NCIS' Ziva David Wins Our Ultimate Female Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament!

She faced some brutal opposition over the last month — and vanquished six butt-kicking babes in hand-to-hand combat in the process — but NCIS‘ Ziva David ultimately reigned victorious (and absolutely gorgeous) at the end of our Ultimate Female Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament.

Indeed, it’s time to congratulate tough, sexy Ziva — and her portrayer, Cote de Pablo — for taking home the top prize in our 64-player, single-elimination tourney, which tallied nearly 1 million votes from start to finish. Ziva’s win bookends that of her star-crossed sparring partner/crush, Tony DiNozzo, who won TVLine’s Ultimate Male Law-Enforcement Crushes Tourney last month, proof positive that you can’t underestimate the power of the NCIS fan nation.

Over the past month, Ziva handily defeated Rookie Blue‘s Andie McNally, JAG‘s Sarah ‘Mac’ MacKenzie, and NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Kensi Blye, then picked off Criminal Minds‘ JJ Jareau and Chuck‘s Sarah Walker to get through the Quarterfinal and Semifinal rounds. In the finale, she engaged in a 72-hour see-saw bout with Castle‘s Kate Beckett, before finally surging ahead in the final 24 hours to seal the deal.

Exclusive: Hit Series Poised to Kill Off [SPOILER ALERT]

If you’re interested in seeing how the full tourney played out, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE 64-PLAYER BRACKET (then click again for a zoomed-in view) — and for all of TVLine’s bracket-tourney goodness, sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

So again, congrats to Ziva! May she live long, kick butt, and continue to raise TV viewers’ pulses. Huzzah!

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  1. toby says:

    Beckett is so much better.

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m a fan of both shows but honestly, I wanted Beckett to win. It’s a fun poll people. It’s not like it’s scientific. Yeah, I’m sad Beckett lost but I’m not going to sit here and call anyone names over it. It doesn’t matter who won or lost, you will always have people disagreeing on it. If the winners were reversed so would be the comments. (Don’t try to deny that even Ziva fans wouldn’t have complained about it being rigged if she had lost.)

  3. Scott says:

    I don’t see it!! I don’t see here as that ‘hot’ as some of you I guess. I have always had a crush on Cathering bell (mac from Jag) so she wouldn’t have gotten past her in my eyes at all!

    And sorry, she is not hotter/better looking that Kate Beckett!

  4. Lauren says:

    I am completely shocked Beckett didn’t win. Guess this really was a character contest, not just appearances. While I admit I don’t watch NCIS, there are at least a dozen ladies in this poll that are much more attractive. Good for her though, for getting fans to vote.

  5. sandee says:

    Fixed Now have sexiest law enforcement couple and Ziva and Tony would win. Although I love Ziva I voted for and still think it should have gone to Kate.

  6. NCIS says:

    Ok so i have never watched Castle. yet both characters are crushable. But then again so is every other woman on these polls! Some people could say they cheated but obviously being sarcastic or just lying. I think there is no point complaining after all it is just a poll. And Kate was 2nd which is a really good achievement.
    And you can’t sue/complain CBS for advertising the show thats what they were there to do. To be honest both characters are deserving and they are both completely different personalities

  7. Alex says:

    On behalf on the NCIS fanbase (the good kind ones not the crazy nasties!) i’d like to say good show! i myself am a castle fan and love Kate. (total die hard caskett fan! {cuffed was awesome btw!}) Im really sorry you guys didnt win but you cam pretty far! Dont give up. Ziva and Kate are both equally beautiful in theie own way. Dont take this to heart. Both of the shows are equally awesome. Ok. That is all. Stay safe and have a happy new year from our fanbase to yours

    • Ted says:

      wow. thank you! this was a nice change to see a civilized comment by an NCIS fans. (im not dissing NCIS fans i just hate the crazies!) thank you very much! ziva did a good job too! I glad both girls could get to the top. Happy new year to you too :D

      • Thank you! says:

        finally! a nice comment! cant we all just be like this?

        • Svenja says:

          Would be great. I hate these generalizations and big fights about who’s more beautiful. Kate and Ziva are both great and beautiful. NCIS is my first show, but I love watching Castle, too and Kate is a sweetheart. Happy new year to all of those fans who participated in the poll without hating or insulting the opponent character :)

          • Harry says:

            thank you! gosh. im not going to call epople names over a studpid poll! honestly come on. and no one cheated in any way! you anti’s need to be a lot more like these people here! nice and considerate!

  8. Ruby says:

    Meh. This chick over Sarah Walker? No.

  9. Learned from experience says:

    wow. this is just such a pretty picture of ziva! oh and btw guys. Ive had my fair share of run ins with micheal. The rules from gremlins are the same for the anti trolls. Dont get them wet, dont keep them after midnight, and DONT FEED THEM! just ignore and the anti’s will go away.

    • NCIS_Tony_Ziva_Fan says:

      So true! One one board they were all ignored because they are so nasty, rude and ignorant – and they went ballistic. It was quite amusing. They can’t handle their antics being ignored at all.

    • u crack me up says:

      hahaha…or just micro-wave them. lol.

  10. Ruthie says:

    Becket was robbed!!

  11. TJ says:

    What a shame. I’d have vOted for Beckett 1000x over if I thought I could. 60% on the last day and a loss and people still think its objective and a true representation of a winner? Oh boy. It’s. A silly poll and I still won’t watch NCIS.

  12. Michael says:

    Im sorry but looking back at the other poll she lost to JJ she lost to that Chuck woman how the hell did she win if she lost in those polls

  13. Michael says:

    What really sad is these is going to Hurt NCIS

  14. Skacha says:

    I’m an NCIS fan and I find the Ziva fans to be the most obnoxious, arrogant, whiny and insecure fans I’ve ever had the displeasure to encounter online. They think everyone hates Ziva, and that everyone’s out to get them. On another website I’ve seen some of them call Sarah from Chuck ‘ugly’ and from a ‘stupid show’ and they’re screaming “In your face Ziva-haters”. A few years ago the same people were screaming that “Lie to Me” fans had rigged an online poll…and now they’re going and doing it themselves! I voted for Kate because I think she’s far more beautiful..Ziva’s pretty, but I don’t think she should have won this poll.

    • max says:

      Sounds like you’re one of the haters from CBS/NCIS/Anti-Haven, disguised as a Castle fan. Castle fans are better than you.

      • NCIS_Tony_Ziva_Fan says:

        That’s pretty much exactly what I was thinking. Such a pathetic, transparent attempt too. Sad…but par for the course with them.

  15. Maggie says:

    I think people might have liked the top two being connected and since Tony won the Male category Ziva was an appealing choice for the women!

  16. holycanolis1 says:

    wow. i see the hatah troll patrol from the anti-ziva haven pro tibbs (tony & gibbs) cult @ cbs forum r here bashin’ zivas win. all 12 of ’em. 12 trolls from there makin’ up new i.d’s to bash ziva here. to make it look like there’s more peeps against ziva. pathetic. these aren’t beckett fans sayin’ nasty things about ziva. i’m sure beckett fans have more class then the hatahs. hatahs gonna hate. runs thru their veins. they can’t help themselves. go back to your anti-haven. the suns out. run quick.

    • This made me laugh so hard! says:

      i know. honestly i hate the anti’s! and a lot of them are NCIS ziva haters! they claim they love the show but spit all over it!! and i hate it because it ruins the image of the NCIS fans. we arent all like that! i promise. andi do love how NO castle fans are bashing ziva!! its the nasty NCIS fans that love kate todd ore so then they do ziva! like grow up she is gone and there is nothing you can do to bring her back so move on and quit whining! sorry this comment is so long i just had to get that out.

      • holycanolis1 says:

        most don’t /didn’t like kate todd either. they whined about her. they want a tibbs slasher (tony and gibbs romantic) hook up on ncis. they want to get rid of ziva so they can have more tony & gibbs scenes on show. they even championed ej who they don’t really like at all to try to get rid of ziva first. then of course they’d go anti-ej in a lickity minute. majority of fans disliked ej. and its not only tiva fans that didn’t like ej. all fan base. but hatahs nope, they put ej character on pedestal to tbtp’s. wrote in. lol. they’ll do anythin’ to bash the ziva character over internet. they used to hatah troll patrol on poor c. wiliams @ tv guide w/ their hatah crap everytime he wrote an article w/ zivas name in it. they’re a tiny group. the gang of 12 from the anti haven @ the cbs forum. most come from united kingdom & out of country. they change i.’d.s like underwear around the internet & twitter. mmm. maybe they don’t change those. one of them recently attacked a pr person from ncis/cbs on twitter w/ hatah crap on ziva. they attacked this pr person personally about her taste. lol. they spew the same hatah crap. same talkin’ points about evil ziva, and about how tony & gibbs is the only pairin’ that fans of the show wanna watch. lol. not true. then they can have their tibbs fantasies & write about them @ ff & twitter & then send out secret pm’s to each other on how to wage their dumb war and @ what site besides the cbs anti haven to wage that war on a daily basis. they chase around evert internet article every poll on ziva & show. organized harrassment. tbtp’s from ncis see thru their hate. majority of ncis facebook fans ruled the day. bought the win in for ziva. case closed. majority of ncis fans aren’t hatahs. facebook proved it-ncis fans love ziva. and now the hatahs r spinnin’ outta control as usual here & everywhere. spewin’ hatred about a positive article. go to the cbs forum. see what they writin’ today. see what they’ve been writin’ about. same small group. hatahs gonna hate. these aren’t beckett fans trashin’ ziva here today & accusin’ ncis ziva fans of cheatin’ bs.

      • NCIS_Tony_Ziva_Fan says:

        ^THIS! Except, I don’t think these anti’s are Kate fans at all…they just “like” anything that they view as anti-Ziva (so any female character besides Ziva, or anyone that Tony has a scene with besides Ziva).
        You’re absolutely right though…they spit all over the show. I don’t consider them to be fans of the show at all. They’re only fans of their twisted slash pairing that feeds their sexual fantasies. As someone close to the gay and lesbian community, I can assure you that it’s insulting to take two straight characters and purport them as a gay couple in the closet, for the purpose of a sexual fantasy. Just as it would be if a small group took two gay characters from a show and went around saying they were really straight and trying to pair them up in heterosexual relationships. Both are equally insulting. It’s insulting to gay and lesbians, the shows involved, the characters involved, the actors involved, etc.

        • NCIS Lover says:

          Sorry Castle fans. If you’ve encountered any rude NCIS fans on this poll I can guarantee you that it’s not from “anti” NCIS fans. Anti is a name we came up with ourselves because we’re anti ROMANCE between any of the main characters on the show. That’s because we LOVE our show and don’t want to see it ruined by one pairing. This is a show about a TEAM as family and many different relationships within that team, not about one romance.

          So you can see by reading the above comments what we have to put up being called “hatahs” while all the hate is being spewed onto US. All this coming from a bunch of over-fanatical Ziva/Tiva fans who demand that their “romance” happen on the show.

          I love “Castle”, it’s a great show and you should be proud. I watch it for different reasons. I LOVE the relationship between Castle & Beckett. Different shows, different dynamics.

    • Ashamed of my fandom says:

      Yes, hatahs are going to hate – all the hate I’ve seen in these comments has been Ziva/Tiva fans hating on just about everyone else.

      There have been a handful of nasty comments from the “antis” but most of them have been by one person and as he/she is barely literate, I can’t understand why anyone would take them seriously.

      I have read plenty of other well-reasoned comments by those who don’t like the character of Ziva. They presented their case logically and reasonably, without hatred or anger or the bullying tone that characterizes your comments and those of your friends. I might not always agree with them but I respect them.

      I’m finding it hard to respect you.

  17. Tony DiNozzo says:

    Handle with care. Content’s priceless!

  18. Ames says:

    Now if only she will get together with Tony… Then they can win a couple contest together!

  19. Kendra says:


    1. Ziva – Tony
    2. Kate – Rick

    Thats the way I like it^^.

    NCIS and Castle are my favorite series :)

  20. Let's clear things up says:

    ok. ive been with these polls from the start. I love castle but i love NCIS even more. And some of these comments ive read are the most viral nasty comments. It’s over a stupid poll people! simmer down. Now. lets get things straight here ok?
    1) NCIS did not cheat.
    2) how do i know this? i have a masters in computer programming and ran tests on the polls to see if anyne had atually cheated. no one cheated. IP adrsss changes were counter acted by a sitechular software detecting the mole of the IP adresses. and all bots were counteracted by a sniffer in the firewall of tvline’s website. so there was no way anyone could have cheated.
    3)both NCIS AND castle posted something on their wall so it isnt NCIS’ fault that they have more people following them.
    4)Ziva did not sleep with anyone to get to the top. she got on NCIS by a mossad leiason provided by director shepard.
    6)Half of these nasty comments are made by castle anti’s or NCIS anti’s.
    7)not ALL NCIS fans are nasty! only a handful of them are because they are either anti’s, ziva haters, or noobs. NCIS fans and castle fans are normally quite nice. as long as you talk to the right ones!
    8)it’s a poll for crying outloud! do we have to make up lies about actors/actresses or characters over a silly poll? no.
    9)It’s over and done with! there is nothing you can do about it! You cant change it so just accept it and move on! Please stop whining and making up fake lies and calling people names as an outlet for your disppointment.
    10)BOTH women are beautiful and great ni their own way! They both made it to the finals and they are equally amazing!
    11)So stop arguing because no matter where you go you will always have a stubborn person or anti that will argue against you! so just stop fighting and let the anti’s do what they want! pay them no mind! we all know what is true and what is not tue so dont encourage them by responding to their fake comments! pay no attention and we wouldnt be having these fights ok?
    12)Sorry this comment was sooo long i just had to say that!
    Finally, from one fandom to another, have a safe and happy new years :D

    • whoa says:


    • Svenja says:

      Wow great comment. Thanks for that :) great post. Happy new year :)

    • NCIS_Tony_Ziva_Fan says:

      Thank you for the well thought-out, sensible post.
      It’s amusing how the anti’s are whining about cheating and feigning ignorance about how the voting shifted in Ziva’s favor when CBS posted the link on their facebook page (and then shifted in Kate’s favor when ABC posted a link – although in Kate’s case, the voting didn’t shift enough for her to win…but CBS gave its fans more time and NCIS has more fans overall)…and yet, they can’t realize how hypocritical they are since they had NO PROBLEM when CBS’ postings helped shift the voting in Tony’s favor in the men’s tournament. The CBS help for Tony seemed to make perfect sense to them, and yet the CBS help for Ziva equals cheating in their always-warped views of all things NCIS-related. LMAO! Go figure. No wonder they’re the laughing stock of the fandom. Nonsensical as ever. :-)

    • NCIS fan from China says:

      Bravo! And congratulations both Ziva/NCIS and Kate/Castle.

    • Finally says:

      @Lets clear things up:
      You are my favorite person on this forum right now.

    • silencero says:

      Thank you for this post!

  21. Lauriane says:

    I voted Beckett so yeah a little disappointed but I’m also a big fan of NCIS so I’m glad Ziva won. :)

  22. Sue says:

    For those of you who have not watched NCIS, you are missing out. This show always has you wanting to see the next episode. The writing staff is amazing.

  23. says:

    To TV line, very sorry for the mess. Most of the hateful comments are not from normal NCIS or Castle fans but from few haters from NCIS Anti-Haven.

    • NCIS_Tony_Ziva_Fan says:

      Very true. Although, I’m sure that the various entertainment media outlets (ET, EW, TV Guide, TVLine, etc.), as well as TPTB and actors of the show are well aware that the anti’s are such an insignificant minority that they don’t even serve as a blip on the radar…and realize they’re just a tiny group of malcontents purporting their guy-on-guy sexual fantasies.

  24. Jericho227 says:

    I dont care who gets mad or upset here, but this to me screams RIGGED. There is nothing awesome about NCIS, I watched a rerun on USA b4 Monday Night Raw and I was bored. Y’all can make all the comments you want, claim I have no taste, claim I don’t know good TV. The truth is, Kate Beckett is the most attractive, kick-ass female since Dana Scully. TVLine, what u should consider, is allowing one vote per Email. All these polls are, are reminiscent of those silly elections High Schools have; so instead of voting who is right for the job, we’re voting for who we view as the most popular, the most attractive. Really sad, when u stop to think about it, these same rules apply to our Government Election process

    • 2shy says:

      Even if you are bored, they still pull in way more viewers than Castle. It’s just about the math, that’s all. Even if one vote applied, Ziva would have still won–probably more than Kate. 11.44 v 21.68 million.

  25. Too Funny says:

    “I don’t care who gets mad or upset here…”

    That’s okay…we don’t care if you “think” this poll was rigged, or if you “think” Kate is more attractive, or anything else you “think” or “don’t care” about. So all is good. :)

  26. Dee says:

    Eh, this dumb poll lost ALL validity when Gillian Anderson lost to whomever it is she lost to.

    She was and always will be HBIC!!!!!

    Dana Scully Rules!!!!!!!

    I dislike Ziva and I am a true fan of NCIS, have watched from the very beginning.
    Don’t see the *magical* chemistry she is supposed to have with Tony. Sorry, it just isn’t there.

    How can two people have a connection when all she does is look at Tony with contempt? She cuts him down at every opportunity, she is a bitch to him.

    I hope to God the powers that be never really try to bring those two together. Weatherly has even said that he doesn’t think there is anything there and would not want them together.

  27. HaHaHaHaHa says:

    Thanks for this…it gave me a good laugh. :-)

  28. Truth or Consequences says:

    Ziva: Why are you here?
    Tony: Couldn’t live without you, I guess.

    Congrats to Tiva – the most crushable pair on TV!

  29. Susan says:

    Hey look, the most crushable crime fighters.

  30. Vasou says:

    Some people should get over it already.
    NCIS has 19 million average viewers and 13 million facebook fans. Nothing to cheat about.

    • Lily says:

      Exactly! Castle’s facebook has only 2 million like.
      One of the reasons for NCIS’ 19 million average viewers is the enormous popularity of Tiva.

      • Michael says:

        You made milk come out of my nose from me laughing so hard Tiva is not Pipularity Tiva is a cancer according to the REAL NCIS fans

        • 2shy says:

          “Real” NCIS fans or fans who just don’t support Tiva. Define real. You can love the show and be interested in the romance aspect as well. I mean, they do have personal lives outside of the workplace. And workplace romances often do happen because of how much time two people spend together.

        • Svenja says:

          Michael, real NCIS fans get the facts right. No matter what they ship or don’t ship. You certainly spread false facts about the show all over this page.

  31. Limba says:

    I know. ‘sarah walker’ has the whole package!

  32. welcome back to the 80s says:

    This lady has a very 1980’s type of beauty. Thick mane of brunette hair, thick dark eyebrows, chubby cheeks, square jaw. I could easily see her in a john hughes film. Reminiscent of brooke shields, cindy crawford, demi moore.

    The Castle lady’s beauty is much more modern. And frankly more interesting JMO.

    Mind you, I don’t watch any of these shows, so I’m just going off the images presented here.

  33. The Squatch says:

    No matter who any of us wanted to win, (my favorites were blown out of the water way early so I don’t have a preference here), can we at least all agree that if Facebook were not involved and the poll were somehow limited to only people who frequent this site, (impossible, I know, but still…), that the outcomes of both the men’s and women’s polls would have been completely different? I don’t really see it as “cheating” but just using an outside site to help win. Such things happen with many online polls though so there is really nothing that can be done about it. No need for all the arguing. Right or wrong, the biggest fanbase won. That should be it.

  34. Dude says:

    It was pretty obvious that, given a couple more hours, Kate would have overtaken Ziva and won the poll. When the poll closed, they were almost tied, and Kate was still inching up in numbers. And this is despite the fact that the NCIS Facebook page has over FIVE TIMES THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE as Castle’s Facebook page. Therefore, ergo, in conclusion – Kate Beckett is the most crushable woman on TV.

  35. Michael says:

    The Truth is NCIS fan did not Vote in these Poll Tiva fan did and for those that doe not know Tiva fan hate NCIS the hate Tony and they Hate other characters all they love is Ziva

  36. NCISsinceYankeeWhite says:

    “Michael” up your meds dude, you are slipping deeper and deeper into a very black hole. Also, please let your mommy have the computer back–your gibberish is giving everyone a massive headache–better yet, just go away, you are making less sense than usual. Pride–get some.

  37. Ashamed of my fandom says:

    I think the Ziva/Tiva fans need to take a long, hard look at themselves and the way they’ve behaved in this poll. Their comments spew hatred at everyone – from Castle/Kate fans to these “antis” they rave on about. And yet, apart from one objectionable poster, I didn’t see these antis behave badly at all. 90% of the nasty, mean spirited, ugly comments seemed to come from the Ziva/Tiva lovers.

    I don’t think it was about Ziva/Cote winning for them – it seems entirely about their weird grudge against those in their own fandom who don’t like the character. Just look at the lack of classiness in their comments – they are all crowing about their victory over these antis, and there is barely a mention of how lovely Ziva/Cote is, and how great Kate is too – there is no graciousness to them at all. If I were Cote de Pablo I would be ashamed of having such rude, unpleasant and bullying fans. I hope they are ashamed of themselves.

    It’s great that Ziva won – but the manner of her winning, and the way the Tiva/Ziva fans have behaved, have left a bad taste in my mouth. And I speak as a fan of NCIS. I wanted NCIS to win, but now I’m ashamed these people are also fans of this great show. They give it a bad name wherever they go. I can assure the other posters here that they aren’t liked in the NCIS fandom. They pour out hatred while all the time accusing others of being ‘hatahs’. They seem to have absolutely zero life outside of NCIS and Tiva – it’s their sole reason for existence and all they do 24/7. I feel sorry for them, but their bad behavior shouldn’t be excused because their obsession has made them lose sight of kind, decent, honorable behavior. They should apologize – and, more than that, they should take a long look at themselves and how they behave as a group. It’s already known they have a bad name with production staff – they’ve invaded the set for example and halted filming as a result. There would be some poetic justice in them never having their pairing made canon – it’d be a shame if their bad behavior was rewarded.

    Regardless of that, I hope they at least take some time out to think if it’s healthy to be so invested in a TV ship that they behave like this. Maybe their lives lack something?

    I can only apologize to Castle fans for the behavior of a small group of NCIS fans. We aren’t all like this. I think you saw the best of us in the Weatherly versus Fillion poll which was conducted in a fun, light-hearted spirit that we all enjoyed. I can assure you that if Abby had received the Facebook bump that Ziva got (sadly she didn’t), then she would have made the final instead – and you would have seen a much classier kind of behavior as she doesn’t attract the same rabid and unpleasant class of fan that Ziva does. Ziva/Tiva fans are notorious for this behavior. It’s made our fandom unpleasant and I’m sorry that it has also spoiled this poll for you Castle fans. I think you behaved wonderfully, in the spirit the poll was intended, and although I’ve only seen a few episodes of Castle, I loved the links you posted to Youtube clips of the lovely Kate. She was a worthy competitor and you at least showed you are a much classier set of fans than the Ziva fans.

    • 2shy says:

      You can be ashamed of your fandom, but this behavior went both ways. Both parties were in the wrong.

      • Ashamed of my fandom says:

        Yes it did but only if you step back will you see that 80% of it was perpetrated by Tiva/Ziva fans. You guys are seriously obsessed, and frankly not very nice people.

        On page one, one of you is talking openly about how he/she cheated and voted 25,000 times for Ziva! And yet here you all are crowing about your victory. What kind of victory is it when you even boast about how you cheated? That poor actress doesn’t deserve fans like you.

        And the tone of your comments is much much worse and more personal than those of all the people you are attacking – which apparently is most of the rest of the world, ranging from Castle/Beckett lovers to those who don’t like Tiva or Ziva – which, apparently, is something you can’t bear. It’s people like you who cause a lot of the problems in this world – you seem utterly unable to accept any kind of differing opinion without getting juvenile and personal and throwing out some really nasty insults.

        Seriously – wake up to yourselves.

    • ashamed of anti haven says:

      To Ashamed of my fandom,
      Hahaha, aren’t you the Anti-Haven heavy weight who always writes long & boring posts that no one read? Stop wasting cyber space to spread your hatred against a fictional character. Ziva is loved by 20 millions fans.

      Congras to NCIS & Castle to make it to the final in both men/women Crushes!

      • Ashamed of my fandom says:

        Uh, no I’m not. I don’t even know where to find this “anti” haven (although I can see why it was named a “haven” if you guys are an example of the behavior they have to contend with) you keep going on and on about so it can’t be THAT important in the realm of NCIS fandom. I’ve certainly never seen it. However, the more I read of your weird paranoia the more I actually think I’d be friends with the people in this anti haven thing – if they have to contend with your constant bullying and aggression all the time.

        And honestly, if you could see how ridiculous you look. I shared this link with a few NCIS fans I know and they’re alternating between howling with laughter and shaking their heads sadly. Of course they know how badly behaved the Tiva/Ziva fans are, so they aren’t shocked. But still – it’s a sad indictment of our fandom all the same. And several of my friends like Ziva a lot – they just don’t want to be associated with the kind of behavior that tars all of you with the same brush.

  38. Skacha says:

    Wrong. Paranoid and wrong. I have been in many a fandom over the years and Tiva fans are the worst I’ve encountered. For the record I don’t go on CBS website. Also why is it that if you like NCIS but don’t gush about Ziva you’re automatically a hater and an anti?

  39. This old NCIS fan says:

    So ashamed of those Anti-Haven hateres from old NCIS forum.

  40. sueKay says:

    I like Ziva, and some of my friends in NCIS fandom are massive Ziva fans…but these days the attitude of a rather vocal minority of Ziva fans truly stinks. They think everyone else hates Ziva or NCIS or that everyone else has it in for them and it simply isn’t true. That same minority have been so ungracious in victory that I’m pretty sure a lot of Ziva fans are cringing inside. Ziva’s not my favourite character, but that doesn’t mean I hate her…far from it in fact.

    • This old NCIS fan says:

      No one is talking about you the normal NCIS fans, it’s those handful “Anti-Haven” haters whom this old NCIS fan is ashamed of.

  41. Wolf fan says:

    Ziva!!! I’m glad she won! Its really hard to hate Ziva especailly if you watch NCIS.

  42. Rima says:

    Its just a meaningless poll. Our lives were no different 1 week ago than they are now! Get over it!

  43. Gabs says:

    A well deserved victory. She’s ridiculously gorgeous.

  44. we like the show so much we named our puppy after tony now were looking for a ziva for him cause we think they need to be together

  45. Jasmine says:

    I love NCIS but I was hoping Abby would win instead of Ziva; I <3 Abby and definitely have a crush on her over Ziva.

    Also, just wanted to say the idea that it should have been for TVLine members only is silly. TVLine posts polls like this because it draws more people in and there's a chance they'll stay, read posts and become a fan of the site. If you only let people who already knew about the site vote then you would never grow.
    Each IP address can only vote once, and I'd like to believe NCIS fans wouldn't resort to using bots. I hate to say it (since I'm not one myself) but what happened here has one simple name: Tiva.

  46. Bart says:

    I don’t see the point in this tournament, why waste time, just give Ziva the trophy, none of the others are any way close to kicking butt like Ziva David.

  47. Jaydasexy says:

    Ah well, Ziva won! Its over, whoever is mad can suck it :P. Wish it came down to Ziva and Abby but she was close :). I love NCIS, idrc for those other shows tho i occasionally watch some. GG everyone, you’re all winners ladies!

  48. Shawnee says:

    Woohooo ziva!!!<3 people are just mad that us ncis fans can ban together when we really want something:D I mean with 20 million viewers y'all should not be surprised she won<3

  49. Rob says:

    I didn’t even know about this poll until FB posted about Ziva winning…have to ROFL at the inevitable flame war that always happens with these things. Shatner said it best: GET A LIFE!!!! What this really is, is validation that these are great characters who are written well and played with personality by the actresses. Kudos to all the nominees, and can we please take time to thank the writers who make it possible? It’s a team effort.

    And now the obligatory Internet cliche’: In Soviet Russia, Ziva crushes you! :)

  50. lili says:

    I Love both Shows. I Love Both Characters. They are very Beautiful. I was a Caitlin Fan and was Devastated when she was killed. I was NOT Thrilled when I saw Ziva come in. I felt that she was UnEmotional. But when she took down Ari to save Gibb’s life, I saw her humanity. She grew on me, I didn’t of her as “Beautiful” @ 1st. But she has Charisma, spunk, sassy and @ the same time she is strong