Hot Shots: Glee Gets Wet 'N' Wild!

Nothing says romance like…water ballet?

When Glee returns Jan. 17, Sam will join the the McKinley Synchronized Swim Team in an effort to win Mercedes back. But as you can see in the following photo gallery, Trouty Mouth won’t be the only member of New Directions dipping his toe in the water.

Glee First Look: [Spoiler] Pops the Question!

Are you digging the outfits? Who do you think will have the best water moves? Is Sam sweet or clueless? Check out the gallery below and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Me says:

    Puck and Rory ♥

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I think that this episode is going to be epic and very funny
    But there is going to make me sad what happens between Finn and Rachel. Because Finn wants to go away to the army
    Poor Rachel Berry

  3. Troy says:

    mmm rachel berry looks hot hot hot. mmmm.

  4. Jeff says:

    I’m getting tired of writers calling the character Sam Trouty Mouth.

  5. Jess says:

    Oh hold up… Do I see Colfer showing some skin?! Bless this episode.

  6. mm says:

    This epsiode is going to be amazing!!!! Can’t wait for the proposal scene and all the wemma goodness!

  7. Danny says:

    So sick of this Mercedes and Sam buisness. They don’t make a believable couple at all. I find it hard to believe Sam would be into someone like Mercedes, not because of her physical appearance (well, a little, be real he went from Quinn to Santana to. . .), but because of her attitude and personality. Anyways, he’ll sing, she’ll swoon. They’re together. The end.

    • dan says:

      I love the Sam and Mercedes relationship, it’s the thing that’s made me like her the most. I think it makes me like them both because they don’t seem to make sense at first.

    • kom says:

      I don’t see it becasue they don’t work well together. Neither are very good actors. Plus get back to some interesting characters like Rachel and Kurt. Have them do something besides look at their partners.

    • Tracy says:

      Attitude and personality?? um…..Quinn= Liar, b!tch, cheater, betrayer. Santana…The same, except 10 times worse. Mercedes has a real “to the point” personality. She is honest, straight forward, and confident. She can also be a little aggressive and mean, but they are all high schoolers (and actresses). I would choose Mercedes personality. At least I wouldn’t be treated all the ways santana and quinn are known for doing.

      • pete says:

        Honest…remember that big fat lie that Rachel was Mr Shue’s favorite or that everyone wants to make Rachel happy?

        Biggest tow lie told by anyone (except Quinn).

        • sky says:

          Yeah, I always liked Samcedes but when Merc said those condescending lies behind her so=called friend’s(Rachel)back, I didn’t like her and wanted her to stay in the back ground. But Quinn pointed out to Shue he was rough on Merc and Q talked Shue and Rachel to allow the TT’s and their attitudes a win to sing a each performance. IMO, it was due but the way it was handled by Quinn it made her the good guy, Merc and Santana the ones who were wronged and made Rachel, Finn and Shue the bad guys. Stated bluntly and simply, this made me upset at the writers for making Rachel and Finn the heavies.
          Those mentioned lies by Merc made her sound not IMO defeated or I should feel sorry for her becuz Rachel has always gotten the spotlight. IMO she earned it. Merc has not. Especially by her derogatory remarks about Rachel. I used to think Merc was a strong confident and kind friend a great person and wonderful friend but those few words made her lose credibility with those so-called atributes. S1 the 3 divas were my favs(Rachel, Kurt,and Mercedes). By now s3, Mercedes is low on the list. Hold onto Sixteen episode in the We are Young sequence Rachel is forgiving to not only Mercedes but hateful and hurtful Santana.
          S3 is 180 degree turn from s2 in Santana’s credibility IMO. I loved her s2. I don’t s3.

    • Gleek2011 says:

      Maybe everyone got tired of seeing the “main” characters get spotlight…. And I think that they’re relationship is just as plausible as Finn and Rachael’s. I mean the High school Jock and a theater girl? The show is meant to showcase all characters and their diversity, it just so happens that in this season they are divulging more into the other characters’ lives. Also in real life there are relationships of all types so if anything their relationship is more realistic than some of the other ones. I mean Puck did the same thing he had and cold get any hot girl h wanted and yet he was attracted to Lauren. None the less I like all of the characters and their relationships. #TeamGleeks!

  8. Jenna says:

    Woohoo, so happy for this episode. This is the EPIC proposal scene.

  9. JenH says:

    Tell me this is a dream sequence because I can’t imagine ALL of them joining the team. Especially since in the commercials Finn seems to make fun. Plus, the Cheerios cheer for the basketball team in the winter while Finn, Puck and I think Mike Chang are a part of. I don’t see the seniors suddenly switching athletics. And don’t they all see each other enough, why would they all join the synchronize swim team together? If the team already exists, wouldn’t there be the existing team to showcase? And there is absolutely no reason for there to be a dock in the middle of a swimming pool. I call singing dream sequence.

  10. Brittany says:

    Can’t wait! =)

  11. Ollie says:

    All I want is for Finn to go to the army and never come back!

  12. Leo says:

    Rachel Berry is hot hot hot!

  13. Carolyn says:

    Oh boy, this looks really dumb. I hope it’s funny and not “jump the shark” time. Comedies on the edge should stay away from the water.

  14. Miffy says:

    Does anyone really watch this show? Aside from women and gay men? They have a character called “Trouty Mouth”. Enough said.

    • Jon says:

      Yeah the ratings seem to suggest and it seems plenty of straight guys do as well.

    • Jacob says:

      Are you saying that women and gay men are not to be counted as ‘anyone?’ … Really?

    • Guest says:

      I’m personally sick of all this ‘women and gay men’ stereotyping with Glee. Glee is a show that promotes diversity and their fanbase reflects that. Watch the Glee movie and that will become clear to you. Also, the ratings are down but still high. Would you call a show coming second in it’s timeslot struggling?

      • Gaby says:

        It is struggling. On season 1 and 2 there were 12 milion people watching the show, now there are only 7 million, what does that tell you? Cause I guarantee that the fox executives aren’t happy with this

      • qdntoy says:

        What I hate is that they are trying to up the ratings by bringing on LeLe Neakes as a guest star….. she can’t act, can’t sing, the only thing she is known for is her potty mouth, outrageous bullying attitude and nasty behavior!!

        Am boycotting any shows she is in

    • Zach says:

      Why do “women and gay men” not count as people?

    • Molly says:

      This is really rude. People of all ages/genders/sexual orientations watch Glee. Me (15 year old girl), both my parents, and my 17 year old straight brother all watch it. When I went to see the 3D movie, an ENTIRE fraternity was there, totally into it, and cheering when Heather Morrison stripped down to a bikini. So really, know the facts or get your ignorant ass out of this conversation.

    • Nina says:

      I’m a girl AND I’m gay. Does that make me less anyone or more somebody?

    • hannah says:

      his name isn’t really trouty mouth. it’s sam. alot of normal guys watch it too. its not like its a chick flick or anything. and if you dont like the show why are you on here. none of the actuall fans want to hear it so stfu. thanks(: buh-bye

      • bee. says:

        oh my god, what is wrong with you? “normal guys watch it too”??? you’re seriously a fan of this show and yet you still don’t think gay people are normal? this comment is so gross, i’m not even going to start on your gender stereotyping. just, please, go and educate yourself before you try to speak on behalf of other fans. we may not want to hear the crap coming from the person you’re replying to, but i for one definitely don’t want to listen to people saying that gay people aren’t normal. you’re just as bad.

    • Shona says:

      No, not just women and the gay community watch it, but then again in the famous words of Ryan Murphy ‘This IS a program about SHOW CHOIR’ So, yes. A majority of the people who watch it may be “women and gay men” BUT there is whole other market that watches it as well. Stop stereotyping.

    • Sydney says:

      umm yeah lots of people watch this show. and “trouty mouth” is sam’s nickname. i doubt you even watch this show, so dont judge untill you actually see an episode. these women and gay men stereotypings drive me crazy! watch an episode or the movie, and then you’ll know that thats not true.

  15. MiM says:

    Haha remember the New York episode? Anyone seen the directors comment on how Artie got up there? He’s like “I’m not sure how he got up there. But hey its glee. We’ll just say he sang himself up there or something,”

  16. Hmm...actually says:

    Actually. There weren’t many viewers in season one. They didn’t start getting famous until season 2. Besides, ever since the “First Time” episode parents have been outraged. My guess is that parents aren’t really allowing that many kids to watch anymore. I’m not saying that that’s 3 million people but it’s only natural that people are stopping watching as the show gets older. They’ll either be happy with the smaller amounts of people watching, they’ll try to stage a comeback that fails, or they’ll have a spectacular comeback. Either way I will continue watching…

  17. Daniel says:

    I am looking forward to this episode because of Finn and Rachel. I can’t wait to see and hear Rachel’s solo to Finn. I hope he doesn’t leave her to go to the army.

  18. Twyla says:

    Omg glee is awesome I’m a gleek
    Kindda jk I am a gleek I’m almost 13 yrs old and o have ur glee shirts

  19. Synchro Chick says:

    I really hope they actually show how HARD this sport is. After being a Synchronized Swimming for 12+ the jokes have gotten really old. In real synchronized swimming, you’re treading water in 12 feet, holding your breath for up to 45 seconds and using every muscle in your body. I’ve seen girls literally collapse with exhaustion after getting out of the pool and seen a girl once nearly drown because she was under too long.

  20. Nina says:

    I prefer Santana to Rachel. And Finn shouldn’t leave. He’s annoying as hell, true, but he kind of makes the show. AND I WANT A FREAKING BRITTANA KISS. Also, I will keep watching glee until I die.

  21. Abbie_codysimpson' says:


  22. Mallory says:

    Can’t wait,who gets proposed to again?

  23. Klainer N° 1 says:

    I think… Mike, Brittany and Blaine will have the sweetest moves in the water <3

  24. Klainer N° 1 says:

    Will will propose to Emma.

  25. Jessie says:

    I’m really excited to see this episode, but I have a couple of issues with the whole synchronized swimming thing. I am a synchro swimmer and it makes me mad to see these pictures of them sitting on a platform or standing on the bottom.


    it is all leg power keeping us up. Also, this makes it seem like we just float around and do nothing, but we don’t.

    Watch this to see some real synchro:

  26. monica says:

    Kurt is hott! All the members are hot…except for tina in my opinion.. I wanna see mike in a speedo <3

  27. kim m says:

    I love this glee pick

  28. Donna says:

    You guys do know kurt is gay even in real life right???

  29. chloe says:

    I cannot wait. Sure ratings have gone down but it is still a great show. I kinda wish they would go back to season 1 because it was the best because it was less useless crap and more entertainting but as long as glee is on i will watch it .i am sad that most of the cast leaves but as long as they keep emma i Am cool. I will miss Quinn and Rachel most tho. They r my faves. I am 12 and my mom has never seen glee which is prob good since she might not like it much. But still i luv it and i have seen every ep except first time because i wasnt gonna sit there and watch that. Inappropriate for me and i know where mylimit is. I luv glee

    • Becky says:

      Just so you know, ‘The First time’ episode is not in any way particularly inappropriate. You don’t see either of them actually doing anything, and the whole topic is handled really tastefully. As long as you don’t mind them simply talking about sex and what not, I see no reason why you shouldn’t watch it? It’s one of my favourite episodes of this whole season anyway.

      • sky says:

        Ditto. I think that episode was the best of the season3 as of yet. Let’s face it, peer pressure and the facts are teenage sex is prevalent since forever ago. The way The First Time was executed with delicacy in which the emotional aspect was the focus. The difference between Quinn, Santana, and Brittany’s attitude toward the subject with Tina and Rachel’s emotional reasons feelings attitudes were like night and day. Same with Kurt and how he handled the pressure of this paramount decision. I feel all teens know that sex is real and know those who are active. The emotions of respect, trust, honesty, love all which are MUTUAL. Not sport, jealousy, anger, resentment, disrespect, etc. Besides, it takes 2 to talk out the reasons to do it right and the when is right. I loved that episode and was so moved by the honesty and trust exuded between couples- so adult and mature. A bottom line which is so important before 2 “kids” consider that big leap. I feel all teens would have gotten a well oiled education on NOT the mechanics(not important) but the deep seeded emotional aspects of real love.

  30. iliketooitles says:


  31. Izzy says:

    Yeah but they both know that it might not last for that long because Rachel and Kurt are going to NY, there are rumours that there might be a NY spin off so maybe it could be them in it (:

  32. nai_nai says:

    gleee is soo good, but they have waaay to many breaks, its kinda making me not wanna watch….so i cba

  33. Izzy says:

    The First Time actually wasn’t even that sexy tbh, you should watch it (:

  34. FUdggrl14 says:

    that disturbs me. Sam is the hottest character on glee and u should no they.

  35. kelsi says:

    I can’t wait! I love grease and I know they’re going to do a great job on the songs :) I want more sam and mercedes please!!! Lol

  36. LUKE says:

    Omg i love glee my fav character is rory and santanna ahe is so stong and has heaps of combacks.

  37. skylaj says:

    I think its gonna be OK but glee has been slacking this year they needs to step it up

  38. Tracey Lane says:

    I think so,too!my dtr and I talk about girls/women we think are hot.She likes Mini Menaj and I have a thing for Rachel and Santana.But,I’m a Blaine girl at heart.

  39. Tracey Lane says:

    I haven’t found ant pics of Chris with no shirt on,but if you go to Ebay and lookup “photo of Darren Criss” there is on of him pulling up his shirt and he’s wet!I’m still debating on buying it,I think its like $20 bucks all together.An autographed one in all his clothes is $125! sorry I can get Mark Hammill from Star Wars for that and my husband wouldn’t mind.

  40. Peregrine says:

    I’d like to know how Artie feels about the synchronised swimming…

  41. ash says:

    OMG poor artie Hes gonna feel so left out cuz he can’t swim!!!!!

  42. TTY says:

    We’re expected to cheer for a Sam and Mercedes relationship after seeing it for a whole two seconds last season? The most unbelievable coupling this show has produced to date. They should have stuck to the Sam/Kurt relationship storyline instead of shoving Blaine down our throats.

    • lim says:

      Really glee fans ship anything. They ship to ship and it is ruining glee cause they get all butt hurt when there ship doesn’t work or even happen.

  43. britanna love says:

    I think brittany, mike and santana will have the best pool moves! SHOUT OUT if you want to see a real Brittany/Santana kiss sooooon?!! :)

  44. I says:

    in photo no.3, where is Rachel?

  45. Adriana says:

    Does anybody know what Sugar Motta is doing in this show???? I feel she’s kind of lost here.

  46. RichieS says:

    Thinking Sugar will hook up with Rory. They would make a very hot and interesting couple.

  47. Heather says:

    I am soooo excited for the rest of this season!!! I love all the original New Direction members, but I am excited to see them grow closer and move on from High School to follow their dreams!!!!!!!!!

  48. Caitlyn says:

    So excited for this episode!
    I love Samcedes together. They are just so sdfghjkljhgfdhsjkamfds.

  49. Lee says:

    I wanna see Quinn with someone!