Blind Item: Hit Series Poised to Whack Lead

Among the surprises Santa Claus left under my tree Sunday morning: The spoiler equivalent of a big ol’ lump of coal.

In a move that is sure to stoke shock and awe among fans, a major (and incredibly popular) character on a hit drama series will take his/her last breath during 2012. And I’m not happy about it.

What’s more, per the Grinch St. Nick the actor/actress in question in not going quietly into the night.

“There has been a lot of tension on the set,” whispers the spy, “because [spoiler] isn’t happy with how [pronoun redacted] is being killed off.”

And while there’s a part of me that admires this program’s willingness to laugh in the face of conventional wisdom by whacking such a pivotal character, it’s tough to imagine the show without him/her.

To put things into perspective, the departure of [spoiler] is as bold and audacious as this recent primetime loss.

Stay close to my Twitter feed for additional clues. In the meantime, hit the comments with your most educated guesses! Oh, and Happy Holidays!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. CTE says:

    Hetty on NCIS LA- A just posted in AA that someone is going to die in the finale, and I can’t image the show without Hetty. Well, I can, but it will lose something major and I’m not sure it will have the same appeal as it does now.

    Don’t kill Hetty please!!!!

    • the wb frog says:

      not Hetty. Aus said it is a guy that dies.

      • CTE says:

        oh right, forgot that clue

        ok who else- I can’t imagine the show without any of the guys….please don’t kill Callen or Deeks, I would cry and the show would lose so much

        • KLE says:

          Yeah, a male character is dying on NCIS LA. I don’t see Ausiello being unhappy about it though, since he mainly hearts these shows House, Greys, Private Practice, Gossip Girl, Glee. This is more so a separate spoiler with a character killed on another show. It could be Pete on Private Practice, and TD is tired of the show which happens to come across in his scenes now.

  2. Walter says:

    Sam from Supernatural! For real this time! Dean and a new character can go traipsing around the country. It would be a ballsy move, and, depending on if the new character has the same chemistry as Jared Padalecki, it would make the ratings A LOT better

    • Remy says:

      LOL It would make the ratings better? By a LOT? XDDDD
      If they do that they have a snowball’s chance in hell of even keeping the same ratings as they’re getting now.

      Every show who replaced a lead character after about season 5, experienced a nose dive in the ratings (X-files, Stargate Sg-1 …), and Spn’s numbers don’t exactly have much room to fall.
      Not to mention according to recent articles/interviews both Padalecki and Ackles are signed on for season 8.

  3. Kavita says:

    Barney from How I met your Mother… They never say – uncle barney… but they do say aunt lily, aunt robin and uncle marshall…

  4. Aiza says:

    I don’t like this a bit. Whoever they are going to kill? It is going to be bad, really bad. Oh! man!!!! Please not someone from Castle. I love that show to death lol

  5. The WB Frog says:

    I’ve thought all along that whichever show this is, they are doing this as a ratings stunt. Why is this bad? Because soap operas (for years) tried to do this. Look at them today! Only four are left.

    Doesn’t matter which show this is about… they are going to piss a lot of viewers off. I know I was when I watched Boardwalk Empire.

  6. Mikey Twigge says:

    I’ve cracked it, Its zeek on parenthood

  7. caddyshack says:

    It’s Nick Stokes, definitely.

  8. Chris says:

    i think it Catherine Willows on csi

  9. Jane says:

    I’m hating myself for saying (and typing) this, but I think it’s Zeek from Parenthood.

    I really, really hope not.

  10. Blake says:

    my speculations for this blind lie with ensemble casts like Private Practice where there are several arguable “led” men to choose from. Maybe vitally important but still supporting guys like Alex on Gray’s or Sweets/a male Squintern on Bones. On top of these ideas are shows I don’t even watch, e.x. this seasons entire CW lineup.

    I do however want to add to the House discution that as it is based on Sherlock Holems they could throw House off a waterfall then write prequals until they decide if they want him to miraculusly survive. I’m still waiting for a clear Moriarty. ;-)

  11. L says:

    My bet is on one of the NCIS mainstays.

  12. JD says:

    Don Draper from Mad Men. Two reasons: 1) As MA says, it would be impossible to imagine the show without him, and 2) The promo ads that ran here on TVLine for the upcoming season. Instead of the man sitting comfortably behind the logo of the show, he was tumbling head first through mid-air. Is that a clue?

  13. baz says:


  14. The WB Frog says:

    Will there be any more clues? Ever? How ’bout a network? When its gonna happen?

  15. Casey says:

    Nathan from One Tree Hill

  16. Linderella says:

    Peter from The Good Wife.

  17. Sebby says:

    Shane or (gasp!) Darryl from The Walking Dead.

  18. Lucy says:

    Seeing the latest scoop from EW, could it be someone from Desperate Housewives?

  19. Melissa says:

    Well, it isn’t Chuck. So it means it has to be some other show.

  20. stella says:

    Peter Bishop?

  21. Lachie says:

    I think we need another clue…

  22. Ant says:

    Chase from House

  23. Dani says:

    I’m not sure Chase can be considered a lead though, even of it does seem like they are building up to something with him. If this is about House then I’d imagine it’s either House, Wilson or Foreman.

    Lots of guns this season…

  24. Melissa says:

    I hope it isn’t Gibbs.

  25. Shannon says:

    Gibbs gets shot in next weeks 200th episode. I can’t imagine that he will die on such a monumental episode! PLEASE I hope not! I love Gibbs and NCIS wont’ be the same w/o Mark Harmon and those Gibbs slaps!

  26. Julie says:

    OMG!! Please tell me that Leroy Jethro Gibbs is not the focus of your latest Blind Item. NCIS would never be the same without him!………cue hysterical sobs!

  27. john says:

    Its Mike From Desperate Housewives. Killed by the mafia.

  28. Jess says:

    Perez just posted something about a male lead being whacked from Vampire Diaries. Discuss.

  29. The WB Frog says:

    Vampire Diaries sounds more like Aus’ speed.

  30. Ray says:

    so… was it alt-lincoln?

  31. mike says:

    Michael just replied to me via twitter that it was Shane from Walking Dead

  32. NoChance says:

    With all the talk about a major cliffhanger in the season finale and the clues we got in the episode last week – ‘Rekindled’ – I’m actually starting to think it is going to be a main character on “NCIS”.

  33. Emma says:

    It’s gotta be Grey’s Anatomy. Rimes and others have confirmed that a main character is going to die by season’s end. Plus, didn’t Ausiello tweet that the show is on CBS? Or am I getting my Blind Items mixed up?

  34. Conni Friscia says:

    David Boreanaz from Bones, The Rumors going around that he’s done at the end of this Season.

  35. tyler says:

    its 100 percent Booth from Bones :'(

  36. Ryan says:

    Did it happen yet??

  37. Jon says:

    Victoria in Revenge? Please… no….

  38. Bradly says:

    So was this Lexie or Mark from grey’s?

  39. Oliver says:

    I believe it was about Shane or Dale from TWD

  40. mattyc says:

    I think it might be Mr. Shuster (Matthew Morrison) on “GLEE”. Perhaps setting the stage for Finn Hudson (Corey Montheith) to take over the Glee Club on a regular basis?