on different nights with crossover moments and reference on both shows. They could also have characters pop in on both shows for an episode or two. Stargate did this when they had two shows running, so did Star Trek and several other shows that made spin offs.

          • Molly Annice says:

            Why can’t a person watch both shows? I could definitely see the network doing a Episode of Glee first then the Kurt and Rachel show next or they could both both on different nights with crossover moments and reference on both shows. They could also have characters pop in on both shows for an episode or two. Stargate did this when they had two shows running, so did Star Trek and several other shows that made spin offs. Also some people will see the spin-off and not realize that it is one until told it is. I saw that in the Stargate fandom a lot.

    • bethany says:

      This week Cory Monteith went on a promotional tour in Sydney and was literally mobbed by screaming fangirls. He’s one of their most popular actors. Why wouldn’t the producers put him in the spinoff.

      • yep says:

        He is one of the most popular characters on Glee despite what alot of the people who post here or other general forums. Cory, Lea, Chris, Darren, and Santana are very popular among twitter and fan site sites including forums like this one. So I think Finn would be a shoe in for a spin off ensemble.

    • durr says:

      not interested in a glee spin off unless it’s a whole new cast, no involvement of Ryan Murphy and co’ and they’ll call it ‘smash’

    • Jon says:

      Finn has to be there

    • Michele says:

      EXACTLY – NO WAY NO HOW – the show would be about two divas – it will need the balance of Finn. I will seriously boycott everything and make a stand if Cory is not in the spin-off. The ratings will tank – literally every person I know loves Finn and Rachel together… and Finn in general. More than even Rachel and Kurt.

      • yep says:

        yep, me 2. Most people I know who are avid fans do love Finn and Rachel as a couple. Finn is my favorite when he isn’t written to be a cad. This season he is so much better. I love Rachel right there next then Kurt. Kurt and Rachel are besties then Rachel and Finn as the couple. I feel that is why Burt was elected to congress in Washington to have the family close proximity. Another reason Finn finding what he wants to do in his future as a story arc this season is big. It will be the bridge to open the spin off for next season. R Murphy spoke too soon about next season spin off and got fans in an uproar over these 3 graduating causing lots of havoc and he had to regress- IMO meaning it is still a secret real thing to happen- he’s just keeping it under wraps as in on the shelf maybe or maybe not gonna happen at all.

    • Mike says:

      COMO MUST BE IN THE SPINOFF…otherwise count me out!

    • Kelly says:

      Michael Ausilleo – how can you not have Finn in the equation – this show would be a total bore without Finn!!! FINN IS THE BEST!!! I want all three of them to go :)

    • Layla says:

      Then don’t watch it. ONLY interested if Finn doesn’t go. He has NOTHING to do there in NYC except keep Rachel from reaching her dreams. I WILL DEFINITELY BE WATCHING.

      • Nicole says:

        Finn has never done anything to keep Rachel from reaching her dreams. “You’re a star and you need to shine.” “There’s already a star named Rachel Berry and she’s brighter than any of those other stars.” And amazingly enough, there would be plenty for Finn to do in NYC. It’s a big place full of people from every walk of life.

        Cory’s highly underrated acting chops and his chemistry in scenes with Lea and Chris was a big part of what made Glee such a phenomenon. Now it’s about equal time for all, even the lesser actors, and that’s a big reason the ratings have fallen. A spin-off with those three as the mains would be great because we’d still have the fabulous characters portrayed by great actors, but we wouldn’t have the extremely bloated cast and the excessive storylines and their poor resolution. I don’t think a spin-off is going to happen, but if it does happen I have no doubt that Cory will be there. If he isn’t it will be by his own choice.

        The Glee fandom may stupidly disrespect Cory, but the powers that be at Fox know that he’s a huge part of what makes the show work.

      • STW says:

        Layla — I’m curious. If Finn is there in NYC, how, exactly, is that KEEPING Rachel from her dreams?

        If you don’t like the character, I suppose that’s your prerogative, but don’t obscure facts with personal opinion.

        Finn has always believed Rachel is a star; he’s always supported her in that belief; he has been NOTHING but supportive of her career goals, no matter what has gone on between them personally.

        Furthermore, she has never given up her dreams because of him and she won’t–although I bet just about anything that we’ll be taunted with seeing her think about it in an upcoming episode in order for the writers to get the fans in a tizzy and to create dramatic tension.

        AND I bet Finn will be the one who insists she can’t give up on her dreams for him. AND I bet fans predetermined to dislike Finn will continue to ignore the facts of the show and still insist he’s getting in her way or, alternatively, be upset with the writers for having him “be the hero again.” I’ve seen the reaction too many times now to grant it any credence.

        Again–if you don’t like the character, that’s up to you. But ignoring the facts of the story shows willful blindness and undercuts the strength of your statements.

    • yep says:

      I agree with you I love Finn Hudson and R and K. It wouldn’t be a real spin off without him IMO. They are my favorite characters since the pilot and always will be. Finn Hudson was a schmuck s2 but thanks to the writing. He is a kind gentle soul when he isn’t thinking of just himself.

    • STW says:

      Complete agree; it’ll only work if Cory Monteith/Finn is part of it. The balance his character provides and the excellence of Cory’s acting is an essential element of what makes Glee work; it has been from the beginning. If he’s not part of a spin-off, the show will fold in the first season–not because Lea and Chris aren’t great, because they are, but because an essential element of the balance will be absent and the spin-off will spin-off course.

      • yep says:

        Ditto to everything in both of your posts. I agree to absolutely everything you said. People are predestined to feel what they may toward a character which influences their emotions without regard to the path the show is taken. S2 Finn was written to be hurt then make decisions without any explanation to why he made them had made his character seem like a d-bag, thoughtless, reckless, and selfish. He changed enough since last year that he doesn’t care about popularity plus showed his vast gentleness and big forgiving heart to forgive(Quinn and Rachel). This season he is written to be more mature, understanding, mentoring, being a leader which is one of his assests. This season He made a mistake but is sensitive and caring enough to help and mend a hurt. I totally agree with you about his character gives balance to the aggressive and ambitious 2 divas. They are the storm(whirlwind) and he is the calm(peace). This is why I love Finn and Kurt dynamics and especially Finn and Rachel dynamics. She is driven with blind ambition and perseverance which leads her make decisions without regard to consequences to her actions. He is the buffer to her conscience. Calms her makes her see herself in his sweet way. She drives him to see beyond the norm, that life can be better on the other side of the fence if you strive and challenge yourself. These are my 2 cents take it or leave it. I love Finchel for they are opposites. For in real life many couples who make it to the happy ending are very opposite and are very good for each other. A life lessen IMO. This is why teens who watch this show should see what a good couple is like and what they go through to make it work. Growing pains. So if a spin off is true the growing pains can continue. I would definitely love that.

    • rose says:

      Wow. I’m not interested in Glee at all. Bunch of horny kids who want to change the world by ruining good music. Srsly.

  2. Rolfe says:

    The Glee spin-off would be great. I want to see Rachel Berry in New York!

    • Jim says:

      So true that is where she belongs and to see her navigate through college and auditions could be fun.

    • MG says:

      A Glee spin off with Rachel and Kurt would *literally* be the worst thing ever put on television.

    • Fun says:

      If they can get that right balance b/w Rachel and Kurt it could be good snarky fun. Make it more a black comedy and stop being so preachy where Kurt is concerned.

    • Ken says:

      with Finn only… otherwise she will be a hot mess. she needs her man and her other happiness (besides a star). Being a star doesn’t mean much unless you are with someone you love -ask anyone

      • Shannon says:

        so without a man she will be a hot mess, she NEEDS Finn otherwise she cannot be happy??? Seriously? going by your name you are actually a man yourself, which goes a long way to explain this viewpoint…

    • sky says:

      But this season the writers are giving all 3 of them obstacles to over come to go to NY. Rachel and her permanent record being flawed by suspension. Kurt not getting elected or have any elective school activities to show NYADA his abilities or diversity of talents as much as Rachel. Finn having no aspirations or incites to a future for himself is his story arc for the remainder of this season. These 3 will culminate at the end to seek and find solutions to their respective goals in life. Rachel learning that her obsession to go to NY can include not only Kurt but Finn- she can have both. Finn will find out he is worthy of Rachel becuz he has found his own niche(whatever that will be) to live a life beside her and not on her coat tails as Santana pointed out- a reminder to Finn of one of his insecurities that haunts him. And for Rachel and Kurt to deal with self doubt that hit them they are an average joe and josey when compared to Harmoney. They are not the only and best in the world as they thought of themselves- Harmoney humbled them big time in the opener this season.

  3. dan says:

    I hope the Glee spin off happens so that I can completely avoid watching the two characters that annoy me the most. Throw in Finn and Blaine and I’ll start liking original Glee again.

    • blan says:

      Rachel and Kurt are still the best part of the show. Santana needs to go to NY too.

      have fun watching Tina still in the background.

      • dan says:

        Breaking News: Not everyone loves Kurt and Rachel. I greatly enjoy watching Tina, Brittany, Mercedes, Quinn and Sam. Thanks!

        • Jully says:

          Agree with this. I foward every scene with Finn, Blaine and Kurt. Can’t stand to look at them.

          • yep says:

            Your choice to forward when they are on screen but there are many like me who forward when others of my choosing are lame and uninteresting. So we are all different with different tastes in characters. I’m being real about it here. People ship differently. I’m not going to bash a character becuz I think they have less purpose IMO. The writers have their reasons when they lay out a story some I like or love but some that I have no interest in. For me Quinn was abandoned s2 and became a background character and was not interesting but this season strange as what her character is going thru but she is having purpose now and filling a plot to an episode instead of as an ornament like last year. Puck as colorful and interesting as he was season 1 he has changed drastically since then and is in the background this season so far. This doesn’t make these 2 characters less than any others. Brittany is the one who has changed the most IMO but she is not a favorite of mine anyway. Sam was not interesting s2 at all but so far s3 he has really changed the characters of many( Rory, Finn, Rachel, Mercedes, Santana). I like him now. I really have enjoyed watching Tina and Mike so far this season what a change in them for the better.

        • ursula says:

          You’re definitely in the minority. The rating will plummet without the heavy hitters.

        • don't care aobut acting i see says:

          so you like lesser actors. the people you name can’t even act.

          and maybe they would be the ones to stay back for the original show so you can watch that. my predication, Tina still doesn’t get a story next year, the new folks will.

          • dan says:

            Sheeh, why so defensive? You like them, I don’t. And yup. I’ll enjoy the show more if Klaine and Finchel are gone. I like the actors but their CHARACTERS annoy and bore me. So enjoy the spin off and I’ll enjoy the original.

          • don't care about acting i see says:

            That is what i was saying why piss on the spin off when you would have the other show. You were the one being nasty. Really some of the cast are pretty weak actors, I certainly didn’t make that up.

            I don’t want Fincehl or Klaine I rather just be Rachel and Kurt.

          • Robby says:

            Dianna Agron isn’t a good actress? please she’s one of the only ones who can act

          • hahahaNO says:

            no one on glee is a good actor except maybe Jane Lynch. I used to think Morrison was good, but ‘glee’ proved me wrong.

      • James says:

        The problem is that no matter how much some people love Kurt and Rachel, that is not enough to sustain a spin off. Then add tons of shippers who are invested in both Finchel and Klaine pairings who will blow a gasket if anything happens. This is all Ryan … Murphy’s fault! If he kept Rachel, Kurt and Blaine as Juniors plus Santana, it would have worked even without Finn or some sort of minor split narrative with him.
        A spin off with just Hummelberry will flop within a year, even if it does have Finn there, maybe even Santana. I guarantee it. There is not enough there to sustain it which is why I am pretty much certain this prediction is wrong and that if there is a spin-off it’ll be in 2013 when they give themselves enough time to figure out if one is worth the risk or a better idea, just change the format of Glee itself into college years, just like the old 90210 did.

        • kilm says:

          The original isn’t going to last a year without these folks.

          The shippers are the down fall of this series and the stupid writers for worrying about the ships.

          They really should finish out this season and be done with it.

          • Frank says:

            One of the main reasons the other characters are so “bland” is because the writers have not invested the time in really developing them because all their focus has been on Kurt, Rachel and Finn.

          • James says:

            Fans are fans as they all make up the number that we get in the end. Glee is a business, they don’t care what you like or dislike, they will just care if they can keep afloat both things or not because they aren’t idiots to kill the golden goose. They are making major money on Glee. It’ll be around for a while yet and as I said, am almost certain, no spin off in 2012.

      • Michele says:


        • Gaby says:

          So you relate to a retarded person? Good for you

          • hahaNO says:

            that’s offensive. Becky is a lot better character than Finn.

          • Michele says:

            Oh Gaby – you must sit behind your computer all day and put people down cause you can’t deal with your own life. What a shame. As for Finn – he is one of the most popular characters on the show. A show without him would plummet. The problem with Glee – it listens way to much to the small, annoying fandom that consists of 12 year old girls that whine and cry all day long and do nothing but put people, actors, writers down for every little thing. If glee would actually listen to the general audience again – which I believe they are now – they would retain the audience that matters most – people that AREN’T ONLINE. So in the words of Finn – SIT DOWN…

        • yep says:

          I agree with you. He is more like the general public or teenager who doesn’t know what they want to do with there life. Have to come to terms with disappointments when dreams go awry. He has been living in a busy high school dream world with football, basketball, glee as his fun, fullfilling activities that has determined his self worth and seems to be the only functions that made him feel worthy of anything. His voice over stated his self doubts(doesn’t represent his inabilities just his narrow and unthought provoking aspirations-his lack of self esteem). Lots of kids go thru that. I did and most of my friends did. Rachel is the exception to the rule-she has had only one talent her voice and she was going to excel as far as she could with her talent. But if you remember she has her insecurities as well not believing she was award worthy. Her speak at the end of Original Song.

    • kill me now says:

      Kurt and Rachel at least are interesting . The rest are pretty tame and are pretty bland.

      A show without some over the top character is boring and the people they have brought int so far aren’t interesting either.

      Can you imagine a whole episode around Rory and Tina. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • So true! says:

      I 100% agree with you. Glee has pretty much ruined all of the lead characters so to have them shunted to a spin off would greatly improve the show. Rachel is probably my least favorite television character ever. Kurt is such a stereotype on a show that blathers on about breaking stereotypes. Glee went from really awesome to really disappointing. The thing I liked about the pilot for Glee was that it was a show about a glee club. Now it’s a show about selling music on iTunes. Musical sequences are shoehorned into scenes that make no sense (Rachel and her mother singing Poker Face…REALLY Rachel you waited your whole life to sing Poker Face with your mother?) or they have people in elaborate dance sequences in the hallways.

  4. Gina says:

    Nooooo I don’t want to see Cuddy in House ! I don’t like her

    • Saint Alicia says:

      I don’t want Cuddy back either, and I do LIKE her. House is a sinking ship and she has reason to return; LE is so much better than that mess.

      • Saint Alicia says:

        *no reason

      • lmao says:

        So much better she only got a lifetime movie to do ;)

        • Saint Alicia says:

          Yeah, why doesn’t she just star in a pilot right now? That happens all the time in mid-season, right??
          And I’m sure you’d snicker at the Lifetime movie JMo just did (prior to OUAT) or the other TV movie she was in earlier in the year (with AJ Cook from Criminal Minds). It’s soooo sad these actresses take small parts between big projects… *eyeroll*

    • Feya says:


      The show has been sorely lacking her presence this season. If she returned it would certainly give me a reason to continue watching!

  5. Jessica says:

    Is s4 going to take place 4 years from now or something, cause none of the current students could return as teachers or assistants.

    • Kylie says:

      Im watching Glee season 4 I will pass on a spin off thank you. Im watching the show with Will and Emma and that is Glee. :)

      Unlike the kids, they won’t be going anywhere thanks to them being contracted till the shows end.

      • really says:

        well one for Wemma I knew there was at least one fan still out there. Please the adults do nothing for this show.

        • Susan says:

          The adults made this show along with the kids together in S1. Now you can take your ignorant ass and shove off.

          Newsflash for ya Wemma have thousands upon thousands of fans. How else could they be a trending topic worldwide?

          Yeah that is right shut up, cuz guess what in order to trend world wide which Wemma have done twice you need to be popular and have more than one fan.

          • James says:

            Except that if you take away the current cast, your Wemma cannot sustain the show. The kids could, without Wemma.

          • @James says:

            They won’t be alone they will be the 2nd generation of Glee kids. Regardless Wemma are not going anywhere because the actors whom play them along with Sue have contracts with the show up to S5. Unlike the kids, whom most of their contracts are up at the end of this season.

          • Puwaa says:

            I find it hilarious that people actually believe that glee will make it to a S5. I mean, i knew the glee fandom is delusional, but i just assumed they were only like that with the ‘shipping’ and pairing and all that crap. now i see they’re also delusional abut the reality of the show itself.

    • Ella says:

      That’s actually a great idea. *applauds*

  6. Sean says:

    GH better not go, it’s my favorite show!!

  7. Dustin says:

    That headline is misleading, no spin off has been confirmed.

  8. Dre says:


    • Carrie says:

      I agree. Just one more season and I’ll be satisfied. It’s such an excellent show. It deserves at least a 5 season run.

    • Kate says:

      I agree. Just one more season would be great. Give it time to end well, not just end.

    • Liz says:

      Ditto!! If it doesn’t come back in we need to do a “Save our show” campaign and maybe the Audience network will pick it up like Friday Night Lights

    • Paula says:

      Agreed, Fox has tried to kill this show has hard has they can. First they move it to tradtional TV death night and then they go so long without a new episode you can’t even remember what happened in the first place. Bet they have a slew of reality moron shows lined up to replace it .

    • Janice says:

      Agreed. I love FRINGE. The system for determining ratings is whacked.

    • allie8 says:

      I’ll be so bummed. I don’t see a way that the writers can pull together a satisfactory conclusion in this season. Fringe is a great show – although,imo, they went WAY off base with Peter this season. After spending so much time building up that storyline it would be a shame to come up with a rushed solution. The writers kept saying that we fans need to have faith in the story and I do…but not if they pull together a quickie series finale.

  9. Tony says:

    Gawd no Lea, don’t do the spinoff… run, run away from this mess as fast as you can!

    • Kendal says:

      This! Lea (and most of the cast) are so much better than this show. Poor Lea is under Ryan Murphy’s thumb though and she loves Rachel Berry too much.

    • hum says:

      But if she does a spin off and it doesn’t work she is out of the original contract and she can move on.

  10. Not interested says:

    Not everyone wants to see Kurt and Rachel on there TV, Their one of the reasons the ratings dropped. Nobody cares about Rachel anymore.

    • Bec says:

      Are you serious…? That’s not true at all xD

    • Dustin says:

      Um Rachel/Lea has the largest fanbase so that is not true. I think people had enough of kurt (aka Mary Sue) after his story arc pretty much ruined s2 and the show. Overall, all the characters are just horribly written and there is really no one to root for anymore.

      I think the spin off is a bad idea any way.

    • please says:

      Please Rachel is still one of the most favorite characters on the show. They just are not giving her a decent storyline. You clearly don’t know this fandom very well. SO many have stuck around in hopes they give Rachel something interesting to do.

    • get the facts says:

      Where did you this lie? Rachel aka Lea has the most folowers and has a huge fanbase.

      The rating are down becasue they took focus form the leads and are trying to give us half ass arc for minor back ground characters they have neglected for 3 years or new characters no one care about.

      Rachel and Kurt are still the favorite followed by Santnata, Finn, Blaine.

      • yep says:

        Yep, so true Ditto to the characters mentioned. If anyone follows twitter then they will see where the fan base follows. These characters are it.

        • Viv says:

          Just because people on Twitter like a certain character doesn’t mean everyone does. Not everybody is on Twitter, nor does everyone use Twitter to get their favorite characters trending. I know that amongst my friends who watch Glee none of us like Rachel, none of us like Blaine, and none of us like Kurt. These characters are stuck in the same place they were in when they were first introduced. I swear Ryan Murphy is allergic to character development or something. Characters on RM shows never develop. They just stay the same or die.

    • where do people come up with this stuff says:

      Ha this is funny Rachel is one of the most popular and Lea is the face of glee.

    • Kelly says:

      The only reason I watch – FINN AND RACHEL…. that is all. Same with my entire family. If they are not on or apart – forget it. They are the best balance in the show.

    • A says:

      Nah, the ratings dropped because of bad writing and Blaine/Warblers being shoved down our throats constantly. Unfortunately Ryan Murphy doesn’t realize that not everyone loves Darren as much as he does….

      • Lora says:

        Yes! Too much Blaine and Warblers, I thought this was about New Directions, send Blaine packing back to Dalton. I like him but if I see him in another duet with Rachel or hogging the camera, I’m going to seriously blow.

    • sky says:

      You may not and that is your choice but there are a vast number of fans who love her character and I am one. She will never flail or her appeal end to the fans.

    • Nicole says:

      Actually, it’s the lack of focus on the core characters that has led to the ratings drop. Giving too much focus to characters portrayed by lesser actors is not a positive. Whether people like the characters or not, Rachel, Kurt and Finn are portrayed by the best actors on the show (among the “kids”.) Taking the focus off of them (and turning the show from dark comedy to a message show) has been a big contributing factor to the ratings drop.

      • sky says:

        YES!!!!! YES!!!!!!YES!!!!!YES!!!!!YES!!!!!!YES!!!!!YES!!!!!YES!!!!!
        The writers tried to appease the supportive cast fandom and their wishes for a background and story arc for so and so, or for youwho couple. S2 just became a jumbled mess of incidental small stories that went no where and the only main story arc was Kurt, the bullying and his departure. All of which was an inportant issue that was handled delicately but was extended way too long in multiple episodes that demonstrated public service announcements instead of humorous or dramatic story telling. But the fandom got their favs out of the background. Personally, Brittany was so much funnier in s1 with her 1 liners than since s2 started showing her childlike mentality. Total bore to me. But she has shined with her singing and dancing great for her. S2 Santana showed depth and vulnerability but not interested in her sexuality. So I focus on other characters when this story line is in an episode. Not my interest at all. But very glad she has had solos because I love her voice. Now Quinn’s history of giving up her baby and how it affected her has been sown up in the first few episodes-closure. Quinn s1 was 1 of the main characters but since s2 started she has remained in the background. I’m extremely excited for Will and Emma to have their story be told to a respectable conclusion as it should be. Fair screen time for them. Blaine is not a favorite of mine at all but is a fav of the producers of the show to shine and be the star next season. He could stay at Dalton and I’d be happy with that. Kurt was so wonderful s1, became vulnerable and not as divaish s2 went through his epic drama. S3 he seems to me to be unsure of himself and appears to be clingy or insecure of Blaine’s intentions or his feelings of sincerity. Kurt’s a different guy while with Blaine. Blaine as written is too good to be true. For me the writing so far is more balanced than last season-so stories are far fetched but that’s Glee. The next half of the season IMO the finishing touches to the ends of the rope will be focused on tying all elements of the past 3 seasons to an end. Bringing the 3 main student characers together(Rachel,Kurt,Finn) and the adults who affect them(Will,Emma,Sue)and the rest of the cast toward where they all will go and what they will become. This is as it should be. As in any written story TV, movie, or book there are main characters with support characters who fill the antagonist role(Sue,Santana), protangonist role(Quinn,Puck,Sam,Mercedes). Then the rest of them with their function of fluff/filler/etc. Basic literary principles. The beginning was masterfully entertaining. The middle was somewhat entertaining but informative. But the conclusion is fullfilling and enriched with growth and maturity and promise of a future.

        • Jon says:

          Sky, I agree with your comment on the whole. I also really hope that your faith in the writers being able to tie up all the loose ends is rewarded. Rachel and Kurt’s move to New York will be a brilliant base for a spin-off and hopefully, as these two characters have by far the largest fan bases, the ratings will be really strong. It should also bring back a lot of past Glee fans who dropped off watching, mainly because of the writers concentrating on new characters like Blaine. They have brought Blaine up to being one of the main characters, but without the character itself being developed properly. The writers are trying desperately to give a back story and to fill in gaps, but this is all just coming across as very false and forced and the character is still very two-dimensional. The spin-off will be able to concentrate on the strongest, most interesting characters again and along with Kurt and Rachel, it’ll be great to have Finn also. Cannot wait for this spin-off. The three best characters, played by three of the best actors in the show and hopefully the three other good actors’s characters will also make appearances from time to time, Burt, Sue and Santana.

          • sky says:

            Ditto your comment. But what I said in the prior post is basic literary writing format to write prose in any form. My problem is I can’t spell. Yes, I do hope the writers follow these principles to complete the seniors 3 years of Glee to their conclusions. But this is Glee- there seems to be massive cliffs where stories drop off the face of the earth and never resurface. Burt and Carol are just spectacular characters as parents to 2 of the most challenged and endearing character boys on the show. Sue is the most enriched character to have the most flaws that control and frame her mannerisms, thoughts and actions. Santana since s2 is the most developed character on Glee with vast catacombs of emotions. Rachel and Kurt are the fan favorites with good reason but IMO Rachel has grown in bunches while Kurt has ebbed and maybe receded some growth since s3 start. I still love these characters. Yes, Finn has altered his priorites greatly to his betterment. I have been addicted to Glee since the beginning and cannot seem to stop even when when there have been moments of “dang that was bad.” But seem to sit and watch eagerly the next week’s episode.
            I have high hopes, maybe wishing to high, but still the same for these literary formats to conclude the senior class into a nicely knitted set of stories which places each of them into their niches, following their dreams, making a road to a future full of promise for all. I still think Burt winning the US senate race is a prelude to Washington/NY region proxcimity. In other words if Kurt can’t get into NYADA then he can stay in DC to attend a near college. Same goes for Finn but that depends on the writers intent on his decision for his future. I too cannot wait for a spin off might be best of the show just redirected its focus from high school Glee to NY with the cast in the start of their adult years. The show should be out from under Murphy and be on Showtime or HBO in order for the topics of their future can be told in detail and not have to be set by censor guidelines. I would watch this in a minute.

  11. Marie says:

    I’d watch it! But, what about Kurt and Blaine? Long distance?

  12. Jessica says:

    I am praying and hoping that tvline is wrong and the general hospital stays on the air. It’s my only soap opera remaining and I will not be able to survive without my daily dose of Jason and Sam! Arghh!

  13. Travis says:

    Michael, I am never speaking to you again if you guys are right about GH!

    • Aimee says:

      With you on that. I have been on pins and needles since AMC and OLTL got cancelled.

      • Mick says:

        As another soap fan, I have to agree with Michael its going to happen. Its basically been confirmed by several people working in ABC studios.
        They just let go of Frons because he did his job getting rid of all the soaps, so their really isn’t even a head of daytime anymore.

    • Gina says:

      It’s obvious the show is going to be cancelled within a few months.

  14. Kendal says:

    I’m one of the biggest Glee fans you’ll find but a spin-off will do nothing but anger me – you can’t just pick and choose between what cast members/characters you want to keep on air because of their popularity. I miss the days this show was inspirational and not about money/ratings etc.

    Although I gotta say I’m with Dan! Not a huge Rachel/Kurt/Finn fan and my thoughts on Blaine aren’t appropriate to post!!

    • what are u wathcing says:

      So you miss the days when the Show was mainly about Rachel, Finn and Will so how are you not a fan of theirs?

      • Monkeyrat says:

        Because they’re (well, except for Rachel) bland and boring as hell and can’t act to save their lives?

        I don’t want to speak for Kendal, but if I may: in S1 there were these “minor” characters with no storylines at all (because of course S1 was only about Finchel and Wemma, right?) that you probably can’t remember about named Quinn, Kurt, Santana, Brittany, Mercedes, Artie, Puck, Tina, Sue, Jesse, Terri… Forget about Juno, Wheels, the fake-stutter/punk clothes asian girl, the cougar lover/baby daddy, Beyonce, Porcelain, the bitchy cheerio and the dumb one, the pregnancy-faking wife, the mean coach, the leader of the rival choir group, because none of that happened.

        Thanks Finchel and Wemma for being the heart and soul of the show!

        I’m wondering what YOU are watching tbh.

  15. Tiff says:

    These are PREDICTIONS not necessarily FACTS. Still, I want to see a 6th season for GG, this season has been long and agonizing with the Prince.

  16. Matt says:


    The Good Wife will be renewed.

    CSI:NY and CSI: Miami will be cancelled.

    Once Upon A Time continues its ratings fall until May 2012, where it’ll be cancelled by ABC.

    Alcatraz becomes the biggest hit of the decade so far; FOX wins another year at the top of the networks.

    Gwen is revealed as the killer in ‘The Killing’.

  17. Stefan says:

    Tonya I agree it needs to have Cory (Finn) there as well as Blaine. Klaine and Finchel can’t break up! Klaine is endgame

    • Hannah says:

      Yeah right and see how quick your endgame breaks up and gets screwed side to side by RM.

      Here is something you don’t realize spin offs rarely succeed and if they do they’re going to need stories.

      So if these are the only 4 main characters and their both in relationships the series is going to run stale.

      So in order for us to maintain the drama ratio guess what, expect break ups and new love interests.

      • Joe says:

        People need to stop with the stupid ships. The characters are individuals not pairs.

        I say go with the spin off, so Le and Chris will get new contract and when it fails they are not beholding to glee or Ryan any more.

        If ti works it will probably have a a different show runner than Ryan and Lea and Chris at least don’t have to worry about Ryan as much.

  18. Allie says:

    GG used to be one of my favorite shows, but sadly, I don’t really want it to get a 6th season. It’s been circling the drain since halfway through S4, and they’ve clearly run out of ideas. Although if they don’t reunite Chuck and Blair until the S5 finale, then I guess I’d want to see at least a few episodes of them actually happy together.

    • Whatever says:

      THIS completely. I really don’t see why they would do a sixth season with the ratings like this. Do the writers need to go back to college or something? Writing Workshop? Why can’t they just write a couple that are happy, with the occasional relationship bumb here and there? Whatever.

  19. Darren says:

    I thought the fact that Glee’s ratings have been tanking big time meant there wasn’t a hope in hell for a spin-off. No one is interested anymore. And do you seriously think that a 19 year old can come back to the school as an “assistant or teacher”. I understand this is glee but that’s even that’s a stretch in believability. For a show that at one time promoted education, they can’t just graduate high school and become teachers without going to university AND teacher’s college.

  20. tina says:

    Finn and Blaine are the worst. The addition of the Warblers ruined Glee and Finn is made out to be the hero of the show when he is just a stupid kid that acts on impulse instead of putting thought into his actions. Plus there is no way he could ever get into a school in NY for performance. I’d only watch a spin off if it disn’t include Finn & Blaine.

    • Jade says:

      Well that sucks for you because they are two of the GA’s favorite characters. :)

    • Bec says:

      I agree with you about some of the Finn stuff, but strongly disagree about the Warblers ‘ruining’ Glee. They’ve had some of the best selling songs, first of all. Second of all, I just looked it up to make sure, but the number of viewers was some of the highest on the episodes that the Warblers were in. Third, I know a lot of people who pretty much only watch Glee for Blaine and the Warblers since they were introduced. So I don’t think that’s true at all.

  21. Adele says:

    Glad to see House TPTB realizing that they made a mistake letting Lisa Edelstein go. Hopefully they´ll write something worthy of her talent and that wonderful character that was Cuddy in seasons 1-4.

    • sara says:

      House TPTB realise they made a mistake? What makes you think the House Powers that Be think anything of the sort? First of all, they did not let LE go because they do not do the contract. Second this is an article by a reporter who openly supported and pushed Huddy, so this is more likely a wish of his personally. And be careful of what you wish for. Kaboom

    • Kath G says:

      WHEN ARE PEOPLE GOING TO GET IT!!!!!! House PTB did not want LE to leave. She made the mistake and went on her own sweet accord. NOBODY MADE HER GO!! and talent? what talent! She is an adverage actress at best. Look at the roles she is getting now! oh yes, a 3 part bit on the good Wife, and a life time movie. Hugh Laurie international superstar!! No contest.

      • Sun says:

        Well, KathG. Hugh Laurie thinks Lisa Edelstein is very talented and he has said so many times. You don’t know if she thinks it was a mistake to leave and you don’t know why she left. Everyone knows TPTB on House wanted her to stay and that they want her back. You don’t but you should know that screaming at people here makes you seem a little frantic.

        Sara, Ausiello also has a good relationship with TPTB at House and has been given many scoops by them and he isn’t the only professional media saying Lisa needs to be back on the show either. It seems to be a widespread opinion among the professional media (not fan bloggers) that she is crucial to the show. You disagree but that still doesn’t negate the opinions of the professionals.

  22. xav says:

    I wouldn’t be upset if Fringe was cancelled. Better four quality seasons than dragging like every other show. It really screws around with the ability to tell a multi-season arc when you’re constantly unsure of whether the show is going to be renewed.

  23. kewi94 says:

    Yes! I would love to see Scott Speedman back on television! :)

  24. Rebecca says:

    Im watching season four the spin off can take a hike. Season four is going to have Emma and Will by two favorite characters so that is the show I will be watching.

    A spin off is definitely not going to happen.

  25. Tom says:

    stop with LE! I really don’t care about Cuddy

  26. TJ says:

    please bring Cuddy back!!!

  27. Patrick maloney says:

    1. It is a sign of the end of western civilization that Fringe is on the bubble of only getting a satisfying conclusion while the ache to all senses called glee is in talks of getting a spin off.
    2. And isn’t it the point of a spinoff to stay away from the main characters?! MORONS!

    • Emily says:

      Yes, it is (the end of western civilization, that is). I hate myself for being unable to stop watching Glee, but it’s like some weird drug where I know it’s horrible but I can’t stop watching it. And worse, it seems inevitable that I won’t have Fringe to balance out my guilt over watching the train wreck that is Glee much longer.

    • Dessy says:

      I agree 100%

  28. Michelle says:

    any glee spinoff that involves finchel or klaine then i would rather watch paint dry than watch them four.

    • JT says:

      I’ll watch paint dry with you.

    • Eddy says:

      Am I the only one who thinks Hummelberry scenes are also extremely hard to swallow. They’re both so freaking egotistical and are basicaly carbon copies of each other that dynamic is boring, and I wouldn’t watch a show about them exclusively. Klaine are just nothing right now. And Finchel are so incompatible and spend so much time tearing each other down, It’s annoying.

      There’s literally nobody on the show who is likeable. Nobody who I feel like rooting for.

      Yet I’m still watching. And I’m getting quite upset that I can’t quit.

      • S says:

        You are definitely not the only one. I just don’t buy Hummelberry as a healthy friendship and I like Kurt/Mercedes friendship much better.

  29. Tina says:

    Another Gossip Girl season… SERIOUSLY? They really want to drop below 1 million, don’t they? I would take a 6th season only if by the end of the 5th I get Chuck and Blair together.

  30. Mandy says:

    So people want a spin off with Ryan Murphy at the helm.

    Do you guys realize that he is going to destroy your couples,lol?

    Klaine and Finchel will go through so many break ups it will make your head spin, why? Because they’re the only characters in the spin off meaning, they need new LI’s and obstacles to spice up the show.

    If a spin off comes to fruition I think this will be another “be careful what you wish for” scenario.

    I personally don’t want a spin off. I like Glee and the second generation along with Will,Emma, and Sue will keep my interests.

  31. icy says:

    The Munsters remake will be cancelled, it wasn’t needed to remake a classic 60’s tv show. The ratings won’t be good, can’t the writers ever come up with an orignal tv show that hasn’t been done before.

    They need to making remakes of old tv.

  32. brandy says:

    If there’s one thing I learned from The X Factor, it’s that I’m not interested in Idol without Seacrest!

  33. Becky says:

    No thanks, Spin off can gtfo. The only thing I want is Glee to have one more season where in one of the season plots is Wemma are pregnant and we get to see a baby at the end of the year., after their wedding at the end of season 3.

    That would be a juicy storyline, Emma pregnant. Just imagine those scenarios.

    • Luke says:

      I can’t stand Wemma, especially Emma. Those huge eyes of hers freak me out.

    • ha says:

      God a baby really that always helps a show so much. You are delusional if you think much of the focus will go to the adult in the next season. They will focus on the new kids even the old kids will get shafted again.

      • Bitchreally says:

        You are so rude, she said one of the plotlines not THE plotline of the season. God be anymore ruder and ignorant why don’t you.

        Also the adults are getting lots of focus in the back half or did you not hear of the wedding coming up at the end of the season?

  34. Jess N says:

    Can’t we just write off Serena on Gossip Girl and continue with the rest of the cast? Her only contribution to the show is making stupid decisions which cause hell for the rest of the cast. How about we let the rest of the cast create their own hell?

  35. Cinders says:

    You forgot to include James Pickens Jr as one of the Greys Anatomy originals who would probably be inking deals for Season 9.

  36. Kay says:

    Breaking Bad earning Best Drama Emmy instead of Mad Men is not a downside. Love them both, but BB is far superior.

  37. stop says:

    These Wemma fans are funny. The show isn’t going to suddenly shift to the adults even with the favorite Rachel and Kurt leaving.

    • excuseme says:

      Wemma are a core couple on the show are they not? So Im sure they will get focus as much as the kids, especially since they will be one of the only old characters from the 1st generation.

  38. Rick says:

    Finn and Kurt are the worst part of Glee. Plus Cory is so old, he makes Finn look more like Rachel’s creepy uncle then her boyfriend. He needs to go.

  39. Sun says:

    I agree House needs Lisa Edelstein and Cuddy back on the show but not just for a handful of episodes. She is needed back as a regular cast member. Cuddy and Wilson are too important to House’s story for either of them to leave. Her absence leaves a hole in the show that no one can fill.

    • @Sun says:

      It’s getting pretty big buzz right now on Twitter. I just logged on and this is what everyone is discussing right now. Gotta admit just the thought of it is pretty enticing. It’s intriguing thinking of the possibilities they could do with her return. The show could be interesting again. B/c, let’s be honest, it feels a lot like it’s running on fumes this year without her. I’ve definitely felt the loss of Cuddy. So here’s hoping they are able to make it happen.

  40. Katie says:

    Honestly I’d rather watch all the Glee vets go onto college (not just Lea and Chris) than a whole new group of kids.

    • Helen says:

      My wish is to have a spin off with Quinn, Brittany and Santana. I love those three together.

    • Kat says:

      I agree 100% everyone is complaining about Rachel and Kurt but I for one want to see everyone especially Santana and Brittany, I love both Rachel and Kurt but would prefer to see everyone in the spin off

  41. Jon says:

    I have absolutely no problem with Fringe ending this season as long as the writers actually have a chance to end it properly. I was actually wishing that the show would have ended last year, because the conclusion of the 2 Olivia’s plot would have been fine. Instead, the conclusion of that plot opened more (Pregnant Bolivia, crumbling worlds) which in turn opened more (Peter’s non-existence, the alternate timeline).

  42. Katie says:

    Finn as much as I love Cory should go into the army that’s what he wants its his dream he shouldn’t have to follow Rachel to NY. Let him come and visit let Rachel have other romances but in the end realize she truly loves Finn. Same with Blaine and Kurt if they are meant to be then they’ll end up together in the end.

    That being said I want to see Quinn at Yale, Santana and Britney wherever they go. Felicity did well in the College years so could Glee or they could pull a One Tree Hill and flash forward into the future a few years.

  43. Scarlett says:

    I do hope the prediction of House being renewed comes true (and I think there’s a a good possibility of it) – would LOVE a season 9.

    About Cuddy… eh, I dunno. I’m not really missing her on House at all right now and I’d prefer they keep moving forward rather than revisit past drama at this point.

  44. Steph says:

    don’t even jinx us about GH.

  45. Lisa says:

    Just let Finn, Rachel and Kurt graduate. No spinoff for Glee. I want Cory, Lea and Chris to fly away and spread their wings. Get out while on top. Go on to other projects. You are the best actors out of them all. You three deserve all the success in the world.

  46. Babygate says:

    If the spinoff is just about Rachel and Kurt I won’t be watching. I will gag on all those showtunes. Im more interested in the other characters, especially Santana, Mercedes and Blaine. Oh, and Mike and Tina. I hope Santana doesn’t end up like an assistant. She’s too talented to do something so lame. She and Brittany and Mercedes should move to NY too. And Sam and… Heck, they should all go…Glee NY. I like it…

  47. Petra says:

    I’ll just watch whatever show Puck is on :)
    Finn should join the army and take Rachel with him.

  48. Sally says:

    Big NO to Cuddy, I never want to see her again. The last two seasons sucked so hard because of her, season 8 is brilliant compared to it. The show doesn’t need Cuddy, neither does House. I don’t want to see another “Huddy” (YUCK) drama (and least of all a “happy ending”). Just NO!

    • Bart says:

      You can vent all you want Sally but you are not getting hameron back. Hugh Laurie already said NO to that crap.

      • Jill says:

        I prefer Jennifer Morrison on Once Upon A Time where she doesn’t have to be House’s whipping boy so I’m happy not to have her back on House. The Huddy mess was crap all on it’s own and did neither House nor Cuddy any favours.

  49. Pam says:

    Scott Foley!!!!