Blind Item: Hit Series Poised to Whack Lead

Among the surprises Santa Claus left under my tree Sunday morning: The spoiler equivalent of a big ol’ lump of coal.

In a move that is sure to stoke shock and awe among fans, a major (and incredibly popular) character on a hit drama series will take his/her last breath during 2012. And I’m not happy about it.

What’s more, per the Grinch St. Nick the actor/actress in question in not going quietly into the night.

“There has been a lot of tension on the set,” whispers the spy, “because [spoiler] isn’t happy with how [pronoun redacted] is being killed off.”

And while there’s a part of me that admires this program’s willingness to laugh in the face of conventional wisdom by whacking such a pivotal character, it’s tough to imagine the show without him/her.

To put things into perspective, the departure of [spoiler] is as bold and audacious as this recent primetime loss.

Stay close to my Twitter feed for additional clues. In the meantime, hit the comments with your most educated guesses! Oh, and Happy Holidays!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Daniel says:

    McDreamy. Meredith can be paired up with Alex next season.

  2. Meg says:

    It might be someone from the show Chuck. Didn’t they say that one of the main characters is going to die in that show anyways? I might be wrong on that though.

  3. Love Ellen says:

    Derek from Grey’s. Meredith will be fine. Cristina is her soulmate! hahahahaha

  4. j2talk says:

    lets see clues? “sure to stoke shock and awe” and “St. Nick the actor/actress” leads one to believe it will be CSI’s George Eads as officer Nick Stokes

  5. Christy says:

    I have no idea who it is but I find it funny that there’s always tons of guesses for McDreamy every time someone is gonna die. He seems to be the only one people care about dying on that show.

  6. lara says:

    I feel like it could be “Emily”/Emily Vancamp on Revenge. Ausiello is a HUGE fan and she is the main character. Plus, it would be very plausible since they can’t have every season going back and forth with Emily and Victoria trying to get revenge on one another.

  7. Ashley says:

    Why did my mind immediately go to Olivia Benson? I doubt Mariska Hargitay will sign on for a 14th season (if SVU gets picked up) since she’s now got three young kids at home and with the loss of Elliot I’m afraid she’s lost the will to fight. She’s kinda careless out in the field these days. Plus, Michael Ausiello loves SVU and Olivia/Mariska so if he’s not happy about this spoiler, it would fit. I really hope I’m wrong though.

  8. Phrodette says:

    It is so obviously Homeland… anyone watching the series can see the clues in the blind item. There’s a crucial scene in Homeland where a document is being used with redacted information, just like the blind. And the bit about “spies”? The show is about the CIA! Finally the St. Nick thing refers to main character Nicholas Brody. This is absolutely, most definitely referring to Homeland.

    • Swright says:

      You’re just plainly retarded. Homeland didn’t even started the production of the second season you dumbass. Maybe Ausiello has the power to predict the future right? And the ‘redacted’ parts? LOL dude. The words are just omitted to fuel the speculation. Seriously you must be the biggest moron on the Internet.

  9. lila says:

    olivia benson, law and order svu. i’ll die inside, but it makes sense. gives room for the newbs to take over, and she said/someone said this was her last season especially now that she has a larger family.

    and because it sucks without cabot or novak, and without the benson/stablerness..and because rollins makes me want to scream.

  10. Christa says:

    I think it will be Gibbs from ncis. It seems like this season has been to paving the way for tony to be the head of the group.

    • Larc says:

      If it is Gibbs on NCIS… whale + jump!

    • Clarissa says:

      Mark Harmon is an exec producer for NCIS though. Don’t think they’d kill him off if he didn’t want them to.

    • Mark says:

      If they kill anyone from NCIS, please let it be ZIVA….

      • Svenja says:

        Nooo a lot of fans love Ziva. Besides, she’s contracted for a 10th year and I doubt NCIS will kill off anyone. They won’t mess with the unique dynamic. IMO it’s not NCIS. GG wouldn’t kill off a main cast member. His goal is to give viewers what they want.

        • Clarissa says:

          See, I sort of think it’s time for them to kill one of them off. I’m not a Ziva fan, but I don’t think she or Abby should be next just because they’ve killed too many females on this show. I can see McGee leaving, though I don’t think he’s the answer to this blind item.

        • Blix says:

          Every contract has a rider that allows for any character to be written out at any time. This is standard practice.

  11. godzilla_foil says:

    The redacted parts remind of Homeland and the possible exclusion of Claire Danes. Not properly a hit series and not a wildly popular character, I know. But that would annoy me to no end!

  12. Blissa says:


    Now I begins to worry,because Ryan/Jason & TB writer Alexander Woo says Season 5’ll be most contraversial all. I remembered Ryan Kwanten says “I dare say it will be our most controversial season yet” & Alex Woo says “Some of the things that people loved in the first four seasons of ‘True Blood,’ you’ll be getting more of. And there will also be some surprises that will hopefully delight everyone. We have a sense of what the fans have already enjoyed in the previous seasons, and we’re doing our best to give our fans more of that but also leave some room for novelty and surprise.” I got awkward feeling that Allen Ball & tb stuff will disappoint a lot of Eric fan than delight fans by killing Eric. I hope not that’ll never happen. Alex signed on season 6. But & then Alan will mite kill our beloved vampire,I think that’ll be totally unfair!!!! DX At least they renew his contract for 5 years more seasons. BUT I REALLY REALLY HOPE HE DIDN’T GET OFF IN S5 & PLEASE PLEASE MAKE HIM COME BACK FOR SEASON 6,PLEASE PLEASE ALAN BALL!!!!! & DO W/ SOOKIE

  13. P says:

    I think it’s safe to say the show isn’t Once Upon A Time seeing as they just killed off a key character last episode. They couldn’t already be planning to kill of somebody else so soon again. Atleast I hope their not, I’m still reeling over the last one.

  14. Brian says:

    Just saw a commercial for CSI. Catherine Willows last episode in January.

  15. A.G. Bunting says:

    Plus look at the blurry picture! It looks a lot like Stokes!

  16. Lisa says:

    Its been all over tv that Catherine (Marge Hellenberg) is leaving CSI. She pretty much said so herself, on ET. They are killing her off.

  17. Reena says:

    I’m going with Derek on Grey’s.

  18. Sabrina says:

    Is Homeland even in production right now?

  19. Selma says:

    I hope its not Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) I don’t think it can survive without both leads..its doing great now so why ruin it by killing Olivia off right? Is it someone from Law and Order SVU maybe?

    • Casey says:

      If it’s not Olivia, I don’t think its anyone else from SVU. None of them besides her would qualify as ‘major’ characters.

  20. JD says:

    I’m scared, but to me that pic could resemble Pete Lattimer from Warehouse 13. =/

  21. JD says:

    Ahh thanks. I’m a bit new to this.

  22. Terri says:

    I am hoping it is not Dean or Sam from Supernatural or Walter from Breaking Bad. That would be suicide.

  23. jus says:

    Blaine from Glee. They made him junior because they thought he is the most popular character (despite of Darren’s lack of talent and singing voice). And ratings were never so bad. I think they don’t want him on the show anymore. Also there are rumors about tension between Darren and rest of the cast on set, because he gets most screentime and solos.

  24. Michelle says:

    Eddard Stark from Game of Thrones!
    Oh wait….

    Um. Honestly if they kill off Nick I will cry buckets of tears because he’s my favorite on CSI.
    If it’s anyone on Grey’s Anatomy I might as well book a room in the hospital in advance so that I can be prepared to faint and . You know. Never recover.

  25. Michelle says:

    On second thought, I think it might actually be Elena from TVD. Theyre gonna “kill” her but I actually think she’s gonna turn into a vampire.
    There’s been hints all throughout season 3 of her being “human” and not going to live to see Stefan “come back from his binge” yada yada yada
    It’s like anvil sized hints

    • Matt says:

      If it is Elena, it’ll hardly be a shocker, much less an upset. Elena becomes a Vampire in the novels too and i think they will stick to this storyline but postpone it. and i don’t think that TVD is a huge hit show, much less that Elena is beloved character (Damon would be another story).
      I’m going with someone from the Walking Dead or Lafayette or Tara from “True Blood”.

  26. Jennie says:

    I know they’re not main characters, but could it be……
    josh davidson is actualy pretty dead in my heart, but the loss of Jim Beckett would definantly be a heartbreaker…
    but i think that Castle has had enough deaths and near-deaths for a good season lol.
    lol sry, im obsessing over my two faves.

  27. me says:

    I’m hoping its not Tony from Ncis the pic in the article looks just like him!!!!!

  28. Deanc says:

    I think it will be Patrick Dempsey.

  29. cmon says:

    Walter White from Breaking Bad. It totally makes sense. Next year, it will be the last season for Breaking Bad and I don’t think Walter White lives at the end of it.

    • Swright says:

      You’re not too bright are you? He clearly states the show will continue afterwards. And how exactly would he know if White dies if the writers didn’t even started working on a single episode you moron?

  30. Jorie says:

    Dean from “Supernatural”?

  31. Kate says:

    Maybe Serena off gossip girl, that would be terrible i love blake!! but maybe shes the one who gets kill

  32. Aussie says:

    Article say’s has had a recent loss. Sorry people that discounts Grey’s Anatomy and all you people suggesting Patrick Dempsey.
    I’m gonna throw in a curve ball and say someone from Two and Half Men.

    • Strike one says:

      The article compares the magnitude of the loss to the recent loss on another show (the one that is linked). While it doesn’t surprise me that people don’t always read carefully, it does bug when those people start correcting others on the accuracy of their reading/understanding. AND since Aus said it was a drama — I’d say your curve ball missed the plate by a mile.

  33. Quinn says:

    I think it wiLl be Patrick Dempsey, he already said this was his last season on Grey’s so maybe the writers want to kill off his character so he cannot reprise the role!

  34. Leo says:

    Hit drama? Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl? Chuck Bass died for Blair’s greater good. I can totally see that.

  35. melita says:

    ncis im pretty sure
    its got a history of killing its imp leads (kate :/)

  36. Ingmar says:

    My first guess was Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy but the atmopshere on that set is still amazing from what I’ve heard and Shonda is trying to get them contracted for S9….so..she wouldn’t kill of Meredith, lol.

    Other guesses are Christina Baranski from the Good Wife, but as far as I know they are very tight over there so I don’t know. The grinch mention may be a hint.

    It could be Stokes from CSI, but since when is Ausiello a fan of that show and that character?

    There are just to little hints imo. It could be nearly everyone.

    My fear it’s someone from Bones ( either David or Emily ) but even that…I thought they really liked the show and working on it.

    • C says:

      I think Booth is definitely a possibility. I could see David being unhappy with the development, he’s totally beloved, and its hard to believe the show could go on without him.

  37. laura says:

    Parenthood… Craig T Nelson???

    • Mitholas says:

      I really don’t think we need to be worried about Parenthood. The show is safe ratings-wise, but I don’t think you could exactly qualify it as a hit.

      It is possible that Zeek will die at some point in the show, but I think, in the nature of that show, it wouldn’t be a sudden thing. We’d know a good long while in advance that it was a strong possibility.

  38. Stormcrow says:

    The article mentions a pronoum being redacted and not going away without a fight.
    That means it’s a show that involves violence and that the character is not referred to by name. The latter means that Gibbs for example is out of the question. Ever hear anyone call hom “Jethro”?
    For example, Horatio Caine (as far as I remember, he’s referred to as “Horatio” more often than not) could be a good candidate.

    • DL says:

      Certain characters call him “Horatio” and other characters call him “H.” That said, I couldn’t imagine Ausiello would be devastated by Caruso’s departure, and I’m not sure you could even call CSI: Miami a “hit drama series” anymore.

    • Noelle says:

      a pronoun redacted means that the original quote said “he” or “she” and it was taken out of the quote to preserve the mystery of the gender. it does not mean that there is violence in the show. the part about ‘not going without a fight’ means the actor/actress is not happy about his/her exit and is making a stink about it.

      • DL says:

        Well, for the sake of argument we can’t assume that any part of Ausiello’s wording isn’t a clue.

      • NoChance says:

        I didn’t get the impression that he/she is upset about leaving their show but IS upset about how they’re killing off the character the person plays.

    • Blix says:

      “Pronoun redacted” simply means that the “he” or “she” pronoun used was removed to preserve the mystery of the gender of the character/actor in question.

      As for Gibbs, stronger argument against Gibbs being the subject of this blind item is that he’s now an Executive Producer with some degree of creative control.

  39. JJ says:

    Am I the only one who is afraid that it might be someone from the Mentalist? Hopefully Im totally wrong…but still Im worried – I hate those kind of spoilers…

    • DL says:

      If they offed Lisbon I would be very sad. The rest of the team I could live with though. >_>

    • HG says:

      I don’t know.. it seems plausible.. Robin doesn’t seem to mind being a major character and getting killed (Prison Break?) O.O She doesn’t seem to last too much time in series. :( *knocks on wood*

  40. DL says:

    I’m gonna throw out a handful of guesses that people haven’t really come up with yet, just to stir the pot.
    Will Gardner on The Good Wife. Det. Sarah Linden on The Killing. Boyd Crowder on Justified.
    Also, I thought Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead was a good guess mentioned by others.

  41. Karen says:

    Derek from Grey’s.

  42. Larc says:

    Horatio Caine (David Caruso) on CSI: Miami? [crosses fingers]

  43. Grey says:

    I’m 99 percent sure that this isnt Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)…from a lot of the interviews that both Shonda and Ellen have given, it comes off a lot that Ellen is very involved with her character arcs every season and has a lot of input on what happens. The two always come off as having a very respectful work relationship. Ausiello also previously stated he thinks Ellen will be back next season…and this was very recent

    I still think that they will give Meredith early on-set alzheimers when the time comes for her character to leave, but thats speculation for another day…

    When I first read it my first thought was Patrick Dempsey. However, I wouldnt be surprised if it was Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), as I would consider her a lead and very vital to the show

  44. NoChance says:

    “And while there’s a part of me that admires this program’s willingness to laugh in the face of conventional wisdom by whacking such a pivotal character, it’s tough to imagine the show without him/her.”

    This makes me think that it’s not going to be a character played by someone who’s departure was already well documented – which would eliminate Catherine from ‘CSI’.
    Could be for storyline purposes and someone who maybe wanted to leave before their contract was up and the show is letting them go. The person isn’t unhappy about their character dying just about HOW they’re dying. Maybe it’s something mundane instead of in a blaze of glory.

  45. Tegan says:

    If it is ANYONE from NCIS I swear I will die. Or just lock myself in a cave and cry for the next 70 years.
    I’m actually scared now :/

  46. Elyse says:

    If its anyone from Grey’s I think its Derek. He’d be a big shock for a lot of people and is a major character. It makes sense for him to want to leave (Jan. 2 TV Guide) because he has so many other projects. Ellen Pompeo doesn’t so it makes more sense that she’d stay and he’d leave.

  47. Tegan says:

    All the clues make it sound like it’s Gibbs or Abby from NCIS. Oh god.

    • Blix says:

      Mark Harmon is an Executive Producer. If he were being written out, he’d have a degree of control over how that happened, so why would he be angry about it?

      IF it’s anyone from NCIS, it’s sounding more and more like Tony, but the show dies without him. There is NO way to continue the unique blend and atmosphere without Michael Weatherly’s DiNozzo.

  48. Taryn says:

    my gut keeps telling me that its Chuck who is going to kick the bucket in the series finale

  49. The WB Frog says:

    I think it’s Nick Stokes on CSI. Like others have said, Aus usually leaves cookie crumbs in his blind items, and with words like, “stoke” and “St. Nick” I’m thinking it’s CSI.