NCIS Exclusive First Look: Tony. E.J. Bed. What?

While Tony and Ziva of CBS’ NCIS will always have Paris (and whatever went down there), Agent DiNozzo and his former peer and paramour, E.J. Barrett (played by Sarah Jane Morris), are about to make memories of their own in a cozy safe house — and TVLine has a first look at the sure-to-be-intense reunion in close confines.

NCIS‘ Tony Wins TVLine’s Ultimate Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament

When TV’s most-watched drama series resumes Season 9 on Tuesday, Jan. 3, the investigation into the murder of a Navy Commander will lead Gibbs’ team to E.J. Barrett’s whereabouts. Shortly thereafter, Tony (Michael Weatherly) will find himself playing guard as E.J. lays low in the aforementioned safe house (ergo the episode’s title, “Housekeeping”).

Looking at that lumpy sofa bed, a whole lotta sleeping’s not gonna be going on, so you can probably count on much awkward banter as E.J. tries to account for her disappearing act in the season opener.

NCIS‘ Ziva Wins TVLine’s Ultimate Female Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament

Click the first look photo below to enlarge, then share your speculation on what will (or will not) happen when Tony and E.J. spend what looks to be a very long night together.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Gibbs_coffee says:

    The only thing ‘toxic’ for the show would be delaying again the inevitabile. I’m all for a mostly offscreen Tiva relationship, like the McAbby one.

  2. OTP.FTW says:

    Let there be tiva and amen. Who cares about Ray and ej anyway?

  3. McNutterButter says:

    Whatever. The show will never be anti-Tiva. Deal with it!

  4. mari says:

    Ziva didn’t deserve to win.

  5. janet says:

    people dont listen to what michael says all he does is spread lies esp about ziva its ok not to like a character but when someone tries convince you not to like ziva it makes you mad.

  6. Leonie1988 says:

    I think in another promo pic Ziva is in the safe house as well, so we’ll see…

  7. Dj says:

    I liked EJ I thought her and Tony were fun together not as much fun as him and Jeanne. But really I have never been a fan of Tiva if they going to hook him up with some one bring back Jaime Ray Newman.

  8. claire says:

    Don’t think anything will happen between him and EJ. It’s not like he cared so much about her death, unlike Ziva’s.

    • Michael says:

      That because he knew EJ was dead and the only reason he was worry about Ziva was because he was whip and a weak mind man then

      • Gaara says:

        “he was whip and a weak mind man”

        whoa Tony is so lucky to have a fan like you! And FYI he thought Ziva was dead too – but that didn’t stop him from going to Somalia just to avenge her.

      • Svenja says:

        Tony wasn’t weak at all. It takes guts to go to a terror camp. He wanted vengeance!
        Doesn’t sound like a whip and weak mind man to me.

  9. Jade says:

    Have had enough of Ziva! Especially the way she’s been treating Tony. Very disrespectful. Not even Gibbs will ever think of treating Tony like that. Yeah, i want team Gibbs working together – Gibbs, Tony, Abby, McGee, Ducky & Jimmy. Way too much of Ziva recently. Here’s to my New Year wish!! Less of Ziva & therefore less disrespect to her fellow colleague(s).

    No more – Tony having to do Ziva’s job to key into the system all those cold cases.
    No more – Tony having to get Ziva her coffee (or was it hot chocolate?)

  10. Kate says:

    I find Gary Glasberg is too fond of the characters he created himself. EJ is a Mary Sue promoted beyond her competency, Ray a plot device to keep Ziva occupied while Tony has EJ, and Rachel is the most incompetent and unethical psychiatrist I’ve ever seen on TV. Worse, they all revolve around Tony being the star of the show rather than more complex characters like Gibbs, Ducky, Ziva or even McGee (who has his writing and computing) and Abby (who has her bowling nuns and multi-skills).

    At this point, I figure Tiva is dead since Ziva has become a wimp and joined McGee as little more than a prop for Tony.

    I don’t need or want Glasberg’s new stamp on the show — I want my old NCIS back.

    • Michael says:

      How is Rachel is the most incompetent and unethical psychiatrist? that does not make sense

      and Tony not the star of the show Gibbs is and from season 3 to 7 it was Ziva who was the star so much that they almost rename the show Ziva and her sidekicks.

      As far as the other character we basic know everything about Mcgee and Ducky and Abby not that great of a character now that kate gone so there.

    • All Tony All The Time! says:

      Thank goodness for Gary Glasberg. He’s finally bringing Tony back to the highly qualified, intelligent, ‘work smarter not harder’ Tony of the first few seasons (minus the sometimes frat boy behavior). The Tony we lost when Shane Brennan came on the scene and turned Tony into the Class Clown (at which point and for the next few years I was crying that I wanted my old NCIS back). Now Gary Glasburg is working hard to restore Tony (and return the show to its original vision) and I applaud him for it.
      I also think Tony is a tremendously complex character that, thanks to the actor who portrays him, reveals a wide range of believable emotions, making it easier for the writers to write for the character since Tony is equally adept at drama or comedy and all the ranges in between.
      So, yeah, long live Glasberg!

  11. REALLY? says:

    Seriously? I thought that we got rid of you in the season premier.

    I’m not a die-hard Tony/Ziva shipper, nor would I be opposed to them getting together, but come on! She literally popped up from no where, slept with Tony a couple of times, got Gibbs pissed at him, and supposedly ‘died’ in S9 E1, and then suddenly is alive again? She messed with the dynamics of the team!

    GG, you’re beating a dead horse. There weren’t many (not saying everybody) whom were totally taken with Miss Barrett, so why are you bringing her back. Hopefully you will have some sense and kick her off.

  12. Michael says:

    I would also like to point out that Tony( really the actor) in real life is not married

  13. Belle says:

    Oh for pity’s sake. Does every NCIS article have to dissolve into an insane fandom war between the Tiva and Anti-Tiva combatants? Has nothing to do with Tony and Ziva- can’t I just hate EJ for the smarmy know it all she is and hope this episode is her swan song? :)

  14. Bob says:

    As a long time fan of NCIS I think it would be cool for Tony and Ziva to hook up, but I’m hoping that the writers don’t arrange for that to happen. Part of what makes this show great is the tension between the two characters and I don’t think that a romance between them would enhance the show at all.

  15. Kathy says:

    NCIS is TVs #1 Drama. They must keep their audience on there feet in order to keep their ranking.(I must point out that I AM a Tiva fan.) Some fans only watch the show because of Tiva. Therefore, if they removed Tiva from the show, their audience would decrease. Many people think the Tony and Ziva relationship would destroy the show. However, Bellisario has an amazing way of connecting characters and surprising us fans. So why are you people doubting his ability to incorporate more Tiva into the show?? I don’t know what is going to happen throughout the rest of the series, but I trust that Bellisario will do what is best, even if it means no Tiva.

  16. Kathy says:

    The Tiva Tension is what keeps me interested in the show. However, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Some fans may like the show for the characters, the techniques they use to solve crimes, or the interest of crime itself. It does not matter why we are fans. it matters how we express it. NCIS is going to get a bad reputation because of their fans’ immature conflicts. We should come together as fans and help support the show, not tear it down.

  17. Tony says:

    La bonita will kick your ass!

  18. pissed says:

    CBS, you’re making a big mistake. Don’t forget the poll!

    87% of NCIS fans don’t want EJ back.

  19. janet says:

    michael weatherly is married he married a doctor a couple of years back maybe he just forgot to take his wedding ring off.

  20. mark says:

    EJ can go hook up with her truck driver buddies.

  21. Kathy says:

    I’m sorry! Im just missing the old episodes I guess. I’m only 16; what do you want from me?!

  22. Sophie says:

    I don’t believe anything will happen between them at the safe house. As someone already pointed out, Tony is on the clock & too professional to do anything like that. I do believe they will talk about what happened & hopefully end the storyline before the end of the episode. I was never an EJ fan and I am even less so after watching the spoiler. From the little bit of dialogue released, it appears that she did just run & leave him in the alley without calling for help (as some speculated she may have). I don’t think this can be excused by saying she was scared & running for her life. She is not just some scared little girl. She was an NCIS team leader, a federal agent – someone used to being in the line of fire, being responsible for a team & protector of the public. Gibbs would have never left a fellow agent, a friend, or even a stranger in the line of fire to run without at least checking for a pulse.

  23. prp says:

    This is a TV show. It’s not real life. It’s suppose to be fun, which it is, it’s suppose to make us think, which it does, and it’s suppose to, sometimes, make us sad. I have watched this show, every season, every show and even the reruns. The characters are well cast, adore Ducky and Abby, Gibbs, well he’s just “wow”, Tony, McGee and Ziva are fantastic and I’ve really grown to enjoy “the boss”, Vance. Wish Palmer was on more, but I will take what I can get. So people, just enjoy the show, it’s TV.

  24. Amy says:

    half the people who are team tiva want tony and ziva to get together at the END of ncis, like the last episode – otherwise the chemistry in the team would be off. all the damn tiva haters can’t dispute that.

    i don’t not like ej because i’m a tiva fan, i hate her because she was a stupid character. she and tony had no chemistry at all – that’s not me being biased – as much as i hated jeanne, she and tony at least had chemistry. tony and ej were together solely for sleeping togther. sex first, talking second. that’s not a relationship. at least ray actually cares about ziva, even if he is weird.

    i love ncis, i watch every new episode that night, but i miss the episodes with tony ragging on mcgee, tony and ziva throwing sex jibes at each other, and gibbs coming in with the headslap – but in the end it shows how great of an agent each of them are; lately they’ve been playing tony like a sex-drived idiot, and he’s not. he’s a jerk sometimes, but he’s a good guy and he’s a damn good agent.

    get ej out of the way and get these weird long new stories that last an entire season. focus on the EPISODE.


  25. Michael says:

    About Last Night

    I thought NCIS was different but now they are becoming like every other cop show they are going going for a small populations of their fanbase and giving a middle finger to everyone eles.

    How many time have we seen a show go down hill when two main star become lover one too many if you ask me but I guess they don’t care about what their fans want really sad how far NCIS has fallen thanks to Tiva.

    Oh and Big THANK YOU to the writers about Gibbs killing innocent people its funny we get so piss off when American are killed but yet its ok for us american to kill innocent people but their not allowed to kill us.

    Mcgee is I guess going to be the Joke Agent these season because he really have not done anything good these whole season escape put Tony down.

    EJ was great until she told Tony to break the law and sleep with Ziva what a bitch I can’t believe the writer made her a from a kick ass agent to a Twlight chick.

  26. Luvs2Sing14 says:

    Honestly I think that people get a little to heated about TV Dramas, a Fictional form of intertainment…. :P I do agree with some when it comes to Tony and Ziva, I think that they seem to love eachother weather it is LOVE or just a deep care that they have for eachother, they DO care for eachother which doesnt mean they are soooo in love. I think that when it comes to Ray, she could go either way. I think however, that he is not good. I feel it is a set up by her father. they fact that they even showed the text he got was odd. Does it really matter? All the characters have there place, all of them are main charaters really the only “underdogs” would be Director David and the NCIS director…. really anyone who understands plot and character would realize that… remember guys it is a show, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it too, but there needs to be a separations of reality and becoming upset over a romance on a TV show… we get it, we all interested and have our own Ideas about it all…. breath a little :D

  27. Sure don't sound like it......... says:

    Actually “Michael” you sound like like a whiny little girl who got dumped by her BFF. You aren’t “expressing” yourself, you are making hateful statements and making crap up about a fictional character and television show. A real man doesn’t do stuff like that–you however, well, your words speak volumes. Sad, sad little troll……..

    • How is that different from anyone else says:

      So its ok to make crap up about EJ and Ray but not Ziva let be real here Tiva HATE NCIS

  28. Hmmmmm, seriously? says:

    Well, a rational person–if they “hate” something sooooooo much would not watch it and certainly not post every few minutes in a highly psychotic manner about characters who are just characters. Pssst, it’s fiction, you know, not real. Sheesh………

  29. maria says:

    No no this too.much we loved that he waswith kate she died we love tiva but after years of cat & mouse games she left and no.relationship ever build during
    I quit watching the show after ziva not worth it 😞😔😞😞

  30. tom says:

    Yes show is very good but you can never replace Ziva.. she was and is the best they had.. also you will lead us that tony and EJ will have something like others in past and then you kill them off.. or get rid of them ..It starting too get to be too much

  31. Bunny Kolodner says:

    Bring back Ziva, everyone else pales