The TV Characters We'll Miss the Most in 2012

When you raise your champagne flute at midnight on Dec. 31, may we respectfully suggest that you don’t just do so to celebrate the arrival of the new year? Instead, how about you think of the gesture as a toast to the characters we’ve loved and lost, and who won’t be starting 2012 with us. Such favorites as…

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  1. lisandra says:

    I miss Cuddy so much!!!

  2. Lisbet says:


  3. Gabs says:

    Cuddy i love you so much. Please can back. House needs you. I´m so sad for House. He was madly in love with her and now he will be alone or shagging hookers and drinking alcohol all his life.

  4. Scarlett says:

    I MISS ELLIOT!!!! :'(

    • Alex says:

      I miss him but I miss George more. :'(

      • AllieMcGraw says:

        I miss ELLIOT STABLER sooo much!!! The show is boring without him. I also miss George and really Tamara Tunie is pretty much gone. No great chemistry on the new show. Barely can sit thru an episode now.

  5. Mayra says:

    The Taylors!!!
    Mr. and Mrs. Coach forever!
    Eric and Tami will always be my fabourite couple on television, and I miss them dearly.

    I also miss Cuddy. Not that I loved her all that much, but the show just isn’t the same without her. Yes, that’s obvious, but still…
    First Jennifer, then Olivia, and now Lisa… I’ve stopped watching the 8th season on the 4th episode. Gotta catch up.

  6. Shey says:

    I really miss my weekly dose of Lisa Edelstein. Cuddy was an amazing character, it sucks that her final episode was the horrible finale.
    Hope to have Lisa in my tv very soon!

  7. bruna says:

    I LOVE CUDDY SO MUCH, but i don’t want her back to House. They ruined her character and she don’t deserve that creepy storyline!!! Hope the amazing and talented Lisa E back to TV soon, but not on House, ’cause i don’t want watch this show anymore!

  8. tahina says:

    As much as I miss Lisa Edelstein, I must say her character of Cuddy was badly written in season 7, so I hope she doesnt come back. However, Im pretty certain that’s what’s happening by the end of the series. We will know in a couple of weeks, Im afraid.

  9. Travis says:

    What no Charlie Harper? Sure his portrayer is a complete lunatic who needs to be locked away where he cant get on twitter or camera for about 30 years, but the character was fun and led a show that was the #1 comedy on tv for how many years?

  10. Sarah says:

    I’ll miss the Henricksons, especially Barb, Nicki and Lois.

  11. Carol says:

    I miss Cuddy. I miss Lisa Edelstein. And I miss the smart, sexy, and funny show that House used to be. This season has been just dreadful.

  12. me says:

    i’m not watching House cos she left!!!

  13. Jane2 says:

    Cuddy!!! (Thanks Ausiello) An awesome character played by an awesome actress. I miss her so much.

    I’m hoping to see Lisa E back on my TV in 2012!

  14. Sun says:

    I think Wilson and Cuddy are essential to the show and to the character House. They are such talented actors and have always filled a place in House’s life as they are the people he has turned to over and over throughout the series. The loss of Cuddy is glaring, as it would be with Wilson. There are a few fans who have disliked Cuddy, usually disappointed shippers, but we haven’t seen one entertainment site say the show is better without her and the loss of Lisa Edelstein and her character certainly didn’t help the ratings either. (I’m not saying her loss hurt the ratings only that her absence did not help) I’m not sure I would want to see what Shore has in store for her character should she return but I want to see Cuddy finish the series because I like her character and I like and respect the actress who plays her. I also like the way House/Cuddy/Wilson interact and I miss this very much. So much in fact that Season 8 holds no interest for me and this makes me very sad!

    • spoilerchicka says:

      Sun, you said it perfectly. Totally agree with your comment about Cuddy’s significance and the need for closure in the House story.

  15. Nancy says:

    I miss Erica Kane and Susan Lucci! I hope Lucci lands another TV gig soon. Would love to see her on a comedy or primetime soap!

  16. Jessica says:

    I didn’t even know I liked Cuddy, but I dvr’d every episode of House this season and don’t think I’ve made it through one. So either it is boring without her or they are writing it worse..

    As for Elliot Stabler, words can’t even say how lost I am without him. The show will never be the same and I am only watching for Mariska–not because I’m attached to the show any more.

  17. layla says:

    Cuddy is making lack

  18. John says:

    Lisa Edelstein was one of the most valuable things on the show, without her it sucks! And whomever says House better now that she’s not in it needs to lay off the vicodin. Lisa is the most underrated actress on TV, give the woman an Emmy already!

  19. Simon Jester says:

    I was never that enamored of “Huddy”… but I do miss Cuddy. She really provided a much-needed anchor for the show and for the House-Wilson dynamic. Gotta hand it to Lisa Edelstein, though, because she saw the writing on the wall and got out at exactly the right time — HOUSE has been absolutely dire this season.

  20. Michelle says:

    The storyline ‘explaining’ Stabler’s exit was just pathetic. It was an insult to the character, and the actor, that brought the passion and interest to SVU. The show is not even a shadow of its former self, as it has turned into a mixture of CI and the mothership rather than the character driven show it always was. True Blood may not be the sort of show that I would normally watch but Chris Meloni can make anything watchable.

  21. jesstxforever says:

    Dear Hollywood please forward only your best scripts to Kyle Chandler stat. I love this man (have since Early Edition) and he needs to be back on TV asap!

  22. Stormy says:

    I’m going to miss Sheriff Graham on Once Upon a Time.

  23. The Squatch says:

    I still can’t believe they killed off Jimmy Darmody from Boardwalk Empire. I understand it was done for real life reasons and not storyline reasons, but still. I have to admit I really didn’t see it coming until he started getting all his affairs in order during the season finale. I’m not one of those people though who will run onto a board and claim I will never watch the show again. It is still a great show with a lot of story left, but as of right now I just can’t see it being quite as good as it was with him. He and Richard Harrow had become my two favorite characters on the entire show. I have also read the show may “jump ahead” a bit when it comes back so we may be robbed of Richard’s reaction to Jimmy’s execution, which would really be a shame.

    • MJ says:

      Agree with everything you said. I didn’t see Jimmy’s death coming either and I’m still a little shock it happened, I’ll miss the hell out of him next season. I’m not excited about that “jump ahead” either. During tha last few minutes after Jimmy got killed I kept waiting for a scene with Richard’s reaction and now we may never get it. Jimmy and Richard together was so great to see, I feel the show might lose a bit without it.

  24. Jenny says:

    I will miss Cuddy and no longer watch House b/c of her departure. From what I’ve read of some of the fans still watching as well as the critics it seems the show has suffered a great loss with her departure. It seems the ratings are showing this as well. I can’t say this is a total surprise to me as the writing has progressively gone down hill during the last couple of seasons. However, even with the shoddy writing, what I loved about Lisa was she was always able to create something great from the increasing crappy scripts she was given. The pain, anger and even the sweetness in her voice at times coupled with her facial expressions or the way she could move you without speaking a single word is what I miss so much and really says alot about her acting skills IMO.

  25. Jules says:

    OK! I’m affraid to admit, I’m still digesting Cuddy’s exit,and foreman (the dictator) is a boring boss,worst than her…I really miss “13” more, her chemistry with House was intriguing-hope they can plan “the promise” he make to her at the end of “The DiG” bfore the end of the season/series…
    I prefer a possible the return of O.Wilde anytime rather a cheesy predictable face/off of “I’m Sorry/I forgive you….”of Cuddy..and Edelstein crawling bck asking to be include/guest at the “last” episode…
    If she did 7 seasons only for the money..I think it’s irrespecfull over Epps/Leonard/spencer who all agree theirs pay cut renewall and to H.Laurie, who since the beguining lead over his schoulders the series,the longs hrs/incroyable medical jargon & masking his Brit accent…
    Anyway, hope “13” rtn first…and even the ghost of Amber I will enjoy more to see bfore a possible rtrn of Cuddy….-by the way, does her phone was not supposedly rinning with a lots of offers!!!!(3 unepressive episodes TGW..and then What?…Euh…)=A very Stupid Desicion!!!
    Anyway, My favorite addiction(bcuz I’m a true Housefan,who will stick/watch until the end)returns January 23….can the time/days goes faster so I can be glue to my tv again on Monday nights @8
    And thank you Santa to “flush”/disappear far far away/for good Terra nova…hihi!

  26. Belle says:

    I really miss Cuddy on House. I wanted to give the show the benefit of the doubt after the crappy ending to Season 7 and Lisa Edelstein’s departure so I did watch the 8 Episodes that have aired so far in Season 8 but to be honest I have barely made it through them. The spark the show used to have is gone. I really miss what the show used to be when it had the spark and interplay between House, Cuddy and Wilson. Cuddy as Dean of Medicine made sense, forman as DOM just seems ridiculous. I have read a lot of critics commenting that the show lost it’s heart with the departure of Cuddy and at this point I have to agree – I’m actually having trouble liking any of the characters in their current cold and selfish incarnations at the moment. I wont be tuning in for the rest of the season, I’ve had enough. Mind you, if by some miracle Cuddy did return to PPTH I will admit that might draw me back as I would like to see Cuddy and House firing up against each other again and if a little bit of Wilson was thrown into the mix why that would just be perfection.

  27. Ashley says:

    Elliot Stabler of SVU and The Taylors of FNL – already sorely missed! Television definitely lost some of the best characters in these folks this year.

  28. Stephanie says:

    You left out two of my favorites: Sarah Jane Smith (Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures) and Roy Montgomery (Castle). Two fantastic characters who are very sorely missed.

  29. Robert says:

    I want my Cuddy back!!!
    But for Lisa Edelstein it would be best not to return.
    The Show has lost so much that she can’t win anything.
    However, I’m still hoping for Cuddy-return at the show final.

  30. Zoe says:

    I’ll miss Jimmy, Graham, Cuddy, and especially Elliot. I’m still in denial, and since he wasn’t killed off, I’m still hoping he comes back before SVU ends.

  31. shiremaid says:

    Well the one who wrote the caption under Edelstein is so mixed up, probably doesn’t know who’s coming or going. House didn’t blow it; he took one pill. Cuddy blew it! The whole time she’s dating House she tells him “I love you the way you are. I don’t want you to change.” And then she changes her mind. She even admits to Wilson in the episode after the break up, when Wilson reminds her of what she’s been saying all along, “It’s all my fault. I thought it would work.”

    There’s never been a single second in season 8 where Cuddy was missed by this ardent viewer…NOT….ONE….SINGLE….SECOND. Good riddance to rubbish!

    • Linda says:

      I agree with you…Cuddy gave up on him and dumped him after saying that she knows he is screwed up & she doesn`t want him to change. House tried very hard to be that man for her. He was himself but was afraid to lose her. She never gave him confidence enough for him to be secure. She did him wrong. It would have been better if she just had not gotten involved with him when he expressed to her his reservations about them getting together from the start. It is like she teased him with the prospect of having someone he loved stick with him no matter what and then ditched him when he did not live up to her standards. The cream on top was her insensitive break up speach, accusing him of being selfish by being selfish & cruel on her own. Frankly I am not sad to see Cuddy go. Good riddance! What a piece of work.

    • bruna says:

      Yeah, make sure that Cuddy’s fans were disappointed with that too. I LOVE HER, but i won’t her back either! LE deserves better than that ridiculous Cuddy from the last couple seasons.

  32. Alex says:

    Oh sure, mention RageCop Stabler, but not George.

  33. Nora says:

    I miss CUDDY’ s character.

  34. says:

    R.I.P Gustavo Fring you were and are hands down the greatest villian in television history.

    Gustavo Fring
    May 17th 2009 – October 9th 2011

  35. Christian Chacon says:

    R.I.P Gustavo Fring you were and are hands down the greatest villian in television history.

    Gustavo Fring
    May 17th 2009 – October 9th 2011

  36. SoAFanatic says:

    R.I.P. Piney Winston,you were the best part of SoA IMO and im awfully sad you left us this season… were a mentor to Opie and a guiding light for Jackson….the table is gonna feel a hell of a lot emptier next season without ya man.

  37. Skater Boy says:

    I would add Susan Lucci from All My children. She will be missed; what an iconic character that transcended daytime television.

  38. Angela says:

    Yep. Boo to ABC for how they horribly mishandled the whole thing with their soaps, especially “All My Children”. All the bending over backwards to help keep the show going, and this was the thanks they got. Mind, I know a show can’t last forever and all things must end one day, but they didn’t have to end on such a crappy note as this.

    And definitely missing Michael Scott on “The Office”. It just isn’t the same, no. His farewell episode actually brought tears to my eyes.