TVLine Readers Share Their 2012 Wish List For Supernatural, Glee, NCIS, Gossip Girl and More!

TVLine asked you, our savvy, faithful and discerning readers, to send us your TV wishes for 2012, and you got back to us in droves! Even though the year gone by served up many fantastic shows and characters, it’s clear that there’s still much you desperately desire.

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From twosomes you want to kiss already to the angel you want to resurrect to the auteurs you want back making TV, we’ve compiled some of your wishes for the new year in this slideshow.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Pattybelle says:

    My wish for fringe is that Joshua Jackson quits fringe and works on movies where he is appreciated unlike fringe.

  2. Ciara says:

    Gossip Girl
    I want Chuck and Blair to get back together for good :)
    Dair Friendship
    Dan and serena back together
    Nate to find someone :)
    Louis go fall off a cliff :D

  3. Michael says:

    Here my wish for 2012

    to get NCIS back to NCIS

    Gibbs as a boss not as a weak pussy who scare of Ziva ( YOUR HER DAM BOSS GIBBS)

    Tony to get back with his first love wendy

    EJ to become a main star and replace Ziva on the team

    Ziva to join the CIA but still be with NCIS kinda of like when she was the massod moe in season 3

    Mcgee to go away he not needed anymore

  4. Zepp says:

    My wish would be, the president of FOX, solemnly announced that the show FRINGE, and screening would be guaranteed until the end of the 6th season!

    • Dunham says:

      Well first lets hope the two wishes for Fringe above will become reality, Anna Torv and John Noble getting their major award recognition and then after season 5 , who knows?

  5. spikesgrl says:

    Lord, please no Caskett or Tiva. It’s bad enough that Booth and Brennan are a couple now!!

  6. Steven Leitner says:

    I’m surprised 90210 wasn’t on the list. I expected someone to say that they wanted Annie and Liam to get back together.

  7. ECRC says:

    Once Upon a Time :
    I wish Emma begin to believe what Henry is telling her and them and I wish too Mary and David KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. kevin says:

    Here’s my wish list for 2012: 1) Crosby and Jasmine get back together on PARENTHOOD. 2) Minka Kelly desperately needs a TV series. 3) Kensi and Deeks get it on on NCIS: Los Angeles. 4) PAN AM won’t survive for Season Two. 5) PERSON OF INTEREST gets renewed for a second season.

  9. Renee says:

    My wishes:

    1. No hookups between team members. Ever.

    2. More Joss Whedon please. TV needs.

  10. Bookfan says:

    MM/David kiss on Once Upon a Time.

  11. Brandy says:

    Ciara, you do realize dan &serena are stepsiblings and also share a blood brother right? Them being back together would be gross, incestous almost. My wish is for vd, sc,90210,hart of dixie, &gossip girl at least to be renewed for next year if I hsve to lose dh,oth,probably nikita.

  12. Michelle says:

    Dair and Castle/Beckett so much!! Two amazing, healthy, balanced, fun couples who just need to get together. No thank you on the Chair, I can just watch 90 odd episodes to see that boring, abusive, broken, sad car-wreck/ ‘truelove’

    • Claire says:

      Yes!! Striking similarities between these two flawless ships, although I thrust Castle writers to come through 100% with such an amazing buildup, sadly I’m terrified with Dair. I want them so much, brilliant, slow organic buildup but I don’t trust the writers to do it justice.

      Agree with the Chair thing too, let it die already! I love you, I love you too, aren’t we epic, yawn! Its not even entertaining, the dialogue is just stupid, rinse and repeat x 1000 and their chemistry, spark is gone. Blair’s character is ruined in propping Chuck, she is so weak and broken, its sad to watch. I honestly can’t believe there are fans still pining for them after everything that has happened between them, ruined beyond repair, irredeemable. Especially considering such an amazing perfect alternative is there. One that doesn’t need the most contrived rushed silly redemption arc to make him an option for Blair again, while at the same time having Blair lose all the things we love about her. But what about the ratings? lol good one! 510 was a Chair episode and they dropped so try again!

      • Jenn C says:

        I absolutely agree. I’m so tired of the Chair “Our love is so epic” nonsense. Their supposed great “love” is juvenile, dysfunctional and unhealthy. And with Blair constantly taking him back after he does some new and dastardly thing, makes her look like a complete idiot. And I also agree that their chemistry isn’t the same as it used to be. I’m really hoping for Dair to be endgame, the sacrifice Dan made at the end of the last episode, giving up his own happiness to ensure Blair’s happiness, just proves, IMO, that he is the one who is right for her

  13. Willa says:

    I wish for Elijah coming back on TVD too! Love him!
    I want Once Upon A Time love with Prince Charming and Snow White to progress more!
    The only thing on Gossipgirl I ever wish for is Blair and Chuck (duh!)

  14. chris says:

    Tony and Ziva!! Now that is a couple fans have been waiting for!!

    Chuck and Blair, that is another couple fans have been waiting for! Oh this crap that DB have been waiting or that they are even an inch near CB. Fans have spoken!! We want Chuck and Blair back, they can write them a happy couple! Its time!!

    And for the love of all things fluffy!! Community back on my screen with a huge dose of Jeff and Annie!!

  15. MissKatie says:

    My wish list for 2012-all involve NCIS. TIVA of course, well written stories, more Tim, Abby, Ducky and Jimmy-not the one or two scenes per episode. Maybe less “big guest stars” will allow for the focus to be on the team again. That is when the show is at it’s best.Not rewriting the history of these amazing characters.And of course TIVA.

    • AngelMoonGirl says:

      Yes, agreed! Enough with the never-ending guest stars! Please TPTB, go back to focusing on the team. It was so much better that way. And definitely TIVA! Woo!

      • vollisar says:

        A few recurring guest stars are nice, but they’ve become part of the show. Would love for Diane Neal to be in more than one episode a year. Love Tony Sr., Fornell, Eli, Kort, and Jackson, but that’s enough. I know everyone wants to guest star on this show, but I like the story to focus on the main characters!

  16. jackie says:

    The only ship I’ve actually cared anything about is Grissom and Sara. I’m ecstatic that they ended up together, but would absolutely LOVE to see them on screen together again, married and all. Please bring Grissom back for an episode.

  17. LesleyPea says:

    My wish is for Eureka not to be cancelled. This can’t be the last season. Noooo!
    Abby and McGee to start a cute relationship….
    More BBC Sherlock… start taping season 3 right now. I can’t believe I didn’t start watching until recently.
    Reboot Torchwood. Bring back Ianto, Tosh and Owen now. No more CIA story. Go back to Cardiff and the Riff.

  18. maggie says:

    My numero uno wish is TIVA! Great romance and great friendship hand in hand.

  19. KW says:

    I know I’ll be insanely jealous, but it’s about time the writers on Criminal Minds gave Reid a girlfriend (that lasts more than one episode), the poor guy needs some happiness in the show for once!

  20. Billie says:

    Wish #1 – For NBC to sell Chuck to ANY cable network so that the show can keep going. NBC doesn’t know what a gem they have and I bet a few cable networks would jump at Chuck. Chuck CANNOT end yet!

    Wish #2 – DO NOT break up JJ and Will. I always feel like they’re on the bubble, but just once on tv couldn’t a strong female in law enforcement have a happy family life too?

    I agree with these wishes as well
    1.Get TIVA together. It is time. They did it on Bones and the show has never been better.
    2. More Emily and JJ story lines for sure! I am so happy to have them back, I want them front and centre.
    3. I also agree with Hotch/JJ scenes. Not as a romantic interest, but as friends. They were the only 2 who knew Emily was not dead. The only 2 with kids. JJ confided in Hotch about her sister. And they have Great chemistry. They always seem to be shooting looks at each other. On the plane when Garcia was asking about Hotch’s love life – Hotch rolled his eyes at JJ. When they all got the cooking lessen from Rossi and he wouldn’t let JJ drink wine, she rolled her eyes at Hotch. I would love to see Jack and Henry have a play date or something :)

    • Billie says:

      Also, keep Robert Wagner off of my NCIS screen. Robert Wagner is cool and all, but Tony Sr sucks. 1 episode with him was plenty. 2 was too much. 3 would be ridiculous.

  21. Daisy says:

    Never thought my wish would make the list, thanks TVLine! I hope 2012 will be a great TV year for everyone.

  22. Elle says:

    Tom Welling needs to get back on the small or big screen ASAP!

  23. Donna says:

    I want this dair nonsense finish NOW..its getting my nerves and killing all my will to continue watch the show. There is no one but chuck for blair and vice versa…i hate this stupid fan wars either… much do you have to see dan’s douche face and stupid hair on your screen to understand this fact? He is douche and getting more doucher every season. İts awful how he treats the girls he supposedly have been in love with…Blair is awful since season four second half! On the other hand Chuck gets amazing every season! İ dont want any obstacles between chuck and blair. They are amazing all the way…fun, passionate, intense, entertaining and they are everything that makes GG worth watching…writers have to stop torturing us with these prince and dan nonsense…i cant stand dan anymore, once i used to like when he was honest and committed to his feelings to serena. Now he is such a boredom and he makes blair boredom…chuck on the other hand always interesting and i can only stand to dan in his scenes with chuck….i wish a chuck and blair year, blair being the girl she used to be! them getting married ASAP and having babies with bowties and headbands…STOP TORTURING US and CHUCK&BLAIR!

    • Harry says:

      Lol wut, you’re confusing a Chair fanfic with the tv show!! The only time Blair has been any semblance of her old self was during the Dair arc and whenever they share scenes, what is she around Chuck, submissive, weak and lost. Also you’re confused with the meaning of the word douche, how is Dan a douche when he is so blatantly portrayed as the complete opposite of Chuck ie douche. For example, crashing Blair’s party, when Chuck did it, he publicly humiliated her, forced a ring on her, etc. When Dan did it, it was the complete opposite, quiet, honest and open, left her speechless, not in tears. Fanfic is where CB will be happy, cannon has them ruined completely.

      • Melly says:

        For you. They were ruined for you. Dan is portrayed as a douche in how he treated Vanessa and Serena. He is shown to be almost stalking Blair while she is shown to like him as a friend while he interferes in her life and makes himself out to be a hero. That is the whole point of the book storyline. Dan is not a hero, just like Serena is not a floozy, Nate is a real person, the world does not revolve around Blair and Chuck will not die alone. Chuck and Blair have been shown to be very very happy together on screen many times while the Dan/Blair relationship barely exists in fanfiction much less canon.

  24. tejas says:

    My one and only tv wish is for NCIS to finally put Ziva out of our misery by killing her off. Please, NCIS. Get rid of her, she’s a waste of space.

  25. Cookie says:

    Wish List:

    Glee – To cut back on Naya Rivera (Santana), its too much. Her character dosen’t help the ratings and her acting is cringe worthy sometimes (remember, the kitchen scene with her abuela?). She was great as a one liner comic relief but trying to push her to the forefront is annoying and a little to late. And no, with the talented actresses in ACTUAL comedy series, she dosen’t stand a chance getting nominated for supporting actress at the Emmy’s (btw, I didn’t even know she was at the Emmy’s last year, all they talked about was Lea Michele and that damn red dress). Oh, and to make Mercedes likeable again and to teach Dianna and Heather how to pronounce their lines and stop whispering! Keeping the captions on the TV get annoying.

    Biggest Wish: That Dair dies a slow painful death. I have never met more of a delusional fan pairing since Puckleberry (Glee). I wish that Chuck and Blair finally live happily ever after. And I hate myself for this wish but I kinda hope Blair’s baby passes away, so I never have to see Louis again!

    Lastly: I wish Lisa E. would return to House. Don’t kill me.

    • Nicole says:

      I agree regarding Naya Rivera. Despite the insistence of her obsessive fans, she is not the best part of Glee. She is a good and improving actress, and she’s clearly much better than Heather Morris, but she’s still (at least) a level or two below Matt Morrison, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith. Shoving her to the forefront and actually giving her more of a focus than Lea, Cory, Chris and Matt is not doing Glee any favors.

  26. Carlie says:

    Yes! Kurt and Sam totally NEED to do an awesome duet together. That entire stoyline was left open and unfinished. If they leave it where it is now it sends the complete opposite message as what I assume they were trying to get across with having Sam agree to do the duet with Kurt consequences be damned.

    Also, Kurt and Sam were friendly last season I hope they get back to that soon. They could, at least, talk to each other. Perhaps we can get a scene where Sam thanks Kurt for helping him last season. Anything will do at this point.

  27. Monkeyrat says:

    My wishlist:

    – Brittana kissing. And I mean, not a lousy peck. I think the reasons are obvious enough to anyone with half a brain, but it seems it’s not that obvious in the writers room.

    – That this new bunch of mediocre people called “writers” and “consultants” on Glee this season finally crawl back into the cave they came from. Also I’m side-eyeing you BIG TIME, Marti and Ali.

    – Glee getting cancelled if there’s not plan for the current cast to be on my screen next season.

    – Respect and continuity in Glee’s storylines. But that is not a wish, it’s a fantasy and we need a freakin’ miracle for that to happen.

    – Joss Whedon !!! I want this man’s work/vision on my TV! Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Firefly… this guy’s a genius. Please grace my screen again with your incommensurable talent, Joss!

    – Castle and Beckett finally getting together. Or a least sharing a genuine kiss. Geez, how long will it take?

    – IA about the mother on HIMYM. It’s getting old now.

    – Castiel back on Supernatural.

    – 2 Broke Girls being renewed forever, and still being as good as it is now. Same thing for Pretty Little Liars.

    – Grey’s Anatomy getting its mojo back or getting cancelled. This is a total trainwreck since the AWESOME S6 finale (don’t even get me started on the ridiculous “musical”).

    There would be a lot of other things but these are my main wishes.

    • Monkeyrat says:

      Oh, and for the duets I want a Quinntana duet so bad! Also Artie/Santana and Sam/Kurt duets, and Tina getting anything (solos, duets, lead… God, I’d even be happy if she gets LINES). I wish for a Troubletones return too!

  28. Sally says:

    I’d love to see an end to Tiva, once and for all.

  29. Jennifer says:

    I agree with the comment about the sideburns but i also want jared padelecki to go with a haircut.

  30. Kate says:

    YES! I want Community back.

    And I won’t lie, when I saw that gal’s wish for Jeff/Annie to finally get together… I did a little happy dance!

    It’s embarrassing how much I love them.

  31. Nacol says:

    I agree with all the Glee wishes.

  32. Lola says:

    My Wish List…

    Well, it looks like one of my wishes is coming true…that they are moving away from the show-killing “tiva” on NCIS. (thank goodness)

    My other wish for that show is to stay away from *any* romance being a major part of that show. As a “behind-the-scenes” story or mentioned briefly is fine (like with Jimmy P.) but that is NOT what the show is about.

    I also wish for the departure of the character ziva. That character hasn’t been featured in a number of the episodes this season (except for that god-awful fight scene in the Christmas episode) and the ratings are just fine. I think the show would be great with the three guys and an occasional guest star to help out. (like Fornell or Borin)

    Thank you

  33. sarah says:

    I want Tom Welling!

  34. mary says:


  35. lana says:


  36. mark says:

    yes tom welling is a great actor.

  37. Géraldine says:

    Want – a Brittana’s kiss (a true one, this time) for Glee,
    – the return of Izzie Stevens and a true SL for Arizona without Callie, Mark and Sofia around; the depatures of April, Avery, Teddy and less Owen, for Grey’s Anatomy
    – less Derek Morgan’s actions and more with Prentiss, JJ, Hotch,
    for Criminal Minds (please, please, do that Paget Brewster resign ffor several seasons! :) )

    OWell, only the future will tell us if it happens…

  38. margot says:

    tom welling and cassidy freeman!

  39. Sarah says:

    Wish number one = for House and Wilson to FINALLY get together. For SEVEN years of subtext it would be nice to see these two kiss or have a love scene. I think the show should end with them getting a civil union :)

  40. Nonnie says:

    I agree with the entire Glee list.

  41. lovencis says:

    YAY Marla!! :D

  42. jenny says:

    Ilove TOM WELLING!

  43. Alyssa says:

    I want Chuck and Blair have their happily ever after because they deserve it more than anyone on GG or on tv history. Enough about the obstacles they put on their path and seriously?? Humphrey? who loves that lame ass person? He is the most boring of all the GG characters and thanks to GG Humphrey loving they destroyed the whole show for me when they Danned down the show and put that snoozefest personality into everyones story arc. What is that everyone should love Humhrey crap? İts unbeliavable and ridiculous. even children don’t believe how Dan and Blair can be friends at this point. it all seems forced than anything else.

    • Kate says:

      IKR, Chuck is so exciting, with his daddy issues, his mommy issues, his uncle issues, his Blair issues. Repeat the above about 104 times, its entertainment gold. Can’t get enough of his creepy voice and his big ugly flared nose, yummy! I agree Dan and Blair is so forced, its now almost 100 episodes, buildup is too fast. Meanwhile, Chuck has traded Blair for his hotel, left her bleeding and manipulated and emotionally abused her all that time, why can’t they be together, why? Dan and Blair have zero in common, their friendship is so fake, ugg I hate them so much!

      • LOLOL says:

        I really wish you pathetic dair shippers weren’t so defensive and insecure. Replying to every Chair comment makes you all look desperate.

        • Jenn C says:

          And yet here you are, replying in a defensive way to a Dair shippers post….

        • jenna says:

          It’s because their couple is so boring they have to trash Chuck and Chuck and Blair to pretend DB is even worth anything but switching the television off when they come on screen.

          • Loz says:

            I don’t follow Gossip Girl, but these comments certainly make it seem like the Chuck/Blair fans are the ones with the problem. Grow up a little and agree to disagree huh?

  44. Clarissa says:

    Don’t listen to Marla, the NCIS TV LINE reader! :P The other two are good. NCIS just needs more Abby in general.

    • Too Late: TPTB Have Already set Tiva in Motion says:

      LOL – The day Tony even LOOKS at his buddy Abs in “that” way is the day he will likely sleep – permanently – in his OWN coffin.


      Haa haa @ that :P

      • srsly says:

        Actually, they already did, if you ever watched early episodes and it was sizzling, playful fun! Tony and Abby are great when they flirt and interact in any way. LOADS of chemistry!
        Ziva and Tony have no chemistry unless you count the uncomfortable, possessive, weird crush Ziva seems to have for him when she isn’t pulling a gun on him. Tiva = just NO!
        Ziva is pure poison towards Tony. She’s abused him and betrayed way too many trusts for redemption. It amazes me daily how Gibbs and Tony could allow her back on the team, nevermind with one of their hearts.
        Explain to me again why we ~need~ to ship these characters??? I much prefer some sound, compelling storytelling with dead petty officers in Rock Creek Park, some gallows humor and a team which might actually LIKE each other (just not that way)

  45. AngelMoonGirl says:

    My wishlist!

    1. Tony and Ziva on NCIS need to get together already. Please. SIX GOING ON SEVEN YEARS! It’s SO long to wait! Or at the VERY least, get rid of EJ and Ray and just let Tiva flow naturally. I miss their flirty scenes. It’s always jealousy, jealousy, angst lately, and while that’s okay in moderation, I prefer more emotionally positive moments. Like the face caress in the elevator, in “Swan Song”. Or eyesexing :D Or their funny, subtexty little comments to each other. That seems to be missing this season, and I think EJ and Ray are at fault, grrr.

    2. Fringe NEEDS to be renewed. Please God, that show is AMAZING. I love the characters, the relationships, and the storylines. It deserves at the VERY least a final season to wrap everything up satisfactorily, but I actually hope it can last beyond a season 5 and maybe even go for a season 6. There is no other show like it, because it’s not just action-packed sci-fi, it’s a love story: Walter with his son; his son Peter with Olivia. Utterly beautiful and no one else tells a good story like Fringe.

    3. For Booth and Brennan to a) have a climactic birth scene when their daughter is delivered, b) continue being the touchingly quirky crime-solving partners (and parents, now! :D) they always have been, and c) yes, get married! But probably not until closer to the end of the series, so we have something to look forward to.

    4. A Castle/Beckett kiss this season would be nice, but I don’t want to rush things. I think Andrew Marlowe is evolving the pair and their relationship quite organically, and it works. The show is better than ever. I’ve LOVED this season! Best yet!

    5. For Once Upon a Time to keep being the brilliant, unexpectedly charming fantasy show it is. I want more Snow White (aka Mary Margaret) and Prince Charming (aka David), more Emma and Mary Margaret, more Emma and Henry, and more Emma and Regina. Those are the most interesting relationships. I think the premise is ingenious. I can’t wait to see Mary Margaret and David find out Emma is their daughter!

  46. Blix says:

    My tv wish for 2012?

    A decisive END to the Tiva nonsense. If there was ever a manufactured pairing that should have died a quick death it was Tiva.

    This show had so much better character development when there was NO pairing ship crap… and it’s getting better again under GG’s hand.

  47. JPNCIS says:

    No Abby n Gibbs no Abby n Gibbs!!Urgh! Sticks finger in mouth!

    I wish to find out more about Abbs family, inparticualr Luca!

    Time to pick up where Paris left off! Time to make something more Tiva!

    And if you didnt guess this post is regarding the number 1 drama NCIS XD

  48. Blix says:

    As for all the Tiva fanatics, the show doesn’t OWE you anything. To demand that it does is rude, obnoxious, and ludicrous.

  49. Mia says:

    I definitely want Chuck & Blair together. But I disagree about Dan and Blair, I enjoyed them last season but now it just feels flat I think they need to go back to the snarky friendship they had before. And Penn needs to spend some time in the hair dresses its getting hard to look at the creature on his head.

  50. Densi and Tiva fan says:

    I don’t know how people say that Ziva should be killed off or how the Tiva romance should be killed off!! One of the main reasons the show is a big hit is because of Tiva!! And for the people who have been wishing for EJ and Ray to leave and Tiva to continue, I give u all a high-five!!

    • as says:

      LOLOLOLOL – NCIS is a big hit because of TIVA??? Try DESPITE tiva the show is still successful. SB nearly ran it into the ground with the focus all on ZIVA & her endless flirting towards Tony. kill the ship & kill off the character of Ziva already. She’s been wasted space since mid s7

      • Svenja says:

        Uhhh sorry go to the teamNCIS webpage and check out the ratings for the first half of S7.
        No episode didn’t hit the 20 million viewers mark, although there was a lot of Ziva (and Tiva) in it.
        Right after Aliyah/Truth or Consequences NCIS had the best ratings in a row. Second half of the season dropped because of American Idol and the focus wasn’t on Ziva in the second half of the season.
        SB was brave, delivered a heavy, intense and emotional storyline which caused a lot of people to join the show. His heavy cliffhangers were effective. Accusing SB ran it into the ground is just not right when you regard the facts.
        NCIS has always been good. No matter who was/is in charge DPB, SB and GG. I appreciate that GG seems to bring back big conspracies and intrigue to NCIS (next weeks episode). Family drama of the week has been good. Some of the eps even very good, but NCIS needs its big, complex storylines.