Glee First Look: Will Pops the Question!

Will he or won’t he? When it comes to Will’s impending marriage proposal to Emma in Glee‘s first episode back on Jan. 17, that is not the question. The following video makes it pretty clear that Mr. Shue will almost certainly pop the proverbial Q.

No, the real question is what will Emma’s response be? Unfortunately, the episode’s frustratingly neutral title — “yes/no” — is no help.

Blind Item: Which Hit Series Is Poised to Kill Off [Spoiler]?

Check out the latest promo for the show’s midseason premiere and see if you can spot any hidden clues.

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  1. Naomi says:

    no mention of Rachel and Finn at the beginning??? that was the best part of the promo! :)

  2. june says:

    If this episode has minimal Rachel, Kurt, Finna and Blaine it will be the best episode of the season.

    • Wes says:

      Eh, in that case the episode will probably be horrible and low rated, first epsiode that comes to mind when thinking of little Rachel, Home and Night of Neglect (yuck and yuck). If Glee gives me one more Santana creamed episode, I’m going to go crazy. I like the character, but less is more. I’m more concerned with the fact that this episode is Will centered.

      • Ana Muller says:

        A Will centered episode… that is a BAD idea.

        • yep says:

          I think it is an absolute wonderful idea and about time. Will and Emma have taken back seat so to speak since s2 episode 3. Essentially nothing since then. They are the ones and only ones who believe in the ND and supported them- the premise that started and solidified the club(outcats who no one believes in or cares about). They deserve their screen time and be featured heavily for once. There are alot of Wemma fans who have been silent but are keepers of the flame. Will for the matter of those who say who cares- well he was written s2 to be schizophrenic post divorce. Sad he’s lovable and Matt is so talented, a talent to great to waste on back drop material. Same goes for Emma s2.

      • Joe says:

        Exactly. The Rachel lite episode suck bad. Pot of Gold is another one, worse episode of the season.

  3. Dumb says:

    I like pic oure gift llion period fgf pays gping ooohh

  4. Jake says:

    Will centered episode? Do not want. Poor Emma, being one of the best female characters of Glee and she’s getting married to this jerk.

    • florence says:

      Emma is no prize either, they’re both equally bo-ring.

      • yep says:

        It’s writing of the characters, written into a corner not able to escape and be fun again. I’m willing to let s3 writers give them a chance to be different. Why not you?

    • Captain says:

      Emma’s one of the best females? According to who? She may be nice but she’s also a very dull character. The only females on the show I’d put below her are Quinn, Tina and Bieste.

  5. Becca says:

    YAY to this episode I’m so excited. Go Will and Emma getting all engaged and stuff! Is it January 17th yet?

  6. Kaitlynn says:

    happy birthday to me this episode will be the best present I get all day

  7. jasie says:

    Hopefully this will allow them to bring Terri back into the fold. Glee is not the same without Jessalyn Gilsig.

    • Artie says:

      YES i love wemma and i’m so happy they’re getting engaged but a part of me would love it if terri came back and tried to mess up the plan.

    • Snapy says:

      Terri was my favourite character. I stopped watching when she was let go.

    • Captain says:

      I loved Terri and I think Jessalyn is great but she has no purpose. They spent an entire season trying to make her work following the pregnancy storyline and she just doesn’t. I’d be happier if Jessalyn found a role worthy of her talents.

  8. No thanks says:

    A will and Emma centered episode means an extra hour to do something else for me. I couldn’t care less about those characters.

  9. Excited says:

    woohoo wemma proposal

  10. Sammy says:

    I’m a little confused, are they getting married and engaged in the same episode? *sigh* Can we just skip this episode and fastforward to the Michael Jackson one.

  11. Carol says:

    Can we just for a minute talk about the fascinators in the background at around 0:07? Total. Love.

  12. Russ says:

    As much as Will centric episodes aren’t my favorite, I feel like this one might actually be good.

  13. Lauren says:

    I am very excited for this episode! Finally, some much needed character development for Will and Emma. Where were they the first half of the season? Glad to see Matt and Jayma getting some screen time.

  14. Tessa says:

    FINALLY! An episode that’s doesn’t center around Santana (snore) or Klaine! The ratings have gone down so much with these characters in the forefront. Not a good move glee.

    I will watch this one because I adore Will and Emma and hope and pray this brings back the glee love that’s been lacking this season (except for Asian F)

    • Captain says:

      Santana at the forefront is not a good move? The best episodes of the season feature Santana at the forefront. She’s their best character.

      • sky says:

        Opinions vary. With the number of characters on the show and the fandom is diverse among them, I like Santana but she is not high on my list of best characters. I didn’t care for Mash off at all. Music was excellent but the hate from Santana’s mouth makes me react opposite from many fans of hers. When she is vulnerable I love her character but when she spews hate to be hateful I don’t. So, when an episode features Santana I’m not excited but leary of the content of her story line. IMO. Every one has favorites and she isn’t one of them. I like Beiste so much better than Santana. But I like her so much more than Quinn this season. So those of us who choose to like other characters and episodes and story lines that may be different from your choices this makes us “different” not “wrong”. That is the thing about Glee the characters incite different feelings in each and every one of us whichleads us all to choose favorites and watch theor episodes faithfully opposes to others who don’t. You have the right to your choices and write about them but so do we. I feel we all should be able to voice our opinions and hear/see yours without us passing judgement. We’re all free thinkers. Glee has since s2 started trying to appease fans with the writing diversity sometimes it is really good. But the writers have their vision of the main story arcs and the others characters will eventually have their day. Santana IMO has had her day with some new stuff in the future which could be really good. But I’m one for the show to spread the joy to all characters this season before they graduate. My hopes for the season. Good viewing Have fun.

    • MattS says:

      Actually, the ratings are doing pretty good. Live +7 rating is a 4.3 for Adults 18-49, which is pretty solid. and almost 10 million viewers total. That is hardly “lower or bad” ratings.

      • yep says:

        Fox network made a comment somewhere saying they were happy so far with the viewership this season. Staying confident the show was in a good place.

  15. Jo says:

    Eugh. Will? Really? The only ship with him I like is Will/Hit by a Bus. *Sighs*. Emma is adorable, but not enough to stop me recording it and watching NCIS instead.

    • dan says:

      Will hit by a bus would be wonderful. I would love it if Emma or Sue was forced to take over the Glee club for a while. Or maybe Idina Menzel, at least before she made the wonderful judgement call of sleeping with a student. Where do they find their teachers at McKinley High?

      • Clare says:

        Haha I so totally agree with you at that last bit. What is wrong with all the teachers at McKinley High? Don’t get me wrong, I love Sue and Will and Emma and Shelby, but seriously, they all have issues sometimes…and Figgins is just crazy. How is password is 1234? And he doesn’t even realise that the New Directions were actually drunk and sick in that Tik Tok performance? And LOL at the fact he said “Tik and Tok by Ke dollar sign Ha” xD

    • Monkeyrat says:

      How dare you! You know the real OTP is Will/fire! They’re endgame. Admit it, just admit it!

    • Francesca says:

      Yeah but Will is a pedo so it’s not gonna last.

  16. MattS says:

    Very excited. I’ve missed Will/Emma story lines. Matthew Morrison is one of the main reasons I watch this show! Yay!!!!

    • reindigo123 says:

      Matthew Morrison was the only reason I watched the show and I have stopped since he is no longer a major part of it. Got bored with the relationship-go-round and Klaine/Santana barrage. Been waiting too long for some Wemma action. Hopefully I am not too lost when I come back to the show on the 17th…

  17. ncmacasl says:

    Looks like Sugar is back after being MIA on the Christmas Episode. Rory is also back (is he already past his 7 episode contract??). Looks like a Dream/Fantasy Sequence with bridesmaid Sue Sylvester wearing the same fascinator as the gal from the Royal Wedding (sitting next to Beaste who is also dressed as a bridesmaid).

    Also looks like the Grease “Summer Lovin'” song will be shown where Sam and Mercedes finally spill about their summer romance.

  18. Leanna says:

    Will is my favorite character, i know I am in an extreme minority based on comment boards, but this whole season hasn’t seen hardly anything of him and I am getting very disappointed with the whole series. Plots just aren’t as good as they were in season 1 and the 1st part of season 2.

  19. Ann says:

    So Excited for this episode. I love Will and Emma.

  20. Jaime says:

    I love Will and Emma, I have been waiting for this since the pilot. Bring on the wedding and cute red headed babies. Just make sure they steer clear of Emma’s parents.

  21. Mmhmm says:

    This episode is going to be adorable. I cannot wait! It kinda feels like a callback to the first 13 when Will had danced with Emma at the bridal store. And anything even resembling the F13 (before all these “we just want media attention” storylines) is fine by me!

  22. Kat says:

    lol love Santana “And who’d that work out.”

    Oh and is anyone else worried that the blind item hyperlink about a major character being killed off is on this page?

  23. Rachel says:

    I dig Finchel! Wemma are acute couple but it doesn’t seem a good idea for them to have this much screen time when they haven’t really had any the past few episodes and not much last season either. I am looking forward to the song We Found Love in this episode anyway.

    • Sarah says:

      OMG same I love Finchel, but I love Fabrevans more even though they aren’t actually together anymore… :( I WANT THEM TO GET BACK TOGETHER, WHY IS SAM AFTER MERCEDES???!!!!
      Anyway…I agree with you, but I guess that’s the reason Wemma are getting this episode centred around them coz they haven’t really before. And I’m looking forward to We Found Love too…I’ve already heard it, and I really like it, but I still want to watch it in the actual episode…CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO COME OUT!!! 17th of January, hurry up…

  24. Sarah says:

    I am a true ‘Wemma’ fan. Have been since season 1. Now they’re finally gonna tie the knot. To all you ‘haters’..shut up. I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves Jayma Mays and Matthew Morrison together. I just believe that I’m the only one to have the balls to say if you have a problem with the show..DON’T WATCH IT. And not only don’t watch it..don’t complain about it if you do. I have to tell you, if I watch one more Finn and Rachel episode I’m gonna pop. It’s about time we focus on another relationship.

  25. Apinz says:

    I haven’t watched Glee since Holly Holiday left. I don’t plan to anymore, unless she comes back.

    • Isabelle says:

      You totally should (still watch, I mean) because there have been some really amazing episodes so far…but if you don’t, that’s fine coz I totally understand. Like I would start crying if Sam left again, and I would find it hard to keep watching the show if Quinn ever left.

  26. TessShipsFabrevans says:

    OMG SO EXCITED FOR THIS EPISODE! It seems pretty interesting plus I go a bit weird when there are holiday breaks like this without Glee… :/ LOL I love Glee it’s sooooooo good and true, not all of the episodes are super incredible, but most of them are, and the actors/singers/dancers/characters are amazing anyway ♥ HURRY UP 17TH OF JANUARY, I WANT GLEE!!!!! ♥

  27. Annie says:

    Wish that they would use the exchange student more…7 episodes where he sways in the back just isn’t fair….he should be featured much more!!!

  28. mikaela says:

    i think this is going to be a good episode. dont get your hopes high but im m really excited and hope wemma lasts forever!!!

  29. Zaire says:

    I like that fact that this episode is focused on mercedes and sam’s relationship & will and emma’s relationship ( :
    this episode should be epic along with the michael jackson episode too ! i cant wait til the 17th !