NCIS' Ziva David Vs. Chuck's Sarah Walker as 'Law-Enforcement Crushes' Semifinals Conclude

They came, they fought, they kicked some booty — and they raised our pulses in the process. And now there are only four hotties remaining in the Semifinals of our Ultimate Female Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament.

On Wednesday, The X-Files‘ Dana Scully and Castle‘s Kate Beckett kicked off their showdown to make the tournament finals, and now we’ve got NCIS‘ Ziva David and Chuck‘s Sarah Walker duking it out for the other coveted slot!

Once the Semifinal polls have closed on Saturday, we’ll kick off the final battle of our bracket extravaganza. So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorites (Semifinal voting will be open for 48 hours), and hit the comments to justify your picks.

Also, if you’re interested in seeing how the tourney has played out so far, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE 64-PLAYER BRACKET (then click again for a zoomed-in view) — and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Now ready, set, vote!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. kingcole says:

    i’m sorry. but Walker is by far the bust. old Ziva may of had a chance but not the new one

  2. Kenneth says:

    Ziva all the way!!!!

  3. Kaskette says:

    Je vote pour Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) bien sur !

    Mais j’aime aussi Ziva de NCIS :)

  4. Roberto says:

    1000×1000 ziva David ;-)))

  5. jhadir says:

    Ziva es hermosa

  6. JFischer says:

    Ziva all the way.

  7. Shellee says:


  8. Zoe says:

    Ziva without a doubt. It would be awesome if she won so it would be her and Tony as the two best ones! <3

  9. nov says:

    Thank @NCIS_CBS for posting the voting link at official NCIS Facebook site. It has ~ 7450 likes and 2500 comments in less than one hour!

    • HugsTony says:

      Actually, thanks should go to a poster over at the CBS forum who gave a little tutorial on how to cheat. At this point Ziva’s lead is totally pointless, meaningless and it only proves she didn’t stand a chance on her own. Congrats to Ziva and her fans!!!

      • Svenja says:

        Sorry Ziva hater, but 4 million people just noticed this poll existed. A lot of people who aren’t into online fangirling and stuff love Ziva. It’s what I keep telling people. Die-hard antis and pros aren’t representative.
        CBS officially posted this poll. Thousands commented and liked it. Believe it or not, there are a lot of NCIS fans out there, who support their show.
        No one is cheating.
        The mass of comments on this page proves that a lot of people now chime in (people from facebook)

        • HugsTony says:

          I support the show. I love the show. I don’t support blatant cheating on a poll that proves absolutely nothing. It’s fans like that and those of you who think swearing and insulting real people because they don’t like the same thing you do that give all NCIS fans a bad rep. So again, celebrate your nothing victory. Sarah was clearly going to win.

      • Clearthings up says:

        You cannot make someone gain 25% with that program. Try it and try to make Sarah win just to laugh. It’s impossible. It would take several person and days to make someone gain 25% not 12 minutes.

        • liar liar pants on fire says:

          Oh yeah? Ever organize a bunch of people as desperate as Tiva fans to try to raise the numbers? The cheat was posted before CBS posted on Facebook and the steep rise in votes was immediate. Sorry, try again.

          • not a cheater says:

            where is the freaking cheat post?

            Did you see it?

            If yes, please link it here. Then your arguement will be valid.

            Please link the freaking post so we can put the cheating accusations to bed once and for all.

          • liar liar pants on fire says:

            not a cheater, the link has been posted twice. Move your lazy ass and look for it.

          • Clearthings up says:

            First you have to see the post, then dowload the program, then install the programm, then restart your computer and start the program and then ask for a key by email, then they sent you a key and you have to enter it. Then you can start to use the program and you need to change you IP every minute and get rid of your cookies after every IP. So I’m sorry, the numbers couldn’t have raised JUST after the name of the program was posted on the old cbs board. And did I mention that no one was going there anymore anyway? And the antis so it too, so what about them using it to vote AGAINST Ziva? Just be honest and realistic, the 8000+ votes because of Facebook is the reason Ziva are winning.

          • Svenja says:

            Oh right “liar liar pants on fire” now we are back to generalizing because only Tiva fans would cheat. There was an anti openly admitting to cheating in the Tony poll as well. There are cheaters in every fandom and it sucks. It does not matter WHO cheats. It affects the reputation of our entire fandom and it’s not always the pro-tivas or anti-tiva who are to blame.
            Why can’t people just stop generalizing and stop cheating. Facebook did cause the big jump, but I bet some people did in fact alter the numbers here and there a little bit by cheating, which sucks.

      • MS says:

        Wow – after reading comment about the teaching on how to cheat on the NCIS website – and reading the comments of NCIS fans actually applauding themselves for their wizadry at cheating – I think we all know that Ziva is not a true winner. Chuck fans email TV line en masse – to ask to have all this checked out, and said website on FB’s votes cancelled, because nobody except NCIS fans are going to believe that the NCIS FANDOM are not all cheats!

        • Svenja says:

          Right, you do have noticed that here are suddenly about 800 comments. It’s because the the network posted a link to this poll on Facebook. The network promoted this poll and the show. There is no cheating program that could have done this. I don’t know any fans who used any cheating programm. Deal with it, NCIS has 19 million viewers and more than 4 million facebook friends.

          • Maria says:

            Svenja you can not reason with haters. They simply do no comprehend logic. The new official NCIS Facebook link and comments is proof that there was no cheating. Facebook is a very powerful tool to reach out to real NCIS fans. An extemely high majority of NCIS fans love Ziva.

        • Paul says:

          please link the so called cheating thread.

          seriously, if you are going to accuse people of cheating -then you had better be able to back it up.

          CBS promoting the poll on FB and on their website is not cheating – it is informing their fanbase.

          TPTB at Chuck can do the very same thing.

          • MS says:

            @Paul – go back theu this thread = and look for post of NO CHANCE – who posted the thread and website. I went and looked at it, and there it was clearly stated, and NCIS fans posts were actually BOASTING about their cheating. I saw it with my own eyes and read the cheating boasts. Now that it has been exposed on this thread – no doubt said posts will have been removed – although I have not been back since to check. Nevertheless I wouldn’t lie about something so serious as cheating!

      • TonyhugsZiva says:

        Really? post the link. Prove your point. Otherwise, shut up hater!

        • MS says:

          Good grief – search backward or forward in this thread – the link has been posted several times – and you can check for yourself where the cheat accusations are coming from. I am not a Viva hater – I voted for her, and I think she could have won it on her own merit totally – although I will always have my doubts now. I like Ziva very much, I don’t like cheating that’s all. But I have re-read thru the link and I see that some NCIS fans are not happy about the posting of how to cheat to win a poll – and they have made their voices heard – so good for them!

  10. Paula Gessert says:

    Ziva…….of course!

  11. Autumn says:

    I know that people may think that Ziva has softened but she really hasn’t she can still kill and live with it she just is more wiser now. And she can still kick ***.

  12. Sashacaine says:

    zaiva David is the best there is on NCIS she kicks ass eveday
    let me wine

  13. Dave says:

    Seriously Gil? thisis your opinion?
    a woman with feelings is not good? wow…

  14. Michael says:

    Yvonne losing this proves that mostly women are voting. No man in his right mind takes the other girl over her.

    • Alex says:

      Amen, Brother xD

    • MS says:

      No Michael, Yvonne is losing because the NCIS fandom are cheats – end of! No other fandom will ever think Ziva won fairly now – shame because I believe she could have done!

      • Umbero says:

        prove your cheating accusations MS or shut up!

        Link this so called cheating thread that you speak of. Show us where a NCIS fan told everyone how to cheat this poll.

        Seriously, people who spout accussations without proof – a lawsuit waiting to happen.

        • MS says:

          Just go back up the thread and read my post comment to Paul – look I saw the FB website and so did others on here. I never accuse anybody of cheating unless I had responded to NO CHANCE post and went to the website posted and they were talking about cheating and saying the other fans started it and they were continuing and doing better.

      • threaditMS says:

        put your money where you mouth is MS – if you are going to accuss NCIS fans of cheating, you had better be able to back it up or you will have 12 million angry peeps after you.

        • MS says:

          The link to the website has been posted several times – go read it please and stop threatening people lol!

          • Saint Alicia says:

            You sound pressed as hell. Just accept that Ziva’s winning because MORE PEOPLE like her. Even if this alleged program cheat was posted, it was posted last night yes? So why didn’t Ziva’s percentage surge happen then? Why did the surge take place this morning?? Immediately after CBS posted the info on twitter and facebook? All you haters are reaching.

  15. Lisa says:

    Ziva! Ziva! Ziva!

  16. Yehudah says:

    How can you not love a hot, spicy, and sexy Israel agent?! Ziva all the way!! FYI, in Hebrew the name is pronounced Tziva !! ;)

  17. Ladino says:

    #teamZiva all day! I mean come on…

  18. kingcole says:

    sorry non intended miss spell

  19. Meghan Bonnet says:

    I vote for Ziva! and then Sarah Walker. What can I say, I love both shows!

  20. zivalover says:

    NCIS fans love their Ziva!

  21. Heather Morrison says:

    Duh (see Gibbs head-slap!)!!!! ZIVA!!!!!

  22. Tony DiNozzo says:

    Ziva kicking ass and taking names…..

    love it. Love her.

  23. Steve Hughes says:

    Ziva is a beautiful girl, she scares the hell out of me.
    I vote for Ziva.

  24. Michael says:

    All the NCIS fan That I talk to are Piss Ziva won that why they stop voting after she beat the hot NCIS agent because they know these poll are fix

    • Michael Idiot says:

      You are an idiot Michael. No one cheated. If anyone cheated it was the NCIS CBS ANTI-Forum haters. I read how a Tony supporter who is an Anti claimed he cheated for Tony at the forum. It was Anti-haters who was cheating every 2 minutes. CBS posted the link to the official NCIS FACEBOOK page where real fans gather. Real NCIS fans that love and support Cote De Pablo and Ziva character. To prove this the comments are coming in just as fast as the votes for Cote. A ‘bot’ can’t make and leave comments you idiot. The small minority of haters at the CBS ANTI-Forum can’t run this poll. These are Facebook fans voting. You can go to the official NCIS FACEBOOK page for yourself to see the link and comments. The post to this contest with a link is at the top of the NCIS FACEBOOK wall page and was put up by officials at CBS. You can see the time they did that and how it moved the vote for Ziva very quickly. They did the same for Michael and Pauley. Michael was losing his rounds until they posted on NCIS Facebook to go vote for him. They linked up every round for Michael. Ziva was barely losing to Sarah without CBS helping. And she had crazy haters from CBS ANTI FORUM voting against her and legitmate Sarach fans against her. This is the first time CBS posted to go vote for Ziva in all of the contests. This is not a rigged vote. The ‘CHUCK” FACEBOOK page has the same post to vote for Sarah in this contest. They have supported her since her first round. You just not can not stand the fact that Ziva has a large NCIS fanbase. Why don’t you just go back to your forum of hate. Love will rule the day! Hateful Anti-cheaters will always lose.

  25. Crash says:

    Ziva… all day, everyday….

  26. Ben says:

    Please, Ziva-haters, STFU and don’t embarass yourselves any further. Ziva is winning like TONY was winning against Castle after CBS posted the link on FB and Twitter. It’s just more noticeable because at that time the competition was way more tougher, and people could vote as many times as they wished.

    See how many Ziva fans are there worldwide? :)

    • Michael says:

      which is called Cheating

      • Svenja says:

        No it’s called promotion by the network…

      • Ben says:

        So are you calling Michael Weatherly a cheater too? Because he also promoted himself on his Twitter page, and there’s nothing wrong with that… unless his character starts with “Z” and ends with “IVA”, right?

      • 2buckchuck says:

        The people over Chuck can do the same thing. But, the last time I looked Chuck got cancelled because of low ratings.

        NCIS brings in around 20 million viewers per week – highest rated show on TV.

        And those 20 million viewers LOVE Ziva!

    • Let's clear this up says:

      Tony’s bump in votes was not as huge as this. The votes rose 25% immediately after the cheat was posted, which was before the facebook post. Sorry.

      • Svenja says:

        Yeah, but the Castle fandom is much bigger on the internet. You have to consider that. I didn’t see a post to a cheating programm. You know, there are a lot of people on Facebook who aren’t checking out TV line and co. But if someone tells them to do so, they actually do. Have you noticed the sudden increase of comments. That had to do with Facebook as well.

      • 2buckchuck says:

        can somebody please link to this so called cheat thread.

        The losers are saying it exists and that the NCIS fans used it – so please please please show us where it is.

        If you are going to accuse, please bring forth your evidence.

    • Let's clear this up says:

      Didn’t notice you said this, but people could NOT vote as many times as they wanted, what are you talking about? The facebook post may have helped increase the lead, the initial jump was because of the instructions on how to change your IP address.

      • Svenja says:

        Well some person posted in the comments here that the programm wouldn’t increase the percentage that much within 12 minutes. I for one would never download some dubious programm. I am not hot for compute viruses, TRs and stuff. Even if 4 nutjobs downloaded such a thing, it wouldn’t have made such a big difference.

        • Let's clear this upn says:

          The person who explained how to do it said that, like they’re so credible. And it’s not the only program, but there’s really no way to explain the 20% jump immediately after being told how to change an IP address, with that program or another, and before the Facebook post. I have no argument against Facebook adding to that lead. Oh well, enjoy the win, such as it is. I

          • Svenja says:

            Well, I hope the cheating votes can be extracted somehow. Because it is wrong in general. But I believe the main percentage jump was because of the Facebook post. It’s just some popularity poll. It’s not determining how a show is gonna develope or something. I doubt the broad majority would use crappy, illegal, dangerous methods just to win a poll. That would be NUTS…

          • Julie says:

            I spend an hour trying to use the program to see what it did to the results. Do you know how much I could gain in an hour? Not even 0,2%. So NOT EVEN 1%. And that was in an hour. So can you explain the 22% jump to me in 12 minutes? Because I can, the thousands of people who voted because of Facebook in 12 minutes.

    • MS says:

      Ben – go and read the NCIS website on FB that poster NO chance posted for us to go and read. On there they admitted to cheating and were proud of it – sad bunch. No doubt they will wipe away all the evidence now before TV Line can check up on them. But all other fandoms know – nothing to do with hating Ziva – because she could have won fairly – but know they had to cheat. Castle fans please don’t vote in the final if Beckett gets there as a protest against NCIS fans cheating!

      • Svenja says:

        Even if a few fans cheated (I heared rumours Sarah fans were cheating, too), I doubt the majority did that.
        I for one would NEVER download some programm because I would be worried about the savety of my computer. Cheating is lame and Ziva is mainly winning because of CBS’s promotion on the Facebook page. That’s just a fact.

      • Ben says:

        Are you really this much delusional? As it seems, the “metod” in question was posted on the CBS “old” community – wich is no longer accessible unless you have the link saved on your favourites or something. How many people do you think COULD have read that? And that thread atm has 710 views (not much difference from this morning), while the last similar thread (Ziva vs JJ) has 892 views. Obviously it CAN’T be the reason for the 20+ percentual points.

        Meanwhile, the link posted 1 hour ago on the NCIS facebook official page has 9415 likes, 3123 comments and it’s been shared 393 times. Occam’s razor, anyone?

        • Svenja says:

          As I said, maybe 30 people check out the OLD forums on a regular basis. No one would be so dumb to download some programm for some popularity poll. Maybe 4 nutjobs would do that kinda thing. The fact is that CBS promoted this poll and then the jump happened. They posted it on Facebook and Twitter. End of the game. I bet there are some crazy-ass cheaters on both sites. It’s unnecessary and disgusting to cheat over nothing.

          • liar liar pants on fire says:

            No, the initial 20% jump happened immediately after the IP changing advice was given. The facebook post happened later. Yes, Facebook added, but Sarah was leading in a fair battle, just barely, and then BAM 20% jump. The supposed cheating by Sarah fans was a .4% jump in 1/2 hour after a Twitter campaign which is promotion and not cheating at all. You didn’t see the argument on CBS and didn’t see the timing of the jump, so you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • Ben says:

            LOL, “liar liar pants on fire”… very mature XD I know what I saw this morning and that thread was only viewed 50 times less or so. You need to find a better excuse.

            And it seems you have a very short memory too, if you don’t remember that in Tony vs Castle, Tony was MANY points behind Castle (even I thought there was no more hope for him), before CBS posted the link on FB and Twitter.

            Newsflash to you, just in case you lived in a cave for the last few years: EVERYONE know how to use different IPs, there are hundred of sites, that is why no one ever bother to ban people on forums or communities anymore. Years ago I used it for getting some referring points for a MMORPG, but it was mostly useless: it was very slow, it worked only 50% of the times, there were only 4-5 IPs at disposal and after using them there were no more left. OBVIOUSLY no one can get 20+ point that way.

        • liar liar pants on fire says:

          Um, people do e-mail, tweet, PM, DM, hang out on their own website. It only takes a few to see it and spread it like wildfire, or like rats. As I said, the timing is such that the sudden increase of 20% happened immediately after that post was made, before the Facebook post. Clearly Facebook is a major factor, but how big would the lead be without that initial cheat? It was a fair fight before, with the lead see-sawing. You must not be part of that rabid Tiva contingent or you’d understand.

          • Kali says:

            mwuahahahaha you discovered my evil plan – there are no Ziva or Tiva fans they don’t exist. there’s only me using thousands of different user names and accounts, thanks to my supercomputer. Next step: world domination!

          • Svenja says:

            LOL Kali…you’re the next McGeek.

          • Ben says:

            LOL Kali, you’re the Master of Evil xD … or should I say “I am” the Master of Evil? ’cause we’re all the same person xD

          • Julie says:

            You are such a liar. The jump happened AFTER Facebook not before. Were you there? NO! Because if you were you wouldn’t say that. Now you need to understand that a sofware that changes you IP address is not a bot. You cannot gain 22% with it in 12 minutes. You can gain maybe 0,5% in 3 hours yes, but that’s about it. No before you make those kind of serious accusation, try the software for yourself, and please stop the lies.

  27. Paula hill says:


  28. Judi says:

    NCIS Facebook, thank you! Go Ziva! Go NCIS!

  29. ncis! says:


  30. Mike Jaye says:

    Ziva’s role had to change. She couldn’t stay wild or that character would have become boring. I like the transformation and the growth. What has stayed the same is the way she still screws up the english sayings! I love that part! It makes her still Ziva even tho she is an American citizen now. Nothing against Sarah W., but Ziva David to me really helps NCIS be the #1 show on TV.

  31. Michael says:

    These make me so sick I might have to stop watching NCIS because Ziva winning is a Joke

  32. Jëre says:

    Yvonne Strahovski is much prettier and cuter but, Cote de Pablo is just better actor and do shes job better..

  33. Sheldon W. says:

    Sarah is beautiful and hot. Ziva is beautiful and HOT!

    The race really should be closer, but Ziva is definitely the hotter, more crushworthy of the two.

    To paraphrase Hetty, “I will ALWAYS love the Ziva!”

  34. FFC says:

    I am a huge fan of both. What a hard decision. However, I’m more loyal to NCIS as it’s a family tradition in our house to get together and watch, so GO ZIVA!!!!

  35. Andrea says:

    Ziva all the way!!!

  36. Roma Turner says:

    I vote for Ziva. Love to see her kick butt.

  37. Ziv says:

    F*CK YEAH!!!!! Sorry Ziva haters but I can’t hear you over the awesomeness and hotness of ZIVA DAVID!!!

  38. Paul says:

    Ziva. All the way

  39. levelup says:

    I love special agent ZIVA DAVID!!!

  40. Gwen says:

    And The winner is Sarah Walker ..!

    • MS says:

      And the winner is Sarah Walker by default thru cheating MCIS voting – we all get that now! Castle fans please abstain from voting if Beckett gets thru to the final, because now we know how NF was suddenly beaten by same sort of NCIS surge of cheating!

      • Let's clear this up says:

        Actually, the battle between MW and NF was on Twitter, and the two had a friendly competition going on. There was no surge like the one in this poll. The competition remained close until the very end, it was a nailbiter. The difference in this poll is ludicrous, especially when it started out as a sort of push-pull thing, where one was leading by a small margin, then the other was. No denial that Facebook added to that lead, but THE INITIAL 20% SURGE HAPPENED IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE CHEAT WAS SUGGESTED, THEN BOASTED ABOUT.

        • MS says:

          Oh OK thanks for that – I like both these guys so it is nice to know that it was fair and friendly contest.

        • Julie says:

          Lies again. It did not, look at the time of the first few comments here and ask the tiume of the jump, then look at the post about the IP changing sofware and the time of the post on Facebook. Everything started to happen AFTER it was posted on Facebook. No IP changing sofware can make you gain even 1% in 12 minutes, so even less 20%. You need a bot to do that and that program as nothing to do with a bot. Try it for yourself before spreading lies.

  41. Generalissimo says:

    As Ziva would say: ” Does a bear sit in the woods (I know I got that one right)”. Ziva all the way!

  42. billy says:


  43. Eileen says:


  44. Anita says:

    Have watched NCIS for years. Watched a couple of episodes of Chuck and no more. At first I wasn’t even sure who the other girl was but Chuck will never be in league with NCIS.

    Ziva is my favorite!

  45. Eileennn says: