How I Met Your Mother Hot Shots: First Look at Landmark 150th Episode

How I Met Your Mother fans waiting for a Barney and Robin reunion will have to keep waiting. We’ve got a first look at the show’s 150th episode, airing Jan. 16, and Robin and Kevin still appear rather chummy.

How I Met Your Mother Exclusive: Will Sasso Set For New Year’s Eve Rematch

So what’s the gang doing during this most auspicious milestone (besides dating the wrong person, obviously)? Drinking at MacLaren’s, of course! Guess Puzzles was a bust.

Check out the gallery below and then chime in with your thoughts/theories/congratulatory wishes in the comments.

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  1. Phil says:

    Oww! I love them… :D

  2. Janet Snakehole says:

    Still hoping and praying for Barney & Robin happy ending.

    • Burt Macklin says:

      At this point, if Barney and Robin don’t end up together I will feel like I wasted a lot of my time watching this show. It has been a long time since I cared about Ted and who the mother is now I just want Barney and Robin to get together and for Lily and Marshall to be happy! Ted is so glaringly the fifth wheel on the show (which is sad because he is supposed to be the focus right?).

      • thejesscen says:

        I’m still hoping Ted and Robin end up together. Once Robin retires and Ted’s kids grow up and Ted’s marriage doesn’t work out…You know? I mean Ted always tells the kids “your mother” not “my wife” or “the love of my life”. Anyone else feel the same?

  3. jennifer p says:

    Love the whole gang !!
    Robin n barney belong together

  4. Scoot says:

    I call shenanigans. It would be SO like them to release fake photos and kill us with an awesome episode. Bring it HIMYM.

  5. Jess says:

    wow… Kumar is still on this show?… I love Kal Penn but his character is so redundant on this show. Unfortunately the writers under-utilized him.

  6. Bailey says:

    Kevin may still be there, but Robin’s sitting next to Barney – I haven’t given up hope yet! At least Kal Penn looks like he’s getting to actually have some fun with his character here. I ship Barney and Robin all the way, but I’m glad they didn’t just toss Kevin over it.

  7. Cancel says:

    I can’t believe this show is still on TV. What’s wrong with everybody this show sucks!!! Cancel

  8. Angie says:

    This season has been a bit of a bust. I don’t dislike KP, but Kevin’s character doesn’t work with the group. Other than Victoria (and a handful of others) I become annoyed by the interlopers to the group. I wish the 150th episode was about the core five.

    • Ari says:

      I do too. I have always found that their best episodes have been just them and casual background characters who are on screen for all of 20 seconds. When I think of the times I’ve liked HIMYM the least it is usually when there has been some extra person hanging with the group, the Stella era, the horrific Zooey episodes(although one of those gave us the awesome return of the cockamouse), and Don. I guess I’m just as harsh as Lily is when it comes to adding new members to the group.

  9. amanda says:

    Love this show……it makes me laugh every episode. Can’t wait until new episode. Darn Christmas vacation.

  10. Bro4ever says:

    Barney & Robin are so endgame it’s not even funny anymore. These two belong together, it’s really a shame that they can’t get it right after everything that’s happened.

    Kevin gots to get gone though!!

  11. Ethan says:

    Why is 150 episodes a milestone? 100 episode is a milestone and so is 200, but not 150.

  12. NPH IS AMAZING says:

    Neil Patrick Harris needs to leave this train wreck of a show. He is the only actor on this show who will actually have a career when this crap ends. Please use your amazing talent(and incredibly hot looks lol) somewhere where people will actually watch.

  13. Fernando says:

    I actually dont like Robin and Barney being together but , at least for me, they totally end up together Ted will feel sad about it because he likes her and then he will meet the mother, of course its a theory but i think it will happened. Still I like Ted and Robin.

  14. Robin and Barney are quite a couple, though I still wonder about Victoria’s comments at the end of Ducky Tie (And sure enough, it didn’t work – we just didn’t realize it yet)…

  15. Michael says:

    Who are these people bagging on HIMYM. If you dont like the show, why follow the posts? This show is great, and the five main characters are all amazingly talented to be able to take a script and sell it the way they do.

    Here’s hoping for another 8 seasons.

    • Mariana says:

      Dude if there were another 8 seasons the world would end and we still wouldn’t know WHO THE HELL IS THE MOTHER???!!!

  16. Kingsly says:

    Ted is gonna get married to Barney’s step sister whom he met at Barney’s wedding (first episode of s6/last episode s6), who is in college (Legendaddy episode 19 season 6) attending an economics class where Ted mistakenly attended as a professor. Your welcome

  17. Charlie says:

    I didn’t realize it until I read some comments here: all the episodes in which Ted or Robin are in a relationship were my least favorite ones, since it adds new people to the group and that changes the dynamic entirely. I really like Kal Penn, but he doesn’t fit in neither, which has nothing to do with his acting.

    Nevertheless, I’m still sceptical about the reunion of Barney and Robin as a couple. I mean, think of every single episode when Barney and Robin were dating! They were an awful couple, fighting a lot. And eventually, they were annoying each other so much that they broke up. But I guess their characters have changed so much over the last two seasons that they might fit together by now. And that’s one great thing about the series: You can really see the characters developing.

    Still, I wonder how it’s going to develop: Lilly and Marshall are about to become parents, Barney and Robin probably won’t get back together (if ever) for another season and Ted won’t meet his children’s mother until Barney’s wedding.

  18. Michael says:

    Does anyone know why the show has a 2 week gap until the next episode is aired?

  19. TVanswers says:

    i have alot of theories, check out the clip

    • Thoeries says:

      Just watched your youtube clip, some of the theories i could see as working others such as the stripper and mothers dead and also the kids are adopted i think are a little far fetched as for your theory i never actually thought bout her but i reckon you could be right but i think personally they just pushed that character to the side and doubt we’ll probly see her again like most of barneys flings :) thts just my opinion nyway :)

  20. hermes says:

    Is carter bays serious about barney and Quinn getting married and her getting eaten by an alligator? wtf. feedback please.

  21. kiko says:

    I have watch this show 2 time from begining and its still a verry good Show(one of my favorits) . I think this is not the last season , the 8 will , cause in the episode with the barney’s wedding we saw Lilly pregnant and there for it must be that time … or the wedding will be one more lost truck , like Ted’s Job , in which he said he met his wife and that with help of that job he met his wife …

    • Teni says:

      I just watched “The Best Man” this afternoon, and Lily’s definitely not pregnant in the part where it’s Barney’s wedding… Same as the other two episodes that are partially set on that day. Are you sure you’re not thinking of Punchy’s wedding?

  22. reyhane says:

    it’s clear robin and barney end up together and i like it. because they’re almost like each other.they’re belong together.i like this show and but i believe it will be continued for a long time and in someway it’s AWESOME…